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party central 24/7
so i know there's a new #spiderman now (who is doing gr8 btw 👍) but anyone else notice that...he doesn't seem to be the only one? 9:24 PM - 22 Aug 2019 478 6,259

Ryan Neal
wait does spider-man wear white now?? thought the new guy was in black? 1:08 AM - 29 Aug 2019 309 4,019

Sarah with the 🔪
WA STHAT A PIG?? #spiderman??? 10:54 AM - 03 Sep 2019 1,688 5,976

steamed-buns-everyday ok so i could see spider-man and ghost!spider-mn being the same person but lets be real: no way the one in the mech isnt someone different #spider-man#multiple spider-man theory#ghost!spider-man #how many is this now#mech!spider-man 735 notes

buyme1000dumplings 659 points 28 minutes ago
Holy shit, guys i was on that fucking bridge

ItsAlwaysCatsStupid 502 points 13 minutes ago
I'm not the only one who saw trenchcoat spiderman right?

suckmyricola 295 points 10 minutes ago
 More like hardboiled detective Spider-Man.

Styrofoamia 326 points 8 minutes ago
That was a WILD save

surgicalprecisionslice 355 points 23 minutes ago
Glad you made it out safe dude! This is exactly why we need him (them?) looking out for us

dudewheresmyxwing 146 points 18 minutes ago
 tell that to the mayor

Quiltgrannysmith 510 points 15 minutes ago
Saw the end of it on my way home from work - the kid is new but he's not bad

MegaBloksForPresident 378 points 8 minutes ago
yeah but that wasn't all New Spider-Man you know that right

uou722cyan wait a fuckn second did peter parker come back from the dead #spider-man#that was def not nu!spider#he was wearing og spider's suit#oprah voice: so what is the truth 1,056 notes


Theory: Trenchcoat is New Spiderman from the future (self.spiderwatch)
submitted 2 hours ago by canyoutellthisisausername
295 Comments share report

Vigilantism A New Norm for Major Cities? (
submitted 4 hours ago by PM_ME_YOUR_BREADCRUMBS
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sighting: saw ghost spider outside my school? (self.spiderwatch)
submitted 5 hours ago by rowdyforpoptarts
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Weekly Sighting Thread (self.spiderwatch)
submitted 11 hours ago by FightMeAtTheMOMA
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spidersupthewazoo Anonymous asked: they're CLONES people. it's obviously clones jfc i hate this website That doesn't sound right, but I don't know enough about clones to dispute it. #ask#Spider-Man #theories#heck dude you could be right #i'm just a fan blog 4,779 notes

Roonil Wazlib
@marshmallowpluto it weird if I ship regular Spider-Man with Ghost Spider-Man? #theshipnameisspiderspider #orisit #ManMan 3:34 PM - 14 Oct 2019 140 4,498

Kelly Lowe
@marshmallowpluto wtf they're real people don't do that 🤦🏼 6:32 PM - 14 Oct 2019 23 738

It's Just Amy
@marshmallowpluto they do look pretty cozy! then again they all seem really close? especially the pig and the detective...? 8:56 PM - 14 Oct 2019 93 1,622

Meeting @kilometersmorales and @gankelee for 🎃🎃🎃! #multiversefam 7:19 PM - 31 Oct 2019 3 15

handelshotfirst 598 points 2 hours ago
I personally hate the clone theory, but the Old Spider-Man is too much like Original for me to count it out completely.

guitaristT65T 360 points 2 hours ago
is it me or does old spiderman have kind of a dad bod

AugustaRomaine 575 points 2 hours ago
doesn't matter; still hot

plasticine-porcupine 226 points 1 hour ago
  You can't even see his face!

sp8dermenfan 744 points 2 hours ago
More importantly, is there any way Old Spider-Man is related to our new Spider-Man? Father and son maybe?

LifeFoundationDidEverythingWrong 406 points 2 hours ago
  I get more of an older brother and little brother vibe from them.

WhOoOoOstolethedonuts 381 points 1 hour ago
  real question is whether either one is related to the parkers

Triceratomato 492 points 1 hour ago
  I don't know, but you can definitely tell that they all care about each other.
  Maybe it's what Spider-Man always needed - someone else to watch his back.

happy bday to the best dad in the world! it's my dad, if you were wondering 🍰🎈🎉💪🏿 3:14 PM - 25 Nov 2019 9 56

happy weird mentor day to (one of) the best hero(es) in new york!! 🎊 miss you, man. come over again soon 🕸️👉🏿🕸️ 8:49 PM - 28 Nov 2019 4 13

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 spiderman how old

 Is Spider-Man a child?

 what color spiderwoman suit

 how many spderpeople are thre

 spider-man turned into pig

# secret-identity-theories

fish for free
what's the word @SP//dr Dance about the photograph
is it legit?

Sp//dr Dance
Honestly, seems like it.
If it is photoshopped, they did a damn good job.
But the picture looks so amateur that it's gotta be from the phone camera of someone who was really there.

Damn okay so looks like @is laundry day on thursday's theory about SP//dr being a kid were right?
we've really got a middle schooler out here in a giant robot defending manhattan

haha shit at least SP//dr has a robot
i would bet my life savings (all $4.76) that spider-man's a kid too

fish for free
me too tbh
he's.......not tall


Gwen 💇🏼
sure thing
i should be outta chem in 5
Peni 🤖
let's go to the pizza place from last week!!!
_:(´ཀ`」 ∠):_
Gwen 💇🏼
alskjadsflkj Peni what is that emoji
Noir 🕵️
Peni 🤖
i'm not THAT hungry!!
man noir i thought when peni gave you a comm we'd share like fun memes and stuff
Ham 🔨🐷
Give the man some time, folks!
We're still work-shopping jokes; it's a long process!
Peter 🍕🧙🏻
Guys can we do burgers instead
Gwen 💇🏼
But you’re the pizza wizard!!
pizzzza wizzzARd
Peter 🍕🧙🏻

 does tall spiderman have a girlfriend

 does tall spiderman in black and wear hat have girlfriend

 peter parker twin brother

 peter parker mary jane parker secret children

# sightings


aliens can meet me in the mosh pit
@ChainChompMain omg!! when was this???

was on my way back home from class and caught the end of a bodega robbery
snapped a pic right before he swung away

roll for initiative
@ChainChompMain Awesome pic my dude
You should upload it to r/spiderwatch
I know we're not in the theories channel but do you think you learned anything?

honestly after seeing him so close i gotta say he has to still be a kid/teen
he was wearing the suit under a hoodie
almost like he was hiding it cause he had to go somewhere?

roll for initiative
Huh wonder if his parents know

sanfrancannibalclub 378 points 1 hour ago
My newest theory: "Old Spider-Man" is related to MJ, not Peter. We know PP didn't have any siblings or parents, and his aunt is too old to be the one in his suit, so maybe it's someone from MJ's side of the family?

JUMBOTRONS 215 points 37 minutes ago
Doesn't explain why he seems so much like PP sometimes though. A sibling/cousin/whatever of MJ's might have known PP, but they wouldn't be so similar.

SpiderManPleaseSignMyFace 192 points 28 minutes ago
 i'm calling it now: time travel

   throwawaycauseofsecrets 187 points 25 minutes ago
  you and everybody else, buddy

   gymshortsflipflopsshortskirts 68 points 18 minutes ago
  this isn't the terminator dumbass. old spider-man isn't PP's son from the future

    StrawberryMiltank 81 points 15 minutes ago
   That's like the literal opposite of the plot of The Terminator. You're thinking DBZ, dumbass.


you can't keep going to my house
i'm not even there half the time!
Peter 🍕🧙🏻
Who says we're going there to see you
Gwen 💇🏼
Sorry we were just a little worried!
ohmygod are you there to spy on my DAD
STOP he's already suspicious enough
Noir 🕵️
guys i know!!!!
he's MY dad!!!!!!
Peni 🤖
it's just that he got kind of roughed up last time
Peter 🍕🧙🏻
And it was my fault
Sorry kiddo I just needed to see for myself
Gwen 💇🏼
It's not that we don't think you've got this Miles
We've just all
After Kingpin
You’ve been through a lot, you know?
yeah i get it
thanks for tryna look out for him
just maybe don't all come at the same time???
Ham 🔨🐷
But the more the merrier!
p-porks you almost gave me a heart attack with the unicycle thing
Peter 🍕🧙🏻
Yeah that was a pretty close call
and look it wasn't your fault peter
you can't be in two places at once
you did what you could
Peter 🍕🧙🏻
Sounds fake but okay
Gwen 💇🏼
Peni 🤖
Peter 🍕🧙🏻
Jesus kids it’s fine I’m just kidding
Ham 🔨🐷
Classic millennial humor!
Peter 🍕🧙🏻
I’m good
Miles’ dad is good
We stop hanging outside Miles’ room and chill at Aunt May’s instead
No more problems

spidersupthewazoo okay folks, make your bets now: what goofy accent is he gonna do tomorrow to try to disguise his voice so we don't figure out how young he is #i like the canadian one he did on TV last week#it was TERRIBLE #spider-man 3,074 notes

greenteazone Yooo you know I am NOT an rpf person, but I legit think spiderman and spiderwoman were holding hands for a sec on that youtube clip If nothing else, they're definitely friends. It's actually pretty cute #spiderman#spiderwoman#ghostspider#spiderpeopl#not convinced yet that they're dating tho 826 notes

tag yourself meme: spider-people edition #i spent too much time on this#i'm zombie petey parkour #bonus: OG spider-man is#dad jokes#the friend that everyone's mom likes#only owns one good tie 5,184 notes

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Spider-Man (Disambiguation)

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Spider-Man may refer to:

  • Peter Parker (1991 - 2018), vigilante and originator of the Spider-Man mantle
  • Spider-Man ("New"), also known as Spider-Kid, vigilante active following the Alchemax Scandal
  • Spider-Man ("Old"), vigilante active following the 2019 New York City Subway Incident
  • Spider-Woman, vigilante also known as "Ghost" Spider-Man
  • SP//dr, vigilante also known as Robo-Spider
  • Spider-Noir, vigilante also known as “Monochrome" Spider-Man
  • Spider-Ham, vigilante also known as “Pig” Spider-Man
  • Spider-Man (2020 film), documentary about Peter Parker
  • The True Life Tales of Spider-Man, comic series about Peter Parker

Happy Hanukkah, everybody! 🕎🎉✡️🎊🎁 7:12 AM - 23 Dec 2019 8,538 17,507

Janet Cole
@theamazingspiderman Ummm aren’t you forgetting something 😂😂😂 10:04 AM - 24 Dec 2019 257 498

@heartishomeandfamily Thanks for reminding me! ¡Feliz Navidad y Próspero Año Nuevo, everybody! 🎄🎊🎁 2:30 PM - 24 Dec 2019 10,564 17,303

arachnomaniacs lawfulneutralbardbrigade ninemusesnineplanets spider-man might be jewish?? redspiderbluespider Also Puerto Rican maybe???? kpopculturewars No clear confirmation on either one yet, but he (and his spider-friends) is definitely down to punch some nazis! lawfulneutralbardbrigade THATS MY BOYYY arachnomaniacs 👏👏👏👏👏 Source: ninemusesnineplanets #spider-man#punch a nazi eat a latke #i love my spider son 8,626 notes

The Best Part of 2020 So Far Is How Adorable The Spider-Family Is

I love them almost as much as they love each other.

Anna Pasternak
JAN 6, 2020 3:58PM EST

If you live in New York City- no, scratch that. If you live anywhere in the United States and have access to a television or the internet, you’ve heard of this new wave of Spider-People that started arriving in town a few months after the earthquakes that shook the city and took the life of NYC’s favorite son. Peter Parker’s death hit the city hard, but the new group of heroes (or vigilantes, if you want to get technical), has proven themselves to be worthy successors to his good name. With six new Spiders on the scene, there's been lot of buzz about where they came from, what their identities are, and whether or not they know each other. And while jury's still out on the first two questions (though if you ask the internet, time travel must be involved somehow), we do know that the Spider-People are apparently all friends.

Make A Starbucks Drink Order And We'll Tell You Which Spider-Person You Are

Do you think Old Spider-Man has ever drunk decaf?

Posted on January 7, 2020, at 1:46 p.m.

 Camila Xavier
 Buzzfeed Staff


i got gwen!! 💅
venti double chocolatey chip frap with caramel drizzle and extra whip
Gwen 💇🏼
fjfkdkdjals that’s not me at all!!
I got noir?? grande nonfat cappuccino - I guess I see it?
Peni 🤖
**✿❀ i actually got myself ❀✿**
♬♩♪♩ quad tall iced americano ♩♪♩♬
wow really? that’s a lot of caffeine pen
Peni 🤖
hacking is hard work!!!
Peter 🍕🧙🏻
I got Peni too
♬♩♪♩ quad tall iced americano ♩♪♩♬

Sam Finch
Guys I’m not the only one who saw that right? Someone please tell me they caught that thing on camera! #spidernoir #spiderfam 2:29 AM - 8 Jan 2020 206 848

click my soundcloud link
did noir just jump out of a fucking PORTAL over midtown 2:35 AM - 8 Jan 2020 342 1,056

🌟 Ruqayyah 🌟
rip in spacetime? hot detective spiderman leaps out? typical wednesday, am i right? 🤷🏾 2:41 AM - 8 Jan 2020 596 2,857

let_me_tell_you_about_housetrapped 2449 points 3 hours ago
Alright, assholes, which one of you called it? Who do I owe money to?

Darth-Garfield 1395 points 3 hours ago
Now you’re thinking with portals!

wonder-mayo 3297 points 3 hours ago
I think u/ceilingfan482 first said it over at r/AskReddit for some reason lol

DrinkingGlueForFunAndProfit 1554 points 3 hours ago
 Shit, I remember that! It was on a conspiracy theory thread from like seven months ago.

ichthyconical 823 points 3 hours ago
 Yeah well lots of people have been saying alternate dimension/alternate universe for a while now

     DrinkingGlueForFunAndProfit 1371 points 3 hours ago
     Right, but u/ceilingfan482 was the first person to specifically link the "spatial anomalies" at Alchemax to a new Spider.
     Like a whole week before anyone besides Kid first showed up.

LordPraetorius 1072 points 3 hours ago
So now we know where they (or one of them) come from, but we're still in the dark as to why.
I stand by new!Spider being our main Spider-Man, so I guess the question is how he met all the others, and why they keep coming over.


Ham 🔨🐷
I guess the cat is out of the bag!
Gwen 💇🏼
That's ominous
What does that mean?
omg ham did someone see you without your mask on???
........would that even matter
it's not that bad
i don't think
people just saw peter-noir jump into my dimension from his nbd
Noir 🕵️
hey it's all good man
a lot of people were guessing alternate universes or time travel anyway
and now they know there's ~portals~ involved so there's all this wormhole stuff on the news
Peni 🤖
well that's kinda almost right!!
haha yeah
anyway i don't think anyone's gonna do anything about it so whatever
Peter 🍕🧙🏻
Since your world is in the know now yadda yadda
You mind if I keep a doorway open on the roof of your school?
It's nice and close to that noodle place I like
Peter 🍕🧙🏻
No you don't mind or...
Peter 🍕🧙🏻
Alright alright I'll keep it in the dumpster out back
wtf stop jumping out of the garbage!!!!!!

Chapter Text

Exclusive Interview with Spider-Man! | NY Metro News
74,626 views                8.9K   152

NY Metro News
Published on February 9, 2020

     Ana Montes catches up with Spider-Man after a daring rescue on the Brooklyn Bridge.


Dylan Gates 2 days ago
Yeah Spidey!! Best superhero around!!!! gooo new york!!!!
    View 53 replies ∨

yunafan142 2 days ago
"Keep watching, New York - I'll make you proud" I'm already proud!! ;___;
    View 78 replies ∨

Caren M 2 days ago
Awww he seems so friendly and excited ♥
    View 27 replies ∨

Joey 2 days ago
Yeah he's not Peter Prker but aynone who talks shit about my boy better square tf up
    View 34 replies ∨

floralthirstsquad okay so if you’re eating a blt when spider-ham saves you you’re legally required to give him all your money #it’s the Law#May Parker herself told me#Spider-Fam 2,406 notes

triplescoopstarfait Friendly reminder that half of the spiderpeople are probably children and are out saving our sorry asses instead of doing regular kid stuff like going to the movies or doing stupid dances or making fun videos for fake internet points and if that doesn't fill you with unprecedented dread over their safety and future then you don't have a heart, you gutless sandworm #Which is all just to say#That after Peter Parker died#I don't know if I can stomach that again#Don't try vigilantism at home kids 4,005 notes

but-did-you-want-a-bag me: i should watch the new spider-man interview me: i bet it's spawned a bunch of fun new spider-memes spider-man: "Haha, well, I gotta do my best for Brooklyn. That's what Spider-Man's always been about, right? Protecting the city he cares about. Sp- I mean, uh, Peter- he- I know we're not the same, but I'm doing my best to live up to the Spider name. I know some people are still waiting for me to prove myself, so I'm gonna say to them to keep watching me. Keep watching, New York - I'll make you proud!" me: i came out to have a good time and i'm honestly feeling so attacked right now #i'm going to go cry now thanks#he IS DOING HIS BEST#i hope you all know that#also the way he said peter's name#did they know each other?#spider-fam 3,691 notes

@lufrednowos Me too. I wish I could’ve known @spiderman longer. I think we all still feel his loss. Rest In Peace, Mr. Parker. Thanks for everything. 12:20 PM - 12 Feb 2020 11,947 20,955

@KHVIIFF Nah, they're all good! Just a lot going on back at home, but you still got me! 😎 I'll tell Old Spidey you gave him a shoutout! 10:53 AM - 13 Feb 2020 7,425 15,693

@NYPigeonsFan Yeah, we call him old too. He always says he's "seasoned" (like rich people salt) but I wanna get #spidergramps trending instead 👴 11:11 AM - 13 Feb 2020 9,513 25,724

@_xiaolongbao Haha, not this year. I have a date with New York, if you know what I mean 😉 8:07 AM - 14 Feb 2020 10,632 29,416

Not A Grandpa
@theamazingspiderman What are you saying to people on the internet about me 1:44 AM - 15 Feb 2020 8,535 18,368

The Cool Spider-Man
@spidermanyeahtheotherone Whaaaat? Nothing!! #donttellhim #spidergrampsdoesntknowhowtousegoogle 10:25 AM - 15 Feb 2020 7,708 16,249


so p-porks if a radioactive person bit you
would you turn human???
Ham 🔨🐷
Why, you got something fishy planned for me, kid?
Gwen 💇🏼
Hey guys, what's
...what are you talking about
nothing weird!
just thinking bout how ham used to be a spider
Ham 🔨🐷
Miles, this mug would look good no matter the flesh suit, but I don't want you getting any funny ideas...
I think I've been transmogrified enough for one lifetime!
Let your irradiated man take a bite out of our resident monochrome newshound, instead.
Noir 🕵️
ANYWAY how are you gwen, how's it going, whatchu up to
Gwen 💇🏼
Getting froyo with Peter and MJ actually
MJ is super cool and they're cute together
I get why Peter(s) married her
Gwen 💇🏼
Except Pete is
Uhhh how you say
Not smooth?
ha wonder what that's like
cause I sure don't know
Ham 🔨🐷
Tell him to try that trick where you make hearts pop out of your eyes!
Ooh, or the one where you float because you're so in love. That oughta knock her socks off!
Noir 🕵️
Ham 🔨🐷
Aw, just because you couldn't do it doesn't mean it doesn't work! Maybe you just didn't put your back into it, big guy!
Noir 🕵️
Gwen 💇🏼
Oh wait, he's trying the arm over the shoulder
Let me take a pic; I'll put it on my insta

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Gwen Stacy
music, mayhem, magic




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thisgirlisaghost Went out for donuts with 🖊️ and 📰! #multiversefam #twodozenisenough #🐧twins
pineapple_timing looks delicious!
chris_k_harrison dang gwen get me a chocolate glazed next time
stephandipityjones Jelly for me pls 🤤
milestogobeforeileap is this what you guys went to do when i was taking my math test?!

peter "the B stands for burrito connoisseur" p.

Hey kiddo you doing okay?
You seemed pretty quiet yesterday
yeah i'm okay
got an art show thing at school coming up
and uncle aaron used to
i guess i just miss him
Shit I'm sorry Miles
You want us to come over?
thanks but i think i'm gonna just spend some time with my parents tonight
Yeah of course
Have a good night, kid
you too, peter

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yourfriendlyspiderwoman Where else can you get a view like this? #NYC
Load more comments
angelemerald059 Beautiful shot!!
catsthemusicalisbad love the bus rescue in queens from last week
geri193 spder-woman #1
xx_starbright_xx you have the coolest costume <3 <3
guythursday @realstegasaurus let's climb a skyscraper for our next date lol
bakingtipswithjen Fantastic job this morning!!
lalune_eclipse Good to see you back on our side! ❤️❤️❤️❤️


you didn't have to come!
Peter 🍕🧙🏻
Course we did
Peni 🤖
stop looking around miles it's really suspicious
just be ‧͙⁺˚*・༓☾ cool ☽༓・*˚⁺‧͙
Gwen 💇🏼
Yeah put your phone down
We'll catch up later there's so many people here to see your work!! 🤩
ok ok
Noir 🕵️
Peni 🤖
aww noir you did the emojis right this time!!!

Is @kilometersmorales the best artist I know?? Definitely. Is he the best artist YOU know?? Hell yeah he is. 11:34 PM - 24 Feb 2020 12 46

thanks so much to everyone who came to the show! i really do have the best friends in the universe 💯🥇🏆💖 3:47 PM - 25 Feb 2020 15 103

Chapter Text

Meanwhile, in another universe...


Lemon Cream Cheesecake

It shouldn't come as a surprise to you that I'll eat cheesecake all year round. It's a pretty well known fact! Especially a cheesecake as good as this one, with its perfect blend of sweet cream and bright lemon tartness. The best part is that this cake is as simple to make as it is refreshing, which is why I'm so excited to share the recipe with you all today. Now, my grandmother always said that a woman should have a handful of secrets, to keep people on their toes, but for you, my lovelies, I'm willing to share.

In fact, I'll throw in a few more secrets while I'm at it. Here's one you probably haven't heard yet: I've been saved by Spider-Man. Twice, actually.

To accurately paint an image of the first time, you're going to have to use your imagination to picture grad student Chelsea from twelve years ago: not quite fresh faced but not totally jaded, trekking through the rain with two bags full of instant ramen, apples, and rhubarb (because even miserable students can make time for an Jeweled Apple Rhubarb Galette), and soaked to the bone. I get caught up in a robbery gone sideways, and everyone's favorite superhero comes swinging by and takes care of everything. He was so sweet, helping the shopkeepers put the shelves back up before he took off!

The second time was about two years ago (throwback to my lentil phase!), on the 7 train on my way to meet my sister. Shocker was trying to derail us for whatever reason and Spidey saved the day, of course, but he seemed kind of...tired, you know? Like he'd been having a few rough days at work, or something. And maybe that's what it was - I mean, he probably has a day job, right? - but I don't think I've been the only one to notice that our webbed hero looked like he hit a few bumps in the road in the last couple of years.

Anyway, these days Spidey's looking bright and snappy again, especially with that new crew he has running all over town (I'm personally a big fan of the Spider-Pig, though now I feel a little weird about all the bacon recipes on this blog, but I digress). Maybe he just needed a gentle push to start fresh again, which is what I think this cheesecake can do for you in the new year! Need to impress at a PTO meeting? Need a fun dessert to liven up the break room? This is the perfect choice. Now, I know the water bath might seem kind of daunting, but if you follow my steps carefully, you shouldn't run into any problems. Tin foil and a deep dish are key.

ridefromthewest Sorry about being Spidey on main but Good Morning, New York updated after a FOUR YEAR HIATUS and if that isn't just representative of how 2020 is our Year of Growth, then I don't know what is #spidey#thank you sruth for my life#fic writers i love you 3,626 notes

Up That Winding Stair by Euthenia05 Jan 2020
Spider-Man (Vigilante RPF), Fashion Model RPF

Creator Chose Not To Use Archive Warnings, Spider-Man/Mary Jane Watson, Spider-Man, Mary Jane Watson, Original Characters, Canon-Typical Violence, Hurt/Comfort, Fluff & Angst, Action & Romance, Slow Burn, crackship treated seriously, don’t @ me

MJ's had her fair share of bad first dates, but none so horrible as this one. Cornered in an alleyway at the mercy of a mugger after her date runs off, MJ thinks she might finally be in over her head, until a certain masked webslinger drops in and turns her whole world upside-down.

Language: English  Words: 124,805  Chapters: 24/27  Comments: 1897  Kudos: 3663
Bookmarks: 572  Hits: 49582

Cinnamon and Silk by xxrubyWednesday03 Jan 2020
Spider-Man (Vigilante RPF)

No Archive Warnings Apply, Spider-Man/Reader, Spider-Man, Reader, Fluff, Domestic, Slice of Life, Friends to Lovers, Unspecified Gender for Reader

Collection of fluffy domestic snapshots of your life with Spider-Man! Requests are open!

Language: English  Words: 35,793  Chapters: 12/?  Comments: 232  Kudos: 736
Bookmarks: 90  Hits: 12041

Good Morning, New York by sruth01 Jan 2020
Spider-Man (Vigilante RPF)

No Archive Warnings Apply, Spider-Man & New York City, Spider-Man, New York City, Original Characters, Vigilantism, Superpowers, Action/Adventure, Case Fic, Unconventional Families, Friendship, Other Character Tags To Be Added

Spider-Man carries the weight of New York on his back day in, day out, but who's there to carry him when he needs help?

The city that loves him, of course.

Language: English  Words: 185,611 Chapters: 15/?  Comments: 4780  Kudos: 13907
Bookmarks: 2531  Hits: 258029

"I like it here," the kid says, kicking his feet back and forth over the edge of the rooftop. Below them, New York is dark and glittering. "Maybe me and the others will stick around for a little while. Haha, get it? Stick?" He lifts his hands and wiggles his fingers before elbowing Spidey in the arm.

And for the first time today, Spidey laughs.


Like I said above, thank you so much to everyone who's still reading GMNY after all these years, and thanks to any new readers who decided to give this fic a chance! I've been struggling with writer's block for a while now, but this new wave of Spiders has really gotten me inspired again. Some plot points are being reworked, but I hope you like the direction it's going to take. Until next time!

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Comments on "Return of Spider-Man: Issue #14"

This one was good; love the reappearance of Mysterio after that whole thing last year.
1-10-2020 4:43 PM

Last month's was better imo, but I'm really enjoying Choi's writing. I don't know how much of that is his skill, and how much of that is rl Spidey's new...attitude? Outlook in life? I dunno, he just seems happier than he used to. I'm happy for the guy.
1-10-2020 5:02 PM

yeah hes got back some of that old spiedy charm
1-10-2020 5:13 PM

Glad I'm not the only one who thought so. Good for Spidey, getting back in the saddle. I was wary of these other spiders at first but I think they really brought out some of that old energy in him.
1-10-2020 5:20 PM

Can't wait to see how they resolve this one, especially since it looks like Choi might tackle a multi-spider plotline!
1-10-2020 5:11 PM

Shit i'd kill for a spidey/dark-spider/spider-bot teamup, especially with Gilbert's art style
1-10-2020 5:19 PM

 does spidey have kids

 Spidey and Darkspider theory

 is lightspider is spideys daughter

 weird glow bronx yesterday