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Meanwhile, in another universe...


Lemon Cream Cheesecake

It shouldn't come as a surprise to you that I'll eat cheesecake all year round. It's a pretty well known fact! Especially a cheesecake as good as this one, with its perfect blend of sweet cream and bright lemon tartness. The best part is that this cake is as simple to make as it is refreshing, which is why I'm so excited to share the recipe with you all today. Now, my grandmother always said that a woman should have a handful of secrets, to keep people on their toes, but for you, my lovelies, I'm willing to share.

In fact, I'll throw in a few more secrets while I'm at it. Here's one you probably haven't heard yet: I've been saved by Spider-Man. Twice, actually.

To accurately paint an image of the first time, you're going to have to use your imagination to picture grad student Chelsea from twelve years ago: not quite fresh faced but not totally jaded, trekking through the rain with two bags full of instant ramen, apples, and rhubarb (because even miserable students can make time for an Jeweled Apple Rhubarb Galette), and soaked to the bone. I get caught up in a robbery gone sideways, and everyone's favorite superhero comes swinging by and takes care of everything. He was so sweet, helping the shopkeepers put the shelves back up before he took off!

The second time was about two years ago (throwback to my lentil phase!), on the 7 train on my way to meet my sister. Shocker was trying to derail us for whatever reason and Spidey saved the day, of course, but he seemed kind of...tired, you know? Like he'd been having a few rough days at work, or something. And maybe that's what it was - I mean, he probably has a day job, right? - but I don't think I've been the only one to notice that our webbed hero looked like he hit a few bumps in the road in the last couple of years.

Anyway, these days Spidey's looking bright and snappy again, especially with that new crew he has running all over town (I'm personally a big fan of the Spider-Pig, though now I feel a little weird about all the bacon recipes on this blog, but I digress). Maybe he just needed a gentle push to start fresh again, which is what I think this cheesecake can do for you in the new year! Need to impress at a PTO meeting? Need a fun dessert to liven up the break room? This is the perfect choice. Now, I know the water bath might seem kind of daunting, but if you follow my steps carefully, you shouldn't run into any problems. Tin foil and a deep dish are key.

ridefromthewest Sorry about being Spidey on main but Good Morning, New York updated after a FOUR YEAR HIATUS and if that isn't just representative of how 2020 is our Year of Growth, then I don't know what is #spidey#thank you sruth for my life#fic writers i love you 3,626 notes

Up That Winding Stair by Euthenia05 Jan 2020
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MJ's had her fair share of bad first dates, but none so horrible as this one. Cornered in an alleyway at the mercy of a mugger after her date runs off, MJ thinks she might finally be in over her head, until a certain masked webslinger drops in and turns her whole world upside-down.

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The city that loves him, of course.

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"I like it here," the kid says, kicking his feet back and forth over the edge of the rooftop. Below them, New York is dark and glittering. "Maybe me and the others will stick around for a little while. Haha, get it? Stick?" He lifts his hands and wiggles his fingers before elbowing Spidey in the arm.

And for the first time today, Spidey laughs.


Like I said above, thank you so much to everyone who's still reading GMNY after all these years, and thanks to any new readers who decided to give this fic a chance! I've been struggling with writer's block for a while now, but this new wave of Spiders has really gotten me inspired again. Some plot points are being reworked, but I hope you like the direction it's going to take. Until next time!

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Comments on "Return of Spider-Man: Issue #14"

This one was good; love the reappearance of Mysterio after that whole thing last year.
1-10-2020 4:43 PM

Last month's was better imo, but I'm really enjoying Choi's writing. I don't know how much of that is his skill, and how much of that is rl Spidey's new...attitude? Outlook in life? I dunno, he just seems happier than he used to. I'm happy for the guy.
1-10-2020 5:02 PM

yeah hes got back some of that old spiedy charm
1-10-2020 5:13 PM

Glad I'm not the only one who thought so. Good for Spidey, getting back in the saddle. I was wary of these other spiders at first but I think they really brought out some of that old energy in him.
1-10-2020 5:20 PM

Can't wait to see how they resolve this one, especially since it looks like Choi might tackle a multi-spider plotline!
1-10-2020 5:11 PM

Shit i'd kill for a spidey/dark-spider/spider-bot teamup, especially with Gilbert's art style
1-10-2020 5:19 PM

 does spidey have kids

 Spidey and Darkspider theory

 is lightspider is spideys daughter

 weird glow bronx yesterday