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party central 24/7
so i know there's a new #spiderman now (who is doing gr8 btw 👍) but anyone else notice that...he doesn't seem to be the only one? 9:24 PM - 22 Aug 2019 478 6,259

Ryan Neal
wait does spider-man wear white now?? thought the new guy was in black? 1:08 AM - 29 Aug 2019 309 4,019

Sarah with the 🔪
WA STHAT A PIG?? #spiderman??? 10:54 AM - 03 Sep 2019 1,688 5,976

steamed-buns-everyday ok so i could see spider-man and ghost!spider-mn being the same person but lets be real: no way the one in the mech isnt someone different #spider-man#multiple spider-man theory#ghost!spider-man #how many is this now#mech!spider-man 735 notes

buyme1000dumplings 659 points 28 minutes ago
Holy shit, guys i was on that fucking bridge

ItsAlwaysCatsStupid 502 points 13 minutes ago
I'm not the only one who saw trenchcoat spiderman right?

  suckmyricola 295 points 10 minutes ago
 More like hardboiled detective Spider-Man.

Styrofoamia 326 points 8 minutes ago
That was a WILD save

surgicalprecisionslice 355 points 23 minutes ago
Glad you made it out safe dude! This is exactly why we need him (them?) looking out for us

  dudewheresmyxwing 146 points 18 minutes ago
 tell that to the mayor

Quiltgrannysmith 510 points 15 minutes ago
Saw the end of it on my way home from work - the kid is new but he's not bad

MegaBloksForPresident 378 points 8 minutes ago
yeah but that wasn't all New Spider-Man you know that right

uou722cyan wait a fuckn second did peter parker come back from the dead #spider-man#that was def not nu!spider#he was wearing og spider's suit#oprah voice: so what is the truth 1,056 notes


Theory: Trenchcoat is New Spiderman from the future (self.spiderwatch)
submitted 2 hours ago by canyoutellthisisausername
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Vigilantism A New Norm for Major Cities? (
submitted 4 hours ago by PM_ME_YOUR_BREADCRUMBS
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sighting: saw ghost spider outside my school? (self.spiderwatch)
submitted 5 hours ago by rowdyforpoptarts
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Weekly Sighting Thread (self.spiderwatch)
submitted 11 hours ago by FightMeAtTheMOMA
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spidersupthewazoo Anonymous asked: they're CLONES people. it's obviously clones jfc i hate this website That doesn't sound right, but I don't know enough about clones to dispute it. #ask#Spider-Man #theories#heck dude you could be right #i'm just a fan blog 4,779 notes

Roonil Wazlib
@marshmallowpluto it weird if I ship regular Spider-Man with Ghost Spider-Man? #theshipnameisspiderspider #orisit #ManMan 3:34 PM - 14 Oct 2019 140 4,498

Kelly Lowe
@marshmallowpluto wtf they're real people don't do that 🤦🏼 6:32 PM - 14 Oct 2019 23 738

It's Just Amy
@marshmallowpluto they do look pretty cozy! then again they all seem really close? especially the pig and the detective...? 8:56 PM - 14 Oct 2019 93 1,622

Meeting @kilometersmorales and @gankelee for 🎃🎃🎃! #multiversefam 7:19 PM - 31 Oct 2019 3 15

handelshotfirst 598 points 2 hours ago
I personally hate the clone theory, but the Old Spider-Man is too much like Original for me to count it out completely.

guitaristT65T 360 points 2 hours ago
is it me or does old spiderman have kind of a dad bod

AugustaRomaine 575 points 2 hours ago
doesn't matter; still hot

  plasticine-porcupine 226 points 1 hour ago
  You can't even see his face!

sp8dermenfan 744 points 2 hours ago
More importantly, is there any way Old Spider-Man is related to our new Spider-Man? Father and son maybe?

  LifeFoundationDidEverythingWrong 406 points 2 hours ago
  I get more of an older brother and little brother vibe from them.

  WhOoOoOstolethedonuts 381 points 1 hour ago
  real question is whether either one is related to the parkers

  Triceratomato 492 points 1 hour ago
  I don't know, but you can definitely tell that they all care about each other.
  Maybe it's what Spider-Man always needed - someone else to watch his back.

happy bday to the best dad in the world! it's my dad, if you were wondering 🍰🎈🎉💪🏿 3:14 PM - 25 Nov 2019 9 56

happy weird mentor day to (one of) the best hero(es) in new york!! 🎊 miss you, man. come over again soon 🕸️👉🏿🕸️ 8:49 PM - 28 Nov 2019 4 13