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It hadn’t been the first time that Toshinori had stayed over for the holidays. Originally, the invite had arose after a conversation about the hero’s lack of real family and a lack of celebrating any occasion. The “hero’s never take breaks” excuse hadn’t been a viable one for a few years now, and Midoriya’s puppy-dog eyed plea very quickly persuaded him to spend the last weeks of December at Inko’s house. The first year with them all clustered in one place was awkward, with everyone stepping over each other to give everyone space. The second was less so. Now, in the third year of the newfound tradition, it was completely second nature. This time, Toshinori had even brought over more than just one change of clothes.

On December 24th, the Midoriya tradition was to unwrap a small gifted present early. It was a lot simpler in the past, with mother and son exchanging just one present between each other. But, with the addition of the former number one hero, the three of them gave away one present to the other two. Unwrapping two presents each on Christmas Eve was the absolute limit, Inko had said, and they’d stuck to it.

This Christmas eve was no different, with the head of the household partaking in the early gift-giving first. The three of them sat cluttered on and around the lilac couch of Inko’s living room as she opened her first present, from Toshinori. It was a large red-wrapped box almost too heavy for Inko to haul onto her lap. Determined though, she managed; and gently removed the paper in a few movements.

“Oh, Toshi!” She exclaimed, wide eyed. “You shouldn’t have, really! How did you even get this?”

Toshinori smiled sheepishly. “Ahh, I’ve made a few contacts at my old job – it’s nothing too special. He told me about a preorder for the cookware set and I got it early! I hope it’s alright that I gave it to you today, part of me couldn’t wait.”

“Well of course it is, They’re wonderful!” She said, admiring the kitchenware and testing the cast iron skillet (as if to flip an egg on it) before putting it aside. “I can hardly make anything with what I have now. With these, tomorrows dinner is really going to be something! Thank you!” She turned to her son, who gestured a present towards her, wrapped in a silver bow. “Oh? Is this...?”

“It’s what I got you, Mom.” He said smiling. “Open it!”

“My, I almost don’t want to…” She said, delicately patting the foil wrapping.

As gently as the last, it was unwrapped. Free from its paper confines was a book, leather-bound and aged with colorful stitching and design on the front. Knickknacks big and small protruded out of the paper that she gently flicked through.

It turned out to be a photo album of the two of them, pictures new and old, with trinkets and cloth sown in to the pages with love. Midoriya and some friends had been working on it religiously for months; with pricked fingers and sticky hands between all of them. Once he spoke up and started his nervous spiel about how he made it and why, Inko was instantly teary eyed. It didn’t take but a second more until she was crushing her son in a tight hug and sniffling into his shirt.

Her composure was regained a little after a minute of happy crying, and she held the booklet to her chest after handing over her presents to the eager recipients.

Midoriya gently unwrapped his gift but couldn’t contain his excitement at the hint of red, blue, and gold that shone beneath.

“The limited edition!” He shrieked, tearing off the rest of the gift wrapping and staring at the bobble-head All Might figurine.

Toshinori smiled at the sight of him, holding the newly unwrapped Christmas socks in his lap.

“Mom,” Midoriya called, opening and closing his mouth as his brain spun for words. “this… was way too expensive!!”

She blew her nose from the kitchen, near-dancing on the cold floor to stay warm. “I’m not the only one with some contacts, you know! And don’t you worry about the price. It wasn’t bad at all, you know me. I wouldn’t splurge,” she laughed. “Not too much.”

Midoriya’s second and final present for the night was in a blue box and rattled around before it was unveiled. It was a wooden heart on a string, like an ornament. It was small enough to fit on a keychain but large enough to fit in the palm of his hand. Midoriya squeezed it lightly, knowing the gifter and intent almost immediately. All Might had always talked about how he respected carving.

“It’s a reminder,” Toshinori said softly. “that you’re a mortal, hero or not, with many, many people who care about you. No matter what happens.”

The two shared a knowing glance before Inko blew her nose again. “That’s right! Don’t you ever forget it! What a beautiful present, Toshinori.”

Midoriya nodded his head. “It is, and I won’t, Mom.”

“You better not,” Toshinori chimed in, smiling to lighten the mood. “So, is there another present for me here somewhere?” He turned his head. “Midoriya?”

“Tomorrow with the others.” Midoriya said hastily.

“Oh?” He asked, taken aback by the quickness and almost shocked. “It’s quite alright if you only bought one gift, my boy.”

“No! I got more than one. It’s just, what I’m planning – I mean already got,” He cleared his throat. “I, umm, I did everything I could to get it delivered for tonight, but the mail office is snowed in and shut down. It’s coming first thing in the morning, promise.” He smiled. “You’ll get it.”

A snowy evening turned to white dusk, then a cold, wintry night. As the frosty moon rose, the three of them said their goodnights and crept to their separate rooms to sleep the rest of Christmas eve away.

Toshinori’s room was a spare that had been converted as his own holiday-stay years ago. The few bits of unused furniture, a well-worn mattress, and a small dresser by the bed were really more than enough, he’d told them; after they offered to redecorate and spice up the room for him. It was more homey this way, and he found it easier to sleep with the familiar “Midoriya clutter” as he’d silently named it. Already tucked in, he was in his thoughts as usual while he waited for the speed of the long day to lull him to sleep. Inko’s thick wool socks were already snug on his feet and he was feeling more drowsy than usual; cozy and warm. He was seconds from falling into unconsciousness completely when a creak at the door interrupted his descent into slumber.

He froze, every hair standing up as his senses picked up on a pair of feet that tip-toed into the room. The figure gently closed the door behind them and walked over to the nightstand. Shallow breaths drew closer and a familiar scent came with it, like peppermint and coconut oil.

“Midoriya?” He whispered.

“Shh,” The boy hushed. “Don’t be too loud. Mom’s asleep.” He grinned, looking down. “I got your present. They, ah, delivered it today after all.”

“Well,” he checked his watch with tired eyes. “11:50 is cutting it a bit close… you weren’t waiting outside were you?”

He sat up, examining Midoriya for any signs of cold. Izuku was far from it. His face was flushed and his eyes sultry, framing the hint of a pursed lip that caught unusually hot swaths of breath. Toshinori’s pulse quickened.

“I wanted to make it special,” Midoriya said, moving closer towards the bed. “On Christmas…”

The butterflies in his stomach lurched up to the net of his throat and he gulped them back down. “It…?” Toshinori asked.

He got the message once Midoriya sat down on the corner of the bed and kissed him.

The couple had been together for a long time now, official and not, but this year would mark the first Christmas spent truly together. There were a few conversations where they bounced ideas back and forth of how to celebrate the occasion (should we still go to Moms? Should we have our own? When do we tell her?) and some had included a special, intimate gift. It was a passing thought that Toshinori had laughed away with a blushing smile, but it seemed that Midoriya had held onto that thought, nurtured it, and let it blossom into whatever plan was unfolding. It was definitely happening for real, Toshi realized, as the younger man kissed him deeply and wrapped his warm hands against the small of his neck.

Breaths intermingled and a cushion of heat quickly sprouted between them. Their tongues nipped in and out of their mouths as their bodies coupled at the lips. It was a mature act, one that they’d repeated more than dozens of times, but it didn’t dull the passion it held. Each time they kissed and the longer the motion, the quicker the pace became and the quicker their unique qualities started to pierce the make-out; differences in age and skill. Toshinori’s features in general were always a little older, a little rougher than Midoriya’s still soft air. The older man’s expertise always made the younger aroused, yearning for more. On cue, Midoriya pushed the back of Toshinori closer to him and they kissed harder. He traced his hands over the ribs of the older man’s back and Toshinori shivered under the ever-disappearing bedsheets. They eventually slipped to the floor like silk and pooled away.

Now fully aware of his partners plans and their circumstances at the family home, Toshinori pulled back a little. “Izuku are you sure?” He asked softly. “Your mother…”

“I know, it’s bad but it could be fun,” he squeezed the man’s thigh and winked. “Us trying to keep quiet and all, if you’d like to do that, I mean.”

A secret escapade like had also been discussed on and off. It was more of a joke, Toshi thought, but an incredibly exciting one. His body was already responding to the idea.

“O-Of course I would,” he said quickly, flustered as his already hard length twitched in anticipation and excitement. “Yes.”

Midoriya smiled and leaned in, kissing Toshinori’s bottom lip once. He trailed slow, loving kisses down his face, over his neck, down his collarbone, and around his shoulder. Toshi’s eyes closed and he panted slowly at the touch. It never took long for the pangs of lust to bloom in him when Midoriya took the lead, and he bucked his hips a little, whining.

Midoriya noticed, palming him through the tented boxers and putting his lips close to Toshinori’s ear. “You like that?”

“Yes.” Toshinori breathed, shuddering.

Midoriya palmed him again and was rewarded the same reaction. Toshinori bit his lip at the pressure as tingles of heat swathed out from his groin. His moan turned into a low grunt and he shimmied against Midoriya’s touch for more. The younger man let his hand slip up the loose leg of Toshinori’s shorts and, in a swift movement, he wrapped a hand around the length of his dick. The older man barely had time to gasp at the act before his former student started to stroke. Just the way he knew All Might liked it.

The hero sighed, and Midoriya smirked at the way the man’s hands curled and uncurled the tight fabric of the bedsheet. Toshinori reveled in the sensation of finally being touched and let his head lull. He had already been so excited that it might not be too much long until he was at his limit; spurred on by the adrenaline and excitement of perhaps being caught in the act.

“You’re the most beautiful person I’ve ever met,” Midoriya commented, giving Toshinori a long stroke as he circled the tip of him with his thumb. “Especially like this.”

“T-There are more beautiful people, I’m sure,” Toshinori gasped. “You’re one of them.”

He fake-pouted, tightening his grip ever so slightly. “Why can’t you ever accept a compliment?”

Toshi bucked his hips when Midoriya didn’t move his hand fast enough, pleading to be brought on the road to release.

“I love you,” Midoriya said, pulling his hand back and nibbling on the older man’s ear. “Want me to open you up?”

Drunk on pleasure and hungry for more, Toshinori nodded. “Y-yes, please,” he said need-ily, and if he wasn’t so turned on, he might have been embarrassed with how dry his voice sounded. He hushed himself appropriately, hastily shifting out of his boxers and opening his legs a little for show. “Please, my boy.”

Midoriya leaned forward and kissed him again, lips sloppily on Toshinori’s mouth as he fumbled for the man’s cock.

The touch made him moan loudly and he grit his teeth at the realization of the closeness of Izuku’s mother on the same floor. He quickly apologized. “I’m so-”

Midoriya kissed him as he pumped him. “Shh.” he said, leaning down and licking the throbbing member, oozing with fluid.

Nodding, Toshinori put a hand over his mouth and watched quietly (or tried to) as Midoriya took the length in his mouth and sucked deeply. Adrenaline from fear and pleasure mixed and All Might shook and grunted, the feeling of the younger man good enough that his toes were starting to tingle. Far away, a familiar pressure in his gut felt its way to his fuzzy brain.

“M’boy.” he warned in the best whisper he could manage.

Midoriya smiled and pulled off, wiping his mouth greedily. “Got it. Not yet, sorry,” he sucked on an index and moaned softly. “You taste so good,” he shivered, touching himself through his pajamas and bringing his shaky finger to Toshinori’s entrance. “Ready?”

“Please,” he whispered.

Opening the older man up was never a hard. Old age and more than occasional sex made anything anal a familiar, easy thing to adjust to. Midoriya’s finger slid gently in anyway, cautious and slow while Toshinori’s quick tenseness was slowly fucked away. All Might softly sighed each time the second knuckle of the finger pushed its way in. In minutes, the older man had his mouth agape and eyes rolling with every thrust of Midoriya’s finger. He slipped another in, and All Might stifled a grunt. Now on his back, the older man blushed as he bit into the muscle of his hand to stay unheard. It was certainly a challenge.

Still two knuckles deep, there was a rustling above him as Midoriya fumbled to take his pajamas off. All Might smiled at the feeble attempt to stay quiet, still while fingering him and trying to undress. He watched the younger man struggle for more than a moment before the pants were discarded and his thick length sprung out. It was slick with precum and swollen with want. Absentmindedly, in his haze of arousal, he wondered if it was the hardest he’d ever seen it.

Midoriya breathed through his nose at the sight of his partner and pumped his fingers in Toshinori’s wet entrance once before slipping out of the taut grip. “Are you ready?” He asked breathlessly.

Missing the sensation and ready for more, All Might nodded up at him.

There was a bout of repositioning, then they slowly, easily slipped into each other like they had been built from the same mold and finally joined again. Whoever moved into the other first was unknown, but as it happened, the two struggled to hide their moans. Swaths of pleasure pulsed through the two of them as they slid together, and they each bore their own twisted expression of pleasure at the sensation. The older man’s walls gripped on to Midoriya as the younger man eased himself deeper and deeper into All Might’s warmth, face scrunching with every inch further. Slowly, painstakingly, Midoriya pushed himself all the way inside and breathed heavily. Toshinori mirrored his pants, dick erect and twitching with the thrum of his heartbeat. The younger man opened him further up and closer to a faraway orgasm with every added inch.

He bucked his hips at the thought of cumming and Midoriya hissed in pleasure, sliding himself out halfway and fucking the hero slowly. “Not until I say so,” He panted. “Don’t come until I say so.”

The older man whimpered out a moan, at the command and the hot, full feeling as he was fucked. Saliva dribbled from the corner of his mouth as he forced his volume down harder, desperately trying to minimize his sounds of want. His cock was so hard that it felt like it was burning, begging to be touched. The only thing that staved his touch for the moment was relishing in the feeling of stimulation in his ass.

‘Fucking like rabbits’ was a term they’d used for their sex life, coupling often and quick since day one. This, however, the way they fucked slowly, passionately, and the denial of a quick release was almost too much for the man. It made his body tense and relax in waves, crescendo-ing closer and closer to more pleasure and more difficulty keeping himself quiet.

It felt amazing; his former student’s thickness graced over the prostate with every deep thrust and the two panted hotly in unison. Midoriya hung his head, grunting lowly as his hips shook with the slow pace that he was desperately trying to keep steady. Toshinori moaned through his hand, biting hard enough that he swore he was going to bleed. He prayed no one would hear him with how good Midoriya was making him feel. The next thrust had his knees shaking with another wave of pleasure and he reached for his aching cock, desperate for more.

“No,” Midoriya panted, swatting the hand away. “Wait for me to tell you,” He whispered, thrusting into him again, faster now. “Not until I tell you to.”

Dizzy with lust, Toshinori drew his hands back and pressed his head into his pillow, gripping the blonde hair on his head for any kind of release he could give himself. He lay helpless in a sea of on-the-cusp orgasm as his partner silently fucked him. His dick ached and throbbed madly. Precum from his tip gushed down his length and pooled down to his ass, lubing up Midoriya’s erection as well as the bare mattress they fucked on. It had started to creak with the weight.

“P-Please,” Toshinori tried to whisper, gritting his teeth and swallowing his moans. His hands shook with every thrust of his partner into him. “I’m-”

“Y-you’ll wait,” Midoriya panted, getting faster and faster. “Wait.”

The younger mans eyed lulled and his pace increased again, slamming into the man hard enough that the sound of slapping threatened to echo. Toshinori’s hand smacked over his mouth again and he bit down hard, grunting and shuddering. His skin was definitely bleeding now, all energy focused on staying as quiet as possible and to not come. He couldn’t come on Midoriya’s thick, wet cock in him; fucking him apart and making his limbs spasm and tingle with pleasure. He arched his back, tight with a need for release with every crash of their bodies slotting together – all the way in and all the way out.

“Fuck,” Midoriya hissed, quickly pulling out and pumping himself over Toshinori’s wobbling ribcage. “Come for me.”

At the command and without hesitation, Toshinori’s cock finally spluttered to its climax and ejaculated up his chest. The older man’s body convulsed silently, moans muffled by the binding of his hand and the blinding heat of his orgasm. The apex of pleasure was intense; a rushing tidal wave of electric, buzzing heat from his groin. His muscles instantly seized and tingled in the aftermath. Over him, Midoriya grunted loudly and came as well, marking his own cum on Toshinori and mixing seed with his partner. All Might was quickly painted two-tone in semen and sweat, the sight of which almost pulled Midoriya back into hardness. He stayed over him for a minute, panting and pumping out the last juices of his over-sensitive dick. All Might shuddered on the bed, hot and drenched in sweat as he slowly woke from the daze of sex and looked up at his love, smiling with each addition of fluid on his chest. There was a lot this time. It would be hard to clean up.

Like he was content on drowning him, Midoriya pumped himself ever slower with the last drops of his orgasm until his knees gave. He collapsed down to the side of Toshinori, sighing loudly and shuddering in the wake of their sex. He gazed at Toshinori’s chest and petting his blonde hair. The older man looked up at him lazily, tired.

“Merry Christmas,” Midoriya smiled. “Did you have fun?” He whispered, more aware of his surroundings.

Toshinori breathed, glancing down at his chest and looking at the deep bite marks on his hand.

“Let’s do that more often.”