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Space and My Bed; Two Places Nobody can Hear you Shout

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By the time Adam West went home for Christmas from the Garrison, at the ripe old age of 17, he was certain of precisely two things in the world.

Number one; Vector angles sucked. Hard.

Number two; Takashi Shirogane was undeniably, irrefutably, immutably hot. And not like, Leonardo DiCaprio hot, either. Chris Evans from the old superhero movies hot.

Adam liking boys had been a thing for a while. At least, to Adam himself it had. Guys were hot, girls were... not the same kind of hot.

Not that anyone knew what went on in his head.

“So, how’s school?”

Adam’s attention was dragged back to his father, who glanced at him from the corner of his eye. The man was still in his suit, for God’s sake, showing up on the campus like that.

Whatever. Dillon West called that suit his ‘cloth prison’, and Adam agreed. Though, his ass looked good in uniform. His roommates had reassured him of that.

“Well, vectors can officially suck my ass, but other than that, it’s good. My one roommate’s only a bit of a cu-“

His dad coughed into his hand.

“Oh right. We all think, ‘oh yeah,’” Adam began in a silly voice, mocking his one teacher who he refused to name - Iverson - with the tone. “‘The Garrison is so professional, they must sound prim and proper and drink their tea with pinkies up’,” His dad chuckled. “We think that, so we all forget that it’s still a military base and everyone swears like a fucking, sorry, freaking sailor.”

“Jesus, Adam. Your mother better not hear that.” His dad laughed.

“Oh she has no idea.” Adam brushed it off. “Let her think what she wants. At least I’m not smoking weed with my roommate every Friday.” He shrugged.

“Thank God for that...” His father murmured. “If you did, we’d lose that terrifying personality.”

Rolling his eyes, Adam pushed his dad’s shoulder. “You suck. I’m going to jump out of this car now.”

“Ok. Bye.” Dillon said, not even looking at the teenager.

They sat in silence for a few moments.

“Are you gone yet?”

Adam laughed. He had missed this.

His duffel and suitcase were brought into the large, rather normal house, so far not burned down. “Good mooooooooorning everyone!” He shouted, as loud as he could.

“Oh wonderful, you’re back.” Tori’s voice came from the kitchen. “Back again to multiply my dating chances, because you’re just so gorgeous, you mother-

“Eight times zero is still zero, Tori!” Adam sing-songed as a lean, brown-haired girl with pale skin for their family appeared around the corner.

“First off, you’re a penis.” Tori told him with a glare. “Second... welcome home.” After a firm hug, she punched his shoulder gently. “Good to have you back in the fray.”

“I’m gonna kick your ass at Mario Kart.” Adam snarled, grinning.

She opened her mouth to reply, but was interrupted by Cameron screeching, “ADAM’S BACK!”

“Cam, I swear to Christ, if you have a joy buzzer, I will use my combat training on you!”

Something was placed on a table as the pale-haired boy ran out. He was less tan than his black-haired sister and brother, but he was still more tan than most.

“You’re back!” Cam hugged his brother as Adam laughed, shaking his head. “I haven’t been able to pull one over mom without you!”

Adam grimaced slightly at the absolute lack of dominance in this household. “Do you remember nothing that I taught you?”

“Nope!” Cam exclaimed. “Jackson hasn’t either!” He said as his twin emerged.

This is the timeline God abandoned... Adam thought, wincing.

“Is that my eldest son?” The husky former smoker’s voice of his mother came from the kitchen.

Marie West was a shorter woman, but she had the same attitude as the Cuban grandmother who raised her. It made her seem a lot larger than she was, helping that whole ‘terrifying all-knowing being of every sin that Adam committed in the house’ image that childhood him had.

“Yes, it is!” Adam called back, just as she rounded the corner.

“Look at you!” She announced. Her accent had been gone for a lot of years, but she still had it occasionally. Apparently, staring at Adam in his full uniform was one such time. “So grown up!”

“Uh, thanks.” Adam said replied as he was pulled into a crushing hug. “Missed you too, mom.”

When Marie finally stepped back, holding her son at arm’s length to see his outfit better, and smiled. “It is so nice to see you in proper outfit.”

“Oh God, I’m not wearing pants this entire winter vacation.” Adam groaned, dropping his head back. “It’s all sweatpants and... booty shorts, for me. Whole time.”

His mother glared. “I will not allow you to do that.”

“Mom, I am literally within a year of being 18. I graduated to Advance Cadet with my class.” Adam twisted his head to lazily stare at her. “I should be allowed to not wear pants this vacation.”

“It’s only five days.” Dillon said, and Adam flashed him a thumbs up. “What could go wrong?”

Because Adam’s life was a disaster, everything. Everything could go wrong.

He had been spending a very lovely morning sleeping in - in his childhood bedroom where his low bed with the soft mattress still felt like God Himself was massaging Adam’s legs and spine - when he started hearing his siblings talking.

“...’ll be cool. It’s heavy enough to fly straight.”


“You throw it then, bitch.”

What are they going on-

Which was when a silvery javelin flew through his door and hit the side of his bed with an almighty clang. Adam jumped and slammed his back against the wall, heart thumping in his chest as he stared at the thing that had been less than two inches from shooting through his head. Immediately, he snapped his gaze up, eyes wide at wherever it had come from.

Through the inch wide, circular hole punched like a cookie cutter through his door, he caught sight of Tory, arm extended like she had just thrown something with her eyes wide. Behind her, Jackson and Cameron stared with stunned, disbelieving gazes.

“What the everloving fuck-” Adam began, scrambling to stand up.

“Jesus, Adam, clothes!”



He picked it up. It was not a javelin, despite being used like one.

“Is this dad’s fucking golf club, what the actual fuck you absolute asshats-“

Adam had never expected to be sat on the chairs of shame again, but there he was. Should’ve taken Rowan and Casey’s offer. Stayed at the Garrison for Christmas. Made some excuse.

“Mom, I’m the victim here-“

“You swore in this household, Adam Justin West!” Marie shouted, glaring at him. “You’re just as much at fault as the others!”

Adam winced at his full name, but ploughed forward. “I had a sharp pole shot through my door from where I had been peacefully sleeping-”

“Just because you are nearly 18 young man does not mean you can habla con tu madre de esta manera! Porque yo-“

He only buried his face in his hands as the Spanish started. This is why I live on-campus.

When the cousins arrived that same day, it only got worse.

Donnie was always cool, and thank God for that. He was nearly 25 now, and a surgeon. He was a tall guy, broad shoulders, who looked a lot like Adam himself, with darker hair. He brought his fiancé Elise, who seemed quite kind and soft.

Adam felt like Donnie was the one person aside from Uncle Quentin - coincidentally, Donnie’s father - who was proof that Adam was born into the Thompson family, his mother’s side. And wasn’t, y’know, stolen. As a child. Because that would make more sense.

That was where the similarities ended though.

Mary and Alice were pale, one with black hair and one with red hair. They were both 15, getting taller, though Alice seemed to have stagnated. However, boxing training had apparently made her thicker than toothpick-shaped Adam.

Alice was also the main reason why Adam would be careful if he ever dated a redhead; they were batshit. Perfect, until they murdered you for a minor inconvenience.

Marcus, John and Robert were all under 13, which was how old Adam’s younger, twin brothers were.

In a way, they made their own recipe.

Put five preteen and new-teen boys in a room. Wait.

They’d blow it up.

“Hey, Cadet West!”

Adam spun around with a grin, immediately enveloped in a thick hug and a rib-cracking pat on the back. “Uncle Quin!”

“Lookin’ good!” Uncle Quin was a big man, seemed a bit like a lumberjack at first glance, but was actually an engineer. Who happened to enjoy woodworking, camping, and occasionally shooting animals.

It was his fault Adam liked hunting, honestly.

“I look good in anything.” Adam smirked. Tori groaned, shaking her head at the booty shorts that Adam found he could still squeeze into.

Uncle Quin laughed. “How’s the Garrison treating you?” He grinned.

“I’m not allowed to shoot the animals.” Adam shrugged. “By which I mean, everyone under the age of 13.”

“Wow.” Quin shook his head. “Sounds rough. Wanna go practice shooting down at the range later?”

“That’d be great.”

Adam’s car was one of the new Chevrolet Impalas, built about two decades before. Number one thing about older cars; if it could run by the time it was old enough to drink, it wasn’t going to die.

And that car had seen many, many things, after arriving at the Garrison.

Adam had his first kiss in that car. Adam hit his first pole with that car. Adam realized he was gay. In that car.

Speaking of which, he had to talk to Uncle Quin about that. The one person in his family he actually hoped would understand.

He waited until they were checked into the range, had their guns, and had sat around for a while shooting before even thinking of what to say. How do I even explain this? Adam asked as he missed another bullseye, swearing. ’Sup, Uncle Quin, hi, so one thing I realized while preparing to get my ass yote into space is that I really like ass. Guy’s ass.

Adam didn’t even notice Uncle Quin was behind him until he cursed again, standing up as he had missed his final shot. None of the ten bullets he had fired had gone within the second ring, and honestly? It was starting to get irritating.

“What’s‘ahmatter today, Adam? Can’t shoot straight?” Uncle Quin joked.

“Quin, I can’t even be straight. My life is in shambles.” Adam deadpanned.

The taller man blinked at him in shock. And then Adam realized what he said.

Welp. This is how I die. I pray the reaper will arrive for my appointment early. The cadet thought, keeping a straight, level face.

“...Adam...” The word was low-said, and Adam was literally about to die. “Is this you coming out?”

The younger blinked for a moment, carefully lowering his rifle to the table. “Um...” Holy shit let me DIE.

“I’m... so... Proud of you! Adam, that takes serious balls!” The man was grinning. With a hand on Adam’s shoulder. He expected a serious conversation. What the fuck. “I’m glad that you felt confident enough to come out to me.” He patted Adam’s shoulder, then turned and walked off whistling, getting more ammunition.

Adam was 100% deadstopped. His brain was doing that old iPhone loading circle, when the phones could still fit in one hand. Or even better, he felt like he was doing that horrific, truly ancient internet grinding beep.

But Quin was moving on, so Adam shrugged. Fuck it. 

He got more ammunition, and went back to shooting.

And that was where it all started going downhill.

Adam arrived back on campus on Sunday, and he was glad for it. He could only hold in his gay jokes for so long, and he was reaching his point.

Plus, he had made one too many depressed jokes, and now people were giving him weird looks.

When he knocked on his dorm door, he heard something smash, and then a bitten off ‘shit.’

A shorter boy, with caramel and gold hair, threw the door open. Rowan was still in his sweatpants without a shirt, showing off the fact that he was built like fucking Adonis. His hair was rucked into some sort of half-nest thing, clearly having been napping.

He stepped back and leaned into the dorm. “Our second favourite twink is back!” He shouted as Adam stepped inside.

“Welcome back, silver medal.” A blond boy, aka first favourite twink, aka Ben, offered a fist-bump over the back of the couch.

Adam gave him the requested fist-bump, then flipped him off. “Fight me, Ben.”

“So, how is the West clan?” Casey asked. Their dorms were mixed, or at least the ones Adam were in were, so she was the one girl in an entire box room of boys. She had offers to move out, but never took them.

Something about having Adam and Ben lie by her feet like leopards with Rowan acting as bodyguard for her while on her throne of swords.

“Still weird. Day one wake-up call was almost getting stabbed with a golf club through the eye.” Adam tossed his duffel halfway down the hall, then fell over backward into the vaguely stained grey loveseat. His spine curved neatly into the crease he had left in it from actual years of doing the exact same thing.

Snorting slightly, Rowan shook his head. “That’s it?”

“I came out to my uncle and he was chill so basically I’m good to get myself some dick.” Adam shrugged, feet hanging over the arm of the couch as he absentmindedly kicked his shoes off.

Casey nodded. “We go to the of age student’s lounge literally the day you can.”

“Spectacular.” Adam agreed. “Hey BEN!” He shouted into the kitchen. “How was your holiday?!”

“Well, I did make one too many death jokes and my aunt asked if I wanted antidepressants!” Ben called back.

The long-limbed cadet blew out air. “Serotonin? In this economy? While I’m single?”

“Good point.” Ben came inside the main room, carrying a bowl. He walked over to Adam and slapped his head. “Up.”

“Ugh, fuck off.”

“I’m not tangling with Casey.” Ben stated. “And either you let me sit, or you don’t get any chips.”

“Better have brought enough for everyone.” Casey said, holding out a hand for a Dorito. After she received, then ate her chip, she plucked a slim box from her pocket. A thin, white object found it’s way between her lips, one tossed onto Benny’s lap, and she settled back. “Thanks Benny.”

“Oh, wait, guys.” Adam lay back down, head now on his friend’s lap. “I got a vintage Wii.”

“You got a what.” Rowan snapped, staring at him.

Casey removed her candy stick from between her teeth. “You didn’t open with that!? Get the fuck out!”

“Please tell me it wasn’t in the duffel bag you threw down the hall.” Ben said, putting the bowl of chips on Adam’s head.

Adam turned, glaring up at the other dorm twink. “What level of dense do you take me for? Iverson level?” He asked, then twisted back to the other couch. “Casey, can you get us booze?”

“We’re about to play the archaic game of Wii Sports, and you’re asking me to bring intoxicants?” Casey inquired.

“Well duh. How else are we playing Wii Sports?” Adam shrugged.

A few moments of silence.

“Yeah, gimme fifteen.” She nodded, standing up and crunching the end off her candy stick. On her way out, she grabbed the commander’s hat she had stolen a few months ago, put it on so the brim was backward, and stepped into the hall.

Adam got up and took his suitcase apart, getting the Wii set up slowly. “Rowan...” He whined, flopping lazily onto the floor. “Come do this for me.”

The requested person slid over and took one look. “Adam you useless gay, you need an HDMI port connector.” Rowan sighed, standing up to go get the item.

Brilliant. Gorgeous. A perfect engineer for any crew. Adam thought toward Rowan. Despite being a cock. “You’re actually awful.” Adam said as Rowan plugged it in. “Why can’t you be nice to me? I’m single and I’ll die with 30 cats, eating my corpse.”

“Go get a guy.” Rowan shrugged. “It’s not that hard.”

“Is it now? Because the particular guy that Adam has his eye on is hitting levels of ignorant that only Adam himself surpasses.” Ben said.

“Fuck you.” Adam groaned, laying a hand on his face. “I’m gonna kick your ass at bowling.”

“You can try.”


Adam might have been in the Garrison, but he was slightly drunk, knew he was in big trouble, and he had exactly one call.

So he called the one person he knew would always come to his aid.

“Mhh... It’s... two in the morning? Who is this?”

“Commander Hartway?” Adam said wearily. Beside him, in the waiting chair, Casey snickered.

There was a pause.

“Adam, I swear to God, please never call me at this hour again. I’m hanging up.”

Adam let out a panicked scream. “Please don’t! I only get one call! Hartway I’m too pretty for jail!”

Another, pregnant silence.

“Wait.” Commander Hartway began slowly. “...Did you get arrested?”

“Not... exactly.” Adam said, struggling to explain this situation to his favourite teacher and best friend. “...I’m still in the Garrison.”

“Oh thank Christ.” She exhaled. “What the hell did you blow up?”

His hand gripped the phone until he could hear the outer plastic pieces groaning a tiny bit. “I... there’saWii’moteinmyass.” He said in defeat.

“What?” Commander Hartway said. “Speak up. Say it slower, Adam, for those of us not under 20 and formerly asleep.”

He sighed, straightened himself slightly, which involved a questionable amount of hip-shuffling on the wedge pillow. Huffing, he tensed one hand on the blanket, and repeated. “There is a Wii remote. In. My. Ass.” Adam half-shouted. The medic over in the corner was either crying or laughing, Adam couldn’t tell. He couldn’t see the dickbag’s face. If you must mock me, mock me to the Wii remote in my ass.

“...Adam.” Commander Hartway said with painful stiffness. “...why is there a Wii remote in your ass?”

“Because Ben and I decided to have a contest.” He stated, because contests answered everything. “I’m in room 104 of the Garrison Med Bay, can you come sign me out? ‘Kay thanks bye~...”

Then he slapped down the phone just as he heard the snap of rubber gloves. “I hope you used lube, buddy.” The med guy said. A student. A student who’s inexperienced hand was two inches from Adam’s gorgeous ass.

“You damage my ass, you will pay damages.” Adam promised.

“You’ll be lucky if this Wii remote doesn’t damage your ass.” The student replied flippantly.

Turned out, the asshole medic was laughing earlier.

The next morning, Adam assumed that Hartway had forgiven him because of the way he was limping, taking pity on her favourite student. He still got up early to go off-base for Starbucks, and bought her one of those horrifically sugary, over-saturated vanilla poison things she liked.

He placed it on her desk, on time for once. She glanced up at that, over her glasses through tired eyes. Adam shifted foot to foot, trying to relieve the ache. He was never putting an inanimate object up his ass ever again. Ever.

Commander Hartway sighed, took the coffee, smelled it, then reached into her desk and handed him two painkillers. The big ones, or ‘hangover killers’ as Casey referred to them.

“It’s flight partner day, who you get to be with for your advanced years.” Hartway hummed softly, taking a sip of the drink. “Your partner is at desk 7.”

Which meant it was in the second row, probably to Hartway’s left, and-


Adam spun around, gaping at her, but she only smirked.

“Please switch me.” He begged. “I will literally do anything.”

“Your servitude is tempting, but... Too late. I submitted the scans last night.” Hartway purred. She never submitted the scans day before. Except for this one time. The bitch took another drink. “Thanks for the coffee, Adam.”

And just like that, he was dismissed.

In the back corner, Rowan and Ben stared at him, while Casey and her partner Lucas leaned back on their chairs, the former smirking at him. The last few students came in, came up to the desk, asked who their partners were, and left.

Adam could only stare at Hartway, until he realized there was no way out of this one.

Cowed, he turned around and limped to his seat, beside Takashi. Fucking. Shirogane.

Did he mention how his life was a disaster?

Not only did he need to do a walk of shame - pardon, shuffle - to his desk, but he was also somehow sitting beside the cutest person in the fucking school.

Adam settled into his seat with an involuntary groan, immediately pulling out his waterbottle and throwing back the pills.

“Everyone, take ten minutes to talk to your new flight partner. You’ll be working with them for the next little while.” Hartway’s eyes gleamed. “However, it’s not mandatory that you even become friends, but you do need to know what your goal is in a ship, so just don’t kill each other. I’m going to get water.” With that, she stood up, and headed out.

Adam turned slowly toward Shiro, trying to keep the wince off his face. C’mon, please drugs. Work. Faster. Dirty magic. Please. He thought.

“Hi!” Shiro said, grinning, then held out a hand. “I’m Takashi. Most people call me Shiro though.”

“Takashi’s fine!” Adam smiled back, trying not to explode. “I’m Adam. Just Adam.”

Shiro nodded. “Good to meet you.” He said. Adam shifted his weight, and suddenly felt like the walls waved inward. “So, do you want to actually hang out, or-“

“Yeah, that’d be sweet.” Adam said, grabbing the table to stabilize himself. What the hell..?

“So, I can give you my number.” Shiro put his phone on the table, Adam barely managing to pull himself together enough to put his beside Shiro’s. The cutie’s phone was simple, with a simple black and white edging. “So, we could hang out, after school maybe. Talk a bit. I think teammates should know each other, if that’s ok.”

“Yeah.” Adam nodded, taking his phone back. “Yeah, good friends are a good team. A-after school...”

Everything felt off, floor tipping underneath him. What the hell was going on?

“Adam? Are you ok?” Shiro questioned, shifting a little closer, those pretty eyes and nice lips and everything about him was perfect and oh God. Adam was done for.

He had that thought, right before he passed out, and fell over backward.

It was hours later, waking up in a hospital bed. “Wait, hol’ on...” Adam mumbled, feeling like he was drunk. Not fun-drunk either, more like that one day he had chugged cherry vodka that his dad had told him was terrible and he could try.

“Whoa, Adam!” Casey’s voice came from practically on top of him. “Adam, relax!”

“Wh’t the h’ll?” Adam asked slowly. His head was stuffed with cotton. Had he actually talked to Takashi Shirogane?

“Adam, calm down.” Casey ordered, and nobody defied Casey. Adam relaxed.

“Wh’t the hell happened?” He questioned, reaching up and gently rubbing his face.

“Hartway gave you the wrong pills and way too much.” Casey explained. Adam’s heart dropped to his toes.

“Is she in trouble?”

“I’m fine, Adam.” Hartway walked in, sighing. “Really, really, extra sorry though.”

Adam smiled at her, shutting his eyes. “What did you even hit me with? Worst drug trip ever.”

“Ambien. Sorry.” Hartway said sheepishly.

“Why do you have Ambien in your desk?” Adam questioned slowly.

“Why did you have a Wii remote in your ass?” Hartway returned.

There was a few seconds of silence as Adam’s brain sped up enough to consider that. “...Good point.”

For a while, the other two shut up and Adam got back to trying to go back to sleep.

“Oh, also...” Casey began, smirk audible. “I feel like you’d like to know that Shiro was the one who got you to the hospital. Bridal style.”

That took even longer to register, but when it did...

“Are you telling me that Takashi fucking Shirogane carried me bridal style and I wasn’t awake to experience it oh Jesus fucking Christ-

Within two days, Adam was certain of three things regarding one Takashi Shirogane.

Number one; Takashi literally got attached to anything. A piece of lint in his pocket, a picture of a dog, or, apparently, Adam. The guy had no friends, it seemed.

Number two; Takashi was all that was good and pure in this world. No other explanation for how he acted.

Number three; Takashi was undeniably, irrefutably, immutably a dumbass.

“Adam!” The teen shrieked, just in time for a small explosion to go up in the beaker beside him.

Adam caught the full force of the blast, covered ear to hip in ash, as he spun to glare at Takashi, staring uselessly at the black-smudged beaker in his tongs.

“Why the fuck are you even in chemistry?! You can’t cook!”

“Why would chemistry be like cooking?” Shiro asked softly.

“Oh my fucking-“

“So, is Takashi gay?” Ben questioned when Adam finally came back to their dorm, dumping his bag on the ground.

Heading to the couch and slumping on it, Adam shook his head. “I have no idea.” He mumbled. What was wrong with this? His gaydar was normally unquestionable.

“Adam, Adam, thank God, Adam, Ben, c’mere.” Casey said rapidly as she ran inside. “Kiss me when that one bitch comes by.” She ordered Adam, pulling Ben to her side.

“What the fuck, Casey? I’m gonna die alone and you want my last sexual interaction to be with a chick?”

Casey glared at him. “Name your price.”

“An upgraded laptop, Doom, Undertale, and Dream Daddy.” Adam stated.


Just as some unidentified bitch ran around the corner with a bitchy expression, Casey pulled him down for a kiss.

Now, Adam was not into chicks. No. This experience was actively making him gayer. But out of loyalty, Adam didn’t look disgusted at Casey when she finally pushed him back a bit. “Do you mind?” Casey snarled at the girl in the doorway. “I’m trying to enjoy a snack here.”

The girl blinked, taken aback, before she nodded a few times, stepped away, and vanished.

When Rowan dipped into the dorm, shut and locked the door, Casey finally let him go. “I am so fucking sorry.”

“What the hell?” Adam demanded.

“Well, it’s official, you’re a pimp Casey. Congrats.” Rowan said, leaning on the couch.

Silence for a few moments.

“I go over to Shiro’s empty dorm for two hours and you’ve somehow managed to fuck up everything!”

“You’re never allowed to leave us again.”

Adam was sat on the couch, with his slightly used but better than he had laptop, tapping out keys to play Undertale. Kinky the fallen child was currently in Papyrus’ bedroom, on a date with Adam’s favourite bubbly skeleton.

“Adam, we have a problem.” Ben announced as he walked inside, shoving the door shut.

I’m too gay for inconvenience. “I have a problem, and it’s someone bugging me while I’m playing Undertale.” Adam replied, uncaring.

“Adam, we’re basically hoes.” Ben stated. The fact was obvious.

Not seeing the point, Adam paused his game, turning around. “I know that. Why is this a problem?”

“Adam, there’s shit going around that Casey is a pimp.”

Silence for a moment.

“...As in...”

Sitting next to him, Ben sighed, rubbing his forehead. “...It’s said that we’re... well, we’re being paid for this shit.”

“That’s... like, fucking groundless.” Adam said. Because it really was. Adam was a hoe regardless, as was Ben, and they were both very good at school. No reason for that kind of shit to be spread. Adam would do it for free, providing the person was hot.

Though, money would be nice...

“Adam, you’re playing Undertale, on Casey’s old laptop. That she gave you after you kissed her.”

Turning back to his game, Adam realized that yes, indeed, he had given a service in exchange for money.

“...This is the best thing that’s ever happened to me.”

“Adam no-”

Turned out, being a hoe for the most feared ‘pimp’ in school was not a shitty gig.

First bonus? Adam could officially walk anywhere on campus and be feared.

Second bonus? Casey kept buying him shit. Shit that he liked. That he had no idea where or how she got.

Because the amount of stuff Adam knew about Casey could be summed in three points;

One. She was older than Adam, by at least one year. Maybe two. She was in his class.

Two. Nobody knew where she came from or where she went on certain, seemingly random weekends.

Three. Casey had dated two boys and a girl.

That was literally it.

Yes, Adam did enjoy making mental lists.

However, despite these terrifying things about his roommate, there was one particular student in school that had no idea Adam was supposedly a sex worker.

Takashi. Fucking. Shirogane.

“Do you ever just fuckin’... breathe oxygen?”

“No, Adam... C’mon. We can study.” Shiro said, slapping a hand on the book, the highlighter still laced through his fingers.

Pinching the end of the highlighter, Adam tugged it away and slid it behind his ear. “Nope.” He stated. Because Shiro could not want to study. How was that possible? “Can I use your bathtub?”

“Why?” Shiro asked.

“Study underwater so nobody can see your tears.”

“Fuck’s sake...” Shiro dropped his head, shoulders shaking with mild laughter.

“...ugh.” Adam muttered.

“What? You don’t want to study and..?” Because apparently Shiro was good enough at reading him now that he knew what ‘ugh’ meant.

“And it’s like nearly 11, so if I want to be inside at curfew, then I should go now, but I don’t wanna walk.” Adam explained, rolling onto his back to stare at Shiro.

“’s Saturday.” Shiro began softly.

“I’m aware of that,” Adam nodded. “and tomorrow I’m going to find a club that’ll let me in so I can twerk on-“

“You could stay here.”

Adam’s jaw clicked shut. “I-I mean, if that’s cool with you. That’d... be really nice.”

The next morning, Adam decided that if he ever ended up dating Shiro, he’d buy earplugs.