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Love Me Mercilessly

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And there will be no tenderness, no tenderness
There will be no tenderness, no tenderness
I will show no mercy for you, 
you had no mercy for me
The only thing that I ask, love me mercilessly 


The heady scent of smoke and cherries was incredibly succulent and hunger gnawed at his stomach. It felt like nails scratching at his insides, cutting him open and tearing the soft tissue within. The discomfort was almost unbearable.

Unfortunately, it was the price of waiting too long.

He ignored the hunger pains, instead tilting his lips up into a sensual smirk as he began weaving his intricate web, dewy lines glittering across spun white silk.

There was the murmuring of soft voices around him but he paid them no mind; his focus was entirely elsewhere.

Blue eyes framed by dark long lashes swept across rosy cheeks and he looked underneath them at the figure in front of him.

The man responded kindly, his eyes hooded and dark as they trailed down his form, taking in the fitted trousers and the shirt that hugged the slight curves of his waist. He shifted with calculated measurements, allowing a sliver of skin to peek from underneath the fabric, revealing a teasing glimpse of a sharp hip. The man licked his lips, bringing his gaze back up to meet his eyes.

He looked away coyly, fingers nervously fidgeting with the buttons of his shirt. His bit his lip, as if uncertain. His hands moved to his dark curls, tugging at the ends and tucking the stray locks behind his ear.

The scent of cherries was slowly getting closer and he held back the moan that itched at his throat. He could already taste ecstasy upon his tongue; a drop of stained juice lingering on his taste buds and spreading to replenish him, satisfying the annoying hunger that he had been carrying with him for weeks.

Oh, but it was absolutely divine and he wanted it, needed it, wanted to utterly consume every wisp of it until there was nothing left.

“Hey,” a gruff voice spoke into his ear,” wanna get out of here?”

The man smelt of liquor and desperation and he had observed him all night, had made sure that he had not been accompanied by anyone else. The man had sat in the same spot all night, surreptitiously eying him with hopeful lust in his eyes.

He had watched many men tonight, had cut off all interaction as soon as they revealed further details about themselves. He had gotten many offers so far tonight but none that had really caught his eye.

But this one…this man, he was the one.

This man was a loner, out and about at night, barhopping and just hoping to get lucky.

The man probably thought that he had hit the jackpot and now he was going for the honey, hoping to dip his fingers into the sticky jar and perhaps wishing for more.

But Will begged to differ. He was only interested in one thing.

He smiled shyly; an innocent tilt of his head, eyes wide and eager, full lips parted with a minute hitch of breath.

“I thought you’d never ask.”