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Ben 10:Cold embrace

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After their year long cosmic road trip, the gang returned to their mundane Earth lives.
Ben was casually drinking his beverage of choice, Mr.smoothy with his partner Rook when something fell out of the sky and crashed in the middle of a busy street.
Upon investigation, they discovered an escape pod. With causion they approached the crashed pod. When it opened, inside was a sleepy blue ball.

"An infantile necrofriggian?" Said Rook as he put down his proto-tool.
"Can it be?"Ben approached carefully and touched its antenna,causing it to stir in its sleep.
"At least we know it is alive.You had an unusual reaction, Ben. Is there something wrong?"
"I'll explain at the base,after we get this little one to the med lab."

Ben barely said a word on the way to the Plumber base which worried Rook. Normally Ben would be quite chatty but this time he just held the infant tightly and whispered to himself.

"It's a good thing you brought the baby here. It's weak but it'll be fine."the tetramand nurse reassured the pair and returned to the examination room.
"Thank goodness."
"Now that the child is safe,are you going to explain your strange behaviour?"
"Right. What do you know about Necrofriggian reproduction?"
"I read they reproduce asexually every 80 years by laying eggs but what does that have to do with...Oh."Rook interupted himself as it finally clicked.
Ben then recounted the time Big chill took over, the alien pregnancy,the cravings, the metal nest that is burried in the desert.

"Fascinating.None of that was included in your file."
"Gwen,Kevin and Julie swore to keep it a secret. Kevin's month long teasing was more than enough for me."
"I understand."

"Ben."a voice echoed in the hallway. It was Magister Maxwell Tennison, Ben's grandfather.
"What is it grandpa?"
"I received a report about an escape pod crashing downtown and Nurse Hera told me we have an infant Necrofriggian under care. I don't suppose it's one of Big chill's offspring."
"It is,I can feel it.Wait,how did you?"
"I overheard Manny and the others talk about it.Kevin told him if I remember correctly."
"Oh did he? That weasel is gonna hear from a very angry Shocksquatch later."

Magister Tennyson advised Ben to go home and rest, an advice Ben reluctantly took. Teenage pregnancy is hard when you're human but Ben was a human male that could transform into different alien lifeforms by using his Omnitrix, that's bound to make all the emotions and thoughts at least three times more confusing and awkward.