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RWBY: A Knight To Remember

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"And that is how I got to Beacon!" Jaune Arc finished, beaming at his fellow passenger as the two looked out the side of the bulkhead taking them to Beacon Academy for their first day of training to become Huntsmen, warriors that defended those who couldn’t protect themselves. Daniel, his friend and second-year huntsman rubbed his temples, and then turned to Jaune with a thin smile.


"Jaune, buddy. What is it that I asked you for when I told you to try and join up with me at Beacon?" His friend asked, his tone tense and annoyed. Jaune flushed red, and coughed into his hand, fighting of the nausea from the motion of the swaying bulkhead, and the anger in his friend’s eyes.


"D-don’t do anything crazy?" He answered cautiously, earning a quick nod from the man.

"Right, exactly! Now, tell me, Jaune. Does leaving in the dead of night, taking only two sets of clothes, an antique sword and shield that are NOT suitable for actual combat, and some hand me down armor, only leaving a single, half paragraph note on why you left your father, mother, and four overbearing huntress sisters, as well as three younger sisters sound crazy to you? ‘Cause lemme tell ya, it sounds pretty batshit to me!" Daniel responded with a half-psychotic laugh.


Jaune looked even more uncomfortable, shifting slightly, still blushing. It was definitely starting to sink in how badly he handled coming "I’m sorry, Daniel. I...I just needed to get out of there."


Daniel sighed, and rubbed his eyes before turning back to Jaune and putting a hand on his shoulder. "Look, I’m still on your side, Jaune." He said, smiling at his childhood friend. "I’m with you, through and through. We’re gonna make a Huntsman out of you yet."


Jaune smiled at Daniel, feeling grateful that his friend was still willing to help him, despite the trouble it would bring.


"That being said, there is a few things you should know about Beacon, or more specifically, the Huntresses at Beacon." Daniel continued, avoiding eye contact with Jaune. Jaune cocked his head to the side, not understanding what his friend was trying to convey. Daniel noticed, and groaned, searching for the right words. "Ok, I’m trying to say this without being an asshole...some girls at Beacon can be a tad...boy crazy."


Daniel looked over at Jaune to see if he got the gist. He didn’t.




"For the love of...THEY’LL WANNA BONE YOU, JAUNE!" Daniel shouted, drawing the attention of several other passengers, who quickly distanced themselves from the pair.


Jaune, who finally understood the dreadfully clear message, blushing an even deeper shade of red. "W-what? Why? I’m not remarkable or anything!"


"That’s the point, Jaune."


Jaune looked confused again, causing Daniel to groan and mutter about being far too sober for this before continuing. "Jaune, these, these women are training to become the most efficient and respected fighters of this world, they will have ‘extraordinary’ for the rest of their lives. A boy like you is what they’ll crave. Normal, unremarkable, not interesting at all."


"Wow, thanks." Jaune deadpanned, drawing a chuckle out of his fellow passenger.


"C’mon, Jaune. You know you’re great. Just remember to be a little...careful, alright? I can’t always protect you, not anymore."


"Hey, I am plenty capable of protecting myself! Besides, I am becoming a Huntsmen." Jaune snarked, waving his hand dismissively. "I can handle a few women."


As their bulkhead landed, Jaune and Daniel stood up and made their way off. Daniel stepped of without a second thought while Jaune took one step off, and immediately face planted. Daniel looked down a Jaune, and facepalmed once more.


"Capable my ass."