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The Bad Boy Next Door

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It all started so simple and innocent. A simple friendship formed between you and the quiet bicolored hair boy with the vibrant heterochromic eyes.

“My name is (Name), its nice to meet you!” You hold your hand out, a smile brighter than the sky despite your missing two front teeth. The quiet boy stares at your hand for a bit before looking at your face, his hand moves up to shake it.

“My name is Shouto.”

And thus a friendship was born.

Holding hands to make sure you didn’t lose each other in the sea of monsters and villains you called the playground bullies at school.

“Don’t worry Shouto, I’ll protect you.” You say, pulling him along towards the swings, you could feel the stares of some of the older boys who would bully you and your friend, but this time you would fight back if anyone tried to step up.

Innocent, when boys and girls had cooties and memories were formed at the playground where you were anything you wanted to be, super heroes. With his quirk and yours, you were the perfect team.

“Shouto, can you make a sheet of ice so we can skate?”
“Only if you sing me my favorite song.”

Where meeting his family was simply because you were close enough friends that he felt comfortable enough to introduce you to his dysfunctional home-life, and not at all about if his parents deemed you worthy enough to be their sons bride.

“This is my friend, (Name). Can she stay over for dinner?” You stand right next to Shouto, fiddling with your fingers as you dart around all the people in the room; it was just his three older siblings and his mom.

“Hi sweetie, of course your friend can stay, just make sure she gets home safely afterwards.” His mom bends down and pats both of your heads, her smile is sweet and you can tell that Shouto gets his smile from her. When you look into her eyes, they’re filled with nervousness and worry. You’re too young too understand, but in a couple years you would see why.

And innocent when you would look at your best friends older brother and think of them as just that, just your best friends older brother. Nothing more and nothing less.

You would also go back to Shouto’s house after school, it became your second home and they basically became your second family. Your mother and Shouto’s mother also became close friends, it so happens they used to be friends in high school that lost communication. They would laugh over tea about the joke they made during their school days about their children getting married. You and Shouto would just laugh, neither of you even understood what marriage meant.

As you got closer to Shouto, you also became friends with his older siblings. Fuyumi was like the older sister you’ve always wanted, well you did have a sister but she was way older and always locked up in her room on the computer your parents had bought her for Christmas two years ago. Natsuo was also like an older brother for you, both of them constantly teasing you and helping build pillow forts and blankets for you and Shouto.

Touya... Touya was different, he never really talked to you and he reminded you of your sister, except instead of being locked up in his room, he was always out. He was the troublemaker of the family, during nights where you would sleep over you could hear Shouto’s father screaming from the top of his lungs while his mother would be sitting under the bright light in the kitchen, weeping into her hands.


“Assholes should probably stop fucking with me.”

He was a bad boy, and right now at your age, you thought he was weird. But oh boy, were you in for a wild ride once puberty started. For now, just enjoy these simple innocent moments before life turned into a rollercoaster of emotions; from bad boys who would break your heart to boys who would show you love in the strangest of ways. Classmates to bandmates, from pillow forts to zits plastered all over your face. These will be the worst and the best times of your life.

Take me back to the days when it was so simple and so innocent. Oh childhood innocence where have you gone?