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Chaos of Life

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Jimin wasn't quite sure when the switch took place, but he realized at some point that he had stopped worrying so much about Yoongi and what awful thing he was going to do to him. At some point in his life, he just quit seeing the reason behind his worry.

Yoongi was nice to him, and it didn't feel like it was fake. He had been friends with Seokjin since they were kids and Seokjin didn't seem to have anything bad to say about him. The only people who seemed to have such bizarre opinions of him were people who didn't talk to him at all.

Sure, it wasn't their fault they didn't talk to him. He only spoke to people he wanted to talk to.

He only spoke to people he wanted to talk to.

Jimin's lips spread into an involuntary smile and his heart began to beat uncomfortably in his chest. Yoongi took the time to talk to him. He even went out of his way, and comfort zone in order to spend time with him. That had to mean something. It just had to.

"What are you smiling about?" Taehyung asked, glancing over at Jimin. Taehyung was doing his homework as he always did at his desk, while Jimin had once again made himself comfortable on Taehyung's bed. They had been at this for hours, everyone was doing their own thing and honestly, Jimin had just assumed no one was paying attention to him.

"Nothing," Jimin responded, running his fingers thoughtfully through his hair. "How's the chem coming?"

"Considering suicide," Taehyung said slowly, finally turning his attention back to his papers. Jimin chuckled and ducked his head to look back at the pillow rested on his lap. A moment later the bed dipped and Jimin looked up to see Namjoon was getting comfortable beside him. As he did, he knocked something off the bed with a loud bang.

Namjoon sighed and stared at the fallen object for a long moment.

"Everything okay?" Jimin addressed. Namjoon dragged his eyes up to smile at Jimin.

"I was going to ask you the same. Don't you have any homework to do?" He asked him. Jimin shrugged and looked away.

"I just have some economics," he explained. The moment that he thought about economics, he thought about Yoongi. He thought about how he looked when he was concentrated on his work, or what he would say to Jimin if he knew that he was putting off his work like this.

That stupid smile crept itself back upon his face, so Jimin shoved it into a pillow and forced a groan.

"I don't want to do homework."

"Sounds like you want to be doing something else instead," Namjoon agreed. Jimin's cheeks warmed against the pillow and he took the change to hesitantly peek back up at the older boy.

If all the boys in the dorm were a team, Namjoon would be the leader.

Ever since they were kids he had always assumed the role of taking care of everyone. If someone felt upset, he was the first to talk to them and check up on them. When any of them got injured he was the first person they told Doctor's to call. If they had a disagreement he was always the one they asked to settle the argument. Jimin has always looked up to him for it and secretly had always tried to be an emotional anchor to others as well as a result of knowing what good it did for their friend group.

Jimin knew that ever since he had first made contact with Yoongi the older boy had been looking out for him. He had been paying a lot of extra attention to him since the first time he mentioned Min Yoongi's interest in him. It was probably about time he settled Namjoon's worries.

"No, I just…" He trailed off for a moment. "I've been having trouble understanding one of the theories in class is all."

"Trouble concentrating for some reason?" Namjoon asked. Jimin shot him a glare.

"No, I concentrate fine next to Yoongi," he assured. "In fact, I'm not really concerned about being friends with him anymore."

"Friends?" Namjoon asked, sounding a little surprised. He had a blank expression on his face that Jimin couldn't place, but it wasn't like any he'd ever seen before, not even on Yoongi.

"Yeah, I think so," he said. That smile found itself back onto his face. He tried to rub it off his face by placing his palms to his cheeks but as long as he thought of Yoongi the expression remained. "We sit next to each other in class, and he talks to me when he won't talk to anyone else. He's nice."
"And he hasn't done anything mean to you?" Namjoon asked. "Nothing at all?"

Jimin shook his head slowly. He thought back over the ways that Yoongi had treated him. The soft-spoken words, the gentle teases, the warm gestures, the hidden smiles. Jimin's heart panged in his chest.

"He's been nothing but kind," he said certainly. He glanced at his laptop which had the essay he was supposed to be writing for economics pulled up on his phone. He wrinkled his eyebrows together. He had no clue what to write about.

"Do you need help with your economics?" Namjoon asked noticing the way that Jimin's attention turned. Jimin opened his mouth to agree when his eyes caught something else. The bulletin board.

Min Yoongi's writing wasn't entirely legible from this distance, but for some reason, it still held his gaze.

" Maybe I could help you."

The words echoed through his brain, and before he had actually thought it through he was shaking his head.

"No, that's okay," he said. "Yoongi gave me his number for a reason. I might as well use it."

Namjoon hummed.

"Alright, well, you know where to find me if you need me," Namjoon assured. He patted Jimin on the back and then returned to his end of the room, rummaging through his bag for something. Before he had made it all the way over there he stooped down to retrieve what he had knocked over before. Jimin sighed and returned his own attention back to the paper pinned to the board.

He tossed aside the pillow on his lap.

He took a deep breath.

He got off the bed, his phone clutched tightly between his fingers.

He tentatively peered at the paper, typing out the phone number.

It took him a long time to actually type out a message, and even then he had to consider each word he typed as if the message had to be completely and utterly perfect or else… Or else, well something bad would surely happen.

He screwed his eyes shut and clicked the send button on his phone.

Hello, it's Park Jimin. Do you have a moment?

When Jimin's phone vibrated only a moment later he was sure that he had hallucinated it, but when he opened his eyes and fixated on the phone screen he saw that he did, in fact, have a message.

Sure, everything alright?

Before Jimin even had the chance to type a response his phone vibrated again.

I was starting to think you would never message me.

Jimin's cheeks flushed and he typed out his own response: Yeah, I was just having trouble figuring out what to write for my essay. I don't understand the topic enough really.

He hesitated before finally adding: I wasn't sure I'd ever get up the courage to message you either.

Once again, Yoongi's response was practically immediate. It made Jimin feel warm.

I could type out an explanation but if you can't really understand it then it would be easier to explain it to you in person. Mind if I call you?

Jimin's heart skipped a beat, why was he already so sensitive to the things that Yoongi said to him? Was there something wrong with his heart?

He looked over his shoulder at the rest of the boys.

"I'm stepping outside," he announced, gesturing to his phone. Their heads all bobbed silently in recognition so Jimin grabbed his laptop and slipped out the door. Once he was situated outside the door, he pressed the call button beside Yoongi's phone number. Yoongi didn't hesitate to pick up.

"Hello, Park Jimin."

He sounded somewhat unfamiliar over the phone. Not to any radical extent. His voice just sounded a little higher than usual.

"Hey," Jimin responded softly.

"Okay, I don't have too much time-"

"You aren't busy are you!" Jimin blurted. "If so I'm sure I can figure out this essay on my own."

"No, no-" Even as Yoongi disagreed Jimin heard him rummaging around, and say something to someone away from the phone. "I'm not busy at all."

"You don't have to help me if you're too busy for it," Jimin said shyly. Yoongi was quiet on the other end for a moment, and then he continued.

"I'm going to start explaining how to do the essay now, and if you don't listen I'm going to come to your dorm and make you listen."

Jimin's cheeks reddened.

He didn't doubt for a second that Yoongi actually would do it so he made a soft affirmative noise and then fell silent as Yoongi began to go over the work.

Jimin found pretty quickly that one of the most soothing things in the world was Yoongi's voice. There was something about it. The rise and fall of his words, as he spoke. The slur of his voice as he pronounced each and every word. Jimin wished he could see the way that Yoongi's lips moved to form each word, the way his tongue flicked in his mouth as he spoke but this was okay too. Next time they did this hopefully they'd be in a room together

"Does that make sense?"

Jimin was ripped from his thoughts and back to the present. He nodded, before suddenly remembering that he was in a phone call not with Yoongi in person.

"Yeah, thank you Yoongi hyung," he murmured back. He shifted the way he was sitting to bring his feet underneath his body.

"You're welcome," Yoongi responded. For a few minutes, neither boy spoke. Instead, Jimin just listened to Yoongi's soft breaths, knowing he should say goodbye and hang up, but not wanting to do so at all.

"Guess you should probably go soon, huh?" Jimin said. Yoongi hummed his response.

"I do have a few things I should get done tonight," he agreed. "You?"

"A few things I could do," Jimin agreed. His eyes fell to the floor of the hall as he spoke. "But, I mean, nothing urgent."

"Yeah, same here," Yoongi agreed. "I mean, I was doing something for a professor, but it's whatever now, I didn't want to do it in the first place."

"Something for a professor? That sounds much more important than helping me," Jimin said in surprise. "You shouldn't have put that off."

"You're more important," Yoongi said without missing a beat. Jimin's breath hitched in his throat before Yoongi added: "Besides you are much more of a lost cause, could you have really handled that essay on your own."

Jimin laughed into the phone.

"You're right, I would've been helpless," he agreed. They fell into silence again, every once in a while, adding a word or two to make the conversation worthwhile. Not that Jimin was uncomfortable with the silence. He actually quite enjoyed it. In the past, he had always found it weird to be with someone and not be engaging in conversation, but for some reason Jimin almost preferred it. This way, everything felt more organic. There was no pressure to fill in the silence with awkward conversation. Nope, just speaking every now and then when he thought he had something to say.

Jimin didn't even realize how long he had been up until the door to his dorm room creaked open.

He glanced up to find Namjoon's soft brown eyes peering down at him. He smiled tiredly.

"Namjoon, is everything okay?" He asked softly. Namjoon smiled back at him, looking just as tired as Jimin felt.

"I was about to ask you the same thing. Do you have any idea what time it is?"

Jimin shook his head, but as he did so, he noted that his phone was burning the ear he had it pressed to, and must have been for such a long time because his hair was a little sweaty right there.

"11:30?" Jimin guessed. Namjoon's lips twitched and he shook his head.

"Three in the morning. You aren't still talking to Yoongi are you?"

Jimin's cheeks tinged pink. Namjoon sighed and crossed his arms across his chest.

"Thought so, I hate to be that person but you're going to need to get some sleep. Say goodnight to Yoongi," Namjoon instructed. Jimin didn't bother arguing. As mentioned before, he knew that Namjoon was only looking out for him and he really did appreciate it.

"Dad-joon says that I have to go to bed," he said into the phone.

"Uh-oh, you aren't grounded are you?" Yoongi asked. Jimin almost thought he could hear a smile in his voice.

"I hope not, but he might confiscate my phone if I take too long," Jimin replied. "I'll see you soon. Have a good night."

"Yeah, sleep well, Jimin."

Neither of them hung up, and Namjoon seemed to sense this because after only a moment he reached down and plucked the phone from Jimin's hand.

"Good night Yoongi. See you in Physics," he said before clicking the phone off. He offered the phone back to Jimin who smiled and took the phone. Then Namjoon offered him a hand up. He took it gladly.

"Sorry for losing track of time," Jimin murmured. Namjoon shook his head and ran his fingers through Jimin's hair as if he was a little kid.

"It's okay buddy, we all trust you to make grown-up decisions," he said teasingly. Jimin laughed and went into the bathroom to change into his pajamas. Before he went to bed he noticed that his phone had a number of Facebook notifications. It was odd. He didn't use facebook except to connect with old friends. He swiped away the notifications and laid himself down to sleep.