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Chaos of Life

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Jimin was speechless at the sight of Min Yoongi there, but the boy didn't seem to care about that. He didn't even ask if he could take a seat at the small group's table. He looked at Hoseok who was sitting beside Jimin and raised an eyebrow. The boy didn't hesitate to scoot over so that Yoongi could take a seat next to Jimin.

"Yoon, thought you were busy this afternoon?" Seokjin asked, shooting Namjoon an amused look.

"Nope," he responded. If Jimin thought he had a lot of food on his plate, he felt like he was starving himself when he looked at Yoongi's plate. It was piled with all sorts of different foods. Rice and meat and vegetables and fruit etc. He didn't seem to mind stuffing the food in his mouth while everyone stared mostly slack-jawed. Seokjin acted like this was pretty normal.

"Everyone, my friend Min Yoongi," he introduced. Everyone at the table dipped their heads in Yoongi's direction. He dipped his head back in between mouthfuls. "Yoon, this is-"

"Jimin can introduce everyone. You're all roommates, right?" Yoongi interrupted. His eyes fell on him, which happened to jostle Jimin back into the present. Yoongi was here and Yoongi was staring at him.

"Yeah, uh, Guk is still in high school. That's Taehyung. Hoseok and I are freshmen, Namjoon is-"

"Ah, yes, I know Namjoon," Yoongi interrupted with a hum. He addressed each person with pressed lips and a short nod. The expression made him look friendlier then normally, in fact, it looked almost like a pout. It was adorable.

"And well, you know Seokjin too," he added shyly. Yoongi nodded, a hum building in his throat.

"It is nice to meet everyone. As it seems you've heard, I have Economics with Jimin," he said, looking around the table at all the boys. Seokjin let out a soft whine.

"How come you're pretending like we don't know one another? Everyone's going to think I made up that we were friends," he commented indignantly. "You've known Jimin for a few classes and you already like him better."

"Jimin's a lot less of an idiot then you are," Yoongi responded, looking like he was more interested in the food on the table in front of him, then his friend who was pouting from across the way.

"Yoon, you're so mean," Seokjin whined. He pointed an accusing finger at the completely unapologetic boy. "Would you guys believe we've been friends since diapers? I put up with his cold behavior and this is how he treats me."

"Sounds like a rough life," Namjoon said, putting a hand on Seokjin's arm. He shrugged off the touch.

"Sounds fake," he said stubbornly. Jimin chuckled, trying to hide the laughter by cover his mouth with the back of his hand but it wasn't enough that Yoongi didn't notice him. He was giving him a weird look that made Jimin swallow hard and covered his mouth more fully with his hand.

"Why are you looking at me?" He whispered. Yoongi shrugged.

"You don't laugh in class."

"You don't laugh very much either."

Yoongi pressed his lips together again.

"I'm not emotionless," he stated. "I show more emotion when I'm around people I like."

"Who do you like?" Jimin asked.

Yoongi seemed to think over the question, his eyes wandering away from Jimin in a way that honestly left the boy feeling more relieved than he realized he would be. It only lasted for the second that his eyes were away though.

"Not really anyone," he admitted. Jimin thought he was serious, because he looked serious, but then his lips did that thing. That thing where they twitched upwards just slightly, and his shoulders did a little bit of an upwards shrug. He suppressed it mostly by looking away from Jimin, but it gave him the distinct impression that it had been a bit of a joke. He smiled, and without thinking raised his hands. Poking the indents in both of Yoongi's cheeks as he did.

"See? That's nice," he murmured.

The entire table fell silent, and it took a moment for Jimin to realize what he had done. He pulled his hands away from him as quickly as he could.

"Oh, Hy-hyung! I didn't mean to-" Before he could even finish his apology Yoongi had reached out, his palms raised upward, clearly waiting. Jimin put his hands in his palms, and Yoongi put his fingers back up to his cheeks. He morphed his lips into a small smile.

"It's okay. I don't mind it when you touch me."

Yoongi's fingers were hooked loosely around Jimin's wrists, his touch so warm and comforting that Jimin didn't want it to ever leave. He found himself lost in the depths of Yoongi's eyes. Even though the rest of him gave off a cold unwelcoming vibe. His eyes were so deep. They held more to him then what the rumors inferred.

"Jin," Yoongi finally said, interrupting the small moment between them so abruptly that Jimin suddenly realized he had forgotten that they were in public. He pulled his hands down from his cheeks and laid them instead in his own lap but Yoongi's hands remained on his wrists. Jimin stared at the soft hands, his cheeks aflame. "Let's go drinking tonight."

Seokjin pondered the suggestion silently for a moment and then turned his eyes to Taehyung. The boy shrugged.

"I don't see why not," he stated. "It is a Friday night."

"I'll drop Guk off at home," he stated. He made a baby face at Jeongguk who smacked his shoulder.

"I'm not a child," he grumbled. Namjoon laughed and pulled him up by the sleeve of his shirt.

"Let's go to that place by our apartment so we don't have to drive or anything," he instructed. "See you guys in thirty."

"Bye Hyung," Jimin murmured, waving goodbye to Namjoon. "Bye Guk."

Jimin watched as Yoongi ate through the remainder of his food.

Jimin wasn't much of a drinker, and he wondered if Yoongi was much of one. As if to read his thoughts, Yoongi looked up to him and nodded, eyes wandering away as he spoke.

"I do tend to drink a lot. I like wine. If I haven't had any wine and you're talking to me, something is wrong," Yoongi explained. He finished the rest of his food and scraped his fork against the bottom of his plate. He pouted a little when he realized he was out of food.

The sight warmed Jimin in a weird way he wasn't accustomed to. He cleared his throat and picked up the plate.

"I'll take our plates to the dish return hyung," he said, trying to hide his red cheeks by turning his body away from the table.

"Okay," he said, his eyes lingering on Jimin.

"We'll meet you at the entrance Jimin," Hoseok called waving his hand in the air. Then, to likely embarrass him he stood up on his chair and cupped his mouth. "Remember to stay safe! Don't talk to strangers."

Jimin took his time putting away the dishes. His friends didn't seem too antsy about the idea of hanging out with Min Yoongi. In fact, Jimin had noted that Yoongi stated that he had met Namjoon before. It made sense, they were both geniuses in the same grade. Jimin slid his hands into his pockets.

If the rest of his friends weren't worried about hanging out with Min Yoongi, why was he so nervous?

He didn't know why the elder boy was pretending to be so interested in him. Was it possible that he hated him so much at first sight that he decided to ruin him? Or was it completely possible that he had just been bored and wanted to do something somewhat entertaining?

He stewed for a minute, thinking about all the awful things that could happen if he went out with the boys. He didn't generally go drinking with them anyways. He shouldn't change his habits just because Yoongi was going to be there…

Then again, Yoongi wouldn't likely just let him escape from… well, whatever truly awful thing he was planning on doing to him. He needed a good excuse.

He walked over to the group that was hanging out by the windows and nervously began to rub the back of his neck.

"Ready to go?" Hoseok asked.

Hoseok was one of Jimin's closest friends in the group. He may not be in the same grade as Jimin, but they were almost the same height. He had a dark mop of hair hanging from his hair, parted like a tent flap on his forehead. He had a truly awful sense of style. He was currently wearing a pair of pattern board shorts, and a neon shirt overtop of the mess. He wore everything he ended up in well, but it didn't distract from the fact that he was truly awful at dressing himself every day.

"Actually, Hobi," Jimin started shyly. He felt a certain pair of eyes land on him, so he looked to the ground, unable to focus on Hoseok's face that was turning from a bright smile to a small expression of concern. "I'm not feeling good. I should probably skip drinks and go lay down."

Seokjin walked over to him and laid his hand on his forehead, forcing him to look up at him. He sighed and looked back at Hoseok.

"He is burning up," he observed. Jimin knew that his face wasn't so hot because of anything other than his present company but he let Seokjin believe what he wanted to.

"You should've mentioned that you were sick earlier," Hoseok chided, walking over to them. He laid a hand on Jimin's cheek to check that what Seokjin had said was true. He pinched Jimin's cheek and looked him in the eyes. Somehow, Jimin knew that he knew that he wasn't sick at all.

"Go home. Rest."

"Thank you," he murmured. He backed away from the group, not looking back until he absolutely had to. Once he did, he bowed his head just slightly and waved. "See you guys, bye Yoongi-hyung. Stay safe."

If Yoongi wanted to. He didn't protest. That made it much easier for Jimin to walk away.

He wasn't able to sleep with so many worries running through his head. One of which, being concern that Yoongi would take revenge out on his friends for him not coming as well. So, naturally, when the doorknob began to jostle, he was extremely relieved. The first person to come through the door was Taehyung. He and Jimin were the only two in the dorm not quite able to drink yet (though their time was coming pretty soon) so Taehyung was completely sober. He glanced up at Jimin and gave him a short wave. Jimin waved back at him.

Next stumbled in Hoseok and Seokjin. The two were hanging off one another, Seokjin was crying. They were both wasted.

In next came Namjoon, holding Yoongi close to him. He sighed and shut the door behind him. Yoongi was protesting softly under his breath, but it wasn't anything Jimin could really make out. He peered over the edge of his bed which caught the attention of Hoseok.

He smiled at him sloppily and pointed, but then seemed to think better of it. He slammed his lips shut so Jimin mouthed to him instead of speaking aloud.

Go to sleep.

Bossy, Hoseok mouthed back but he collapsed into his bed obediently, dragging Seokjin down with him.

"Here, you can take my bed tonight," Namjoon was saying. Jimin's eyes dragged over to him and he watched as he tried to lay Yoongi down in his bed. Yoongi wasn't having any of it.

"Where's Jimin? Park Jimin lives here right? Let me lay in Park Jimin's bed."

Namjoon sighed.

"You can't get into his bed, he's in it and it's a top bunk."

Yoongi broke away from Namjoon, stumbling to the center of the room. He pointed to Seokjin's bunk.


He pointed at Jimin's bunk.


When the nickname left his mouth, Jimin at first thought he had called him Jimmy. That, of course, would have been more appropriate then what actually left his mouth. Chimmy. It was clear a misspoken slur of words, but the nickname made Jimin's heart skip a beat. By the time he had told himself to get over it, Yoongi had managed to get his alcohol heavy body onto Jimin's bed. He didn't say anything to Jimin. He just crawled under the comforter and hugged his pillow close to his body.

Jimin looked down at Namjoon helplessly, but the older boy only shrugged.

"He's your problem now."

It took hours for Jimin to finally fall asleep and when he did, he was woken not very long after by the others rummaging about in the room. He rolled over in his corner of the bed and peered over at Yoongi.

Still sleeping.

He looked so peaceful curled up in Jimin's comforter. His cheeks were even more puffed out like little balls of fluff against the pillow, and his lashes seemed impossibly long. Jimin couldn't help but feel like he didn't seem all that dangerous laying there. Jimin's fluffy comforter made him look a little bit like a child.

A loud groan erupted from the floor of the room, so Jimin peered over the edge, frowning ever so slightly.

Seokjin had fallen at some point out of Hoseok's bed and was rolling around on the ground holding his head. Hoseok seemed to have been awakened by the noise because at first, he laughed, and then he grabbed his head and kneeled over on himself groaning as well.

"I never drink that much when I go out with the guys," Hoseok complained. Namjoon was sitting on his bed, thick-rimmed glasses perched on his nose as he flipped through a class textbook. He glanced over at the two.

"If you guys hadn't tried to keep up with Yoongi…"

"Yoongi never drinks that much!" Seokjin exclaimed. "He usually just drinks enough to be buzzed."

"Maybe something was bugging him," Taehyung said from beneath his bed.

Seokjin ran his fingers through his nest of hair.

"Where did Yoon go anyways?"

He looked at Namjoon who pointed up to Jimin's bed. Seokjin's eyes fell on Jimin so he put a finger to his lips.

"He's sleeping."

"Ah, he sleeps like a rock, he wouldn't wake up if you dumped a bucket of water on his head. I like to call him Sleeping Beauty," Seokjin stated. As if to prove himself he walked over to the bed and began to climb up. Just before Seokjin's head poked over the top of the bed, Jimin saw Yoongi's eyelids flutter open. His mouth dropped open and he was about to say something when Yoongi lifted a finger to his lips and closed his eyes again.

Jimin closed his mouth and stared as Seokjin raised his hand to do something likely cruel to the sleeping boy. Before he could do it, Yoongi spoke.

"And here I thought you called me that because I'm so beautiful," he mumbled. Seokjin seemed extremely surprised by the outburst.

"Y-yoon! You're awake."

The fear in Seokjin's eyes was real. He raised the hand he had been originally moving to touch Yoongi with to his own hair and nervously rubbed the back of his neck.

"You know I don't care how long we've been friends. I will kill you if you touch me," Yoongi warned. Seokjin swallowed hard and nodded.

"Sorry," he mumbled. "Need anything?"

"To be left alone."


Seokjin met Jimin's gaze and shrugged before climbing back down to the floor. Jimin couldn't help but ponder the whole situation. It seemed like despite the fact Seokjin was his only friend even he seemed to be scared of him. Jimin couldn't really get his head around it. Why was everyone so scared of Yoongi. Even looking at him now he didn't look too scary. Sure, his face was settled in a seemingly permanent scowl but, he seemed too soft to really do any harm.

"Sorry for highjacking your bed," Yoongi murmured sitting up. He closed his eyes as he did in a motion that Jimin connected with pain.

"It's okay Hyung, it didn't bother me," he lied softly. It wouldn't have bothered him if Jimin wasn't so worried that he had ulterior motives for being so interested in him.

"You're not comfortable around me," Yoongi replied. He peeked at Jimin with one eye to see his reaction to the news. "I can tell."

Color flooded to Jimin's cheeks which seemed to only confirm Yoongi's statement. He closed his eyes and sighed.

"It's alright, I understand why you would be. Everyone is scared of me."

He didn't look happy, or angry to be saying that and Jimin couldn't read into it past the surface level so he wasn't quite sure what to say back.

"Is your head okay?" He asked softly. Yoongi hummed and glanced away.

"I'm used to it."

"To hangovers?" Jimin scrunched his face up a little bit. "That can't be good for you."

The concern in Jimin's voice was genuine, and it made Yoongi's lips twitch upwards again. Jimin's heart skipped a beat and he knew he needed to get away from this boy who could only mean trouble for him.

"I-I should get dressed, you can stay and sleep if you want," he said softly. Yoongi scooted over in the bed so that Jimin could move past him, which he did eagerly. Once he was out of the shower, Yoongi was dozed off in his bed again. Now that Yoongi knew exactly where he lived would Jimin ever be able to avoid him?