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Chaos of Life

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Jimin entered his economics classroom and was greeted with the same sight he had been welcomed with the first time he walked through the door. A mostly empty classroom elevated in a semicircle around his professors' desk. The professor in question hadn't arrived yet. Jimin had previously sat near the front on the left end of the classroom, and normally he would sit in the same spot every class period for some sense of uniformity but…

Jimin sucked in a breath and moved towards the back of the classroom at the opposite end of the room that he had sat at before. He wondered for a terrifying moment as to whether or not Yoongi would be angry at him for moving, but then he thought maybe Yoongi had only sat directly beside him because he hadn't seen any other spots in the class, or maybe that was just where he liked to sit. This way, Jimin probably wouldn't be offending him.

He nodded, his heartbeat evening out a bit as he began to pull out some paper and work on the warm-up that was on the classroom board. It wasn't a warm-up for his class, but Jimin needed to distract himself from looking at the door to see where Yoongi was going to sit.

The warm-up was about animals. It asked him to list different characteristics of a mammal, which was rather simple. Jimin began to scribble his response when the seat beside him was jostled.

"Is anyone sitting here?"

"No, you're good," he replied dismissively. The person took a seat and Jimin could feel them staring at his paper.

"You know that warm-up isn't for our class right?" The person asked. Their voice was a little familiar. The person slurred together their words in a unique way that Jimin couldn't quite place. He didn't look up from his paper though, he just knew if he did he would subconsciously search for Yoongi.

"Yeah. Just need to keep my mind sharp," he replied.

"You're a weird guy Park Jimin."

Jimin's heart skipped a beat. He didn't know anyone in this class. Well, he did know people in this class. Just not well, and something about the way this person said his name made him a little nervous… He looked up and, sure enough, there sat Min Yoongi. He swallowed hard. He wanted to respond to the boy but he couldn't find the words, so instead, he just gaped at him like a fish on dry land. Min Yoongi cocked his head to the side.

"You okay?"

Jimin forced his mouth to shut and he nodded, a strangled sound escaping from between his lips that was so pathetic and out of place that it kicked Jimin's ass right back into gear.

"Yeah, just thinking," he replied dismissively. He forced himself to relax and turned his attention back to the front of the classroom as the godsend of a professor finally began the lesson for the day.

The next day Jimin had class he stood at the front of the classroom for a good minute. Last time, Yoongi had sat beside him even though he moved but maybe he had just wanted to sit in a different part of the classroom. Jimin decided to sit in the center of the classroom this time. He settled behind a small group of students and once again busied himself on the warm-up on the board. He was lost in the question (what family did a bee belong to?) when the chair beside him was moved. He glanced up and found Min Yoongi's expressionless face peering at him curiously. He didn't say a word this time, just kind of hovered by the chair, staring at him instead of asking the question they both knew he wanted to ask out loud. Jimin bowed his head politely towards the boy, which seemed to be enough for Yoongi as he bowed back and sat down. He glanced at Jimin's paper.

"Are you studying animal classification?" He asked him. Jimin squinted.

"Animal classification?" He asked.

"A bee's family," Min Yoongi clarified. "Apdae. Genus Apis, Order Hymenoptera. Animal Classification."


Jimin had completely forgotten about the warm-up.

"Uh, no. It's interesting though, don't you think?"

Min Yoongi nodded slowly and turned his attention to the front of the classroom, and Jimin reminded himself not to be so stupid around the upperclassman in the future.

The next time Jimin was in class he decided to sit somewhere else again. This time, behind a large group of students, so it would be harder to spot him. He didn't know why Min Yoongi kept sitting beside him. It didn't make much sense to him but again, maybe, it was just a coincidence.

This time instead of distracting himself from the boy he watched as Min Yoongi entered the classroom.

When he came in, his eyes were initially glued to a book he had perched in his hand but as soon as he lifted his eyes from the pages of the book they trailed to the end of the classroom where Jimin had originally sat at. Then it traveled to the second spot. The third. Confusion riddled across the boys face. His eyes scanned the classroom until they finally spotted Jimin. Their eyes met and Jimin had to bow his head to avoid doing something stupid. Min Yoongi did a half bow back to him and returned his eyes to his book. He headed up the stairs and without question sat beside Jimin.

"Not working on the warm-up today?" Yoongi commented. His finger darted to his lips as he spoke, his tongue emerging from his mouth to lick his finger. He used it to turn the page of his book and Jimin could barely tear his eyes away from the older boy. His heart sped up and he found himself gripping his pencil so tightly he thought for a second it might snap.

"Too difficult," he murmured. Yoongi's eyes flickered up to the board and he chuckled. No smile found itself on his lips despite the humor-filled sound.

"You don't know what sets apart a dog and a cat?"

Even though a glance at Yoongi's face told him that he was just as interested in the conversation as he seemed to be in any with Jimin he couldn't help but think that Min Yoongi might have sounded even the slightest bit amused by his words. A tiny, embarrassed smile crept up on Jimin's face, which the older boy observed a bit longer than usual before turning his attention to the entering teacher.

Jimin wondered idly why Yoongi's gaze had lingered instead of his work for most of class.

The next time he went into the class he thought he would just give in to the fact that Min Yoongi was going to sit next to him no matter where he sat in the classroom. The boy was clearly looking for him whenever he came into the class. That much was evident. So, there was hardly a point in avoiding his fate. He was going to sit back down in their original spot because Jimin liked sitting in the front of the classroom, but when he was headed over to the seat Jihyo got to her feet.

"Park Jimin!" She called him over. Her lips were spread into a bright friendly smile as she waved him down. "I had no clue you were in this class!"

Jimin smiled at her and nodded shyly

"Yeah. Hi."

She waved him over so he climbed the steps to her row. She shooed the girl beside her into the seat over and gestured for Jimin to take a seat.

Oh. The ultimate test. There was one seat left in the row that Jihyo wanted him to sit in. One singular seat that meant that if Jimin sat where he wanted to sit the only place left would be next to the girl with short blonde hair. Not next to Jimin. What would he do if there were no seats left by Jimin to sit in?

He sat next to Jihyo and she reached across the desk in front of him to point at the girl beside him.

"Jonghyeon, Jimin. Jimin, Jonghyeon," Jihyo introduced. The two bowed politely to one another, and Jimin couldn't help the small smile that crossed his lips when Jonghyeon blushed and ducked her head.

She was pretty cute. Not necessarily his type, but really cute.

"It's nice to meet you," he said softly. Jihyo started to talk to him perkily- she seemed to enjoy talking- when Jonghyeon made a soft noise. She poked Jimin's arm, her hand quivering just so. He squinted.

"What's wrong?" He asked her.

"Min Yoongi just walked in," she whispered horrified. "And I don't know why but... I think he's glaring at me."
Jimin's eyebrows rose in surprise and when his gaze fell on Min Yoongi he found that Jonghyeon was right, he was glaring daggers into her. Was it because…

"Try switching seats with me," he offered politely, hardly taking any time to consider the situation. Jonghyeon was clearly taking off-guard by the suggestion because she gave him a confused look. Her eyebrows scrunched together when she was confused.

"You think that'll make him stop?"

Jimin nodded wordlessly, but his own confidence seemed to be enough for Jonghyeon. Without another word, they quickly switched where they were sitting. It was only a moment later when Yoongi was occupying the seat beside him.

"You're not working on the warm-up," Yoongi murmured. He sounded a little mad and for some reason, Jimin felt guilty like he had done something wrong. Before he could say anything- not that he knew what to say- the teacher began class. Jimin (once again) couldn't pay attention.

It seemed like Yoongi was actively trying to sit beside him every day. He wanted to sit beside him and would clearly put extra effort to ensure sitting by him was possible.

Kim Seokjin's words echoed through Jimin's mind.

Yoongi doesn't do anything he doesn't want to.

So why did he want to sit next to him?

Jimin sat down at the dining hall table with the other boys in his dorm, his plate heaping with food. None of them were talking, all eating, and Jimin found this to be a good time to elaborate on the Min Yoongi situation. He would be lying if he said that it had been bothering him a lot more then it maybe should have.

"Min Yoongi sits next to me every day in economics. He actively seeks me out. He sits where ever I sit."

"Maybe it's just convenient," Namjoon suggested, some rice dropping from his mouth to the plate. He didn't seem embarrassed at all.

"I sat next to someone and he glared at her until we switched spots so that he could sit next to me," Jimin explained. Seokjin whistled.

"I never knew he was so possessive of the things he likes," the boy commented. Color rose to involuntarily to Jimin's cheeks.

"Min Yoongi doesn't like me," he blurted. "I mean- I don't understand why he sits with me but he doesn't like me."

The entire table grew quiet, and everyone seemed to have their attention on Jimin which made him even more nervous about the whole situation.

"Just give me some advice," Jimin practically whined. "He makes me so nervous, everyone says he isn't afraid of anything, everyone says he doesn't talk to people so why is he wasting his time talking to someone like me?"

Jeongguk blurted out, but it was an incomplete interruption. Jimin gave him a strange look which made Jeongguk raise a shaky, pointed finger. Jimin looked over his shoulder and almost screamed at the sight he was greeted with.

Min Yoongi was standing right there.