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Chaos of Life

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"A smile puts you on the right track. A smile makes the world a beautiful place. When you lose your smile, you lose your way in the chaos of life."
― Roy T. Bennett, The Light in the Heart

When Park Jimin first heard about Min Yoongi he genuinely believed him to be some upperclassman myth created as an odd joke. He was at orientation the first time anyone mentioned him. He had been scanning over his class schedule once again since he had nothing better to do when someone leaned over and sucked in an unnecessarily sharp breath. The boy seemed to be slightly taller than him, with bronzed skin, bright inquisitive eyes, and dark hair that needed to be trimmed because it kept falling in his eyes. Jimin squinted at his name tag, glad to find the boys handwriting was legible enough to make out a name. Jonghyun.

"Dude, you must be super smart," he murmured. "You're in all upper-level classes."

"Upper level," a girl beside him hissed. She was pretty with skin paler compared to that of Jonghyun's. Her hair was curly and a little messy but it framed her face well. Her hair was orange like fire. Kim Goeun. She had beautiful handwriting. Very neat, and small. "You aren't in Economics are you?"

Jimin looked down at his schedule and scrunched his nose.

"Yeah, I am why?" He asked softly confused by the partially horrified look on Goeun's face.

"I've heard Min Yoongi is going to be taking Economics this year. I switched out," she replied earnestly. A good chunk of the freshmen in the class sucked in a breath, turning to look at them in surprise.

"Min Yoongi is in Economics this year?!"

"Oh god, you don't think that he'll be in my class do you?"

"Who's Min Yoongi?" Jimin asked. He suddenly felt like he had missed a very important part of his initial orientation. He had only been a few minutes late, but the fact that he didn't know anything about this Min Yoongi character seemed to be almost social suicide. Not even his friends who went here had mentioned him.

"How have you not heard of him?" Goeun asked him. "He's a Junior this year but he's like a super genius."

"Then why is everyone scared of him?" Jimin asked, nervously glancing around the room.

"Because he has the ability to utterly ruin your life," she explained. Her hand landed on his shoulder, a touch that he noted wasn't welcome in any way. "It's been said that with a single word he can make you a social outcast."

"I heard that he killed someone one time, just by looking at them," Jonghyun added. He was leaning so far over the table that Jimin was a little worried he would fall forward onto him.

"That's not even possible," Jimin scoffed.

"Either way," Goeun said, shrugging off Jimin's disbelief. "He's scary, even seniors are afraid of him."

Jimin thought that was the last he would hear this half-baked rumor but it wasn't long until he heard about the guy again. This time, it was his friends talking about him.

"Hey, have you guys heard of that Min Yoongi guy?" Jeongguk was asking. He was the youngest of their friend group, so young he hadn't even graduated high school yet. At the moment his hair was tawny brown and as messy as it could be. He looked like he had rolled out of bed with that hairstyle and it was likely that he had. Along with being the youngest, he was the most immature of all of them and it was pretty common to find a dumb look on his face. His lips were formed into a sort of dumb looking circle, that made Namjoon chuckle. He even went as far as to pat Jeongguk's head.

"Don't worry about Min Yoongi coming after you," Namjoon assured him softly. Jimin looked up at him, somewhat stunned. Kim Namjoon wasn't the type of person to fall for rumors. In fact, he liked to point out flaws in stories like this. The fact that he was promoting such a rumor wasn't like him.

Namjoon was tallest of all the boys that Jimin was close to, and the only one that matched his height was their new roommate Seokjin. At the moment, Namjoon's hair was a cotton candy pink and was styled pretty well despite the way that some of the strands fell in his face. Most people didn't find him very handsome. (Then again most people found Jeongguk to be the most attractive of them all and his facial expression right now was not reflecting that.) He had a distinctive long face about him though.

"How do you know for sure?" Jeongguk asked nervously, his eyebrows wrinkling. "What if he likes to mess with guys like me?"

"Don't worry, he doesn't talk to anyone with an IQ lower than his own," Namjoon responded thoughtfully. "And your IQ is so low you probably won't even register on his radar."

Jeongguk frowned and hit Namjoon playfully in retaliation.

The next time that Jimin heard about the mysterious upperclassman was in passing. He had simply been walking through the girls' wing of his floor, on his way back to his dorm room when he overheard some girls talking about him.

"Min Yoongi is absolutely dreamy. His skin is literally perfect."

"Honestly, can you imagine just how beautiful he would look if a smile ever crossed his face?"

"But even without the smile, that cold demeanor… It does something to me."

All the girls giggled amongst one another and continued past Jimin down the hall. Once they had passed, Jimin couldn't help but pause and look back at them.

Considering all of the rumors that Jimin heard about this Min Yoongi leading up to the first day of class, one would assume that he would be prepared for the actual sight of the hyung. Honestly, he was a little eager to find out if he really existed. Well, eager and nervous.

He had been warned a hundred times not to be odd if he had to interact with Yoongi. Don't talk unless spoken to, and more advice as such. So he was careful not to sit down next to anyone in that particular classroom, worried that he would accidentally sit beside the man, the myth, the legend himself and even though all he wanted to do was look around and try to spot Min Yoongi, all he could do was sit and stare at his notebook paper.

He thought he was being cool, sitting there all on his own. But in reality, he was uncertainly tearing his notebook paper into small pieces. After only about a minute he had less than half of his paper left, and a small pile of white paper flakes on his desk.

He smiled down at the pile.

"Snow," he murmured. He laughed softly to himself and began to trace his finger through the pieces. He hadn't distracted himself for long when he became aware of someone's presence near him. He didn't acknowledge it, pretty sure that whoever it was would move on soon.

"Is this seat taken?" A voice asked. Jimin glanced up at the guy- round cheeks, a small button nose, a soft expression, thin lips settled in an emotionless look. His skin was smooth, and while tan was paler then most of the people Jimin was used to being around. It reminded him of sugar. Jimin's mouth gaped a little in surprise at the guys' attractiveness. He didn't seem to be wearing any makeup at the moment, but still, his features were highlighted beautifully on his face. The boy seemed to notice Jimin's dumbness and his lips twitched upwards ever-so-slightly as if in a peace greeting.

"Y-yeah," he replied, blinking. "I mean, no! You can take it."

The boy nodded, the small smile disappearing as he took a seat beside Jimin. All around Jimin whispers were sprouting up as the other students looked towards him in astonishment. Jimin thought it was pretty rude, and he didn't want the other boy to notice so he decided to strike up a conversation to distract him. They weren't talking about him, they were talking about Min Yoongi but if this boy had the guts to ask Jimin if he could sit beside him, he probably didn't even know that he existed.

"I'm Park Jimin, freshmen," he introduced, giving the boy beside him a smile. The boy tilted his head in his direction, and for a strange moment, Jimin didn't think he would address him. His eyes were dark, unreadable (at the moment), but seemed to be analyzing Jimin in a number of ways. If he kept quiet like this he might notice the whispers. "I've never taken an Economics class. I hope it'll be okay. I'm not stupid but I struggle with some simple concepts sometimes."

This time, there was no hesitation before the boy responded.

"Maybe I could help you," the boy responded. "I'm in my Junior year, and my dad is an economics major so I know a thing or two about this college course."

Jimin's smile widened at that. He seemed like a nice guy. Sitting levelly like this Jimin realized that he was actually taller than him, which felt great considering that among the people he was around the most he and Hoseok were the shortest.

"That would be great!" He said eagerly. Before he could say more the boy beside him had scribbled something onto a small piece of paper. He folded it and slid it over to Jimin as class began. He lowered his voice and gave Jimin a side glance.

"My information," he explained. "It's nice to meet you Park Jimin."

The rest of the class was spent listening to the professor teach, and it wasn't until class was over that Jimin even remembered to look at the paper the other boy had given him. Jimin was a pretty clumsy kid, he would likely lose it if he didn't save the number to his phone, so he dug the paper out of his pocket and looked at its contents.

What he saw stopped him mid-step.

Min Yoongi.