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"Fuck, Alec," Jace said dreamily. "The idea of mounting an Omega, smelling their slick and hearing them plead for my knot... Not having it is agony. By the Angel, the need to have a sweet, submissive Omega present, seeing them ready for my knot, slick covering their thighs... I'd fuck them so hard. I'd finger them first, feel them gush at the touch of my hand alone. Taste them."

Alec could smell Jace's arousal. He lay still on the bed with his fingers laced behind his head, letting the words wash over him. It hurt so much, because he wanted to be the Omega Jace described. He'd present, and he'd whine for Jace's knot and he knew being surrounded by Jace's scent, having the powerful Alpha ready to pound him into the mattress, would have him pouring slick.

"I'd bend that Omega bitch over, I swear, and have them scream for me." Jace's eyes were shining with lust as he imagined what he was telling the secret Omega. "I'd have them fucking sob for their Alpha."

"Willing, though?" Alec wondered.

Jace gave a look of disgust. "Of course! Why would I want an Omega who didn't want to let me fuck them? How pathetic would that make me?" He turned to Alec, climbing up him and hovering over him on his hands and knees. "I don't want them to present out of fear. I don't want to smell terror. I want to smell how turned on they are. I want them to beg for me to mount them, to breed them. Not have them sobbing and begging me to stop. I don't need fear to affirm my strength. I want them to get off on it. I want to see awe as I display myself for them." He was panting lightly with his own excitement. "Omegas smell so good," he purred, leaning down to sniff Alec's neck. "So sweet with want." He sat back, straddling Alec's thighs with a slight frown. "But fear doesn't smell good. I don't understand why some Alphas get off on it."

His eyes landed on where Alec's shirt had rucked up, and he smirked, pushing it up further and stroking his hand over Alec's toned stomach. "I want a guy. Someone strong. I don't need a weak Omega, completely helpless. I want someone who's my equal. Someone who doesn't mind roughhousing and wrestling. Especially someone who won't be completely docile. I want them to stand up to me if I'm being a dick or they disagree. Fuck, someone passionate and alive. And smart. Someone who's not wholly dependent on me. House spouse, only being a baby machine. Fuck, I want them to carry my baby. They'd look radiant barefoot in my shirt and swollen with my young. But I want them to be self sufficient, too."

Alec stared up at Jace neutrally, taking in his words. He'd been almost painfully aroused since Jace had described how he'd fuck an Omega. He imagined the two of them. Jace dominating him. He'd learned a long time ago that far from caring, Jace liked to rile him up. The Alpha thought he was just living vicariously through Jace's rut induced fantasies, not that Alec wanted to be the person he was describing.

"Fuck," Jace said with a smile, climbing off Alec. "Omegas are so sweet. Pretty things. I can't wait to have one spread out for me to take. Or have them ride me." He closed his eyes, letting out a breath of air. "By the Angel, Alec. I bet he'd be stunning fucking himself on me. Getting off on my cock." Jace sat down on the side of the bed, facing Alec. "I want the Omega to come to me," he said, voice thick with lust. "I want to court them, properly. Because if I'm gonna spend the rest of my life with someone, they deserve that amount of respect. I'll dote on them, but discreetly, so they don't realize at first. And when they're ready for me, I want to find them on my bed, offering themselves to me. And," he said, bracing himself by Alec's head and nuzzling his cheek, "I'll make sure they know that I'm able to be a great provider. That I can give them everything they need. That I can satisfy them." He said the last part with a purr, stroking his hand over Alec's stomach again.

It was both arousing and really difficult to listen to Jace whenever he was coming down from a rut. He'd still be pumped, still have hints of the need for sexual contact, for domination, and he'd take it out on Alec. The brunet would get to hear all of Jace's fantasies in detail, since Jace was still so out of it he didn't feel shame, not to mention telling an Alpha or a Beta this kind of stuff wasn't frowned on. On the other hand, Alec knew he'd never get to be that Omega, making it bittersweet.