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It's Called Easy Livin'

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Where you are and how you got here are both kind of beyond you. How many wrong turns did you take? You look behind you, and you recognize nothing in your wake. In front of you stands a grand resort, a lavish and high class hotel that doesn't feel like it belongs in this part of town, assuming you even know what 'part of town' you're still in. This isn't right at all. You look around, confusion abounding as you try to figure out your place here and piece together some sense of why and where and how. Nothing is familiar save for the late afternoon sky over your head, bleeding into evening and turning slowly into the shades of orange creeping across the blue. It's the only grounding factor that lets you know you're still probably on the right planet.

Your phone is dead. That's what's gotten you into this mess in the first place. Nobody out on the streets, nobody to ask for directions or some idea of where you are. No GPS, no way to call a cab, no way to ground yourself, and walking around to try and find help has led you to this, led you along a winding and weird sort of path until you're finally presented with a grand hotel. Will walking in off the street asking for help just get you kicked out? You're not even too sure of what will happen, but the lights are on. All you really need is to get to the counter, ask for help or even just for them to call you a cab. Taxi drivers have a better grasp on the city than anyone, they'd get you back to where you're supposed to be.

Stepping through the front door, you feel the air change. Its temperature, its taste, its pressure. The mere feeling of it on your skin. Like you've stepped into somewhere else entirely, like the doorway stands to transport you elsewhere rather than simply through. But back over your shoulder is the same unfamiliar street corner. No, you're just telling yourself that. You're somewhere unfamiliar and it's led you to tell yourself you're feeling weird, nothing more. You're just going to have to ignore it as you brush off the thoughts and push forward, seeking the reception desk.

Instead, you're stopped by a whirring noise, by a small robot floating about. You stiffen in worry, wondering what futuristic nonsense you've walked into as it begins to scan you up and down, lights emerging from the robot as it chirps, "Analyzing," it chirps in a very flat robotic voice, and some voice in the back of your mind is nagging at you to just go. Whatever it's analyzing can't be good, you're definitely not here because you belong here, and if it calls the cops on you for trespassing your day will go from bad to worse. Of course, there's always a chance the cops drag you home instead; maybe it's not too bad, assuming they don't throw you into jail instead. You get so deep in the question of how it's going to go over that you're thrown out in surprise by the way the robot finally says, "Welcome, honoured guest."

"Welcome what?" you say, thrown for a loop by the response and the attention it gives you. You stare in confusion at it.

"Welcome, honoured guest," the robot repeats. "On behalf of The Grand Resort, I am here to welcome you and familiarize you with our rules and our services."

"Sorry, you've made a mistake," you say, shirking back from the robot a bit. "I'm not a guest. Don't think I could even afford a night here. I'm just trying to get some directions, I'm lost. Can you tell me where I am?"

"You're at The Grand Resort, and you are absolutely a guest here. Please, relax. All are welcome as guests of our resort for as long as you wish to be here. There is no cost and you are free to use any of our services during your stay." The small robot bobs about and sways around you. "You want to know your location relative to where you were. And that is impossible to say; The Grand Resort is everywhere at once. We are a bridge between worlds. Here, you find people from different universes. You will recognize the real and the unreal. Don't be afraid of it. Just accept that things aren't always what you thought they were, and you will be okay."

You stare at the robot, not really sure what to think or to feel. It's a lot to take it at once and you're not even remotely sure how to deal with it, but you're surprised how willing you are to accept the idea that this whizzing little robot is telling the truth, bizarre as that may be. "So, say I did want to stay. How would I get back home?'

"You may leave whenever you wish. We are a bridge to many places, but when you want to leave, you will simply walk out that door and be in your home world again. But for now, don't think about leaving yet. Relax. Enjoy our services and our benefits. You not only have full access to our amenities, library, gym, pool, spa, sauna, and more, but your status as an honoured guest brings special privileges that you are free to indulge at will."

You actually take a minute to look beyond the robot to what's happening all around you. There's a lot here; the reception area is already bustling with people, and a very high concentration of them are women. Absolutely beautiful women at that. You're a bit shaken and intimidated by it to be honest, but as you stare out into the area you notice something about the women. You recognize a lot of them. Not as people you know or have ever seen before, but as characters. Beings from shows and games walking in perfectly real life glory around the hotel lobby. You'd think it was an anime convention, but these aren't mere costumes; everyone looks perfect and accurate, not a single too-strong chin or differently shaped nose throwing off anything. These are the 'real' deals.

The robot's words echo in your mind. "You will recognize the real and the unreal." Is this the unreal? Your eyes almost get dizzy tracking all these presences and beauties. Satsuki Kiryuuin sits off on one of the seats to the side reading a magazine while Junko Enoshima walks alongside Ann Takamaki with bags in hand, the two blondes talking amid one another. There's no sense to this situation at all and your head feels so dizzy you almost faint a bit from it, but as your eyes shift back toward the robot, you feel something else bubbling inside of you.


You could see yourself sticking around a place like this. Maybe it's magic. Maybe the bread in your sandwich was full of that mold that makes you hallucinate. Either way, you're suddenly intrigued enough to inquire on and learn what awaits you. "What kinds of privileges come with being an honoured guest?" you ask, staring out at the women moving about, hoping and wondering that somehow the answer is to your benefit.

The robot explains, "While men and women alike are free to use the The Grand Resort's amenities and features, only men are honoured guests. While within The Grand Resort, women are under the effects of a light mind control field that simply removes inhibitions that allows any honoured guest to ask them to do anything, whether they would normally be averse to it or not. As an honoured guest you have free access not only to our services and facilities, but to female guests, and may use this access freely and however you would like. Sexual acts are forbidden in no corner of The Grand Resort and nudity is always allowed.'

You can feel your pants tightening under the excitement of the robot's words. If this is real then you've hit the fucking jackpot, and your eyes stumble about in eager, keen wonderment, passing back and forth about the women in front of you. You see Yang Xiao Long walking by, and the words just kind of force their way out. "Hey Yang, take your top off."

The punchy blonde stops a moment and looks to you, then gives a shrug and a nod. Her hands go to her top and she pulls it quickly off, revealing that she has no bra on underneath, her perky and plump breasts completely exposed to you. "I wanted to let the girls out anyway, take a sec to enjoy the sight." She sounds downright chipper about it as she proceeds to head on her way and act like nothing at all happened, even as her breasts bounce and heave with every step.

"Holy shit," you say, awestruck by this reveal and by the ease with which that all happened. It's real. It's all real. Only way you can know any better is if you reach out and touch it, but as Yang starts to walk you decide to do just that. Your hand grasps her bare tit as she walks on by, leaving you with a passing grope that your fingertips certainly believe as they light up with the sensation of touch. This is really happening, and you have nothing to do now but accept it and make the most of it.

"We welcome you to enjoy your stay at The Grand Resort. I will function as your assistant and guide until you have visited your room or dismissed me, but feel no hurry to go upstairs that quickly. All of our services are available to you, and you may do whatever you wish now."

The dizzying possibilities leave you almost wanting to start indulging and trying things out right here, but you decide to just roll with it. "Where would you suggest first? I'd like somewhere quiet." You did just come off of the street, and somewhere to take am moment and gather your head would be your best bet.

"If you want quiet, then the library is the place to go," it says, and begins to lead you off on the way. That was almost too simple. You follow after it readily, accepting that this weird situation has the stage set for something you feel more ready to just accept and give in to than you really know what to do with. As you do, more surprises and sights await you. Between the volume of beautiful women and the sheer fanciness of this hotel, you're in over your head a little bit, but there's such a pull of acceptance and readiness that leaves you deciding to just go for it, to explore and to learn your way around this place and find the indulgences awaiting you, not sure what's going to be behind each corner but very interested in finding out, as strange as it all is.

The library is absolutely huge. You've never even heard of a resort having a place like this before, and how this all even fits into the building is beyond you, because the utter grandeur of a multi-story library packed with bookshelves running out long and with seemingly endless potential seems like it shouldn't fit. More of this weird between-universes stuff, maybe? You're not sure your world even has this many books, but maybe you're looking at collections of knowledge from across hundreds of worlds. There's so many dizzying ideas and tensions here that you don't even really know where to begin dealing with.

"The library has a strict no noise policy," the robot explains. "Men are asked to be quiet if the sensors pick them up, but women who make a noise that loud are gagged by the head librarian instead. It has turned into a game where some male guests take to trying to make female guests moan loud enough to be gagged."

The idea definitely catches your interest enough for your eyes to sweep around the tables near the entrance in wild surprise and excitement. The words sound like music to your ears and you don't care enough to consider how over the top and insane that probably is. You're too busy seeking out a victim, pondering where to begin with this madness. There's already a lot of girls sitting there gagged; Hermione Granger sits with tape over her mouth, superhero Raven looks absolutely furious to have a ring gag keeping her lips spread out wide, and Yomoko Readman has a hefty pink ball gag stuffed into her mouth. There's plenty more women you don't recognize from maybe more 'real' words, a myriad of different forms of silencing used to keep them completely quiet.

But one woman stands out to you as not being gagged at all. Rin Tohsaka sits at a table with her head leaned forward into a hefty, battered leathery tome. If anyone is making a game out of getting women to moan then an uptight tsundere like Rin would probably be one of the most difficult and enticing targets, the holy grail of molestation. You snicker at the thought as you slink slowly through the library. The actual though of relaxing and unwinding is sort of past you now; the thought is gone, replaced instead with the intrigued and excited push forward to try out just what you're capable of doing here. If a mind control field is going to let you touch and grope women indiscriminately, then surely you're better off taking advantage of it than just sitting in awkward, still silence until you've 'taken it all in'.

Why not learn in the act?

You slip into a seat right beside Rin and get right to indulging in the twisted excitement, tugging up her red shirt with a wicked smile on your face, finding that she wore a bra you happily tug down out of the way. Her head turns toward you in surprise at the impolite interruption, and you lock eyes with her as your hand grabs at one of her breasts. She clicks her tongue and sighs, then turns her head back toward the book again, deciding to just brush off and ignore everything you're doing here. It must not be worth getting gagged to tell you off and push you away. The little spark of something frustrated in her eye is all get, and otherwise she seems resigned to letting you have your perverse fun with her, which is great news for your hands as they push firmly forward and play with her more aggressively, starting to gently pinch and tug at the nipples on top of her small breasts.

There's a bit of a fitful squirm and shiver in how she works through this, but Rin seems determined to ignore you and focus in on her book no matter the cost. The mind control field is definitely real now, because if she didn't have lowered inhibitions there is no way something like this would fly. She's doing nothing to stop you despite definitely having the magic in her to send you hurtling through the library if she really wanted to, and probably the personality to do it. But she accepts this all, lets you do it to her, and there's something unbelievably hot and exciting about knowing just how far this all goes and how real everything's starting to feel.

But she's not moaning, and playing with her nipples probably isn't going to get her there since she's doing a good job at ignoring you entirely, so you push on with a different plan. A plan that sees you slipping your hand up her skirt and down her panties, sticking a pair of fingers into her and getting to work with a steady pumping of your digits back and forth, trying to make something new overwhelm your as your eyes gleam with smug excitement. Rin gives you another look, more tense this time, her thighs pressing together against your hand on reluctant impulse, and you know you've find your way in now. Your fingers rock back and forth, pumping into her waiting pussy and tending to her with something harsh and confident enough to leave nothing to chance.

Faster you go, and try as she might to look back at the back, you can tell her focus is shot. She sucks in needy hard, tense breaths, shifting and squirming in her seat while you fingerfuck her. The way her legs move in fitful frustration keeps you moving quicker to push her, feeling her start to lose herself right there, and finally, as you curl your fingers and go all out on her g-spot, you earn what you've been waiting for. A pent-up and quivering moan leaves her lips, bright and brilliant in its frustrating pleasure, and there's no doubt that she's reached that level of 'too loud' you've been hoping for.

In mere seconds Glynda Goodwitch is upon Rin. "I'm very disappointed in you," she says to Rin, ignoring your presence here entirely. Her voice is very firm and authoritative, but also hushed in tone. "Your moans are a distraction to the other readers of this library, and if you cannot be quiet yourself, I will help make sure you do not disturb people." On that note, she stuffs a red ball gag into Rin's mouth, all while Rin stares daggers at you. She can't speak up in her defense, and there's certainly an anger to her eyes, but you spot the faintest bit of quivering, frustrated need waiting in the background of it, like as much as she wants to kill you, she also kind of wants you to keep going.

But you're already up out of your seat, having accomplished your mission and ready to head off now. Reading the library isn't going to help you out with much of anything, and the only possible fun to be had left here is to maybe go and see how making Glynda herself moan would work as far as the librarian having to gag herself, but that can wait for some other time. Especially since as you start to head off aimlessly with your chirping robot in tow, you realize you didn't actually get off. You look down at your pants, groaning as the tent of your aching cock is right there for you to deal with, pent up and agonized. You spent so long playing with Rin that you forgot all about actually doing anything yourself, even though there's a bevy of gorgeous women who have this place bursting at the seams. You need to find someone to fuck and you need it pretty fucking soon.

Just then you hear arguing. Distant arguing from a room off to the side, which turns your head in time to see what looks like some kind of changing room, and within it, Asuka Langley and Ryuko Matoi are engaged in lots of tense and frustrated yelling back and forth, which doesn't really surprise you at all. But most important to your interests is the fact that Ryuko is absolutely naked and Asuka wears only a towel around her midsection. Your eyebrows perk up and you slowly start to make your way over toward the door, intent on helping them solve their little squabble.

You come into the changing room just in time to see Ryuko use the towel in her hand to whip at Asuka, catching the way she's tucked it in to keep it on her body, and it makes the towel drop entirely, flaunting Asuka's lean, gorgeous body in all of its utterly naked perfection. Two gorgeous girls standing there completely naked and scowling at each other. They yell louder, mostly calling each other a bitch and insisting the other started 'it'. What is 'it'? You don't really care, honestly. Instead, you start to take off your clothes and enjoy the idea of watching them go, as they completely ignore your presence for the sake of yelling at each other over and over and seeing who can scream the most.

But over the intense volume of all their fighting comes your voice, not nearly so loud, and it's something that somehow still silences both of them. "If you two want to keep yelling at each other then go ahead, but wouldn't it be better if you made yourselves more useful. Come over here and suck my cock, whoever makes me cum first wins the argument." It's as twisted and raw a proposition as you can give, but your cock is standing rock hard and aching with need now, and the relief of being naked and finally doing something to act on this mess makes for a bit of relief you crave. "I'll settle this for you."

Neither woman seems to think anything odd about it as they look at each other. "I don't want to have to suck a dick with her, but I'll do it to put this to rest," Ryuko said.

"Like I want to share a cock that nice with a bitch like Ryuko," Asuka adds. They're more irritated by having to do it together than at the idea you have imposed yourself upon them, which is just fine by you as you spread your legs out a bit as you sit there, welcoming the two gorgeous, grumpy girls to kneel in front of you and take your cock in their hands. It's all very sudden and exciting as they lean forward to press their lips against your cock, taking a moment to feel out their reluctant sharing of it, before Asuka just yells, "No, fuck this. I'm not risking my tongue touching yours, bitch. We'll take turns." She proceeds to slurp your cock down with such quick, urgent vigor that your body isn't really ready to deal with it all, pent up cock twitching inside the hungry mouth wrapping around your shaft.

"Oh please bitch, you don't look like you can even fit all that cock in your mouth," Ryuko says, hand grabbing your thigh and squeezing it as she lingers on the fringes of the action, watching Asuka suck you down. You're watching it too; the grumpy redhead slurping your dick down is one hell of a sight, and your cock relishes in the utter bliss of having someone slurping you down. After going with the flow for so long and having to wait for the chance to get off, the relief of her mouth on your cock is an absolute dream, but even better awaits you as Asuka pulls back and stares daggers at Ryuko.

Ryuko sucks you down into her mouth next, her mouth just as eager and aggressive as Asuka's, but impatience drives her down deeper. She works her head back and forth in rapid, quick motions hungrily seeking victory. It's ravenous and hot, clearly blatant and hungry. She's trying to show up Asuka, and you're down for it, groaning in the bliss and excitement of feeling her hunger. "Shit," you groan. "Asuka, you're going to have to suck a lot harder to keep up with her if this keeps up. Ryuko's going to drain my balls if this keeps up."

"Ryuko's just a dumb slut and I'm better than her in every way," Asuka says, and as Ryuko pulls back from your cock, Asuka shows it plenty more attention. "You want to be a greedy bitch? I can play this game, I just didn't want to sink down to your level." Asuka shoves her mouth down your cock deep, pushing on until you're in her throat. She chokes on your cock as she forces it down, but the stubbornness with which she moves is bold and aggressive enough that you're thrown for a loop by its absolute urgency. Asuka isn't fucking around now as she sucks you down, gagging away and showing you what she can do, showing you a determined push to win that's absolutely incredible. She mumbles something with your cock in her mouth, not interrupting her sucking to actually speak.

"Well fuck you too," Ryuko says, as if understanding her clearly through her cock-mumbled speech. "You don't get to call me a slut with his dick your throat, but if you'd like to come up for air and make this easier for me to win I welcome you to. No-endurance bitch." Asuka mumbles something else again, and Ryuko gets loud. "What the hell do you mean I can't do it? Shove over, I'll show you what you're fucking with here."

They go back and forth this, taking turns sucking sucking your cock down and happily deepthroating you while they yell at one another for being worse at sucking dick, plenty of banter and insults pressing on. Your dick in their mouth isn't stopping them from speaking or even from understanding each other, an absolutely baffling development that's definitely beyond you, because you just hear mumbled nonsense and gagging sounds. Not that you're going to complain, as the girls continue to work out their issues with one another through the magic of your cock, and there is just way too much fun to be had there for you to mind the way this is going at all.

They bring out the best and worst in each other. Constantly escalating, daring, shoving, Ryuko and Asuka goad each other into sloppier, faster, harder blowjobs. Your cock relishes in this treatment, your fingers tangling into both girls' hair as you savour the unbelievable thrill of their messy, competitive blowjob. Back and forth they move in such blatant and relentless glee that you're a bit helpless under this mess, throwing yourself down into the throes of indulgence as they show your cock something hot, aching, wanton, and absolutely desperate. You've gone from worried and pent up over the pressures of being lost and stumbling into this hotel to excited to feel what happens to now indulging in something completely twisted and raw.

Your pent up cock needs this treatment, needs something this good and this exciting. If this is what you're in for then you really don't see any reason to want to leave this beautiful place, losing yourself to the excitement of gorgeous women fawning over your cock, so shamelessly indulging with your dick and seemingly unaware of how much you've derailed the entire situation you walked in on. It makes things so much more exciting and warming, a relieving swell of primal bliss leaving you aching hotter and more excited as you inch closer and closer toward raw orgasmic bliss, something so wonderful and tense that you can barely handle it all.

When you cum, it's with Ryuko's mouth around your cock. With an excitement grunt of, "I'm cumming, fuck," you lose yourself, pumping her mouth full of your warm, sticky seed, and thanks to how long it's been you find yourself giving her more than her mouth can handle. The smug excitement in her eyes is incredible and you're happy to be of service, but even happier to watch her be such a sore fucking winner. As Ryuko draws back from your cock, she seizes hold of Asuka's head and tugs it back by the hair, opening her mouth and letting the cum drip and drool its way out of her mouth and all over Asuka's face. The bitter redhead yells and curses as the massive load gets drooled onto her.

"Isn't winning enough for you? Why do you have to be such a cunt about it all too?" Asuka yells, shoving Ryuko back and growling as she sits there with spit and spunk all over her face.

"That's not very nice at all, Ryuko. Neither of you are very well behaved, so I think the two of you need to kiss and make up so you can get along better." Your order is wonderfully received as the girls press a sloppy, tongue-heavy kiss against one another, and your suggestion that they get along better seems to warm them up a bit as they make out with one another, Ryuko even licking some of the cum she'd just drooled right off of her face again. It's a beautiful site to behold, and you decide to get dressed and leave it at that for now, seeking out more things.

As you leave the changing room, it hits you. You just solved an argument with your dick. Made two girls drop everything they were doing to give you a double blowjob and they didn't seem even the least bit afraid of giving in to it. What the fuck is going on here? You look around, feeling a sense of excitement swell up inside of you. How far can you take something like this? How insane can you go with the utterly impossible situation in front of you? The idea is a potent one as you look around, noticing your robotic guide is still with you. "Hey, how far can I go with this?'

"Sex isn't a measure of distance unless you do it wrong." The voice is different. It's suddenly very female and snarky, no longer the flat and neutral robotic voice from earlier. It makes you flinch back on sheer surprise alone. "Oh, yes, right. Once we have spent some time with our guests, we begin to take on more of a personality, upon finding some sense of what they would be most comfortable with. And all my behavioral metrics say that a snarky bitch is exactly what you would be most amenable to. Which should probably lead you to rethink your priorities and your behavior, what kind of person wants this sort of shit?"

You look for a moment at the robot, not sure what to say in response to this frustrating remark. Did she just insult you? But at the same time it's so abrupt and strange that you decide to just go with it. "Well alright then, fine," you groan. To be fair, you did single out Rin, Asuka, and Ryuko as the women you interacted with. Maybe she's more right than you're willing to accept. "Let's go in another direction then. What does the elevator go to?" You motion toward four elevators, two on either wall in the hallway you're in.

"Those lead upstairs, of course," she says, as unhelpful as possible. "For ease of access, all elevators have access to all floors, even if you may not think they should. You can use these elevators to get easy access to all services or to your rooms. As a VIP guest, your suite is on the top floor."

A suite. Fuck, you need to check that out. And to probably drag any woman you pass along the way upstairs with you. "Well then let's go take a look," you say, walking over to the elevator and hitting the up button. The one in front of you opens immediately and you're not sure how much of it is the weird reality bending nature of this place and how much of it is just convenience. It's not worth questioning though; you're happy just to walk forward and step into it, ready to get upstairs. But as you walk in, you hear a voice calling from behind you, "Hold the door, please!" A female voice, which probably doesn't have any influence in your finger snaps toward the 'hold elevator' button, but it hardly hurts that you've found that first 'along the way' woman you intend to bring upstairs.

Rushing up into the elevator is Android 18, but much, much bustier than you remember her ever being. Your eyebrows perk up as she steps in and you let go of the button. "Thanks for waiting," she says, giving a polite smile and little else.

"Of course, not a problem. Mind giving me a titfuck on my way up to the top?" You're not particularly subtle about it, but fuck, who can blame you?

Android 18 gives you a loop up and down, the shrug, and in seconds she's down on her knees, tugging her top off and getting her hand at your pants. There's no real hesitation or shame in the way she just gets into place and starts to work, going along with it in a very enticing and reassuring way. The worst you've been met with today was annoyance, and Android 18 seems pretty ready to just give up to it, grabbing her definitely bigger and plumper tits, wrapping them right around your cock and starting to work them up and down. "Nice cock," she moans. "My tits are too big for a lot of guys I've met here, but you fit them just right."

You're happy to savour the remark as you watch the gorgeous blonde work her chest up and down, her hands holding tight onto them as she moves. There's a very direct and efficient cadence to how she treats your dick, pressing forward and wasting no time in the way she services you, and it feels damn great. The lingering spit from the double blowjob earlier makes it nice and slick, but Android 18 also spits down onto her chest to lube it up a bit more, all very direct and very intent. There's no slowing down or playing around with it; Android 18 gets right down to the task of servicing your cock in a very direct way.

She's not quite bored or distant as she goes about the task, but it's definitely not the most smoldering and passionate treatment you could be getting. Her eyes have a bit of lust in them as she stares up at you and goes about servicing your dick, but she seems to be fulfilling a request more than anything. But in truth, that sort of dispassionate acceptance is getting you all kinds of hot right now, as you groan your way through the delight of this treatment, accepting the pleasure she gives up to you. It's all very warming, as you lean back against the elevator wall and let her do her work, cock throbbing between her tits. A bit of pre leaks out and runs down into her cleavage, further lubing up the process.

In the midst of all this, the elevator door opens, and it's definitely not at the elevator yet. "Are you going down?" asks another female voice, your eyes falling upon Sadayo Kawakami tugging at the sleeve of her sweater as she stands before you. "I'm trying to get down."

Your smile widens wickedly. "We're going up, and you're due for a change of plans. Get in here so I can grope and make out with you while I get this titfuck." There's no shame in your words now. The ease and speed with which you've become used to this new world is a bit startling in all honesty, but you welcome int as you watch her give a resigned sigh and a look between you and Android 18 before just stepping in. She begins to tug her top off and step into the elevator.

"I was going to get some dinner, but... I guess I'm going to be your cocksleeve for the rest of the night?" There's resignation to her voice, something tense and not entirely brimming with eagerness, but not exactly completely against it either as she steps in, tugging her top off and stepping up toward you.

"You both are. But if you're hungry, I'll order us some room service." With one hand in Android 18's hair, you bring your other onto her breast and tug her in for the sloppy, eager kisses you crave, making out with the cute and very tired brunette as you hold her in close.

"I just hope you can do a good job," she mumbles into the kiss as the elevator closes back up and continues its journey toward the top floor and toward a night of pure indulgence, with your hands all over these two beauties, cocks nestled in an amazing pair of breasts and mouth occupied by Sadayo's lips. For as much as Kawakami comes off as just resigned to this fate, her mouth doesn't hold anything back in the way she meets your touch, making out with you with a hunger that could well be induced by the change in her inhibitions regardless of her mood, but could also belie a sense of desire waiting under the surface, bubbling with interest just below the surface.

You certainly hope it's the latter as you thrust gently upward to meet the motions of Android 18's breasts, feeding into this pressure and doing your best to savour the possibilities before you. As you toy with her, your hands caress Kawakami's breasts, refusing to let up on all of this pleasure and indulgence that follows. It's all so abrupt and insane, but you've ended up happily in a position well worth getting lost and stumbling out as far as you did. Imagine if you had enough reception to call a cab home and given up the chance to indulge like this with two fictional babes in an elevator, foretelling a night of raw threesome bliss awaiting you upstairs.

Groping and kissing Kawakami does a lot to help accentuate the utter delight of Android 18's breasts wrapped so snug around your cock, until you just can't hold back anymore, until you're groaning into the kiss you're too busy with to actually warn her about what's coming until it's too late, until your dick has already fired off all over Android 18's lovely chest and her face, the utter excitement upon you nothing short of incredible as you ride high on this power trip.

"Clean her up," you tell Kawakami, smirking and giving her butt a playful smack as the teacher yelps and nods, sinking down to her knees and licking the cum right up from Android 18's breasts, lapping away with a firmness and certainty hot enough to keep you rock hard as you watch her get every drop of it, leaving nothing behind. She leaves the breasts glistening with spit and then leans up to catch the cum off of her cheek too before finally drawing back. She's about to speak when the elevator dings, having taken just as much time as you needed to complete its journey and again, you're not too sure that's coincidental.

But it doesn't matter now; more pressing is getting these beauties into the room and spending your night celebrating your arrival here. You may have come here lost and confused, but if tonight is even a tenth as good as you hope it is, you don't see too much reason to want to leave any time soon.

Chapter Text

When you wake up, you find Kawakami and Android 18 both nestled up against you, any frustration or reluctance about coming on to see you certainly gone now in the wake of a night of raw, hard fucking. There's still cum on their faces and their breasts, leaking from their holes and drying on their thighs. They're both absolute messes, in truly the best of ways, peacefully sleeping it off with you in between them. You're sure that if they were awake they would not be nearly this sweetly affectionate, but there was something truly delightful about the way their sleep had them seeking out what they had a hard time admitting aloud.

You give both women a quick bit of a fondle for the moment before rising up from your bed. It's a grand, massive bed. Everything in your room is on that luxurious scale. The suite is stocked with huge televisions, couches, a massive fridge full of complimentary everything, a balcony view to the outside... It's madness, and you can't help but savour that as you get up out of bed and start toward the shower. "After everything you did to them last night, and all you follow it up with is a quick squeeze on your way out? What a true gentleman you are," buzzes your robot guide.

"I fucked them all night, it's time to move on to other things," you say with a shrug. The idea of keeping up such a wild pace and moving through the endless opportunities before you feels like too enticing a prospect for you to lean too much on the same indulgences over and over. There is a whole impossible resort full of women and all manner of weird talk of inter dimensional meeting places that don't make much sense, but how the hell can you keep yourself from indulging further? "On that note, tell me about more of the special rooms around here."

"Look at the damn map." The floating guide doesn't have shoulders, but everything about the way she speaks says that if she did, she'd be shrugging and swatting off the idea of giving you that info. Instead, she inches toward a map of the hotel that sits on the wall, one that you haven't really paid much mind to in the midst of everything more exciting and different at your disposal. But finally, you make your way over to it and begin to examine it. It outlines all the amenities, services, and special areas around the hotel. There's quite a bunch of them too; names jump out at you on just a cursory glance like Cum Restaurant, Bondage Boutique, Roleplay Rooms... But the one that catches your eye simply calls itself Casino. The lack of any real explanation or descriptor catches you by surprise, makes for an even more exciting swell of curiosity.

"Tell me more about the casino," you say, looking back at the robot, hoping she'll give you a straight answer on this one.

"In the casino, women will not simply do whatever you ask them to. First, you have to beat them in games of chance. They will be amenable to those games and accept your offers, but you'll still have to defeat them at a game of some sort. Many of the games are weighed in your favour, but the women stand to make money for when they return to their home worlds, so you will find many women there seeking to beat others." The explanation she gives makes a smile widen across your face; it sounds like a blast, and you know now what you're starting the day off with.
The casino looks as high class as you'd expect from a resort like this. Bright lights, rows of flickering slot machines all enticing play, people walking around with nice drinks while bunny suit-clad waitresses serve the gambling tables bustling with life. There's a lot going on here, and you even spot a few surprises, like Celestia Ludenburg playing blackjack while giving a handjob to the man sitting beside her, and Faye Valentine getting pushed up onto a table, chips clattering everywhere as a dick slides into her from behind.

There's a dizzying array of games and indulgences here, and so many women moving about, testing their luck at games of chance. More women doing so than there are men playing those games, too; it opens up a wonderful path for you to seek out some fun. Perhaps the men just prefer it when they can immediately get what they want with no need for games or chance. Which is sort of understandable, but in your eyes, the difference and excitement really gets you.

"In addition to the main floor, there is also a room for custom games not typically played in casinos. If you have any preferences to other games, you may take them to there." The remark sends ideas flooding into your mind. Curious, wicked ideas you toy with as your eyes scan around for a nearby woman to indulge in, and that is when you see Fujiko Mine walking by, wearing a leather catsuit zipped down past her navel, her ample chest threatening to burst out any second. The sultry brunette is the perfect test subject to play around with, you decide, as you inch closer toward the curious promise of indulgence before you.

"Would you please suck my cock?" you ask, not knowing how to go about the whole matter of challenging someone to a game, but feeling like some blunt intention to lay all the cards on the table is best.

She looks at you out the corner of her eye and scoffs. "I don't need the taste of cum in my mouth this early, thank you," she says, brushing it off. "If you want to challenge me to a game, go ahead, I know I'll win it, but I'm not doing anything without a game."

"Then let's head to the custom games room," you say, ushering off quickly to the side room, where you see Mai Valentine lying on a table, playing cards scattered everywhere, getting spitroasted. You ignore her completely to keep your efforts on what counts. "The game we'll be playing is rock, paper, scissors, best of three. First loss, you strip, second loss, you submit to the sloppiest facefuck I can give you."

Your robot guide laughs and you can't tell if it's mockery or excitement, but as Fujiko stares at you, you can tell she's definitely not amused. "Really? Are you a child? You're going to make a wager off of such a silly game?" The frustration in her eyes is clear, but she also can't really do a damn thing about it, frustrated and nodding as your smile remains firm and the press of your intentions wears her down. Fujiko can't turn you down now, which means that you've won out already in this. "Fine. Let's just do this and be done with it." She extends a hand out toward you, curling it into a fist and readying herself for this embarrassing game.

"Rock, paper, scissors, go," you say, throwing out paper while Fujiko's hand remains clenched. You smirk, winning the round and staring at her. "Lose the catsuit," you say, adoring the chance to watch the frustration spreading across her expression. She doesn't look all that happy with any of this, frustration bubbling up hotter and more frustrating as she stands there, not sure what to do about this, and you feel such power in your grasp now over the opportunity, staring her down and keeping confident, firm control over this situation. You hold all the power now, able to make her give up and succumb fully, and you're happy to make sure she learns the hard way what comes with that.

Fujiko stares daggers at you as she pulls the catsuit over her shoulders and pulls it down her lovely body, exposing her gorgeous figure fully. Her breasts almost bounce free as the restrictive leather pulls away from her chest and she exposes herself to you, bared now completely for you and your eager gaze. She doesn't seem all that excited to be exposing herself like this, but she's not really in a position to make those choices. "Okay," she scowls, cheeks burning brightly. "Okay, you won a round, you get to see my tits. You're not going to win any of the others now, you're not getting your cock sucked."

"Prove it." You stick your hand back out again, and you shoot once more. This time, you throw down scissors and she has rock out again. This time, she gets the win, and there's no hesitation in how he responds.

"You see?" she asks, snarling. "I told you, you're going to lose this." The smug air to her candor and her composure only makes you smile harder.

"I am going to fuck your throat so hard when I win," you say. You can't help it; the defiant and aggressive intentions taking hold of you just prove too potent for you to really be able to resist them. You don't want to become too callous with the powers you hold now over the women of this resort, but it's a bit hard to play nice when you're getting such snarled responses back. You set your hand up again and go for the final round, ready to claim absolute victory now in the midst of this whole mess. Everything is riding on this win, and if you lose it's not exactly costing you very much at all, but even still you have to take this as far as you can. You need to be victorious.

This time you throw rock, and you pay careful attention to Fujiko as she throws her hand down. Her hand is about to form paper, her hand opening and readying itself for victory. But her hand flinches, coils back a moment as all but her index and middle fingers curl back into her hand, and she instead ultimately throws down scissors. You watch in surprise, feeling like there is something to be said here for the idea that maybe the mental control and the idea of games being weighted in your favour comes with precisely this sort of willingness, the same snap impulse to pull back and let you win.

If that's the case, it's certainly as big a surprise to Fujiko as it is to you. She stares almost blankly at her hand for a moment, as if confused by all of this, hesitating and simmering in frustration, before her eyes shift up toward you. Fujiko heaves a relenting sigh and shakes her head. "I guess you win," she says. "I'll be your facefuck toy now." Sinking down to her knees, there's still some reluctance in the fringes of her voice as she grasps your cock, but she doesn't hold herself back in her steady advance forward, taking hold of your shaft and opening herself up to this madness now in vigor. Her mouth opens wide and she seems to be almost tugging you in, urging you to claim her, while leaving the actual motion for you to deal with.

You happily shove forward, claiming Fujiko's mouth and plunging down into her throat. She gags on your thick cock as it pushes its way on down, and you immediately get to work at fucking into her a certain sense of frustrated acceptance, hands tangling into her luxurious orange hair to keep her head in place. "Feels damn good to be a winner," you groan, hammering onward feverishly, showing her no mercy or restraint as the harsh motions speak for themselves. It's all very direct and abrupt, driven by something wicked and dark in intention, but so satisfying and indulgent you can't help yourself. There's a lot happening here, and you're happy to push into it and embrace the opportunity.

Fujiko's throat spasms around your cock in struggling delight, and you don't shy away from making something of this situation, aggressive and fierce in how you claim her and everything you can get your hands on about her. With your hips working powerfully in motions back and forth, your cock plunges its way down Fujiko's gullet with reckless vigor, forcing her body to have to get used to what you can do to it. The lining of her throat just has to endure this raw disrespect and all the throbbing, pulsating aggression you can bring bearing down upon it, stretching out around your invading shaft as her body submits fully to your intentions.

The pleasure here is only getting stronger and fiercer, a swell of unquenchable heat that drives you in relentless motions to fuck her into submission, craving the chance to make Fujiko yours. As she gags on you and struggles through the pressure of drool bubbling around her lips from the messy facefuck you give her, she rally does look like your facefuck toy, like a delirious wreck helpless and struggling under everything you can do to her. "I knew you could take a cock well from the moment I saw you. Keep going, choke all you want, I love to know how good wining feels." Your fingers tug tighter still against her hair, pulling her in and making sure your every thrust forward was a harsh one, that she was taking you all the way down.

The obedience behind her still reluctant motions are incredible, as the femme fatale takes you on, drooling all over her heaving tits as she endures your worst. It's an amazing feeling, and you can't slow down your relentless advance as you give up more and more to this pleasure, throatfucking Fujiko into wild submission and surrender, each thrust harder and more vigorous than the last, driven by a single-minded purpose and fervor that nothing could contend with. Your balls slap against her chin harshly, as she chokes and struggles with your cock, but still taking you down, even as her brows furrow and all the wicked smugness across her face is replaced with a need just to try and keep her head above the water.

Going to town on Fujiko's throat is nice, Pulling out of her throat to slap her back and forth with your cock really just because feels even better. She whines as your slimy shaft smacks with noisy impacts against her cheeks, giving her a moment to breathe before plunging right on back down her gullet again. It's a new trick in the rotation, one you come back to with great delight, savouring the pleasure and excitement before you as you push on to leave Fujiko a delirious wreck with each hard motion pounding on fiercer. She takes it all without a complaint, and you adore the thrill before you and the chance to make her struggle, ache, shudder, and succumb fully.

The sharp pull back of your hips as you cum catches her off guard, your hand taking hold of your cock as you groan, "Smile for me, Fujiko!" as you blow your load all over her pretty face, cum getting into her hair and all over her face, making a mess of her in the most satisfying and exciting of ways. She takes it all like a champ, and there's no resistance or frustration left in her expression now; she kneels before you a dizzy, cock-drunk mess with drool dripping down her chin and onto her chest. Her rumbling, dizzy moans were completely weak and overwhelmed, her body shivering and aching with desperation and frustration.

You leave her like this. Walking off from the mess you've made of Fujiko, you take your leave, with your robot companion saying, "Good job on your first casino win, and congratulation on being so virile that you can cum that much after a night of sex." There's an edge of continued sarcasm, but that doesn't bother you anywhere near as much as maybe it should, as you ride high on the delight of what you've done.

"I like how this place works," you remark, stepping back onto the casino floor and looking around for something else to do, which is when you see a blackjack table. A2 and 2B sit at the table while Yumeko Jabami deals out the cards for them, and you can't for a moment help yourself. "Do the same rules apply to the dealer?"

"Only one on one, so if you want a dealer, make sure she's either not dealing anyone. Or I guess clear the women off the table with your cock or something, I see where you're looking. Pervert."

"That really hurts, you know. Being called a pervert by my robotic guide through a sex hotel where my word is absolute law. Seems like kind of a double standard, too."

"So? I'm not here to be your friend. Go fuck the robots already."

You make your way over to the table just as a hand is paid out, taking a seat between the two gorgeous white haired androids. "Mind if I join?' you ask, as unassuming as possible. This time, you can save your depraved intentions for after the hellos.

"Certainly," 2B said.

"Fuck if I care," A2 added.

"Yes, another gambler, another player! Excellent, the odds become even more captivating!" Yumeko speaks with her hands caressing her sides, before she shuffles the deck together. "What will your stakes be?"

"If I win the table, these two get under the table and give me a double titfuck." Your smile widens as you eye the two women. 2B seems a bit more bustier than she probably should be, but in the best of ways, as your gaze drifts back and forth between them.

"Typical," A2 scowls. "Always the same bullshit with men. Right 2B?"

You look over to 2B, only to see her biting her lower lip a bit. Her blindfold is gone, and you see the way her eyes size you up with a surprising curiosity. "It is not likely statistically, but I would not be averse to such terms."

"Ah, a wager of bodies." Yumeko's hands caressed along her own body as she spoke, grabbing at her very ample chest through her outfit. "So exciting. Enticing. Yes, yes, let us deal out a hand!" She finishes shuffling the cards and begins to deal everyone out their initial cards, moaning with curious and bizarre excitement as she does so, like this is getting her off. If you didn't know better you'd wonder if she had a vibrator jammed up her panties, but Yumeko is just like this.

You're playing blackjack. At the end of the day there is only so exciting Blackjack can be, as you take turns getting dealt out your sequences of cards. You end up with a pocket Ace and King, which lets you recline back in delight as the girls go on. 2B ends with a twenty, A2 recklessly busts, and Yumeko is left nestling a solid nineteen. You won, and you didn't have to do a damn thing to do it.

"I'll take that titfuck now," you say with a broadening smirk, looking back and forth at the two androids.

"Ah, the stakes, the thrills!" Through the whole matter of dealing the hand out, Yumeko has been a vocal, noisy mess writhing in sweet excitement, invigorated by the game and almost fondling herself outright to the thrills that ensued, and you can't say it hasn't helped keep your cock hard through the moment.

"Very well, these are the terms of our game and I will honour them." 2B reaches into her dress and pulls her breasts out of them with a startling urgency, almost ripping at the material as she drops down to her knees, hands grabbing at your pants with equal vigor.

"Fucking bullshit game," A2 growls, staring in confusion at 2B, appalled by her behavior. "This game sucks anyway." She tugs her top of, staring you in the eye even as she drops to your knees and leans over your lap from the other side. "I don't like you much, either."

"That's cool," you say, smirking with smug glee as their breasts press against your cock anyway, 2B and A2 meeting in the middle, existing in radical opposites of intention and excitement, but all ultimately in service of the same thing in the end as their breasts squish together, nipples rubbing circles against one another as the two move with uneven motions, not bothering to stay in sync in their motions as you recline back in your seat, letting out a low, relaxed groan and accepting the pleasure their breasts offer your cock in tandem with one another. "I'll be ready to play again shortly, Yumeko, just let me enjoy this."

"A-ah another game?" Yumeko frets with her skirt, hips rolling. The prospect of more gambling seems to do more for her than the sexual display in front of her. "Yes, certainly, take your time. I will wait here, patiently."

Despite A2's general clear reluctance and unwillingness to do this, she doesn't hold anything back in the steady motions of her chest up and down your cock, following through on her task like a pro and without any overt complaints or frustrations. It's good enough to keep you engaged and eager as you move on through this pleasure, groaning in indulgent, excited surrender against the mess of pleasure aching through you. Everything here feels so potent and so hot, and all you can really do is enjoy it as she works on.

But there's still enough scowl in her expression to stand in stark contrast to the way that 2B services your dick. She moves quicker, getting her whole body into the act of servicing your dick while you take this all on, bobbing up and down to tend to you. Her eyes stare up at you, weirdly captivated, and when she isn't holding your gaze she's staring down at your cock, licking her lips and in general departing from everything expected or sane about this situation. There's so much happening her here that doesn't make much sense, 2B complete fixated now on you and unable to stop herself. It's quite the bliss to indulge in though, keeping you moving on greedily and hungrily through this pleasure.

Your hips rock a little bit, giving up just enough to this pleasure as you succumb to everything so stark and sudden, pleasure bubbling up within you. There's a lot happening here and all of it feels incredible, giving you enough to really get into the groove, craving more of this, craving them both. Two gorgeous pairs of tits serve your cock in aggressive and ready motions without shame, and all you have to do is take it on, accepting this pleasure and drawing your gaze slowly up toward Yumeko, ready now to play.

You decide to play at her game, too. "And now that I've won this round, I challenge you, Yumeko Jabami!" you say, pointing a hand out toward her, and watch as she nearly climaxes where she stands.

"Yes, of course! Oh god, yes, f-fuck!" Her spine arches back, shoving her ample tits forward as she loses herself. "Name it! What are your terms? I can't wait to defeat you."

Her words and cockiness only give you more reason to indulge. "If you lose, I'm going to tie you up and leave you as a free use fucktoy for the entire casino. No more games or gambling; you're a strung up fucktoy for the whole casino until someone unties you, and with those big tits out to play with, I don't see why anyone would."

She whines in rising excitement, hips rocking as she leans into this mess and begins to aggressively shuffle the cards, but she does it clumsily and without much ability to compose herself. "I love it. I love it. One round, right now. The highest stakes. The ultimate stakes. No second chances, just a single game of chance and strategy. Brilliant!" While this goes on, the androids begin to slow their motions and watch the game.

"Keep going," you say to them, shaking your head. They pick the pace back up again, their steadily advancing titfuck keeping on as your cock throbs within the firm embrace of their tits. "Yumeko, I'm going to beat you with this one hand. The house isn't winning this time."

"Nngh, fuck, yes, talk dirty more to me, just like that!" she gasps, dealing out the cards quickly. You get dealt a two and a five, a far cry from anything of value, while Yumeko puts down ten and three. "Oh, how exhilarating! Will you hit?'

"I'll hit you soon enough," you say, tapping the table. She puts down a seven. Up to fourteen. Not enough. You tap again. Three. Seventeen isn't helping anything. Another tap, you need to make this count. Two. Yumeko begins to grind herself against the edge of the table, almost masturbating with it as she looks at you, hopeful eyes frayed and wide, your cock twitching within the embrace of luscious android tits, and you're too greedy to help yourself. You tap again, and Yumeko nearly squeals in ecstasy as she draws the next card, revealing an ace. Twenty. "I stay," you say, heaving a sigh of relief.

Yumeko trembles as she draws a card and puts it down. The third two from the deck. At sixteen, she hits again. Three. Low cards, but it puts her up to nineteen, and she stares down at it, trembling, grinding, biting her lip, before announcing, "You win this hard," and arching her back. She almost cums from this, but you? You really do cum. Your cock erupts without warning all over 2B and A2, getting most of the spunk all over their beautiful faces, but plenty of it landing onto their breasts too as you make a huge mess of them both. A2 jerks back in disgust, while 2B lingers there, kissing the head of your cock and staring at you with hearts in her eyes. She's not 2B as you would have ever imagined her, and she seems fixated now on you.

"Defeat!" Yumeko continues. "To gamble is the only thrill, and losing matters not, that was so exciting, so incredible! Oh, very well, do with me what you will now!"

You look toward your robot. "Can you generate some objects for me?" you ask, looking to her.

"I can, it's a question if I want to," she says, but that's just the typical attitude again.

"I want a gag, some rope, a sign, and a marker," you say.

Yumeko lets out squeals of surprise and excitement, grinding her mound against the table again in climactic indulgence, while an all too eager robot voice says, "Oh, I would love to!' as she generates them for you. Blue lasers begin to scan in the space in front of you on the table in as ridiculously science fiction a way you can imagine. But as you asked for, the objects appear, everything you want before you, and you're happy to pick it all up.

"Come with me," you say to Yumeko, ready to drag her off if you absolutely have to, making her struggle and stumble behind you. You pull Yumeko over to the bar, ripping off her top and her skirt so that her ample chest and her ripe pussy are bared for all to see, and a crowd quickly begins to form, curious to see what's happening here, as you pull Yumeko onto the bar and tie her wrists to her ankles, making her lie on her back in a compromised and helpless position. Then, you stuff the gag in her mouth so she can't speak, and then pop the cap off the marker. "How does 'Free use blackjack loser, punish her holes' sound?" you ask, smile broadening as she writhes in delirious heat against the pressures that follow.

You scrawl the degrading words onto the sign and then stick it around her neck, but you don't put the cap back onto the marker. Instead, you take it to her body and begin to write all manner of vulgar things across it. You draw arrows on her thighs to her ass and her pussy, commenting, "Cocks go here". You write "Fat cow tits, perfect for fucking" across her chest. "Gambler fucksleeve" gets written over her pelvis. Little bits and pieces across every inch of her body make for a direct and twisted game of indulgence that teases her with the marker, and the crowd gathers even thicker with interest and curiosity in everything you're doing to her.

When finally you have her covered in degrading words all over, you step back and admire your handiwork, taking your cock in hand and stepping forward. "Now to indulge in my prize," you say, and proceed to slam your cock into her, burying it to the hilt inside of Yumeko's incredibly tight pussy. "Fuck, that's tight!" you groan, grabbing one of her breasts and squeezing. "How long has it been since you lost a game and got fucked? No wonder you're so horny that you were almost fucking the table corner while we played, you've needed a cock inside you." The sneering remarks only further drive home your dominance now, as you take a particularly rough and dark intention with the way you fuck Yumeko.

But as she writhes in excitement and twisted delight, it doesn't seem like she minds. Her eyes are wide and dizzy, and she stares at you with delirious vigor as you take to pounding into her, fucking her into submission and giving her what she needs, making her struggle and shudder with heat. There's nothing but pure ecstasy to be found here and you just let this all take hold now, driving you in the desperate and powerful motions you indulge in her body with.

Her big tits heave from the pressure of your aggressive thrusts, and you let them heave freely, knowing the crowd is certainly focusing on it. An awestruck load of men who watch as you twist the rules of the casino to make the beautiful and busty gambler free for all to claim stare on with excitement and perhaps mild envy too. There's some women watching too, remarking on the spectacle and curious to see what's going on, 2B and A2 included. There's a crowd forming, and you don't hold back in the waves you make, pounding on fiercer and harder while you make the most of this situation and the chance to fuck her into desperate submission.

Yumeko's tight, desperate pussy feels so good wrapped around your cock, and you can't hold yourself back for anything, keeping up the feverish swell of indulgent pleasure as you fuck her into submission, as you make her ache and shiver under your touch and its imposing harshness. Her body twists on the bar top, writhing in such delirious want, craving more of this bliss, and you don't want to ease up on her for a moment as you give her all that you have, keeping her all tied up and absolutely at your mercy, or general lack thereof.

After getting a titfuck and a blowjob, the warmth of a slick pussy around your dick is absolutely incomparable. Raw aggression guides you on deeper into the excitement of fucking Yumeko, making her succumb and shiver under the pressure of your intentions, and you don't for a moment consider holding back, letting the pleasure spike up hotter inside of you, driven by something wicked and delirious, something that simply doesn't stop. As her eyes almost plead with you for more, there's no reason not to go all out, not to fuck her into raw, gooey ecstasy and submission with every roll of your hips and every second of pure fever and heat.

And then she cums. Yumeko's body thrashes as after several incidents of what can only be described as near-orgasmic ecstasy, she actually cums for real, twisting and unraveling under your touch as her pussy begs down around your cock, forming a needy, slutty vice craving you, and you're happy to give he what she wants. You plunge forward, groaning in excitement and making a total mess of her as she thrashes against her bindings. You dump a big load of cum into her sopping, needy hole, and watch as the lewd gambler's eyes roll back and waves of ecstasy crash down upon her with absolute glee.

You draw back, and the gooey spunk bubbles out of her hole, dripping down her body as you draw back, looking around at the crowd. At the people watching, the men wanting their turns, the women staring in awe, A2 highly unimpressed while 2B looks like she wants to come up and ask if you can do that to her too. "Have at her," you say, stepping way and tucking your cock away, walking right toward the casino exit.

"Oh, what's wrong?" your guide buzzes behind you. "Did the idea of not having women immediately be your fuck-addled sex toy and having to work for some pussy bother you too much?"

"A little," you shrug. "But also, I just have an idea. Tell me about the best place to kick off an orgy."
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Chapter Text

"Where is the best room to have an orgy?" you ask, a wicked sort of excitement seizing hold of you as your gaze drags slowly along the view ahead of you. Endless possibilities stand before your wicked intention and you can barely keep track of them all given the vast wealth of insanity before you. So many ways to play, so many things you can do to make this your own. There's maybe even too many; an orgy is more than a suggestion to drive your excitement through the roof, it represents an opening into something greater.

"Oh, I know just the place," your guide says, something flat and unimpressed in her voice as the robot leads you not very far at all down the hall from the casino. You're brought to a room clearly labeled as Orgy Room, a room with a floor seemingly made of mattress, and there isn't any wafting mist of odors you'd expect from a room called the Orgy Room. It stand before you a glorious sign of something that draws you in, and the cravings that take you are sudden and they are fierce. "I know this place was marked on the map, did you miss it, or did you think the Orgy Room was just for something else entirely?"

You don't think to respond to her as you instead focus in on the room. "It's empty," you say.

"The Orgy Room doesn't get used very much; most honored guests prefer to set those up in hotel rooms. Once it starts being used, a a low pulse goes out that helps draw women in. The closer a woman is and the more women are in the room, the stronger its pull is. If you want to get people in, I'd suggest at least three women to start with, or else nobody else is coming and you'll have the saddest orgy ever."

The robot is right, and you're already on the move. "Then let's go build an orgy," you say, needing to get on the move and to find the women who can make your goals a reality. There's raw possibility out there, an endless stream of women, many of them fictional, who exist now in this space and who are only one firm remark away from being on their knees for you. That is a power you can't resist, something you need to express fully, and an orgy is the most thorough way you can manage any of that. It sends you scurrying off from the rather isolated room to go find some population to fill out the space and get the ball rolling.

It's not too long at all before you spot a woman who you have definitely been hoping you'd find here in the Grand Resort: Nami. The spunky, orange-haired pirate stands by an elevator, and you can't afford to let her get onto it. Wearing a white-trimmed black crop top with a similarly hemmed denim jacket over top, and a pale blue skirt, she looks too good to resist, and you scramble on toward her as casually as you can, even if there's pressure in your footsteps, making sure you get toward her as quickly and confidently as you can, the elevator making its way toward her closer with each step you take.

The doors begin to open as you reach her, and you call out, "Nami, wait!" She's already got one leg forward, but she stops as you call out to her, and your chance is now. "Stay here a while and talk to me while you take your clothes off. Where were you going?"

Nami looks at you, and she begins to slip her denim jacket off, compliance taking hold of her and keeping her doing as you've asked her to do without any hesitation. "I was going to the pool," she tells you, as the elevator door lingers precariously open but now completely ignored; Nami obeys you completely. "I felt like going for a swim, but I can stay here with you instead"

"We can go to the pool, but let's stick around a while." Your smile widens. The pool sounds like ripe recruiting ground for your orgy, and exactly where you should take this party next, but there's no rush. You have Nami in front of you now, and as she begins to take off her top, her very ample chest calls out to your hands, which grab hold of her eagerly and begin to grope her. You're not about to hold back a damn thing as you ask, "Did you have any plans for tonight?"

Tossing her top aside, Nami shifts in position a little, letting you get her plump chest more readily, not exactly minding the way you're going at her. But maybe not so much for the sexual eagerness of giving up to you; more because she's having a conversation with you and just doing what's expected of her. "No plans, I'm just doing whatever I feel like all day." Just a normal conversation as she pushes her skirt down, revealing no panties underneath and baring the whole of her gorgeous body to your very eager eyes that now seek her.

"That's good, because I have an orgy planned tonight and I think it would be great if you could come with it. How does that sound?" You don't give her much chance to answer as you grab hold of Nami and pull her in close, hand reaching very abruptly into your pants and tugging your already rigid and ready cock out. You don't waste any time at all in getting into position and shoving into her, giving the naked, busty pirate a sudden and aggressive standing fuck before she can do a damn thing about any of it. Your cock slides easily into Nami as she lets out a gasp more at the sudden fullness and penetration more than the idea you would ever do such a thing. ""How active is your sex life?"

"Not as active as I'd like it to be," she says, hands settling onto your back as she stands steady for you to fuck, keeping her grip firm now that she has nothing else to take off, her clothes left in a pile at her side. "I really do like sex, but it's hard to find people I like for it." The disconnect is still weird to perceive as you fuck Nami deep, your hands on her wide hips and her narrow waist, keeping her steady for all your firm and deep thrusts. You're too deep in her for this not to qualify as sex, no two ways about it, but while you're here keeping this all going there certainly doesn't feel like any reason you need to hold back on any of it.

"Well what sort of positions do you like?" you ask, keeping this going. Just a nice conversation about sex while you fuck her in the middle of a hotel hallway. Nothing to see here. Although with nobody but the floating robot around, it's not like anyone is here to see it anyway. It's just you and Nami here, fucking indiscriminately and embracing the chaos with nobody to interrupt to get in the way of it. You keep the pressure up and ensure she's helpless against you, ensure she gives up fully to these senseless indulgences and a chaos spiraling off in all directions.

"This is one of my favorites," she says back, voice quivering a bit more now, heat rising as as you work her over, and it's clear your fucking is having an effect, clear it's making her twist and shift about in deeper, hotter motions. Her pussy is so snug, so slick, and it begs around your cock as you keep moving against her, keep thrusting on carefully and confidently. "I love it when I get to look in the eyes of whoever is fucking me." Her gaze falls onto you more firmly now; Nami has all of her attention square upon you, and the trembling heat behind it all leaves you aching and craving, clinging firmer to her as you lean into this pressure.

"I see, I see," you say, keeping up the thrusts. "What else do you like during sex?" The questions are so frank and you're able to get something very firm and exciting going on here as she takes your cock, as you keep up the firm pressure and she allows you to overwhelm her. Even as you ask the question her breath hitches as the effects get to her more and more; she's giving up to you without any objection, getting in deeper as your cock opens her up to the warmth and the lust.

"My breasts being played with." Your hands are there in a fucking second. It requires you to ease back off the sheer tightness of how hard you're pressing against her, but it's well worth it to get her big tits in your hands, greedily toying with her and giving her more attention. The reaction comes out more vocal as she whines and moans, adorable in the tensions that build inside of her, and you crave all you can get of Nami as your hips rock greedily forward and you fuck her with a confidence that has her almost melting against your touch. "Ah, just like that. Oh, that feels so good!"

Her body bucks against yours as the sex really starts to hit her, as Nami gets deep into this pleasure and accepts the intentions you have in mind for her, opening up to them and meeting therm with some of her own. "Is this what you've been needing?" you ask, pressing on stronger and firmer as the confidence of your thrusts speaks for itself, drives on with something firm and lustful.

"Yes!" she gasps. The moans follow, quivering hotter and needier as Nami takes the thrusts, bucking against you and giving herself up fully to these feelings, something senseless and hungry guiding her on and allowing you to drag her down into complete surrender. There's no containing herself now; she's a wreck, and she completely abandons all pretense of being anything else. She's almost too loud, but with nobody around to embarrass herself in front of its excesses are left all for you; it's not a show, not about making something more crazy and chaotic than it already is, this is all about Nami surrendering herself to fully. "Yes, I've needed all of this!"

Nami cums hard, almost kicking her legs up and wrapping them around you as she presses in tight, and you decide to go for a kiss. She accepts it, takes on the steamy delight and giving herself to the idea of utter surrender now, letting the pleasures take hold as you slam yourself to the hilt inside of her spasming twat and give Nami a nice, hefty flood of thick, hot cum. It's incredible, a feeling of absolute delight that takes you. You give her a gooey creampie and she seems to be placated now.

"Y-yes, I'll come to your orgy," she finally answers, clinging to you with panting, ragged delight. Being able to fuck one of your most hoped-for girls into a gooey, gasping mess happy to get fucked some more by you is mission fucking accomplished in all ways.

"Good. Let's head off to the pool now to find more girls." You pull out of her, cum immediately oozing out of her well fucked hole, and in a brief moment of further wickedness you decide, "But keep the clothes stuck here. I think you look better naked." And leaking with your cum, naturally. But she nods and accepts it anyway.

It's straight down from the elevator that's been sitting patiently in wait to get to the pool, where you know there's bound to be some gorgeous women in pool wear whose bodies can entice you some more, and there's no shame in seeking them out, in pushing forward to find the pleasures you crave, especially as you get there to see Lapis Lazuli sitting by the pool. The blue skinned alien is dressed pretty normally, but also pretty appropriately for the pool; a blue top that contains a pair of swollen, plump tits that seem to be just begging to get out thanks to a dip in the water leaving the material all wet and clingy, and a wavy blue dress holding to her sweet hips and long legs. There's a look of flat disinterest about her as she dips her feet into the water and seems a million miles away in everything she does.

"She's cute," Nami mentions, and your eyes are already happily upon her.

"She is," you say. Her flat expression calls to you almost as much as her ample chest does; the ways that she presents herself as bored, sarcastic, and distant all call to you, exploitable in the way that she hangs in place and doesn't really do much. Your ability to talk to women and make them do whatever you want them to is a deeply exciting prospect. "Stay here, I think I need to go have a talk with her because of how cute she is. Wait, no, I need a swimsuit." You look to the robot, who's been pretty quiet on the way over while you talked to Nami. "Can you whip me up one?"

"Only because I have to," the robot says, and it's not possible for her to sigh, but that's what it sounds like. A laser points to the floor and generates you a pair of swim trunks. "This is good enough, right? I kept it tasteful for you, I hope you're not so smug you feel like rocking a speedo right now."

"No, this is fine," you say, throwing your clothes down and slipping into the shorts instead. You take your time circling around the pool, Lapis paying absolutely no attention to you as you get into place behind her, her attention still completely pointed toward the water and her heel gently tapping the water. It sets the stage perfectly now for you to give her a hard shove from behind. Lapis yelps as she falls face-first into the pool, leaving you to stand over the edge with a big grin on your face.

"Oh, is that how it's supposed to work?" Lapis asks, bitter as she stares up at you, deflecting with sarcasm while still sounding deeply pissed off. "I just thought I was supposed to sit here with my feet in it, thank you so much for helping me." It sounds like she's calling you an ass hole, if not so directly, and you're pretty okay with that. It makes what's about to happen more fun.

"I thought you might use the help," you say, hopping down onto the water too and joining Lapis. "I'm having an orgy tonight, and you're coming to it." As direct as can be. "How does that sound?"

"Sounds like it'll be real boring, but fine, I'll come." The mind control field works again as she lingers there. "But that's only tonight. Sun's still out, so I don't have to deal with you until then, do I?"

She raises a good point. A point you're all too happy to stomp all over. "No, I was thinking you might get your pretty head underwater and suck my cock first, so I can make sure you're good for the role."

"I have trouble believing you think very much at all," Lapis retorts. Such an enticing attitude. "While I can think. Think of a lot of reasons why not to suck your cock, in fact."

It's not quite a 'no', and she doesn't seem like she's resisting the field much, but you're intrigued. "I"m listening."

"You pushed me into the pool, I don't really like you too much, and I was having a perfectly fine time doing other things already. But, I do love sucking cock underwater, so whatever." The abruptness with which Lapis changes gears is amazing, as she ducks her head under the water and pushes forward, going for your lap and tugging your swim shorts down. Her sarcasm can't stop her from doing what you asked her to do, it's simply a prelude to her eventual fate, to the ultimate thrill of getting your cock out and taking it in hand. With Lapis vanished under the water, you're happy now to enjoy something absolutely intoxicating.

The gem has no reason to breathe. It's why you want this chance for an underwater blowjob; Lapis won't have to come up for air, and it also means she can take you all the way down her throat without a worry. There's something deeply promising about that and you wouldn't be able to live with yourself if you didn't take opportunity of this shot to really throatfuck Lapis and get the most perfect, no-interruptions facefuck in while you can. Indeed, your fingers tighten into her hair under the water as you do all you can now to give int o something wicked and shameless.

Lapis doesn't need much urging though, as she gets her lips around your cock and takes you deep into her mouth. Everything's already wet in the pool, but the water is cold around you, while her mouth feels downright hot by comparison, her warmth smothering your shaft and begging you for more. A more you're happy to give as she swallows your cock down, showing her own initiative and just how much it's worth as you stand in firm acceptance of all these things, not even tugging her head down yet as you just hold steady and let Lapis work her magic. There's not much here that you feel the need to worry work at improving right now.

"You might not like me too much, but it seems like my cock is hitting the spot," you tease, and Lapis does nothing to refute or complain about that as she pushes forward to keep up the excitement, offering up to this mess something indulgent and hot, something that begs for attention. Your fingers tighten into her hair a little harder. All of Lapis is submerged now, and she seems happy to use that to her advantage in pushing forward and taking you down deeper. You watch through the water and its wavering distortion as her feet stumble against the pool floor and try to give her some grounding to shove forward, and she steadily shifting into a position that has her bent forward rather than kneeling, one where her body looks positioned like a battering ram to force her way down onto your cock. It's startling and a little bit overwhelming, but too impressive and enticing for you to resist seeing where this all goes and what she's capable of. Lapis holds your attention far too firmly now for you to doubt her.

Stubborn motions feel like an extension of all her snarkiness and distance as Lapis shoves forward, forcing herself into place and taking your cock right down her throat. It's a sudden feeling, incredibly tight and hot as the humanoid form she's taken gives her a throat, but one with only so much function and purpose, and right now it exists solely to clamp down around your cock, so incredible and tight, spasming as she chokes on your dick. She may not need the air but the reflex inherent with this form still presents itself, producing a spasming around your shaft on pure muscle response, but without any flinching or pulling away to ruin the experience; Lapis is going all out with her messy indulgence and the vulgar response that follows.

Broad motions of her head draw the whole situation out and show off a love for your cock nothing can hide. "For someone who's not into this, you seem pretty fucking into this," you continue, flaunting how she's doing exactly as you've instructed her to regardless of her 'sunny' disposition. Everything Lapis does to your dick is a show of submission and acceptance, and the undeniable eagerness she shows leaves you almost dizzy as you give up to all of it, as you throw yourself into this pleasure and hold nothing back. Your hips begin to move, and for as much as Lapis is doing amazingly, you can't possibly hold yourself back forever; you need to express your own needs and desires now, and you throw yourself forward to really put her through this mess.

There's nothing holding you back now, save for the press of hands against your thighs, and you can't tell if Lapis of trying to hold you back or just play the part as you take charge to really go to town on her, but you don't care. You facefuck the gem without a care, an alien with no need for breath proving the perfect target to lay into. You even reach for her back and undo the knot holding her top together, tugging it out of the way and starting to grope her big blue tits while you go, just because you fucking can at this point.

It's a power trip. There's no denying that to yourself as you pound on forward carelessly. This is all about getting something incredible going, about fucking facefucking Lapis shamelessly and getting all the pleasure you can out of this situation. It's so messy and shameless, but it's also not very messy at all, everything is underwater as you hammer forward, and Lapis's head follows on with the motion even with both your hands on her chest, working forward to make up for the lack of speed you can muster with all the water around you. The water adds something back though: contrast.

Outside of Lapis's mouth, everything is cold. The chilly pool water takes a bit of getting used to, but even used to it, it's still cold. Refreshing, sure, but then comes Lapis's mouth. The warmth. The snugness. It urges you back in to escape the chill water around it, and as you plunge in balls deep you're able to feel all these sensations so rich and hot upon you, driving you wild with need and leaving you drunk on the thrills of absolute surrender. A treacherous spin around has you facefucking Lapis into delirious bliss, and her hands have gone from pushing against your thighs to holding tightly onto them, using them almost for leverage to fuck her way down harder and meet your brutal thrusts.

It all ends inside of Lapis's mouth. You decide to pull back as you cum to see what she does, and it is one hell of an orgasm. You groan aloud as you feel yourself overwhelmed, cumming hard inside of Lapis's mouth, harder than you did even in Nami's pussy, and you're happy to draw back, eager to test her and behold what she has in mind.

Lapis resurfaces again, rising up to her feet and opening her mouth up, showing you that she still has the cum there before she begins to swish it around. You stare in awe as she basically gargles your spunk, hot already but even hotter for how utterly unprompted it is. She holds little shame, and you can't help but remark, "You must love the taste the cum." Her eyes narrow at you, as if realization hits her, as if she's suddenly fully aware of what she's doing to slut it up and that she's a bit out of sorts, and she looks primed to swallow it, but you have other ideas. "Share it with Nami over there." You point to the naked pirate standing there, and you notice Lapis's disposition change. The blank, dry sarcasm leaves her as her eyes widen, and she rushes out of the pool to advance upon Nami, one hand in her orange hair and the other one groping a pale tit as she pushes a hungry kiss against her lips. It's startling to you just how readily she moves.

You don't hurry out of the pool, leaving the girls some time to make out and share your cum a bit first, for them to pass it back and forth and really savour your load. But you do follow eventually, and you find the blue and orange haired women in a feverish make-out session now, with most of the fever coming from Lapis being all over Nami, but Nami doesn't seem to mind. You hate to interrupt it, but you know the payoff will be even better as you order both of them, 'Show me the cum."

The two women stop kissing immediately, turning their heads toward you, even if Lapis makes sure to press her cheek against Nami's, before they open their mouths and show off all the cum pooled in their mouths, thinned out by spit but still unmistakable. "Swallow," you order, and and they happily do, finally disengaging from one another as you reach for a shirt. "If I leave my pants here, what happens?" you ask the robot.

"Any abandoned clothes are returned to the owner's room, but that's no excuse to be a litterbug."

You decide it damn well is though. "Okay, two girls down. One more and I think we can get the orgy underway. Let's go." You pull the shirt on and lead the way to find more women.

As you lead them through the halls in search of more, the girls talk on about a few things, but quickly it circles around to something interesting, something you almost have trouble keeping from getting involved in as the small talk turns personal.

"So what do you think of him?" Lapis asks, voice as deadpan as possible. She means you. Definitely you.

"He fucked me so hard," Nami coos, delighted and a little bit airy as the lingering afterglow keeps her way more positive about things. "I wasn't sure at first what I thought but after that, I'm just so happy it happened. His cock is amazing, and I'm excited for the orgy now. How about you?"

"Really? I don't care much at all for him," Lapis mutters. "Good dick, but... No, all I really like him for is the fact that I got to meet you." Lapis sounds downright sweet as she speaks, piercing through all of the frustration and muttering snarkiness to get to the core of something that sounds sincere, and you almost want to interrupt it and speak up, but you decide not to, letting it go on without a care as you shifty our focus instead to the task of finding another lucky woman.

Your eyes snap over to a couch, off of which Rider is standing up and closing a book she's reading. Possibility runs through your head, and as Lapis gets oddly sincere and 'friendly' toward Nami, curiosities swell. You wonder how much the mind control field might extend to the women of the hotel, especially of an 'honored guest' is the one to induce the question, and Rider looks like a very fine addition to the writhing fuck pile you want to set up for tonight. "Nami, go ask Rider to join my orgy, and to suck my cock in the middle of the hallway." Unlike with the pool and the time you pounded Nami, there's a little bit of traffic to this space, some people who would actually be able to witness this and make for a vastly more voyeuristic and indulgent experience.

Nami doesn't seem to think anything of the idea, nodding steadily and walking off to do as she's charged with doing. There's something very steady about the willingness of the women under this mind control field, and you relish in it as you watch Nami walk over to Rider completely naked, a bit wet from Lapis's soaking body getting all over her, and a bit of your cum still dripping out of her. Just an absolute mess. And she's walking up to Rider like it's nothing, casual and confident. It's impressive.
You can't hear what they're saying from this distance, but at some point Nami gestures toward you, and Rider turns to look at you before shaking her head, and Nami slinks on back.

"Sorry," she says. "Rider doesn't have any interest in joining an orgy, or with sucking your dick right now." Nami doesn't seem too upset by this, delivering the message like it's just the normal course of anything to be courier for this kind of conversation.

But you're not convinced yet. It's unsurprising, but you decide to give it another, firmer try. "Try again," you say clearly. "And tell her I'm not asking her to do it, I'm telling her to do it."

Nami's eyes go foggy, as if the mind control just kicked in much harder, and there's something almost sluggish in the way Nami begins to move as she returns to Rider to do as she's been instructed to, and this time you can see an immediate change in things. As Rider looks over to you, she gives a smile and a nod, walking back with Nami this time. It worked. A smile spread across your face as you brace for the sweet thrills about to ensue.

"Hello," she says, wearing her own soft smile as she stands before you, Nami taking off Rider's top and bra for you to expose her ample chest, leaving now a trio of busty women standing in some manner of undress in front of you.

"Hi there," you say. "Will you be joining my orgy tonight?"

The flat, "Yes," that Rider responds with is almost too enticing to deal with, as she sinks down to her knees in front of you and reaches into your swim trunks. It's been hard not to be hard pretty much this whole time given all the things you've been doing and the fun you've been having with these women, and it means that what Rider fishes out of your shorts is a very hard cock. She tugs the still damp shorts down and lets them fall to your ankles as she takes hold of your cock, and she doesn't even wait to go into it, both hands firm on the shaft as she gets you into her mouth, and despite her flat response, there is nothing bland or empty about the way Rider goes about sucking your cock.

In contrast to the very direct, almost brutish way that Lapis sucked your dick under the water, Rider takes her task as a reason to go for what is downright performance art, slurping you into her mouth and greedily slurping all over the head of your cock while the shaft and base receive her strong and devoted hands tending to it. There's so much happening here and it's so welcome but also so unexpected, as the women least interested in your dick prove the ones best suited to deal with it.

"Look at her go," Nami says, eyes wide with awe. "She seemed so bored, now she's all over it."

"You could be paying more attention to me instead of taking blowjob notes," Lapis mutters.

You ignore all of those things to keep focused on Rider, staring down in delight at the way she services your cock with drastic motions back and forth, serving you without a care and allowing the absolute chaos of her treatment to speak for itself. "You feel amazing," you say to her, shifting focus away from the other two to stare down at Rider, whose lilac locks call to you, but you resist the urge to get your fingers in there, holding back and letting her work at your cock still. It feels wrong to interrupt this or hijack it; it's not about fucking her face and getting whatever you want now, it's about letting a pro work her fucking magic, and you are all about letting her do that now.

The speed and urgency with which she sucks only gets hotter and stronger as she keeps the pace up, as she services you without a care for anything but absolute surrender. Deeper she takes your cock, hands shifting about. She's playing with your balls now, deft fingers toying with them while she accepts you into her throat, and as she gags on your thick shaft you let out a loud, hot groan. There's attention coming from all around now as people stop what they're doing and watch, man and woman alike. The senseless glee that takes hold of you is something far too powerful for you to want to leave any of it behind, and you embrace the lusts completely as she shows you exactly what she's capable of.

Rider has you solved, has you enthralled, and just when you think you have her technique figured out too, she's slobbering all over your nuts, your cock tipped upward and feverishly stroked while the kneeing Servant licks and kisses all over your sac, frenzied in her lustful appreciation of your cock now. It's an absolute dream and you just can't hold yourself back in this enjoyment, hips rocking as you ache and give in to this mess, surrendering fully now to something so powerful and wanton that you can barely keep your head on straight.

Rider doesn't say much. Her silent, lustful treatment doesn't really need words or interference, standing on its own and providing you with enough relief and sensation to really not have much else to need to do. You just stand there and let her have her way with you, embracing her lustful and sloppy fervor, the way she licks her way back up to your cock again and slams herself down onto it until she's choking on your dick once more and the almost deliriously good pleasures drive you mad.

"How the fuck are you this good at sucking cock?" you groan, treated to an impossibly good blowjob and plenty of jealous stares from guys who wish they had known Rider could give such expert head. Already around you, you can see some of them deciding to just make moves on other women standing around watching, and you feel like this is the most perfect orgy advertisement possibility yet, and it helps entice you to finish quickly: if it's not at the orgy room it's a waste of all your time and 'effort'.

With Rider fucking her face down onto your cock there's not much need to try and force it; your orgasm is fast approaching, and it comes out hard, hot and sudden as you groan, hips rocking and utter surrender taking hold of you. Your cum floods into Rider's mouth, and she takes you on without a care, allowing you to jizz right down her gullet with absolutely no concern for herself, shivering and aching before she draws back and finally says, "I hope that was to your satisfaction," with a quivering voice and spit strands all over her lower face.

"That was," you groan. "But everyone! We should move the party over to the orgy room now. Don't fuck here when we can get comfortable! Come on." You take initiative and lead the charge, your three girls in tow, plenty of curious onlookers enticed by the sweet allure of sex, and in some cases, several women carryfucked by men to follow you. Building the orgy can't have gone better, now it's just time to reap the benefits of your deeds.

Chapter Text

"It looks like it's orgy time here at the Grand Resort!" Koto chirps, the perky catgirl bouncing and ambling about as you tug her back onto your lap. Her microphone doesn't seem plugged in to anything, but the words still echo over the speakers that would otherwise simply be warning of a fire or something. "Come over to the orgy room where the hottest fun is happening!" You don't know where the catgirl even got the microphone or where she came from, but she's found her way into your lap, and you're eager to get to fucking her as she lets out eager little moans, the cutest and sweetest noises following from her lip as you go all out with this excitement and this pleasure.

The Orgy Room is already alive and thriving with pleasure, with people rushing in. Rider, Nami, and Lapis quickly got tugged away from you, the three of them flush against the wall now and getting fucked side by side one another by guys who happily jumped at the three gorgeous women you brought in. Which is all fine by you; what's the fun of putting on an orgy if you hog everyone? The room is filling up with so many beautiful women who certainly need some attention too, and you're happy to just take this mess on and have your fun as hard as you can get it.

"This cock I'm getting fucked with is so big, ladies you have to come down here and get some!" Koto continues, while you give her butt some perky smacks and keep up your eager, almost frantic pace. People keep fumbling into the room, some on purpose, others drawn in. You can see some women heading in with glassy eyes and distant stares, coming back to their senses only when they have a cock in hand and are being guided down to their knees. It's such a hazy mess of chaos and aggression flaring up, and you can hardly keep track of it all as the room swells and builds up.

"The Orgy Room has the most potent effect on women," your robot aide explains. "Honoured guests don't usually try to share the love like this, but when they do, the field it sends out will draw people in, and the women will usually have the most fun of their stay here. They'll be more into it now than ever, so go wild."

Koto moans louder, but she keeps talking, energetic and vigorous through everything you do to her, almost a little bit imposing in just how eager she is to keep the words flowing. She won't stop, but it all kind of fades into empty background nonsense for you eventually, as you just keep up the reckless thrusts and fuck Koto steadily, harshly, getting what you want from her body and refusing to slow down in your pursuit of all that pleasure, until she bucking and twisting in an excited show of surrender, squealing hotly under the pleasure and losing herself completely. Her pussy clenches down without warning around your cock, an abrupt pulse of excitement and pleasure getting to you as you thrust forward and give up to the allure and the excitement, creampieing the overly talkative catgirl and taking your leave just as quickly as you started up.

It's weird to think about having an 'orgy strategy', but as the room fills up and indiscriminate fucking all around you prompts some kind of response that you need to get into, you can't really argue that you're going to need one. There's too much happening here, as you stumble around, quickly finding your hands feeling about for some hair. You kind of just move on impulse, blindly shoving someone down to her knees without even knowing who for a moment, your eyes taking a second to stare down at the pale woman and her white hair, Mara Sov down on her knees in front of your cock, and she doesn't skip a beat in what she does next.

"It is acceptable," her voice rumbles, very empty and callous, and the dismissive remark is all you get before she shoves forward and begins to slobber all over your cock. No warning follows, as the weird contrast begins. Everything about Mara Sov is composed and calm except for her mouth and the motions of her neck moving about as she begins to worship your dick, a sudden and aggressive push into depraved aggression that feels so weird and so sudden that you have no time to respond to any of it, startled by her hunger and by the wicked advance of a mouth seeking indulgence. She just descends upon you, fierce and hungry in the way she licks and kisses your shaft all over.

As crazed and as crazy as this reckless oral is, you can't for a moment pretend it isn't incredible. So many weird experiences and contrasts beyond attitude and action have followed you these past couple days, but none have been anywhere near as bizarre or as remarkable as Mara worshiping your cock while keeping the expression of someone sitting through a timeshare sales pitch. Her mouth feels incredible as it works along your shaft, even paying kisses down to your balls before she gets up to the head of your cock and just takes you right down. So hungry, so raw; she's reckless in her approach, even though her brow remains at rest and her eyes gaze off with disinterest into your pelvis like you're not even there. The utterly bizarre nature of this whole situation swells out of control, but it feels so curiously incredible.

Mara chokes your cock down with the same passive disinterest she's shown all along, a baffling show of emotionless fervor and lust that's as weirdly misplaced as you can get, but the excitement flaring up inside you is so hungry and so hot that you don't care, just keeping up with her as she shows off such a senseless and baffling appreciation of your dick. The magic and the spectacle of the Grand Resort is truly a special one, and you keep up the pace of happily embracing these sensations, leaning into the excitement and the mess of having this eager mouth service your cock while the woman attached to it seems as bored as can be.

It's certainly varied, at least. The difference in intensity between all these women and their respective levels of excitement at the prospect of getting your dick make sure nothing ever stays boring. You watch Mara go at it, savour one of the more peculiar blowjobs you've ever experienced and revel in the weirdness of a situation only getting weirder and more desperately out of control now, making for a rush of pleasure far removed from sense or decency. It's all just too much for you to believe, as you watch Mara keep working and choking and slobbering along until you've had your fun.

"I'm cumming," you warn, and you almost expect her to keep sucking you off through the orgasm just because of how little she cares. But she pulls back enough to let you blast her pale face and white hair with goo, which doesn't stand out too nicely against her skin, but stands out just enough to make a pretty sight out of her as she rises up and turns her nose toward you, wiping some spit from her mouth as she walks off and leaves you standing there a little confused and overwhelmed, but also so very delighted. "Weird one, isn't she?'

"She's just doing what she's supposed to," your robot says. "As opposed to you, who have dragged everyone into an afternoon of this depravity just for kicks. I would say you're the strange one."

The words bring a smirk to your lips as you actually look around a moment and admire your handiwork. Over by the door. Hitagi Senjougahara and Tsubasa Hanekawa pounce onto Hotaru Shidare as she walks in, immediately grabbing at her clothes, tugging them off and moving with ravenous fervor to begin pulling her into their clutches. Hotaru has no time to react before Tsubasa is making out with her and grabbing her huge tits, Hitagi from behind shoving her face up Hotaru's skirt and starting to eat her out. It's not just the boys who are all out in their reckless indulgence today, the girls are just as hungry, just as horny, and they're eager to play.

Elsewhere, Undyne has her fishy butt out hard, getting fucked by some guy while her lips wrap around the cock of another, happily and greedily slurping it down as she takes on the raw double teaming of a life time. A nice, rough spitroast drives on steadily,wickedly, something powerful and so hot that nothing can stop it. She takes it all like a champ, a hand even reaching out to seize at the cock of a man passing by so she can get on to work at handling even more cock. A total fucking champ.

You spend a little too much time following the way Undyne is getting fucked, which leads you to accidentally bump right into the plump butt of Rainbow Mika, bent forward and wiggling her hips toward you. "Hey, you there?' she asks, pressing against you. "I said I wanted you to get that big dick in me, come on over here!" She insists, grinding up on you and begging for your cock in such grand contrast to the woman just deepthroating you.

"Right, yeah, sorry," you say, grabbing at Mika's round hips and lining your cock up to shove into her plump ass, pushing on to claim her quickly, groaning as you sheathe your way into the snug embrace of a perky butt just begging for you attention and your indulgence, pleasure flaring up hot and wild amid your need now to give up to this senselessness. The orgy is proving one hell of a mess, but it's all the more exciting to you this way, providing such a wild and unexpecting swell of pleasures in all directions that you can barely realize this has been your brilliant, ecstatic doing. You just press on, sheathing your cock into her plump butt and getting on to your next task.

Mika moans hotly, pressing back hard against the pleasure as she feels you push on to claim her. "Fuck yeah, just like that!" she cheers, pressing her round butt hard back against your lap, bent over to take a nice, deep anal pounding without shame. "Get nice and in there, fuck my ass deep. God, I needed this! What good's an orgy if nobody wants your ass, right?" It's a weird sentiment to be sure, but you're eagerly agreeing with every damn thing out of her mouth right now for the sake of keeping this pleasure going, not sure where this is going to lead but happy to ride it out while you can. Mika's ass feels so snug around your cock, the pleasure immediate and incredible as you pound on and do your best to satisfy your deepest needs and cravings in the warmth and tightness of a plump backside.

There's really no simple or graceful way to go about this. You just fuck Mika's butt as hard as you can and make the most of a situation that feels incredible, your body pounding on firmer, the rough thrusts making the most perfect fleshy slapping noise to keep your body in motion and to keep Mika melting under your touch, everything you do hitting the spot just right in her chaotic surrender. It's an amazing feeling, one made only better as you reach your peak, burying yourself balls deep into Mika's ass and cumming inside, triggering her own intense orgasm as she thrashes and shivers against you, moans hot and raging on without care for volume or sense, just wanting to give in completely.

You pull back from Mika and notice that sitting all by her lonesome on a couch, Bowsette seems to be at least momentarily ignored in this writhing mess of orgiastic glee, and you simply cannot have that as you make your move on the lizard queen. "Hey, you should sit on my cock," you say as you take your seat beside her, and she doesn't hesitate, rising up to straddle your lap.

"You're right, I should. It's been pretty boring over here," Bowsette remarks as she sits herself right down onto your dick and gets to work riding you. It's a quick, abrupt, very shameless sort of feeling, as her slick pussy clenches around your shaft and she leans in to kiss you, greedy tongue fumbling against yours, and you happy make out with the buxom blonde queen, your hands settling onto her lip and your eagerness pushing on stronger, hotter, driven by something as direct and as firm as you can muster.

There's more to take in though, as a cute redhead you definitely don't recognize comes up from behind Bowsette and sticks something into her ass. A strap-on, you presume, as she remarks with a mere, "Hey," and gets to work at thrusting into Bowsette's hot butt. Far be it from you to refuse a lady her fun; you grab at her cheeks and spread them apart a bit, working into a nice, hot, steady double teaming rhythm with this stranger, aggressively and greedily seeking all you can get from the chances before you, the pleasure hot and greedy. Why not go in for this double teaming? An orgy isn't nearly as fun when you're just bouncing one on one between girls, time to get into some crazy shit and really enjoy yourself thoroughly. Every thrust into Bowsette's pussy drives on harder and you try to make the most of this situation.

The kiss doesn't last too much longer, as Bowsette breaks back gasping and squealing in overwhelmed ecstasy. Seems getting double-teamed is a bit too much for her, as she thrashes on back and forth in lusty motions driven by chaos and aggression, by something pleading for more. "Your cocks feel so good," she whines, biting her lip, her big tits heaving in your face, and you can't resist going in to suck on one as she keeps up the pace of her frenzied riding, as she embraces the pleasures and the excitement hotter by the second. She looks so happy getting double penetrated, bucking harder against you, her slick twat greedily clenching down and begging your cock for more, and more is exactly what you're keen to give.

You reach your peak, grunting happily as you give up to all of this, as you cum deep into Bowsette, making her squeal and thrash in excitement. A hot creampie is exactly what she deserves, and as you shift your head over, you look at the redhead with a smirk. "You wanna go for a ride next?' you ask.

She laughs outright in your face, and Bowsette pulls back, you notice there's an actual cock between her legs, not a strap-on. "Not unless you want to be the one riding," she replies. "Name's Naomi."

"I appreciate the offer, but I don't smoke, Naomi," you say, and she heads off with a laugh, remarking to her own robot that she wants to go find someone else to fuck, and you're pretty happy to take the second to look around the place and take an accurate assessment of the situation again, surely spun even more out of control now.

The orgy continues to rage on all around you. Koto from earlier is joined now by fellow announcer Juri, a dark skinned, green-haired girl down on beside the catgirl. They get fucked side by side, speaking into the microphones, which are no longer feeding sound into everywhere, but it's clear to you by the ways they gesture around that they're doing play by play commentary of the orgy around them, which is such an insane prospect that you almost want to head over there and listen to what they're saying, if only to find out what they're saying and how one does commentary of an orgy, although their pussies are pretty thoroughly stuffed already and you wouldn't want to occupy their mouths with anything that would interfere with their work.

Lapis had shown a lot of interest in Nami when you were gathering up your group, and you notice it paying off hard now as the sardonic gem rides the hell out of Nami's face, sitting down on her and showing some fucking life, her smile wide as she grabs at her own chest, at Nami's chest, moaning and just losing herself entirely. There's an urgency to how she's going at this, and she seems to be claiming Nami for her own, making the woman hers and swatting away guys who try to approach her, at least until they speak their way into getting what they want anyway. In short order Nami's getting fucked and Lapis is working her big tits up and down some other lucky guy's cock, but she keeps her focus and her attention squarely on the pirate underneath her.

Up in the middle of the room, you notice the heroine Midnight tied up with her hands anchored to the ceiling, bent forward, legs spread, a train getting run on her, deep thrusts of hard cocks pounding into her and leaving her absolutely cock drunk. The fuck-addled heroine catches your eye, and you see your next target now, as you walk over toward her and see what all the fun is about, very much wanting to get in on some of it yourself. There's only a few guys up ahead of her as you try to make your way over, only to find yourself horribly distracted by a sight even more alluring than that.

A needy blonde named Darkness rocks back and forth on her knees, whining, "Let me suck another cock, please, I need another cock, I need one so bad!" She's so fuck-addled from how much she's been doing in the orgy already that she's humping Bayonetta's leg like a horny dog, grinding her pussy up against it and licking the cum from around her lips. "Bayo please, you can't make me watch another guy fuck you while you--"

"You simply will not shut up," Bayonetta remarked. "What an insufferable handful you are. Let me see where I've--oh, there it is." She lifted up a spider gag from the side of a couch she stood by, grabbing it and slapping it on Darkness, forcing her mouth open wide and silencing her. "Now, if you want cock so bad, I'm sure we can quiet you up more than that, we just need to find a suitable volunteer to--"

"That would be me," you say, slipping happily forward. You press your cock up against Darkness's mouth before anyone can respond, although the lustful blonde is quick to force her way down your cock, forcing you on and urging you to plunge forward, shoving her back into a steady position as you begin to drill her tight, opened, eager mouth. "I'll handle her need for cock, and why don't you give me something to put my own mouth to work with while I do?'

Bayonetta hums and haws about it, but she didn't hesitate, pushing forward to lock in a hungry kiss, moaning into your lips as you get right to work at starting to make out with the gorgeous, leggy, stacked babe in front of you, while fucking the also gorgeous Darkness down on her knees and gagged in front of you. It's a nice mix of pleasures, an ice swell of inconsistent tone and weirdness to keep you pounding onward quickly, harshly, finding yourself happily thrusting on along and letting nothing slow you down. There's such vulnerable, ripe pleasure to be found everywhere here, and you keep all of it up as your steady thrusts push on, as you drive into her and ease into this pleasure, keeping your body tense and your attention firm.

Darkness chokes you down happily, and you feel so good being in control here, contrasting the blowjob from earlier where you had your dick just slobbered on by an uncaring woman, because this needy blonde is all over your cock. Her glazed, hungry eyes stare up needily at you as you keep this pace going, as you have your fun with her and hold nothing back in your confident, steady thrusts forward, each push more firm and more aggressive than the last. It's a lot of pleasure all at once but you take it all on well, keeping her rocking and shivering against your attention as you make the most of this, as you fuck her nice and deep, all while your tongue pushes into Bayonetta's mouth and indulges in other pleasures as well. Bayonetta adds a bit more by seizing Darkness's hair and shoving her further down your cock, establishing her confident and wicked control over the girl.

It's a distraction from what you should be doing, but it feels too good for you to stop yourself, as you hold nothing back in the process of pushing firmly onward, fucking her deep and rough, making for this pleasure as Darkness wriggles and squirms. You realize her arms are tied back, too; Bayonetta is really dominating her hard, and you're just storming in to have some wicked fun with this situation, pushing on firmly and wickedly. "Should I cum on her face?" you ask, and Bayonetta moans in approving vigor, thew glee and the flicker of wicked, playful excitement that seizes her says that you should do exactly that.

So you draw back as Bayonetta pulls on the blonde's hair, and with a hot groan you give Darkness a big, heavy facial. Your cock throbs and pulses in her face, and she looks at your dick with a reverence you could pretty much have greet you for the rest of your life and feel pretty great over. All the cum pools and drips down her face, making a right mess of Darkness, and you don't linger long enough to take much advantage of it as you jerk back and to other misaimed sexual intentions, giving a quick smack of your dick down onto her outstretched tongue and grabbing a feel of Bayonetta's gorgeous ass on your way off.

Midnight is still getting fucked deep and rough by the ever-eager crowd of men. As they take turns with her, a bunch of other people, male and female alike, standing around commenting on her, eyes on her while they remark and talk about her getting fucked, which makes for a pressing sort of a mess that has you eager to keep chasing onward, trying to make your way on toward Midnight in pursuit of all the excitement you can get.

But hands seize tight hold of you and abruptly tug you off to the side. "We need you to settle our argument," Hitagi says, pulling you onto a couch and kneeling down in front of you, Tsubasa beside her, both of them proudly topless and pushing their ample chests into your lap. Both women have such ample chests, now bared eagerly for your enjoyment, and you can't keep your eyes off of them now.

"Who has the better tits?" Tsubasa asks as they smother your cock in all the soft, plump tit flesh and eagerly begin to work their way up and down in joint titfuck, a push on to something very abrupt, very exciting. You're a bit overwhelmed by it all, really, startled as the abruptness and the excitement all get to you. The pleasure feels so refreshing and indulgent, with the eager women both rubbing their ample chests along your cock, eyes staring pleadingly at you in pursuit of an answer you really don't know you're ready or qualified to give given the fact that you're pretty overwhelmed by how pleasurable this all is, albeit very unexpectedly abrupt and harsh. There's a lot going on with this pleasure and this attention, frustration spiking up happily and hotly through you as you lean into this mess of a weird situation.

There's little clarity on the matter of exactly how you're supposed to answer this question. The double titfuck isn't helping solve anything at all; both of them are stacked and gorgeously endowed, and the way they're pushing in against one another has the funny factor of making their breasts squish together, making it difficult to see for certain how big their respective chests are, if size were even the deciding factor. It's a mess, but not one you feel like interrupting to try and 'help' them out of this situation here, as you shift and grumble, acting like you're trying to think of an answer. Occasional little gropes and caresses to their chests as you sit there help make it seem like you're trapped in careful and concerned thought when really, you're just trying to get off.

The plan works without a hitch, as the two women end up locked in this silly little mess of a discussion, both completely serious and sincere about this discussion, talking to one another with remarks trying to brag about their own ample breasts and how well prepared their bodies are, how enticing they surely are. It's an insane show of weirdness that is definitely not going to end with you giving them what they want, but the longer you can keep them from realizing that the better, leaning into this excitement and keeping the pleasure pushing on strong and hot, with Tsubasa and Hitagi both hard at work tending to your cock with their big chests.

"Gonna cum." It's the first thing you actually say of any note or substance, as the two women keep chasing this pleasure on, seemingly unaware of where your intentions lie until it's too late as they say they'll be able to see whose tits are better by whose gets the most cum. Or is it whose breasts look the best when covered? They're not even in agreement as you blow your load, leaving them gasping at the volume of cum gushing forward in hot, gooey waves, wishing for an answer now as they look up at you, and as you slip deftly out from under their attention you offer up the very unhelpful guidance of, "Why don't you get a second opinion?'

You leave them in your wake amid their complaints and keep pushing on closer toward Midnight, whose tongue hangs out as the men simply keep pounding into her, the line growing more and more as you waste time trying to get to the bound heroine and fuck her into gooey submission. It's a bit of a mess to try and navigate around everything as you seek to approach her, Midnight still a bit of a ways, and there is a lot of orgy around for you to try to deal with, and it's not really as easy as you wish it was.

"Mm what a yummy cock here," Roxy Lalonde slurs as she fumbles down to her knees in front of you, wasting no time as she starts to lick all over your cock, and as much as you should want to head off to fuck Midnight, you really can't help yourself now, as the eager, tipsy blonde gets her mouth to work at licking all over your shaft. It's messy, aggressive cock worship in the best of ways, and Roxy does it with a smile and flush cheeks, her head shifting about clumsily as she tries to steady herself a bit more, and she is simply not going to make that happen. With her gorgeous body displayed thanks to her wearing nothing but a long scarf, there's just no resisting her.

It just feels too good for you to mind, as Roxy's lips drag along the shaft, and it seems she has zero interest in taking it into her mouth as she slathers it with spit, her clumsy attention feeling great and only getting better as she pushes on firmly against you, as she makes sure every motion is a show of surrender and submission. There's so much spit coating your cock that it begins to pool at the underside and drip off or down onto your balls, and Roxy's response to that is just to start slobbering all over your nuts, too. The suddenness of this isn't something you can mind or complain about, because the pleasure that comes with it is pure ecstasy, your body aching and shivering hungrily under this pleasure, under this desire.

You lean into this confusion and chaos, your hips pushing on steadier, hotter as you rock onward, as you take on the pleasure of Roxy's mouth as much as you can get it. The sensations are direct and they're incredible, inducing within you something really potent and enticing. Your body shivers a bit, tension rising up as you press on, and she's right there to marvel at your cock and balls, tending to them firmly and keeping her loving gaze up high upon you as she works. It feels amazing, and feels even better in light of the way that she's driving on to make for something incredible, something that's so good and so hot that you can't help yourself.

Roxy mumbles and mutters to herself, and it's hard with her lips against your balls for her to speak clearly, and the way her words run together doesn't help either. You notice that she has a martini glass in one hand, keeping it low while she enjoys the taste of your cock instead for a moment, and you find yourself all too eagerly pushing on to play into something wicked. "Let me cum in your glass," you tell her, and like any guest at the Grand Resort, she's of course going to listen to a VIP. She nods, and as your cock pulsates and throbs, she draws back, grabbing your cock and stroking it to completion while bringing her glass up toward your dick, tilting it forward to make sure it catches everything.

Your spunk gushes forward, splattering across the glass and mingling with the little traces of gin left inside of it, as she pumps you on through your orgasm, making sure to get every drop of it wrung out before bringing it to her lips, and happily drinking down the gooey mass of seed, which goes in more like a blob of cum getting sucked up than like an actual liquid. But fuck if it's not one hell of a delight to watch, as you watch her go, straightening out and readjusting her scarf with a dramatic toss before heading off. "Thanks for the drink, sweetie," she says, heading off quickly and leaving you with another distraction down,, another chance to press on and get what you need.

But they've already taken Midnight down. You gasp in surprise as you realize she's getting triple penetrated now, guys swarming her all over and fucking her holes. She jerks off other cocks and handles a dick between her tits, and it's a bit disappointing to see that she's gone from tied to the ceiling and getting pounded to just getting sextuple-teamed. It's a weird situation, a weird mess that has you suddenly lingering in curious tension, feeling like maybe you don't want to go into this situation, choosing instead to take up some action elsewhere, a bit bummed Midnight is overwhelmed now and that she's all used up, but... Well, there's dozens of other women around here, so fuck it.

You look around in pursuit of some fun to have, and there's a lot going on all around you. Off to one side, Kairi and Aqua are laid side by side on a table, legs both up over the shoulders of men who greedily fuck into their slick pussies with deep, firm slams, and as they're taken, the girls happily cling to one another in greedy attention and indulgence, making out while they take on this pleasure and this attention. It's a gorgeous sight, especially with their perky tits heaving away and bouncing as they do, but it's already a scene going on, you don't want to slip in and interrupt anything for your own sake.

Elsewhere, Lady is getting positively drenched by cum. Guys just keep pushing into place and lining up to jizz all over her face, all over her tits, and with how much is there it's running down all over her body, making a massive mess of her, but in a way that has her absolutely overwhelmed, an oddly firm and tense look on her face as she tries to hold steady through all of this, but fuck if she's doing a good job of any of that given the intensity of what's happening and everything she's trying to do here.

Lapis isn't letting up on Nami at all. You see the two girls still going at it, Lapis having procured a strap-on somewhere in the chaos, and she's using it to drill Nami's pussy doggy style while another guy fucks her from behind and Nami happily slobbers all over a dick in her face. It's quite the line going on there, with Lapis's firm grip on Nami's round hips proving strong enough to endure the worst that can be done to her, and it's damn clear to you now that her interest lies with Nami and pretty much just Nami. Fine by you; you've had your fun with her now, there's other things to enjoy.

With Midnight no longer tied up, someone drags Rider over and gets her into the same position, and for a moment you consider going over to queue up and start fucking her, but you've already had your taste of Rider and there's so much going on that you kind of feel like just moving on to something else instead, as Rider grunts and gasps audibly from the mess of pleasure hitting her so hard, so overwhelming and fierce in the way she's taken. But fuck if her tits don't look great bouncing and heaving while she gets wrecked from behind like that. It's a fun you'll leave to everyone else as you instead set your sights on a real treat.

You see Max Caulfield up on her knees over Chloe Price, with Chloe's fingers spreading Max's pussy lips from behind and enticing on anyone who wants a turn. And oh, how you want a turn, stumbling forward and inviting yourself in. "Happy to take you up on the offer," you remark as you guide your cock into her from behind, making Max gasp and shiver a little bit under the attention you provide. The two seem to have been inseparable through the orgy, and as your hands grab at Max's waist to steady on, you feel ready to make the most of this situation and really get deep into this mess.

"I told you waiting for your turn was worth it," Chloe murmurs, her hands clasping Max's cute face as she leans in to kiss the girl splayed out atop her. There's a lot of pleasure and excitement in this situation, sensations rising up into you and making for something hot, something aggressive, and all you can do is lean into this. "Found the right cock for it too, you look like you're having so much fun."

"It's so big," Max whines, as you get rougher and quicker with her under the cute response she gives, seeking more of this for the sake of leaning into this excitement, unable to hold yourself back in your hungry advance. Powerful thrusts drive on firm and confident as you fuck her right on top of Chloe, eagerly taking all you can get out of this situation and making the most of things, this situation getting a firm hold on you and really making things feel like they're building up steadily. Everyone's having their own weird adventures and side funs here, and you can't help but wonder how long Max has been waiting for a dick inside of her as you keep up the pace with taking her, loving yourself to something truly remarkable, feelings of pleasure and hunger getting deeper and hotter as everything reaches its boiling point.

Max cums first, her inner walls begging down around you as you thrust forward and creampie her, giving her everything she wants and probably a bit more than that. Holding in firm, your pulsing cock shoots off shot after shot of seed into her, and she moans into the reckless, hazy kiss, thrills and pleasure getting the better of both of you as the pleasure aches on and you both sink into something powerful, something so hot and so hazy that you can barely think, pulling back with a groan and looking at Chloe next. "You too?"

"You fucking know it." Chloe tugs Max off of her a bit and switches around the position, pushing Max further up along the couch and keeping on her hands and knees as she dives in to start licking at her pussy from a bit low and a bit hot, her hips wiggling as she entices you to get on to fucking her next, and you are all over that excitement as you push forward, sinking your cock into the snugness of Chloe's pussy, just about as tight as Max's but also much slicker, more used. You can feel a lot of cum in there already, and you can tell she's been having a lot more fun than Max has, but that's none of your business as you just thrust onward, pounding with deep, hard thrust forward into a pussy that feels like a dream.

Chloe is so aggressive with eating Max out, drawing the cutest noises from Max in the process, and you are absolutely ecstatic about making the most of this situation, reaching forward to grab the back of her head and push her face deep into her friend's twat. "Eat every drop of my cum out of her," you command, and you're sure she'd have done it anyway, but she really gets active and aggressive in the oral she's giving now as she goes hard on Max. It gets everything nice and loud, as she gets louder and needier, showing you why Chloe was kissing her so much; she's fucking loud when she gets worked up, and she seems all wound up and overwhelmed right now, shoving her cute butt back and losing herself hard to this excitement.

There's a lot of fun to be had here, but even more exciting is to feel a pent up girl with an attitude lose herself on your cock. as Chloe cums you feel a wave of relief wash over you, pleasure hot and tingling through you as you give her your worst and simply don't stop until you've pumped cum deep into her gooey hole and filled her up, making Chloe shiver and whine, grabbing at Max and tugging her underneath her. The two shift into an aggressive sixty-nine as you pull out, leaving the two girls to enjoy your cum and assessing more of this madness.

Death of the Endless is in a precarious situation with her legs tied to a collar around her neck in a way that keeps her knelt and slouched, a ring gag stuffed in her mouth, drooling all over a cock she can't do anything but be completely overwhelmed by. The thrusts are harsh and you can hear her gagging away at the dick from here, but it's all in good fun, and she's an immortal being given malleable form, she's going to be fine no matter what happens. Beside her, Celty has a spreader bar holding her legs apart as the Dullahan takes a nice, rough pounding from another guy. Clearly the two women are taking this as a bonding exercise, given the way they high five as Death gets a gooey throatpie.

Juri and Koto's commentary is probably more incomprehensible than ever as you look over to the side in time to see Naomi working both of them along her cock quickly, their lips pressed to the sides of her cock as she thrusts between their mouths. They're still talking away into their microphones, but you can't imagine there is much of anything worth saying now, as you shift your gaze over a bit more, seeing a ton of girls wandering aimlessly around, and it gives you an idea. An incredible idea. "Down on your knees, I want a line of mouths to fuck!" you call, and immediately, thirteen women drop to their knees for you, in the most twisted and indulgent line-up you could ever imagine.

You start up front with Alita, your hands tangling into her short hair as you plunge on quickly down her throat. Nothing special or weird about this facefuck, you're just going at her as hard as you can for a short burst of a few seconds. You're not going to give thirteen consecutive throatpies and facials or anything, but a nice, firm moment of indulgence with a hot mouth is hardly going to run you any time as you indulge in the moment, Alita's big eyes staring up at you with confusion and need but also a weird sort of intensity, like she's ready to handle whatever you throw at her.

Kaine kneels beside Alita, with her brow furrowed and a foul word on her tongue that you're quick to silence with your dick shoving forward before she can get it out. She doesn't look too happy about this, but she's doing it, taking on your deep thrusts, her tits jiggling and bouncing on from the excitement and fervor of all of this, drool dripping down into her cleavage as you make such a mess of her. On a normal day, Kaine would probably just as soon punch you in the jaw, but here at the Grand Resort she'll drop to her knees on command, taking your cock on down her throat and only giving a backhanded response of, "You could have at least finished, coward," as you shift on down the line.

Kairi and Aqua are up next, and you give the Keyblade Bearers a nice dual treatment as instead of giving a steady burst of aggression to one girl, you alternate, dipping your cock one thrust down Aqua's throat, then over to Kairi's, creating a nice flow of indulgence and wickedness that has both girls clinging to one another, faces pressed together and big smiles meeting your attention and your wickedness. You work hard at their mutual satisfaction and for your hard work both of them seem more than happy to play on.

Further down the line is Hotaru Shidare, and the sweets addict throws you for a loop as she forces her way down onto your cock and holds you down her throat. Fucking her face on your cock is just as good as doing all the work yourself, you decide, as you decide to just hold on firm and let her have her fun with your dick, holding nice and steady amid all of this aggressive attention and excitement. It's a nice change of pace here, as you let her have her way for a moment, almost kind of wanting to let her keep going until you blow your load. But dammit, you need more, with so many women to enjoy and something to really embrace, pleasure pushing on firm and strong. She whimpers as you pull away and leave, but the show must go on.

With your cock dripping with spit, you decide Palutena deserves a different sort of spin as you push your balls toward her mouth, your cock resting against her face and throbbing as the goddess of light so eagerly begins to worship your sac, aggression and sloppiness going hand in hand with everything she does as she pushes on in there, rubbing her face along your shaft in the process. She doesn't have to, but Palutena is just special like that, giving a lot back as she throws herself into all of this excitement shamelessly, worshiping your nuts directly and aggressively, all for the sake of something that simply will not stop feeling incredible.

Kurisu Makise induces within you something a bit more rough and special, as you plunge down her throat quickly and embrace something hard, something focused not on actually facefucking her, but on something a bit more wicked. You take a few thrusts forward to loosen her up but then proceed to holding your cock down her throat, holding firm in place and making her struggle, shuddering and aching as you keep your cock plugging up her throat. Being met with Kurisu's panicked eyes is an incredible rush of feeling, as you just hold her on, choking her, taking this chance to choke her out and watch her shiver in struggle a little longer before you draw back.

It's almost callous to move over to Fumina Hoshino, but you're quick to get to it, seizing her ponytail and using it like a handlebar to slam down her throat, pushing fiercely and harshly into the pleasure awaiting you. The pleasure is incredible, something powerful and exciting pushing on. She meets your harshness with a readiness and a focus that shows a strong desire to push on and to succeed, refusing to let your big cock punish her throat to the point where she can't handle you. It's more exciting this way, as you keep up your pace fucking her without a care, as hard and as reckless as you can muster. It's just a nice, rough, ponytail-assisted throatfuck. Nothing special, but that's not always a bad thing.

Next up is Undyne, and as your hand tugs at her ponytail in turn, you wrap it around your hand and start to shove her down your cock with even more aggressive motions than you showed Fumina, if only for the sake of keeping things fresh. The fishy woman gags hard on your cock as she takes you down, and you lock firm, eager contact with her one eye, pushing on hard and making sure she knows who's in charge here and who's the one with balls slapping against her chin while she struggles and gargles on a big dick. It's the perfect way to put in her place someone who probably doesn't need place-putting, but who sure as fuck calls for it with her body and her attitude.

Nami, Lapis, and Rider all find themselves in front of you, and you're happy to bring it all back into focus by taking the three who you kicked off this orgy with. You tug Rider down to throat your cock while Lapis and Nami go at your balls, slobbering all over your heavy nuts while making out together, their mouths pressing together, Nami clearly as all over Lapis as Lapis has been all over her, which is nice and heartwarming, almost downright sweet if not for all the rampant perversion involved in everything going on here. It's a lot to take in, but the pleasure is undeniable, to be sure, and you almost want to give up to this pleasure and cum for them.

You hold back though, and on to Saber, who looks up at you ready to take on the end of it. You happily push on to claim the pretty blonde king's mouth, pushing on and feeling her moan around your cock as you get into this. "You're the lucky number thirteen," you tell her, running your fingers through her hair. It's something almost sweet that takes hold of you now, as even though you're definitely applying some pressure, you're not just subjecting her to a drooly, messy facefuck for the sake of it. Saber gets a bit more care and firmness than the other girls as you work through the pleasure, her obedient mouth wrapped tight around your cock and servicing you right to the edge, at which point you plunge forward for only one gooey throatpie, one fit for a king.

It's as you cum down Saber's throat that you look over to the side and see that there's someone standing by her who is looking at you like she's still pissed off about yesterday. Rin Tohsaka is none too happy to see you again, especially because the gag is still in her mouth. You wonder if it's magical, or if women just have to wear the gags through their whole stay here. A bright red ball gag stuck in her mouth is a sight you can't help but snicker over. "Still on punishment for moaning like a slut in the library, are you?" you ask, teasing her as her brows furrow. She's pissed, but she's also not in much of a position to do a damn thing about it, so why not have some wicked fun while you're here and enjoy her? "Well, this isn't the library--not that you'd make a sound with that thing in anyway--so why don't you bend over and let me fuck that perky butt?'

Rin doesn't like it. Her eyes make that apparent as all hell. But she also doesn't have a fucking choice as you push forward and guide your cock into her taut backside, hearing not a sound out of her. The gags must be magical in some way because she does not make a peep, even as your next thrust is a bit more vengefully and wickedly harsh. You're trying to test the waters here, and you refuse to slow down the pace of this firm, confident approach, fucking her deep and hard, the confidence and the wickedness all playing together into something twisted and deeply exciting.

There's no slowing down this pleasure as you shove on, as you fuck into her a sense of complete acceptance. Rin is yours to do with as you wish now, and you're happy to ruin her cute butt for the sake of following up yesterday's tease. "I could've fucked you yesterday. Pounded you until the letters all blurred. It's probably hard to read when you get fucked until your eyes roll back." Your hand swats across her behind. You've been pretty back and forth on the roughness of girls you've fucked, but a ballgagged Rin reluctantly fucking you because of the fields and everything is too ripe an opportunity to resist. "I could have used you up in my hotel room slurping my cum out of Kawakami and Android 18, too. A shame I left you behind."

All Rin does is shiver as you fuck her, but there's no denying the way her pussy is dripping all over her thighs and down onto the floor. Arousal hits her hard, and it's probably doing a fucking number on her as she squirms and shivers in this punishing panic, your cock hardly being gentle with any of this, wanting to really lay into her. It all works perfectly, overwhelming Rin with the excess of sensation you can provide, her body struggling harder and hotter under these feelings until finally she just succumbs completely. Rin cums before you do, which is its own mark of shame to enjoy, and you're happy to unload into her tight butt before shoving her forward, deciding one last parting gift for Rin is in store.

"Go around and stick your ass in guys' laps. Beg them to pound your butt, and unless they tell you otherwise, you're all anal through this orgy, okay?" With a pat on her backside, she goes off to do as asked, and your bloodthirst feels slaked at last. With good timing too, because someone else from earlier in your visit notices you, and she seems much more eager to see you.

"I thought that I would find you here," 2B says, giving you a tender little smile as she advances upon you. A2 is in tow behind her, grumbling with her arms crossed.

"Yeah good job, you figured out the pervert would be in the middle of an orgy." Not seeming too pleased to be here, A2 just lingers about, still clothed as the girls stripping others at the door and pouncing on them got tugged further away into the orgy. "Of all the people to come all this way for, gotta say... not worth it."

"I think it is very worth it," 2B says, as she presses a kiss against your lips. She takes the initiative as she shifts against you, saying, "I was hoping we could continue what we were up to in the casino. I greatly enjoyed myself there. My time with you." She's looking at you in a bit of a heartstruck sort of way, one that has you just melting. "May we?"

"Oh, we may," you say, sitting down on a nearby couch and tugging 2B up into your lap. She goes happily, climbing onto your cock and sitting herself down, moans rumbling as she pushes on. "A2, why don't you deal with my balls?"

"Wish 'deal with' meant castrate you so 2B would stop acting so fucking weird," A2 says, but she does as she's told and gets down onto her knees, pushing her face forward to begin licking your balls as you fuck her companion.

2B presses her modest chest in your face, her hands pressing to your shoulders as she begins to rock proudly atop your dick, soft moans pressing on eager as she makes her move. There's little reason or sense to this, it's just pleasure. Immediate and firm pleasure, delivered with a confidence and a loving nature that feels all so rewarding and warming. Whatever affection 2B has ended up for, it's driving her in motions now that have you feeling something different from all the carnal messiness going on around you. This isn't a quick and dirty rough fuck just because; 2B sought you out to get more of you, and you're sure it's probably the resort effects talking but you're loving this attention now while it lasts, keeping you rocking steadily upward to meet her pushes down, fucking her with a care and a confidence that feels just downright incredible. Every motion of your hips is a show of pleasure, joint adoration and sensation pushing on firmly and with a certain strength.

Her pussy feels incredible, seemingly untouched all day and now ripe just for you, as the excitement builds, pleasure throbbing between the two of you. You kiss at the tops of her breasts, keeping up a firm forward pressure and a feeling like you're really losing yourself here, giving up to all of this pleasure and not knowing what to do with all of it, a standout moment of indulgence in an orgy that has you holding tighter onto 2B, giving in to all of the excitement and the weirdness of a feeling utterly lost to sense. It's so much pleasure so quickly, intensity building as you and 2B move with increasing vigor and excitement, getting deeper and deeper into pleasures spiraling out of focus and control, and it all just feels too good to care as you both give yourselves up to this heat.

"I'm cumming!" you yell in unison. You and 2B both give in to sensations throbbing on out of control, spinning brilliantly with an ecstasy too hot to and too potent to deal with. You succumb together, embracing raw desires and something too hot to process. You cum deep inside of her, making 2B gasp in devoted ecstasy as she shoves a kiss against you, stronger and hungrier yet, and there's just nothing as good as this. It's all so much, pleasure spiraling off and leaving you a bit dazed as she clings to you so firmly, so snugly. It's amazing, and you're all too happy to embrace this warmth for what you can get.

You both remain clinging together, you panting and 2B slipping off your cock. A2 has been so much of an afterthought that you forgot all about her as she pulls back from her knees in front of you and looks around, starting to seem more distracted by the orgy all around her, to a point where she just begins to wander off without a care in pursuit of cock. And that's fine by you, as you look more firmly at 2B. It's been a pretty amazing two days, you have to admit, and the orgy you've made happen makes it all the better. This has been one hell of a trip, but you should probably start to think about heading home, as much as you may not really need to hurry to it right this second. Maybe just... Maybe something a bit more normal for the rest of your stay.

And you feel like you know just how to do it.

Your fingers slide through 2B's, entwining with hers as you tug her in a bit closer and ask, "You want to go up to my room for the night?" She nods sweetly and peppers you with kisses, and things almost definitely won't last outside the walls of this insane fantasy hotel between dimensions, but for this one night right now, you and 2B are going to have something special.


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