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According to Midoriya, Todoroki has been acting extremely affectionate and touchy these last couple of weeks. They were currently 'training' or as everyone liked to call it killing their bodies, pushing their quirks to their limits and even possibly pushing passed that.

Pushing off large edifices throughout the city portion of the training palace was extremely tiring and he decided to take a break on one of the grey rooftops. As he gazed over at his classmates, he once again locked eyes with the heterochromatic omega. Something about the looks he gave Midoriya made him feel warm, but he had no clue as to what it meant. He wasn't sure how to react to the longing stares and lingering touches, but he also wasn't about to complain about them either.

So instead, he sent a wave and a warm smile, his cheeks softly squinting his eyes. The omega could only shyly wave back, a blush dusting his cheeks as he turned back around, attempting to use both fire and ice quirk at the same time. It was nice to see Todoroki finally opening up and reveal a new side that not many would think he possessed.

   After being beat down for the day, Class 1-A decides it was time to shower up and hit the sheets. Everyone had chilled in the small living room, the omega girls, besides Momo, privately speaking amongst the boys and who they saw as a fitting alpha. Todoroki found himself in that small circle too, back leaned against the smaller red couch as he sat on the carpet, Jirou running her hands through his silky locks. He couldn't help but notice Uraraka's small, chubby cheeks flare as Ashido harassed her, shaking the smaller girl harshly.

"Uraraka! You just have to tell Deku! You know he likes you too so there's no way he'd reject you, and that's a fact!" This obviously gained attention from the few boys beside them.

"Woah, Uraraka is crushin' on Midoriya?" The girls could only hiss at Ashido as she sweat dropped. Todoroki growled within himself, both Jirou and Momo glancing his way, being the only ones to know his hidden affections toward the green haired alpha.

Speaking of Deku.

   The boy came from his All Might crazed room, rubbing his eyes after a much needed nap and smiled at the group. The brunette omega could only squeal as she thought that he actually heard their conversation, but only to see the boy puzzled but smiling nonetheless.

"Hey, I thought I heard my name? Is everything fine?" The group gave quick glances at each other before Ashido rose, a smirk on plastered across her lips.

"Oh great timing Deku! We thought you should know-" A quick hand clasped around her mouth by Asui, quickly shutting the obnoxious Beta up, an excuse quickly coming to mind to try and avoid ratting her friend out to her crush.

"We were debating on wether or not to ask if you'd like to join us in relaxing and playing Sorry! We want to see four people just turn on each other for once. Are you in?" Midoriya's eyes lit up and he shook his head up and down frantically.

"That sounds really fun! I'm in!"

    First group up was Iida for blue, Asui for green, Jirou for yellow, and Yaoyorozu for red. All four around a small brown coffee table, each player sitting on a side.

And so the terror began, the fight to have all three of their pawns around the board and back into the safezone. Of course the deck being shuffled more than twice and a few set backs from the Sorry! card later, Iida ended up being the winner of the first round.

"Dammit, I thought I had that." Jirou pouted, "I only needed a 3" she leaned on Momo's shoulder as she wrapped her arm around her waist. The female alpha couldn't help but purr, Jirou singing a soft song in return and had relaxed the atmosphere quite a lot. Everyone relaxing and waiting for the next random set of names. Iida since he was the winner, got to pick the next four.

"Hmm, well I'm honored that you've given me the opportunity to choose the next player and will do my best to make this interesting! Hmm.." He looked about the group till he pointed.

"Midoriya, Ashido, Uraraka, and...Todoroki!!" A bit surprised to be called, Todoroki moved to sit between Ashido and Midoriya, shyly scooting toward the pink haired Beta and further away from the alpha to his right. Though the alpha didn't seem to notice, too focused on Uraraka's small talk. The cards shuffled and the group debated on who'd go first till Todoroki reached out his hand and was about to grab a card till a larger one hovered over his and lightly grasped it. Realizing who it belong to, he quickly pulled his hand back, grabbing it with his other and close to his heart, letting out a quick apology.

"I-I'm sorry Midoriya, I was just going to grab a card till-yeah just sorry." The group was stunned at the sudden unorthodox behavior of the usual quiet and composed omega.

"It's fine Todoroki! You can get a card first." His soft eyes left Shouto looking like a deer in headlights. But somehow he managed to pick up a card and the games went from there. Continuous jumps and slides later, the game had gotten more hilarious and enjoyable. Everyone watching was rooting for their chosen player to win as it came down to the final plays.

Todoroki had one of his pawns put back at the start by Ashido and slightly moped at the thought of loosing when he was so close. But it wasn't like he could do anything, now that the turns have lapped and all of hers were now in the safe zone. Todoroki was next to grab a card and to his surprise, he had also gotten the Sorry! card. He glanced down at the board and realized that the only other person that didn't have all of their pieces in the safe zone was Midoriya.

"Todoroki, don't even think about it." The alpha gives him a look of pled but the Omega only giggles and grabs Midoriya's pawn, putting it right back to the start. Said classmate groans and puts a hand on his forehead, laughing a bit as well.

Sad to say Uraraka won that round, her cheerful hurrah toward the sky made most of her surrounding friends laugh, only Todoroki pouting like a child while he glanced at the clock. Was it really nine already?

"Okay! So the next round is going to be Yaoyorozu, Jirou, Kirishima and Kaminari!"

Over the small chatter, Shouto could hear what sounded like small pebbles being thrown at the large double windows. But now listening harder, he realized rain had started to make its way over, the sudden bright light flashing the gathering room brought him to his feet, the hairs on the back of his neck starting to stick up.

He needed to go.

"Sorry guys, I'm calling it a night. Thanks for inviting me to play." Quickly he heads to his room and closes the door a little more fast than he would have liked, grabbing his earphones and trying to drown out the sounds of the now more harsh rainfall, also going beneath his blanket from the blinding light.

You see, as Shouto grew up, his father had trained him to surpass his power and even All Might himself. That also meant that most of that training at such a young age was scarring, and overall a very painful experience as his father repeatedly push him well passed his limits; the excruciating pain of having the wind knocked out of him or his fathers lights burns whenever he failed to complete a task. The memories of his fathers blinding fire quirk and thunderous alpha voice were burned within him, the storms always giving him flashes of his unfair childhood.

So when things like this happened, he often went to his sisters room, enjoying the company of another omega and helping him through the night. But now that he lived at the school dorms, it was different. No longer could he hide away from the terrors of the storm, and confide by his sisters side. He was alone and it wasn't like he could just walts in on Momo and Jirou, it would only burden them and he didn't want that. So he turned the volume up louder, hoping that he could fall asleep and just forget he was here and this storm didn't exist.

~Back in the living room~

"You know, maybe we should go to bed too. We can continue this after when we wake up tomorrow. So everyone, just catch some shuteye and I'll Seeya guys tomorrow! It's our day off anyways!" Kirishima said as he dragged Kaminari and Mineta toward their rooms. The rest decided to take the advice and head toward their room as well. Turning in for the night didn't sound bad at all right now. So within the next few minutes, the large space had cleared. Except that Midoriya had just awoke an hour before and man was he not tired.

"Well I could just play some games on my phone. I'm not sleepy and I'm not about to go back to bed already." And so he did, lost within his phones for the next hour and a half before a quiet whimper sounded from the hall. Midoriya hearing this through his earphones pulled one earbud out, listening to see if his mind was playing tricks on him or if he really did hear something.

After a hot minute of not hearing the voice again, he was about to put his bud back in before thunder boomed and the whimper was heard again, only much louder this time.


"Hello? Is someone awake?" Midoriya called out. But when no response came, he took initiative to go and search for the voice and came to a very rough halt in front of Todoroki's door. The scent of distressed pheromones were strong but were greatly suppressed by the doorframe, probably meant to hide an omegas heat. But back to the sudden question of why Todoroki felt so terrible that he'd be releasing that kind of thing? After a small debate with himself, he knocked softly on the door with three taps. Rustling and light footsteps made their way toward the door until it was opened quietly, creaking a bit as it stopped enough to see Todoroki's eye.

"Hey Todoroki! Are you alright? I thought I heard something?" Realizing it was Midoriya, the omega fully opened he door and tried his best to rid of the bad pheromones he'd been producing and glanced to the side.

"Yeah I'm fine, just reading some really scary-" A flash of light followed by a loud boom made both of them jump, but Todoroki simply moved forward quickly and wrapped himself around Midoriya, not caring if the alpha had any objections.

"Woah! Todoroki are you alright? Are you scared of the storm?" Midoriya felt him nod his head slowly before burying himself within the alphas hair, the presence of his classmate surprisingly comforting. Of course Midoriya stuttered for words but let Shouto do as he pleased, as it had seem to relax the omega a lot more than before. Now that they've made skin contact, he can't help but feel how cold Todoroki is. Could he not use his fire quirk to heat up because of his distress?

"Would you like to go to my room? I had a small fireplace installed within my room so that I could keep warm while I train, otherwise my muscles tense." Not waiting for his response, he took Shouto's wrist and lead him to his room, the alpha trying to hurry before another loud strike startled Todoroki more than it has already. As they arrived, Midoriya immediately lit the fireplace and grabbed Todoroki one of his embarrassing All Might themed blankets, wrapping it around the taller male as he sat. Instantly the omega released pheromones that mirrored pleasure, but not as erotic. It was more like Calamity and happiness colliding with each other, their mix pleasing the alpha within.

Shouto sat in front of the fireplace on the floor, his back against Midoriya's side bed frame and feet sprawled out, warming as the fire grew a bit higher. Soon the alpha join by his side, grabbing his back up blanket and throwing it around himself as well. As his eyes began to droop and sleep was sneaking up on him,

"Thank you, Midoriya." His eyes flickered open and looked to his right. He had no idea how much he was helping the the dual quirk user, but with the strong scent coming from Todoroki, he could've guessed that whatever he did, the omega was very pleased. His alpha once again purred at the amount of satisfaction that the sound almost slipped, but thankfully he was able to catch it before then.

"The storms remind me of some of the things from my past and it scares me quite a bit, but being here is helping me so much. So, thanks."

"Of course, you're welcome here anytime. The sound of the fireplace really downs out the rain, doesn't it?" He nods his head and continues to stare at the fire. "It's late and you should get some sleep. I don't mind sharing a bed if you're comfortable. I know with our dynamics it's kind of inappropriate, but we're friends, right? And I don't want you to be so scared and alone when you have a friend like me here willing to help you so please, stay!"

"Midoriya it's fine, don't overthink yourself now." The omega giggled a little more feminine than he wanted to but quickly shadowed it by standing to his feet, and already snuggling into Deku's bed.

"But I forgot my night wear, so if you don't mind, could I borrow something?" Handing him a baggy white training shirt that was even big on Todoroki was way beyond adorable. And he was removing his pants!?!?Midoriya's face flushed a bright pink and he was so thankful for the dark room. But without making it awkward, he also slipped into bed, shifting himself so he faced the ceiling with his arms behind his head. Todoroki on the other hand faced the alpha, holding his own hands close to his face and quickly fell into a deep sleep. Not long after, even now being that tired, Midoriya soon followed after.

The next morning, all Deku could feel was weight on his chest, and not only that, but his shirt felt like it had risen above his belly button, not to mention his body is suddenly aching all over. It took him a minute to fully open his eyes, now glancing over at the weight that was Todoroki, his soft snores and the steady breathing showing as his frame went up and down. But the weight was because this freaking dude was lying, cuddling against Midoriya's side, and not to mention that Deku's own arm had somehow wrapped itself around him as well!

Not able to take any more, the alpha's tomatoed face and racing heartbeat caused the poor alpha to shoot up from bed and plop down onto the hard floor. Startled by the sudden movement, the omega shoots up and rubs his eyes furiously. Fixing his gaze as Deku stood, rubbing the back of his head as he'd hit it pretty hard from the fall. The fireplace had still been cracking, but the flame much lower than before.

"Darn, going to need more wood." Noticing the sudden silence he turns back to Todoroki only to find the omega staring, an unreadable look in his eyes as he starred Deku down.

"Umm, are you alright Todoroki?" The omega only nodded and quickly shook his head as if he were to be snapping out of something. Finally he pointed toward the mirror behind Deku and breathlessly laughed.

"Might wanna take a look at yourself."

And there in all it's pride and glory was Midoriya's first stage of alpha form. His height had spurted, making his muscles more toned and accented, his face changing a bit more masculine and sharp rather than his usual baby faced self. The smaller shirt that had barely fit before now looked like something for children, it's small size tight against him and his black shorts well above his knees. He quickly took off the shirt to see his abs had toned to his new body, the creasings more noticeable and he just could not believe this.


The loud outburst had drawn many awake, coning out fo their rooms quickly and straight for Midoriya's. Of course Iida using his quirk to zoom on over, ignoring Kirishima's complaint of not using the quirks indoors as they'd all be punished for it. Most of their class had knocked until Bakugou slammed it open, revealing the transformation of Deku, one that many would call definite alpha material. Uraraka gawking as she eyed him up and down, her inner omega almost calling to him before she noticed someone on the bed. Not only her but everyone else turned to him as well, seeing the omega in Deku's shirt and he looked as if he wasn't wearing anything under that, in his bed looking as if he just woke up. They all turned back to Midoriya and catching as to what they were thinking his face again turns beet red.

"No no no! This is not what it looks like!"


I hope you guys enjoyed this as much as I loved to write it! (: More updates soon to come!