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Love in the air

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Chloe, I`m not sure if this."

"Oh come on Max. it`s small explode."

"But what if your mom hears or someone your neighbor?"

"Max, do you trust me?" Chloe asked.

"Of course Chloe!

“Then trust me this one” Chloe respond as she picked up her lighter.

“Fine then.”

"I know what I do Max" Chloe responded.

"Yeah yeah sure Chlo."

"Oh shut up" Chloe answered as she lit the charge which is around the dolls.

We rushed to Chloe`s table.

First nothing but then *boom*

"oh my god, that was epic."

"Don`t tell me otherwise Max" Chloe respond as she stood her bed.

"yeah, you`re crazy."

"Well mom wanted that I get rid of my junkie, but.... maybe we need to do clean as well, help me out" Chloe responded.



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