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Standing In Front Of You

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Disclaimer: I don't own any of the characters from Teen Wolf they belong to their creator. I own Isabella Stilinski and anything/anyone else you don't recognise.

Standing In Front Of You

Isabella Stilinski stood listening to her parents arguing over the best way to help their youngest child, Stiles. It wasn't unusual for them to be arguing over him but it was when they didn't realise that Stiles was watching them not understanding what was going on. Isabella noticed that Stiles was watching them, whilst rocking back and forth on his heels, so she quickly walked in and crouched in front of him.

“Hey buddy,” she smiled, putting her hand on his shoulder gently as the six year old looked at both their parents.

“Mmm,” Stiles made the slightest sound before he looked at her, his little eyes full of wonder as he continued rocking back and forth.

“Come here,” Isabella held her arms out for him and waited for a second before he wrapped his arms around her neck. “Mom, dad I'm going to take Stiles to the park,” Isabella said as she stood up scooping Stiles up at the same time. Neither of her parents heard her so she took Stiles up to his room. “Come on buddy, lets put our warm coats on,”

“Why?” Stiles questioned quietly, there was a few words that he would say and only to Isabella and 'why' was always one of them.

“I'm going to take you to the sand box,” Isabella replied as she helped Stiles into his blue puffy jacket that was one of the few pieces of clothes that didn't irritate him.

Stiles clapped his hands together happily before Isabella put his shoes on him and then lead him down the hall to her room so she could grab her jacket. The park was only a short distance away, and she knew that Stiles wouldn't walk the entire distance so she picked him again intending to put him down when they were half way there. As they were leaving the house Noah and Claudia looked up having seemingly stopped arguing.

“Bella, where are you going?” Noah questioned, as Claudia walked away from him and headed towards the kitchen.

“Taking Stiles to the park, I've got his little emergency bag with snacks etcetera,” Isabella answered, holding up the bag as Stiles started to clap his hands against her side. “We'll be back in an hour,”

“It's just you kids and your mom for dinner tonight, I have to go into the station,” Noah said, Isabella nodded, their dad heading off to work wasn't unusual. “Hey buddy, dad has to go into work, I'll see you in the morning. Be good for your mom and sister,” Noah slightly ruffled Stiles hair with a smile before Isabella and Stiles were off to the park and he was out the door to the cruiser.

Isabella and Stiles walked to the park with Isabella putting Stiles down when they were a block away. The two of them walked with Stiles clapping his hands excitedly until they got the gate of the park when he stopped and looked up at Isabella and then at all the kids and put his hands to ears. Isabella crouched down in front of him giving him a cuddle telling him that it was okay before she scooped him in her arms and took him to the seats beside the sand box. In the sand box there was a little boy with floppy brown hair building sandcastles.

“Mommy!” the little boy giggled, grinning at his mother Melissa McCall who Isabella found was sitting next to her.

“Scott! Don't do that!” the little boys mother Melissa said, gasping as Scott moved to tip sand into Isabella's bag.

“It's alright, my little brother does it all the time,” Isabella said motioning to Stiles as he climbed off her lap and went and sat on the edge of the sand box.

“My names Scott, what's yours?” Scott asked moving close to Stiles who moved backwards slightly almost toppling over.

“St...Stiles...” his voice was barely audible over all the kids playing as Isabella jumped off the seat and crouched downside him.

“Hey buddy, it's okay,” Isabella soothed, giving Stiles her hand to play with before she glanced at Scott's mom and then back to Scott. “Hi Scott, I'm Isabella and this is Stiles,”

Stiles sat and played with Isabella's hand for a minute before edging his way back into the sand box and sitting opposite Scott. Scott watching Stiles intently to see what he was building before mimicking him. Neither boy saying a word until Scott decided that Stiles was his new best-friend, Stiles deciding the same thing being smitten with the boy opposite him. It turned out that Melissa was friends with Noah and Claudia and also worked at the hospital so she knew Stiles from the visits.