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There were several points that dictated that the Kujou mansion wasn’t currently empty. It didn’t stop Mashita from feeling that way. The large building didn’t do itself any favors when it came to comfort, the several long hallways and rooms only adding to the isolating feeling. Christie and Mary’s presences didn’t help either, Christie spent so little time outside her own room when not paired up with Yashiki, and Mary barely registered a blink on his radar, never speaking and remaining frozen in place. Yet, here Mashita is, sitting in the main entrance room after Yashiki bended to the determined Shou’s wishes to join the search. It didn’t cause Mashita to worry though. While Shou may have been an idiot, he knew Yashiki wasn’t hopeless.

The downside was having to still on the one case that mattered. Discovering the truth behind the Honey Bee Family and truly putting it to rest was the major goal here, and having to sit in the backseat while others who didn’t understand the gravity of the situation did not sit well with him. Just waiting on results wasn’t his style, he was a former detective for god’s sake, and yet here he sat with arms folded, listening to the quiet ticking of the grand clock up the stairs.

Mashita could tell that the moment of truth was probably closing in on the two back in the forest. It wasn’t something he could feel in the Mark but was more of a giveaway from the time. If the spirit attacked before dawn closed in just like in Hanahiko’s case, time was growing short or was already up. Who knew if Shou had what it took to actually face the spirit, but Mashita figured he’d find out whenever Yashiki returned.

“You seem to be taking this very well. I was under the impression this case was important to you,” a quiet voice speaks up. Mashita’s eyes flick over to Mary’s corner of the room, her body maintaining the same still position.

It was a little out of place for Mary to be initiating a conversation, but Mashita didn’t falter as he responded, “Pacing around and complaining about it isn’t going to help. If Yashiki’s going to take that idiot with him, I’ll just have to hope they come back in one piece.”

“It’s faint, but I can tell the Mark is closing in on the two. Are you not worried?”

Mashita almost scoffs at the question. “What’s worrying about them going to accomplish? Yashiki’s compentent; unless Shou gets in the way, they’ll come back fine.”

Mary doesn’t bother slowing down her questions as she continues, “So you have confidence in their success? Does that linger from successfully freeing yourselves from Hanahiko?”

“Man, you’re really filled with questions. Did you grill Tsukasa this hard when we left without him?” Mashita comments as he rises to a stand. “Of course I wanted to see how this case would end, but I’ll get my results one way or the other.”

“Do you trust Lord Yashiki’s decision to bring Shou along?”

“Well, it’s not like I’m going to protest him on it.”

“So you trust Lord Yashiki?”

The barrage of questions wasn’t stopping, and that point, it was annoying Mashita. His brows furrowed as he approached her resting place and responded, “You know you’re a lot more talk than usual today. Why are you so concerned in my trust in Yashiki? I figured he was important to you, but this is a little too involved.”

“Well, it can be an area of concern. I was the one who asked you to stay due to your aligned goals and to accompany Lord Yashiki. Imagine my surprise when you returned with the same Mark you’d already avoided in your quest to find the truth,” Mary continues. It sounded like she was about to start lecturing him, and the feeling of it was odd, to say the least. “But I wonder about why you did stay. There was no guarantee you’d find the answers you were looking for, or that you’d even come across Shimi-O if you stayed here with Lord Yashiki, and yet, here you are. Things did align in your favor.”

“Is that all you’ve got to say about it?”

“Truth be told, I regret asking you to stay here.”

Mashita’s thoughts stop dead in their tracks as he stares wide-eyed at Mary. He knew Mary was sentient, she had her own thoughts and that was proven with her desire to stick to Saya’s wishes, but it was still an unexpected sentence. Why was she suddenly against him staying? The silence was brief, Mashita was given no time to recollect his thoughts as she continues, “This has already gone past the late Lady Saya’s wishes. I allowed you to stay here despite losing your Mark, and since I’ve allowed you to stay, you’ve not only regained the Mark, but now there’s the worry you’re getting attached.”

Mashita can’t help but raise an eyebrow as he stares at the doll before him. “Attached? Is your head as hollow as the other dolls? What in god’s name…” he can’t help but trail off.

But Mary takes that as a sign to be continue. “The fault is my own. I had never expected the two of you to actually cooperate with one another this well. If anything, I was worried your horrible, abrasive personality would cause Yashiki to hate you.”

Mary’s voice sounds hollow like always, but yet her words are like venom. It’s like she’s choosing her words to be as malicious as possible, almost as if something’s come over her. He takes a step back from her as he responds, “What, you’re worried we’re going to be friends at this rate?”

“Something around those lines. While the cooperation from fellow Mark Bearers has proven to be absolutely vital, you risk being in danger by continuously coming into contact with spirits and giving yourself the Mark every time you aid him. If you stay here to help Lord Yashiki as a new friend, you could find yourself in danger over and over again.”

“I didn’t stay here for Yashiki. I had my own reasons.”

“So if this was your reason and you reached your goal, would you leave at the end of the night?”

The answer is stuck in Mashita’s throat. The tragedy was he couldn’t rely on his answer. It left him frozen in place in front of Mary, his train of thought was practically a runaway at this point, and for the first time in a long time, he felt truly stuck in place. He never thought of Mary as threatening, but now it felt like she held a knife to his throat as she spoke, each word cutting deep to get to the root of the issue.

“So what if I did stay to aid him?” Mashita finally spoke up in an attempt to show some backbone. “I understood the risk from the moment you asked me to stay. Now you have an issue with that? Isn’t it a little too late to show concern?”

“I want you to show some concern for your own life.”

“Bullshit. This is about Yashiki. If it was about my own life, you’d never ask me to stay to begin with.”

Bullseye. Mary is silent for once, and Mashita takes the moment to regain his composure. Her glass eyes stare up at him with no expression still, yet it still feels like she’s holding control, like she’s only faltered for a brief second before she takes back the reins. She doesn’t even bother turning away as she continues, “And what if this is about Lord Yashiki? Do you not think removing yourself from the situation would benefit him?”

Her comment almost dumbfounds Mashita as he replies, “How would ignoring a man in need help him?”

“He wouldn’t have to worry about you, for one.”

It was a cruel comment, but it stuck, and he looks down from her gaze. Mashita can only remember Yashiki’s horrified face when he noticed the Mark on his arm after their first sighting of Shimi-O, how the words seemed to get stuck in Yashiki’s throat despite Mashita’s acceptance of the situation. The frustration on his face must’ve been visible when he heard Mary continue, “So you do realize your burdening presence.”

“It’s not a burdening presence if I can amend how I help,” Mashita’s quick to snap back as he looks back at her.

“Why are you fighting against the idea of you departing here?”

“Why are you so set on me leaving to begin with?” Mashita almost yells in response. “You’ve already given away that this has to do with Yashiki, but yet you’re so against the idea of me helping him now. You hate the idea of me being a friend to him. He’s literally an empty man with no memories, he has nothing to his name, and yet it sounds like you want to isolate him now. You talk about ‘attachments’ as if us working together is harmful. What’s with this sudden change of heart, why does it feel like your goal is to harm him instead of help him?”

Everything about the situation was frustrating, to say the least. Mashita couldn’t explain what Mary was even thinking, all he knew was that there was this terrible, sinking feeling in his heart and in his gut, and whatever trust he had in her was starting to fade.

The same ticking of the clock was all that filled the room. Both of them stayed silent, Mashita’s words still heavy in the air. He felt as if he was starting to hit something important, but yet he knew he was far from reaching the core of the truth. It’s not until Mary speaks again that Mashita starts to understand the gravity of the situation.

“You’re interfering, and you need to leave.”

“What if I don’t?”

“You’re a smart man. Figure it out.”

Something wasn’t right about her. Something wasn’t right about any of this, and the idea of this mansion being a safe haven for Mark Bearers was starting to shatter in his mind. Her soft voice may have sounded emotionless, but the malice was starting to seep through.

Suddenly there’s the tapping of feet against the stairs. Mashita turns his head to see Christie descending the stairs, looking at the two of them with a mixture of exhaustion and shock. “Is everything all right? I thought I heard yelling…”

Mashita seems frozen for a moment before he responds, “Sorry. Got a little wound up over something, nothing to worry about.”

His response looks like it worked as the worry fades from Christie’s face and it replaced with concern. “You had me worried, as if this Mark isn’t enough to worry about as is. I can’t help but feel anxious waiting for those two to return.”

“They’ll be back soon, I’m sure.”

Christie still carries the same concerned look. Maybe she can feel the heavy air left from Mashita and Mary’s conversation, or maybe she can tell something’s wrong from Mashita’s lack of sarcastic comments and rude jabs. She doesn’t respond any further as she slowly retreats up the stairs to her room.

The pressure in the room only feels amplified after she leaves. Mashita still finds it hard to move away from Mary. He’s the one that carried the gun, but yet he could practically feel the barrel against his head. His head was swimming as he tried to come back to.

A thought stuck out in his head. Dawn was almost here, wasn’t it? Mashita’s quick to pull down the sleeves of his jacket and suit to look at his wrist to find it completely bare. Looks like the two were successful after all.

“What a relief to see your Mark is gone,” Mary’s quiet voice interrupts Mashita’s already hectic thoughts. He knows now that it’s not a congratulatory remark. This is exactly what she wanted. The mark being gone was more reason for him not to stay.

Mashita really needed to consider his course of action here. His conversation with Mary was nothing more than that, there’s no weight to his words. There’s no evidence of Mary’s true intentions, just nothing more than the feeling that felt like a rock sitting in his stomach. Yashiki wasn’t a foolish man, and bringing up the situation to him would cause him to be skeptical at the least, but yet Mashita’s heart ached at the idea of leaving him stuck in this house with a doll that seemed to hide her intentions.

Mary spoke of attachments and possible friendships. He thought it absurd at first, but now it sinks in that there was some truth to what she said. He cared for Yashiki.

Mashita doesn’t say a word to Mary as he finally calms himself and walks away from her. He wasn’t leaving here without seeing Yashiki back at least, and if anything, he was sure he’d find a way around this doll.

It isn’t but a few minutes later before the doors are pushed open and in walk Yashiki and Shou. Both look absolutely exhausted, but while Shou looks relieved, Yashiki looks grim, same way after they had defeated Hanahiko with no luck in his own Mark being gone. Christie also comes down the stairs to rejoin the group.

Their conversation after their return was brief, Yashiki’s Mark was still branded on his arm, and oddly enough, the same went for Christie. Shimi-O was just as terrifying up close as when they first saw him, but in the end, it looked like he was lonely. That wasn’t what interested Mashita however, when Christie remarked about the sickeningly sweet smell coming from Yashiki, he was prompted to pull out a book that Shimi-O had dropped containing details of the Honey Bee Family, even going so far to explain their twisted mass suicide. Yashiki flipped through the honey-coated pages as he read them aloud, his face twisted from the touch of the paper of the notebook and its contents.

This is what Mashita wanted to know. He wanted to know the truth of this case for the colleague he’d already lost. Yet, something’s still sitting in his gut, making him anxious and disturbing him, and it’s sitting near the corner of this very room.

Once the discussion of Shimi-O’s case is over, Mary pipes up, “Please, feel free to make use of the rooms here to rest for the night.”

Shou thanks Yashiki for his aid before heading up. Christie comments on how she’ll be staying longer than expected thanks to the Mark, her head low as she says goodnight before going up to her own room. That leaves Mashita left face to face with Yashiki, the sinking feeling still there but hidden by his usual smug face and attitude as speaks, “I think I’ll be heading out after resting myself as well.”

Yashiki looks a little stunned as he responds, “Is that so…”

Mashita doesn’t comment on how Yashiki sounded sad as he continues, “Can’t keep staying here and only getting myself nearly killed over and over again. I’ve gone through it twice, that’s enough. I was able to learn something new while I was here at least, thanks to you.”

“What’s the plan then for you afterwards?”

“First off, a word with you,” Mashita responds, completely ignoring his question. “I know you’re stuck in this. You’ve got to do what you can to get rid of that Mark before it kills you. You need to watch yourself better than you have been. Don’t be afraid to be doubtful.”

Mashita knows Mary can hear him, but she’s silent of course. Yashiki only looks puzzled at Mashita’s words. Maybe he wasn’t sure how to respond. Makes sense, it’s coming out of left field for him, but that pit of despair in Mashita’s stomach still claws at him, and it’s not resting until Mashita at least expresses some concern.

Mashita afterwards says goodnight to Yashiki as he heads back up to his room, his mind unable to shake itself from the events of the past few minutes. When he reaches his room, he can’t help but flop against the bed as he tries to lay down. The exhaustion was starting to him him, but it wasn’t enough to actually let him rest. That anxious feeling was spread throughout his body, his head racing, his stomach sinking, and his heart aching. He can’t calm them, and he’s doubtful that sleeping would even help them to begin with.

Now he wasn’t a heartless man, but he wasn’t one to get wound up over every detail like this. Since he had gotten to know Yashiki over the past few days since he had stayed from the Hanahiko case, he did feel a faint bond between the two of them now. It’s not like he could call themselves friends, but he couldn’t necessarily call Yashiki a stranger to him. Mashita did care about what could happen to Yashiki, and put honestly, he cared a lot. Whatever bond they did have was enough to let Mashita know that he cared immensely if anything were to happen to Yashiki, especially if he were to die.

That’s exactly what made leaving all the more painful. He knew something wasn’t right when Mary told him he was no longer allowed to stay. A doll with just some spiritual power wouldn’t be making those comments without any sort of way to back it up. What Mary was capable of was truly a mystery, but Mashita didn’t feel like testing those waters by going against her this way. He may have had no spiritual power himself, but he wasn’t a fool. At a certain point it also stopped being about himself and starting becoming about Yashiki. She seemed to hold a drive to isolate him now. Had Christie not also still held her Mark, no doubt she’d also be asked to leave so Yashiki could be here alone. This wasn’t about Saya’s dying wishes. This was about something much greater.

Still, he can’t help but recall the conversation over and over again in his head. Mary’s desire to get him to leave, how she believed being here by himself would truly aid him with the Mark. It made zero sense, how could he even face the spirits without a partner, how could…

Mashita’s eyes grow wide despite the exhaustion. Something hits him like a freight train. The conversation was all about how to help Yashiki, but beforehand Mashita knew they had to have been facing against the spirit. Weren’t they going out there in hopes that Yashiki was going to free himself from the Mark? Why wasn’t the conversation an “if he still has the Mark” but a definite “he will still have the Mark”? They’d gone back and forth on how Yashiki will still need aid and how to go about and do it, but why was it never brought up if he was freed from it?

What did that doll really know? Did she know which spirit really gave him the Mark?

A knock against the door snaps Mashita from his thoughts. He notices that dawn has truly hit and the sun is starting to rise against the grey clouds outside. He sighs as he begrudgingly rises from the bed, slowly making his way to the door. Shouldn’t everyone else be asleep by now?

“Yashiki…” Mashita nearly exclaims in surprise when he opens the door just enough to see the man. Yashiki looks apologetic through the small gap.

“Sorry, I know you’re trying to sleep. Mind if we talk about something beforehand?”

“It’s not something that can wait until the morning?”

“Not really, no.”

The ache in Mashita’s heart flares up. He’s silent as he pulls the door fully open, and Yashiki slowly pushes his way inside the room. Yashiki doesn’t even look Mashita in the eye as he pushes past him and speaks, “You never really told me what you’re planning to do after you leave here.”


“Kind of. I was hoping you’d stay longer. I was grateful when you did.”

It’s not like he wanted to leave. It was more like both of them could be in danger if he did. Mashita’s beliefs in Mary have completely disappeared, and now he’s not sure of who she even is. The doll no longer seemed innocent, and Mashita knew she wouldn’t be making comments on having him removed from the mansion if she was just a doll.

“I’ve learned some new information that’s going to help me put something to rest, thanks to you. I’m going to apply that outside of here,” Mashita answers after a brief pause.

“Was that the only reason you stayed here?” Yashiki sounded so… sad. Almost heartbroken. It only causes the pain in Mashita’s heart to grow.

Mashita can’t even avoid the heavy air. His usual blunt and sarcastic demeanor has completely faded, the encounter with Mary has shaken him and thrown him way off, but he still manages to muster up, “What if I did stay to help myself?”

“Did you want to help me?”

The silence is back. The pain in Mashita’s heart only worsens. He finds it hard to avoid the question, “Of course I wanted to.”

There’s but a small moment before Yashiki quickly turns around and is suddenly face-to-face with Mashita, his hands on his cheeks making Mashita stare him back in the eyes. Yashiki looked in pain, as if he was losing something important. The situation at hand was already twisted more than Yashiki would understand right now, but this current moment felt intimate. In a sense, Mashita feels like he’s betraying Yashiki, and the more he stares into the other’s clouded eyes, the more he wishes his departure wasn’t the reason why they’re here like this.

Yashiki’s thumbs are rubbing Mashita’s cheekbones under his eyes, his hands still slightly sticky from the notebook earlier and the faint scent of honey filled the air between them. Yashiki’s face is slowly inching closer to Mashita’s, and Mashita’s thoughts are all over the place, but he doesn’t move. He doesn’t want to.


Yashiki’s eyes start to close as he gets closer. The moment feels so slow, it’s like waiting on pins and needles, yet Mashita finds himself frozen in place.

You’re in danger.

The thoughts stop completely once Yashiki finally kisses him. It’s like time has frozen itself. The kiss isn’t perfect, it’s messy probably due to Yashiki’s lack of sleep and recent brush with death, but that’s not what matters to Mashita. What matters is how Yashiki starts to move his hands, one hand starting to slide its fingers through Mashita’s hair to grab at it and another that starts to slide down his body to hold his hip, and once Yashiki pulls away just for a quick breath of air, he’s back on Mashita’s lips less than a second later.

Mashita feels as if they were two teenagers who finally got the chance to be alone, the lack of sleep making both of their moments messy. He almost stumbles to find Yashiki’s shoulders, wanting something to hold on to as Yashiki’s kisses start to become more open, his tongue sliding into Mashita’s mouth as his hand travels down his back. It’s not like Mashita was some young virgin, but he certainly felt like it with the way Yashiki held him and pressed into him. He wishes they weren’t standing.

Apparently, neither does Yashiki as he makes quick work of pulling Mashita over to the bed with him. As they both lay on the bed over the sheets and comforter side by side, Yashiki only continues from where he left off just a few seconds ago but amplifies it; one of his hands starts to pull up the dress shirt that was tucked in under Mashita’s suit jacket to run his hands down his back as the other loosens the tie around Mashita’s neck as his kisses start to trail there. Mashita can’t help but groan as Yashiki starts to nip and suck at the skin on his neck, sliding a knee between Mashita’s legs and pressing his thigh against his groin. Mashita’s hands in turn start to snake their way under Yashiki’s shirt, and he can’t help but thinking about his skin feels hot to the touch.

Yashiki suddenly stops, his heavy breathing could be felt on Mashita’s chest through his shirt, and Mashita’s hands finally rest on his back under his shirt. It’s only a moment after Yashiki stops before he speaks, “I don’t want you to leave…”

The racing thoughts Mashita felt before suddenly return and increase tenfold. It wasn’t something that occurred to him whenever Yashiki first kissed him. Yashiki felt this strong about him, and now it was crashing down on him like a ton of bricks. Mashita’s thoughts prevent him from speaking as Yashiki only continues, “I don’t know anything about myself. I was panicked about having to spend God knows how much time in this mansion by myself while knowing nothing about who I am, yet… I was enjoying getting to know you…”

He sounds like he’s about to trail off. Mashita knows he’s just as exhausted as he was, but he wasn’t expecting Yashiki to fall asleep after he just came into his room to make out with him, and especially not after just pouring his heart out. He sounded so desperate to hold on to Mashita, desperate to keep him here.

Mashita wants to say something so badly, but his lips stay shut. What evidence does he have against Mary that could cause Yashiki to take his side? He’s here in his bed now, but there’s no assurance Yashiki wouldn’t kick him out himself if he tried to tell him that the only guide he has in this situation could be working against him. Even if he were able to get Yashiki to see his side, what could they even do about Mary? Mashita certainly had no idea of what she’s capable of, and that made going against her request for him to leave even harder.

Mashita can feel Yashiki’s body start to go limp, whatever fire he had within him was starting to fade, and Mashita couldn’t bare to look down at Yashiki’s face as he starts to fall asleep, not sure if he could handle seeing it if held a sad or twisted expression. Instead, he pulls his hands from underneath Yashiki’s shirt and moves them to hold Yashiki’s head closer to his chest and he dozes off.

His chest feels as if there’s a two-ton stone on it. He doesn’t want to leave, he doesn’t want to leave this man in danger, he doesn’t want to be stuck outside this mansion only hoping that Yashiki will be able to reach the right conclusion, and he certainly doesn’t want to leave him alone know now how he really feels. Was leaving really the only choice he had? Would Mary really make a move? Did she truly hold that power? He wasn’t stupid, he may have been curious, but after facing death twice now, adding more risk to their situation would be foolish.

Mashita’s fingers run through Yashiki’s hair as he tries to close his eyes and sleep. He only hoped the exhaustion would take him soon.

A few hours later, Mashita awakens to find himself laying in an empty bed, Yashiki no where in sight. He slowly sits up to see the grey sky out the windows, the light rain tapping against them. It was a setting fitting of the scenario, and Mashita couldn’t help but let out a dry laugh as he thought of the situation. He got up to find the mirror on the desk in the lent room to view his appearance, and he frowned once he saw his appearance. His suit was a mess from where he had fallen asleep in it, his dress shirt untucked and wrinkled, the collar of it completely twisted and tie a wreck thanks to Yashiki. Small faint bruises are on the side of his neck, once again, thanks to Yashiki.

There’s no use combing over his appearance. He knows he’s not welcome here anymore. He tucks his shirt back in, straightens the collar and pulls back up his tie before grabbing the green jacket he had thrown aside and making his way down the stairs.

Once he’s down, he sees Mary in her usual position. She’s not even looking at him, and Mashita knows there’s no point trying to communicate with her any further. Instead he follows the small sounds of beeping which leads him to the kitchen of the Kujou mansion. In there, he sees Yashiki over the kitchen counter, fiddling with the coffee maker to turn it off. Yashiki doesn’t notice him standing in the doorway at first, but after a minute, he turns to see him and greets him, “Oh, morning.”

It’s a little hard for Mashita to speak considering what happened at dawn. His eyes dart to the clock on the kitchen wall. 1:15. “Finding it hard to stay awake?” he comments as Yashiki grabs a mug from the cabinet.

“Considering what we’ve been through, yeah,” Yashiki responds. “Are you on your way out?”

Straight to the point. “Yeah, figured I’d go before it got any later. I take it the punk already left?”

“Saw him on the way out just as I was waking up, believe it or not. I’d thought he’d sleep in the most out of all of us,” Yashiki lets out a nervous laugh. “Instead, Christie’s the one who’s taking all the rest she needs.”

“Is that so…” Mashita comments, clearly uninterested. His mind’s stuck on Yashiki. He wishes he could just stay in this doorway if would prevent him from walking out the door.

There’s a moment of silence before Yashiki finally speaks up again, “By the way, I wanted to apologize for last night. I was exhausted, clearly not in my right mind when I knocked on your door, but that doesn’t really excuse what I did. There’s just a lot of anxiety in staying here when you don’t know yourself or really anyone else.”

That pain from last night returns. Mashita’s heart hurts as Yashiki apologizes. Mashita doesn’t want him to feel sorry, he doesn’t hate Yashiki for what he did. He wants to let Yashiki get to know him like he wants. He doesn’t want Yashiki to feel lonely.

“Don’t worry about it—”

“I am though. It wasn’t right for me to saddle you with my burdens like that. You’re allowed to do what you want to do.”

Except this isn’t what Mashita wants.

“Yashiki…” Mashita starts, trying hard not to give away the situation by embracing who he is personally, “Once this is over, let’s go out for a drink. My treat. Just don’t die before then.”

Yashiki can’t help but scoff as he smiles. “Just don’t let your attitude get you into trouble as well.”

His comment puts a soft smile on Mashita’s face. Mashita gives a wave with a quiet goodbye as he turns around and walks out of the kitchen.

As Mashita makes his way into the main hall, he sees Mary clearly, and now she’s staring at him, watching every move he makes. Mashita stares back at her for a brief moment before breaking contact and walking out the grand door of the mansion. Even has he leaves, he can feel her cold stare on her back.

The light rain hits Mashita’s face the moment he steps out from under the awning. Halfway down the walkway leaving the mansion, he can’t help but pause but look back through the windows to see Yashiki sitting at a table in the kitchen, going through files he probably found within the mansion. Christie walks in the view of the window, more than likely having just woken up herself.

He wishes he was in there. He wishes he was at that table there with Yashiki, sitting beside him and drinking a cup of coffee with him as they combed through records together. He can feel his throat go dry as the pain creeps in on him. There are several emotions that are coursing through him, anxiety, anger, disappointment in himself… and even the faintest hint of jealousy.

He forces himself to tear his gaze away from the scene and to keep walking. Whatever power Mary had, maybe it wouldn’t be enough to stop Yashiki from finding his number he left on the desk in his room earlier.