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Harry Potter/Fantastic Beasts Series Imagines Collection [NSFW]

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Warnings: NSFW; Age gap

Gif source: Lucius  |  Draco

Imagine being an old schoolmate of Draco’s, and him walking in on you having sex with his father (Lucius) in Malfoy Manor.

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Draco knew better than to interrupt his father when he was in his office. Certainly, Draco had been allowed within the room that smelled of parchment and antique books before, but when the door was closed, it was an unspoken demand for privacy. Therefore, Draco would normally have walked past the door to his father’s office, had it been closed.

It nearly was, for a small sliver of space not an inch thick parting the door from its purchase in the frame. This was what gave Draco pause. He nearly continued his walk down the hallway of the manor, until a sound within the office perked his ears and forced his feet to plant directly in front of the gaping doorway. Draco strained to hear, listening intently to the noise, before his eyes widen at the realization of what it was.

It was the mewl of a woman, a delicate purr of a moan that was quickly muffled in the wet gasp of a kiss, “Lucius…!”