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Wicked Witchcraft: You Arouse the Need in Me

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The room of requirement is a complete and utter myth, Hoseok decides. There have been so many stories from random students about it popping up right in the nick of time and Taehyung swears he found it while running away from Professor Park. But, for Hoseok, it has never been anywhere when he needs it. Maybe he doesn't really need it, but that would be so much nicer than the small, cramped broom closet they're in. Because, if Hoseok was the one imagining it, there would be space for more than just two people, no brooms, clean air; the simple things. And probably a nice, soft bed.

Though, he's partially glad that didn't happen because if Namjoon saw a bed-

"Don't prefects get their own bathroom? Can't we go there?" Namjoon says as he pushes a falling broom back, holding it and willing it to stay.

"I'm not using the prefect bathroom." And besides, he didn't really think about that.

Namjoon's pout at the broom turns to him and Hoseok smiles. "You just want to use the bath."

"Exactly." Namjoon grins. Hoseok scoffs and attempts to leave, but Namjoon tugs him back, smirking, before leaning down to kiss him lightly. "You can't get mad at me when you're the one who called me down here after hours, Mr. Perfect."

"Shush," Hoseok mumbles, face flushing. As soon as they had started dating, Namjoon has incessantly used that nickname and it always makes Hoseok blush. Namjoon knows too, giving this cocky smile when Hoseok glances up. So, Hoseok pulls him in for another kiss, one that has Namjoon wrapping his arms around Hoseok's waist and bring them together, close enough that the small space isn't an issue.

They haven't done this in a while. They haven't been alone in a while. With them trying to adjust back to classes, everyone trying to reconnect, and Hoseok's prefect duties, there's been no time. All of Hoseok's attempts to make time, small hints and little looks, never worked since Namjoon can be incredibly oblivious about things. He ended up having to send a note, a simple thing about meeting up, but he was anxious as soon as he sent it. There was a eighty percent chance Namjoon would be with Yoongi and a ninety percent chance Yoongi would find a way to read it.

The worries ended up unfounded and he got exactly what he wanted. Namjoon sucking on his tongue as his hands roamed under Hoseok's shirt. Namjoon caressing all along his body, pushing up his shirt for better access. Namjoon's hands at his waist, his thumb teasing under his boxers. He wanted Namjoon there and against him and it's so satisfying to finally have him there. Especially, when he starts to rub slow, gentle circles on Hoseok's hip bone and his mouth slips open in surprise, Namjoon taking the opportunity to nip at his bottom lip lightly.

"You're so wound up," he says, kissing down Hoseok's jaw. "Are the freshmen awful this year?"

"Shut up," Hoseok says more breathy than he wanted and he knows Namjoon's smirking against his neck, feels it.

"I'm just worried Hoseokie." And Hoseok would say something to that, probably another shut up in his slightly hazed mind, but Namjoon's thumb presses into his hip and he's starting to suck a mark on Hoseok's neck and-

"Namjoon," he moans and he can feel how much the other likes it as he rolls his body up, closer, as close as they can get.

"Oh." It takes two seconds for Hoseok to realize it's another voice and that there's light entering from the hall and there's someone at the door. He jolts in surprise while Namjoon's hands come off him quick and he backs up so fast that he bumps into a broom, having it rattle before falling onto the floor. Right in front of Yoongi. "A prefect making out in a broom closet?"

The hallways of the castle were empty, foreboding, and quiet, making the walk here terrifying as each step they took echoed in Hoseok's ears. Then, they had to open a creaking closet door and everything had been so loud that he thought he would have heard someone way before they got to this point. Apparently not, because Yoongi's standing right in the doorway, smiling.

"It's-" Hoseok shoves down his sweater when Namjoon's eyes flicker down, "It's past curfew."

"My mistake. A prefect making out in a broom closet after hours." Yoongi's grin widens, "I should have your badge."

There's nothing Hoseok can really say to that, plus he wants to melt into the floor, pratically feels like he could with how hot his face feels. "Why are you even up?"

"Couldn't sleep," Yoongi says, staring at Hoseok in a way that makes him fidget with his shirt. It might be slightly noticeable because Namjoon grabs for his hand.

"Really," Namjoon snorts, "You're not trying to figure out a way into the Gryffindor Tower again?" Again? That's mildly (very) alarming and Hoseok wants to ask why, but he figures he wouldn't want to know the answer.

"No." Yoongi glares.

Namjoon shrugs, "Too bad because I could help."

The way Yoongi's eyes light up is dangerous and, even though Hoseok knows Namjoon's trying to help, divert Yoongi's attention else where, Yoongi has the exact same expression he had when he got the ghosts, every single one, to spook all the prefects for an entire month two years ago. Basically, Hoseok thinks he'd get his prefect badge taken away for even hearing whatever Yoongi is up to.


"Let's not," Hoseok sighs, "We should go before a teacher catches us." Namjoon gives him this small, placating smile while Yoongi shrugs. He expected that. It's not like either of them care that much (which is why Hoseok even was able to ask Namjoon to come after curfew), but it's a huge concern for him. Getting caught with Namjoon is okay, but getting caught with Namjoon and Yoongi might ruin his reputation beyond repair.

Hoseok rolls his eyes, "C'mon." He pushes Namjoon out the closet and winces as their footsteps still echo all throughout the hall.

Yoongi snorts, "Alright, I'll go back to the Dungeons before a hypocritical prefect gives me detention."

"Right," Hoseok frowns. "You're really going back?"

Yoongi offers one of his cat-like smirks before turning around. "Does it matter? I'm going, so, you can stay in your broom closet if you want. Maybe, lock the door next time with, y'know, magic." Hoseok glares at Yoongi's back as he walks away. That is in the direction of the Dungeons, but also many other places he may possibly wreak havoc.

As soon as Yoongi turns the corner, in the wrong direction, Namjoon's arms wrap around Hoseok's waist and he rest his chin on Hoseok's shoulder.

"Namjoon," Hoseok pokes at Namjoon's forehead, "No."

He gives the most disgruntled groan before backing off and sighing, "Yoongi's an ass."

When Hoseok looks back at him, the face Namjoon has is some type of mixture between a pout and a scowl and is all-around very childish, but he smiles despite himself. "Let's go, I'll walk you back to the Tower." He pulls on Namjoon's sleeves lightly before walking off. There's no sound of footsteps behind him and he turns to see the other blinking at him.

"Just go to the Kitchens, it's closer." He even points like Hoseok doesn't know where his House is. Really, Namjoon seems way too confused and Hoseok laughs before just grabbing onto his shirt and pulling him away.

"Well, if you go alone and you get caught you'll get detention right away. But, if you walk with me it looks less like you're getting into trouble again-" Hoseok shoots a look back at Namjoon. "Or that I already caught you. And, if someone does catch us, the teachers listen to me-" Abruptly, he's brought to a halt because Namjoon stopped moving. When he looks back, frowning to show his annoyance, Namjoon's giving this really large smile. It's the one where his eyes turn to crescents and it showcases his dimple and makes Hoseok happy merely looking at it. Before he can even ask, Namjoon engulfs him in a hug that's too warm and feels too nice for him to even fake like he doesn't like it. He'd rather get caught then push Namjoon away and that might say several very bad things.

"Perfect Hoseok-ie looking out for me." And that nickname might be the absolute worst in history, but Hoseok is too busy smiling and kissing at Namjoon's cheek to actually say anything.





There have been about fifty times where Hoseok wondered if he should have rejected the prefect position. Maybe two of them are because First Years can be annoying and a pain and a couple go to having to be that guy and mention when something is against school rules. But. Almost all the rest of them are because of Jimin.

"Hyung." Like now, as Jimin is tugging at the sleeves of his robe and pouting over at him. "Hyung, please."

He's been up forty minutes. Forty. Enough time for him to get up, get dressed, and head to the Great Hall. He didn't even get inside before Jimin whisked him away to whine and pout and complain because apparently Yoongi can still be an ass at nine o'clock in the morning.

And maybe it's not directly because of Jimin.

Hoseok sighs, "Where is he?" There's no use trying to send Jimin off to any of the other prefects because the Slytherins wouldn't care and the other Hufflepuff prefects are afraid of Yoongi ever since that one time last year where he he put puking pastilles in their food for an entire week because one of them gave him a month's worth of detention. Only Hoseok's really had to deal with him since then which is a complete hassle. Yoongi's not really a prankster, that's more Namjoon and Taehyung. No, it's more that he doesn't care about the rules which honestly might be worse. He stays up past curfew, skips class, and sometimes gets revenge against people (mostly Namjoon), but pranking is strictly reserved for Jimin. Like now, when he's floating up Jimin's essay and quill in the air above the fountain.

Hoseok rolls his eyes, "Yoongi-hyung."

"Hey." Yoongi smiles, shaking his wandbearing hand which, in turn, shakes the essay; Jimin lets out this small, high-pitched squeak.

"This is a little harsh for you." Hoseok frowns.

"Jimin's the one who wouldn't help me out with homework yesterday."

"Hyung," Jimin whines, "I had quidditch practice."

"Is hyung or quidditch more important, Jiminie." Yoongi asks. He waits, maybe one second, before he starts to steadily lower the paper.

"Hyung!" Jimin shouts.

Yoongi grins, "Good." This whole situation makes little to zero sense and maybe it's because Hoseok only woke up a bit ago, but how would a Fifth Year be able to help Seventh Year in his homework. Unless Yoongi was trying to practice his spells on Jimin again and Hoseok wouldn't blame Jimin from hiding because of what happened last time.

It doesn't really matter because Hoseok's stomach is growling and he just wants to eat. "I'm going to dock 30 points from Slytherin if you don't give Jimin back his essay."

"Go ahead," Yoongi says.

"And detention for two days." Again, Yoongi doesn't seem to care, focusing on ways to make the essay look like it's dancing. "With Professor Nam." Yoongi's head snaps over and he glares. Professor Nam is the Head of the Hufflepuff House, the Herbology teacher, and always a ball of cheer which means, naturally, Yoongi hates her and loathes detention with her.

"You're such a fucking goody two shoes," Yoongi scowls and Hoseok crosses his arms, offering an innocent smile. "Fine." The paper and quill float right over to Jimin, who grabs them immediately.

Jimin grins at first, but then he looks down at the essay and his eyes widen. "Hyung, what did you do?" He sounds so distraught while Yoongi's only smirking as he walks over. "Hyung."

"Don't worry, Jimin-ah," Yoongi pats at his head, but stares directly at Hoseok which is only mildly concerning. He glances down at the paper, expecting there to either be a bunch of Hoseok's an ass and other curse words written throughout it. That might have been better. Instead there's a moving picture of two stick figures entering a door together, one has an arrow pointing to it that says Hoseok and the other with Namjoon. Hoseok blushes and snatches the paper from Jimin's hands.

"Change it back," Jimin whines.

"Hyung," Hoseok says. "Change it."

Yoongi grins, "No more threats of detention, then? For a week."

"That's-hyung." Hoseok sputters

"Yes?" Yoongi asks, then taps the paper which turns rather obscene.

Hoseok really doesn't need this at nine o'clock in the morning. "Yes. Fine. A week."

"Ah, that was too easy." Yoongi sighs, "Maybe I should have asked for a month then?" Hoseok frowns, glaring, but Yoongi's grin widens before he taps the paper again, words filling it like nothing had ever happened to it. He takes the paper from Hoseok's hands then grins at Jimin, arm wrapping around his neck. "Now, you're going to help me with my Defense Against the Dark Arts paper. You're good at that, right?" He gives a wave before pulling Jimin down the hall.

Hoseok agrees with Namjoon, Yoongi's an ass.




Hoseok is not at fault in any way. Maybe, Hoseok had floated over some notes during his and Namjoon's shared Potions class, but, to his credit, it was an extremely boring class. They were learning about the Babbling Beverage's history and about all the ingredients without actually making the potion. And it wasn't even Hoseok who had started it. Namjoon had sent a note about making Hoseok babble in much more vulgar terms which Hoseok couldn't just leave alone. He didn't know that as soon as they were dismissed, Namjoon would pull him away and led him down the hall to the nearest open door which happened to be a broom closet. There's a huge chance this is the same one from before and that hadn't worked out so well for them, but Namjoon doesn't let Hoseok voice any of his concerns. As soon as he closes the door, he's kissing at Hoseok's neck, pulling up his shirt, running his hands over Hoseok's stomach, everywhere.

"Merlin, Namjoon." Hoseok says, shuddering when Namjoon scratches lightly on his back.

Namjoon laughs warm against Hoseok's skin. "I've got ten minutes," his voice ghosts across his ear and Hoseok fists at Namjoon's sleeves. "Take off your robes." And Hoseok starts to, but it's not fast enough and instead Namjoon pulls them off for him. They fall to the floor, kicking up dust, but Namjoon's lifts his chin for a kiss and is unbuttoning his shirt and he doesn't care. Dirty clothes, cramped broom closet, shouting outisde, whatever. Namjoon maybe gets to the third button before he gives up and focuses on Hoseok's belt. The shouting outside gets louder and there's running past the door, laughter, and, wow, Hoseok never realized how much he liked this; the danger that someone could open the door and catch them. He pulls Namjoon back for a kiss, just as he finally undoes the belt, and runs his hands through Namjoon's hair.

When the door opens, it's so sudden that Hoseok doesn't really have time to say a single word before someone joins them, pushing Hoseok and Namjoon into the brooms and making the closet very, very crowded. The person slams the door shut and then there's sounds of running and shouting right behind it, Hoseok swears he hears a 'where'd he go.' It's awkward, there's some muffled conversation behind the door while inside all their breaths are clearly audible. A full minute passes before the people outside run off away from the door and there's shouts that sound farther away. The person lets out a loud breath.

It's silent for a while, the person standing at the door and looking at it like he's waiting for something. Then, Namjoon clears his throat which Hoseok has no idea why he did that. He pinches at Namjoon's arm and scowls at the frown Namjoon gives him. They had a chance, a small chance but still, that the person would leave like he didn't notice them. Now, however, the guy says a quiet lumos, turns around, and- Taehyung. Great.

"Hyung?" Taehyung says, pointing it at Namjoon and raising an eyebrow, then he moves the wand right in front of Hoseok's face and grins. "Hyung!"

Hoseok coughs, pulling the top of his shirt together. "Why are you here?"

"Some seventh years are chasing me cause I hid a mandrake in their room." Taehyung grins like he's looking for approval.


"Nice," Namjoon says and Hoseok pinches him on the arm again, glaring.

"Where did you- Look, Taehyung, those are dangerous." There have been many times where Taehyung has let loose a bunch of random little animals or bugs in random parts of the castle and Hoseok's never really cared before. They've never been dangerous. But. A mandrake.

"It was a baby, hyung, like a baby baby. There wasn't any danger at all and it wasn't even my fault. Jungkook dared me, hyung. If I didn't do it I'd have to do whatever he says for a day. Please don't give me detention hyung, please." Taehyung whines, pouting with large, bright, literal puppy dog eyes staring straight at Hoseok.

"Stop." Hoseok backs into the wall as Taehyung only moves closer. "You look like a demon." It takes the blink of an eye and Taehyung's regular eyes are back, though still large and pouting. Hoseok sighs, "I'll let you off this time, okay?"

Taehyung grins wide, then turns around like he's about to leave which would be fantastic. But, he spins back around to them and waves the lit wand between them, "Why are you guys here?"

With how disheveled Hoseok should look, unbuttoned shirt, undone belt, missing robes, it should be obvious, but Taehyung is Taehyung. "Uh." But, Hoseok's not a liar, kind of really terrible at it actually, even to someone as gullible as Taehyung.

"Hoseok was yelling at me for giving Yoongi-hyung a nosebleed nougat." It comes out of Namjoon's face so fast that Taehyung probably should have caught on, but he only stares at Namjoon with wide eyes.

"Really?" Taehyung asks. Hoseok glances over at him and Namjoon shrugs. Whatever works is good and it is a pretty believable story, so Hoseok nods in Taehyung's direction and, after looking between them twice, Taehyung shrugs in acceptance.

"Hyung probably deserved it," he says, then waves his wand off and goes to open the door, peeking out. He turns to give one last wave and grin before dashing off down the hall somewhere.

Hoseok breathes a sigh of relief, happy that was at least Taehyung and not Yoongi again, or a teacher. Though, Yoongi's probably worse.

"No more broom closets, then?" Namjoon says and Hoseok gives him a look before redoing his belt.

"Yeah, maybe." Hoseok grumbles and picks up his robe, wrinkling his nose at it then saying a quick scourgify before putting it on. He's about to get to his shirt too, but Namjoon's already there, buttoning it up for him. It's kind of really sweet. And really cute. And really domestic. And-

"You're grinning Hoseok-ah." Namjoon says, glancing up, and it makes Hoseok completely aware of his expression which he tries to make blank despite his blushing.

"So are you." Somehow, Namjoon's grin gets wider as he gives one final pull on Hoseok's necktie.

"It's because you're cute." He leans down to kiss Hoseok on the cheek, then the lips, soft and sweet, and he tugs Hoseok by his shirt lightly, bringing him closer. There's something about it that's so gentle and nice and loving that Hoseok only wants to stay there, but he has to pull away first. He knows that with their streak of luck, Taehyung would come back, somehow realizing it was a lie.

"Go to class," Hoseok says, even though he is very happy right here and this is one of the few moments he regrets being a Prefect. He better get the Head Boy position. "Actually go to class, okay?"

"Fine, Perfect." Namjoon kisses him once more before letting go. "I'll see you at the library." And Hoseok takes that back, he doesn't want to be Head Boy if he'll have to follow the rules all the time. Like watching Namjoon head to class and not pulling him back, shutting the door, and staying there together.




Friday's after lunch are free periods for all of them and they always hang out in the fields. Usually, Jungkook, Jimin, and Taehyung playing Quidditch while the others do homework and study (in Seokjin and Hoseok's case) or just lay around (in Yoongi and Namjoon's case). Though sometimes, when Jungkook, Jimin and Taehyung would play scrimmages, Namjoon would have to join in to be on Jungkook's team, being the only other one with actual Quidditch skills. He'd always groan about it, saying he quit for a reason, then get really involved as soon as the game started which Yoongi teased was because Hoseok was watching. (It's really not, Namjoon's just competitive.)

Today though, Hoseok's reading his History of Magic Book against Namjoon's thigh as the others practice, Jimin hitting at a Bludger while Taehyung and Jungkook chase each other around searching for the Snitch. Across from Hoseok, Seokjin's writing an essay and Yoongi's nowhere to be found which Hoseok can only assume is because he's using his detention free week to get into trouble.

There's this swish of air and Hoseok glances over his book to see Jimin floating above them, frowning, "Where's Yoongi-hyung?"

"Don't know," Seokjin says and Hoseok and Namjoon both shrug.

"He's run away from you," Jungkook says as he flies down to join Jimin, Taehyung following right behind him. Jimin glares, then throws his bat in Jungkook's direction except it stops midair before repelling backwards and Jimin has to make a quick cut backwards so it misses. It ends up landing about a meter away from Hoseok, digging a bit into the ground.

Jimin points at him, astounded, "Hyung, he just tried to kill me." Hoseok has no idea who he's talking to because Namjoon doesn't care, Seokjin's entirely focused on his paper, and Hoseok just saw that Jimin tried to hit Jungkook first. That's completely fair in his opinion.

"It missed," Jungkook grins.

"He's in the Nurse's Wing." Taehyung says as he cuts in between the two. Good he said that too, because it looked like Jimin was about to ram into Jungkook with his broom and that always ends up with them chasing after each other and bruises or broken bones by the end. Instead, Jimin's frown deepens and it's funny how quick Jimin's mind is taken away from Jungkook.


"Is he okay?" Hoseok asks because Jimin's about to sputter himself into erupting.

Taehyung shrugs, "It's from the nougat Namjoon-hyung gave him." By the time Hoseok glares up at him, Namjoon's already sending him that sheepish 'I-got-caught' smile.

"Why would you do that?" He groans. This is way less about his Prefect duties. No, this is about his own sanity. This is about how Namjoon just started a war with Yoongi and Hoseok's going to have to be the one to deal with all of it.

"He didn't even want to go to Charms, I did him a favor." Hoseok groans again, letting his book fall on his chest.

"Did he have the other one?" Jimin asks, landing right next to Namjoon.

"I dropped it in his robes as I went by, yeah."

"Did he actually get it though?"

"Probably? I don't know."

Jimin's mouth twists before he quickly runs off, shouting about going to visit Yoongi to make sure he's okay. Even though the nurses have dealt with the Skiving Snackboxes so much they've probably created their own cure already. It's cute. And despite what Yoongi would say, he'd probably be happy to see Jimin worried about him, so Hoseok doesn't say anything.

Jungkook shrugs and turns to Taehyung, grinning. "Do you want to go for another round?" Taehyung nods, opening his hands to let the Snitch go and then they zoom away after it.

Hoseok sighs, thoughts about how he'll probably dealing with Namjoon and Yoongi for at least the next month, then Namjoon runs a hand through his hair, smiling down at him. "You know I did it so Taehyung wouldn't know we were lying."

Oh. Right. Hoseok blinks and looks up at him. "Uh. Good."

Namjoon snorts, "You're welcome." Hoseok rolls his eyes, then pulls Namjoon down by his tie-

"Stop before I puke on my essay," Seokjin says, glaring over at them.




He had found the most foolproof place, Namjoon had said. There was no way anyone would walk in on them or they'd get caught, Namjoon had said. It was an amazing plan, Namjoon had said.


Phase one of said amazing plan was them skipping Astronomy, which is admittedly a good idea, Hoseok will give Namjoon that. Going during Astronomy gives them lots of excuse because if they got caught in the halls they could say they were late or had to go and get something for the Astronomy teacher. They are skipping which Hoseok's not entirely upset about since he has no idea why he chose to take Astronomy (though maybe because he'd be taking it with Namjoon but that's neither here nor there) and he's usually not even paying attention. The problem lies in that he has no idea about what they're going to say about not going to class. If Hoseok was back home he'd tell people he slept through his alarm, but he's pretty sure wizarding alarms are practically impossible to sleep through.

Phase two is to then sneak into Professor Lee's classroom. The only reason of picking that specific professor is because no one else would dare go into his room. Professor Lee is basically the strictest teacher in the school and the only teacher that Hoseok has never said more than a couple words to. Not mention, he's a Slytherin who very much roots for Slytherin's to win the house cup. Getting caught by him in his classroom, after breaking in, not to mention what they're doing - it would not be good.

Namjoon had also decided to tell him this right when they met up outside the Kitchens, grinning when Hoseok blinked at him.

"You're supposed to be a Ravenclaw," Hoseok says.

Namjoon face falls so quickly into a pout that Hoseok laughs, "You think of something better then." There's that. Nothing Hoseok comes up with sounds better and, truthfully, it doesn't matter where they go, the risk of getting caught is the same. Besides, Hoseok's been completely swamped with Prefect duties lately that it would sort of nice to get away from being the good student.

"You're helping me with the Astronomy essay if we get caught." It's supposed to be a threat, even though Namjoon would probably done it anyways. Hoseok needs to save face somehow.

Namjoon snorts, "Deal."

So, he goes along with the plan completely. Follows Namjoon through the halls to the classroom where he spells the door open and leads Hoseok inside. It's been a long time since Hoseok's even been here since he doesn't take Ancient Runes anymore. Namjoon leads him through the empty desk until he gets to this specific one that he pushes Hoseok back on to.

Hoseok snorts, "Is this your desk?"

"Maybe." Namjoon grins, "Maybe, I want to think of this whenever I come to this boring Ancient Runes class." In some way, that is completely adorable and Hoseok cups Namjoon's face in his hands, smiling at him.

"So, you never want to concentrate in this class again?"

"You're a lot more interesting than translating old scriptures," Namjoon says.

"I would hope so," he smiles, then his hands move down to his collar to pull him closer for a quick kiss.

That's all they get. The door opens and in the minimal light, Hoseok can only make out that there's someone there. It's only when the person spells all the lights on that he sees it's Jungkook standing in the doorway. Namjoon bangs his head down onto Hoseok's shoulder.

"Totally foolproof, huh?"

"Shut up," Namjoon mumbles and Hoseok chuckles. That draws Jungkook's attention over, staring at them in confusion.

"Hyung? Why are you here?" Jungkook asks.

"Because," Hoseok pauses. He doesn't want Jungkook to really think about this because he'll definitely figure it out, but he can't come up with an explanation. His eyes glance around, then look down at Namjoon for help. Namjoon, who is leaning his head against his shoulder and maybe could look like he's crying and that'll work. He starts petting at Namjoon's hair. "Namjoon's upset." It comes out less certain than he meant for it to, and Namjoon gives this little snort into his shoulder which Hoseok slaps at his back for. It was the best he could come up with, he doesn't do this every other day like Namjoon or Yoongi.

Jungkook stares at them for a second, before something clicks and he starts smirking. "Really, hyung?" It was worth a try, but Jungkook's always been too smart for his own good.

Namjoon stands up, sighing, "Why are you here? Isn't your curfew, like, six o'clock?"

"It's at eight." Jungkook sniffs, "and I've still got Astronomy."

"Are you there?" Namjoon says.

"Are you?" Jungkook grins.

Namjoon glowers, about to say something, but Hoseok squeezes at his hand. "We were about to go." He slides off the desk and leads Namjoon, who frowns at him like he thought they were going to stay, over to the door. Jungkook moves to the side to let them through, but Hoseok grabs at his wrist too and pulls him along.

"Hyung," Jungkook whines, trying to pull out of his grasp.

"You've got Astronomy too, right?"

"But-" Jungkook tries to pout like that'll do anything (though Jimin and Namjoon both say it usually does) and Hoseok lets go only to ruffle Jungkook's hair.

"Do you think I'd let you roam around the school?" Hoseok says, then smiles when Jungkook looks at him through his thoroughly messed up bangs. "C'mon."

There's one last little groan of defiance before Jungkook sighs, "Fine."




There are two essays he should be doing, a potion he should be studying, and a few spells he should be practicing, but he can't concentrate. Hoseok had sat with Namjoon and the others in the Great Hall because they promised they would study and get work done, but, instead, he's sitting in between Namjoon and Yoongi unable to do anything. Not with Yoongi constantly turning the pages in Namjoon's book as he tries to read and Namjoon moving Yoongi's quill whenever he tries to reach for it and them both yelling at each other through Hoseok. Not to mention, Jimin keeps yelling at Taehyung to stop looking at him with his freaky demonic eyes.

Hoseok slams his book shut which does nothing. He sighs, "Where's Seokjin-hyung?"

"Dunno." Namjoon says, then Yoongi's paper escapes from under his quill and floats all the way down the table in front of some unsuspecting First Year. The look Yoongi gives as he watches it go is scary enough that the First Year promptly gets up and returns it. He turns to glare at Namjoon, who grins until his book flies up to hit him in the face. It lands back down on the table with a thud and Yoongi chuckles as he turns back to his essay.

"Fucking dammit, ow." Namjoon says, rubbing at his nose and glaring at Yoongi.

Hoseok ignores them, "Do you know, Taehyung-ah?"

"Probably with Hyosang-hyung," Taehyung shrugs and when he looks over at Hoseok his eyes aren't demonic, but cat eyes are kind of scary on a human.

"He's in the library." About five books are dropped on the table next to Taehyung, making the entire table shudder, then Jungkook slides in to sit down.

"Jungkook," Yoongi scowls. There's a big blotch of ink on the paper and he points at it like he can't magic it away. Namjoon laughs and one of the pages in his book rips out.

"Hyung," Namjoon groans.

"Sorry, hyung," Jungkook says, clearing up the ink blotch for Yoongi, then he opens the front of the first book and hands Taehyung a piece of paper, "And here."

Taehyung grins at him, "Thank you." Jimin glances over at the paper then frowns.

"Is that the Transfiguration essay?" Jimin asks, loudly, and Taehyung slaps him on the arm before turning a sheepish smile to Hoseok.

"Did you make Jungkook write your essay?" Hoseok frowns.

"Not write it, he just researched it for me."

"That's not better, Taehyung."

"But, hyung," Taehyung whines, "Transfigurations essays are so boring and it's not like I need it. And Jungkook lost the bet."

"That's because I caught Hoseok-hyung and Namjoon-hyung in the classroom together," Jungkook says. The entire table freezes for a second, before Namjoon sputters, Yoongi starts laughing, and Jimin and Taehyung grin over at him.

"You didn't catch us together," Hoseok clarifies, but it does nothing to stop the others. Or how hot his face feels.

"Whatever," Jungkook frowns, "He forced me to go to Astronomy, so I couldn't mess with Professor Lee's office."

"You were going to mess with Professor Lee's office?" Hoseok blanches.

"You got caught again," Yoongi says, grinning impossibly wide. "And you were skipping Astronomy?"

"Again?" Taehyung says.

"Again?" Jungkook repeats. They both look at Hoseok half surprised and half with these small cheeky grins, waiting for an explanation he's never going to give. His cheeks feel like they're on fire and his brain is firing out things to say that all don't sound right or make only make his cheeks feel hotter. He can't even look up at the others.

"Yeah, before-" Yoongi starts, but then his tie somehow unties itself and manages to wrap around his mouth so he can't talk. While he struggles with it, Hoseok looks over at Namjoon, who shrugs, blushing, then focuses back on his book.

Hoseok sighs, "It doesn't matter-"

"Aren't you a prefect, hyung?" Jungkook gives him a smirk, way too cocky, and Hoseok frowns.

"You're yelling at us when you were skipping class?" Taehyung adds. Besides the fact that Jungkook was going to skip too, Hoseok didn't actually end up skipping. Not to mention, cheating on an essay is a thousand times worse than simply not going to a class. That's probably a weekful of detentions.


"You were trying to mess with a professor's office." Hoseok looks between both of them and they nod, smiling like that couldn't get them suspended. Sometimes, Hoseok thinks he should put a tracker on them. "That's at least a month's worth of detention for both of you."

That wipes away Jungkook's smirk, "What? C'mon, hyung, please."

"Hyung," Taehyung frowns.

"You're the ones who told me," Hoseok shrugs. There's a small bubble of laughter from Jimin and Jungkook glares at him until Jimin's book snaps closed, almost catching his fingers, and all his papers scatter about.

"You asshole," Jimin scowls as he flips back through his book and Jungkook smiles until he turns to see Hoseok, then it's back to his pout.

"Hyung, don't be mad because of yesterday," Jungkook whines, "Please." Hoseok gives him a small unsympathetic frown and Jungkook groans loud enough to get the attention of nearby students. Taehyung stares at Hoseok, mouth twisted, until his eyes curve in the way that Hoseok hates. It takes less than a second, Hoseok only blinks his eyes, and sitting beside Jungkook is Namjoon. Except, Namjoon's still right beside Hoseok. And well. Taehyung's doing his thing again. Hoseok hates his thing.

"Hoseokie please," Taehyung-Namjoon says. Definitely hates his thing. This is practically Taehyung's go to method whenever Hoseok threatens him with more than two days of detention. Jimin blinks over at them then grins when he realizes while Jungkook tries hard not to smile. "Don't give me detention." His frown is so similar to Namjoon's and Hoseok groans, choosing to focus back on the book in front of him. Ignoring it is best.

"Hoseokie," Taehyung-Namjoon whines. Even though Hoseok knows Namjoon is right next to him, shaking his head and chuckling as he reads his book, this is exactly like if Namjoon was doing it. No one needs to know how many times this has worked; fake Namjoon or real Namjoon. "Baby, please." Jungkook snickers.

"I swear to-Taehyung." Hoseok warns, disregarding the blush he feels coming on his cheeks. "Change back."

"Not until Hoseokie promises not to give me detention," Taehyung-Namjoon even tries pouting.

Namjoon snorts, "That doesn't really work." He's smirking when Hoseok glares over, but he takes one look at Hoseok's face and goes back to reading his book. For a second, until it manages to somehow skid away and fly off the edge of the table.

"Fuck you," Yoongi spits out. His hairs a mess and his tie is all crinkled, but it's no longer wrapped around his mouth.

"Hoseokie doesn't love me," Taehyung-Namjoon sulks.

"Would you stop?" Hoseok snaps. The corner of Taehyung-Namjoon's mouth starts to quiver.

"But Hoseokie."

Yoongi snorts as he tries to pat down his hair, "This is probably Hoseok's biggest fanta-" This time the tie stuffs into Yoongi's mouth and Yoongi jolts backwards before turning to glare at Hoseok and pulling viciously at it. Hoseok doesn't really know how he managed that, but at least Yoongi's been shut up. Not that it really matters since Jungkook's finally exploded into laughter along with Taehyung, which Hoseok guesses is nice because Taehyung's changed back to himself. He sighs, then shoves at Namjoon when he notices him trying to hold back a smile.




Usually, Hoseok doesn't send much mail to his parents. He has a cellphone which he only uses to communicate with them and some of his other friends back home since wizards are so anti-technology. But, his parents are also kind of awful at technology, almost as bad as they are with all this wizarding stuff, so he writes up letters sometimes; mostly when something big has happened. Today though, he just felt like it. It's only a small letter, to tell them he's fine and misses them and ask how everyone's doing (and he usually does small letters as not to burden the owls which Yoongi had stared at him for when he admitted it). He attaches it to the owl's leg and taps lightly at it's beak, smiling.

"My house please," Hoseok says. The owl chirps and flaps it wings twice, stirring up dust, before flying out the window. He's learned that there's no need for an exact address because he always uses this owl. Jimin had told him to just buy an owl, being a proud owner of one himself, but Hoseok hadn't bought his own owl because when he got home he couldn't keep it. Besides, the school owls are here for this exact reason.

Honestly, Hoseok always wondered how the owlery worked for interacting with muggles. His parents had always gotten his letters, but they said they got it in the mail when he had sent it by an owl. He thought maybe the owls put it in the mailbox, but that would be weird or, at least, attract attention. Hoseok sometimes imagines theres a wizard post office where they take the letter and change it to look like real mail and send it the "muggle way."

"You're sending a letter?" Hoseok turns around to see Namjoon looking out the window after the owl. "Don't you have that cell thing."

"Cellphone." Hoseok grins. It's always funny when he knows something wizards don't know especially when it's such a simple thing. "My parents like letters better."

Namjoon shrugs, then smiles, "You know one day you should ask them if I could visit." It's crossed his mind before, mostly because Namjoon's really interested in Muggle Studies, but then Hoseok imagines Namjoon tripping over computer wires and almost getting hit by cars and accidently using magic out in the open.

He laughs. "I don't think so." The way Namjoon frowns is cute and Hoseok goes over to hug him, kissing him softly. "You couldn't adapt."

"I could! You could teach me."

Hoseok shakes his head, "I don't think any wizard or witch could learn, Namjoonie."

"But, I'm a Ravenclaw, who else would be a better student." The small little pout he gives and his creased eyebrows just makes Hoseok smile.

"A Ravenclaw who had to borrow my notes for Astronomy and Potions and-" He's hushed with Namjoon's kiss and he grins into it, pulling him closer. He loves how Namjoon holds on to him tightly, his arms wrapped around Hoseok's back and not letting him go, even when he breaks from the kiss.

"I think I learned this kissing thing pretty well," Namjoon says.

"Only because we were learning together." Hoseok rolls his eyes, "Besides I'm better."


"Yes," Hoseok smirks, then pulls Namjoon down by his tie. At first, Namjoon keeps still, being very annoying, but when Hoseok nips on his bottom, lip he lets out this small contented noise. His hands move to Hoseok's hips as he finally kisses back, managing to suck on Hoseok's tongue and make him groan. And, okay, maybe Namjoon is the better kisser, but it's not fair when his hands are sneaking under Hoseok's shirt.

Namjoon moves down to kiss at his neck, giving out a breathy command to move back, then he's pushing Hoseok back lightly and moving them backwards until Hoseok knocks into the table and an owls cage rattles. He looks back to check on if anything's fallen or damaged which gives Namjoon better access to his neck as he sucks right next to his adams apple.

"Shit," Hoseok breathes out. Then, Namjoon's back kissing his mouth and Hoseok's tugging Namjoon's tie looser, making it easier for him to undo all the button's on Namjoon's shirt. His hands caress all over Namjoon's stomach, feeling it constrict under his hands and how Namjoon shudders slightly when he runs his hands up his back. Namjoon smirks against his lips before returning the favor to Hoseok, unbuttoning his shirt as tie rapidly undoes itself and flies off to the ground. He pulls Hoseok's shirt off partially, enough so he can leave small kisses along his shoulder while he works on Hoseok's belt.

This has taken so long, too long, and Hoseok's moan is kind of loud, somewhat echoes throughout the owlery, when Namjoon rolls their hips together. Some owls hoot back and Hoseok blushes.

Namjoon chuckles quietly, nipping at his jaw, "You should be quiet before we get caught again."

Hoseok blinks and looks down at Namjoon, "Did you follow me here?" Namjoon only hums before kissing him softly. And, maybe, Hoseok would scold Namjoon because he wanted them to make out in an owlery where anybody could come in like they had much luck with that before, but then Namjoon's hand slides down into his boxers and Hoseok bucks up into his hand, all thoughts of criticizing him gone. Namjoon keeps their lips locked as he strokes Hoseok lightly, silencing all the moans and noises.

The owls start hooting again and Hoseok wouldn't even be surprised if they were somehow affronted that this was happening in front of them. One might even be an Animagus or something. Except, Hoseok can hear footsteps and he pushes slightly at Namjoon's stomach, Namjoon backing up confused until he hears the faint sounds of someone talking.

He sighs and puts his forehead against Hoseok's. "Why?" And Hoseok puts a finger againt his lips because, for now, the person is staying over there towards the front. As much excitement as this is, them being in public, both of their shirts are open, Hoseok's fly is done and they would be in so much trouble. His stomach drops when the footsteps come closer. Though, Namjoon's surprised face, wide eyes and open mouth, is kind of cute and he really shouldn't be thinking about that.

Seokjin's the one who pops out behind the owl cages, an owl clinging onto his forearm. This is a lot better than Hoseok could have expected because it could have been anyone, but it's only Seokjin. Hoseok lets out the breath he was holding and Namjoon takes that as an okay to turn around to see who it is. Seokjin looks stunned and he's completely frozen as he stares at them with his face turning a dark shade of red.

"Hyung," Namjoon starts, "Hey."

"Um," Seokjin says, then shakes his arm so the owl flies off. "Sorry." He just keeps staring until his eyes dart away. "Sorry." They stay in this awkward frozen space for about a minute, Hoseok content to stay behind Namjoon's back, until Seokjin takes a deep breath.

"I'll just...go now." He mumbles then turns, hurriedly walking away. It takes until they can't hear his footsteps anymore that Namjoon lets his shoulders sag as he relaxes. Hoseok hugs him close, kissing at the back of his neck.

"No more public places?" He says.

"No more public places." Namjoon repeats. He glances back, "Does this mean I get to see the Prefect bathroom." That's what he gets out of it. Hoseok pushes him away so he can fix up his clothes.




The slight awkwardness between Seokjin and Hoseok lasts for only a few days until they're forced to study together as they're the only two that actually are able to focus, sit down in the library, and study. It's not so bad, it doesn't feel awkward, but then again they only speak to ask quick questions or ask for more parchement paper. They get an hour until Jimin joins, which isn't inherently bad because he can be studious when he wants to. The problem is that, wherever Jimin goes, Yoongi is sure to show up about thirty minutes later, in this case ten, and Jungkook always follows after Yoongi like a puppy being taught in the ways of annoying Jimin, making him sputter and whine when they keep bewitching his books and quills. It takes a few more minutes before Taehyung comes too. As to be expected, since he is always constantly around Jungkook or Jimin and they're both here. They all bring books like they're going to study, but that doesn't happen. Taehyung and Jungkook are either drawing comics in their notebooks or Taehyung is amusing Jungkook by changing his facial features and hair. Meanwhile, Yoongi latches onto Jimin, watching him as he works and feeding him the wrong information.

"Hyung," Hoseok frowns, "An Erkling is not a level one X creature."

Jimin blinks, then huffs at Yoongi. "Hyung, I have to do this entire paragraph over."

"I'm sorry, hyung didn't know." Yoongi says, face in his hand as he watches Jimin pull out another piece of paper. There is something about the way he looks at Jimin, slight smile and focused, that Hoseok would comment on if he didn't value his sanity.

"A Nundu is one X though," Jungkook says, glancing over and grinning. Even Hoseok knows that he's lying and the small laugh Taehyung gives solidifies it. Jimin glares at Jungkook and a few books fall into Jungkook's lap and on his feet. And, maybe Jungkook would retailiate, but a wand flies straight between Jungkook and Taehyung's head to land right in front of Yoongi. They all look towards Taehyung because he's got a habit of losing his wand and having to accio it back, but he shrugs. Then, they turn to see Namjoon storming towards them followed by Hyosang, who's holding at his face.

"Hey," Hoseok starts, then he sees the bruise on Namjoon's cheek and he guess that's why Hyosang's nursing at his eye. "Are you guy's okay?"

"Whose is that?" Jimin asks, reaching for it, but then Yoongi grabs at his hand.

"Hey, Namjoon." Yoongi greets.

Seokjin stares over at Hyosang, "Are you okay?"

"It was a joke wand," Hyosang smiles, then drops his hand and he's already got a black eye. "I grabbed it from Namjoon to help him and it kind of got me too."

"Aren't joke wands banned," Namjoon growls.

"You can't turn your boyfriend on me," Yoongi says.

Hoseok rolls his eyes, "They are banned though."

"Technically, he was in possession of it and it has no connection to me," Yoongi smirks and Namjoon eyes narrow. "It's only a little bruise. Now you're matching Hoseok." Hoseok's blood run cold and he unconciously rubs at his neck when everyone looks over at him.

"Is hyung hurt too?" Taehyung's honestly wondering, turning his head to get a better look at Hoseok's neck. This is all Namjoon's fault and Hoseok glares at him.

"I think that's from last week," Seokjin says, not even looking up from his book. He's smirking though, Hoseok can see it. Isn't he supposed to be one of the nicer ones? "In the owlery."

"Huh?" Taehyung looks over, "Did an owl attack you?"

"No," Yoongi says, "Namjoon did." And Taehyung still looks confused which Hoseok should be grateful for because everyone is either laughing or grinning at him. Even Jimin, though at least he's trying to hide it.

Namjoon runs a hand through his hair and his cheeks are tinged darker. Good. His fault. "Hyung, just because I don't hide when I do it."

Yoongi's smile drops from his face and he scowls, "Namjoon. Don't."

Namjoon grins, "What? Yesterday I happened upon you doing worse than-" It takes less than a second for Yoongi to get up, but Namjoon's already running away despite the protests from the librarian. Yoongi tsks, then pulls his wand out before chasing after him.

"Shouldn't you go after them, hyung?" Jungkook says.

"Do I want to?" They all nod. When Namjoon and Yoongi actually bring out wands it is best to avoid them at all costs. Hyosang ends up joining them, helping Seokjin out with his History of Magic paper, and everything goes back to normal. Well, Jimin is fidgeting badly, lifting up the collar of his shirt multiple times and looking very nervous. And oh.

This is hardly unexpected if Hoseok had to think about it, but he's surprised all the same. It's great though. Teasing isn't something Hoseok normally does, but he can finally fire back at Yoongi whenever he says something about him and Namjoon.

When Jimin notices his stare, he gives a little jolt before smiling. "Uh, hyung, can you help me with this?"




The cold Febuary air makes Hoseok's cheeks feel all prickly, his ears sting, and his fingers numb. He hates the cold more than he hates Astronomy and History of Magic combined and the only reason he can stand this waiting is because Namjoon put a warming spell on his scarf that makes it slightly bareable. He shouldn't complain when he made them stay here and wait with the Gryffindors for the team to exit the stadium. It's not like any of them are actually upset, shivering and complaining to leave like their noses are going to fall off. Yoongi's gives small whines of annoyance and Namjoon's jumping up and down, but they're not seriously in pain. Everyone's (especially the Gryffindors) pumped from the game; it had been exciting, amazing, and Jimin and Taehyung were going to be estatic.

Especially Jimin.

Jimin who had almost single-handedly won the game.

It had gotten to the point where it was almost tied and Taehyung and Jaejoon were flying side by side after the Snitch. They were both reaching out for it, trying to beat the other. One second Jaejoon was about to grab it and the next he was pulling away to dodge a bludger.

Jimin had done that. Jimin had managed to get it close enough to ward Jaejoon off without bothering Taehyung in the slightest. There might have been a second where the entire stadium gasped for Taehyung, but there was more than enough space between him and the ball. He had grabbed the Snitch and Gryffindor had won against Hufflepuff.

Jimin had been stunned, everyone had been stunned, it took Jongin rushing over and slapping him on the back, grinning wide, before there was an eruption of cheers. Now, Hoseok had made them all wait outside to get to Jimin and Taehyung before they were pulled off and away to celebrate the best win of the year.

Minah and Eunji come out first, basically co-Captain and Captain smiling so wide and excitededly running over to the crowd as it begins to give loud shouts and cheers. The others come out after, Jongin and Taehyung on either side of Jimin and proudly grinning as people start to cheer louder.

"Is he going to ignore us," Yoongi mumbles.

"Don't be jealous," Hoseok whispers, nudging Yoongi in the side. He gets an incredulous look, but it fades to a smile and Hoseok looks over to see Jimin and Taehyung coming over. Jimin is practically beaming.

"That was awesome," Namjoon says, then pushes at Jimin's chest slightly. "When did you become so cool?" The grin on Jimin's face grows impossibly wider and he seems like he's bubbling with excitement. It's even worse than Taehyung, who seems like he's going to bounce out of his skin.

"Really cool, hyung," Jungkook says.

"That was amazing," Hoseok ruffles Jimin's hair.

"Awesome," Seokjin nods, "but you could have broken Taehyung's arm."

"The nurse would have healed him," Yoongi says and gets a glare from both Hoseok and Seokjin.

"It was fine, hyung! Jimin's able to make the hit with his eyes closed," Taehyung grins at Jimin and shakes his arm. "He's been practicing a lot, like he could have hit Jaejoon, but he didn't. Only Jimin could have made that."

"I don't know, Chanyeol could have made that hit too." But, Yoongi's grinning as he says it and it takes only one second of Jimin pouting before he drags him by the neck for a hug. "That was great, Jimin."

"Jimin! Taehyung!" It's Eunji who calls over, smile still plastered on her face. "Let's go celebrate. You can even bring the Slytherins." She gives a small laugh when Jungkook and Yoongi both scowl at her, then waves them over as the crowd starts to walk away.

"C'mon hyung." Jimin says, then tugs Yoongi away and after the crowd, Yoongi grumbling softly. Jungkook stares after them, but then Taehyung's grasped his arm and Seokjin's and he's tugging them after Jimin. They partially look like they're skipping off and Hoseok grins at the imagery, about to follow, but Namjoon grabs at his elbow and tugs him back.

He blinks at Namjoon, "What?"

"Just c'mon," he grins. "They won't notice we're gone." That might be true, Jimin seemed to pre-occupied with Yoongi and Taehyung might be the most oblivious person Hoseok knows, but that doesn't stop him from wanting to celebrate with them. Namjoon seems to see it in his face, smiling softer and grabbing at Hoseok's hand.

"I'll show you one thing, it'll take five minutes." Hosok shrugs in agreement and Namjoon pulls him back towards the Quidditch Pitch, not the entrance but behind the stands. It takes a second, but Hoseok's able to make out a small slit in the cloth which lifts up when Namjoon flicks his wand. Hoseok glances at him and Namjoon's reply is to motion him forward.

He'd never been under the Quidditch Stands before so he really doesn't know what he expected. Maybe grass and dirt and some columns every now and then to hold everything together. Instead, there's wooden wall-like things that raise all the way up to the top of the stands and dig into the ground. It creates a sort of room that's dark and gets incredibly more dark as soon as Namjoon lets the flap fall behind him.

His eyes are starting to adjust when light sparks from Namjoon's wand and a orb floats into the air. It travels halfway up, then stays there floating like a hanging lamp as Namjoon casts about five more. It's a standard spell, but the area is also slowly warming up and Hoseok blinks.

"I've been playing with spells." Namjoon says. "Also." He motions Hoseok closer then reaches in his robes, pulling out a small pocket sized book that he puts in Hoseok's hands. It's a dictionary and well, what?

"Um," Hoseok starts. "Thank you?"

Namjoon's lips twitch up, "Hold on." He points his wand at the book, "Comperio." It's new, like Namjoon must have created it new; Hoseok can tell by the way the pages sort of wiggle at first before rapidly turning. The pages continue to flip until it settles in the l section where the word lamp is glowing in a faint yellow light.

Hoseok glances over at him, eyebrows scrunched together. "Lamp?"

"Not lamp," Namjoon frowns, "The spell. You can highlight any word as long as you know how to spell it in your head."

"Oh?" Hoseok grins, slamming the book shut, then pinches at Namjoon's cheeks, "Is this for me?" There had been one time, he doesn't remember how far back, that he had mentioned something about how books should have a find function like on a computer and, after explaining it in about five different ways, Yoongi had called him lazy.

"No," Namjoon pulls his face out of Hoseok's grasp, "It's useful. You were just inspiration."

Hoseok laughs, "Am I your muse, Namjoon-ah."

"No." He's trying to make a face, but his lips are trembling trying to hold back a smile and Hoseok stares at him until he breaks and the smile starts to show, Namjoon having to look away to keep face. "Whatever, don't we have to head back now."

It's slightly sad that Hoseok had completely forgotten, but Gryffindor Quidditch parties are loud, obnoxious, and long. They could show up two hours later and it would still be going strong. Besides, it wouldn't really hurt if Hoseok stayed here for a bit, had Namjoon explain how exactly the spell worked and teach him how to do it before he would go off on a full length explanation of how the spell came to be. This had happened before, Namjoon intelligence mostly shines when he's doing Charms and practicing new spells or thinking up ones. His explanations to Hoseok are interesting, even if Hoseok doesn't exactly understand because he's kind of awful at Charms, and Namjoon's always looks so lively and passionate.

"Well," Hoseok shrugs, "You could teach me and we could go later."

Namjoon eyes him before grinning wide, "So, you like it?" There's something about how he's looking at Hoseok. His grin looks accomplished and proud, but he's still searching on Hoseok's face, nervous, like Hoseok is merely appeasing him. It's cute, Namjoon's cute, this whole thing is completely out of nowhere and adorable.

"I thought it wasn't for me," Hoseok smiles.

"Well," Namjoon starts and Hoseok knows he's about to launch into some weird explanation about just wanting a different opinion. So, Hoseok kisses him, book dropping to the ground somewhere as he pushes Namjoon back against the wall. Namjoon makes a small noise of surprise before his hands runs through Hoseok's hair.

"Vaguely, I remember something about no public places," Namjoon says, leaning his back against the wall and groaning when Hoseok nips at his neck.

Hoseok hums, "vaguely." And the reason behind that agreement comes in the form of a surprised 'Oh' as Hoseok hears the flaps of Quidditch pitch being pulled back. This isn't really the worst they've been caught doing, which might say a lot. Also, the fact that Hoseok's not that embarassed.

"Hyung." It's a soft voice, kind of hesitant. If Hoseok looks long enough he can see a shadow against the cloth. "Hyung. I'm sorry. I-"

Really, he does sound absolutely apologetic and kind of worried, so Hoseok takes Namjoon's hand and leads him out to see it's Jimin standing there, face flushed and unable to look at them. Seokjin wasn't even like this and that was so much worse.

Not that it means this is a good thing.

Professor Nam was right; Yoongi and Namjoon are bad influences.

"What did you want, Jimin?" Hoseok asks.

"Um, I thought it'd be better if hyung came because you're a prefect and you could stop it from getting out of hand and-" Jimin pauses, "But, it's okay, really."

That sounds somewhat like a lie, but Hoseok grins wide and ruffles Jimin's hair. "We'll come now. We weren't doing anything important."

Namjoon scoffs next to him, but Hoseok would like to imagine it's because Jimin went out looking for him and not Namjoon.




The Hogsmeade trip was supposed to be Hoseok getting time alone with Namjoon since Taehyung and Jungkook had stayed back to study, even though Hoseok knows that's not the truth, and Seokjin rarely goes. He figured Yoongi would take Jimin away somewhere and that would leave two. Alone.

"Hyung, you owe me," Jimin had said when he pulled Hoseok back from the group.

"What do I owe you?" Hoseok frowns. Namjoon and Yoongi are heading to Zonkos, apparently having finally gotten over their feud of the year.

"I didn't tell anyone," Jimin says, "But I could." He's trying to be threatening, but Hoseok isn't the least bit worried.

"No you won't."

"I will," Jimin huffs, "If you don't help me."

This conversation could go on for a while until Jimin fakes like he's going to tell Yoongi, then just begs for Hoseok's help which Hoseok can never say no to. He sighs, it would better to get to that point sooner rather than later. "Right. What do you need help with?"

"Um, well," Jimin pulls at his robes, then takes a breath. "I don't know what to get Yoongi-hyung for Valentine's Day and you've known him longer than me. So. I mean, I know it was last week, but it's not too late, right?"

There had never really been an announcement about Yoongi and Jimin. Not like there was with Hoseok and Namjoon either, they had just showed up holding hands and everyone accepted it. Yoongi and Jimin had been exactly the same, Yoongi teasing, Jimin flushing, but it had something different about it. It was enough that the others caught on too after a week or so. They were so casual about it that no one felt it right to ask, so Jimin talking about it now surprises Hoseok. Also, makes him smile because Jimin looks so genuinely concerned and adorable.

"It's okay Jimin, I don't really think Yoongi's the type to care about Valentine's Day."

Jimin frowns, "He bought me a scarf. I have to get him something too." Well, then. He definitely had not thought Yoongi's the type for romance and gifts, but clearly he was wrong.

"Then, uh," Hoseok pauses. He honestly doesn't know. Him and Namjoon don't really do this Valentine's Day thing because Namjoon's awful at gifts and Hoseok's accepted that. The time they tried, Hoseok got Namjoon a cell phone, which he promptly dropped in water, while Namjoon gave him silverware. It was cute, Namjoon had asked if it was useful in the muggle world and Hoseok had said yes and pinched at his cheek. Namjoon had looked pleased and Hoseok's parents got use out of it, so there wasn't really a downside. But, they hadn't really tried the present thing again. "I don't really know."

"Hyung," Jimin whines.

Hoseok has no idea why Jimin's asking him. Yes, he's known Yoongi a year longer, but that's just a whole year of knowing that Yoongi doesn't really show off what he wants. Besides, Namjoon's probably closer and the better one to ask.

"Um," Hoseok looks around and sees Dominic Maestro's. "There's that new quill at Dominic's, maybe? The one that sings to you as you write." That's the best he can come up with. Yoongi likes music, right?

Jimin blinks, then grins. "Alright." That should be it. Hoseok did his part. But, Jimin grabs at Hoseok's arm and drags him off towards the shop, Hoseok sighing as Jimin asks (and answers himself) a bunch of questions about what Yoongi's music preference is. They walk by Honeyduke's on the way, where Hoseok catches the eye of Namjoon as Yoongi's shifting through a bunch sweets. He's holding a bunch of chocolates and when he sees Hoseok, he shakes them and mouths out a 'you want?' Hoseok grins as he nods.




In his two years of being a prefect, Hoseok had used the specialized bathroom only a handful of times. It was, indeed, all it was made out to be. Amazing, grand, majestic. Completely perfect for relaxing with all it's tiny little touches to make sure nothing was out of order. That's partially the problem though. It's so regal that whenever Hoseok went there it seemed too much. Sometimes, it's really nice and Hoseok liked wading in the water and thinking about nothing, but usually sitting there alone felt lonely. It seemed like he was meant to sit there and contemplate something when he just wanted to take a bath. Too much for one person. And you're not really supposed to take a bath with more than one person.

Except, he brought Namjoon so he's gone against that. It's not like it's an outright rule, maybe heavily implied, but he's not going against anything by bringing Namjoon in here. It's not like they're doing anything. Yet.

Hoseok coughs.

Namjoon cracks an eye open and looks at him, "What?"

"Oh, uh." Hoseok shifts, "I was wondering if you liked it?" That's not really something he needs to hear the answer to. Namjoon was sitting against the ledge, water up to his chest, laid back and relaxing with his eyes closed. So care-free.

"Yes," Namjoon hums, "Don't you?"

"Yeah, it's nice."

"Then join me." It's not like Hoseok was avoiding getting in the water or anything, he was just content to sit on the ledge, towel around his waist, and kick his feet in the water. There's no real time limit, no one can walk in, they don't need to rush. So, Hoseok sat there and thought about stuff.

"I will."

Namjoon frowns, turning to fully look at him. "What's good about sitting up there?"

It's really a is something wrong with the way Namjoon's frown is set and he's searching around Hoseok face. He rolls his eyes and pokes at Namjoon's forehead, "I'm thinking."

"Are you coming up with a way to cure Vanishing Sickness?"

"What?" Hoseok blinks, "No?"

"Then, come on." Before Hoseok even realizes Namjoon's pulled him, he belly flops into the bath, his mouth being filled with soapy water and, in general, it just hurts. When he's able to get his bearings and resurface to glare, Namjoon's laughing so loud, eyes crinkling and dimple showing.

"I'm sorry, I didn't mean for you to fall so hard." Except, he doesn't sound apologetic at all and Hoseok splashes water in his face, hoping Namjoon gets to taste the lavendar soap water. If he did, he doesn't care because he still has that grin plastered on his face as he splashes Hoseok back. It ends up turning into this mini splash war before Namjoon reaches over and kisses him, quick, pulling back with a satisfied smirk.

Hoseok then realizes he's lost his towel and he starts to blush which Namjoon doesn't see because he's back to laying back against the ledge. He really is enjoying this, though Hoseok should have known because he's totally the type to. There are a lot of moments Namjoon just takes to himself to be alone or laze about like he's got something to get away from and usually Hoseok doesn't see it. It's a nice look, set at ease and sort of blissed out, completely different from troublemaker or studying too hard Namjoon.

"Are you staring at me?"

"No." Hoseok frowns when Namjoon chuckles.

"But, my neck feels itchy." It's not funny at all and Hoseok rolls his eyes. He kind of wants to splash Namjoon in the face and kind of wants to let him be which, somehow, he compromises in his head as moving over so he's straddling Namjoon's legs, basically sitting in his lap. Namjoon opens one eye again and, before he can say anything, Hoseok trails small kisses down his neck. They're light little touches, but he can feel Namjoon responding.

"Does it still itch?" Hoseok asks, mouthing at his shoulder.

"What if I said yes?"

Hoseok nips at Namjoon's skin, then glances up. "Well." He kisses back to right under Namjoon's jaw, biting there lightly and smiling when he feels the other's muscles tense and his breath quicken. And when he sucks at the same place, hopefully hard enough to leave a mark, Namjoon lets out this low, small whine. Hoseok sits back and Namjoon has this lazy smile on his face, pleased.

"What?" Namjoon just pulls him forward gently, until they're close enough that he'd practically go cross-eyed trying to look in the other's eyes and their breaths ghost across each other's lips.

"I really like you," he mumbles, quiet, before connecting their lips in a soft kiss. Hoseok's stomach feels all fluttery and his heartbeat quickens and it hasn't been like this since two years ago with their first kiss. Because this isn't like those other times where they were frantic and worried about being walked in on. Instead, it's Namjoon hugging him closer and sucking on his upper lip gently, smiling whenever Hoseok gives a small moan. And it's his hands running up Hoseok's body, exploring every inch of his stomach before moving up to his chest. They've never been this relaxed before, where Hoseok can keep kissing him and not worry about time or anyone being close by or anything at all. So, when Namjoon's thumb grazes over his nipple, making him shudder and groan, he doesn't have to suppress it.

Or he doesn't have to, but maybe he should have. Namjoon smirks, catches Hoseok's bottom lip between his teeth and does it again. And it's not fair because Namjoon's keeping his mouth open and his moans echo throughout the room.

"Namjoon," Hoseok whines, face flushing. It feels nice, really nice, but it's embarassing with how his voice gets high and his hips jerk up since Namjoon keeps doing it, teasing him.

Namjoon laughs faintly against his mouth. "You like it." He tugs this time and Hoseok groans loudly into the kiss, grinding down into Namjoon's lap.

"Yeah, but-" Hoseok's cut off by Namjoon's lips and him pinching, Hoseok unable to stop the high pitched moan he lets out.

Namjoon hums. "You sound nice." It makes Hoseok blush again. And he knows Namjoon likes it, can feel it from whenever their hips meet and he feels Namjoon's hardness against his. But, he doesn't want to explain that if Namjoon keeps doing that and grinding up against him, he won't last long. That it probably won't go any farther and Hoseok wants to. He really wants to. Namjoon gives one of his 'you're-cute' grins before kissing him on the nose. It's infuriatingly sweet, especially when he runs his thumbs over Hoseok's nipples.

"Fuck," Hoseok groans against Namjoon's mouth then decides to just grab Namjoon's hands with one of his, feeling the other smile. He's not really holding on tightly, Namjoon's not even trying to get loose. They know if Namjoon put in any effort, he'd be able to get out of it, so it's him letting Hoseok hold him down and kiss him. And Hoseok grinds down, slow, makes Namjoon let out small breathy moans.

It takes maybe a minute for Namjoon to break, for him to get free of Hoseok's grip to pull him closer. His hands on Hoseok's hips, focused on grinding against each other. And Hoseok's supporting himself against the ledge, kissing Namjoon only breaking to moan when their thrusts meet.

Namjoon's hands move to cup at his ass, brings them even closer so Hoseok's face is in his shoulder and he's completely leaning against him. He can feel Namjoon react to his whines going directly in his ear and Namjoon lets out a loud groan. His hand moves away, instead tracing down the cleft of his ass before tracing over his hole, teasing. Hoseok lets out a small shakey breath.

"Can I?" Namjoon asks.

"Yeah, yeah, if you-" Hoseok might be stuttering and Namjoon smirks before kissing at his cheek. "If you want."

"Do you want me to?" Namjoon presses, not enough to push in but enough for Hoseok to jerk his hips. It's irritating, he's irritating, and Hoseok grips at his hair tightly, but that just has Namjoon bite as his neck.

"Yes," Hoseok breathes "I want you to." Namjoon finger is slicked with water so it doesn't hurt when he pushes in, only feels a bit of a stretch. But, Hoseok likes it, knows from before when he's done it to himself. Practice for this, for Namjoon. Except it's completely different, Namjoon whispering a small are you okay into Hoseok's ear when he lets out a small gasp from Namjoon moving.

"Yeah," Hoseok manages. Namjoon gives a small kiss to his neck before adding another finger. It's definitely different, Namjoon's fingers are longer and more and better and Hoseok lets out a loud whine.

"Fuck, Hoseok," Namjoon moans, then rolls his hips up. That's so much, too much. Hoseok been stretched and Namjoon grinding up into him, he can feel heat pooling at the base of his stomach. When Namjoon starts to scissor his fingers, Hoseok really can't keep back his noises and Namjoon bites down at his neck, slight pain only adding to Hoseok's groans. He's stuck on the feeling, Namjoon's fingers stretching him and them grinding together, that he doesn't notice Namjoon's other hand snake between their bodies. But, he does feel him grab both of their cocks and he makes this strangled noise because he's so close. So fucking close. And Namjoon jerking them off and fingering him and he doesn't last long. He bites down on Namjoon's shoulder when he comes, gripping the wall tight and thrusting up into Namjoon's hand.

For a couple seconds, Hoseok lies there, whining slightly when Namjoon removes his fingers to hug him closer and kiss at his cheek. Then, he feels Namjoon, still hard, against him and he's stable enough to sit back on his own effort. Namjoon's eyes are dark and he's biting at his lip and looks entirely too good. All Hoseok wants to do is kiss him, touch him, make him feel as good as he did. His hands slide down Namjoon's stomach slowly before he traces over Namjoon's cock lightly, watching him bite his lip and his breathing become labored. When he starts to jerk him off, Namjoon's mouth parts, groaning, and Hoseok can't take it. He kisses him and it's sloppy and mostly Hoseok, sucking and biting, as Namjoon lazily pulls him closer.

Namjoon moans softly. "Faster." And Hoseok grins, not following until Namjoon whines and his hands move up to grip tightly at Hoseok's hips. Then, he grips Namjoon tighter and tugs faster, only taking a short time until Namjoon shudders, whines, and his nails dig into Hoseok's skin as he comes.

They stay with their lips locked, Namjoon breathing heavy as Hoseok rubs at his stomach and chest to soothe him. It's nice and Hoseok could really stay like this forever, in Namjoon's lap, sucking on his tongue, Namjoon sitting up to meet him in earnest. But, when Namjoon tries to hug around his body he groans, breaking the kiss. He's frowning, pouting like a child.

"It hurts."

Hoseok blinks at him before he realizes and blushes, "I'm sorry." He looks over at the bite mark and it's actually kind of deep, kind of bleeding, kind of if Namjoon's shirt slides down too far and Yoongi sees they'll never hear the end of it. "I think there's a spell, right?"

"No." Namjoon says it quickly and Hoseok furrows his eyebrows. "It's fine, I was joking." And, Namjoon's starting to blush this time, more as Hoseok stares at him. It clicks when Hoseok thumbs over the mark and Namjoon shifts. He likes it. Which. Okay.

Hoseok grins and kisses at it, "I can make more if you want." The noise Namjoon lets out is cute, sounds like a puppy trying to bark, and Hoseok just laughs before kissing Namjoon on the lips and hugging him tighter.