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"I... I cant do this anymore, Fiona" his voice shaking, a tear rolling down his well structured face, a face not made for tears.
"What is it darling? What cant you do anymore?" Fiona asked, confused and worried.
"This. Us... I dont think I am happy anymore..."

The color faded from Fionas face, leaving a sickly light green color behind. "W...what do you mean? Why? Why arent you happy? Is... is it something I did please tell me what I did wr..."

Shrek interrupted her, with a sad but harsh look on his face "Fiona this isnt about you. Please dont think this is your fault. But there is someone... someone that I feel strongly for. Someone that you could never be. I'm sorry but I think a divorce is best for us."
"But... But Shrek you cant just leave me and the children all alone, what are they supposed to do with no daddy? And how am I going to explain that their mommy wasn'tgood enough so daddy had to leave her for another woman?"

"I know it's wrong Fiona, but I just cannot stay. You can tell the kids that their daddy has gone... to be with his daddy."
A gap followed by a sharp inhale of breath came from Fiona "YER LEAVING ME FOR A MAN? BOI!"

The hunk of a man they call shrek took a last look back at Fiona, his former love and pulled the divorce forms from the hidden pocket in his well fitted, tailor made brown leather pants.

Fiona, still looking like she was about to scream, quietly took the pen that was attached to the mans thin belt, exaggerating his attractive waist.
Goddamnit if only her man wasn't so attractive, Fiona thought to herself.
Hesitatingly she signed the Form.
The green man left the room without looking back. And just like that, Fionas love of her live slipped away.

It took Fiona a good five minutes to process the events. As it finally got to her, her knees became weak. She sank to the ground, breath hitching. It didnt even feel like she was the one experiencing these emotions. It was almost like she was watching from the outside. But it was in fact her.

It felt like she was drowning. Every wave of sadness taking her breath away. With every sob it seemed more and more impossible to carry on.

It was only when she realized she needed to pick up the kids from swamp daycare that she got the power to get up.