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Diamond Prompts

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It was hot. Unbearingly hot. For how long, one could not be certain.

Then there was nothing. No cold nor warmth.

From a burst of light, a flutter of eyelids and a soft gasp from within. And that was how she came to be. Burning like the stars around her, she moulded herself into something better, stronger.

She conquered life, a literal goddess of the stars. But she could not do it alone.

From a small sun, she created another in her image. It was not enough.

From a moon, she created one more. There was still life to be obtained.

From a planet, littered with organic life, she created her last one.

She created life the way she wanted, watching them beneath her like the subordinates they were made to be. They worshipped her and she demanded no less.

Everywhere, her own symbol was etched into each room, each piece of clothing. They would not forget the sacrifices that had been made.

White, Yellow, Blue, Pink.

The era of the Diamond Authority had begun.