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Marvel Imagines Collection [NSFW]

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Warnings: NSFW mentions

Gif source:  Vision

Imagine having sex with Vision when he’s in his human form.

——— Request for anon ———

You reach up, letting your fingers smooth along the soft flesh of his cheek. It was so bizarre, how he looked so different and yet like himself at the same time. The glow of the infinity stone etched into his forehead the only indication that he was not, in fact, human. He watches your eyes as you search his face, a distressed expression coming over him before you soothe his worries.

“I like it,” you murmur, standing just a bit taller to brush your lips against his. “I like you.”

Vision moves into your touch, drinking in your kiss, his breath light as he replies, “I’m glad you like me.” The touch is so gentle, so soft, but it spurs a feeling in your abdomen that is far from innocent. You close the gap once more, this time more urgently, and he reacts in turn.