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Marvel Imagines Collection [SFW]

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Gif source:  TFW  |  Avengers

Imagine introducing Team Free Will to the Avengers and vice versa.

——— Request for anon ———

“And you’re sure they can help with this?” Thor asks for the thousandth time as you lead the Avengers towards the room where your friends await.

“I mean, you said they didn’t have any enhancements,” Tony pipes, but follows your lead anyway.

“And we don’t need any more civilians getting hurt,” Steve adds, lips pursed in disapproval before you stop, turning on your heel to face them all as your hand reaches for the doorknob.

“Honestly, in their line of work, you guys are the civilians,” you begin, pushing open the door. “Avengers, meet the Winchesters, and the angel Castiel. Yes, I did just say ‘angel’ and no, I did not mean it as an endearment. I was being deathly literal.”

Sam turns at your voice, sending a smile as the boys look over the new guests, “We’ve got a lot to catch you up on.”