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Marvel Imagines Collection [SFW]

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Imagine always giving the Avengers hugs right before you go to bed, so when Bucky joins the team, he’s surprised when you give him a hug.

——— Request for anon ———

You didn’t give half-assed side hugs. You went in for the kill. It was one of those snuggle into my chest, hold me tight, and give me a little squeeze kind of hugs.

And Bucky just didn’t know how to react. He couldn’t remember ever being held so tenderly, being touched so familiarly without an ounce of fear or hatred. He was sure that he had at one time been hugged like this, but he still could only remember bits and pieces of his past.

When you let him go, he found himself wishing he had wrapped his arms around you to keep you from pulling away, “Welcome to the team, Bucky. Good night!”

“Good night,” Steve chuckles at his friend’s bewildered expression as you turn and leave, walking off to find your room to retire for the night, “She gives us hugs every night, Buck. Best get used to it.”

In this strange new world he found himself in, Bucky knew he could grow to like this tradition.