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The Best of Us Find Happiness in Misery

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Okay so this is a dark fic and the first chapter is like the fluffiest things get here. It will get way darker, trust me.

Warnings for future chapters
Casual Murder
Near Death
Death Kinks
Blood Kinks
Graphic Violence
and several others

These works will definitely be triggering to some so if things like that don't do well for you, then go search fluff not whatever this is ;)

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It’s no secret that the boys were fucked up. Their entire dynamic was based around the fact. Each with their own messed up brain, but all coming together to create something beautiful. One of their favorite past times, was creating art on their beautiful, Min Yoongi.

Yoongi was depressed. His entire being played off of the fact that he wanted nothing more in life, than death. His distorted mind creation of how death elevates you, and how you’re more loved and remembered in death, was all that he craved. He practically begged the others to kill him, every single day of his life. In fact, that’s exactly how he was added to the then small dynamic.

Namjoon found him one night, walking the streets of Seoul. The younger planned on Yoongi being his next victim for the night, but when the short, silver haired boy was approached, he begged Namjoon to murder him. That was a first for him. None of his victims had ever begged him to die before he even made a move, and it intrigued him very much.

“Why do you want me to kill you?” Namjoon asked, messing with the knife hidden away in his hoodie pouch.

“Maybe I’ll be loved. Maybe I’ll be remembered. Must be better than this Hell.” Yoongi replied, sliding his back down a brick wall, scrunching his knees up once his butt hit the pavement.

“It will get better. There’s no reason to commit suicide.” Namjoon looked down at him, frowning at his own words. Namjoon never spared the life of some poor pedestrian on the streets after 12 am.

“You don’t get it. I want to die. I need to die. Not because I’m sad. Not because I feel useless or worthless. I crave death. I’ll never be happy until I’m buried in a grave. It’s my one and only wish in life. I was gonna go find a stupid gas station or something. For a mirror and all. I wanna watch the life drain from my eyes. I’ve waited 20 years of my life for this moment.” Yoongi ranted, all too enthusiastically for Namjoon’s liking.

“What do you mean? Watch the life drain from your eyes?” Namjoon now noticed the several cuts peeking through Yoongi’s wrist underneath his sweater.

“I downed a bottle of pills before decided to kill time. I figure it’ll happen soon.” Namjoon frowned and the other just looked up at him with a shrug.

“What’s your name?”

“Min Yoongi. Write me something pretty. Have them bury me somewhere that’s visited often.”

“Well, Yoongi, I’m Namjoon, and I’m gonna need you to throw up.” Yoongi knit his eyebrows together.
“What? I’m not throwing up. That’ll wash the p-, no. I won’t let another person stop this. It’s all I want!” Yoongi raised his voice, standing to his feet now.

“I won’t hesitate to shove my fingers down your throat, Yoongi. It’s not your time.” Namjoon said, stepping closer.

Yoongi took this as his chance to bolt, but Namjoon easily caught him. Catching running prey was just a casual hobby of his at this point. It took nothing to pull Yoongi into a nearby alley and cage him against the wall and his body.

“I’m going to make you throw up. Don’t fight me. I’m helping you, Yoongi.” Namjoon said, brushing his thumb against Yoongi’s lip. The younger was staring at the taller boy with pleading eyes.

In around 3 minutes, Yoongi had thrown up each pill, and most of whatever he had eaten. Namjoon was satisfied, while Yoongi was sobbing. His plans were foiled again. He had to go on another day. Another miserable day.

“Come home with me. I want to help you.” Namjoon told him, finding some sort of beautiful irony.

Namjoon took pride in taking the lives of those that wanted to live, but now he found himself giving life to someone that didn’t want it. It was beautiful in the eys of namjoon. So, Yoongi went home with Namjoon, he had nothing to lose anyways. He met Jin, and the three of them fell into a strange, yet comfortable dynamic, all falling in love quickly.

Yoongi had expressed his wants and needs to the two boys every single day, and he learned of the others issues, but they would not give him what he wanted. He hated it, but he loved them more than anything. He finally felt something, and someone finally felt for him. It was a strange and foreign feeling, but still, he wanted to be buried six feet under. Somewhere beautiful, covered in green grass and vibrant flowers. Somewhere where life could thrive above him, but he was stuck here, in the cold cold world, breathing and toxic air.

They found a way to sedate his need of death eventually. Cutting his skin, bringing him to the brink of death, but never enough to actually kill him. It drove Yoongi mad, but it was enough for now. Namjoon had promised him, that one day, they would kill him. It would be a celebration. They would do the honors, and Yoongi held onto that hope.

The other five joined in eventually, each with their own baggage, each helping Yoongi the best they could. Jimin, was secretly his favorite. He loved them all equally, but he held a soft spot for the eldest maknae. Jimin had dissociative identity disorder, causing him to involuntarily switch between one of three personalities. Yoongi was especially close, to Chimmy.

Chimmy was Jimin’s inner child. He made himself small, and he was innocent, and the others wanted to do nothing but love and cuddle the clingy boy. He would never hurt a fly, and he always clung onto Yoongi. Yoongi never complained, he liked the break from their harsh, but beautiful reality. Chimmy enjoyed marking Yoongi’s skin, and it became one of their favorite past times, very quickly.

“H-Hyung?” Chim’s small voice made its way across the closed room and over to where Yoongi was sitting on his bed, staring at nothing.

“Come in, Chimmy, baby.” Yoongi said softly, smiling when the small figure opened and closed the door, making his way over to where Yoongi sat.

Yoongi noticed Chim was holding something. A pretty, pink butterfly knife. Instantly, Yoongi knew what Chimmy was asking, and who was he to tell his baby boy no?

“You wanna draw, angel?”

“Yes please.”

The blue haired boy quickly slipped his T shirt off, showing his already marked skin. There were beautiful pictures all over his chest, stomach, and arms. There were more on his legs, but they were currently covered by grey, sweatpants.

Chim was his favorite. He always carved small, cartoonish pictures into his skin, and he always signed them with a cute little puppy face, to let the others know who drew it. Yoongi was always proud to show off Chimmy’s artwork. Yoongi was a walking art piece, and they all loved the activity so much. Yoongi especially.

Yoongi laid down on the bed, getting comfortable, and giving Chim free reign of his body. Chimmy hopped onto his bed, straddling him, and studying his chest for a small opening. He found one right underneath his left collarbone, and smiled brightly. Yoongi was watching him search fondly, waiting for the younger to finally break through skin. It always stung initially, but never bothered him after the drawing began.

Chimmy pressed the pink knife point into his chest, just hard enough to see a small bead of blood come to the surface. He smiled. The dark red always looked so pretty on his hyung’s pale, marked skin. Yoongi hissed, and Chim leaned down to kiss Yoongi’s forehead slightly, something the older was fond of. He loved how small and loving the pastel, pink haired boy got when he drew on his skin.

The small boy began drawing small, and fine lines, creating a masterpiece right under his left collarbone. Yoongi loved the sting. He loved the markings on his skin. He doesn’t remember a time when the skin was clean, with nothing but his own horizontal cut marks. Now, his skin was covered in incredible memories and beautiful works. It quenched his thirst for death for a short time, it would due until Namjoon keeps his promise.
“All done!” The younger boy smiled wide, his eyes slowly disappearing into two, cute little crescents. Chimmy grabbed his phone from his pants pocket and turned his camera on, snapping a picture of the art to show Yoongi.

The blue headed boy smiled a big, gummy smile. Nothing but a simple heart, with J+Y in the middle, outlined in a deep, crimson. His signature tiny, puppy was just underneath. It was pretty and cute, just like Chimmy.

“I love it, Chim. I love when you draw on me.” Yoongi said, running his fingers through his curly, pink locks.

Chimmy leaned into the touch and leaned down, pressing a light kiss to his work, red coating his lips and he pressed a long but gentle kiss to Yoongi’s. They both licked the slight blood, metal filling their taste buds, but it was nothing unusual. It was actual something completely normal in their house.

“I love you, Yoongi-ah. Your body is absolutely perfect, just like you. I wish you could stay with us forever and ever.” Chimmy said, falling to Yoongi’s side, wrapping his arm around Yoongi’s waist loosely.

Yoongi looked to the ceiling, placing his arm underneath Chimmy’s head and pulling him in closer. “I love you too, baby. I’ll always be with you too, even when I am gone. I’ll love you and your pretty artwork forever. Keep your pictures, you’ll always have something to remember them by.”

Namjoon is incredibly grateful he found Yoongi, and he’s incredibly grateful he made him puke up the pills. He knew he must make Yoongi truly happy one day, but for now, there would be nothing but unconditional love from Chimmy and the others until the day arrived.

Yoongi is too beautiful for this world, but Namjoon was not ready to take his beauty out of it.

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The six of them thought they were complete. They hadn’t been on the hunt for lost, desperate souls, but somehow, Taehyung felt differently. He felt that they were missing something, or someone. He had been secretly searching for someone that caught his eye, until one day, he found someone.

Taehyung saw a tall, brown headed boy on a university courtyard, and just knew. They were at a distance from each other, but he could tell by his mannerisms and the way he was interacting with his small group of friends, that he was definitely interested.

The biggest struggle about recruiting new people, was eventually convincing them about their polyamorous relationship. The group was unconventional in every possible way, but somehow, they knew the ones they picked would eventually accept and love them all equally.

Taehyung had only been recruited into the group a few months earlier, but he always felt that they needed someone else. Six just wasn’t complete. So, Taehyung, being a little strange and new to his disorder, watched and followed the young boy from a distance.

Jungkook went inside a large, grey building in a mass of students, and it was not difficult for Taehyung to disguise himself in the sea of people as well. Sneaking into the large lecture room was even easier. No one bat an eye when he scurried up the the middle rows, sitting closest to the wall, blending in. The young student next to him was too tired to even notice he was a new face.

The brunette boy happened to sit a row down, but directly in front of him. All it would take was a slight bend down to talk in his ear. Taehyung was nervous though. He was new to the group. What would they think if he brought someone else home? Would they reject both of them? Something overcame Taehyung’s fear when he heard the cutest, high pitched laugh come from the brunette.

The lecture was over and everyone was packing their things up. Jungkook filed out of the row of seats along with everyone else, but Taehyung never let him out of his sight. Jungkook was walking slightly ahead of Taehyung, but Taehyung only just now noticed that he had a half full coffee cup. Tae knew his plan.

Taehyung faked a slight jog, purposely bumping into Jungkook and making him drop the cup of coffee, causing the lid to fly off and the contents to spill on the concrete outside. “Shit, man! I’ve got another class to get through after this! How the hell am I’m suppose to get through it now?”

Taehyung smiled at his deep voice. “Hey, I’m sorry. How long do you have? I can get you another one.”

“I’ve got 30 minutes, but it’s not a big deal. I can just go get a five hour energy or something.” He replied, picking the cup off the ground and throwing it into the nearby trash can.

“No really. I’ll get you another one. Come on.” Taehyung said with a smile, raising his eyebrows to wait for the brunette’s answer.
He hesitated, but eventually agreed. And so they went to the campus Starbucks, and both got coffees. Taehyung had convinced Jungkook to sit and talk, and they ended up talking for hours. Jungkook missed his class, but he really didn’t care.

They parted ways, and Taehyung came home to excitedly tell the others. They agreed to meet him, but they wanted to ease him into things if they liked him. And they did. Taehyung brought Jungkook to their home several times, until he met each one of them. The seven of them went out together several times, and eventually the love started on all ends. When they explained to Jungkook their situation, he wasn’t even phased. He even said that he slightly guessed when he went out with them all together. And thus, the seven of them here a packaged deal.


Overwatch was a common interest in the two youngest members of the group. In fact, there had been countless occasions that Jin had to take the game away in order to see his boyfriends. One of Jungkook’s biggest downfalls, was his incredible competitiveness. If Taehyung beat him, it usually ended in rough smut, and Jungkook taking his anger out on Taehyung’s poor ass. The others even went as far as letting him win at the last second. Taehyung had a spark of competitiveness in himself as well, but he definitely didn’t mind being pounded on any surface by an angry Jungkook.

Today was no different. They were sat criss cross applesauce on Taehyung’s bed, controllers in hand, and mid game. Jungkook was currently losing, and the rest of the dorm could definitely tell.

“Fuck! No! What are you doing!?” He screamed to the TV. Taehyung was focused, and trying to ignore Jungkook’s yelling.

“Yah! Be quiet!” A deep voice rang through the walls. Yoongi. Yoongi hated when they played intense video games as it interrupted his silent times.

“NO! NO! NO!” Jungkook was now standing on the bed, head touching the ceiling. Taehyung was pressing down on his controller hard.

“No! What the fuck?” Taehyung said, knitting his brows together. Jungkook had somehow pulled himself together at the last second, and defeated him.

“Fuck yes!”

“How the hell did you do that?”

“Guess I’m just the best, babe. Sorry.” Jungkook smirked, chucking the controller down on the bed and hopping onto the floor, creating a loud bang.

“What the hell are you two doing? We have neighbors beneath us!” Jin was suddenly in the room, arms crossed.
“Sorry, Hyung. The game’s over now anyways.” Jungkook said, leaning against the bed slightly, eyebrows raised.

“It better be. You guys-” Jin was cut off by Hoseok.

“What was that bang? Is everything alright? What happened to the dorm? Did someone get hurt?” He said, making his way past Jin and into the bedroom, searching for a problem.

“Nothing is wrong, Hobi. Everything’s alright, I promise.” Taehyung said, and Jin grabbed his hand, pulling him out of the room. Hoseok still frowned and searched the room more.

“Why would you do that?” Taehyung asked, annoyed at Jungkook.

“I didn’t know I was gonna get attacked, damn.” Jungkook replied, leaning down and kissed Taehyung’s forehead.

“Come on, we’ve been playing for hours. Let’s go see what everyone's up too.”

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Things weren’t always fucked up. Some might blame Namjoon, but in reality, he saved them. He saved them from being all alone in a cruel world. He brought people together who would understand each other, and love each other through their worst. So Namjoon is only to blame for creating incredible lives.

He wasn’t always fucked up. He was born into a middle class family, a mom and a dad, and as an only child. He grew up fairly normal, with loving and happy parents. Namjoon was destined for an incredibly bright future.

Once he got into his teen years, things started changing for him. His father took on drinking, and hitting his mother. Namjoon hated that. He was definitely old enough to understand that is was wrong, but he was just too young and weak to take on his father.

It didn’t take him long to be a victim himself. The beatings were a regular thing in their house. Namjoon’s mother and himself took them like they were just apart of their nightly routines. It was incredibly fucked up. Namjoon didn’t know what to do about them.

He went to school, kept up his 148 IQ, and achieved things with a smile, but in reality, he dreaded life. The only thing that kept him from running away was his love for his mother.

At some point, something switched in him. A single, little thought in the back of his mind kept creeping in, until it was all he could think about. For weeks, he wondered what would happen if he could kill his father. He wondered how he would get away with it, if he would actually be able to pull it off, how would he do it? It’s all he could think about. And every time his father hit him or his mother, the thoughts only got stronger.

He planned. Namjoon did his research and planned for the perfect moment. All he could focus on was his own motivation and will do go through with his plans. He didn’t know if he could do it.

But he did. He waited until his mother left them to go and get their weekly groceries. Namjoon would never go through with it with her present.

His father was already drinking. It had barely become dark outside, but it definitely made things much easier for Namjoon. He had grabbed the murder weapon early on, tucking it away in the end table drawer. The biggest knife they had owned. And he waited.

He sat on their couch and waited for his drunk father to come in and start his nightly task. All it took was three hits to the face, for Namjoon to finally snap. The knife was plunged into his father’s stomach. Over and over again until he was limp on the floor. Namjoon didn’t stop. He kept going, not caring about the blood now covering the place. He didn’t need to worry about the fingerprints on the couch and floor. It was his house.

He did make sure to wash the murder weapon as he always did. All of the dishes had his dna on them as he always did the dishes. Nothing unusual. He made sure to wash his father body with gloves on, not know how else to clean the fingertips off of his body. He had hoped and prayed that it would be fine.

Positioning the body back in its original spot, he got a pen and paper and wrote his mother a note. He knew she wouldn’t call the cops. If anything she’d help him and make it seem as though it was her self defense. Namjoon also broke into the family safe that his father hid in his office, leaving a stack of hidden cash and the note for her on the kitchen counter.

And then he packed a bag and left, taking some of the cash for his own.

For awhile, he wandered the streets, making sure to ration the money very well. He was good at it. Until he got the urge to kill someone he didn’t even know. It ate at him. He didn’t want to hurt anymore but he felt he’d lose his mind if he didn’t. So he did. He murdered an innocent girl in the woods. And he loved it.

He stopped though. He ignored the sudden urges for months. It drove him absolutely mad. But he finally snapped. He ended up taking 23 innocent lives that night, finding an old well and abandoned basement in the woods to call his home. He vowed to never wait too long to act on a urge. One life was better than 23. But he didn’t feel remorse on the massacre. For the first time, he didn’t care about the lives he had taken. They were probably miserable anyways.

Some shady people found him. They said they watched his massacre and that they were very impressed. Taking him to their boss, he suddenly found himself getting paid thousands for murder. It was a win win for him. He was being protected, and getting paid to do his little hobby. The other still don’t know about that.

That’s how he found himself in a nice apartment, getting paid to regularly kill whoever they asked him too as well as whoever he wanted, and living a semi normal life. He never heard his name on a wanted list, never even on a missing persons list. In his heart, he knew his mother was doing just fine, living her life to the fullest.

And then he found Jin. He got word that his mother was in the hospital. He dropped everything to visit her. The two had an incredibly heartwarming reunion, talking about anything and everything. She was doing amazingly. She had a good job, moved into a nice little apartment, and put everything past her. They exchanged phone numbers so the two could keep in contact. Namjoon wasn’t really in hiding anyways. He just had to take that initial precaution. His mother only had a kidney stone that needed to be passed, and she eventually did, Going back to her life.

Namjoon found Jin in the hospital. He caught one glimpse of his beauty walking down the hallway with some security guards. They shared glances and that was that. Somehow, Namjoon couldn’t leave it alone.

He was on his way to the cafeteria anyways, and just so happened to find Jin sitting at one of the tables, waiting for his tray of food. His guards were in the line, so Namjoon took his moment. He posed as a family member.

Jin didn’t care. He just knew a pretty boy was talking to him. His sociopathic tendencies showed to Namjoon very early on, but he didn’t mind.

They had daily visits, until they both fell madly in love. Two fucked up people canceled out in their brains, and eventually Namjoon wanted him out of his little prison. He taught him ways to fake his emotions. How to pretend his was okay. And it worked.

And so the two moved back to Namjoon’s apartment and started their little family.

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Okay I’m sorry I haven’t uploaded in like 10 years and I probably won’t for a little while but I do have plans for this story. I’m just not in the mood to write and lately I’ve been super stressed between school and work and I literally like sleep every time I get free time so I just haven’t been writing. I do have a smut in the works too for this one (there’s gonna be a ton I just haven’t uploaded any yet) and I already have some of the ending chapters done. Thanks for reading and giving me kudos like really thanks lol it reminds me that I need to get shit done here lol but don’t give up on me!