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network connectivity problems

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Bold = Simon

Itals = Baz





(10:43): hi uh unsure how this works but i cant get wifi to connect to my laptop

(10:43): it worked then it stopped

(10:44): ?? Okay? Good for you.

(10:45): uh

(10:45): i mean like, how should I fix this

(10:46): Why would I know?

(10:46): you’re tech support?

(10:47): I most definitely am not.

(10:49): oh shit. sorry

(10:49): i guess i have the wrong number

(10:49): my b

(10:51): tho if you have any advice im all ears

(10:55): Did you try turning it off and turning it back on again?




(11:08): shit you’re brilliant, thanks mate

(11:09): That’s what they tell me.



(13:02): so i tried the on and off thing again, but its not working this time

(13:04): Why are you messaging me again.

(13:05): my roommate wouldnt help me and told me to text tech support

(13:06): I’m not tech support.

(13:06): you were really useful last time though

(13:08): Burn your laptop.

(13:09): great advice mate thanks

(13:09): but really im trying to connect it to the school wifi and it wont hook up

(13:09): im like half way thru my lecture and it still wont load





(13:24): omg thats my uni

(13:24): omg

(13:25): somehow i feel like that wasn’t a genuine response




(13:39): you saved me. its working. you’re brill

(13:40) : It’s amazing what Googling can accomplish.

(13:41): yeah yeah i get it, i need to find my own answers

(13:42) : Or at least attempt any kind of troubleshooting.

(13:43): who are you, btw?

(13:43): we clearly go to the same uni and I found your number in my notebook from last year

(13:43): so we know each other somehow

(13:45) : I doubt it.

(13:45) : Stop texting in lecture.




(14:06): okay i’m out of class

(14:06): who are you?

(14:07) : Not tech support.

(14:07): you’re a grump, mate

(14:08) : You’re a nightmare.



(20:17): please don’t hate me but do you know how to get onto the Watford grade database

(20:17): it keeps telling me to use my student PIN ID but its not accepting my student ID number

(20:19): Why don’t you ask your roommate?

(20:19): she’s not available

(20:21): It’s your first initial of your first name, then surname, then student ID.

(20:23): that isn’t written anywhere! that makes no sense at all!

(20:25): Have you never logged in to Watford Online before?

(20:26): no i did once last year, but my password autosaved so I never had to do it again, but then my laptop crashed this summer and everything got lost

(20:29 ): Here’s some tech advice: get a new laptop.

(20:32): wow, never thought of that before

(20:32) : Cheers



(13:03): hey! Thought you should know PrideSoc is giving out free donuts outside White Chapel

(13:07 ): Why is this information I should know.

(13:08): bc youve been helping me with my tech problems

(13:08): and i wanted to trade useful information

(13:09) : That is actually useful.

(13:10): so are you going to get a donut??

(13:10) : No.




(14:23) : That donut was subpar and stale

(14:25): really? I thought they were kind of good

(14:26) : So you’re technologically illiterate and have no palette. Noted.

(14:27): you think im an idiot, dont you

(14:30) : I don’t think anything of you. I don’t know who you are.

(14:31): we could fix that

(14:31) : I’d rather not.

(14:35): im positive we know each other

(14:36) : I doubt it. I don’t talk to many people.

(14:38): then why was your number in my notebook from freshers week

(14:40) : Who knows?

(14:40) : Maybe I was chatting you up .

(14:41): I would have remembered someone hitting on me

(14:46): also I’m a bloke

(14:47) : Yes, I assumed.

(14:47) : Mate.



(09:45): Do you happen to know the IT lounge hours?

(09:47): 9-5

(09:49): oh that makes sense

(09:49 ): Common sense, one might say.

(09:50): cheers xx



(16:22): the harry potter society is having a quidditch game on the lawn

(16:22): and they have actual butterbeer

(16:22): no idea what it is but it’s great

(16:35 ): Is it alcoholic?

(16:35): no i don’t think so

(16:36) : Oh. I’m staying in bed, then.

(16:36): cheers!



(11:03): I’m at an event and there are so many bananas

(11:03): piles of bananas

(11:03): like, no other food

(11:03): just bananas




(11:37): oh god they weren’t for eating




(12:45): Were you at the pridesoc safe sex workshop?

(12:45): apparently, yes

(12:45): omg were you there???

(12:46): No. Why were you?

(12:46): I was waiting for my roommate

(12:47 ): Did you get an education?

(12:48): i got something, alright

(12:48): nightmares, likely

(12:48 ): we gays are terrifying




(14:30): what are the odds you can tell me where the student advice centre is

(14:30) : basement of white chapel

(14:31): how do you know all this shit? You’re like a walking encyclopaedia

(14:31): you’re dead useful though

(14:31): thanks, by the way

(14:34): oh do you know their hours?

(14:35): 9-5

(14:35): again. of course

(14:35): honestly you should work there

(14:36): Maybe I do.

(14:36): Any more questions?

(14:36): I have two papers and practice and a match this week.

(14:36): And my stress levels can’t get higher.

(14:36): So let’s get all your queries out now.

(14:39): oh shit sorry

(14:39): you alright?

(14:39): never

(14:42): lol

(14:42):   good luck!



(11:21): I feel obliged to inform you that some society that i’ve never heard of has scones in the Weeping Tower.

(11:38): you texted me first!

(11:38): omg

(11:38): also i love scones

(11:41): Somehow I guessed.

(11:42): You through your week of hell?

(11:42): For now

(11:43): I bet you aced your papers.

(11:45): Of course I did, I always do.




(12:50): Frankly, I’m amazed you’re alive still.

(13:00): ??

(13:01): I leave you alone for a week and you manage to keep yourself fed and functioning.

(13:01): I’m almost proud.

(13:03): tosser

(13:03) : numpty

(13:05): i would stay and fight but i have practice

(13:05): thanks for the scone :)

(13:09): It’s not like I gave it to you personally.

(13:09): But you’re welcome.

(13:12): Just take the gratefulness friend

(13:16): We aren’t friends.

(13:16): i think we are

(13:21): Well that sounds fake.

(13:21): But okay.