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Rank Up!

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Yon-Germain Bakery
After School

Akechi: Ah, hello there. It seems we keep running into each other. Did you need something?

- Ask to hang out <
- Do nothing

Akechi: Oh, really? Well, my caseload has been rather heavy lately, but it seems I do have some free time today. I wouldn’t mind chatting for a bit, if that’s alright with you.

Morgana: What are you gonna do? Are you gonna hang out with Akechi?

- Hang out with him <
- Check bond with Akechi
- Decline

Akechi: Haha, thank you. There’s a diner nearby, let’s head there, shall we?

Akechi: Things have been a bit hectic since I spoke out against the Phantom Thieves. It’s all anyone seems to ask me about, these days. Luckily I’ve garnered quite a bit of support online for my views, but it can be a bit overwhelming. What about you? Has your position changed at all since the last time we spoke?

- Of course not.
- The Phantom Thieves are heroes of justice. <
- I don’t really care.

Akechi: Haha, I should’ve expected that from a loyal fan. Then let me ask you this. If they really do have the power to influence people’s minds, what if one day they decide to use that power to do harm beyond just changing someone’s heart? If they’re able to do that much, I doubt it’s outside of their capabilities to harm or even kill someone without leaving a trace. What if, one day, they decide one of their victims is just too corrupt to keep living? Would it still be justice then?

- That would never happen.
- The Phantom Thieves don’t kill. <

Akechi: I see. Well, I guess we have to hope that continues to be the case. Are you done eating? It’ll be my treat, as a thank you for agreeing to chat with me. As usual, I found your insights interesting. Shall we head back, then?

Akechi: I guess that’s all for today. Be careful on your way back, they say Shibuya is dangerous lately, particularly for high school stu— …Sorry, did you hear something?

(There’s a barking sound coming from the alley...)

Akechi: …?! Is that coming from the dumpster? I guess we should check…

Akechi: Ah. Yes, unfortunately it’s not unusual for animals to be abandoned, especially here in the city. But still, to throw it away is rather cruel… We probably shouldn’t just leave it here…

- What should we do…
- Are there any shelters around? <
- You should take it home with you

Akechi: Well… there are… but the treatment of animals at those places isn’t exactly humane, and this dog seems to be rather young…

- What should we do…
- You should take it home with you. <

Akechi: W-what? Haha, no, I couldn’t. I’m far too busy to take care of an animal, and even if I wasn’t, I probably wouldn’t be any good at it. Why don’t you take it?

- Can’t.
- Cat.
- I live in an attic. <

Akechi: …Oh. Well, um, I suppose I don’t really have a choice, then. But only if you agree to help me find a permanent home for it, as soon as possible. Please.

(Akechi’s relying on me… I can sense his hesitant resolve.)


Akechi: Well, um. I suppose now I have to go pick up some supplies from the corner store. Thank you again for today, Kurusu-kun. Goodbye.