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Safe in his Arms

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Chapter One-The Aftermath

It’s over…he could not believe it. Voldemort is dead and so many others that lost their life. Ron and Hermione were among the dead. Harry was heart broken. He walked through the destruction that used to be Hogwarts. The halls were no longer filled with laughing students, now all that remain are said faces broken walls. Hogwarts at one time represented safety and would give refuge to those who needed a home. It was now in need, and Harry did not know how to fix it. He made his way further down the halls away from everyone. He needed to be alone, to grieve, to cry, to scream. It was not fair, all that he has ever know is gone, his best friends.

Who will turn to now when he needs advice or a sounding board? His eyes start to well with tears as he thought of Hermione and Ron they way the use to bicker, but he knew deep down they belonged together. The bickering was their way of wanting to be noticed by the other. He was going to miss the way Hermione would help him through a problem. A wailed left his mouth as he shouted out his anger at Voldemort for taking everyone and everything away from him. At Dumbledore for putting such a massive task on him. And, also he was angry with himself, for allowing his friends to follow him into danger. He hugged himself for some sort of comfort but felt nothing. He was numb; he wished he had died along with his friends.

He was so lost in his grieve he did not realize that he was followed. It was only when he felt strong arms encircled him. He did not know whom arms they were. He was aware that it could not Remus or Sirius because they were dead. He saw Sirius go through the Veil, and Remus body is in the great hall lying beside Tonks body. He looked up through blurred eyes and saw long blond hair.

“shhh…I know….it ok to cry just let it out. There is no one else here but you and me” said the voice.

He pulled Harry to his chest and held him there as he cried. Harry tried to stop his tears. He tried to pull away, but the more he tried to pull out of his savior's arms the tighter those arms held on to him. He gave up fighting and just let it be. His body went limp against the person holding him. He was swiftly picked up bridal style and was held like a baby. He did not know if they stayed in the same spot or was moved from the hall. All he knew was that he was being held and cared for. The hands holding him went from caressing his back to stroking his hair.

This calmed, him a little. Then the person started to hum a soothing tune. It started to calm him more, and his cries were quieting, and he was starting to feel better. With the humming slowly came the rocking, Harry felt so comforted. Whoever was holding him, was trying to ease his pain. After a few minutes, his cries stopped, and Harry realized he was tired. Tired of crying, tired of hurting, so he decided to let go and fell asleep.

Lucius held Harry until he fell asleep. He did not want to move or let him go. How pathetic was he? The war was not even completely over, and here he was finding some way to touch Harry. Gods and Merlin, he was pathetic. He was in lust and infatuated with the teen, and he has been since their confrontation at the ministry. The fire he saw in Harry’s eyes drew him in. Since then he did something no one expected him to do, he went to Dumbledore and turned to the light side. For only the chance and the opportunity to work and be beside Harry.

Over the years he watched him go from a boy to a man. Not only in person but also in looks. He let his hair grow no longer is it a messy, but the dark locks now reach beyond his shoulders. He got his eyes fixed and got rid of those hideous glasses. His clothes no longer look as if they belong to the world’s blimp. His robes fit his body like a second skin. And, Merlin Lucius loved watching his arse move in those muggle jeans he is fond of wearing.

After he had gone to Dumbledore, he went home and told Narcissa they could not continue with the sham of a marriage. To say the least, she did not take it well, and it was no secret that their marriage was forced. He has always preferred the comfort of a man. The feel and want of being inside of a man as he takes them were pleasure beyond measure to him. They were never faithful she had her lovers, and I had mine. They never kept anything from Draco; he knew everything, so it was not a shock to Draco that he wanted out of his marriage.

Now that the Dark Lord was dead his life no longer hang on the cusp of going to Azkaban. He only hoped Dumbledore made it possible before he died to show his innocents and cooperation to spy for the light. He was free to live his life, free to do the things he has always wanted to do and most of all he was finally free to pursue the one person that has captured his heart that night at the Ministry.

He gathered Harry into his arms. Making his way around the castle being careful to bypass as many people as possible. He did not want anyone to ruin this moment. He did not want anyone to take Harry away from him. He just needed a little more time with him, and it was his time to take care of Harry. He made his way to the gate walking to the apparition point. He was about to Disapparate when he heard someone call his name. He turned around to see the Weasley bint running towards him. He knew what she wanted or rather whom. Lucius was not ready to give him up; he turned and looked right at her so she could see the possessiveness in his eyes for Harry as he disapparated.