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Dom 101

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“I did not dye it to match him, I’m serious!”

“Jeonggukie, nothing you can say will speak louder than your actions.”

“For the love of – it’s a coincidence, a happy coincidence! If anything, this just shows how alike we are, how similarly we think.”

Seokjin takes a dramatic, noisy sip of his cappuccino to stretch out the silence before his response and Jeongguk sort of wants to deck him for it. He sets his mug down on the table and levels Jeongguk with a barely-contained smirk. “Just a coincidence that you dyed your hair back to black for the first time since the Mesozoic era, a whopping week and a half after Jimin did the exact same thing.”

Listen, Jeongguk knows how it sounds, how it looks.

It looks like Jeongguk is so obsessed with his boyfriend that he impulsively dyed his hair the exact same shade of Natural Midnight (using the exact same brand of cheap grocery store dye) in order to be twinsies.

It looks like yet another case of Jeongguk doing everything Jimin does, as their friends absolutely adore pointing out.

But Jeongguk is his own, autonomous adult and his decisions are entirely independent of his boyfriend.


“Jokes on you: no bleach touched this scalp until 2014, and we all know that I went through my ‘anime hair’ phase several months before Jiminie-hyung did.” Jeongguk takes a triumphant nibble out of his croissant.

“You’ve got me there, champ. You 100% put neon red streaks in your hair before Jimin did. Congratulations.”

The dry sarcasm in Seokjin’s voice only sweetens the flavor of Jeongguk’s treat. Tastes like Nutella and victory.

A hand plops down on the crown of Seokjin’s head, startling him half to death. He lets out a bark of surprise that almost drowns out Jimin’s first few words, “Be nice, hyung, Jeonggukie looks like a stallion.”

Jeongguk can’t keep the fluorescent, pounding red hearts out of his eyes and he knows it. He gets called out for it every damn day of his life and he just can’t find it in himself to give a shit, not when the center of his universe has just walked into the room looking every bit like the sparkling nebula that Jeongguk sees him as.

Jimin grabs a grape off of Seokjin’s plate before rounding the table to Jeongguk’s side and dipping in to plant a smooch on his cheek. “My gorgeous little Black Beauty.” He settles in on the barstool next to Jeongguk and rests his hand on his chin, propped up on the table, staring Jeongguk down like his eyes have never been blessed with a sweeter sight.

“Great, Tweedledee is here.” Seokjin murmurs from across the table, but it’s nothing more than grumpy white noise for Jeongguk. Jimin’s presence demands the attention of all Jeongguk’s senses, his entire being tuned in to the angel beside him.

Jimin sends him the softest smile, his cheek squished up ever-so-slightly in the palm of his hand, eyes swimming with adoration. He reaches up with his free hand to grab a few strands of hair by Jeongguk’s ear, twirling them around his short index finger. He appraises the little ringlets for a moment before his eyes crinkle shut in delight. “I’m so in love with it, pumpkin. The length is perfect, too.” He slips his finger out of the curl and it floats back into a gentle wave towards Jeongguk’s temple. “My handsome, handsome boy.”

Jeongguk thinks he registers faux gagging sounds from the other side of the table but the rest of the world has gone shady and muffled in his peripherals, the spotlight entirely on Jimin.

He’s wondered when this feeling will ebb, when Jimin will stop outshining and eclipsing the rest of the world, when Jeongguk will be capable of appreciating beauty beyond his boyfriend’s button nose and windswept hair.

That day is not today. It’s likely not going to be tomorrow, either. This is no cause for concern, near as Jeongguk can figure.

“’M not cute anymore, hyung?” Jeongguk tilts his head and pouts his lips out just a tad, just enough to have Jimin melting to goo.

Jimin pinches the squish of Jeongguk’s cheek, shaking it for emphasis. “Oh stop it, you know you’re the cutest little pumpkin in the patch. You always used to nag me to call you handsome and hot more, now you miss being called cute? What universe have I stepped into?”

Jeongguk’s smile breaks out almost against his will, his nose crunching up from the force of it as he nuzzles into Jimin’s palm that’s been left resting against his cheek. He presses an open-mouthed kiss to Jimin’s chubby palm before replying, “The universe where we get to go home and finish Final Fantasy XV instead of doing homework?”

Jimin’s answering laugh is so warm, so endearing, Jeongguk feels like he won the lottery. In fact, it basically always feels like that when he manages to make Jimin laugh. It’s felt like that ever since they were preteens waddling around each other, growing into themselves through trial and error. Jeongguk learned by the bumbling age of twelve that getting his hyung to burst out into a squeaky fit of giggles was the single greatest accomplishment of his life.

Jeongguk’s considered himself a winner ever since.

“You finish that essay from last night? Need hyung to proofread it?” Jimin lays his head down on the table, cheek and lips squishing out against the wood. Jeongguk almost forgets what he asked.

“Already turned it in, two days early.” Jeongguk proudly announces. Jimin beams at him, rubbing his hand along the back of Jeongguk’s skull, massaging his scalp as he goes.

“Proud of you, that’s my baby. We are so going to kick some Magitek ass tonight to celebrate.”

Jeongguk can’t fight the compulsive need to sap up as much physical affection from his boyfriend as he possibly can, so he leans forward and tilts his head to kiss Jimin square on the mouth. His lips feel extra fat, already puckered out by his position on the tabletop, and Jeongguk wants to gobble them up. Even when Jimin lifts his head to ease the strain on Jeongguk’s neck, kissing him so tenderly with a hand still cradled behind his head, Jeongguk aches with the urge to devour Jimin whole.

It’s going to happen one of these days, especially if Jimin keeps wearing that green tea chapstick that he knows Jeongguk is so obsessed with. It’s like the man wants to be consumed.

A hacking, exaggerated cough startles them out of their softcore makeout session. Jimin turns his head to peer at their hyung like he’d honestly forgotten there was another person at the table. “Heavens, I’m being rude. Please go on.” Seokjin implores before taking another obnoxious slurp of his drink.

Jimin has the decency to smile guiltily at this. He blesses Jeongguk with one more sugar sweet kiss, boops their noses together once for good measure, before sitting upright on his stool. Jeongguk returns to his croissant with contented heat swirling around in his veins.

Seokjin assesses the lovestruck fools for half a second before he snorts into his mug. He can’t even pretend to be bothered by the sheer adoration between his friends.

“Hi, Seokjinie-hyung. What’d you do today besides tease Jeonggukie for his life decisions?” Jimin asks, leaning forward to swipe another grape.

“Just that, my usual Friday routine as you know.”

“Oh, I know.”

Jeongguk lets their idle chitchat wash over him, the afterglow of his kisses with Jimin still pulling his face into a stupid grin. He just may be the most smitten human on the planet earth.

All of their friends had comforted themselves believing that this “honeymoon phase” of Jimin and Jeongguk’s would only last so long. Yoongi’s exact words were: “There’s only so much honey that can pour out of Jeongguk’s freaking eyeballs”. Jeongguk had informed him that Jimin was his own personal bumblebee and would gladly supply him with honey until the end of time. Moments later, Jimin had walked into the library donning an adorably over-sized yellow and black striped sweater, his hair poking out from underneath a matching beanie. Not even a gallon of Windex could wipe the smugness off Jeongguk’s face.

Fast-forward five months and six days, and Jimin and Jeongguk are as inseparable as ever.

They spend a sweeping majority of their time snuggled up in Jimin’s studio apartment, perfectly content going about their schedules in sync with one another. They share manga volumes, motivate each other to study, use one another as guinea pigs for their attempts at cooking, sort through their muddled laundry together – their lives have completely intertwined at this point and it’s become the group norm to refer to the studio as the boyfriends’ shared apartment.

Jeongguk had already spent so much of his spare time over at Jimin’s before they became “official”, he’s ecstatic to be sleeping there seven days of the week. Jimin is the one who complains the hardest if he wakes up alone, and he says the sight of Jeongguk’s toothbrush next to his own is so domestic it makes him cry a little.

So it makes perfect sense that the next evening Jeongguk had shown up with a box of all his “essentials”, ready to make the cozy little place even more domestic.

Since then, the apartment has become the lovebird’s perfect little nest. It’s Jeongguk’s favorite place on earth and he’s comforted knowing beyond shadow of a doubt that Jimin feels much the same. They’re both homebodies, content sharing a night in together more often than not, inviting their friends over for board games and beers in favor of braving the cold.

It’s just one out of a million puzzle pieces that fit together so perfectly between them.

After a bit more catching up and a quick cup of tea for Jimin, he and Jeongguk head home for the evening. Their hands stay linked tight even when Jimin shoves them in the pocket of his peacoat, prattling on about how one of his professors decided to give them a surprise quiz one week before their midterms. Jeongguk listens intently, torn between feeling empathetically annoyed on his boyfriend’s behalf and wanting to nuzzle the ever-living shit out of Jimin’s precious face.

The latter urge wins out when they come to a halt at a crosswalk and Jeongguk buries his face in Jimin’s neck, ignoring his hyung’s whines about frosty noses. He leaves a hundred rapid little pecks along the exposed skin of Jimin’s neck before backing away, quite a bit reluctantly, but he’s delighted by the little smile he sees just before Jimin drags them across the street.

By the time the sun has fully set and the chill of the evening has crept in, Jeongguk finds himself buried under a mound of comforter on their tiny couch, his darling tucked up flush beside him, the television blaring a few feet in front of them.

Jimin hadn’t been kidding when he said they could relax with some Final Fantasy to celebrate all their hard work this week. He had immediately set to work when they got home, preparing a quick meal of noodles and adjusting the heater, before plopping down on the sofa and starting up the PlayStation. Jeongguk – the ever-dutiful satellite – had barely been a beat behind him, shedding his jeans and cozying up beside his hyung just in time for the first boss fight of the night.

“Jeonggukie, I did way too many squats yesterday.” Jimin gripes without looking away from the screen. Jeongguk can’t tell if his brows are so furrowed because of the soreness he’s complaining of or because he’s taking this chocobo ride that seriously.

“Why didn’t you say something earlier? We took the stairs instead of the elevator!”

Jimin pouts extra hard at this. “Because stairs are good for you. My buns just hurt.”

Jeongguk wastes no time springing to action. He jumps up to his feet and shuffles out of Jimin’s vision, hurrying to grab their jar of extra thick lotion from the bathroom vanity. Jimin had bought it to help with Jeongguk’s cracked heels last winter and it’s been their unofficial massage cream ever since.

When he returns, he makes quick work of turning the couch a full ninety degrees. Jimin squawks in disapproval, craning his head to see the television as he struggles against some daemons. Jeongguk waits for him to finish off the last monster before gently pushing his hyung down onto his tummy, propped up on his elbows with a pillow under his chest, perfectly facing the screen thanks to the couch’s new angle.

Jimin goes pliantly. He acquiesces when Jeongguk pulls at his hips, lifting them up into the air long enough for a thick pillow to be shoved underneath him.

When he lays back down on it, a conflicting rush of emotions overtakes him. On the one hand, he’s floored by how quickly Jeongguk jumps at the chance to spoil him, to cater to his every whim just because he loves him so much.

On the other hand…

His train of thought gets further fucked when Jeongguk tugs his sweatpants down, seeming to contemplate leaving them around Jimin’s thighs for a split second before deciding to pull them off completely. Having gone commando as always when they’re home for the night, this leaves Jimin’s ass propped up on display like an artifact in a museum. The heater is blasting enough that he doesn’t flush with goosebumps at the exposure, but he’s only human – having his incredibly gorgeous boyfriend ogling his bare ass with every light in their apartment on like he’s some sort of specimen is just… a lot.

It’s a lot and Jimin is never going to beat Final Fantasy at this rate.

He wiggles around on the pillow until he’s comfy, doing his best to refocus on the game. “You’re an angel, did I ever tell you that, Jeonggukie?”

Jeongguk hums behind him and Jimin hears the telltale slather of lotion, Jeongguk likely warming the cream up on his hands. “Can’t let my poor hyung go to bed with an achy ass. What kind of a dongsaeng would I be?”

Jimin giggles into the back of his hand, “I’m not sure, but this earns you an awful lot of boyfriend brownie points.” His character climbs into a sleek convertible and sets off down a deserted highway, giving Jimin enough time to look over his shoulder and see the way Jeongguk is appraising him.

Like a slab of meat. A slab of meat that he’s in love with.

Jimin is one lucky fella.

Jeongguk gets to work, starting in the middle of Jimin’s thighs and kneading his way upward. His fingers dig in deep to the tender muscles just beneath his ass cheeks, coaxing groan after groan from deep out of Jimin’s lungs.

Jimin’s just starting to think he can successfully split his attention when Jeongguk makes it up to his ass proper, grabbing a cheek in each hand and squeezing them like dough. His thumbs sit nestled under the curve of each globe, pushing up into the flesh while the rest of his fingers squeeze inward. His aching glutes scream under the attention, half-grateful and half-agonized, but Jimin is on cloud nine. He’s always been such a sucker for getting his ass played with like this, even if it’s just a fleeting slap or squeeze.

But Jeongguk, oh lord, does Jeongguk know how to worship an ass.

Even in a technically non-sexual scenario like this, Jeongguk is just so finely tuned to Jimin’s body – to his needs and his nerves, to every like and dislike imaginable. It’s like Jeongguk truly has a sixth sense for Jimin’s pleasure, and it comes in handy so damn often.

He doesn’t bother stifling his moans, wanting to let his boyfriend know just how good he’s doing, how appreciative Jimin is. At some point, Jeongguk asks him about a certain weapon he’s just picked up in the game and Jimin is startled at the realization that Jeongguk has still been paying attention to the screen. An impressive multi-tasker, as always.

Jimin’s also undeniably disappointed by the unstrained air to Jeongguk’s voice when he asks this. There’s a notable lack of… horniness in his tone that Jimin does not approve of. He’d been hoping this massage was going to escalate before too long.

Look’s like he’ll have to take matters into his own hands.

“Mm, Jeonggukie.” Jimin wiggles some more, not enough to displace Jeongguk’s hands from where they’re still dutifully kneading but enough to rub his throbbing cock against the pillow for a brief moment. That friction just seals the deal: he’s gotta get laid tonight.

“You okay, hyung?” Jeongguk pauses his ministrations, looming over Jimin’s torso to try to get a look at his face. Jimin scooches around on the pillow again in frustration.

“Yeah, yeah, just – a little deeper?” Jimin asks softly, pouting his lips out when he’s sure Jeongguk’s got a look at his profile.

Jeongguk complies immediately, working his fingers in painfully deep to the flesh of Jimin’s ass. Those bony fingers work wonders for his muscles but Jimin’s getting antsy, so he grunts once more. “No, no, shit Jeonggukie, I mean go inward deeper.”

He can hear the cogs grinding in Jeongguk’s brain as his fingers go still before he carefully kneads his way in toward Jimin’s crack, groping at the flesh awkwardly when he realizes there’s no real muscle to rub here.

When Jeongguk’s index fingers scooch closer and closer to his hole, Jimin grins, reaching a perfect save point in the game at the most serendipitous of times.

His skin has been flushing hotter and hotter the past few minutes, his heartbeat kicking up in anticipation. They’ve cuddled every night this week with plenty of kisses littered along the way but Jimin is undeniably touch-starved, his body calling out for its companion, aching to grind against Jeongguk like a dog.

As it is, he’s already halfway to humping this damned pillow.

“Jiminie-hyung, if you wanted me to finger you, you could’ve just said so.” Jeongguk doesn’t sound annoyed in anyway, nor does he sound put out – Jimin realizes a bit belatedly that he sounds delighted, like this is a very pleasant surprise. “Wanna keep playing?”

Honestly, what did Jimin do to deserve a boyfriend like Jeongguk in his life? This darling boy will massage him without a moment of hesitation, will let him laze around gaming late into the night and carry him to bed, will apparently finger-fuck him to heaven while he slashes away at daemons.

Jeongguk is one hell of an angel.

“No, Jeonggukie. Wanna kiss while you touch me.” Jimin pushes the controller over the arm of the couch and rests his face down on the pillow, his elbows folded together in front of him. He shakes his hips around one more time for good measure which has Jeongguk laughing adorably behind him.

“Then get over here, you big baby.”

With that, Jeongguk grabs at Jimin’s bare hips once more, this time pulling him up and backward in one fluid movement. He turns Jimin around effortlessly, helping him up onto his knees and bringing him forward until he’s straddling Jeongguk’s lap.

The way Jeongguk has always been able to move him around, to manhandle him like he’s a paper mâché doll… fuck. Jimin adores it. He doesn’t even know if Jeongguk is aware of how often he does it, how common it is for him to position Jimin to his will, to shift him and turn him and guide him, even outside of the bedroom.

It’s a ridiculously gigantic turn-on.

Their lips meet right away, moving together passionately. Jeongguk is perfectly aware of Jimin’s impatience at this point and wastes no time teasing him. He reclaims his hold on Jimin’s ass once more, this time intentionally rubbing the pads of his two pointer fingers in gentle patterns right up against his hole.

Jimin groans into the kiss, tilting his head and pushing in deeper against Jeongguk, eager to lick into his mouth and feel his tongue. His own hands grab at Jeongguk’s shoulders over the thin fabric of his shirt, squeezing his shoulder blades tight, clutching onto him like he’s trying to mold their bodies together. Jeongguk is no better, using his grip on Jimin’s ass to push him up higher onto his lap, smooshing their chests flush together.

They’re going to have to migrate soon if Jimin wants any actual fingering to happen, but he’s so hot and content like this, half-naked on Jeongguk’s lap, reveling in their mutual desperation.

Some nights they never actually make it to fucking simply because they both love the foreplay so much. They get so easily wrapped up in kisses that drag on for eternity, in worshipping each other’s body and feeling each other in entirety. They’re both addicts for touch, not desperate junkies chasing a cheap orgasm.

Jimin never knew, in all his experiences before Jeongguk, that it could feel so good to just be with someone else. To share body heat and intimacy, touch for the sake of it, not for any other end-goal. Jeongguk taught him patience and appreciation in a way that’s so hard to explain, so Jimin channels all the love swirling around in his chest and pours it into their kiss. He trails one hand up the back of Jeongguk’s neck, kneading at the muscle there long enough to pull a groan from his boyfriend, before sliding up and carding through Jeongguk’s hair. He knows how much the boy loves this sort of touch, the contrast of a ticklish drag across his scalp in tandem with such hot and heavy grinding. Jeongguk’s incredibly tactile in his own way, and Jimin figured out mighty quick how receptive he is to gentle sensations.

Jeongguk pulls his right hand away just long enough to dip his fingers into a bit of their massage lotion. This won’t be the first time they’ve settled for it in place of proper lube and it likely won’t be the last, but neither of them has the patience to waddle over to the bed and fetch their bottle.

Jimin doesn’t even jolt at the first touch of cool, thick cream, just wiggles around on Jeongguk’s lap in silent encouragement. They’re too busy licking into each other’s mouths to verbally communicate, but there’s really no need to – Jimin is confident that he’d never need to utter a single word to Jeongguk, that the boy would know exactly how to take him apart all on his own.

Jeongguk considers himself an expert on all things Jimin, after all.

He works two fingers in before Jimin realizes it, his body easy and pliant from all the buildup.

That’s been another surprising development in his sex life with Jeongguk: how un-tense Jimin finds himself. Jeongguk doesn’t often tease him, nor does he work Jimin up to any sort of frantic neediness. No, Jeongguk is a giver. He loves to please, to satisfy. Hell, their third time together he literally came just from watching Jimin get off. It had been much like this, with Jeongguk’s long fingers buried in Jimin, and little more than some light frottage and kissing had Jeongguk spilling in his underwear just a beat after Jimin did.

They’ve talked about this, about how comfortable Jeongguk is being on the giving end rather than the receiving, how it makes him feel good and confident to be able to pleasure Jimin to his heart’s content.

Jeongguk works his ring finger in while he bites down on Jimin’s jaw, drowning in the moan this pulls from him.

Three fingers are perfect, giving Jimin a bit of a stretch but allowing Jeongguk enough dexterity to really fuck up into him the way he likes. They also discussed this early on, how obsessed Jimin is with Jeongguk’s hands, how being fingered is his favorite thing on the earth.

And who can blame him when Jeongguk handles him so damn well?

Jimin swivels his hips back and forth against Jeongguk’s hand, half-riding his fingers as his toes curl in his socks and his breathing gets shallow, staccato. He’s practically keening into Jeongguk’s mouth at this point, electric pleasure zipping through him the faster Jeongguk fucks him. Every hit to his prostate has his muscles coiling, the first grips of tension for the night finally seizing him, but in the most delicious way. He can feel his spine locking up, trying to keep Jeongguk’s angle right where it is, the tips of his fingers jackrabbiting into him absolutely perfectly. He faintly hears himself whispering against Jeongguk’s lips, “Right there, right there

Jeongguk’s left hand flattens out on the small of Jimin’s back, just above his ass. He pushes Jimin’s hips down against his own groin and keeps them there, steady and still.

The message is loud and clear: stop moving, take it.

Even in the absolute heat of the moment, Jimin can’t stop thinking about this – this subtle dominance that Jeongguk exhibits, apparently subconsciously. The thing is, Jimin could absolutely keep wiggling his hips around like one of those bobblehead hula dancers, and Jeongguk would eventually let him do so freely. Enough nagging and niggling and Jimin can have anything in the universe handed to him on a silver platter, straight from Jeongguk’s hands.

But… but Jimin doesn’t always want that.

His thoughts scramble when Jeongguk switches his pace to deeper, slower jabs. Each thrust is strong enough that it jostles Jimin where he’s flush up against Jeongguk’s torso, rocking them together.

“Hyung, hyung – fuck, so pretty. So good.” Jeongguk moans into his mouth, as if he’s the one getting fingerfucked seven ways to Sunday. His voice sounds so thick, like he’s deep in the throes of pleasure himself. Jimin can’t get enough of it, wants Jeongguk to talk him to death.

“Don’t stop, please don’t stop Jeonggukie.” Jimin begs unbidden, keeping his hips still by his own will, wanting to obey a command so silent that Jeongguk may not even be aware he gave it in the first place.

Jeongguk kisses him once more, close-lipped and passionate, inhaling sharply through his nose. He pulls back just enough to lock eyes with Jimin, “Not gonna stop, hyung. Gonna make you cum, make you all messy. Messy for me, just for me.”

Jimin full-on whines at this before slamming his lips back against Jeongguk’s, desperate for this faint air of possessiveness that’s radiating off his boyfriend. He wants Jeongguk to kiss every inch of him, to feel him and taste him for hours and hours, to positively drown Jimin in his touch. He wants Jeongguk to just… to just do whatever the fuck he wants.

Shit. That’s what Jimin wants. He wants Jeongguk to take the reins completely. He wants to be Jeongguk’s plaything, to be a slave to Jeongguk’s will. He trusts Jeongguk with his life and he wants to surrender to him, to give him all the power.

But more importantly, he wants Jeongguk to take that power. He wants Jeongguk to want it too, to want to use Jimin however he sees fit, to control him and pleasure him in whatever way he desires. He wants to know what it’d be like for Jeongguk to set the pace entirely.

He wants Jeongguk to dom him.

The realization coupled with the perfect tempo that Jeongguk has set with his fingers leaves Jimin trembling, the muscles in his thighs spasming as his core tenses up tighter and tighter. Jeongguk loves this part – he loves feeling Jimin come apart like crumbling clay in his hands, like a beautiful masterpiece breaking down by his touch alone. He can feel the way Jimin shakes and sighs up against him, can feel the tension and spasms inside him with his fingers, can feel Jimin’s frantic breathing pouring out against his own lips.

His cum splashes hot in-between them, making a mess out of Jeongguk’s crumpled shirt and Jimin’s sweaty torso. The shakes take a few more moments to work their way out of Jimin’s bones, his muscles still reeling from the intensity of his orgasm.

Sometimes it still takes him by surprise, how good Jeongguk’s fingers make him feel. Not a single one of his exes ever made him cum with just their fingers.

Not a single one of his exes could hold a candle to Jeongguk in any degree, in fact.

Jimin operates on auto-pilot, pushing at Jeongguk’s shoulders until he falls backward onto the couch cushion. He’s got Jeongguk’s cock in his mouth before his breathing has regulated, sucking the tip in past his lips and licking all over it. Jeongguk moans so, so pretty for him, always so grateful to get his gorgeous cock played with.

He realizes his boyfriend must have been ridiculously wound up when he feels Jeongguk’s hips kicking and thighs twitching on either side of his head in under a minute. The poor thing – he did so well focusing on the massage, trying to keep up with their game at the same time. He’d clearly been as eager as Jimin.

Jimin spreads his fingers out over one of Jeongguk’s bulging thighs, squeezing into the muscle there, feeling the faintest traces of baby hair. It’s somewhat of a grounding touch for Jeongguk, reminding him that Jimin’s got him.

It’s one of the final triggers for Jeongguk to cum, hot and sudden in Jimin’s mouth.

Jimin swallows dutifully until Jeongguk is finished, suckling the tip another few moments afterward. They’re both suckers for oversensitivity, likely due to the fact that both of them have an abnormally high tolerance for it. They’ve studied each other’s bodies so well, it’s easy to navigate out of discomfort and towards a gentle buildup to round two.

But Jimin had all of his boring lectures today and Jeongguk woke up early this morning, so he’ll have to milk his darling some more tomorrow. Maybe he’ll have him for brunch.

“God, warn a guy before you exorcise his soul out via his dick.” Jeongguk huffs, one arm thrown over his eyes. Jimin wishes he’d gotten his shirt off, wishes he could see his beautiful broad chest heaving right now, his nipples probably pert and ripe for the sucking.

Tomorrow, tomorrow – Jimin has self-control, he’s fine.

They clean up sluggishly, both of them clearly weighing out the pros and cons of letting Jeongguk climb into bed with cum streaked all over his tummy. They manage to tidy up to passable standards before shutting off all the lights and diving under the covers.

This is Jimin’s absolute favorite time of day, when he gets to settle in for the evening and finally unwind with Jeongguk at his side.

He starts out lying flat on his back, stretching his arms high above his head and reveling in the satisfying series of pops that come from his lower back. Gravity can be such a bitch. Once he’s thoroughly stretched, he rolls over onto his side and checks on Jeongguk, finding him still twisted around in his own spinal stretch. Jimin smiles gently in the dark, barely able to make out Jeongguk’s profile from the glow of their alarm clock. His nose stands out most, just above his precious little lips. Jeongguk was literally made to be kissed, of this Jimin is 100% sure.

Which is why he wastes no time pulling the boy in for a solid smooch as soon as he’s done cracking his back. They rest their heads down together on their shared pillow, lips never separating. The world is calm and quiet around them, like the earth is tucking itself in for the evening alongside them.

Jeongguk hums against his mouth before pulling away and nuzzling their foreheads together. “Love you, Jiminie-hyung. Thank you for existing.”

A ball of ooey gooey warmth explodes in Jimin’s chest. Dear god, is he in love. “Love you more, Jeongguk-ah. Thank you for existing with me.”

They settle in to their normal positions, legs overlapping and arms thrown over torsos, before Jeongguk conks out cold. Jimin can smell the spearmint toothpaste they just bought, can hear the faintest snore indicating a possible stuffed nose. He loves being this close to Jeongguk, taking time to appreciate every little detail that he can while the angel is fast asleep in his arms.

Like this, it’s hard to believe that Jimin was fantasizing about his boyfriend holding him down and pleasuring him into submission not but half an hour ago.

But the thought hasn’t left him, and Jimin spends his Friday night dreaming of veiny hands and paddles, of silk rope and silent commands.



Jeongguk has oatmeal and eggs ready by the time Jimin emerges from dreamland.

He’s all sunshine and smiles at 11 a.m., a random episode of Naruto playing quietly on the tv, a cup of orange juice already pumping through his veins. Anytime Jeongguk manages to get himself up and properly functioning so much earlier than Jimin, it’s guaranteed to be a good day.

Jimin smiles right back at him while he rubs the sleep out of his eye.

They get some minor cleaning done before settling down to chip away at some homework beside one another on the bed. They both prefer that to working at the cramped little dining table they have, even if it always ends with creaking spines from being hunched over for so long.

By lunchtime, Jimin can’t keep his thoughts to himself.

“Jeongguk-ah, did you like everything we did last night?”

Jeongguk looks up from where he’s been meticulously stirring a giant pot of ramen for them. He’s got one eyebrow quirked and Jimin hates how stupidly handsome he looks, his hair messy and ruffled enough to offer a teasing sliver of forehead. “Which part, hyung? The part where I got to grope your butt for half an hour or the part where you sucked me off so fast we broke our personal record?”

Jimin chucks a packet of seasoning at him, laughing despite himself. “All of it you goof. Like, the dynamic, I guess? Did you like it when I took charge like that?”

Jeongguk turns around to face him fully, crossing his arms. He’s always quick to pick up on to the mood of a conversation, realizing when Jimin wants to have a serious talk about whatever’s plaguing his thoughts. Jimin greatly appreciates this, especially when it comes to discussing their sex lives.

“I guess I didn’t even notice that you took charge? You mean when you just pushed me down and went at it?” He asks sincerely.

Jimin nods, “Exactly. Or, do you like it better when you set the pace? Like…” The words stick in his mouth, not because of shame or humiliation but because of the impending arousal that’s lurking just around the corner. He’s the one who always debunks their serious sex talks, getting too worked up too quickly the longer they casually chat about positions and techniques. “Like how you kind of held me down against you while you fingered me? You seemed like you wanted me to stay still?”

Jeongguk’s eyes sparkle a little at the memory, but he gives it a fair moment of thought. “I mean, it doesn’t actually bother me if you want to move around, hyung.”

“No, no, I know Jeonggukie. I just mean, is that something you’d be interested in… exploring?”

He looks thoroughly confused at this point and Jimin wants to smoosh his cheeks in. “I’m – maybe I’m not following. Would I be interested in exploring what, exactly?”

Jimin swallows, his stomach aching for ramen and his mind racing with remnants of his dreams from last night. He wants to explain this carefully, properly. He’s comfortable talking to Jeongguk about this – about anything, honestly. Communication has always been their strong suit and he owes it to be honest and clear.

Jeongguk basically had his sexual awakening through Jimin, around the tender age of fifteen.

He kept it to himself for the most part, but since they’ve grown closer in their college years, Jeongguk has opened up about the fact that he realized he liked dick thanks to Jimin. He didn’t act on those feelings for another solid five years, until he was comfortably committed to Jimin, but it’s the thought that counts. He was glad to save his virginity for his oldest and hottest friend.

In his later high school years and the dawn of his college career, Jimin managed to sink his teeth into a fair amount of sexual experimentation. A few casual boyfriends and one-night experiences taught him a whole lot about himself – about his tastes in men, his preferences for positions, the affirmation of certain kinks he’d never had the balls to vocalize before. None of those encounters amounted to anything more significant than a good learning experience, but Jimin is glad he had a chance to spread his wings and figure himself out.

It comes greatly in handy in his relationship with Jeongguk, after all. Especially during moments like this, when he’s vividly reminded of the fact that his precious boyfriend barely even perused the world of porn during his adolescence. Jeongguk is comfortable in his lack of knowledge and experience for the most part, but it certainly shows from time to time.

Jimin was the one to teach him about safety and preparation, about the importance of open and honest communication both before and after the act, about all the basics that he himself learned through trial and error.

Hell, Jeongguk still brings up the fact that he’s interested in trying out some ass-play himself, though he’s obviously more nervous about it than he likes to let on. Jimin will be there for him when he’s ready for that, too.  

All of this only cements the fact that Jimin needs to live up to his role of hyung and properly teach Jeongguk all that he has yet to learn, which includes Jimin’s unspoken fantasies – whether they overlap with Jeongguk’s or not.

Jimin steels himself, realizing that he has to just come out and ask it.

“Do you know what a ‘dom’ is, Jeonggukie?”

Chapter Text

Jeongguk knows what vanilla sex is.

Well, he knows what vanilla sex is now.

Admittedly, he hadn’t known the meaning of that term until he eavesdropped on Hoseok and Seokjin a few months back, casually shooting the shit, talking about what they think Jeongguk and Jimin’s sex life is like.

When he’d heard Seokjin flippantly explain that the two of them must be having “the most basic, romo, vanilla bean soft whip sex of all time”, he’d wasted no time calling Jimin up on his train ride home and promptly asking him what “vanilla bean sex” was.

The ensuing conversation (that Jimin had insisted happen in-person, as soon as Jeongguk got home) had been as enlightening as it had been perplexing for Jeongguk.

That had been the start of their open-door policy for discussing anything and everything sexual.

Jimin had known all throughout their friendship and school days that Jeongguk was the virgin of the group. He showed little to no interest in humans outside of their friends, and he was so preciously innocent in every way that none of them even had the heart to tease him for is ignorance on the matter. Anytime someone would make a raunchy innuendo involving the number 69 or any phallic objects, sweet little sixteen-year-old Jeongguk would tilt his head and bat his eyelids at them.

Even once he began understanding sex culture and references, Jeongguk steered clear of that world as best as he could. He had one fleeting “girlfriend” near graduation that culminated in two “dates” – wherein she bought him frozen yogurt and pizza and they talked about their mutual love of IU –, one “kiss” that left him feeling icky, before Jeongguk confirmed beyond shadow of a doubt that he was gay and uninterested.

Well, uninterested in everyone besides Park Jimin.

It wasn’t until they broke through the awkward barriers of initial discussion and dove deep into their sexual histories and preferences that Jimin learned just how sheltered his precious boy truly was.

Jeongguk was never even interested in porn. He didn’t peruse filthy internet domains like a connoisseur in search of his favorite fix, didn’t stash illicit mangas or magazines in any nooks or crannies of his bedroom, he never even adventured into the adult stores lurking in the suburbs of their neighborhood, not even out of sheer curiosity.

He’d told Jimin, shyly yet matter-of-factly, that when he did jack off (because he did, he’s still a perfectly functioning, sexually driven human) he preferred to leave it up to his imagination. The very rare times he convinced himself to scour the internet often left him recoiling in wild confusion, possibly with a sprinkle of fear, depending on the search results that popped up.

At the start of college, just before he and Jimin started gravitating closer, Jeongguk finally discovered a small, niche website that dealt in cozy, domestic, amateur porn exclusively. The videos were often grainy and dark, more aesthetically driven in many ways, but Jeongguk was a sucker for the realistic approach.

He showed Jimin one of his favorite examples a few weeks into their relationship, when they’d had a nice, open chat about kinks and whatnot. Jeongguk explained how excited he was to just… lay with Jimin, to take his time, to appreciate the moment without franticness or urgency like the couple in the video were doing.

This rapidly devolved into Jimin pulling Jeongguk down onto the mattress and kissing him for an entire hour straight. It was a pretty stellar Thursday night, by both their standards.

So, yeah. Jeongguk knows what vanilla sex is.

And he knows that he and Jimin are having it.

But, he also knows with full certainty that Jimin is as pleased with their escapades as he is. Jimin is practically incapable of lying to him, and it’s painfully obvious when he’s trying to spare Jeongguk’s feelings. Fortunately, Jimin doesn’t bother trying to do either of those things when it comes to the bedroom, knowing full well how important honesty is to the both of them.

Jeongguk stares Jimin down, taking in all the little nuances in his expression that tell Jeongguk clear as day that this means… something to Jimin. His boyfriend isn’t quite anxious bringing this topic up, but he looks more alert than he has all afternoon.

“Uhm. A ‘dom’?” Jeongguk clarifies for no good reason. He might be stalling, trying to card through his memory in search of anything relevant to that term.

Jimin nods, seemingly aware of Jeongguk’s answer already. Great.

He pushes on nonetheless, hoping to save at least a little face. “I think… I think I’ve heard Hoseokie-hyung mention that once?” At this, Jimin’s eyebrows shoot up. “He randomly told me about this dream he’d had, said it involved a ‘dominatrix’?” Jimin smothers a laugh into the back of his fist. “I just kind of smiled and nodded, but when I went home and googled it, I uh – that sounded more like a nightmare, if I’m being honest.” Jeongguk finishes lamely, turning to stir their noodles some more.

He hears Jimin moving around their small kitchen behind him, “It’s okay if you don’t know, Jeonggukie. Hyung’s not trying to make fun of you.”

Jeongguk turns back to face him at this, startled by how much closer his boyfriend had gotten in such a short amount of time. He gets a little lost in the deep, rich brown of Jimin’s eyes, per usual, before responding, “I know, hyung, I know! I just feel like that’s a common word that I’ve read online maybe? Feel like I should know what it means.”

Jimin shakes his head, “It’s just one of those things, either you know it or you don’t, but I have to assume plenty of people have no clue about it. It’s not necessarily the most common thing on the planet.”

“But it’s… sex-related?” Jeongguk’s got that precious little head tilt going on again, the kind that Jimin’s been obsessed with for the last ten years.

“Yeah, pumpkin. It’s complicated though.” He leans in close enough to rest his forehead down on Jeongguk’s shoulder, tummy grumbling the closer he gets to the tantalizing smell of Jeongguk’s specialty ramen. “Let’s talk about it over food, hm?”

Jeongguk agrees and they busy themselves clearing a space at the table for the giant pot and their bowls. Their joint playlist of Japanese and English ballads plays softly from Jeongguk’s Bluetooth speaker and the ambiance feels light. It’s a mild, pleasant enough temperature, they’ve gotten an admirable amount of homework done between the two of them – it’s a damn good day, overall.

By the time Jeongguk shuffles over to deposit the pot on the table, he notices that Jimin’s fetched his laptop and appears to be pouring over a website that Jeongguk can’t make out from across the table.

He sits down adjacent to his boyfriend, spooning a steaming helping into Jimin’s bowl for him. Jimin hums out a quick word of thanks before furrowing his brow and typing away in the search bar. Once he appears satisfied by his results, he rushes to stuff as big of a bite into his cheeks as physically possible. Jeongguk winces on his behalf. Jimin has always been better at handling hot foods – in terms of actual temperature, not spice – but Jeongguk is genuinely worried that he’s going to scorch his taste buds off one of these days.

He blows on a chunk of his own noodles, smiling faintly. He loves seeing Jimin eat, knowing that he was able to feed his hyung and contribute to his day in such a simple way. It’s a really, really satisfying feeling.

He’s made it through half of his bowl, mindlessly scrolling through some reddit thread as he eats, when Jimin pulls away from his laptop with a satisfied expression.

“Okay, yeesh. Shouldn’t be that hard to find some reputable sources for shit like this.” Jimin takes another huge bite of ramen, wiping his lips across the back of his hand afterwards. He looks like such a precious dumpling in the bright afternoon light, cheeks stretched taut, full of Jeongguk’s cooking. “But I wanted to have things to reference because this is a really convoluted topic.”

Jeongguk nods, sipping at his water, looking at Jimin expectantly. It’s been a while since Jimin last taught him anything on this subject, and Jeongguk is always eager to soak up as much info as possible, like a little virgin sponge. He wants to know more so he can do more – so long as Jimin wants that too, of course.

Jimin chugs down a mouthful of water before continuing, “So I’ll preface this by saying I’m bringing all this up because it’s a kink of mine. Somewhat.”

“Somewhat? Not a very big one, then?” Jeongguk asks, turning his body to give Jimin his full attention.

Jimin waves his hand in a vague gesture, somewhat dismissively, “It’s hard to explain, but I haven’t really… done it in a while, I guess? And it was never very mind-blowing, but I’m open to trying it with you.”

“Okay, so, what’s a dom?”

At this, Jimin purses his mouth into a straight line. “Well, we have to backtrack a little, can’t quite start there.” Jeongguk nods, doesn’t raise a fuss. “We’ve gotta talk about BDSM.”

Now that is an acronym that Jeongguk has heard before – in passing, in the halls of his schools, splattered on random parts of the internet. He tells Jimin as much.

“Good, well – it stands for ‘bondage, dominance, sadism, masochism’, depending on who you ask. But it’s just a term that encompasses a broader world of a whole butt load of fetishes and practices rolled together.” Jeongguk knows he must look just a touch shell-shocked, but to be fair, that’s also just his default expression. He mouths out the words silently to himself, repeating the definition Jimin had just given. “It’s actually so huge and complex that we’d need an entire weekend to touch on every topic in it. But that’s okay, because I’m not really interested in every little thing that comes along with BDSM, and I highly doubt you would be, either.”

Jeongguk nods once more, sure that Jimin can guess his interests rather accurately at this point.

Jimin slurps down one more bite of noodles before continuing. “A lot of BDSM involves power dynamics and situational roleplay, which is kind of the biggest thing to note: everything I’m talking about is bedroom-exclusive for us, okay? This is in the sheets, not on the streets.” Jeongguk giggles a little at this before nodding encouragingly. Jimin smiles back at him. “So that’s the part I’m most interested in and what I wanna try to explain – the dominance and submission part.”

Jeongguk slaps his hand down on the table, “Oh my god! Dom is short for dominance!” His jaw falls open in amazement.

Jimin can’t help but laugh at the boy’s enthusiasm, leaning forward so far he almost topples out of his chair. “I mean, you’re right I guess. Kind of short for that, but usually it means ‘dominant’.”

He can hear the smile in Jeongguk’s voice, even if his eyes are crinkled close from the force of his own laughter, “Damn, I’m good.”

“Very proud of you, Jeongguk-ah.” They stall out for just a moment, looking into each other’s eyes, basking in the serenity of the afternoon and their lingering laughter. “Ready for more?”

“Dazzle me with knowledge, hyung.”

“Okay, well,” Jimin shuffles around in his seat, drawing his knees up to his chest. “these things go hand-in-hand: dominant and submissive, the two roles for the two partners. It can mean a million different things for different people, but simply put, the person playing the role of dominant is in charge, obviously. They call the shots, command the pace, decide what the submissive is going to do and how they’re going to do it. That’s the whole point, really, is this power distribution.”

Jeongguk folds his arms down on the table and rests his chin on top of them, eyes never breaking away from Jimin as he goes on. “So the dom and the sub – for short – establish what their dynamic will look like ahead of time, and usually act out these roles in specific scenes. It’s kind of like constant roleplay, in a way. Does that make sense?”

“Yeah.” Jeongguk answers quietly. He’s got plenty of questions, but all in due time.

“Like I said, it varies wildly from couple to couple. Some people actually act out these roles almost 24/7, like full-on slave and master type of deal.” Jeongguk’s eyebrows jump up under his bangs, and Jimin’s glad to note that the expression he’s wearing appears to be more on the side of ‘wow that’s insane’, not ‘shit I gotta try that’. “But the stuff I’ve done and the stuff I’m most interested in is way less… uh, hardcore than that.”

Jeongguk feels like it’s an appropriate time to finally ask, “What have you done with this stuff, hyung?”

Jimin doesn’t mind him asking. He’s always emphasized that he’s comfortable discussing his past experiences so long as Jeongguk is, as well. “Not much, honestly. One of the dudes I dated, Jinyoung, showed me the ropes. Literally, actually, he taught me a lot about bondage.” Jimin chuckles a bit and Jeongguk stares, completely immersed in his hyung’s words. The word ‘bondage’ echoes through his mind, but he tucks it away for safekeeping. “But I was always the submissive, which is what I found I enjoy most. A different guy let me try my hand at domming but it never felt right, felt like I was doing everything wrong. So, all in all the things I’ve done have been pretty relaxed. I think I prefer that to the more extreme stuff.”

He may not fully understand this world of BDSM just yet, but Jeongguk knows that he’ll agree with that. “Extreme sounds scary.” Jimin sends him a comforting smile in response.

“I think a lot of this stuff can sound scary off the bat, that’s why I don’t necessarily want to dive right into all of it. I mostly just want to know if any of it sounds appealing to you, or at least like something you’d consider trying out?” Jimin asks him as neutrally as he can, never wanting to pressure Jeongguk into accepting simply for Jimin’s sake. He knows that Jeongguk would jump through hoops dangling over a thousand-foot canyon for him, but that’s not what Jimin wants – especially when it comes to something like this.

This is all about honesty, transparency. This needs to be a two-way street that they travel together, otherwise they’re better off avoiding it completely.

Jeongguk seems to recognize this because he doesn’t answer right away. He peers over Jimin’s shoulder, catching glimpses of some informative website void of pictures. His face is carefully blank but Jimin can see the thoughts racing through his head, can make out the way his brows are ever so slowly furrowing.

He really appreciates that Jeongguk is already taking this so seriously. It’s a serious thing.

He speaks up at last, “I would consider trying it out.” He nods to himself, looking down at the table as he gathers his thoughts. “I think the power play stuff sounds interesting, at least. And you’d – you want me to be the dom, right?” He looks up to Jimin, eyes sparkling so, so innocently.

Jimin is bombarded with a quick mental barrage of Jeongguk looming over him, holding his arms down, rendering him speechless with a simple look.

He shakes his head, dispelling those thoughts as quick as they came. Jeongguk is still watching him carefully, his giant blue hoodie bunched up around his neck, lips still shiny from ramen. Jimin loves him so freaking much.

“Yeah, if you’re okay with that. I just got to thinking about it because I realized you’re already kind of innately dominant in your own way.” Jimin explains, raking his eyes over his boyfriend’s form.

“How do you mean, hyung?”

He hums, tilting his head as he thinks. “Only in some ways, I guess, and not all the time. You just kind of naturally move me around how you want, especially when we’re having sex. You seem like you have a mental map charted out of how things should go, and you kind of position me to accommodate that.”

Jeongguk pouts, burrowing into the fold of his arms so that his mouth is hidden. “Is that… okay? I mean, we’ve never talked about that before now.”

“Of course, Jeonggukie, I would’ve told you ages ago if I didn’t like the way you were doing something. You know that.” Jimin tells him, firmly and with no room for misunderstanding. “I actually really like it, in fact.” He wipes at his nose absently, looking away from his boyfriend. “You’ve kind of been lowkey subconsciously domming me lately. It’s – it’s really hot.”

Shit, this is how their discussions derail, when Jimin can’t keep himself together. He loves to praise Jeongguk, affirm that he’s done an amazing job despite his lack of experience. He knows it means the world to hear that Jimin’s satisfied and that it’s been a job well done, but when Jimin starts to get into specifics of what Jeongguk did so well…


Jeongguk, to his credit, doesn’t tease him for this. He’s clearly too preoccupied drowning in delight. “Really?” His eyes are truly sparkling. “I’m glad, then. I hadn’t noticed any of that stuff, but when you point it out I guess I do kind of just throw you around.” He nods to himself some more, seeming to reminisce on a couple recent examples.

Jimin swallows. “Yeah, that’s – uh, that’s definitely part of it. So I think just making you aware of that, maybe establishing that that’s how we both want things to be, can be step number one.” He gains back a bit of self-control, steadfastly avoiding eye contact in favor of staring down his own socks. “If anything, I figured we could just try it out once or twice, see if you can get a feel for really taking control, you know?”

He has to look up at Jeongguk at this and he doesn’t regret it. The boy still looks so awestruck, like he’s already done something right. More importantly, however, he looks excited.

Thank goodness.

“I can do that. That sounds fun.”

Jimin smiles, biting his lower lip. “I think so, too. And obviously if you don’t like anything about it, this does not have to be permanent. In fact, even if you do like it, this doesn’t have to be permanent. I don’t think I’d want you to be calling the shots every single time we’re together, anyways.”

Jeongguk barks out a loud laugh at this, “God no, that sounds like a ridiculous amount of pressure.”

Jimin laughs along with him. “It does, it really does. So let’s just agree to give it a tentative shot. A tiny little introduction to domming, hm? That sound okay?”

Finally breaking the hands-off policy they’ve employed for serious talks, Jeongguk surges forward from his seat, cupping Jimin’s face with both his big hands and kissing him hard. Jimin inhales sharply before he uncurls from his ball, lifting his hands up to lay them over Jeongguk’s own.

They stay together, feeling the afternoon sun on their sides from their giant bay window, the heater humming lowly all around them. Their hearts feel warmest, though, two heartbeats syncing up and pumping pure bliss through their systems.

Jeongguk pulls back far enough for the tips of their noses to touch. “Sounds perfect, hyung. Gonna dom you real good.”

Yeah, Jimin thinks – this is gonna go great.



A day and half passes in relative peace.

The lovebirds get wrapped up preparing for midterms, quizzing each other and stuffing their faces at every opportunity.

Despite the normality of it all, Jeongguk’s mind won’t stop rerouting away from flashcards and definitions back to… back to BDSM.

He still doesn’t even know what it all means, really, still has a million and one questions that will probably open the door for more questions once he’s got answers.

Late into their Sunday evening, Jeongguk had sneaked a peek at Jimin’s laptop while his boyfriend headed off to the gym, cramming in an extra shoulder day while Jeongguk chose to give himself the weekend off. As expected, the few handfuls of informative BDSM-centric websites had been left open in various tabs, scattered in-between search results for ‘beginner’s guide to domming’ and ‘bdsm 101’. Jeongguk snorts quietly at his boyfriend’s efforts.

He only spent about five or ten minutes skimming through the sites, but it was enough to overload his poor, innocent brain.

Random info-charts about pain tolerance and training, whole pages detailing how to safely introduce sensory-deprivation to your routine – one paragraph that mentioned something called ‘verbal degradation’ was the final straw and had Jeongguk slamming the laptop shut with his eyes bugged out.

This… this is clearly going to have to be something he lets Jimin guide him through. Like, full on hand-holding, training wheels guiding.

Thus, when Jimin returns home at sunset with sweat droplets running down his neck and flushed cheeks from his cool-down run, Jeongguk unloads on him.

“I looked at those websites and now I’m scared, Jimin-hyung.”

Jimin pauses in the kitchen, where he’d just been assembling the ingredients for his protein shake. He looks at Jeongguk with confusion that quickly melts into concern. “Oh, Jeonggukie, why’d you go and do that? I told you it can be overwhelming.” As he says this, he’s making his way into the living room, sitting down on the couch next to Jeongguk and pulling him in for a hug despite his sweaty attire. “Plus, I said I’m not even interested in most of that intense stuff, didn’t I?”

Jeongguk tilts his head against Jimin’s and relaxes in his embrace, not even feeling one percent ashamed for needing his hyung’s comfort over something like this. “You did, hyung, I know. I’m not scared that you might want me to… do some of that stuff to you.” He pauses, nuzzling their skulls together a bit. “I’m just scared that it exists, I guess.” He finishes with a weak chuckle, glad to hear Jimin laugh right alongside him.

“Yeah, there’s always gonna be some stuff out there that I just don’t get. To each their own, or whatever.” Jimin agrees softly, keeping him wrapped up tight. Jeongguk kind of loves being able to smell him this close, even if it’s logically disgusting. There’s not really a single ounce of Jimin that disgusts him.

Jeongguk nods and Jimin continues, “Just remember – whatever you’re interested in trying, we will try. Whatever you’re not interested in trying, we will ignore. If we do something once and I like it but you don’t, we never have to do it again. And vice versa. Same as always, okay pumpkin?”

Jimin finally pulls away from him at this, holding him by the shoulders and locking eyes. Jeongguk feels a swell of adoration building up in his chest like a hot air balloon. “Okay, hyung.” He nods once more for no good reason, wanting to assure Jimin that he’s still comfortable experimenting. “I still wanna try domming.”

Jimin laughs whole-heartedly, his beautiful eyes scrunching shut. “Good, because I still want you to try domming. But we’re taking baby steps, yeah? No big rules or anything like that for now, just you getting a taste for it.”

The couch dips awkwardly as they shuffle into more comfortable seated positions, but Jeongguk makes sure to keep Jimin within reaching distance. “So I don’t have to call you mean names tonight? Or hit you?”

Jimin looks half-speechless, half-amused. “No, Jeon Jeongguk, you are not calling me any names tonight, and I only expect you to hit me if I hit you first. Self-defense is important.” He grins, propping his elbow up on the back of the couch and resting his jaw on the heel of his palm.  

Jeongguk smiles, ducking his head bashfully. “Yes it is. So, okay, no sparring or name-calling tonight.” They lock eyes once more, twinkles of mirth dancing between them. “You want me to just… just, take control, right?”

“Right. Whatever you’re comfortable with, obviously, but feel free to do what you want. I trust you wholeheartedly, you know that. I want to give you complete control, that’s the whole point of this.” Jimin tells him earnestly.

The thought of Jimin being so comfortable with him as to willingly relinquish control over himself like this, to want to give himself to Jeongguk in his most vulnerable, intimate state – it’s enough to bring tears to Jeongguk’s eyes but he’s quick to blink them away. This is just kind of beautiful, as far as he’s concerned. Feels more like a giant bonding exercise, less like fetish exploration.

“I like the sounds of that. Wanna take care of you, hyung, that’s what I always wanna do.”

Jimin nods, smiling even brighter. “I know you do, Jeonggukie, you always take such good care of me. Just keep thinking of it like that: you’re taking care of me however you see fit, you decide how to do it. How to do me.” He winks cheekily.

Jeongguk’s immensely grateful that they can have this discussion so openly but still be so… normal throughout it. He can’t fathom being comfortable enough to even discuss this with anyone besides Jimin, much less act upon it.

He can do this. They can do this.

“I can do that. I want to do that.” He amends, feeling more determined now than he has all weekend. It’s not that much pressure – he just gets to set the pace, do what he wants to Jimin without having to ask ahead of time. Jimin trusts him, Jeongguk knows him inside and out, this is perfectly doable. “Besides, tonight is just baby steps, right?”

Jimin nods enthusiastically, ducking his head so far his chin nearly hits his sternum. “Baby steps for my baby dom.”

Okay. Jeongguk can do this.

Jeongguk can totally dom.

Chapter Text

Jimin’s already in bed, snuggled up under their comforter, his face all glowy from moisturizer.

He’s finishing up reading a webtoon that just updated and Jeongguk – well, Jeongguk is a little antsy.

He’s not nervous, not quite. He’s just been a bit preoccupied for the last half hour or so, the closer they got to bedtime.

They’d stood side-by-side brushing their teeth, making funny faces at each other in the mirror, until Jeongguk opened his mouth too wide and a glop of white froth had fallen down onto their floor. That made Jimin laugh so hard he had to rush to the sink to violently spit out the rest of his own toothpaste, and Jeongguk felt like the luckiest man in the world watching his boyfriend collapse near their toilet in a hysterical giggle fit.

But, as the minutes ticked by, Jeongguk began to realize that they were going to bed – to bed, and he can’t remember the last Sunday night that they didn’t spend tangled up in each other’s embrace.

So, he’s not nervous per se, but he is hyper-aware of the fact that they’re trying something new tonight, something different.

Well, new and different for Jeongguk. But everything is new and different for Jeongguk, and he’s literally enjoyed every single thing that Jimin has ever shown him. It took them an entire week to build up to getting Jeongguk comfortable enough to let Jimin give him a blowjob. He knows it was irrational, and that 99.99% of the dick-possessing population of the earth would jump at the chance to get someone drooling on them, but that had been the one thing that Jeongguk had feared most. They’d talked it out fully, of course – Jeongguk explained his anxiety over taste and cleanliness, over Jimin being disgusted by him, over such a level of proximity between Jimin’s face and Jeongguk’s crotch.

Even still, the first few times Jimin went down on him were so stressful, half of it became a mental game of Jeongguk reminding himself that Jimin wanted to do this to him, that he wasn’t going to be disgusted by Jeongguk after this. He’s much better with it now, but Jimin knows not to try any of that unless Jeongguk has showered within the last few hours, otherwise the poor thing will keep his dick off-limits.

This whole domming business is child’s play compared to that, as far as Jeongguk is concerned, and he knows these aren’t nerves he feels fluttering through his veins.

They feel a lot more like butterflies.

Jimin looks up at him when he takes too long climbing into bed, still just standing at the foot of it, completely zoned out. Jimin’s thick-rimmed glasses look adorable sliding down his nose, and he pushes them up with his thumb before finally calling his boyfriend out, “Jeongguk-ah?” This startles him into meeting Jimin’s eyes. “You having an existential crisis over there?”

Jeongguk shakes his head, his still-damp hair flopping around a bit, falling into his eyes. He doesn’t want to give Jimin the wrong impression so he climbs onto the mattress and crawls his way up without further delay.

He tucks himself in right next to Jimin, peering over and reading the last page of the webtoon alongside him. The normalcy of the moment helps steady his breathing.

Jimin breaks their cozy silence after he locks his phone, turning his head just enough to look at Jeongguk. “Hi, handsome boy.”

Jeongguk smiles, stupidly bashful, and ducks his head into the crook of Jimin’s neck. “Hyung, stop, I’m trying to get myself in the zone.”

Bright, squeaky laughter chimes in his ear. “Oh my god Ggukie, you don’t need to get in any zone, you’ve gotta relax!” Jimin laughs through his whole sentence, leaning most of his weight on Jeongguk.

“I’m just trying to hype myself up, you know! Harness my inner macho man, become the ultimate dominator.” Jeongguk says, puffing up his chest that Jimin’s still collapsed onto.

This only makes Jimin laugh harder, however, and Jeongguk is physically incapable of keeping a straight face when Jimin laughs for longer than ten seconds, so they’re left a stupid giggly mess of limbs and loose pajamas. Most of the lights are already off, save for an extra tall bedside lamp that Jimin leaves on when he’s reading. It’s not so late that either of them are loopy with exhaustion, but it’s late enough that the moon is high and their neighborhood has gone still and quiet.

It’s both of their favorite time of night.

They stay all cozied up to one another once their laughter has ebbed into peaceful silence, Jeongguk’s bare toes tickling against Jimin’s shin, Jimin’s hands squeezing at Jeongguk’s ribcage. Jeongguk’s entirely on his back at this point with Jimin tangled up all around him like an octopus.

His gorgeous little cuddly octopus.

He feels a few soft kisses being smattered along his neck and can’t help but chuckle to himself, closing his eyes and imagining the sensation being caused by little suction cups instead of Jimin’s gorgeous lips.

Jimin smiles reflexively against his skin at the sound, keeping his face tucked into Jeongguk’s shoulder when he asks, “Something funny you want to share with the class?”

Jeongguk snorts, loud and unattractive, burying his face into Jimin’s scalp. He adores the smell of their shared shampoo, a gentle teatree that lingers long after. He mumbles his response inaudibly into Jimin’s hair which displeases his boyfriend, and he’s rewarded with a stinging nip at the thin skin just beneath his jawline.

“Okay, okay, geez I was just picturing you as this super badass octopus monster that’s obsessed with cuddles, but you don’t know your own strength and you end up squeezing people so hard they pop like balloons.” Jeongguk rushes to explain, smiling so wide his nose crunches up.

Jimin plonks his forehead down against Jeongguk’s clavicle, befuddled for the millionth time over the fact that he wants this human being to dominate him. What has he gotten himself into.

Jeongguk shifts until Jimin is fully on top of him, only one of his knees on the mattress beside Jeongguk’s hip. He loves feeling all of Jimin like this, something so secure in having his hyung’s weight entirely on him, grounding in its own strange way. Jimin never minds, just tucks his arms in and smooches along Jeongguk’s neck.

They never really need to “set the mood”, so to speak. They’ve had plenty of random romps with stupid jokes in the heat of the moment, Jeongguk bursting into laughter while he’s buried balls deep in Jimin. Jimin is also a notorious giggler, and the harder he tries to stifle it, the worse his laughs get.

Jeongguk thinks that’s just another part of their chemistry. Jimin told him once, back in their earliest days together, that he never felt nearly as comfortable with any of his exes – like everything had to be hot and heavy, like the atmosphere was so fragile and it wasn’t meant to be “broken”. He said he greatly prefers being able to smile with Jeongguk, feels like there’s less pressure to perform, like they’re truly just with each other to be with each other and whatever happens, happens.

Jeongguk might have cried a little that night.

He brings himself back to the present, appreciating the gentle pecks that are still being scattered near his Adam’s apple. He doesn’t quite know what to say tonight, but he knows that if he’s going to try being more dominant, he wants to stay focused. He wants to do this right.

He decides to start out by wrapping his arms tight around Jimin and rolling them both over, slowly, until they’re on their sides facing one another. Jimin seems to sense the slight shift in mood and goes along quietly, looking at Jeongguk with reverence. He’s more excited than he realized and they literally haven’t even started yet.

He’s doing his best not to place any expectations on Jeongguk, not to hope for him to sprout leather wings and become the world’s dommiest dom, but these fantasies are starting to claw their way out of him and he just can’t deny how much the thought excites him.

He sincerely hopes that soon enough, Jeongguk will want it just as bad.

Jeongguk leans in slow, holding piercing eye contact with Jimin as he goes, until both of their lashes flutter instinctively and their lips finally meet. He wants to kiss Jimin for a while, until their bodies are warm and gooey, their muscles untensed and their minds blank.

So he does.

At some point he begins crowding into Jimin more, rising up onto one elbow and looming over him. He’s only wider than Jimin in the shoulders but it’s enough of a difference for him to capitalize on in positions like this, so he rolls with it. He wants to smother Jimin in his presence right now, wants Jimin to only be capable of focusing on Jeongguk’s touch.

Yeah, that sounds perfect, actually. He sort of always feels like that – feels like he wants Jimin to be just as immersed in him as he is in Jimin every waking moment.

He can make Jimin feel like that, he’s fully capable of it. So that’s what he’s going to do tonight. He’s going to drown him, drown him in touch and drown him in pleasure.

Their kissing grows more and more heated the longer Jeongguk dwells on these thoughts, his own mouth moving more aggressively than he realized. He bites into the fat of Jimin’s lower lip, grinding his teeth ever so faintly, and licks into his mouth as soon as he’s done. Jimin moans deep and guttural in response.

Jeongguk knows that the whole point of this isn’t to be rougher, necessarily, but it’s like his body’s moving on autopilot, desperate with a frenzy he doesn’t let himself often explore. He just wants to mold himself with Jimin, wants to feel everything there is to feel.

With that in mind, he pulls Jimin up to sitting by his shoulders without breaking their kiss and starts tugging his shirt up. He even goes as far as to lift Jimin’s arms up for him, which almost has Jimin chuckling against his mouth.

Jimin pulls back just a bit in the midst of it to pull his glasses off, folding them up and quickly depositing them on their nightstand. Jeongguk wants to protest – wants to grab the frames and push them back up Jimin’s perfect little nose. He’s never really given conscious thought to that before, but now he realizes that he’d really, really like to see what Jimin looks like wearing nothing but those chunky black glasses, drunk off the pleasure that Jeongguk gives to him.

He presses his lips together and lets the matter go. Jeongguk knows the whole point of this is to experiment with doing as he pleases, with calling the shots, but he’d fret himself to death worrying the whole time if Jimin doesn’t actually enjoy wearing his glasses while they’re doing stuff, if they’re annoying him or taking him out of the moment. So he sets a mental reminder and resolves to ask Jimin about it beforehand – next time, next time.

Baby steps.

He rids himself of his own sweatshirt in a flash before pushing Jimin back down, this time completely caging him in with Jeongguk’s hands on either side of his shoulders. Jimin surges a little, meeting him in the next kiss with a craned neck. He’s already feeling a bit heady with the pace, eager to see what Jeongguk will do next.

Jeongguk still takes his time working him up, as always. He slows their kiss down and licks obscenely into Jimin’s mouth, forcing both of their jaws open wide enough for their tongues to be visible. Jimin feels himself flushing, his eyes losing focus, a swirl of heat making its way through his gut and slithering down, down, down.

Jeongguk’s always been a phenomenal kisser, just needed Jimin to show him a few tricks and a couple rounds of practice before he had them both going weak in the knees.

He’s only gotten better, and Jimin doesn’t know if he ever wants this to stop. Jeongguk makes the decision for him, however, and starts kissing his way down Jimin’s neck after a moment. He doesn’t head towards Jimin’s chest, as Jimin had expected him to, but starts burning a trail of wet butterfly kisses down towards Jimin’s left shoulder. Further still, he kisses his biceps and lower, dragging his mouth over the inside of Jimin’s elbow. It’s ticklish and erotic all at once. Down and down he goes, until he’s mouthing at Jimin’s left wrist, kissing the bundle of veins that shine through his pale skin.

Jimin inhales sharply, half from the gentle sensation and half from the rush of emotions that hit him. Jeongguk’s doing so well, making this feel so normal, but Jimin already feels so good. Barely any erogenous zones have even been touched and he feels positively electric.

Jeongguk finally reaches Jimin’s hand that’s curled half-closed, and he nuzzles his face into Jimin’s palm until all of his fingers uncurl on reflex. He kisses the dead center of Jimin’s palm in the same moment that he looks up, his irises glowing jet black in the faint light, like big extensions of his dilated pupils.

Jimin feels petrified under his gaze, caught completely off guard by the intensity of it. Jeongguk looks like he wants to devour him, like he’s worshipping Jimin at the altar just to consume him as the sacrifice once he’s let his guard down.

He wants it, wants it so bad.

Another palpable wave of tension settles over them and Jeongguk revels in it. He kisses down each of Jimin’s fingers, stopping to nibble on the tip of each one gently. He feels Jimin’s arm trembling in his hold, sees the way his chest is starting to rise and fall more erratically.

Good. He wants Jimin to ache for it. Wants him completely focused on every sensation that Jeongguk puts him through.

He takes his time sucking Jimin’s index finger past his lips, licking at the tip with a barely-there touch, soaking up Jimin’s faint groan and flushing with pride over eliciting it. While Jimin’s distracted, he lets his other hand start to tug at the waistband of Jimin’s shorts, pulling the right side down past his sharp hipbone.

He pulls away from Jimin’s hand and moves up fully on his hands and knees, looking down at his boyfriend. He’s immensely pleased by the sight.

Jimin stares up at him like a starved man. His pupils are dilated, lips plumped up from the bites and kisses, the faintest brush of pink spreading along his cheeks and his neck.

Jeongguk is taken aback by the sight, if only because it so suddenly and vividly reminds him just how much Jimin means to him, how much he loves him. Jimin is putting all of his trust into Jeongguk, has been fantasizing about this exact moment and felt comfortable enough sharing that with him. He wants this, he wants Jeongguk – that is always such a fantastic reminder.

He steels himself and yanks down Jimin’s shorts in one go. Jimin wiggles his hips and shakes his legs to help, and Jeongguk wants to break the silence to thank him but he purses his lips tight to refrain.

Now that it’s free, Jeongguk takes his time teasing Jimin’s cock, brushing up the underside and squeezing the tip the way he knows Jimin loves. Jimin gets so lost in it, his eyes shut and his mouth goes a little slack, and before either of them know it he’s letting his hips kick up to chase the touch.

In one fell swoop, Jeongguk has his arm pinned down firmly along Jimin’s hipline and his hand retracted away from Jimin’s cock as a reprimand of sorts. He looks down at Jimin with molten lava pouring out of his gaze, chastising him in silence.

Jimin stutters on his next inhale, the sudden onslaught of intensity from Jeongguk almost too much to handle. He doesn’t know if he wants to move again just to incur his boyfriend’s wrath or if he wants to be good and pliant, do exactly as Jeongguk wishes of him.

He settles for pliancy as he watches Jeongguk duck his head down to kiss along his thigh. He can be good for tonight. Besides, he wants to have a talk with Jeongguk about playful disobedience and punishment, wants to establish some common ground for them to work off of.

All in good time.

Jeongguk drops kisses all across the expanse of Jimin’s muscular thighs, biting into the flesh at random and licking up the most sensitive part when the mood strikes him. He’s sure he’s spending a painful amount of time here, that Jimin is probably throbbing and desperate at this point, but this is what Jeongguk wants and this is what he’ll get.

He pacifies his boyfriend by letting his long fingers drag all around Jimin’s groin, rubbing into the joint of his hip and his thigh, barely brushing his balls before moving towards his perineum. He sucks one last deep hickey into Jimin’s left thigh before realizing that he needs Jimin on his front for what comes next.

The silence seems impenetrable now, like it’s the foundation for this entire scene between them, and Jeongguk doesn’t want to break it. But now he’s perfectly aware of the fact that he does always just move Jimin around to his will, that he’s gotten so confident and comfortable doing that lately that it’s become second nature for him.

He wants to be able to look Jimin in the eye on a particular night? Okay, roll him onto his back. He thinks it’ll feel better for Jimin at a different angle? Done, flip him around and make it happen.

Jimin made it perfectly clear yesterday that he’s been enjoying that, that this habit of Jeongguk’s is exactly what got him considering the whole dom thing in the first place, but Jeongguk’s always been a worrier and that is only exacerbated when it comes to Jimin and his comfort. He feels a sudden, insatiable urge to ask Jimin, to get his consent verbally and clearly, for anything and everything they do.

Jimin must read the onslaught of panic loud and clear on Jeongguk’s face, because in an instant he’s arching his back and tilting his head nice and coy, looking down where Jeongguk’s still hunched between his legs with raw lust palpable in his gaze. “Mm. Are you gonna finger your hyung now?” He shakes his hips around slightly, loving the feel of Jeongguk’s big hand spread out across his leg. “Want me like this, or on my tummy?”

Jeongguk feels a rush of heat in tandem with a profound sense of appreciation – Jimin is so good to him, knows him so well, takes care of him even now when he’s supposed to be completely passive, when Jeongguk’s supposed to be the sole decision-maker.

Fuck. Jeongguk loves him so much.

Unsure of what to say or how to say it, Jeongguk falls back into old habits, grabbing at both of Jimin’s hips and lifting him off the mattress enough to begin turning him over. Jimin seems to hesitate for just a moment, tensing up long enough for Jeongguk to panic all over again, before he’s sitting up and grabbing at Jeongguk’s cheeks in one fluid motion. He plants one solid, lingering kiss on Jeongguk’s mouth, cupping his face so, so tenderly, before he lays back down and rolls over like a good boy. He even shimmies up onto his knees enough that his ass is propped up slightly, legs spread and lower back arched magnificently.

In what universe does Jeongguk deserve this man? What did he ever do to earn himself Park Jimin, the most compassionate, understanding, kind-hearted angel that ever graced this earth?

He resolves to show his appreciation and adoration one of the best ways he knows how: with some good old-fashioned ass eating.

The slight dimples at the bottom of Jimin’s back taste like his signature coffee body wash, sweet and rich and perfectly complementing the natural flavor of his skin. Jeongguk lathers the area in kisses, biting slowly into the softer parts of Jimin’s side and sucking just enough to get Jimin groaning. He brings his left hand up, letting the pads of his fingers drag along Jimin’s spine with a barely-there pressure that flushes him in goosebumps. His right hand busies itself grabbing at Jimin’s ass, groping the flesh and gathering himself a nice handful.

The onslaught of sensation hits Jimin like a monsoon, and if he wasn’t painfully eager before he sure as shit is now. He loves the buildup, loves the way Jeongguk awakens every single nerve ending in his body, but he’s pent up as all hell and he can’t deny how badly he wants this.

Jeongguk doesn’t want to make Jimin wait. He knows his boyfriend doesn’t enjoy being teased a good majority of the time, and Jeongguk is a much bigger fan of pleasuring than he is dawdling.

So, he dives right in.

His hands cup both of Jimin’s cheeks almost reverently, kneading and squeezing to his heart’s content. His jaw starts to go a little slack in anticipation, his kisses growing wetter and sloppier the lower he goes, butterfly kisses turning into desperate mouthing. He loves how receptive Jimin is to his touch, how responsive he gets, his satisfaction plain in the way his face burrows into the pillow and his muffled hums start to grow louder and louder.

All in all, Jeongguk just adores the way Jimin falls apart under his mouth, finds it stupidly fun to break his hyung down to babbling nonsense with some skillful licks and sucks.

Jimin taught him on their third night together how to eat ass. Well, how to eat his ass, specifically. He’d tried to explain how to do it in general, what a majority of people probably like, but Jeongguk had cut him off with a flippant wave of his hand and told him with no uncertainty that the only ass he’d ever need to know how to devour was Jimin’s.

So Jeongguk knows that Jimin likes a lot of light, ticklish licks outside his hole. He knows that Jimin likes Jeongguk to slide his tongue in slowly, so, so slowly, because it burns up his nerves in the best way possible. He knows that Jimin likes for Jeongguk to draw it out, pull back every now and then and kiss him close-mouthed, let Jimin catch his breath and string out the pleasure. He knows that Jimin likes for there to be a gradual buildup, a crescendo of intensity, so that by the end, Jeongguk is licking into him and sucking him like he’s starved.

The thing’s he’s picked up on since their initial lessons seem to be more subtle, perhaps more in-line with this whole subconscious domming thing.

Jeongguk now knows that Jimin like’s it when he can’t squirm around so freely, when Jeongguk forces him to stillness so that he’s hyper-aware of every sensation. If Jimin truly wanted the freedom of movement, he’d be riding Jeongguk’s face. But when he’s like this, cheek squished up on their pillow and ass lifting higher and higher into the air in search of Jeongguk’s mouth, he just wants to feel, to be a slave to whatever Jeongguk gives him.

Always eager to please, Jeongguk makes sure to lock Jimin’s hips in an iron grip, lifting them up just enough that Jimin’s comfortable without straining. His thumbs still push into the fat of Jimin’s ass, rubbing into the flesh mindlessly, while his mouth continues to ravage.

As the pace builds and builds, Jeongguk positively drooling with his efforts, Jimin starts to whine louder. He turns his face enough that it’s audible, “Jeongguk-ah, ah – ah. Please, please, oh god please.” Jeongguk truly doesn’t know what Jimin’s begging for but it’s like a bubble of heat bursts in his gut, the smoldering realization washing over him that he really likes the way that sounds coming from Jimin’s lips. His sweet boyfriend has no need to beg, ever, because Jeongguk will give him whatever he wants whenever he wants it.

But… there’s something so heady in knowing that Jimin is begging him for pleasure, for more, for something his touch-drunk brain doesn’t even know how to articulate. He’s slipped into a place of total dependency on Jeongguk, needing him to satisfy and satiate because he’s the only one who can.

Jeongguk is so used to following his hyung, learning from him and imitating him in so many aspects of their lives. Moments like this where Jimin lets go of everything, tears down every wall and exposes the most vulnerable side of himself, shares himself with Jeongguk in the rawest way possible…

This is what it’s all about for Jeongguk. It’s about making his hyung feel good, letting him experience this without insecurity or uncertainty, giving him pleasure and reveling in the fact that he’s entirely responsible for it.

Maybe this is what being a dom is like. Or maybe it’s just a part of being a good lover.

Jeongguk’s mouth never ceases, fucking into Jimin with his tongue and sliding one long finger in alongside it when he feels Jimin beginning to tremble. He vaguely wonders if he should be doing more, if there’s some obvious dom thing he could be doing in this moment, but tonight he’s hobbling along on bambi legs with training wheels and Jimin seems to be enjoying himself just fine.

Serendipitously, Jimin starts to cum in the middle of Jeongguk’s turmoil.

It’s sudden for them both, churning in Jimin’s abdomen and clenching up his muscles before he realizes. Jeongguk doesn’t miss a beat, starts to fuck his finger in at a jackknife pace when he feels the way Jimin’s beginning to seize up. He keeps his other hand locked tight on Jimin’s hips, addicted to the thought of Jimin being restrained like this, nothing to do but take it.

Jimin cums right onto their mattress, hot and wet, pooling up to his diaphragm. Jeongguk slows down just enough to help Jimin ride it out, making sure to keep licking in and out just the way Jimin likes. This is the best part in Jeongguk’s opinion – when the innate desperation has been satisfied and Jimin is left floating in the stratosphere, completely pliant and boneless. Jeongguk knows to keep his touches gentle and steady, prolonging the pleasure without ramping it up into sudden oversensitivity.

So he does, drinking in the way Jimin begins to melt into the mattress. He eases off into soft, lingering kisses, moving away from Jimin’s hole and peppering smooches all along his ass, the backs of his thighs, even the ticklish skin behind his knees.

Jimin begins to come back to himself, his senses refocused away from his ass, immediately homing in on the wet puddle that’s squished under his torso. His limbs feel like jelly and he could honestly slip into a coma like this, but Jeongguk is too patient and would let him do exactly that, which is simply unacceptable right now.

He musters up all the energy he can and reaches back behind himself, grabbing at Jeongguk’s arm blindly and pulling him in. Jeongguk goes along, a bit confused, lets himself be tugged until he’s lying next to Jimin. Jimin pounces like a bobcat, springing up onto Jeongguk and grabbing at his shoulders frantically. He kisses him with a fervor that surprises even himself, moaning against Jeongguk’s mouth because he’s still all tingly and satiated and this contact feels heavenly.

Jeongguk lets himself be kissed into the pillow, Jimin’s weight bearing down on him like it had at the start of their night. He runs his hands up and down Jimin’s bare back, his chest arching up to reach Jimin like there are magnets in their hearts.

Jimin starts to slink down Jeongguk’s torso, kissing his sternum and dragging his fingers along Jeongguk’s ribs. Jeongguk realizes where this is going and grumbles under his breath before yanking Jimin under his arms and hauling him back up, rolling them onto their sides once more and squishing Jimin against him so that he’s well and truly stuck.

Blinking slowly like he’s still not caught up with what just happened, Jimin lets himself be crushed against Jeongguk like a front-facing backpack, his limbs unconsciously tangling up with Jeongguk’s in the familiar position.

Jeongguk’s clutching him tight, his face ducked in to Jimin’s neck and his arms wrapped so firmly around Jimin’s back he can almost feel the muscles in them shaking. Both of their breathing has just about gone back to normal and the faint sheen of sweat on Jimin’s spine is starting to cool.

The stillness of the night has settled back in.

“Jeongguk-ah, let me suck your dick right this very instant.”

Jeongguk squeezes him even tighter, giving one quick little shake of his head before he burrows deeper into the crook of Jimin’s neck. Jimin huffs, pinching the skin over his shoulder blade a little petulantly. “Pumpkin, please let me suck your dick? C’mon, you took a shower like an hour ago.”

Jeongguk grumbles lowly, no real words discernable but his tone clearly dismissive. Jimin can’t help but soften at this, aching to get his hands on his incredible boyfriend but terribly endeared by his sudden display of bashfulness.

He tries for a different approach. “Jeongguk-ah, look at me? Let hyung see you?”

A solid beat passes wherein Jimin’s convinced that Jeongguk’s going to fall asleep tucked up into him like a koala, but he feels the muscles in Jeongguk’s shoulders relaxing just a fraction before he sidles backward, into Jimin’s line of vision.

Jeongguk looks positively gorgeous under the light of their shitty lamp. Though Jimin expected him to appear sleepy and limp, his eyes are open wide, searching Jimin’s face with the same intensity that left Jimin dumbstruck so many years ago. His cheeks are ever so slightly flushed, the skin around his lips still pink from his efforts, his hair tousled to beautiful imperfection.

He really looks like the love of Jimin’s life. This precious young man who is so eager to learn, to please, to follow Jimin’s words blindly and trust him with his everything.

“Don’t wanna do anything, hyung, ‘m really okay.” Jeongguk mutters, soft but certain, never looking away from Jimin.

“How come? Just not in the mood?” Jimin asks, trying to keep his tone gentle and neutral. If Jeongguk really doesn’t want anything then Jimin’s obviously going to respect that, but he also wants to make sure his boyfriend isn’t martyring his own pleasure just because he thinks Jimin’s too exhausted or something.

Jeongguk considers this for a moment, his brow lowering a tad as he finally looks down towards Jimin’s bare chest. “I just – just wanna talk now, wanna know how it was for you.” He finally answers, nodding to himself like he’s pleased with his own response.

Jimin knows he’s smiling stupidly fondly, but he really can’t help himself. Jeongguk used to get like this, towards the start of their sexual escapades, over-eager to hear Jimin’s evaluation of the evening – he’d often pull back the moment Jimin was done climaxing, muscles still quivering, with his eyes as bright as the sun when he’d launch into a barrage of questions on how he’d done, if he’d been gentle enough, if Jimin had felt good, if he wanted to go again.

It’s ridiculously endearing. Jeongguk’s always been like that: highly inquisitive, ready to try his hand at anything just to see how well he can do, then rushing to try it all over again so he can improve. It blends well with his competitive spirit, and it’s no real wonder that he’d be just as much of an eager beaver learning how to have sex.

So Jimin indulges him, as he’s always done and always will. “We can do that, pumpkin.”

They settle in properly once Jeongguk grabs a tissue off the nightstand and wipes up the mess that’s been drying on Jimin’s abs. The wet spot on their sheets is on Jeongguk’s side of the bed and he’s quick to assure Jimin it won’t bother him, that they can do laundry tomorrow evening anyhow. Jimin thanks him with a sloppy wet kiss to the cheek that leaves Jeongguk grinning like a dork.

Once they’re all cozy with the final lamp shut off, Jeongguk spills. “Was it good, hyung?” He doesn’t even wait for Jimin to think it over before continuing on, like it’s word vomit that’s finally rupturing out of him. “I mean, obviously it seemed like it was good but was it any better than usual? I definitely fumbled in the middle, but other than that did I do okay? Was there more I should’ve done? That really didn’t even feel different than normal, so does that mean I didn’t dom you enough or I did?”

Jimin’s laughing open-mouthed and brightly by the time Jeongguk’s finally through, tilting his head into the pillow in a vain attempt to smother the sound. Why is he dating the most precious, perfect human in the entire world?

“Jeongguk-ah, stop, stop.” Jimin manages, giggles still bubbling out of his throat beyond his control. “You passed, you passed, take a deep breath!”

Jeongguk smiles, endeared by his hyung’s laughter but his mind still buzzing with questions. “I passed?”

Jimin bumps their foreheads together, glad that he can still perfectly make out the details on Jeongguk’s face without his glasses on when they’re this close. “Yes, my love, you did amazing. Made me feel amazing. So don’t worry about that – let’s talk specifics, okay? Break it down.”

When Jeongguk nods enthusiastically, their foreheads bonk. His nose looks terribly kissable right now, all crinkled up in glee, but Jimin refrains. “Okay, okay. So, did that feel all that different for you?” Jeongguk asks.

Jimin takes a moment to mull it over, trying not to get distracted by all the little wonders that make up Jeongguk’s face. “Honestly, yes, but I know it wasn’t that different. I think it was just the overall atmosphere that felt different, more intense in a way, but that could also just be because we were both anticipating it.”

That makes sense. Jeongguk knows that he had hyped the whole encounter up a bit in his own mind. “Did you like that I didn’t talk? Is that like, is that a dom thing?”

Jimin’s quick to answer, “It can be, if that’s what the couple likes. Personally, I love when you talk to me, I love the way your voice sounds when you’re really into it.”

“Oh.” Jeongguk feels a little swirl of delight in his chest, realizes that he’s glad to hear this. He likes hearing Jimin, too, so he makes sure to tell him that.

“I’m glad, Jeonggukie. What else?”

Jeongguk brings a hand up to his mouth, nibbling on the back of his pointer finger while he thinks. “Is there a particular way I should be talking to you? Like, more authoritatively or something?”

“I mean, I feel like I’m using this as a copout answer a lot, but that’s also up to individual preference. I haven’t given it that much thought, because I know that the way I’d like an ex to talk to me isn’t necessarily the way I’d like you to talk to me, you know?”

He nods quickly, realizing as Jimin answers that this may be something they’ll have to try out together to get a better understanding of, to figure out what both of them enjoy and can agree on. Jimin continues, “But I definitely don’t want you to feel like you suddenly have to adopt some sort of persona, like a character voice or anything like that.” Jeongguk blinks at him. “If anything, it’ll just be about overall tone and commands and whatnot, that’ll all come with time and practice.”

“Okay, I get that.” Jeongguk fidgets around on the bed, catching the way Jimin’s eyes are drooping and the way his cheek is squishing in deeper to the pillow. He’s torn between bombarding him with more questions and wanting to let his hyung rest, knowing that he has class early in the morning.

Jimin lifts a hand to card through the back of Jeongguk’s hair, scratching his fingers across his scalp in the perfect way. “Keep asking, Jeongguk-ah, I’m not going anywhere. Want to hear everything going on in that head of yours, my little baby dom.”

There’s a definite rush of blood to his cheeks that he prays isn’t visible. “Hyung, quit it.” But he’s smiling, so wide his teeth are peeking out, and it’s so sweet. “I guess lastly I just wanna know what more I can do, what else there is to do.” He says, quiet like he’s a little embarrassed.

“There’s a lot, honestly, but we’re in no rush.” Jimin tells him, using his grip on the back of Jeongguk’s head to pull him into a kiss. They both inhale at the contact, chaste and brief and honey-coated. “Let’s work up to it together, hm? One step at a time.” Jimin says right up against his mouth, eyes closed and lips aching for more.

Jeongguk kisses him back in response, tilting his head to slide together better. Patience has always been a virtue that Jimin excelled at far better than him, but right now, with their bodies pressed so close under the cozy cover of darkness, Jeongguk couldn’t be more grateful for it.

There are ten million questions still zipping through his head, scenarios and what-ifs colliding like supernovas demanding his attention, but Jimin is here and Jimin will hold his hand and Jimin will walk with him, every step of the way, one step at a time.

One step at a time.

Chapter Text

“A salad bar in the middle of the library?” Yoongi asks, sounding typically groggy for 11 a.m.

Jimin shakes his head excitedly, already pulling Jeongguk closer by the wrist. “No, hyung, that one giant fraternity is putting this on as a fundraiser for a nearby aquarium that’s in danger of closing, so it’s a sushi bar! You can make your own bowl or burrito or whatever!”

Yoongi squints at the array of food skeptically. “That sounds… kinda morbid, for an aquarium fundraiser.”

Jeongguk has to agree with him on that. He’s also never had a sushi bowl or burrito, only the usual hand rolls and long rolls at the joints he’s been to, so he’s not entirely sure how this whole thing is supposed to work.

With a bounce in his step, Jimin leads the trio over to the cash register – a makeshift one comprised of a box with dollar signs squiggled onto it with a sharpie – and buys three tickets for the sushi bar. Yoongi squawks in protest, complaining that Jimin always pulls stunts like this before Yoongi even has the chance to get his wallet out, but Jimin just shushes him with a wave of his hand and a good-natured smile.

Jeongguk, meanwhile, makes sure to commit this incident to memory, silently vowing to pay his hyung back the next time they go out for food or smoothies or whatever treat next catches their eye. He has a constant mental tally running of all the things Jimin does for him, and even if he loves to play the hyung trump card, Jeongguk is committed to treating Jimin just as often as he himself gets treated.

Afterall, boyfriend trumps hyung. Everyone knows that. It’s like, simple rock-paper-scissors law.

Yoongi sets off to the far end of the bar after a few more grumbles, his eyes locked on to the plate of shrimp prawns. Jimin turns to Jeongguk and asks, “So, what are you in the mood for? Bowl or burrito?”

Jeongguk’s lips pout out reflexively as he thinks it over. “Uh. What are you getting?”

“A bowl! I think you get more bang for your buck – or, bass for your buck, in this case.” Jimin busts up at his own terrible half-joke, snickering into the black plastic bowl he’d just picked up. A quick sweep of the sushi bar confirms that there is, in fact, no bass on the menu but Jeongguk would never spoil his hyung’s fun like that, so he just smiles fondly at him.

“Then it sounds like I’d be a fool not to go with the bowl.” Jeongguk declares, grabbing a container from the stack next to the cashier and following along behind Jimin as he sets off down the bar.

Already plucking a couple globs of spicy tuna and salmon from the serving plates, Jimin begins explaining over his shoulder, “So you can put the ingredients in the bowl in whatever order you want, doesn’t matter – at the end, you’re gonna shake that shit like a polaroid picture and mix it all up!” He emphasizes this by plopping a giant wad of sticky rice into his bowl right over the fish.

Jeongguk follows him around dutifully from plate to plate, failing to realize that he’s perfectly copied Jimin’s bowl by the end of it. He’s not even entirely sure what all he’s added to this concoction, but they’ve always had perfectly compatible tastes in dishes before, so he’s not worried one bit.

Besides, free food is free food. And he’s getting to try something new, all thanks to his darling hyung once again.

They join Yoongi at a small, circular table he’d picked out in the corner of the library, away from computers and bookshelves. Yoongi has already inhaled at least a third of his bowl, which Jeongguk considers extremely impressive, and he barely acknowledges them when the couple sits down. “Without looking, I’m gonna take a shot in the dark and say that Jeongguk got exactly what Jimin did.” He swallows the tiny mouthful he’d been half-chewing during that sentence and lifts his head, eyes darting between the boyfriends’ meals. “Huh. What a total and complete shocker.”

Jimin laughs, shaking his head a little exasperatedly. “Ah, hyung, when will you guys give Jeonggukie a break, huh? You’re gonna give him a complex!” He looks down at their matching bowls and startles. “Oh! Hold on, hold on, I’ll go grab us lids.” With that, he hops out of his seat and races back to the cashier.

As Jeongguk wiggles in his seat to get more comfortable, he catches Yoongi gazing at him unblinkingly. “Jeongguk-ah, I’m only teasing. You know that, right?”

He cocks his head, a tad confused as to why Yoongi would worry that Jeongguk’s even slightly offended by this. He’s more than used to his hyungs’ playful jabs at his dynamic with Jimin, but he welcomes them with open arms. It’s not like he’s trying to be discreet in his adoration, and he’s trailed after Jimin like a duckling since they were still using flip-phones.

During Jeongguk’s second year of high school, he spent an entire month pestering Jimin for after school lessons on soccer, simply because he was so awestruck by his hyung’s skills maneuvering the ball – he looked effortless, cooler than the athletes on tv, dribbling around the field with ease every lunch period. Jeongguk didn’t think there would ever be anyone cooler than his Jimin-hyung, and he wanted so desperately to emulate him, to replicate even one percent of that talent. They ended up bonding immensely during those hot afternoons spent on the grass, sweaty armpits and ice-cold Gatorade their new norm, an autumn that will stay lodged deep in Jeongguk’s heart for the rest of his life.

After that, the rest of their friends felt the need to constantly point out just how captivated Jeongguk seemed to be by his new favorite hyung. The youngest could always be found wherever Jimin was, reading the same books as him and taking all of his anime recommendations as unbreakable commands.

Jimin loves to remind him now, just as he did back then, that he adores having such a dutiful, loyal dongsaeng. This dynamic between them has fostered so much trust and closeness, constantly reaffirming the fact that Jeongguk can count on Jimin for damned near anything, that he will always have Jimin to lean on and learn from.

He’s confident that he will spend the rest of their lives showing Jimin that this road goes both ways. He vowed long ago to become someone that Jimin can lean on, too, and he’s never going to stop working towards that.

Yoongi’s unwavering gaze brings Jeongguk out of his thoughts and he’s quick to respond, “I know, hyung, you really don’t need to worry about that.” He picks up the bowl of random fish assortments proudly, like he’s showing off a hand-crafted trophy. “I don’t know what the heck a sushi bowl is or what’s supposed to go into it? No problem! Jimin-hyung will teach me, easy as that.” He declares, cheeky smile spread wide.

Laughing into his next bite of sauce-coated shrimp, Yoongi finally looks away as he replies, “I’m glad, Jeongguk-ah, you have the world’s best teacher.”

“Damn straight he does.”

Jimin plops down into his seat with a satisfied grin, handing over a big plastic lid to Jeongguk that thoroughly baffles him. “Just cover your bowl so you can shake it, pumpkin.” He laughs as he explains, covering his own bowl before gesturing to Jeongguk’s.

Remembering what he’d forgotten to do five minutes ago, Jeongguk foregoes his hyung’s instructions and instead leans in closer to him, grabbing Jimin’s left hand and planting a tender kiss to the back of it. Jimin looks pleasantly stunned by the act, idling like he’s forgotten that he was just about to begin jostling his now-covered bowl.

“Thank you for the meal, Jimin-hyung, love you.” Jeongguk tells him, soft and sweet, feeling a bit breathless the longer he holds eye contact.

A stunning smile creeps onto Jimin’s face, the apples of his cheeks lifting as they stare at one another. “You’re welcome, Jeongguk-ah. I love you too.”

“Next one’s on me, you know the rules.” Jeongguk responds, finally turning away to secure his lid as he’d been taught.

He misses the way Jimin sucks his lips in to smother his laugh, fondly shaking his head before returning to his own meal. “Okay, pumpkin, looking forward to it.”

Yoongi watches the whole encounter with his chopsticks dangling from his mouth, an undeniable wash of affection spreading through his chest at the sight. The title of ‘lovebirds’ is so, so fitting for these two.

As Jeongguk begins to shake up his bowl under Jimin’s careful guidance, Yoongi seizes the brief silence and speaks up once more, “You two make me sick, in a kind of adorable way.” When Jeongguk proudly shows off his freshly-mixed sushi creation and Jimin claps for him as if he’d just completed a decathlon, Yoongi amends his statement, “A nauseatingly adorable way, actually.”

They chow down heartily, making light conversation about midterms until Yoongi has to dash away to his next lecture. Jeongguk waves his goodbye with rice-stuffed cheeks, and Jimin jumps up to squeeze him into a quick hug before their hyung is shuffling out of the library.

Jimin settles back into his chair and scooches it several inches closer to Jeongguk’s, watching his boyfriend pick at the last few morsels of tuna and avocado with his tongue peeking out of his lips. It’s stupidly endearing and Jimin is glad that none of their friends are around to retch over the heart eyes he’s sure he’s sporting.

“Glad you liked it, Jeonggukie, I love seeing you eat so well. You need all the protein you can get on Wednesdays – they’re your longest days and yet you still always insist on squeaking in some gym time when we get home.” Jimin lightly chastises him, wiping a speck of sauce away from Jeongguk’s top lip with his thumb. He sucks the digit into his own mouth and keeps it there far longer than necessary, terribly pleased with the way Jeongguk’s eyes follow the motion, stalling out on Jimin’s lips where they’re parted around his knuckle.

Swallowing down the last bite he’d managed to scrape together, Jeongguk responds a bit belatedly, “You always make me an extra big dinner on Wednesdays, that’s not exactly encouragement to take it easy.” Jimin smiles tenderly at this, finally pulling his thumb away from his mouth.

“You’ve got me there, but my growing boy’s gotta eat.”

Jeongguk turns so he’s fully facing Jimin, his knees knocking into the side of Jimin’s chair. The library is expectedly bustling for the middle of the day, but he’s been holding a few thoughts in since the weekend and he’s finally ready to try articulating them.

He starts small, easy. “I wanna try fucking you with your glasses on.” Jimin’s eyebrows jump up, disappearing under the cover of his bangs. Jeongguk rushes to elaborate, “I mean, not with me wearing your glasses – I wanna, I want you to be wearing them while I fuck you. Does that make sense?” Jimin remains bug-eyed but a smile is quickly blossoming on his gorgeous face.

“Yeah, that makes sense, Jeongguk-ah.” He sounds amused, a bit endeared.

Feeling like he’ll never rest unless he asks pointblank, Jeongguk adds on, “Is that okay? I mean like, would you be comfortable with that? Would that be comfortable for you? I know it probably wouldn’t work having you, uh, laying down on your stomach or anything like that, and I don’t want to risk bending them because I know it was such a freaking nightmare getting your last pair replaced, what with the stupid prescription that your mom had to find and all, not to mention how damn expensive they are and the hoops you gotta jump through with insurance, and–”

Jimin surges towards his poor boyfriend, pressing two of his fingers up against Jeongguk’s lips to forcibly stop his ranting. Jeongguk’s eyes are so huge and beautiful in the shitty fluorescent lighting of their library, as expressive and honest as ever. Jimin had always told him that those eyes really were windows to Jeongguk’s soul, that he may not wear his heart on his sleeve as blatantly as others, but one good look into his pretty peepers and Jimin could read him like a children’s book.

It’s gotten even worse the longer they’ve been together. Neither of them can hide a damn thing from the other, and Jimin’s cheat sheet can always be found floating in the galaxies inside Jeongguk’s eyes.

When he’s sure he’s got Jeongguk’s undivided attention and the sweet thing isn’t about to dive back off the deep end into another verbal waterfall, Jimin says, “Baby, woah, woah – what’re you so stressed out for?” He’s long since removed his fingers from Jeongguk’s lips but his boyfriend remains quiet, looking at Jimin reverently. “You want me to wear my glasses one night when we’re together? That’s literally nothing, Jeonggukie, you’re gonna give yourself an ulcer worrying so much over something so small.”

Jeongguk looks down towards their laps at this, bringing his knees together and positioning his feet all pigeon-toed. Bashful, the darling is bashful. “I know, hyung, I know. Dunno why I’m so stressed. Just, just wanna make sure you’re okay with everything, always. I was gonna ask you to wear them the other night, but I immediately started overthinking it and I didn’t wanna derail our night and just… yeah.” He finishes lamely.

Jimin, to his credit, holds off on smothering his boyfriend with kisses until after he’s finished his little explanation. As soon as Jeongguk’s gone quiet again, Jimin cups his chin and pulls him up into a terribly tender, sugar-sweet kiss. It’s so slow they’re barely moving, just inhaling and existing together, connected in this little way.

He feels Jeongguk relax into their kiss, unbothered by the other students lingering in the vicinity, and it pleases him greatly. Jimin pecks his lips once more before angling Jeongguk’s head down enough that he can kiss his forehead as well, brushing Jeongguk’s bangs out of the way and pressing his lips against his darling’s skin for a solid moment.

By the time he’s sat back fully in his seat again, Jeongguk has taken the initiative to link both of their hands together. He looks notably less frazzled, the muscles of his face no longer pulled taut, soft around the edges thanks to such a simple gesture.

“Sweet, sweet Jeonggukie, you’re always so good to me.” Jimin tells him, feeling horribly mushy. “You know that you can talk to me about all of this – about anything and everything, and I will be honest with you.”

Jeongguk nods assuredly, not wanting Jimin to worry over whether or not he’s comfortable being open about fetishes or anything else. “I know. It really just slipped my mind for a few days, but I know I can ask you anything, Jimin-hyung.”

Appearing satisfied, Jimin shakes their linked hands around a few times, a cheeky grin creeping onto his face. “I, for one, think it’d be very fun to wear my glasses for you. My kinky little dom.”

Jeongguk kicks at his shins in retaliation, laughing despite himself. “Jimin-hyung, you’re the one who’s pulling up entire encyclopedias on freaking BDSM!”

“Someone’s gotta teach you the basics, Jeongguk-ah!” Jimin laughs alongside him, squirming around to avoid Jeongguk’s half-hearted kicks. “I can show you the world~ Shining, shimmering, sinful~” He sings, melodic voice quickly trailing off into a fit of squeaky laughs as Jeongguk changes tactics and begins tickling his sides.

“Stop, stop singing! Stop talking!” They’re both laughing loud enough to draw attention, surely, but no one uses this floor to actually study and they really have no awareness of the outside world when they get all caught up in each other like this, anyhow.

Unfortunately, Yoongi got a front-row view for the last fifteen seconds of their little escapade and he’s instantly regretting every decision that led him to this moment. “Wow. Could’ve lived my whole life without hearing literally any of that.” He mutters, shuffling around to the other end of the table.

“Hyung! When did you get here?” Jimin asks without untangling himself from Jeongguk.

“I could’ve been here the entire time and you airheads wouldn’t have noticed.” He tells him, reaching under his seat and coming back up with a red composition book in-hand. “Fortunately, I only caught the last few seconds of your little…” He squints his eyes. “conversation. That was more than enough to scar me for life.”

Jeongguk has the decency to blush but Jimin just laughs some more, delighted by the sight of their hyung’s discomfort. “I’m glad to finally be paying you back for that summer I stayed over at your house. So many websites that I’ll never be able to unsee.”

Yoongi shoots him a thoroughly unimpressed glare. “Don’t start with me, you little snake, or I’ll tell your precious Jeonggukie all about the hours you spent poring over those oh-so-despicable websites when you thought I wasn’t paying attention.”

The boyfriends exchange a knowing glance before Jimin smiles triumphantly up at Yoongi. “You think he doesn’t know all about my deepest, darkest desires, hyung? Why do you think we were just talking about BDSM in the first place, huh?”

Yoongi scrambles away from the table, clutching his notebook to his chest. “Enough, enough, think of the children!” And with that, he’s gone for good, rushing out the library’s front doors.

Jimin laughs himself dizzy, thunking his head down on Jeongguk’s shoulder when he proves unable to support himself any longer. “Damnit, there is nothing more satisfying in this world than making Yoongi-hyung cringe like that.”

“You really are a little snake, hyung.” Jeongguk snorts, rubbing a hand up and down the expanse of Jimin’s spine, addicted to the rumbles he feels from the last of Jimin’s chuckles. “You sure there’s nothing new you need to share with me, nothing from any of those spooky websites that I don’t already know about?”

Uncurling and sitting upright, Jimin wipes at a stray tear while he gives the question some thought. Rapid flashes of pinkened flesh and restrained limbs assault his mind, bringing him hurtling back to his introductory days to the world of sex. He vividly remembers the shame he’d experienced, wondering if his fetishes were indicative of some sort of awful personality traits, but he’s long since outgrown those insecurities.

Besides, he has full intent to share each and every interest, no matter how faint, with his darling. No point in overloading him when they’ve only just begun.

“Hmm. You basically know them all already.” Jimin finally answers. He sees the way Jeongguk starts to pout, lips puckering out in displeasure. “I mean it! The only things I can think of that I haven’t really explained yet just haven’t been as pressing, which means they’re clearly not the highest items on my kinky bucket list.”

Jeongguk seems placated enough by this. “I trust you.”

“Good.” Jimin leans in to plant a quick smooch to Jeongguk’s lips. “Which reminds me, while we’re on the subject of honesty and whatnot – I want to take care of you more!” He crosses his arms and crunches his eyebrows in, doing his darndest to appear stern. “I know you don’t mind it sometimes and when we’re trying new stuff you usually want to skip straight to talking about it, but I really, really enjoy getting you off, too.”

His voice rings terribly earnest, and it makes Jeongguk feel a brief swell of guilt. Jimin continues before he can hope to get a word in, “It’s okay if you genuinely aren’t in the mood for it some nights, but if you’re comfortable with it, let me make you feel good, please?” The way his face relaxes into a sad sort of pleading look is the icing on the cake, and Jeongguk can’t deny him anything.

“Of course, Jimin-hyung, of course you can do stuff to me, too.” He cups Jimin’s cheek in one hand, letting his thumb mindlessly swish across the soft skin. “I know I get overeager to hear how I did or whatever, but you can always slow me down and tell me if it really means this much to you. I don’t mind a bit. But,” He rushes to include. “if I genuinely do mind, for one reason or another, I will still be honest with you. Okay?”

Jimin’s eyes flit across his face, soaking up every infinitesimal detail along the way. He settles back on Jeongguk’s eyes, his heart thumping when he sees such palpable adoration in them. “Okay, Jeonggukie. Thank you.”

A gorgeous, boyish smile splits across Jeongguk’s face, “We’re really something, aren’t we? You’re literally thanking me for allowing you to get me off more often.” He snickers, angling his head down for just a moment before he looks back up at Jimin through his lashes. “Love you so stinking much, you know that?”

“Love you right back, you big dork.”



Jimin’s thighs and knees have been collecting so much sweat, Jeongguk can barely get a decent grip on the damned things.

Even with Jeongguk holding them up off the bed, it’s getting harder for his fingers to maintain their grasp on the flesh, and he doesn’t want to squeeze too hard and end up hurting Jimin. Jeongguk has been notorious for underestimating his own strength, and the absolute last thing he’d want to do is make Jimin sore and achy in all the wrong ways when he’s supposed to be feeling nothing but euphoria.

Fortunately, Jimin seems to be much closer to the euphoria end of the spectrum than sore or achy at the moment, near as Jeongguk can tell.

“Jeongguk– oh, oh, Jeongguk-ah!”

Jimin’s hands are flushing red just like his neck and cheeks, mindlessly groping at their rustled sheets in a desperate attempt to ground himself. He’s opted to keep his arms by his sides, though the muscles coiled within them are visibly shaking. With just one thin pillow underneath his head he’s free to thrash his skull around from side to side, his eyes crunched shut so tightly, Jeongguk worries he’s going to give himself a headache.

Jeongguk’s had this thought before – so many people, when deep in the throes of pleasure, could almost pass as being wrought with agony. Especially in a single still-frame or picture, certain facial expressions toe the very fine line between distress and delight, like there’s no real way to determine if they’re being tortured or eaten out within an inch of their life.

Jimin is very much one of those people, and Jeongguk is a bit obsessed with him in this right. Though his moans are distinctly honeyed – complete giveaways of his pleasure-flushed state – his face often twists up into something more anguished, more distraught, before it goes slack with his climax.

And right now, with those fucking glasses, god does Jimin look like a vision.

His brow’s furrowed in deep, lips perpetually parted, those chunky black frames sitting perfectly askew on the bridge of his nose. They jostle with every single thrust, sliding along his nose thanks to the faint layer of sweat Jeongguk knows has built up there, framing Jimin’s gorgeous, crinkled eyes in the best possible way.

A mere ten minutes prior, when Jimin had been sitting in his lap kissing the daylights out of him, Jeongguk thought he was going to go rabid. The accessory somehow gave his boyfriend an air of… innocence, maybe? Or some deceptive facade of it, at least. He’d pulled back from their kiss, licked those sinful lips as if he was a sommelier appraising the flavor of Jeongguk’s mouth, black glasses a stark contrast against his skin – and Jeongguk, well, Jeongguk doesn’t fully remember how they got from point A to point B, but next thing he knew he was slicking his cock up and growling out how fucking good Jimin looked.

That’s been their goal tonight, for Jeongguk to be more vocal. Jimin had recommended he practice vocalizing anything and everything that crosses his mind, so they can try the exact opposite of the silence they’d fallen into last time.

He’d sounded so precious and eager when he explained, as if it was simple as pie, “You wanted me to wear my glasses, right? So all you had to do was tell me, and here we are! Just imagine it like that – if you want me to do something, you can just do it to me, but also by saying it out loud, you’ll be more at ease knowing that I will stop you if I don’t like whatever you’re about to do.” Jimin prattled on as he stripped himself of his shirt, wanting to get that step out of the way before grabbing his glasses from the bedside table. “Try to get yourself in the habit of telling me whatever you want to do, what you’re about to do, what it is you like about what we’re doing – stuff like that.”

So that’s how Jeongguk finds himself, jackrabbiting into his boyfriend like a well-oiled machine, physically unable to look away from the crooked glasses sliding around on Jimin’s face. “Look so good, hyung, look so – look so good getting fucked.”

Jeongguk has honestly never considered dirty talk to be his forte, but if there’s anything this evening has taught him, it’s that Jimin has the most delectable reactions whenever he opens his dumb mouth. Like now, as Jimin shudders and whines, shaking his head frantically, his face contorting into some hybrid of embarrassment and wanton depravity.

With such a responsive audience, it only makes sense that Jeongguk goes on. “You do, you really do, look so beautiful, so hot…” He loses his train of thought for a moment, his pace slowing as he realizes he’s on the fast-track to cumming in the next thirty seconds if he doesn’t cool his jets.

Jimin gasps underneath him when he shifts to harder, slower thrusts, but what Jeongguk fails to realize is that Jimin is keeping his eyes firmly screwed shut because he’s scared that if he opens them, the visual of Jeongguk looming over him will literally send him up into the stratosphere. He’d seen the way Jeongguk’s pupils dilated earlier, how his tender, darling boyfriend seemed to snap into something more feral and starved when he’d taken in the sight of a half-naked Jimin kneeling on their bed adjusting his dorky reading glasses.

Tonight, Jeongguk has been almost… unhinged, if Jimin had to put a word to it, and he’s been so stupidly turned on by the change in behavior that he’s genuinely not sure how he’s staved off orgasm this long. Jeongguk had fingered him quickly – an act of preparation, not the typical foreplay that they both loved to savor – and thrown him down on the bed like a toy, holding Jimin’s legs up and spread like he couldn’t be bothered asking Jimin to do it himself.

Jeongguk had also been deliciously rough with him even during their initial kisses, pressing their bodies together like he wasn’t in control of himself. And his mouth, running away with the filthiest words, doing so well at telling Jimin exactly what he likes, what he wants, what he needs.

Even now, as they both draw nearer and nearer to the peak, Jeongguk makes sure to tell Jimin everything he’s feeling, just as Jimin told him to do. “Love how you feel, love seeing – shit, love seeing you fall apart like this.” He stops for a moment to paw at the sweat trickling down his cheeks and neck, rocking into Jimin gently for a few beats. “When you get close, when you’re about to cum, god the way you shake and, and the way I can feel it around my cock, Jimin-hyung...”

Jimin’s head is positively spinning at this point, drunk and dumb, not even sure if he’d be able to see properly if he did manage to pry his eyes open. He’s letting Jeongguk’s voice wash over him, submerging him in touch and sound alone.

This may literally be some of the best sex Jimin’s ever had in his life, and he’s already daydreaming about doing it all over again tomorrow. Maybe even later tonight, if he plays his cards right.

“Jeonggukie, I’m not, I can’t–” Jimin doesn’t even know what he’s saying at this point, but he hopes Jeongguk understands him as always.

Evidently Jeongguk reads him loud and clear, because he scooches a hair closer and hitches Jimin’s legs even higher into the air. He’s not able to let go of either thigh, which regrettably means he can’t drag his hands across the planes of Jimin’s body as he loves to do, but the lack of contact besides where their bodies are joined has Jimin hyperaware of every nerve ending that Jeongguk is managing to stimulate. Jeongguk steadily increases the pace once more, his eyes unwavering as he continues to stare down Jimin’s face that’s pinching up tighter the closer he gets.

“Gonna take you like this again and again, hyung, can’t get enough of seeing you under me like this.” Jeongguk tells him, a bit shocked by the sound of his own voice. He really does sound like he’s in a frenzy, like he’s gone mad at the sight of Jimin getting his brains fucked out wearing nothing but those damned black glasses.

Jimin fists the sheets up so tight his forearms shake. It’s as if every muscle in his body is clenching up as Jeongguk sends him careening over the edge with his cock and words alone, slamming into Jimin like there’s no tomorrow. He’s always been good at cumming untouched but something about tonight feels like it’s a first for him, like he’s never had an orgasm quite like this before. It reels through him, relaxing every bone in his body in subsequent waves of warmth and wonder, until his face is finally, finally softening into an undeniably blissed out visage.

Jeongguk watches on like a devout follower, like he’s seeing the second coming of Christ in the way Jimin’s lips open wide with his drawn-out moans, in the way his eyelids smooth out and his hips twitch with the aftershocks. He feels his own pleasure belatedly, like he’s in some sort of out-of-body experience, but he knows he’s cumming almost immediately after Jimin, knows that he’s still fucking down into him on auto-pilot because his body can’t stand the thought of stopping.

He wonders for a fleeting moment if they could just steamroll into round two like this, if the both of them are worked up enough to warrant it, but he’s also absolutely aching with the lack of kisses they’ve shared so far and he needs to get his hands on every possible inch of Jimin before he explodes.

Jimin – bless his heart – barely fusses when Jeongguk pulls out and sets his hips back onto the bed, doesn’t so much as squirm when thick cum starts to trickle out of him once he’s parallel with the mattress again. He lets himself be kissed into the pillow, too weak to even grab at Jeongguk but thoroughly pleased with the feel of Jeongguk’s wide palms cupping his cheeks, holding his head so reverently as their lips ebb and flow together.

They stay like that, even when the cum on Jimin’s stomach grows cool and tacky, even when Jeongguk’s back creaks from how long he’s been hunched over. They kiss until the storms in both of their heads have receded and there’s no frenzied mania clawing through their veins.

Jeongguk pulls back first, removing Jimin’s glasses as gently as possible, folding them up and depositing them back in their rightful spot on the nightstand. Jimin watches him intently, his eyes fully adjusted to the dark and terribly glad to be drinking in the sight of his boyfriend again. He’s a vision with sweat-slick hair, and Jimin rests assured that he made the right decision in keeping his eyes shut while Jeongguk rearranged his guts.

He came quick enough as it is, anyhow.

“I know you’re going to punch me if I start up on my worrywart bullshit right now, but like, are you okay?” Jeongguk asks, scooping the cum off of Jimin’s belly with a tissue and chucking it into their little bedside trashcan before moving down to clean Jimin’s hole. “I genuinely can’t remember the last time I went so hard. Is your ass numb right now?” He asks, poking at an asscheek before wiping up his cum.

Jimin lets out a startled laugh, wrapping his arms around his boyfriend and bringing him crashing down to the mattress once he’s comfortably cum-free. “My ass is in the seventh circle of heaven right now, thanks for asking.”

“Okay, there’s no way that’s a thing.” Jeongguk snickers, letting himself be climbed like a jungle gym as Jimin settles himself over his chest. They’re both clearly going to be sleeping in the nude tonight, and Jimin is bound and determined to mold himself with Jeongguk asap.

“Trivial details. That was amazing, Jeonggukie, I came so hard it almost knocked me the fuck out.” He murmurs up against Jeongguk’s sternum. A soft hum vibrates against his lips.

“You’re welcome, I guess.” Jeongguk chuckles to himself and Jimin smiles, fond as ever. “We may have to have a more in-depth talk about all of this in the morning because sleep is beckoning me like a siren right now.”

“That’s perfectly fine, Jeongguk-ah. We both get to sleep in tomorrow, I’ve got our alarms set.” Jimin wriggles around on top of Jeongguk, getting as comfy as possible while keeping their bodies flush. They’ll grow too hot before long and probably wake up on separate ends of the bed, thanks to their shared penchant for tossing and turning like fish on dried land, but it’s worth it to fall asleep with their hearts pressed so close together.

“Mm, stop moving, hyung – you’re literally right on top of my dick.” Jeongguk grumbles, genuinely sounding like he’s already halfway asleep.

Jimin, the little shit he is, squirms much more intentionally, delightfully aware of his boyfriend’s crotch right beneath him. He has no real intent to keep his darling awake any longer but Jeongguk doesn’t need to know that.

In an instant, one of Jeongguk’s big, warm hands grabs Jimin’s asscheek and squeezes it, strong enough to stall his motions. “Hyung. I said quit it.” Jeongguk’s voice is firm, sleep-addled and deep. It sends a small, surprising rush of heat slithering through Jimin’s stomach.

It would be so, so easy for Jeongguk – with his broad, strong palm – to pull back and swat him, one quick slap to his ass to really drive his point home. Jimin feels shell-shocked with how badly he wants that, how Jeongguk’s hand on his ass like this with his chastising voice has Jimin’s mind taking the plunge into territory left uncharted for the last five years, at least.

Holy shit. Jimin has just barely gotten Jeongguk to sink his teeth into this world of domination and submission yet here he is, basking in the afterglow of their second night together – when they’re supposed to still be using training wheels with safety gear and bubble wrap – already fantasizing about asking his boyfriend to spank him.

God in heaven, Jeongguk doesn’t know what he’s in for.

Chapter Text

This probably isn’t the appropriate venue to be having a conversation like this in, but Jimin had mentioned it so fleetingly, as if he expected Jeongguk to be able to just… push this discussion to the back-burner of his mind, simmering and ready to be had at a later date.

So here Jeongguk stands, staring down a rack of baked beans, a basket of assorted goods dangling from the crook of his elbow, listening to his boyfriend elaborate on the point he’d so randomly decided to bring up on this peaceful Friday evening.

“I guess what I’m trying to say is that there are two specific kinks I’m really interested in exploring – with you, obviously – and I don’t think they should happen at the same time, so I want you to tell me which of them, if any, sounds like something you’d want to try first.” Jimin says, casual and flippant, like it’s just another simple meal prep decision they’re making in the middle of this upstanding grocery store.

All Jeongguk can do is nod, a bit belatedly, eyes zoning out on a can of black beans that seems to be taunting him, just daring him to pop a boner in the middle of the aisle like this. Kink negotiation wasn’t really on the agenda for this errand run and whenever Jimin springs sex topics on him like this, it either ends in him thinking himself to an early bedtime or getting so stupidly aroused he has nothing to do but pout about it.

It’ll likely be the latter today, as it’s only 6 p.m. and he hasn’t gotten off since their last delicious romp.

He’s pretty sure he’s still got a vat of insatiable, scorching hot lava boiling in his gut, like he’s finally begun tapping into this hidden sex potential lying dormant inside of him – now that he’s had a taste of it, just a drop of blood to whet his appetite, he’s afraid that the next time he takes Jimin to bed they’ll never be seen again.

To be fair, there are worse ways to die. Boning your boyfriend so hard you both just, like, spontaneously combust – would the detectives know what kind of freaky, kinky shit they were up to? Would their parents watch a whole documentary about their sexcapades years after their deaths? Because that has Jeongguk reconsidering, his mother is a notorious–

“Jeongguk-ah? Earth to Jeongguk?”

Jimin’s waving a hand in front of his eyes, his silver rings glinting under the fluorescence. Evidently, Jeongguk had completely checked out of their conversation as he began daydreaming about his and Jimin’s untimely, sexy demise.

He shakes his head, still feeling a touch dazed. “Sorry, ‘m sorry hyung, what did you say?”

Jimin is wonderfully patient with him, as always, pushing a chunk of hair away from Jeongguk’s forehead ever so gently. “Did I scare you? Do you not wanna talk about this stuff right now?” He’s asking genuinely, without pressure, always so diligent in keeping Jeongguk comfortable and happy.

“No it’s fine, really, I’m just – uh, scatterbrained today. I guess.” Jeongguk tells him.

Trusting that Jeongguk is being honest with him, Jimin backs away to continue perusing the salsa on the shelves beneath the beans. “Okay, well, I had asked if you’re interested in learning more about either bondage or spanking.”

Oh. Jeongguk had definitely not caught that part.

“Bondage or spanking.” Jeongguk parrots back for absolutely no reason. He knows what both of those mean, as far as dictionary definitions go, and he can probably wager a guess as to how they’re incorporated into the bedroom.

Jimin hums distractedly, holding two jars of salsa up next to each other and squinting at them. “Yep.” He drops one jar into Jeongguk’s basket and returns the other to its home before cocking an eyebrow in Jeongguk’s direction. “Want me to explain them?”

“Uhm. Pretty sure I know what they both mean.” Jeongguk says, looking anywhere but Jimin’s face in the hopes of hiding his rapidly growing blush. “Just, just maybe not sure why they’re a thing? That people do? Especially, uh, the spanking?”

It’s obvious how nervous Jeongguk is, whether he’s aware of it or not, and Jimin realizes he needs to make a quick executive decision. “My Jeonggukie,” He starts, smiling as sweetly as possible. “let’s go checkout, yeah? We can talk about this at home while we put everything away.”

His heart swells at the sight of Jeongguk’s little smile, watching how he rubs at one of his arms in such a telltale, bashful way. “Okay, hyung.”

Checkout is a brief affair, involving Jimin’s polite conversation with the clerk and Jeongguk sneaking a peanut butter candy bar into their pile while his boyfriend’s distracted. They walk home unhurried, arms too full of groceries to allow for any hand-holding, but Jeongguk makes sure to bump into Jimin from time to time like a cat expressing its affection.

“I forget, hyung, are we putting saran wrap in with the tupperware up here –” Jeongguk asks, gesturing towards an open pantry by his head. “or just back in the drawer with the aluminum foil?”

Jimin gives a noncommittal hum before yelling, “I don’t care baby, wherever you think’s best!” He’s got his head ducked into their fridge, playing grocery tetris in an attempt to get the door to shut, but Jeongguk hears him loud and clear.

Satisfied that everything has been securely tucked away, Jeongguk leans against the counter and watches his hyung jam a carton of milk in-between the fridge wall and a giant container of pork. His mind is still digesting the brief conversation they’d shared in the store, stunned with how easily those words had left Jimin’s mouth, the fact that Jimin admitted to being interested in both of those… things.

There’s much to discuss.

“Can we talk now, Jimin-hyung?”

Jimin finally stands back to full height and slams the fridge shut before turning to rinse his hands in the sink. He calls over his shoulder while the water’s running, “Course we can. You were asking about why people are interested in them, right?” He cleans and rinses quickly, grabbing a fresh washcloth and turning back to face Jeongguk while he dries his hands. “Do you wanna know about the kinks in general or why I’m interested in them?”

Jeongguk cocks his head automatically, his eyes losing focus as he stares at their tiled floor. “Uhm. Tell me about why you like them, I guess.”

“Okay. Well, I’ll start with bondage.”

Jimin walks over to their table and Jeongguk follows him mindlessly, pulling Jimin’s chair out for him like it’s pure muscle memory – which it likely is, at this point. “Thank you Jeonggukie. So, bondage is kind of a blanket term that encompasses a lot of things. It can include being blindfolded, having some or all of your limbs tied up, being tied to something… Yeah, there’s a lot that falls into that category.” He nods to himself, grabbing a quick sip of the water bottle he’d left on the table.

Jeongguk is genuinely too afraid of letting his mind run wild with imagery, so he forces his brain into silence, letting Jimin’s words wash over him.

“As for me,” Jimin continues. “I’ve never tried blindfolds, surprisingly enough, but I have been tied up a decent amount. I’ve also had a bit of practice tying others up.” A distant memory of Jimin describing an ex of his as a ‘rope bunny’ zips through Jeongguk’s head, but he stays silent. “I like being restrained a lot. I don’t think I was ever comfortable enough with any of my exes to have them tie me down completely, so it was usually just my arms – maybe tied behind my back or tied to the headboard or whatever.” He takes another slow sip of water, blissfully unaware of the mental agony he’s subjecting his boyfriend to. “So I would be super on-board with trying all of that with you. That was one of the first things I mentioned: how sometimes you seemed to want me to stay still, even if you weren’t very conscious of it.”

Oh, Jeongguk remembers that conversations quite vividly. He’d mulled that over for quite some time, thinking back to all the instances he could recall that involved a squirmy Jimin. He considers himself much more aware of this… habit, now that Jimin has pointed it out to him.

“I guess I really like the aspect of voluntarily surrendering some of my control like that, especially because it makes it easy to put myself in this submissive sort of mindset.” Jimin says, scratching at their tabletop while he chooses his words. “Like, like I’m someone’s prey, as weird as that may sound.”

Jeongguk catches the very faint undertone of embarrassment in his hyung’s voice. “Like you’re… helpless?” He offers, trying his best to be helpful and in no way judgmental.

There’s no hiding the way Jimin purses his lips out and ducks his head, suddenly finding great interest in the denim covering his thighs. “Yeah.” He’s undeniably embarrassed and Jeongguk really doesn’t know how to feel right now. “And I like the idea of you restraining me, taking that freedom away from me. It’s a lot more mental for me than it is physical, I think.” He finishes, voice growing softer and softer the longer he speaks.

That’s a lot of information to take in and Jeongguk is painfully aware that they still have a whole other kink to discuss. He swallows, wills himself to stay focused, and does his best to help the conversation along. “Okay, thank you for telling me all of that, Jimin-hyung. What about – what about the spanking?”

It’s such a foreign word, something Jeongguk is sure he’s only ever spoken out loud a handful of times in his life. He was never punished like that as a child, nor were any of his close friends as far as he was aware, so it’s just faded into the background of his mind as one of those things he may see in passing, on tv or in media of some sort. He’s never actively considered it being used in a sexual context.

It makes a little sense, he realizes, thinking back to crude boys in high school who would slap girls’ butts when they walked by, or to the very few instances he’s observed in porn where an ass would get slapped in the heat of the moment. He hasn’t given a lot of thought to the desirability of the action itself, and he’s pretty positive the only time he’s had his own butt slapped has been in a very bro-y, sportsmanship sort of way, so he’s honestly not sure what the big deal is.

Fortunately, Jimin cues him in. “That one might be even more complicated to explain, but I’ll try.” He shifts in his seat, bringing his knees up to his chest and hugging his shins loosely. “There’s a lot of really heavy stuff that can go into it, but I am not even remotely interested in the extreme shit. I also have almost no real experience with this, because I was never confident in what I wanted to try or how I wanted it to go – the few times I did work up the nerve to ask someone to try it with me, they’d just hit me a handful of times and call it a day.” He says, somewhat ruefully. “The one thing I think I’ve always been certain of is that I wanted it to be more of an experience, if that makes any sense.”

Honestly, it doesn’t, and Jeongguk doesn’t want to drag this out for Jimin if it’s really embarrassing to discuss, but at the same time he knows that this would be something that requires a very lengthy, transparent dialogue. So, Jeongguk steels himself and asks, “Can you explain it to me? Like, what exactly about it makes it appealing to you? I just genuinely don’t understand, but I want to, especially if it’s something you’ve never been able to fully explore.” He adds on.

Jimin focuses on a nick in their table while he thinks, wanting to pick his words carefully so as to explain this properly. “Okay, so, I know that a lot of people are into being punished in some way. There’s like, an inherently sexual undertone to the concept of ‘punishment’ that obviously goes really well with the world of BDSM.” Jeongguk nods, hanging off of Jimin’s every word. “It kind of just reaffirms the whole idea that one person is in charge of the other, even to the extent of being able to discipline them.”

“That makes sense.” Jeongguk says, feeling like he’s following along fairly well so far. That’s mildly reassuring.

“So, spanking is just one of the dozens of types of punishment that people use, and it’s pretty common because it’s so flexible. It can be done in so many different ways, for so many different purposes.”

Jimin’s voice is growing surer the longer he speaks, which Jeongguk takes as a very good sign. He wants Jimin to be comfortable opening up about this, and knowing that this is the first time he’s ever fully dived into it with someone is a gigantic honor that Jeongguk does not want to take for granted. “Different purposes, meaning… not always as punishment?”

“Exactly, Jeonggukie.” Jimin finally looks at him, smile soft and gentle on his face. “Sometimes, spanking in particular is more about the humiliation aspect, I guess.” He trails off a bit, looking down towards the table once more. “That’s hard for me to explain because I don’t fully understand it myself, but that may just be because I’ve never really experienced it in a way that was meant to be humiliating.”

Tilting his head, Jeongguk tries to piece together what Jimin’s saying. It seems fairly logical to assume that being spanked like a child would be embarrassing – shameful, even. But he’s really not sure why that would be something someone wants to experience, or how it could be arousing for them.

He decides to tell Jimin as much. “Where exactly is the, uh, sexy part of that?”

Jimin’s answering laugh is a breath of fresh air, bringing back a bit of easygoing lightness to the atmosphere that had been building between them. “Well, clearly you don’t seem to want to get thrown over my knee anytime soon.”

“Over your knee?” Jeongguk half-yells, incredulous and a bit stunned. “Is that how it’s done?”

More laughter bubbles up out of him, but Jimin does his best to respond even as he begins crumpling into himself. “I mean, that’s one position that’s used, yes!” He covers his mouth with one hand, scared that he’s going to start laughing mid-sentence. “Okay we’re getting sidetracked, back to the humiliation stuff.” Jimin says, schooling his face back into neutrality with an exaggerated exhale.

Jeongguk still has plenty to say about the whole ‘over the knee’ thing, but there’s going to be time for that later, he supposes.

“Like I was saying,” Jimin begins. “it’s really different for each individual and each couple – so, for instance, I may be really into the whole aspect of being humiliated, of being punished in a way that’s pretty embarrassing like that, but for you it can be more of a turn-on just to be in control of me, to be the one administering it, even if you’re not necessarily doing it with the intention of humiliating me. Does that make any sense?”

“Yes, actually, I get that.” Jeongguk responds immediately. “Because I have also started to wonder why the… the dom, I guess, would be interested in doing it. Like, nothing about hurting you sounds fun to me, if I’m being completely honest here.” He pulls the cuffs of his jacket up over his knuckles, avoiding Jimin’s gaze by staring down at his half-covered fingers.

He hears Jimin shuffle around, seeing in his peripheral that Jimin’s placed his feet back on the ground. “That would be really hard for me to explain, because I don’t have any interest in disciplining people – I have no real interest in domming, period, so it makes sense that I wouldn’t see the full appeal in being the one who does the spanking.” Jimin says, and it does make perfect sense when he puts it like that.

So soft it’s almost a whisper, Jeongguk speaks up. “Maybe… maybe getting a better understanding of why you like it will help me. You, specifically, not anyone else.”

A warm hand cups his chin and tilts his head back up, forcing his gaze back onto Jimin. There’s nothing but adoration, plain and simple, painted across Jimin’s face. His eyes are soft around the edges, his lips pulling up into such a tender little smile, all for Jeongguk. “This is your first of many reminders, but if you have no interest in this, we never have to do it, Jeongguk-ah.” His thumb strokes along the skin of Jeongguk’s jaw, the metal of his ring a jarring contrast. “It is something that we will need to talk about a whole heck of a lot, and I would trust you 100% to do it exactly as I want you to, but if it makes you uncomfortable in any way then I don’t want to do it. Not even once.”

His voice is steadfast and honest, a tone that Jeongguk has come to recognize as Jimin’s “hyung voice” – how he talks when he needs to make sure Jeongguk is on the same page as him, when he’s trying to be both reassuring and firm.

It actually helps ease a lot of the tension out of Jeongguk’s bones, tension he hadn’t even realized was beginning to seize him.

Making sure that their eyes are locked and that he’s pouring conviction into his gaze, Jeongguk responds, "I know, hyung. I’m not not interested, but I’m still really confused. Like – okay, I can get behind the whole punishment-humiliation aspect, I guess, but at the end of the day… how does getting spanked feel good? Or, just, why are you okay with being in pain?”

Jimin settles back into his seat fully, crossing one leg over the other. “I’ll stop talking about generalizations and just speak from experience.” Jeongguk nods right away at hearing this, so quick and eager it coaxes a snicker out of Jimin. “I like the pain.”

There’s definitely blood rushing in his ears, but Jeongguk knows he heard that right.

“I’ve never had someone spank me so hard or for so long that it actually hurt, though.” He purses out his lips and sucks them back in a few times, losing himself in memories. “I think that was half the problem: I could tell that none of the guys I ever brought it up with understood what I wanted to get out of it. They kind of just liked slapping my ass. Five or six spanks and they’d call it a day.”

“And that didn’t hurt?”

Jimin chuckles softly, almost under his breath. “Honestly? No. I mean they can definitely sting in the moment, but that pain is gone in half a minute. I think my ass is more resilient than anyone gives it credit for.”

That’s definitely in the top five most ridiculous things Jimin has ever said and Jeongguk cannot help the snort that jumps out of him. He hears Jimin laughing alongside him and doesn’t feel too guilty for his little outburst.

“I mean it!” Jimin insists, mirth evident in his voice. “I have always wanted to try pushing my limits, because some of the shit I’ve seen has me really curious about how much I can handle.”

At this, Jeongguk perks up. “Hold the phone. The shit you’ve seen?” He cocks his head, realization dawning on him as he speaks. “You’ve watched spanking porn? That’s a thing?!”

Jimin barely looks embarrassed, more resigned to his fate than anything. “Yes, yes, alright? That’s some of the stuff Yoongi-hyung used to tease me about. He saw my browser history once and had a real good time laughing over websites like ‘Punished Brats’ or ‘Bare Bottom Bruising’.” He drawls, rolling his eyes at the memory.

Jeongguk, meanwhile, feels his head literally reeling with this influx of information. He decides to ask the only coherent thought present in his mind, “Can I see some?”

Loaded silence settles over them for a smoment, until Jimin clears his throat and levels Jeongguk with a very suspicious stare. “You want… to watch spanking videos?”

“I mean, yes?” He half-asks, half-says. “Wouldn’t that help me get a feel for it? Like, how it’s supposed to go down? The stuff you like?”

There’s actually plenty of logic in Jeongguk’s request and that’s kind of shocking to the both of them. Jeongguk had truthfully blurted it out before giving any real thought to the notion, but watching something is way less daunting than trying it out first-hand, and at the very least it may help acclimate him to the entire concept of sexual spanking in general.

So he stays strong, maintaining eye contact without backing down.

Jimin’s lips stretch into a thin, skeptical line, but he eventually relents. “I guess that’s a pretty good idea. It’s honestly been a long time since I looked any of that stuff up, so it could be a good lesson for us both.”

Relief floods Jeongguk, terribly glad to hear that Jimin’s on-board with his random idea. Jimin rushes to add, “But let me finish this by saying my piece, which I don’t think I’ve ever genuinely said out loud to another human before.”

He squares his shoulders for no good reason, putting on his best ‘listening’ face so Jimin knows that he’s got Jeongguk’s undivided attention. “Go for it, hyung.”

Jimin taps his fingers on the table idly for a few moments, nodding to himself as he gathers his thoughts. “So, near as I can figure, I like the idea of being spanked for a couple reasons.” He holds up his index finger. “First: I like the idea of being disciplined. Even potentially in a non-sexual way, but I feel like that’s a discussion for later.”

A typhoon of questions kicks up in Jeongguk’s head but he’s in listening mode, not questioning mode, so he just nods his pretty little head.

“Either way, I know I like the idea of you punishing me, and that’s one type of punishment that just really appeals to me.” He says unwaveringly. “Number two:” His middle finger straightens up. “I enjoy being forced into submission like that, even if I know it’s not actually against my will. I like the fantasy of being disciplined and having no say in the matter.”

More questions, more snapshot mental images assaulting him, but Jeongguk keeps his lips sealed. He’s pretty damn proud of himself.

“I will definitely elaborate on that at some point down the road, I promise.” Jimin assures him, his face softening for just a moment as he takes in the sight of Jeongguk watching him so raptly. His ring finger joins the others up in the air, two shiny silver rings wrapped around it. “Third: the pain is something I’m almost positive appeals to me. That kind of ties into the whole ‘it being a punishment’ thing, but I like how it feels and I definitely like the thought of having sex after being spanked.”

Jeongguk is going to need a glass of water, like, ten minutes ago. He thinks he’s nodding, he’s really not so sure anymore.

Jimin takes in a deep breath before closing out, “Overall, I guess there’s a lot that goes into it for me, personally. I honestly haven’t done a lot of soul searching on this, and it’s kind of been that one big fetish of mine that I’ve kept locked up, so to speak?” He says, sounding more introspective and less sure. “I have the desire to explore it – to actually explore it – if only for myself, to know what it’s all about.”

He finishes quietly, looking satisfied with himself for managing to get it all out.

Jeongguk is tremendously proud of him. He can’t imagine the history behind this, what it must have been like for Jimin of all people to be too unsure, too afraid to be honest with someone and vocalize his desires. The Jimin that Jeongguk knows has always been headstrong and confident, a natural-born leader in almost every right.

That’s why Jeongguk vowed to follow him to hell and back again at the tender age of fourteen. It’s why Jeongguk still feels comfortable taking the passenger seat in so many areas of their lives spent together. He trusts Jimin because Jimin is strong, dependable, adaptable, certain.

“I’m not gonna lie – I have at least sixteen thousand questions.” Jeongguk says, wanting to sound serious without coming off as fearful. “But it means a lot to me that you’re sharing all of this with me, that I’m…” He trails off, emotion beginning to clog his throat. “that I’m someone you’re comfortable enough to even discuss this with, much less try it all out with.”

Jimin wipes at the tip of his nose a bit absently, smiling big and bashful. “Jeongguk-ah, stop being so sweet and perfect. Of course I’m comfortable with you – I love you so much it literally hurts sometimes.” He drops his hand back to his lap so Jeongguk has a front-row view of the cheeky grin splitting his hyung’s face apart. “It only makes sense that I’d want you to hurt other parts of me, too.”

Jeongguk tilts his head back so far it plunks down onto the top of his chair. “Ah, sheesh, hyung you’re awful.” He’s laughing despite himself, bringing both hands up to cover his face.

“Come on, tell me I’m funny!” Jimin begs, doing his best to keep the laughter out of his voice. He leans forward to grab Jeongguk’s shoulders, shaking him around as he starts to yell, “Jeon Jeongguk, tell me I’m funny!”

“Never, never!” His laughter is loud and bright but he can’t contain it, his hands falling to wrap around Jimin’s wrists and hold them loosely, making no effort to push him away.

They lose themselves like that for a while, leaning into each other until their giggles die down and their stomachs stop cramping up. They’ll need to go brush their teeth, sooner rather than later, and Jeongguk is painfully aware of that damned research paper that needs to be finished by midnight tomorrow – but he can’t even think about moving, about the future, about anything outside of the man curled up against him. Jimin is the person he can bare his heart to in the same breath that they can share asinine food puns. He’s the person that knows when Jeongguk can’t say what he needs to, can’t assign words to the jumble of thoughts clogging his brain. And Jeongguk is stupidly glad to be the person that Jimin can be honest with, that Jimin wants to walk alongside on his path to better understanding himself.

Their relationship is pretty stinking beautiful, if you ask Jeongguk.



“So, I’ll say it again just to be safe: I am not interested in extreme spanking.” Jimin says. He definitely sounds more like he’s assuring Jeongguk than himself, which is probably a good thing. “I don’t even feel the need to show you any of that because it will 100% terrify you. I need you receptive and ready to learn, not shaking in your boots at the sight of a whip.”

A whip. Okay, well, that should logically mean that Jimin is not a fan of being whipped, which is also a good thing. Definitely a good thing.

“Neat.” Is all Jeongguk manages to say.

Jimin scrolls through an archive of videos with the laptop screen tilted in towards him, refusing to let Jeongguk catch even a glimpse of the thumbnails lest he frighten the poor thing. “I don’t really have anything bookmarked – like I said, it’s been a hot minute since I looked into this stuff, so we’re going to do some searching together.”

He’s on-board with that. They’re learning together, like Jimin said. Taking baby steps together, this time.

Two little matching sets of training wheels.

“Aha!” Sitting up straight in triumph, Jimin breaks into a smile. “This looks perfect, we’re definitely watching this first.” Jeongguk is undeniably endeared by the sparkle visible in Jimin’s eyes right now, and he’s kind of glad they’re doing this in broad daylight. Makes the whole thing feel less intimidating somehow, more like a study session.

Which, Jeongguk figures, it really is. They’re cramming on how to… how to spank Jimin.

“Most of the people being spanked in these videos are girls, FYI, and I think you’ll be impressed by how much they can take.” He says, too casual by Jeongguk’s standards, as if discussing these people’s pain tolerance levels was as commonplace as election results.

They shuffle closer to each other, shoulders pressed together and a blanket thrown over their laps. Jeongguk had sat down with his breakfast on this unsuspecting Sunday morning, enjoying a bowl of cereal in bed, when Jimin had practically bounced onto the mattress in excitement asking if Jeongguk was ready to watch some porn together.

Punishment porn. Spanking porn.

He’d finished his frosted flakes so quick, he doesn’t even remember chewing.

So here they sit, cozy in their little love nest on their shared mattress, a pile of homework left ignored at the foot of the bed in favor of the fully-charged laptop resting in Jimin’s lap. He’d even plugged in headphones for the two of them to share, mindful of the very telltale sounds that were about to be blasting out of his speakers.

Shimmying even closer and offering one earbud to Jeongguk, Jimin smiles at him. “Try not to think too much at the start, okay? Just, maybe, get a feel for the mood of these videos, what it’s like for the spanker and for the spankee.”

“Those words sound absolutely ridiculous but game on.” Jeongguk replies, furrowing his brow in concentration at the black screen and the tiny play button in the center.

Jimin laughs beautifully, bopping his forehead down onto Jeongguk’s shoulder for just a moment. “Oh, it’s gonna be a long day.” Even still, he shakes his head fondly and sits back upright before tapping the spacebar.

He has half of a second to catch the title of the video – ‘Male Spanks Female For Being Late’ – before it begins and Jeongguk realizes that, holy shit, this is really happening. In an instant, a woman is being laid down across a man’s lap. He rearranges her to his will, gripping her waist and her thighs as he adjusts her, everything about the motions screaming of dominance.

She’s fully clothed, Jeongguk realizes next, and they’re sharing a brief conversation that sounds half-scripted. Something about asking the woman if she understands why she’s “getting a spanking”, and Jeongguk really can’t describe how the encounter makes him feel.

It’s definitely not a negative feeling, that much is certain. More pleasantly perplexed than anything.

The position that the woman finally settles in makes perfect sense – her ass is perked up high into the air over the man’s right thigh, and his right arm has full freedom to access it. Belatedly, incredibly belatedly, Jeongguk realizes that this is ‘over the knee’, and Jimin was serious about it being a common form.

Before he can dwell any further on it, the man starts swinging. From the get-go his hits are solid, slapping down against the woman’s yoga-pants-covered ass in terrifying clarity. He can see the way her cheeks jiggle on each impact, the sound of each spank so sharp and booming, Jeongguk has half a mind to ask Jimin to turn the volume down.

He doesn’t, however. He soaks in the way the woman yells and thrashes around, listens to the way the man chastises her throughout the video, forces himself to focus on the sound of the spanks. It’s sort of like watching a car crash – he can’t look away, he has to see how this ends, even though he is painfully aware of the fact that he is watching a human being getting hurt.

Jimin is rock still and dead silent beside him, but Jeongguk has honestly gone full tunnel-vision on the video. Every so often the man pauses his assault and rubs his big hand up and down over the woman’s ass, down her thighs, back up again in broad circles. That registers with Jeongguk for some reason, something reassuring and kind in the gesture while still maintaining dominance all the while.

He also is acutely aware of the way the man keeps his left hand firmly anchored on the woman’s waist throughout the entirety of the scene. He uses it to keep her still when she tries to wiggle away, and Jeongguk feels somehow validated in the fact that he’s been doing something so similar in the bedroom without even fully realizing it.

Before he knows it, the video has ended. The man had soothed her for a brief moment before it abruptly cut to black, and the first thing Jeongguk thinks in the immediate aftermath is that three minutes seems like a terribly long time to get your ass beat.

Jimin turns to him with a tentative smile on his face, appraising Jeongguk’s expression with barely concealed amusement. “Well? Ready to dive under the covers and never come out?” He asks lightly, but Jeongguk knows that if he said yes, Jimin would never force the subject again. It would be buried six feet under, far away from Jeongguk.

He gives himself a solid beat to compose his thoughts before answering. “That felt really long.”

“Three minutes is actually pretty short, at least for a lot of the stuff I’ve watched.” Jimin responds easily. “But, yeah, he was going pretty fast and hard right from the start.” Jeongguk nods mindlessly and Jimin takes that as his cue to continue. “He also kept her pants on the whole time.”

He feels his brow furrowing as he mulls that over. “Is that… not normal?” Jeongguk asks, finally turning to meet Jimin’s gaze.

“I don’t think so. You take a gander at any of these websites and you’re gonna see a lot of naked butts.”

“Ah.” Jeongguk says, because he really doesn’t have much else to say, because there’s too much to say and he doesn’t have a clue where to begin.

Jimin lays his temple down on Jeongguk’s shoulder and rests his hand on Jeongguk’s thigh, squeezing the muscle ever so gently. “Talk to me, Jeongguk-ah, how’s it going in that head of yours?”

It’s taken a bit of time but the mental images are finally starting to catch up with him now – it’s all too easy for him to put Jimin’s body where that woman had been, to replace that anonymous female’s figure with Jimin’s oh-so familiar one. He can see Jimin squirming like that, faux-fighting to get away from an iron grip. His ears are practically ringing with the sound of Jimin’s honeyed voice, the moans that Jeongguk has grown so wonderfully accustomed to twisting into something more pained and less pleasured in his imagination.

What’s most difficult is putting himself in the place of that man, though he never even saw a glimpse of the stranger’s face. He has to put notable effort into visualizing himself sitting in that chair, pulling Jimin down across his thighs and scolding him so sternly, so confidently.

It takes effort but it isn’t impossible, which is probably the most important thing.

“I wanna watch another.” He says, finally and assuredly.

If Jimin’s surprised, he plays it off well. He doesn’t say a word as he scrolls through the site, clicking on another video after barely a minute.

This one is rather different than the first. A woman whose face is never shown gets laid down flat along a bed, wearing flimsy pajama pants that are pulled down within the first minute. Her butt is small and perky and Jeongguk is visibly startled by the vivid pink smattered across the skin. He realizes that he’s too much of an amateur to have any clue if that’s actually impressive or not, but she’d only been spanked for a short amount of time and her ass already looks so… so bad. What would the first woman’s ass have looked like?

What would Jimin’s ass look like?

Jimin sends Jeongguk a questioning look when the clip cuts to black, but Jeongguk just purses his lips and nibbles on the back of his index finger. He’s still processing a lot of things, but he feels like he’s definitely learning.

He nods to Jimin to signal that he can choose another, so Jimin sets to work finding their next flick.

This third video has zero talking, which strikes Jeongguk as odd. He asks Jimin about it in the middle, his first real question thus far, “Do you like this? Them not talking?”

Jimin is very quick to respond, “Not really. Like I said before, I like you talking to me. When it comes to this, you wouldn’t have to be like, chatting my ear off or anything – but total silence isn’t something I really want, either.”

Jeongguk hums, keeping his eyes on the screen. This one is definitely the most painful yet. This man is cold, clinical, and horribly consistent. He spanks the same cheek over and over and over again, for so long that the girl starts to whine high in her throat – the first sound she’s made, a whopping four minutes into the video – until he finally shows mercy and switches to the other cheek. Before long, he aims his hits at the flesh in-between her ass and her thighs, and this has the girl positively keening.

He feels the way Jimin finally starts to fidget, just a little. It’s a barely-there movement but Jeongguk catches it. He wonders, for the first time in this little learning session, if Jimin is turned on right now. If watching these videos is bringing back memories and emotions that have been dormant for so long, he’d underestimated how much this stuff would affect him.

He wonders if it’s made better or worse, watching them right beside Jeongguk.

The man arranges the girl in various ways across his lap, eventually settling her so she’s straddling one of his thighs with her chest flush on the bed, the position allowing him even more delicious access to the most sensitive planes of skin.

Jimin swallows audibly beside him and Jeongguk feels like he’s got his answer.

If the undeniable erection tenting his own sweatpants is anything to go by, he’d say they have plenty of talking to do.

Chapter Text

“A practice round?”

“An unsexy practice round.” Jeongguk clarifies. “Completely platonic, no type of roleplay whatsoever.”

Jimin takes in the sight of his boyfriend: thick arms crossed across a broad chest, wearing his ridiculously adorable LINE Friends pajama shorts, standing in the middle of their living room with the most precious, “serious” expression Jimin has ever had the pleasure of seeing.

He wipes his nose, doing his absolute best to keep from bursting into laughter. “Yeah, you wanna try that?”

Jeongguk nods, his eyebrows furrowed. “Yes. I already know that I’m going to be terrified of hurting you beyond what you think you like, and I don’t see any way for me to jump into cool-guy, sexy dom mode without practicing first – in a safe space, where we can just talk and learn together.”

“Pumpkin,” Jimin begins, a slight pout forming. “you can always talk to me when we’re together. I don’t care if we’re in the middle of the steamiest sex of our lives – if you need to ask me something or tell me something, you absolutely can.”

“I know!” Jeongguk blurts out, almost before Jimin’s finished speaking. His eyes have widened, shattering the solemn demeanor he was aiming for. “I know, no of course I know that, Jiminie-hyung.” He moves closer to Jimin at this, grabbing one of Jimin’s hands with his own and lacing their fingers together. There’s palpable adoration in his expression now, eyes leaking honey as they stare Jimin down. “I just mean, I think it’ll really help me to try this out not in the context of having sex, or whatever. I want the opportunity to practice it and make sure I’m doing it right and not seriously hurting you before we incorporate it into anything else.”

Jimin can’t help himself – he’s jerking forward to kiss Jeongguk’s lips before he himself realizes, keeping it brief and chaste before he pulls back. “I think that sounds like a great idea, Jeonggukie.” Jeongguk’s answering smile – either in response to the kiss or to Jimin’s words (or both) – is so heart-shatteringly beautiful, Jimin feels like he needs to sit down.

“Thank you, hyung.” Jeongguk replies, soft and sweet.

“There’s no need to thank me! If anything, I should be the one thanking you for taking this so seriously and for wanting to do it right.” They take a microscopic step closer, hands still cinched tight by their sides. “Besides, I can tell you’re doing this almost entirely for my benefit.” Jimin explains, doing his best to sound both reprimanding and appreciative. Jeongguk makes to interrupt him but Jimin powers on. “Maybe you’ll realize you like it as much as I do, or maybe you won’t, but either way I really appreciate you giving it a try.”

Jeongguk leans in just enough to rest his forehead against Jimin’s, maintaining eye contact despite the fact that he’s going just a touch cross-eyed. “I promise you, hyung, I would not even be considering this if it freaked me out too bad.” He nuzzles their heads together for good measure. “There’s some kind of appeal to it that doesn’t totally make sense to me yet, but the only real way for me to figure it all out is to try it myself.”

Jimin smiles at him so wide and lovely, the room seems ten shades brighter. “I mean, we could always watch some more porn together. That seemed to teach you a lot.”

His nose scrunches up on reflex at Jimin’s words. “I think I’ve seen enough random girls’ asses to last a lifetime, thanks, so hard pass on that.”

They laugh together at this, finally wrapping their arms around one another and locking themselves in a gentle, swaying embrace. Temple to temple, Jimin’s arms coiled tight around Jeongguk’s waist, it’s almost like they’re slow-dancing in the peaceful silence of the afternoon.

A full week has passed since their “study session” – as Jeongguk had so fittingly dubbed it – and he’s been immensely grateful for the time, as it’s granted him a chance to properly digest everything he’d watched and learned last weekend.

He’d followed Jimin’s advice and steered clear of that spanking website for fear of stumbling upon things that would get him to chicken out, so he’s watched nothing but the few videos that Jimin approved of that first afternoon. They spent plenty of time discussing what they’d seen afterwards, with Jimin highlighting details and techniques that he’d picked up on and enjoyed.

Jeongguk nodded his head obediently, half-wishing he’d taken notes along the way. There would always be time to discuss everything again, over and over if he so desired, because he completely trusts that Jimin will have patience with him.

All in all, he’s not that nervous to try it out. Jimin knows how wary Jeongguk is of genuinely injuring him, and he knows that Jeongguk has next to no idea what the heck he’s doing. That’s exactly why Jeongguk decided upon a practice session completely void of sexual undertones – not even a dress rehearsal, so to speak, more like a run-through with complete director guidance and commentary.

“Love you, Jeongguk-ah. Love you so much.” Jimin whispers, so wonderfully close to Jeongguk’s ear, their hearts pressed close together.

Jeongguk tilts his head in enough to nose at Jimin’s cheek, never interrupting their half-dancing. “I love you too, Jiminie.”

Pulling back just enough to meet Jeongguk’s eye, Jimin grins at him, tone light and joking, “I forgot what it’s like to hear you speak informally.”

“Yeah, well, don’t get used to it.” Jeongguk giggles. He pulls Jimin in flush once more, wrapping his arms even tighter around his boyfriend’s neck. “I guess that’s actually a great question, now that I think about it.”

Jimin rests his head in the crook of Jeongguk’s neck but hums to show he’s listening.

“Is there… do you want me to call you something else in bed?” He asks, the gentle boom of his voice rumbling through Jimin’s body. “Especially in the future if we keep at it with the spanking – can I keep calling you hyung?”

Honestly, Jimin hasn’t given that much thought. Jeongguk is the only person he’s ever been with, either sexually or romantically, who was younger than him, and their dynamic is very unique. It’s precious to Jimin, though, the way Jeongguk reveres him so greatly and obviously, the way he finds a balance between being respectful and romantic now that they’re an item.

When it comes to their sex life, speaking formally has kind of just become second nature. If he really dwells on it, Jimin can’t deny that there’s something sweet and sinful in having his dongsaeng taking him apart, overpowering him and pleasuring him all while calling him hyung. It’s so backwards, so subverted, it’s…

“Taboo.” Jimin murmurs, lips barely brushing the skin of Jeongguk’s collar.

“Hm?” He hears in response, Jeongguk clearly having missed what he’d said.

Jimin tries again, louder and more certain, “It feels taboo, having you call me hyung while we fuck. While you take control.” The words taste succulent, and Jimin is suddenly considering foregoing their little practice session in favor of dropping to his knees.

“It feels taboo?” Jeongguk repeats, question clear in his tone. He tries to crane his head back to meet Jimin’s eye, but Jimin only burrows further into Jeongguk’s neck, wanting to get some semblance of control over himself back without giving Jeongguk a chance to see how filthy his hyung is.

“Yeah, like, forbidden? Or something, I can’t really come up with a better word.” He does his best to elaborate, squeezing Jeongguk’s waist for dear life. “Like, it’s a constant reminder that, even though you’re younger than me, you’ve got this power over me when we’re having sex.” Jeongguk sucks in an audible inhale. “I may be your hyung but you’re… you’re the one who’s in charge, if only sometimes.”

Oh. That’s… that’s certainly something.

“So, so it’s okay for me to call you that, even when we try spanking?” Jeongguk clarifies, his voice shockingly steady if not a bit faint.

He feels a small nod before Jimin’s rubbing his nose into the juncture of his neck and shoulder. “Yes.”

“Okay then.”

They stay tangled up, swaying to an imaginary melody, for a while longer. Every so often their lips meet like magnets, pulled together almost subconsciously. Jeongguk’s calves are a little chilly and Jimin tastes like the cheap breakfast burrito they’d shared an hour prior but it’s fucking perfect.

Everything is perfect.

Jimin breaks their weird, peaceful bubble first. “Jeonggukie.” He says, tentative and gentle, like he’s trying to wake him up.

Jeongguk grumbles, refusing to pull out of their embrace.

“You wanna just go lay down, pumpkin? Maybe take a nap, watch that new movie you’d mentioned?”

He mulls it over. There’s almost nothing more satisfying on this earth than spending a Saturday afternoon snuggled up with Jimin, half-awake and lazy as all hell. They’ll snack, they’ll kiss, and before they know it the moon will be hanging over them and it’ll be time to sleep.

But, there’s a voice whispering from the horizon of his mind, beckoning him with a temptation he barely even recognizes. He has something he wants to try, to better understand, to excel at.

So he shakes his head and leans back, slow enough to give Jimin time to mirror him. Their eyes lock automatically, tangible adoration flowing between them. Jeongguk thinks he can truly feel it in the air – this love between him and Jimin, this mutual respect and trust, like a bond that’s almost visible.

“Let’s practice, hyung.”

Neither of them blink, nor do they make a move to release one another. “Okay. Let’s practice, Jeongguk-ah.”



Jimin’s wearing a pair of basketball shorts and some boxer-briefs that Jeongguk insisted on.

He doesn’t even know if he’s going to be ready trying to go as far as getting Jimin naked, so Jeongguk had asked for multiple layers to work with.

“I can’t believe I’m saying this, but we’re just gonna do – just gonna try ‘over the knee’, right?” Jeongguk asks, scrunching his nose up a bit as he speaks. It’s terribly adorable and Jimin can’t help but to smooch his cheek as he passes by on his way to the bed.

“Yes, my big baby, I think that’ll be best.”

Grumbling a bit petulantly, Jeongguk tells him, “Pretty sure I’m not the one about to get his ass spanked like a baby.”

That… that was sort of hot, but Jimin doesn’t want to give Jeongguk the satisfaction of knowing that, so he sticks his tongue out and sits down on the edge of the mattress, patting the space beside him invitingly. “Get over here, dork.”

Jeongguk offers no further complaints, sitting down right beside Jimin and stretching his legs out straight in front of him for a moment. “How do you think we should do this, hyung?”

Jimin tilts his head from side to side, pondering. He finally decides, “I think we should just practice the actual spanking itself, today. Roleplay and scenes and all that jazz can come later, if ever.”

Breathing out a small sigh of relief, Jeongguk closes his eyes. He can do that, he can definitely do that.

“You want me to start with the shorts on, right?” Jimin breaks him out of his reverie, leaning into Jeongguk’s side and sharing his air. “I don’t mind, just double-checking.”

“Yeah, please.”

“Done.” With that, Jimin taps Jeongguk’s lower belly. “Scooch back, all the way until your knees hook over the edge of the bed.” Jeongguk follows his instructions robotically, wiggling backwards until Jimin appears satisfied. “Perfect.”

Quite unceremoniously, Jimin drapes himself over Jeongguk’s lap so that he’s laying down fully with his torso on the mattress. His legs kick up so they’re also resting on the bed, arms folded for his chin to rest on. He’s stretched out gracefully, appearing entirely unbothered by the position.

Jeongguk, on the other hand, feels the need to lean back, like Jimin’s a piece of precious artwork that’s jumped onto his lap and he’s absolutely not allowed to touch. Hands off the merchandise.

This doesn’t sit well with Jimin, who can’t help but notice that a solid thirty seconds have now passed and nothing’s happened. “Jeonggukie?” He turns his head to the side enough to see Jeongguk’s face, one eyebrow cocked up in question. “Everything okay?”

There’s a lot of static buzzing in Jeongguk’s ears and his eyes are hyper-focused on the swell of Jimin’s ass, perfectly outlined by the flimsy black fabric of his shorts. His hands are aching to grab, to grope, to squeeze. He’ll be the first to admit that he’s been obsessed with his hyung’s physique since the dawn of time, but having it laid out so alluringly like this, like it’s a ripe fruit that’s all Jeongguk’s for the picking…

What was the question?

Jimin pushes his forearms into the mattress and makes to get up, which effectively snaps Jeongguk’s focus back into the present. In a flash, he’s grabbing Jimin’s waist and pushing him back down until his hips are resting on Jeongguk’s thighs once more, the weight satisfying on his lap.

With a little surprised grunt, Jimin acquiesces and returns to his original position. Jeongguk finally answers him, “I’m okay, hyung, just gathering my thoughts.”

Jimin shifts around just a bit to get comfortable, shooting over his shoulder, “That’s fine but if you go all silent on me, I’m gonna have to assume the worst, you know.”

That’s fair.

Jeongguk hums and finally, finally brings his right hand down to rest on the dip of Jimin’s lower back. Even with his thin t-shirt in the way, Jeongguk can make out Jimin’s trademark dimples, two little divots in his skin that genuinely make Jeongguk’s mouth water. He rubs his hand back and forth there idly for a moment before sliding downward, spreading his fingers out as he feels all over Jimin’s ass.

Arching his spine just a tad, Jimin welcomes the touch. He takes steady breaths and gives Jeongguk all the time he needs to steel himself, whatever he needs to do to get ready. Distantly, he wonders if he’s supposed to be the one getting reassured, but he feels zero discomfort in this moment – laid out like a slab of meat on his boyfriend’s lap, ready to get spanked for no reason other than to gauge his limits, the incoming pain something he’s welcoming with open arms.

Jimin asked for this. Jimin’s the one who requested that his boyfriend step outside of his comfort zone, to try something entirely new for Jimin’s sake. And Jimin trusts Jeongguk more than any other person on this planet, he trusts him with his life.

He doesn’t need to be reassured. He just wants to be spanked. Maybe kissed for a long while afterwards.

Jeongguk’s hand leaves him and the lack of contact has the first flutters of anticipation rumbling in Jimin’s tummy. He knows his Jeonggukie is strong, so he has to wonder what he’ll be capable of, what hue of red he’ll leave smattered on Jimin’s ass.

Half a minute passes and nothing happens. Jimin purses his lips out a bit, not wanting to rush his darling. He gives it another solid moment before deciding to turn his head around once more, only to be dumbstruck by what he sees.

Jeongguk’s got his right hand held up in the air, several inches away from Jimin, palm flattened out in perfect form, staying completely stock still. His face is pinched up in concentration but he looks like he’s truly frozen, like a statue carved mere moments before slapping Jimin’s ass.

“Oh, baby.” Jimin calls out, endeared and a tad worried. “What the heck are you doing?”

Finally, a bit of movement – Jeongguk begins shaking his head, small little shakes, his brow furrowing deeper. His lips purse up tight, highlighting the dimples on either side of his mouth. He looks away from Jimin’s ass in favor of staring his own palm down, bringing it up closer to his face. He glares at it accusingly, like he can’t believe the audacity of his own freaking hand.

“I can’t…” Jeongguk begins, trailing off right away. He shakes his head some more and it’s terribly cute, the way he’s still giving his hand the stink eye. “I don’t know how hard to hit you and I’m scared.” He finally admits, dropping his hand to the bed and sighing.

Before Jimin has a chance to try sitting up once more, Jeongguk continues, “I still want to do this – I just, I don’t know.”

Jimin doesn’t know how to help him. He doesn’t wanna force this, but if Jeongguk is adamant that he still wants to try, he doesn’t know how to best encourage him. He aims for reassuring when he tells him, “I’m not gonna break, Jeongguk-ah, just start as light as you want. I will tell you every step of the way how it feels.”

Surprisingly, he feels a light tap on his ass almost immediately after he finishes speaking. Jeongguk’s kind of just patting him, really, barely enough to make his cheeks jiggle. It goes on for just a moment before the contact is gone yet again, Jeongguk humming to himself in thought.

“That, uh, felt like you were barely touching me.” Jimin says in a carefully flat voice.

One more loud hum and Jeongguk is back to cupping Jimin’s butt, tapping here and there and squeezing every so often. At this rate, Jimin is going to be physically incapable of keeping himself from getting turned on, even when his boyfriend is being such a weirdo.

“I have an idea.” Jeongguk says out of nowhere. “Get up.” He pushes at Jimin’s waist, ushering him into a standing position just beside the bed. Jimin goes along without complaint, confused but glad to see his boyfriend showing initiative.

Jeongguk stands next to him and turns Jimin by his hips, then pushes him until he’s sitting on the edge of the bed exactly where Jeongguk had been a moment prior. He even nudges his shoulders until Jimin has scooched back just as Jeongguk had been instructed to.

Jimin doesn’t really understand what’s going on until Jeongguk is shimmying out of his pajamas and boxers, kicking them off of his ankles, and laying himself down on top of Jimin’s thighs. His ass is gorgeously round, a few tiny beauty marks scattered along the flawless skin, blending down into delectably muscled thighs. Jimin proudly calls these cheeks Jeongguk’s “buns of steel”, because they’re firm as all hell – courtesy of his rigorous workout regimen, of course.

It’s been a while since he’s been face-to-ass with his boyfriend’s precious butt, and Jimin has to say he didn’t see this coming.

“Uhm” Jimin says. Jeongguk’s shuffling around on his lap, doing his best to replicate Jimin’s previous position by crossing his arms and swinging his legs up onto the mattress. “I feel like there’s been a big miscommunication here.”

This prompts a loud chuckle from Jeongguk, who’s got his cheek resting down on his folded forearms. “No, trust me on this one hyung. This is what has to happen.”

Jimin smiles despite his confusion. “I could’ve sworn I’d made it clear that I’m the one who enjoys getting his butt slapped.”

More pretty, boyish laughter greets him, before Jeongguk cranes his head to meet Jimin’s eye. “I want you to spank me, first, so that I can get an actual feel for it. It’ll really help me figure out how hard I can hit you. So either get going or I’m just gonna spank myself.” He finishes, turning to face forward once more.

Again, Jimin would be hard-pressed to find a flaw in his boyfriend’s logic. Besides, this is such a quintessentially Jeongguk thing to do.

Once, in the latter years of high school, Jeongguk had been mindlessly whacking his hyungs with a pool floaty as they all stood around in a circle, chatting away under the sun. He’d spent a few moments bopping Seokjin on the back of the neck with it before making his way to Jimin, opting to hit the noodle against Jimin’s arm. When Jimin had decided it’d be a fun idea to over-exaggerate his response – complete with a dramatic hiss and him clutching his arm, cowering inward on himself – Jeongguk seemed to short-circuit. The poor thing had been convinced that he’d genuinely injured his hyung, and thus spent the next several minutes whapping the giant pool noodle against each of his own limbs with varying degrees of strength, gauging the pain every step of the way.

When he’d finally deduced that Jimin was a big fat liar, he simply pouted and chucked the toy back into the water before grabbing Jimin and trapping him in a very tight, aggressive back-hug.

Needless to say, Jeongguk has always been hyper-aware of any real pain he may bring upon Jimin, and that has not changed inside the bedroom.

So, Jimin has nothing to do but steel himself and confirm what he needs to. “Okay, Jeonggukie. You’re okay with me just… going for it?”

Jeongguk shakes his little ass from side-to-side tauntingly, arching his back just a tad. The action is so unsexy somehow, so silly and so Jeongguk, it makes Jimin laugh until his cheeks ache. “Spank me, hyung, show me whatcha got.”

“Shut up, oh my god!” Jimin yells, grabbing a solid handful of ass with his right hand and squeezing it tight for emphasis. “Quit waggling your butt in my face!”

“Make me, hyung.” Jeongguk taunts, voice pitched so low it’s ridiculous, his pseudo-seductive tone sending Jimin into another quick fit of giggles.

Now this, this is what they both needed. This is exactly what Jeongguk had in mind – an environment where they can laugh and complain and question and discuss freely, no expectations in sight. Jimin is his best friend in the entire world, and he’s so, so glad to be able to be himself like this, to let go of everything and just exist in this moment with Jimin.

His next inhale gets abruptly cut off when a quick, sharp slap rains down on his left asscheek. The sting is belated and fades quickly, only a brief flare of pain directly after the impact that bleeds out into a barely-there residual burn as the seconds go by.

Jimin had really done it. He’d spanked him.

His lips fall open in awe at the realization, his right hand reaching back automatically to rub at the spot that Jimin had just struck. He feels the way that small patch of skin has warmed up, wonders if it left a mark that will last longer than five minutes. The pain is almost entirely gone already, and Jeongguk finds that simply amazing – it had sounded like Jimin hit him so hard, there’s no way he could’ve started out spanking Jimin with the same vigor.

“Well. How was that?” Jimin asks from above him, voice level and calm.

Jeongguk spends another handful of seconds rubbing himself before he brings his hand back in front of him and carefully folds his arms together again. He nods to himself a few times. “That wasn’t bad at all. Was that like, all of your strength?”

“No, you punk!” Jimin squawks. “Oh my gosh, no, I don’t know – that was like a medium, I guess? I don’t know how to measure it.”

Humming, Jeongguk shifts back into a comfortable position. “That’s fair. Keep going.”

So Jimin does.

He peppers a dozen hits across Jeongguk’s ass, each one at least as hard as the first, stopping every so often to gauge Jeongguk’s reaction. Around what Jeongguk thinks to be the fifteenth one, Jimin asks, “What does it feel like overall right now?”

“My ass?”

“Yeah, Jeonggukie, your ass.”

He doesn’t need to reach around with his hand to feel how warm his skin is getting, sure now that it’s at least a light shade of pink. Even still, the pain crescendos and dies down in an instant, the sting fading enough that by the next spank, everything’s somewhat reset, just a faint prickling left behind.

He tells Jimin as much, confident when he declares that they can keep going.

“We can stop anytime, pumpkin, I have to assume you’ve got a better understanding now of what it feels like.” Jimin says, a little wary.

Jeongguk lifts up onto his elbows to turn his head fully, meeting Jimin’s worried stare head-on. “Just a while longer, hyung, if I know how much I can take, that’ll really help me when we figure out your tolerance.”

“That’s the thing, Jeonggukie, I think my hand will fall off before we find out how much you can take.” Jimin laughs softly, smoothing his palm over Jeongguk’s ass, soothing the skin. “I think I could keep going for another half an hour before you finally tell me to stop.”

That’s probably valid and Jeongguk recognizes that. “Okay, you’re right – I know this is supposed to be about getting me comfortable spanking you.” Jeongguk relents. “Tell you what: give me five of your absolute hardest hits, yeah?”

Jimin makes a skeptical face, humming in displeasure, but Jeongguk continues, “I’m serious! Just five, but make sure they’re like, genuinely as hard as they can be. Pour every ounce of strength you’ve got into them. I know how strong you are, hyung, so that will definitely help me see what the limit might look like.”

“Stop making so much dang sense all the time, Jeonggukie.” Jimin grumbles, rolling his right shoulder and cracking his knuckles. “Fine. You asked for it.”

There’s a quick churn of anticipation in Jeongguk’s gut as he watches Jimin reel back, hand high up in the air, before slapping it down straight onto the center of Jeongguk’s ass. The sting this time is white hot and prolonged, almost numbing, before it explodes into an even worse heat.

It fucking hurts.

Jimin shakes his wrist, hand limp, “Holy crap, ow, I was right about my hand falling off.” He pouts at the sight of such an unmistakable, bright red handprint immediately blooming on his precious boyfriend’s tushy. Guilt swirls around in his chest like a hurricane. “No… Jeonggukie, that was a bad idea, are you okay?”

Jeongguk brings his hand back once more to caress the spot, hissing a little under his breath as his fingers make contact with the hot skin. “I’m okay, hyung, relax.” He can’t stop his face from pulling up into an impressed grin. “Knew you were strong but damn – remind me to never invoke your fury.”

Fortunately, this eases a lot of the tension out of Jimin. He takes over rubbing Jeongguk’s ass, wondering if he should grab some lotion. “I can assure you that no matter how much you piss me off, I don’t foresee myself spanking you ever again.”

“Aww, and right when I was starting to enjoy it.” Jeongguk mumbles, laughing when Jimin gives his butt a playful smack instead of a serious one.

“I’m not doing that four more times, so unless you’re going to take a nap like this, get off me.” Jimin says, smile evident in his voice. He helps Jeongguk up, hurrying to grab his boxers and shorts off the floor and hand them over.

Jeongguk thanks him with a solid kiss on the lips, bringing one hand up to cup Jimin’s jaw. “Hyung,” he murmurs right against Jimin’s mouth. “I love you.”

One more steady, lingering kiss, and Jimin’s pulling back. “Love you too. Now sit that pink butt down.”

“With pleasure.” Jeongguk pulls his clothes back on in a rush before plopping back down on the mattress and immediately scowling. “Oh, wow, I think I can legit feel your handprint on my ass.” He wiggles around a bit, shifting his weight as he appraises the residual sting. “That’s impressive.”

Jimin keels over in laughter, barely managing to catch himself on the edge of the bed. Jeongguk can’t help but snicker alongside him until they’ve calmed down a bit and Jimin’s ready to climb back up over his lap. He feels a bit silly, arranging himself like this yet again, but Jeongguk seems much more bound and determined now as he pulls Jimin in closer by the waist. His grip is firm, unhesitant, and Jimin shivers in excitement.

This feels like the real deal, like exactly what Jimin has been hoping to try ever since he was a poor, horny little teenager.

“I’m gonna go really slow, and you’ve gotta tell me how each one feels at first, okay?” Jeongguk explains drawn out and careful, like he’s teaching a child how to cross the street. It’s more endearing than anything so Jimin nods his head obediently. “And your shorts are staying on at least for a little bit, until I get a feel for it.”

“M’kay, Jeonggukie.”

Surprisingly, the first hit comes without further delay. Jeonggukie spanks his right cheek, palm cupped and wide enough to cover almost the entire thing. It’s muted by the black fabric but the hit registers faintly, like a lightning quick jolt that’s gone as fast as it came. He describes it to Jeongguk like that, explaining how little it had hurt.

Jeongguk hums and moves on to the other cheek, repeating the hit with barely any extra added force. This continues back and forth a few times, enough to get Jimin’s skin heating up just a notch, before Jeongguk’s asking him to lift his hips up so he can slide the basketball shorts down.

The boxer-briefs are thin and nearly skin-tight, and the difference is felt right away. He can tell that Jeongguk isn’t really adding that much more strength to his slaps, but they burn far more noticeably now, almost as if there was no fabric protecting him at all.

Taking a quick break to crack his neck, Jeongguk checks in yet again. “How’s that, hyung?”

He’s quick to respond, “I’m perfectly fine, Jeonggukie, they’re starting to hurt for a little bit longer but this is really nothing.” He shifts slightly, inadvertently angling his hips up even higher into the air. “I’m glad you’re starting slow, though. This is really good practice.”

Potent relief floods Jeongguk’s veins at hearing this. “I’m really glad, hyung. I kinda worried you’d think this was pointless or dumb.”

Jimin whips his head around immediately, frowning at him. “What? No, Jeonggukie, this was seriously such a good idea!” He plants his hands into the mattress and pushes his arms up straight, craning his head as far back as possible. “Give me a kiss.”

Jeongguk wastes no time in leaning down to meet him, bending as much as he can to ease the strain Jimin’s putting himself through. Their lips disconnect with an audible smack and Jimin settles back into a cozy, prone position.

Giving himself just a moment to inhale and exhale a full breath, Jeongguk tugs at the waistband of Jimin’s underwear. No words are needed as Jimin helps him get the material down his legs until they’re kicked off completely, and before he knows it Jeongguk is confronted by the sight of his hyung’s bare, beautiful ass.

The normally fair skin has been stained pink, though Jeongguk is terribly relieved to see that it’s not any alarming shade of maroon. Most of the color is centralized, as Jeongguk has yet to hit anywhere but the dead center of each cheek, and he’s glad to see no welting or raised skin.

“Woah.” He breathes out, a bit awestruck. Almost subconsciously, his fingers start trailing delicate, swirling patterns across the pink skin, raising goosebumps in their wake.

Jimin squirms beneath him, unable to curb the rush of warmth the heads south as Jeongguk gawks at his ass like this. He, too, wants to see what Jeongguk’s handiwork looks like but he forces himself to keep his eyes locked forward – he’s sure he’ll spend plenty of time appraising his own butt when they’re completely finished.

“Jeonggukie.” Jimin says, almost a whisper, trying to convey through tone alone that if Jeongguk doesn’t get a move on, they’re going to have to cut their lesson short. “More.”

Startled like he’s just been awoken from a deep sleep, Jeongguk leans back. Taking in the whole picture is even more challenging for him, however, as he seems to finally appreciate the fact that he’s got Jimin in almost the exact same pose as that very first video they’d watched together. The curve of his spine is more pronounced than that woman’s was, and his ass is undeniably superior in every way – objectively speaking, of course. Though his legs aren’t hanging off the edge of the bed, Jimin’s butt is still deliciously perked out, looking every bit like a pink peach just waiting to be ravaged.

Maybe they really will need to call it a day soon.

“Yeah, okay.” Jeongguk’s voice sounds distant to his own ears, like he’s gone underwater. “Just, keep telling me how it is? Please?” He implores.

Jimin nods without delay. “I will, promise.”

Knowing that he’ll have to get on with it before he loses his will, Jeongguk proceeds, much like ripping a bandaid off. He spanks Jimin’s right cheek with the most force yet, his mouth falling open at the way it jiggles. That… that felt different, even just on his hand.

“Hyung?” Jeongguk asks, doing his best to not sound hysterical.

Jimin’s got his head ducked down, hidden away in the fold of his arms, but he groans loud enough for Jeongguk to hear. Unable to decipher the meaning of the sound, Jeongguk begins to panic a little, bringing his left hand up to smooth over the plane of Jimin’s lower back. “Jimin-hyung?”

Perhaps hearing the distress in Jeongguk’s voice, Jimin turns his head so that his mouth is visible. “That was really good, Jeonggukie.”

Well, that wasn’t what Jeongguk expected.

“Good? Good as in…?” Cocking his head, Jeongguk doesn’t stop caressing his hyung, his right hand doing much the same along Jimin’s tender ass.

“Hm.” Jimin allows himself a moment to gather his thoughts. “Good as in I’m getting hard.”

“Oh.” Jeongguk supplies, all of his movements ceasing. That definitely is not what he was expecting but it’s far better than what he’d feared. “Do you, should I – uhm.”

“Keep going, Jeongguk-ah.” Jimin says, tucking his face back into the crook of one elbow, failing to hide how flushed his cheeks are growing. “Hyung will tell you when to stop, yeah?” There’s something dark and heady creeping into Jimin’s voice but Jeongguk is a slave to his will, as always.

He nods though Jimin can’t see it, painfully aware of the way his own heartbeat is beginning to kick up. He trusts Jimin – Jimin will tell him when to stop.

The next hit is in the exact same spot, something Jeongguk had yet to try. Jimin doesn’t move or emit any sort of sound, so Jeongguk does it again, and again. Three, four more times, barely adjusting his strength, doing his best to land in precisely the same location each time, just like he’d seen in one of the videos.

After the sixth or seventh hit there, Jimin burrows his head in deep towards the mattress and groans again. This one’s louder, more drawn out, and Jeongguk is incredibly startled by how wanton it sounds.

“Hurts, Jeonggukie, but please don’t stop.” He hears faintly, the words muffled against their comforter.

He isn’t sure if Jimin means to not stop spanking that same spot or to not stop in general, so he decides to only land a handful more slaps there before finally moving to the other cheek. He repeats the ordeal there, watching in rapt awe as the skin of the left cheek begins to glow hotter and hotter until it matches the right side.

When he’s finished with that, he pauses yet again. Jimin says nothing, barely shifts around during the intermission, but he’s clearly waiting for Jeongguk to go on. Feeling tipsy with the responses he’s getting, Jeongguk decides to try something new.

He spanks the juncture of Jimin’s ass and thigh, having to cup his palm a bit more to adequately hit the skin. Having possibly underestimated how sensitive that area is, Jeongguk jolts when Jimin both squirms and moans at once, ripping his hand away from Jimin’s ass like it burned him.

Jimin is quick to placate him, “Shit, Jeonggukie, that definitely stings more.” He goes still and pliant once again. “Keep going.”

Jimin will be honest with him, Jimin will be honest with him, Jimin will tell him when to stop – this is his mantra to live by.

He swings again, alternating cheeks several times until he moves back up to the center. Jimin’s beginning to let out sounds more regularly now, as the minutes go by. Jeongguk makes sure to take his time between each slap, a long enough pause to allow for any complaints should Jimin need to raise them, though he rarely offers more than a fleeting declaration of pain.

There’s no telling how much time has passed when Jeongguk starts to get antsy, half-worried that Jimin’s in over his head and half-amazed at how much his hyung can take. After one more solid, echoing spank, Jeongguk shakes out his wrist, asking in a quiet voice, “Jiminie-hyung? Do you want to stop?”

He hopes he’s not annoying Jimin with all of the worrying but Jimin’s ass has only gotten redder and redder, the skin hot enough to alarm him, and the color has certainly spread far beyond where it was initially contained.

Jimin’s still got his head buried amidst arm and blanket but he lifts it enough to be heard when he replies, “Is your hand hurting, Jeonggukie?”

Honestly, his palm’s on fire, so much blood pooling in his hand it’s almost impressive, little pinpricks of hurt flaring all across it. But it’s of little concern, so he makes sure to tell Jimin, “It’s fine, hyung, not that bad.”

“Mm.” Jimin hums, and for a second Jeongguk’s worried he’s just going to nestle back into his arms without answering his question, but Jimin continues. “A little bit more, I think. I could keep going but this… this is probably almost good for today.”

Ever dutiful, Jeongguk grabs Jimin around the waist and hoists him back up into the air from where he’d begun to slouch, perhaps subconsciously shying away from the assault to his ass. The action has molten lava slithering into Jimin’s gut and he bites his lip to stave off a whine, mushing his face back into the bed, oxygen be damned.

“Okay, hyung, gonna go slow. Tell me as soon as you want to stop.”

With that, he resumes the spanking.

Jeongguk feels like he’s got a comfortable hang of this, confident that he can keep steadily increasing the strength behind each hit, reinvigorated by the way his hyung has begun falling to pieces on his lap. He’d be blind to miss the way Jimin’s started to tremble, jolting after each spank, sweat beginning to coat the expanse of his shoulders and back. Jimin’s also devolved to groaning rather regularly, letting out little staccato “ah”s after each particularly powerful slap.

Besides, all the confirmation Jeongguk needs can be found in the rock-hard erection pressing into the top of his thighs.

Jimin is really enjoying this.

Even still, the second Jimin starts to lift up onto his forearms a good thirty or forty spanks later, Jeongguk eases off. By the time Jimin’s muttering out a little, “Okay, okay, I think we’re good.” Jeongguk’s already pulling him up by the shoulders and scooting backwards. He helps maneuver Jimin until he’s kneeling on the bed, straddling Jeongguk’s hips without resting any weight down onto his backside.

The air gets knocked out of him at the sight of Jimin’s face. His boyfriend is sweaty, so much so that his soft black hair has slicked away from his forehead and curled out in random places. His lips remain parted slightly, allowing for the release of little panting exhales, like he’d just run a marathon. He’s got a gorgeous blush streaking all the way down his neck and into the top of his chest, likely exacerbated by all the time he spent depriving himself of air.

But his eyes – shit, Jimin’s eyes.

The pupils are completely blown, bleeding into the dark brown of his irises. His lids are hooded but it does little to soften the blow of his piercing gaze, scorching hot as he stares straight into Jeongguk’s own eyes.

This situation is very clearly about to escalate and Jeongguk has no intentions of stopping it, but he rushes to blurt out, “Hyung, we’re gonna talk about this right? In full detail?”

Jimin’s got several inches of height on him like this, kneeling over him so drastically that Jeongguk’s forced to lean back and rest his weight on his palms behind him. He’s definitely leaning closer and closer, eyes raking over Jeongguk’s face intensely, mouth dropping further open.

He looks dangerous, lethal. Like he’s literally about to devour Jeongguk whole.

“Yeah, Jeonggukie. We’ll talk about it.” Jeongguk barely recognizes his hyung’s voice, the deep timbre of it containing so much blatant arousal.

He’s nodding, eyes flitting between Jimin’s mouth that’s settling into the shape of a snarl and his eyes that are somehow darkening further still the longer he looms over Jeongguk. “Okay, yeah that’s great, we should definitely do that.” Jeongguk rambles, suddenly aware of the weight of his own throbbing cock that’s trapped in the confines of his shorts.

“Later.” Jimin says, tone final.

Gulping once, Jeongguk lets his hands cup the sides of Jimin’s thighs loosely, scared that if he touches him anymore Jimin will explode like a supernova. “Later.” He parrots back, unsure if he’s imagining the crack in his voice.

With one final smoldering second of eye contact, Jimin pounces, sending Jeongguk back onto the mattress so hard it nearly winds him.

They’ll have to discuss everything later – much, much later.

Chapter Text

It’s definitely later and Jeongguk would very much like to talk now, if only his hyung weren’t so busy.

Busy ogling his own ass in their floor-length mirror.

“Hyung, do you want anymore lotion before I put it back?” Jeongguk calls to him, voice a bit flat as if he’s barely expecting a response.

After all, Jimin has been stuck in front of that mirror for what has to be ten minutes now, looking over one shoulder before shifting around to look over the other, cautiously poking and prodding at his ass like he’s never seen the damn thing before.

To be fair, he’s definitely never seen it looking like this before.

The redness has barely faded, looking like a terribly severe sunburn that’s smeared down the backs of his thighs, blending in to his naturally pale skin. It still hurts to the touch but that clearly doesn’t deter Jimin, though he lets out adorable little winces and hisses every so often, if he drags his nails over the skin or finds a particularly tender area.

Jeongguk is helplessly endeared by the sight but he’s starting to worry that Jimin will never come to bed at this rate, and he’s itching like a maniac to get a full debrief on how the evening was for his boyfriend. So he clears his throat rather theatrically before trying once more, “Jimin-hyung?”

Startled by the low baritone that his boyfriend has slipped into, Jimin finally looks away from his ass in favor of meeting Jeongguk’s stare through the reflection of the mirror. “I’m sorry, Jeonggukie, what’d you need?”

Sighing, still terribly endeared, Jeongguk walks a little closer. “I don’t need anything, but I was just asking if you want me to put anymore lotion on you?” He holds up their bottle of cocoa butter lotion and shakes it for emphasis.

Jimin swallows, eyes darting down to the bottle and refusing to look away. Memories fresh as morning dew start zipping through his mind.

It felt like only thirty seconds had passed but Jeongguk had three fingers pumping into him already, the stretch almost nonexistent somehow, like Jimin had been fucked not but a half hour ago. He belatedly wondered if it had anything to do with how stupidly horny he was.

Jimin wasted no time in popping open the bottle of lube once more and drizzling a hefty amount onto his boyfriend’s crotch, splashing it all over his hipbones and letting it trickle down to his balls. Jeongguk – bless his heart – barely even flinched, too occupied fingerfucking Jimin into oblivion.

Jeongguk’s left hand was clutching a solid handful of Jimin’s asscheek, holding it out to the side to make the slide of his right fingers easier, squeezing the flesh every so often and sending Jimin that much higher into his pleasured stupor. The sting felt so fucking good, his ass so tender that he was hyperaware of every single touch, a slave to every sensation that Jeongguk’s big, greedy hands bestowed upon him.

He’d had to force Jeongguk out of his precious, worried mindset, coaxing him into passion through sharp bites and frenzied grinding. Once he’d had Jeongguk laid flat out on the bed beneath him, he made a show of grabbing his boyfriend’s hands and sensuously sliding them up and around, all the way until they were cupping Jimin’s aching ass, even going so far as to squeeze his own hands down on top of Jeongguk’s knuckles until he got the message and began groping Jimin’s cheeks with reckless abandon.

From there it’d been a blur – one of them had frantically patted around until they’d retrieved the lube, they’d met in a thunderstorm of a kiss that was only halted when they began undressing Jeongguk together, until finally Jimin had sat up on his boyfriend’s lap and let himself be fingered open, positively drooling at the thought of getting to sit on Jeongguk’s gorgeous cock.

Jeongguk felt like he could barely keep up with Jimin’s feverish pace but he did his best, his mind clinging to the image of his hyung sprawled out over his lap, ass up in the air, letting himself be spanked. No – Jimin asked to be spanked, he had assumed that having it done properly would work him up like nothing else and he was absolutely right. Jeongguk isn’t sure if he’s ever seen Jimin this… this desperate, this frantic, like literally nothing on this earth could stop him from taking Jeongguk’s cock right there and then.

Jimin tugged at Jeongguk’s wrist until he relented and slipped his fingers free, unable to stop himself from rubbing at Jimin’s rim with two of his fingertips just to hear his hyung groan at the tease before pulling back completely.

Surprisingly, Jimin took it one step further and grabbed both of Jeongguk’s wrists, anchoring each of them down on either side of Jeongguk’s head. Though he could surely fight his way out of the hold, Jeongguk laid pliant, staring up at Jimin in uncontained awe. His hyung was looking more and more feral as the minutes ticked by and his patience had clearly run its course.

He let go of one of Jeongguk’s wrists just long enough to hold his cock steady, sinking down onto it in one fluid push, quickly bringing his hand back up to restrain Jeongguk once more. When he’d settled at the base with his ass flush against Jeongguk’s hips, Jimin moaned loud enough to echo in their tiny apartment.

This… this was exactly what Jimin had dreamt of: getting to experience the sting of a genuine spanking that actually lasted, that left him tender and responsive as all hell, the residual pain in his ass brought back to the forefront of his mind as he began rocking against his boyfriend’s thick cock. Jeongguk’s bony hips dug into his flesh so horribly, so deliciously, he almost considered staying like that, grinding down on his cock without ever lifting up.

But that thought left as soon as it came and Jimin sat up so high, Jeongguk’s cockhead nearly slipped out of him – then he slammed back down, so hard and fast that the sound of their skin colliding shocked Jeongguk’s ears.

When Jimin repeated the motion twice, three times, using the same force each time, Jeongguk felt like he could truly die in this moment. His moans were almost matching Jimin’s in volume, yanked out of him each time Jimin slid back down his cock like the simple push of a button. There was so much excess lube between them that the noises were embarrassingly wet, telltale beyond belief, but Jeongguk had no mental wherewithal left in him to worry about nosy neighbors or passersby.

Jimin began bouncing in full force, pressing Jeongguk’s wrists into the bed so hard he was probably cutting circulation off, keeping his chest near to Jeongguk’s and arching his back in his quest to find the perfect angle.

Honestly, even if he didn’t manage to get Jeongguk’s cock perfectly positioned against his prostate, Jimin would probably be cumming insanely soon – he felt like there was so much heat in his body that he was melting, liquifying on top of his boyfriend, soon to be little more than a puddle on Jeongguk’s flat belly.

Jeongguk, meanwhile, had no idea what to do with himself. It isn’t often that Jimin rides him like this, well and truly bouncing on his cock and handling all the work himself. He felt stupefied, like there was nothing more for him to do than lie here and take it, let himself be rode to death, his right palm still prickling from the pain it’d inflicted on his boyfriend’s perfect ass.

At some point, Jimin’s moans started taking the shape of words though they were still garbled and broken. Wanton, throaty pleas of “Jeongguk, Jeongguk” and “God fuck, so good” left his lips freely, raining down on Jeongguk and sending him deeper into the throes of wonder. He thinks he responded, thinks that his pleasure-drunk brain managed to meet his hyung every step of the way, assuring him, “Yes, yes hyung, so fucking good”.

Like all good things, the ride of Jeongguk’s life came to an eventual end. Jimin came first, his pace barely faltering as he used Jeongguk’s cock to the fullest, milking himself until the last drop had splattered down onto Jeongguk’s abs. He lifted himself up just enough to continue fucking back onto Jeongguk more shallowly without overstimulating himself, propelling Jeongguk over the edge less than a minute later.

He squirted up into Jimin with a beautiful shout to accompany it, some pitiful attempt at “Jimin-hyung” that sounded so much more guttural and strained than ever before. Jimin reveled in the feel of his darling’s cum filling him up, still wonderfully aware of the sting in his ass that would now complement the inevitable internal ache he’d feel once Jeongguk pulled out.

Jeongguk was nearly unconscious beneath him, his eyes half-mast and his jaw completely slack. Even when Jimin let go of his wrists he kept his arms bent and his hands beside his head, panting out every exhale.

He looked so debauched, so filthy and fucked out, Jimin had half a mind to work him back up to stiffness and take him for another ride. The gnawing hunger in his gut had been placated, however, and he knew there’d be much to do.

“Jeonggukie, my baby, you are so, so good to me.” Jimin told him, stroking his knuckles down Jeongguk’s flushed cheek reverently. Keeping Jeongguk nestled inside him even as he began to go soft, Jimin lowered himself enough for their chests to meet, sweat and cum slicking their skin. He soaked in the sight of his boyfriend’s post-coital expression, eyes raking over every little detail.

Truly, how did he get so lucky? What god did he pray to, whose child did he save from a burning building?

Seeing that Jeongguk was trying to come back to himself, turning his head side-to-side and closing his eyes, Jimin spoke even softer than before, “Take all the time you need, my pumpkin.” He placed one lingering kiss on Jeongguk’s chin. “We’re in no hurry.”

“’M all wet, hyung.” Jeongguk’s voice was so groggy and deep it shocked them both. He sounded like he just woke up from a month-long hibernation.

Jimin couldn’t help but chuckle, nuzzling the tip of his nose against Jeongguk’s. “Tell me about it, baby.”

“Can’t feel my arms, hyung.” He grumbled out. “Actually… can’t feel anything. Think I’m having an out-of-body experience.” Jimin’s answering laugh was so gorgeous it had Jeongguk tasting euphoria all over again, adoring the rumbles he felt pressing into his own chest from where Jimin giggled on top of him.

It only took another few minutes for the jelly in their bodies to solidify back into properly working bones. Jeongguk whined worse than Jimin when his dick finally slipped free, soaked with his own cum.

After that, clean-up was a sluggish affair, riddled with too many lazy kisses that turned into half-hearted makeouts. Jimin got so distracted wiping Jeongguk’s dick clean that he barely even realized he’d switched to using his tongue instead of the towel, only coming back to himself when he heard Jeongguk’s pitiful, startled little moan.

Jeongguk was no better, rolling Jimin onto his stomach and zoning out staring at the smooth red cheeks like he’d forgotten they looked like that – that he’d made them look like that. Jimin had to wiggle around and nag at him to get him back on track, and he touched the skin so carefully and lovingly while he cleaned him up that Jimin was five seconds away from asking Jeongguk to give him another couple spanks just for the hell of it.

He refrained, however, realizing that his boyfriend was desperate to shower even though they’d managed to rid each other of any and all cum.

Squeaky clean and comfortably warm after their joint shower, Jeongguk insisted on having Jimin lay down once more so he could properly apply a heaping layer of lotion to his hyung’s “poor, pink ass”. Jimin gave in without a fight, delighted with the way the hot water had stung his skin, curious to know what it’d feel like to have Jeongguk smoothing cool cream over him.

With so much caution you’d think he was handling a newly-discovered fossil, Jeongguk began rubbing the sweet lotion into Jimin’s skin. He worked his way up from the thighs like he had during the massage he’d given Jimin weeks ago, taking care not to apply too much pressure or linger too long in spots that made Jimin shift or hiss.

The lotion worked like a balm for the first few moments, cooling the skin upon contact in a way that fascinated them both, though Jimin’s ass was warm and throbbing again within mere minutes. Jeongguk fretted over this, terribly afraid that he’d caused some sort of permanent damage, but Jimin was positively obsessed with the results.

That’s how he found himself clambering off the bed and racing in front of the mirror, not even bothering to put on a shirt before he began checking himself out. His ass was left shiny and baby-soft from the lotion, technically flawless besides the hefty smattering of red.

His eyes refocus on the bottle in Jeongguk’s hand, taking care not to dwell on the sight of his boyfriend’s veiny hands or still-pink fingers. He can smell the cocoa butter, even now, wafting off of his skin from how thickly Jeongguk had applied it.

Though his tongue feels like it’s dried up in his mouth, Jimin finally responds, “No, I’m good, Jeonggukie. But thank you.” He feels bashful somehow, like it’s just catching up to him that he’s standing in his birthday suit before their mirror while Jeongguk is already cozied up in his jammies, like the two of them hadn’t spent the last two hours nude, tangled up together in all sorts of manner, inflicting pain and pleasure and everything in-between on one another.

Jeongguk’s answering smile is awfully soft, but he doesn’t push the matter or make to tease Jimin. He simply deposits the lotion on their bathroom counter and saunters back to the bed, turning off a handful of lamps as he goes.

Figuring he’s spent long enough reliving the sex they’d had barely an hour ago and appraising his wounded ass, Jimin joins him, ever-mindful of said ass as he opts to lay on his side facing Jeongguk who’s still sitting up, cross-legged against the wall.

“Want me to turn any music on, hyung?” Jeongguk asks as he scrolls through his phone. Jimin scowls at the brightness level of the screen as it paints Jeongguk’s face in artificial white-blue.

“Mm, I don’t care, just wanna cuddle already.”

Jeongguk snorts, opting for a simple video game ost playlist to have on in the background, before turning to fully face his hyung. “I don’t think we’ll get much talking done like that.” He tells him, looking down at Jimin’s face squished into the pillow with pure fondness. “How’s your ass?”

The smile that takes over Jimin’s face is lazy, contented, and devilish all at once. “It’s fantastic, thanks for asking. How’s yours?”

“Hm.” Jeongguk shifts his weight around, his butt pushing into the mattress. “Ass-tounding.”

Jimin collapses fully into the pillow at this, his unimpressed groan melting into genuine giggles within seconds. Jeongguk feels the pressing urge to join him, to drape himself over Jimin like a tarp and stay there forever, but he perseveres. “Hyung, wait, we’re already getting side-tracked! I’m serious, is your butt okay?”

It takes another few moments for Jimin to catch his breath but he makes sure to look up fully into Jeongguk’s eyes when he tells him, “I’m perfectly okay, Jeonggukie. It still hurts, obviously, and I imagine it may just hurt all day tomorrow, but that’s honestly what I wanted.” He sees Jeongguk’s brow furrow inward and his pretty lips curve down, so he rushes to continue. “I told you I wanted to see how far I could go and that’s exactly what we did – I’d have told you if it ever got to be too much. I really just stopped you because I was getting so stinking horny.” He grumbles this last part, as if he’s admitting to his hamartia, his Achille’s heel.

This, thankfully, has a sincere smile cracking on Jeongguk’s face. He ducks his head down and paws at his ear mindlessly. “Well, I’m really glad, then. Do you wanna, um, break down all the specific stuff tonight? While the memory’s still fresh?”

Jimin can’t help but grin, Cheshire-wide and delighted. “Oh, Jeonggukie, I don’t think this memory will be going anywhere for a long time.” He rolls fully onto his back and stares up at their ceiling, wicked smile never leaving his lips. “In fact, with any luck I’ll dream the whole thing up again tonight.”

It’s Jeongguk’s turn to laugh at this, nearly rocking forward so far he tilts onto the mattress. “Hyung you’re filthy. Does that mean I did everything right?”

Jimin’s eyes roll over to meet Jeongguk’s slowly, his head remaining angled up towards the ceiling. There’s something earnest in his eyes, but Jeongguk can still make out the lingering tendrils of arousal and darkness swirling in the dark brown depths. “I never imagined it could be that good, Jeonggukie, and we weren’t even doing it for the sake of being sexy.” He explains, voice dipping into that warm nighttime timbre that Jeongguk’s so used to hearing once the sun’s gone down and they’ve settled under the covers. “You were incredible, made me feel incredible.” At this, he rolls his body towards Jeongguk, sincerity dripping from his expression. “I can’t thank you enough for trying this with me.”

Jeongguk finally scoots over and lays down near Jimin, propped up on one elbow, looking down at him like the moon had made a home on their mattress, right where Jimin’s laying. “Thank you for trusting me with this. I don’t… there’s nothing like that for me, at least nothing that I know of, so I can’t even imagine how nerve-wracking it can be to open up about something so private. To hope that the other person will get you, will be on the same page.”

Nodding in understanding, Jimin takes in everything Jeongguk tells him. They could spend all night trading tokens of gratitude like this, but somehow he’s still feeling touch-starved despite their busy day, so he takes the initiative to close the distance between them and tuck his head into Jeongguk’s collar.

Soft piano and violin greets their ears, but other than that they bask in silence. Jeongguk wonders how it is they end up here so often, why Jimin and he share this affection for nighttime and stillness. It’s like time passes slower here, like the moon ushers in a sense of peace that’s so terribly hard to find anywhere else.

It’s like him and Jimin are the only two people in existence, the only two souls awake at this hour.

“Jiminie.” Jeongguk whispers, delighted by the feel of his boyfriend’s unabashed nakedness pressed up against him. “I love you.”

He feels more than hears Jimin’s response, a whispered return of love brushing against his clavicle.

“Gonna try bondage next, yeah? Tie you up like a present?” He quips, just a little bit of tease slipping into his voice.

Jimin opts to nip his skin in response, growling low like a predator while he keeps hold of his bite. Jeongguk just laughs and laughs, the small sting of the nibble doing little to stave off his giggles. “Taking that as a ‘hell yes, Jeonggukie’.” He says amidst laughter, nearly falling on top of Jimin.

When all the stars have come out and the playlist eventually loops to soothing Animal Crossing melodies, Jeongguk and Jimin fall asleep, curled together exactly as they’re meant to be.



Jimin’s been stuck talking to his professor for nearly half an hour now and Jeongguk is getting restless.

He’s got a new tab opened up, incognito and everything, the blank search bar mocking him before he can even type out what he needs to.

The last time he did this he’d wholly regretted it, as Jimin had plainly told him he would, but this time… this time he’s a man on a mission, not a wobbly baby lamb who’s stumbled into the wolf’s den by mistake.

He’s a man. A man who has dommed his boyfriend, spanked him and fucked him and held him down. He can handle the bloody internet.

Still, he starts small, a simple search of the word ‘bondage’ that returns mostly image-less definitions. One basic site informs him, “In the BDSM subculture, Bondage is the practice of consensually tying, binding, or restraining a partner for erotic, aesthetic, or somatosensory stimulation.”.

That’s not so bad. Perfectly lines up with the brief rundown Jimin had given him a few weeks back.

Continuing on, the article reads, “A partner may be physically restrained in a variety of ways, including the use of rope, cuffs, bondage tape, or self-adhering bandage.”, and only a few of those words don’t make sense to Jeongguk so he reckons he’s still making great progress.

He reads on, letting his eyes glaze over words that seem entirely irrelevant like “breast bondage” and skipping down to the end, lingering on one sentence in particular.

The restrained partner can derive sensual pleasure from the feeling of helplessness and immobility, and the active partner can derive visual pleasure and satisfaction from seeing their partner tied up.

Now that, that registers deeply with Jeongguk. Jimin had said something incredibly similar back during their talk, had gone on at great length about how bondage seemed to be more mental than physical as far as his preferences ran. He vividly remembers the way Jimin had bared his heart to him, taking proper time to explain a concept entirely foreign to Jeongguk even though it’d most likely been embarrassing and tedious.

Shit, he loves Jimin so much.

The article proves to be wonderfully helpful, reminding Jeongguk over and over again of words that had left Jimin’s mouth and habits they’d discussed from their own sexual history. It explains how bondage can often nurture trust and affirmation in a relationship, how it is incorporated in sexual fantasies and role-playing, even goes into great length explaining the common psychology behind why couples seem to enjoy the act.

Jeongguk allows himself another fifteen minutes of reading, even going so far as to set a timer on his phone lest he give into morbid fascination and spend his entire afternoon scouring the web.

He reads an entire section on bedroom bondage and how it can even be utilized by vanilla couples, skims a few paragraphs that go more in-depth about dominant-submissive dynamics, and quickly scrolls passed a page that covers “torture bondage”.

No, Jeongguk thinks, there will be no torture bondage where he’s concerned.

When the words start growing more and more confusing, referencing techniques and items that are as good as gibberish to Jeongguk – really, something called a ‘spreader bar’ should be fairly self-explanatory, but Jeongguk isn’t sure his brain is firing on all cylinders anymore – his phone starts chiming off, serendipitous as ever.

Saved by the bell.

He’s closing out of the last tab just as Jimin emerges from his classroom, spotting Jeongguk immediately and rushing over to him. “Jeonggukie, I’m so sorry, you didn’t have to wait all this time!” He half-pants out, not even making to sit beside Jeongguk on the little bench he’d claimed.

Jeongguk closes his laptop, smiling up at his flustered hyung. “And walk alone? Uh, I think not.” He stuffs everything into his bag and slings it over one shoulder, standing up and kissing Jimin square on the mouth in one smooth motion. “Hi, hyung, how was your day?” He murmurs right against Jimin’s lips before pulling back entirely.

Jimin positively melts under the sweetness, grabbing Jeongguk’s hand and intertwining their fingers before setting off down the hallway. “It was busy, but good. How was yours, pumpkin?”

Humming as he gathers his words, Jeongguk feels his mind trying to tiptoe back into the land of ropes and gags that it’d been previously dwelling in. He does his best to answer normally nonetheless, “Alright. Got some quiz results back that definitely warrant ice cream tonight.”

One eyebrow cocked, Jimin asks him, “Celebratory ice cream?”

“Cookie crunch.” Jeongguk responds, ruefully shaking his head and squeezing Jimin’s hand for emphasis.

Head tilted and lips pouted out, Jimin cakes on the sympathy when he says, “Oh, Jeonggukie…”

They continue their walk home with pleasant, idle chitchat, Jimin spending a hefty amount of time relaying the conversation he’d been trapped in with his overly-chatty linguistics professor. They make a quick pitstop at their favorite smoothie shack, hands still locked together when they exit but with each of their free hands now holding precious fruity goodness.

It’s on their very own front doorstep that Jeongguk finally works up the nerve to steer the conversation. “Jimin-hyung.”

“Hm?” Jimin half-responds, busy searching his backpack’s side pocket for their housekeys.

Jeongguk is grateful for the distraction, gives him a couple extra seconds to figure out how to articulate his jumbled thoughts. Eventually, he half-murmurs, “It’s been a little while since we, uh, since we last tried something.”

Jimin makes an adorable, triumphant little “aha!” sound that goes straight to Jeongguk’s heart, and as he’s jimmying the key into the lock, he shoots a curious look over his shoulder. “Tried something?”

They step inside together, stooping down to untie their laces in sync. “Yeah. Since we did the whole spanking thing.” He says, feeling far more awkward than he knows he should be bringing this up out of the blue.

Fortunately, Jimin goes easy on him. “You’re right, Jeongguk-ah. Been almost, what, two weeks now?” He replies mildly, like it doesn’t particularly bother him.

Jeongguk is immensely glad to hear the nonchalance in his hyung’s voice. They’d only fooled around a handful of times since then, the chaos of midterms keeping them horribly sleep- and sex-deprived. With the exam storm mostly passed, Jeongguk can’t help but daydream about all the filthy ways they can fill the time they’re gaining back, and he can’t deny that he’s been a bit anxious wondering if Jimin has been itching to dive back into their experimentation.

“Yeah, think so.”

Jimin’s already in the kitchen, stowing the rest of his smoothie away in the fridge for later. He’s always so much slower to finish his than Jeongguk, who’d thrown out his empty cup a solid five minutes before they’d made it home. “You got something on your mind you wanna try? Or thinking about the spanking again?” He asks loud enough to be heard a room over.

“Well.” Jeongguk supplies eloquently. He stalls out a bit, leaning against the wall of their entryway. This is nothing compared to asking Jimin out of the freaking blue if he could fuck him with his prescription glasses on, this is literally child’s play.

He hypes himself up for another solid moment before blurting out, “Can we do bondage tonight?”

Damnit. That sounded stupid and he knows it. You don’t do bondage, for Christ’s sake.

Jimin’s laughing at him but it’s only 5% mocking, 95% stupidly endeared. He slams down one of his fists on the counter so hard it’s gotta hurt, making his way closer to Jeongguk once he’s got a hold of himself. “You’ve gotta stop springing this shit on me out of nowhere! Warn a guy.” He wipes at his mouth and stops a few paces before Jeongguk, doing his best to reel in his smile. “So, bondage?”

He feels himself nodding, a bit of tension having oozed out of him somewhere along the way as he listened to Jimin’s ever-beautiful, wonderfully familiar laughter.

“You know we don’t have to try that out, you already did so much for me with the whole spanking shebang.” Jimin tells him, crossing his arms.

Jeongguk feels himself responding before the thought’s fully digested, “I think I’m really interested in bondage.”

This gives Jimin pause. His eyebrows dart up, arms slackening just a bit, more startled by the raw sincerity in Jeongguk’s voice than anything. “Yeah?” He asks, soft and patient.

“Yeah.” It’s easy, really, telling Jimin this. The real scary part is getting started. Once he’s face-to-face with Jimin like this though, able to see nothing but adoration and acceptance in his eyes, Jeongguk doesn’t feel so spooked. In fact, he sort of feels like he could touch the sky. “I did some research and it all sounds… it sounds really, really interesting. I think I’d really like it, doing that to you I mean.” He finishes quietly.

Jimin hears him loud and clear, head tilting back and a sudden, dangerous shadow passing over his face. “What a coincidence, Jeonggukie.” With that, he saunters off, making his way to their closet before Jeongguk can register what the hell just happened.

He hears some brief shuffling from inside the closet, Jimin not even having bothered to turn the light on, before his boyfriend emerges back into the bedroom. He’s got an unmarked delivery box in his hands, the size and shape nothing out of the ordinary, but it’s clearly been opened if the shredded tape on the sides is anything to go by.

“Hyung?” He hears himself asking, the word slipping out unbidden like he can’t help but seek Jimin’s comfort and reassurance.

Jimin slinks right back up to Jeongguk, box in hand, another one of those sinful smiles decorating his lips. His inky black hair is parted today and the sliver of forehead that’s visible is more than enough to send Jeongguk’s thoughts spiraling into depravity.

When he’s standing so close the box nearly digs into Jeongguk’s stomach, Jimin meets his eye. “I bought us a little present.”

Chapter Text


That’s the most discernable feature that Jeongguk can make out once he opens the box. A pretty, bubblegum pink that reminds him of the packaging used on some of his favorite lotions, or the yummy strawberry milk candies he and Jimin used to buy in bulk even though they gave them both cavities.  

Besides the color, nothing else that Jeongguk’s seeing really makes much sense to him.

Jimin says nothing, simply holds the flaps of the box open like he’s presenting a most honorable gift to a king, a foreboding smile etched onto his lips.

Jeongguk, ever curious, finally reaches in and begins rooting around inside the box, shocked when he feels some sort of artificial fur lining that’s just as pastel pink as everything else. He realizes that there are four little circular… things, bracelets or cupholders, perhaps, each suited out with the pink fur and attached to a central, coiled up bunch of pink rope.

He think’s he’s starting to piece it all together, but it’s sort of like when you buy a new dresser and it comes in scattered fragments with shitty instructions – it’s hard to visualize it, to figure out how it’s supposed to all come together, and you have to use your best tetris skills to try to cram it all into one finished product.

Lips hanging open and eyes shining with an alarming mix of confusion and fear, Jeongguk finally looks up at his boyfriend.

“…Hyung? What the heck are these?”

Jimin finally cracks, his wicked little grin opening up for laughs that are in no way mocking but entirely amused. Jeongguk is just so damn precious, so naïve.

“These are cuffs, baby, restraints that we can use in bed.” He explains in the least patronizing voice possible, the ghost of a giggle still dancing in his voice.

Jeongguk, fortunately, appears unbothered by his boyfriend’s amusement, still rubbing at the faux fur with rapt interest. “Cuffs…” He says, like he’s tasting the word. He genuinely thought they were drink cozies for a hot second there, but he’s not going to admit that out loud.

He pulls out a bit of the rope, realizing as it’s extended that it’s more akin to a thin, nylon belt of sorts, like a pretty pink seatbelt that’s hooked onto twin sets of handcuffs.

“You want me to show you how they go?” Jimin offers, like he’s trying to extend his hand to a wild deer without spooking it off.

Jeongguk nods without looking away from the cuffs, helping Jimin to pull everything out of the box and dump it out on their freshly-made bed. Jimin untangles the whole thing and makes sure each cuff is hooked on before stretching the length of the pink rope up to the head of the mattress. As he goes, he explains over his shoulder, “It’s basically a giant ‘X’ shape, according to the pictures, so you actually tuck this whole thing under the mattress.” He spreads the rope out to its fullest length to show that it does, in fact, make an elongated sort of ‘X’, with one cuff on each end.

“Under the mattress?” Jeongguk asks, standing up to get a better look at the entirety of it.

Jimin nods, smoothing out the rope and hopping off the bed to stand beside him. “Yep. This is basically what it would look like on the bottom of the mattress, only each of the cuffs would poke out of one corner.” He points at the four fur-lined cuffs, looking over at Jeongguk to gauge his reaction. “Make sense? Want to help me slide it under there?”

Though his brow’s still deeply furrowed in concentration, Jeongguk finally feels like he understands the purpose of the gadget. “Oh.” He says. “Then once you’re, uhm, hooked up or whatever to the cuffs, you’re like pulling on your own feet…?”

“Sort of, yeah.” Jimin moves back to the edge of the bed and begins adjusting the buckles in the middle of the belts. “These thingies are adjustable, see, so we need to just make sure they’re the proper length so that there’s however much slack we want me to have.”

Jeongguk realizes he should be helping so he hurries over and kneels on the opposite end of the bed, following Jimin’s lead in shortening the length of the belts until they’re satisfied. Once that’s through, they both stand up again and begin tucking the contraption under the mattress on Jimin’s side.

“I feel like there’s probably a better way to do this, but fuck it.” Jimin laughs, doing his best to untangle parts of the device once it’s in-between the mattress and their bedframe. Jeongguk feels a bit useless but he holds the bed up as high as he can so Jimin can see what the heck he’s doing, watching with uncontained awe as his hyung lays the X out on the frame and leaves one cuff dangling over each corner.

When he’s through, he lets Jeongguk know to drop the mattress back down. He then makes quick work of grabbing each cuff and bringing them back up on top of the bed, only a couple inches of belt allotted before they go no further.

“Tadaa!” Jimin declares proudly, stepping away from the bed again and spreading his arms out wide.

The bubblegum pink cuffs look… odd, but aesthetically pleasing in a way, contrasted against the deep gray and black of their sheets and comforter. They’re ominous to Jeongguk, promising treats and wonders entangled in a web of sin that he’s never even imagined, like some tastefully wicked fantasy he hasn’t been able to put images to, only words and whispers. He can’t even properly fathom this thing, yet here he is, one step away from making it a reality, and these ridiculously pink wristbands are the first step.

It excites him terribly. He can already feel his blood rushing, pooling in his fingertips like he’s standing on the edge of a cliff.

“Jeongguk-ah? What do you think? Wanna help me make sure they’re fitted right?”

Jimin’s voice registers distantly and belated, like an echo in reverse that’s getting clearer and clearer. His vision comes back into focus right where it zoned out: staring down one of the little cuffs. He can’t tell if the damned things are taunting him or beckoning him – some sick combination of the two, most likely.

“Yeah, hyung. We can do that.”

So they do.

They keep their clothes on, all the way down to their socks, the dying light of the sunrise setting Jeongguk’s nerves on fire with how sensual the room suddenly feels. Their backpacks have been abandoned by the entryway, shoes taken off in a rush, the box that the restraints came in left capsized on the floor.

“It doesn’t always have to stay the same, we can obviously adjust the lengths whenever we feel like it, but maybe we can just see what a good starting point would be?” Jimin offers, lying down on his back and spreading his limbs out like a starfish. He honestly looks more adorable than sexy at the moment, his dark hair gone a bit frizzy from the humidity in the air, big blue shirt drowning his figure even once he’s prone. He’s got on a pair of jeans that are more lethal when viewed from behind, and Jeongguk is immensely glad that he’s not laying on his stomach right now because he doesn’t know how he’d get a damn thing done with a view like that.

Jimin catches on to the slight hesitation in Jeongguk’s motions as he finally kneels on the bed to join Jimin, so he keeps talking to fill the silence. “I picked these because they seemed to be the most non-threatening bunch that I could find on Amazon.” He laughs a little, glad to see Jeongguk’s features soften just a tad. “Marketed for ‘BDSM players of all experience levels’,” He pitches his voice low, like a comically terrible advertisement narrator. “but remind me to read you the full description later because holy shit, I laughed so hard I seriously almost peed myself.”

At this, Jeongguk snorts under his breath, finally moving up to kneel by Jimin’s shoulders and begin working on his wrists. “So will these be comfortable for you?” He can’t help but ask, holding one fuzzy cuff in his hand and squeezing it idly, noting how it, too, is fully adjustable.

“I think so.” Jimin answers honestly. “They’re designed to be pretty darn soft, even if they’re a bit cheap. I promise that if they actually suck or hurt me or anything, I will tell you.” He assures him, making little grabby gestures with his left hand that’s still dutifully resting up on the corner of the mattress. “Now c’mon – cuff me, officer.”

There’s no mistaking the sudden blush that lights up across the tops of Jeongguk’s cheeks, so Jimin makes sure to store that information away for later. “Alright, alright, let me see how this thing even works.” Jeongguk grumbles.

It’s not rocket science so it doesn’t take more than a minute for Jeongguk to get both of Jimin’s wrists securely fastened, though he leaves more than enough wiggle room within each cuff – despite Jimin’s incessant reassurances, Jeongguk is terribly wary of cutting off circulation or anything of the sort.

The fur is definitely low-grade and there’s not actually that much cushion, but the cuffs still feel perfectly fine on Jimin’s skin. He makes sure to tell Jeongguk this for the thousandth time as his boyfriend finally scooches his way down to Jimin’s ankles.

“I guess this is where we’ll see how much slack we have to work with.” Jimin mentions, delighted by the sight of Jeongguk holding his ankle and securing the restraints around his fair skin. He’s trying to stay nonchalant, let Jeongguk familiarize himself with the contraption and the actual notion of using it during sex, but even just having his arms bound up above his head like this is making his chest tighten in undeniable anticipation.

Jeongguk pays him no mind, fortunately, too occupied testing out the tightness of each ankle cuff before tugging on the pink belts. With cold calculation in his eyes, he watches the way the belt snaps when released, pulled perfectly taut down under the mattress.

Thanks to this, Jimin’s arms are pulled up just a hair further, stretched into each corner with almost no wiggle room allotted now that the other ends of the restraints are successfully tethered to his ankles.

He’s well and truly tied up, practically no adjustments needed.

Jeongguk crawls off the bed in slow motion, his eyes raking over Jimin’s form like he’s taking in the sight of a finished puzzle, the pieces put together and the grand image finally discernable. He sees that Jimin has next to no slack, though his boyfriend appears comfortable and unstrained.

Jesus Christ. Jimin is really here, tied up on their bed, helpless and trapped. Sure, Jeongguk was lenient with the tightness of the cuffs, but neither of them are sure if Jimin could actually break free without any sort of assistance.

The thought is chilling. Almost heavy, like a responsibility, the fact that Jeongguk will be in charge of literally returning freedom and autonomy to his hyung.

“Wow.” Jeongguk hears himself say, hushed and sounding genuinely awed. A passerby would think he was laying eyes on the Pyramids of Giza or Notre Dame in the flesh, not his boyfriend tied down to their bed, fully clothed but still looking good enough to eat.

A tasty little treat, all laid out for Jeongguk.

Jimin wriggles around just a bit, testing the elasticity – or lack thereof – in each of the lengths of belt, flexing his arms and legs to see how much room he’s got. He’s tickled pink with the results, a perverted rush of giddiness spreading in his chest.

“We did damn good adjusting the lengths, it’s tight but definitely not too tight.” Jimin declares proudly, finally looking up at Jeongguk where he’s standing stock-still at the foot of the bed. Whatever else he might have said dies in the back of his throat, the sight of Jeongguk’s piercing gaze roving over his body enough to leave him stupefied.

Woah. Jeongguk looks… he looks dark, he looks lethal.

“Jeonggukie?” He can’t help but ask, barely noticing how small he sounds, how much his voice has faded.

His boyfriend doesn’t move, doesn’t twitch. His hair’s been pushed away from his forehead, a bit of gel leftover from the morning, enough to bare his forehead and his eyebrows that seem to be arching down slowly, so slowly. His mouth is one flat line, the muscles on either side tense enough for his dimples to show. Even his jaw seems sharper, his profile beautifully pronounced thanks to the evening light pouring in.

His expression is hardening even further still, like the longer he soaks in the sight of Jimin spread out on their bed, the darker his intentions grow.

Jimin swallows. He genuinely can’t remember a time he ever saw Jeongguk look like this, not even with both their bodies bare and the throes of passion overwhelming them.

After what could be a minute, could be an hour, Jeongguk takes one step closer to the bed. Jimin’s eyes can’t help but flit down, gasping under his breath at the telltale bulge in his boyfriend’s jeans.

Again – woah.

His natural inclination is to speak, to ask Jeongguk what he thinks and how he’s feeling, but for once Jimin feels like the reigns have been taken from him, like he has no authority to talk. Jeongguk’s behind the wheel right now and the shift in the air is palpable, like what was meant to be a quick fitting has turned into this momentous transfer of power.

This moment feels loaded, and Jimin genuinely isn’t sure how to proceed.

“Hyung.” Jeongguk startles him, breaking the silence out of nowhere. He sounds strained and the moment he speaks, his expression crumples a bit like he’s in pain.

Jimin locks eyes with him and does nothing more, letting Jeongguk work this out himself.

Another step closer to the bed. “God, I don’t…” Jeongguk trails off, shaking his head, unable to tear his eyes away from Jimin. “I don’t know why but this, this is insane.”

At this, Jimin cocks his head just a tad, almost hesitant to reply. “What is, Jeonggukie?” He keeps his tone gentle, voice low.

“You, this, having you like this.” He gestures with one hand at the bed, his face a strange mix of agony and desire. “You’re just, you’re just lying there and you’re not even naked but fuck.” He rakes a hand down his face, eyes locking back onto Jimin the moment his palm has passed over them. “Fuck…”

He literally just chugged half a smoothie but his throat has never felt so dry, his heartrate picking up like it’s been hit with a shot of caffeine. Jimin speaks once more, “You… like it, Jeonggukie?” It feels a bit ridiculous to ask but it’s almost a formality at this point, something that needs to be said and made clear at least once before whatever energy is brewing between them explodes.

He sees Jeongguk swallow, tracking the bob of his Adam’s apple. Jeongguk’s expression bleeds back into that same cold mask, only a faint trace of confusion left in his eyes. “I fucking love it.”

Oh. That’s, that’s good.

Jimin has nothing left to say. The gravity of the moment is pinning him down more than the restraints and he feels like he owes it to Jeongguk to let him see this thing through, to figure out what he’s feeling and how to handle it.

So he lays there. He relaxes his muscles as best as he can, perfectly comfortable on their bed, forcing himself to unclench his fists. He’s not scared – not at all.

If anything, he’s terrified by how potent of an effect this seems to be having on the both of them.

As if possessed by sheer desire to be closer to Jimin, Jeongguk finally brings one knee onto the bed, his hands glued to his sides. “Hyung, you… you told me that you weren’t comfortable being completely restrained.” A bit of clarity has come back to his voice and there’s sincere concern gleaming in his eyes.

Jimin nods, “I never was with anyone else.” The implication is loud and clear but he knows that Jeongguk needs the reassurance, so he goes on. “I’m not uncomfortable at all, Jeonggukie, not in any sense. I trust you.”

Perhaps that was the final straw that Jeongguk needed to break. He brings his other knee up, keeping his back ramrod straight as he kneels beside Jimin, more of the same tension taking over his features.

“You look amazing, Jimin-hyung.” He says. “I’m – this is so freaking sexy, I don’t even know why.”

“This is a pretty common kink, you know. The ‘B’ in BDSM literally stands for Bondage.” Jimin replies, keeping his voice quiet, not even sure if Jeongguk is fully registering what he’s saying.

Jeongguk moves an inch closer. “I know you said… you said you’ve got a tummy ache, so we don’t have to do anything.” Ever-considerate, Jeongguk reminds them both of the fact that Jimin’s been just a tad unwell all day, and that he’d pointblank denied penetration of any sort for the evening when they were setting up the restraints, not wanting to disappoint Jeongguk in the heat of the moment later on.

Even still, Jimin can’t help himself. “You don’t, uhm. You don’t have to do anything to me, Jeonggukie.”

Cocking one brow in question, Jeongguk meets his eye again, looking almost pained to be forcing his gaze away from Jimin’s taut body. He hears the way Jimin left that open-ended, not necessarily a shutdown to any progression.

Realizing that it’ll just be dragged out of him sooner rather than later, Jimin elaborates, “I mean, you could just take care of yourself…” He trails off, a healthy dose of bashfulness flooding his system at his own words.

Truth be told – though Jimin’s never caught his boyfriend in the midst of the act – his imagination is awfully obsessed with the sight of Jeongguk masturbating. The thought of his darling boyfriend so overcome with want, helpless to his desire, fisting his own cock while his mind runs wild with all sort of precious fantasies…

There are very few things sexier to Jimin on this earth, even if he’s never said so out loud.

“Oh.” Jeongguk murmurs. He can fill in that blank perfectly fine, he just can’t believe what Jimin’s offering.

Moreover, he can’t believe how hot the thought of going through with it makes him, like a furnace instantly kicked up in his gut once the words left Jimin’s lips.

Jimin squirms some more, resolutely avoiding Jeongguk’s eyes, staring off at a corner of their ceiling. He feels exposed now, like Jeongguk’s just gotten another sneak peek into the inner workings of his hyung’s filthy mind.

He loves it.

He loves lying here, a pretty little helpless thing for his boyfriend to ogle, to fantasize over and ravish. Even if they’ll go no further than kissing and touching tonight, Jimin is drowning in this new sensation, loving every second of the vulnerability, seeing fantasies grow and take shape all across the horizon of his imagination.

The telltale sound of a belt being undone seems to echo in their apartment and Jimin whips his head back to face Jeongguk so quickly it almost hurts. He feels his eyes bugging at the sight of Jeongguk’s right hand unfastening his belt while his left holds it still, the veins on the backs of his hands popped out on full display.

Jeongguk’s looking somewhere around Jimin’s legs, his eyes taking their sweet time dragging up, up, up, until his molten gaze is capturing Jimin once again.

“You’re really okay with that, hyung?” He asks, voice misted in heat. Even while he awaits Jimin’s answer his hands continue their work, the belt popping fully open and his fingers walking to the button of his jeans, making quick work of it next.

Jeongguk would stop, if Jimin changed his mind. If Jimin told him no, right now, told him to untie him and go make them dinner, Jeongguk would do it without hesitation.

Under normal circumstances, Jimin thinks, Jeongguk wouldn’t be this brazen. He’d be tentative, hesitant to bring himself any pleasure without ensuring that Jimin had cum at least once already. He’s a giver. The thought of taking, of giving Jimin nothing but first row seats to the show, would be abhorrent to him.

Yet here he is. Eyes so dark they could be mistaken for black, chest looking broader than ever, hands already itching to climb into his own pants and free his cock, to stroke it right above his sitting duck of a boyfriend.

Though his tongue feels two sizes too big, Jimin manages a response. “Yeah, Jeonggukie. Hyung wants to see you.”

Jeongguk’s tongue rolls in his mouth, the tip pressing into his cheek for a solid beat, and Jimin feels an inferno blazing inside him. He can’t look away from his boyfriend’s face – normally so gentle and inquisitive, looking now like he’s squaring up for the kill – but he hears the unmistakable sound of a zipper being lowered.

This is really happening.

He sucks in a gulp of air, his chest expanding and his eyelids lowering to half-mast. “Jeongguk-ah.” He says, almost unbidden, like it’s been heaved out of him.

In lieu of a response, Jeongguk rolls his head back a bit so he’s looking at Jimin down the bridge of his nose. As if his looming stance wasn’t imposing enough, the action has Jimin feeling entirely corned, like he’s a fatted calf being appraised moments before the slaughter.

Jeongguk shucks the front of his jeans and boxers down in one go, just enough for his cock to come free, heavy and flushed but still slapping up against his abdomen. Jimin can’t help but drink in the sight of it, the head gorgeously swollen and one prominent vein running up the underside – he can almost feel the phantom sensation of it on his tongue, so many memories of licking up from base to tip fresh as day in his head.

“Fuck, Jimin-hyung.” Jeongguk rasps, rolling his skull to the side, eyes nearly falling shut but he makes a diligent effort to keep them open, visibly reluctant to look away from Jimin even for a second. “Look at you.”

With no other preamble, Jeongguk starts palming at his cock. He grips the base and seems to squeeze it in little pulses for just a moment. Jimin doesn’t miss any of it, his eyes peeled and glued to the sight of his boyfriend’s long, dexterous fingers working himself over like he’s never seen before.

He’s going to have this image burned into his mind for years to come.

Jimin doesn’t feel the need to do or say anything, no compulsion to put on an act or ham up his predicament. Jeongguk appears entirely debauched enough as it is, just staring down at his fully-clothed boyfriend, wrists and ankles shackled.

Jeongguk groans suddenly, the sound so deep and primal that Jimin feels himself throbbing in the confines of his own jeans. He genuinely couldn’t care less, though, too enraptured by this turn of events to bother fretting over his restricted erection.

“You can’t move… you’re just, fuck. You’re just stuck there.” Jeongguk goes on, almost like he’s murmuring to himself with no intent of being heard, his thoughts spilling out unconsciously. “Look so good, all for me.”

Another searing flush spreads down Jimin’s core. A possessive Jeongguk is ridiculously attractive, a rare but welcome sight.

Jimin nods, his throat too tight for words to pass through. He’s panting and he doesn’t even know why, but he feels the beginnings of a sweat breaking out on his skin nonetheless.

Jeongguk crawls even closer, properly towering over Jimin now, fisting his cock and pumping himself at a steady pace like he has no patience to work himself up gradually. There’s a fog of lust clouding every corner of his mind, his left hand clutching the inner meat of his own thigh like it needs to be grounded on something, his right moving faster and faster as he begins well and truly jacking himself off.

Like some dam has broken, a vault finally unlocked, Jeongguk’s imagination runs wild. He sees Jimin below him just like this, skin dewy with sweat and flushing pink as he strains against the cuffs, moaning in delirium with Jeongguk’s hand between his legs.

He sees Jimin spread even wider, legs open so far with a pillow pushed under him so nothing is hidden, every inch of him on display for Jeongguk, just waiting to be devoured.

He sees himself fucking Jimin into a stupor, his hyung’s strong biceps and thick thighs bulging, straining helplessly against the restraints, forced to lay pliant and take Jeongguk’s cock.

He sees black fog creeping into the edge of his vision, the sight of Jimin’s jean-clad legs blurring as tears spring to his eyes from the sudden rush of pleasure. He’s pumping himself like mad now, the sound of it so sloppy and loud he should feel embarrassed, but he sees the way Jimin is whining and squirming on the bed beneath him, eyes glazing over as they take in the view of Jeongguk falling apart above him.

Jimin is enjoying this, too.

In fact, Jimin is enjoying this so much, he can’t catch his breath. He’s craning his neck as if he could somehow reach Jeongguk’s cock, reach it just enough to fit his mouth over the tip, wrap his lips around it. His mouth has fallen open, tongue hanging out ever so slightly, chest heaving with the force of his breaths.

He looks like he’s being fucked, like he’s consumed with lust, all from the visual Jeongguk’s providing him.

“Fuck.” Jeongguk finally lets his eyes shut, just for a moment, long enough for a barrage of half-formed fantasies to hit him full force. He’s moaning, the raw drag of his fist more than enough in this moment, his cock throbbing in his grip. “Jimin-hyung, fuck.”

“Jeonggukie…” Jimin answers, toes curling in his socks. His boyfriend is a fucking vision above him, the dying light of the sun painting him in warm gold, little beads of sweat forming on his brow. His cock has never looked so delicious, Jimin swears, and he’s torn between begging Jeongguk to fuck his mouth and letting him go about his business, so terribly addicted to the sight of his boyfriend pleasuring himself in such a feverish way.

Eyes reopening and instantly focusing on Jimin’s wanton expression, Jeongguk nearly growls. He can’t take much more of this.

“Gonna fuck you like this, hyung, I promise.” Tone vicious and wicked, Jeongguk almost snarls as he speaks. He’s slowed himself down just enough to swipe at the tip of his cock every few strokes, pearls of precum starting to ease the slide.

Jimin sucks in a sharp inhale, eyes open wide.

Like a man possessed, Jeongguk goes on, tongue flicking out to wet his lower lip before he says, “Gonna put you on your stomach next, fuck you like that, make it so good for you.” He’s barely even hearing himself, cotton balls stuffing his ears, the sound of his own heartbeat beginning to crescendo. “You’ll take it so well, be so good, so good for me...”

His voice goes tight at the end, eyebrows crunching inward, hissing out his next exhale. Jimin feels like he’s watching Jeongguk’s last moments before going rabid, like a feral animal seconds away from snapping.

He fucking loves it, every single second of it, wants to commit every last detail to memory in solid stone.

Surprising them both, Jeongguk starts to cum. He moans out high, the purest sound he’s made all evening, eyes finally squeezing closed again. His fist slows down as he rides it out, a few droplets of hot cum leaking down to his thumb and forefinger as the pleasure ebbs.

When his heart has dropped out of his throat and his cock has been thoroughly milked, Jeongguk catches his breath. The last wisps of dream-Jimin, tied up and wrapped in bubblegum pink, fade from his mind, a succulent treat to be revisited and savored again later.

His eyes open, not entirely sure when he threw his head back, staring up at their ceiling as his breathing evens out.

Lazily, he lets his eyes roll back down to the bed. Real life Jimin still lays there, of course, tied up as he is. His cheeks have been stained a lovely pink, his own breaths still coming rapid and uneven. He’s staring Jeongguk down in uncontained wonder, a blend of astonishment and raw desire visible in his gaze.

And – oh shit.

There, there on Jimin’s plain, long-sleeved blue shirt…

“Oh my god.” Jeongguk says, voice still ragged.

He fucking came all over Jimin’s clothed chest, thick strings of cum painted across his torso. Some even dripped down onto the bed.

“Oh my god.” He says one more time for good measure, sounding a bit more panicked now.

“Jeonggukie.” Jimin responds, voice colored in admiration, hot like oil. “My Jeonggukie.”

Like a fire’s been lit inside him, Jeongguk moves to untie Jimin. He undoes both wrists in the blink of an eye, grabbing Jimin’s hands in his own and helping him up into a sitting position before he goes to free his ankles.

Jimin watches him in a daze, his cock still stupidly hard in his pants, drunk off the show he’d just been given. “Come here, Jeonggukie.” He tells him once Jeongguk’s through with all the cuffs, busying himself with checking that both of Jimin’s ankles are still properly attached and unharmed.

Startled, Jeongguk does as he’s told. He crawls back up and sits just beside Jimin, legs crossed and unbothered by the fact that his pants are still undone and his flaccid cock is exposed.

Jimin gives himself a moment to regain composure, hyperaware of the warm cum that’s crawling down the front of his shirt. Jeongguk follows the trail with his eyes, brows knit in concern, looking like he’s five seconds away from reaching out and wiping the stuff off. “I’m so – shit, I’m so, so sorry, Jimin-hyung.” He says, voice soft and weary in perfect contrast to his demeanor from the last few minutes.

A low little chuckle escaping him, Jimin shakes his head slowly. He closes his eyes. “Jeongguk-ah, that was the single hottest thing I’ve ever seen in my life.”

Well. That gives Jeongguk pause.

Humming thoughtfully, like he’s already reliving the memory of just a moment ago, Jimin goes on, “I cannot believe you did that.”

Mouth agape, Jeongguk stops his twitching hands from reaching out towards Jimin’s cum-stained chest. “Yeah, me neither…” He coughs, feeling awkward and unsure out of nowhere. “That was hot?”

Jimin’s eyes snap open, instantly locking onto Jeongguk’s face. Intense sincerity pours out of him, unmistakable certainty in his voice, “That was something straight out of my wet dreams, Jeongguk, I wish I’d recorded you so I could show you exactly what I saw.”

The thought has a chilly shiver running down Jeongguk’s spine, unsure what he feels towards the thought of being recorded, even if it was just a hollow statement.

“Oh.” He responds lamely. He’s still terribly upset at the fact that he came all over Jimin like he was some amateur porn-star, lamenting the stain that’s sure to be left on Jimin’s shirt.

Jimin tracks his gaze and chuckles under his breath some more. “Baby, god…” He shakes his head, finally rolling it around a bit to crack his neck. “That was amazing. I can’t believe you came on me!” He says this last past in breathless awe, a laugh of disbelief accompanying his words.

Jeongguk scratches the nape of his neck, finally looking up into Jimin’s eyes. “Same, honestly.”

Before either of them can blink, Jimin’s darting forward and cupping Jeongguk’s cheeks with both of his hands, their lips meeting in a searing kiss. It grows wet and sloppy in moments, Jimin practically forcing Jeongguk’s mouth open wider with his grip, but Jeongguk is all too happy to taste his hyung and feel him so close after such a strange, distant scene.

Once Jeongguk’s properly lax, almost jellified down to his bones, Jimin detaches himself. Their lips are both glossy with spit, aching to continue, but his thoughts are racing and he doesn’t want to lose himself in the distraction that is Jeongguk’s mouth.

“I’m really glad you seem to like the present so much.” Jimin says, a bit smug, thinking clearer with his erection finally waning. As if reading his mind, Jeongguk shoots a look down at Jimin’s crotch, displeased frown taking over his face. “Pumpkin, look at me.” Jimin cups his chin and forces Jeongguk’s eyes to move upward, away from his dick. “I love you so freaking much. You are the sexiest man I have ever seen with my own two eyes.”

Jeongguk laughs at this, high and sweet, making no move to break free of Jimin’s hold. “I love you too, hyung. Can I help you? Please? Would it hurt your tummy if I just sucked you off?”

“As sweet as that sounds baby, I really just want to lay with you right now.” Jimin tells him, pitifully endeared.

Puckering his lips just a bit, Jeongguk relents. “Fine. You owe me, though.”

Jimin’s eyebrows shoot up, a startled laugh rolling out of him. “I owe you? Owe you what exactly, an orgasm?”

Pretending to think it over, Jeongguk hums. When a shit-eating grin begins creeping onto his face, he starts crawling closer to Jimin. “Or two, or three.”

Jimin lets himself be pushed onto his back, delighted at the way Jeongguk fits himself up next to him like a shadow. He feels a phantom trickle of heat at Jeongguk’s words but stows them away for safekeeping, along with all the other sinful thoughts threatening to break free.

“Sounds like a deal, Jeongguk-ah.”

Chapter Text

Surprisingly, they manage to drag themselves out of bed and finish their evening with relative productivity after only a few more sluggish, cuddle-filled minutes.

Jimin’s stomachache worsens as the night goes on and Jeongguk fusses over him incessantly, forcing antacids into him and hovering like a nervous hen.

“Do you want me to grab the rest of your smoothie? Reblend it a little so it’s smoother? Or, no, that’s probably too sweet – what about a mild soup? I don’t, I’m not as good as you but I think I could manage to whip something up.” Jeongguk rambles on, playing with his own fingers. He’s had a perpetual frown carved onto his face for at least the last half hour, and Jimin is torn between feeling terribly endeared and exasperated.

A sigh leaves his lips and that probably means he’s leaning more towards exasperation. “Jeongguk-ah, baby, relax.” He leans his head back over the top of the couch and groans a bit under his breath, fully aware that his eyebrows are pinched together in discomfort and that’s only going to make Jeongguk worry harder. “I don’t think I want to put anything else in me right now, maybe just sip on water for the rest of the night and take it easy.”

Though his eyes have fluttered closed, Jimin can practically see Jeongguk flitting around their kitchen with how loud and hurried his movements are. He hears the cupboard slamming shut once Jeongguk’s retrieved a glass, the loud churning of their ice machine as it whirs to life, the steady trickle of water from the fridge dispenser.

Impressively soon, Jimin feels his right fist being gently pried open, a cool glass fitting right up against his palm. Jeongguk even goes so far as to carefully close Jimin’s fingers back around the glass for him, testing Jimin’s grip on the cup before he tentatively pulls away.

When Jimin reopens his eyes, endearment wins back over – the sight of Jeongguk nibbling on his fat lower lip, anxiety radiating off of him in palpable waves, looking at the fresh glass of ice water in Jimin’s hand like it’s the last hope for the survival of mankind…

Ah, shit. So adorable.

“Thank you, Ggukie, you didn’t have to.”

Their eyes lock and, thankfully, it seems to soothe Jeongguk just a tad, like he’s got confirmation that Jimin isn’t going to die right there on their lumpy little couch. “’S no big, hyung. Wanna take care of you.” He shrugs, like it’s easy, obvious.

And how can Jimin say no to him, literally ever?

The night goes on much the same, with Jimin doing his best to power through a lengthy reading he’s been assigned despite his discomfort and Jeongguk pretending to write an essay while he orbits around Jimin, still occasionally offering medicines and snacks alike.

Jimin can’t help but laugh at the way Jeongguk’s huge, nervous eyes trace his every move when they’re crammed in their bathroom later, washing their faces and brushing their teeth in tandem as they do most every night. His boyfriend – his angel – even goes so far as to ask him if he wants some privacy for a little to “try to get everything icky out of him, one way or another”. Unfortunately, Jimin ends up laughing so hard that he really does upset his stomach even further, and Jeongguk starts fretting all over again.

What feels like an eon later, the two find their way under the covers. Lights shut off and heater turned up, Jimin lets the stillness of their home wash over him, an atmospheric balm to soothe his uncomfortable body.

He can almost feel the way Jeongguk is still buzzing with worry beside him, doing his best to roll over and situate himself gently enough so as not to rock the bed and risk bringing further discomfort to Jimin’s stomach. He knows being sick exacerbates his annoyance levels, but he forces himself to take a long, steady breath, reminding himself that his Jeongguk has always been this way and that it is, in fact, one of the infinite things that Jimin loves about him.

With that thought as his catalyst, Jimin lolls his head to the side, eyes straining to make out Jeongguk’s features in the pitch dark. “Thank you for taking such good care of me, Jeonggukie. You always do.”

Jeongguk whips his head over to meet Jimin’s gaze so quick, it’s hysterical. The whites of his eyes are so visible that it makes it easier to discern the rest of his features under the cover of dark. He looks like a startled little owl, peering back at Jimin like that. “Wish I could do more. Wish I could just switch stomachs with you, like a quick transplant or something.”

The fact that he so genuinely means it, that – if such an unrealistic option were somehow presented to them – Jeongguk wouldn’t even hesitate to go through with it, makes Jimin want to laugh and cry all at once.

“Shut up. Stop being the sweetest, most lovable human on the face of the earth.” Jimin whispers, a random surge of emotion rising up in his chest, threatening to clog his throat. Must be the stomachache. “Switch stomachs with me…” He shakes his head. “Damnit, Jeongguk, I love you so much I want to throttle you.”

Jeongguk feels emboldened enough at this to squirm a little closer, laying entirely on his side to face Jimin. He’s got a gorgeous, cheeky little smile lighting him up now. “That’s a pretty weird thing to want to do to someone you love, hyung.”

Jimin can’t even feel annoyed, not when he sees the way Jeongguk’s eyes crinkle closed with his laughter, though he does his damndest to keep them open in the hopes of seeing Jimin laugh, too. He’s always like that, always keeping his eyes homed in on Jimin wherever he is, desperate to catch if Jimin reacts positively to a joke he makes or a hammy stunt he pulls.

So Jimin lets his giggles go, releasing them into the air like those pretty floating lanterns. His own eyes squeeze shut but he knows that Jeongguk is still watching him – always watching him. It’s comforting.

When silence settles over them again, Jimin’s struck with an idea. “Oh!” He smacks his right hand down on the mattress, blindly patting around until he finds his phone half-smooshed under his hip. He pulls it up to his face and squints at the brightness that attacks him when he taps the home button. “Hang on, I just remembered! I have to show you this.”

Jeongguk moves even closer, tilting his head in so far that it’s nearly touching Jimin’s, looking at Jimin’s phone alongside him. “Little late for porn, if you ask me.”

If Jimin were in healthier spirits, he’d knee Jeongguk in the leg. As it is, he settles for an unimpressed grunt, opening up his Amazon app in silence.

He scrolls through his order history, clicking on their new set of pretty pink restraints and scrolling down the page in a rush, a maniacal smile taking over his face. Distantly, he hears Jeongguk make an inquisitive little sound, but Jimin just clears his throat and starts reading in his most theatrical voice possible, “About this item – Description:”

Wanting to savor the surprise, Jimin tilts his phone to keep Jeongguk’s curious eyes away from the screen. “CAN’T REFUSE THE REASON!” Jimin shouts, voice pitched stupidly low, delighted to hear Jeongguk’s startled chuckle.

“What? Wait, what, is that real?” Jeongguk asks, rushed and disbelieving.

Jimin ignores him, steamrolling on in his same dramatic, booming voice, “Refused tedious multiple pleasure, not enjoy the same sex stimulation? Sex rigidly adhere to a form…” The first chuckle breaks out of him, but he does his best to squeeze his lips together to smother it before continuing. “You want to play the cube, different combinations can bring you infinite mystery of sexual pleasure!” By the end, his voice is breaking, placing emphasis on random words as his tone wobbles, laughter constantly threatening to pour out of him like a river from a cracked dam.

Jeongguk is full-on guffawing next to him, tucking his face into the crook of Jimin’s neck. “No, no stop, this can’t be real!” His laughter is too damn infectious and Jimin finds himself breaking, one big, breathless laugh the start of the end for him. “What does that even mean?!” Before he knows it, they’re all wrapped up together, Jimin’s phone having fallen down onto his chest, the both of them laughing so hard they’re shaking.

The sound of Jeongguk’s bright, boyish laughter seeps into Jimin’s pores like an elixir, lifting his spirits as it always has. He only laughs like this when he’s really overcome, the sound something he used to be a bit ashamed of, something he’d keep under wraps in public for fear of being mocked. Jimin might very well have been the first person to ever compliment him on it, to tell him with no ounce of hesitation or exaggeration that Jeongguk’s laugh was fucking precious, that it made Jimin happier than anything else.

Since then, Jeongguk’s let himself laugh freely like this far more often.

“Hyung, you bought that thing? After reading that description?” There’s a shaky quality to Jeongguk’s voice, like he’s fighting back another fit of giggles.

Jimin just nods, “Didn’t you hear the very first sentence? Can’t refuse the reason, Jeonggukie!” He yells the last part again, shaking Jeongguk’s shoulder for emphasis. They both crumble again at this, the whole thing so stupid, so funny for no good reason.

It’s exactly what Jimin needed to conclude their strange, beautiful day together. His tummy may still be churning in agitation, his dick still pouting over the denial of release from earlier, but his heart… his heart is happy.



“Aquaman? Is that even any good?” Jeongguk asks, condescension already creeping into his tone.

Jimin just smiles at him indulgently, moving up to the cashier window and greeting them with cheer. He can tell that Jeongguk is also displeased with the fact that Jimin is paying for their tickets, but fair is fair – he had paid for their delicious Mongolian dinner, now Jimin gets to pay for the movie.

Date night hadn’t happened in far too long and it was Jeongguk who insisted on the two of them spending their Friday night out for once, for the first time in a good long while. Jimin, freshly healed from his little stomach bug, agreed easily, glad to have an excuse to see Jeongguk all cleaned up in a tucked-in button up and fitted slacks.

He knows that Jeongguk loves to dress up for him, to peacock and preen himself, mostly because he loves the way Jimin compliments him. Even if he shies away from the praise or tries to undermine it, Jimin never misses the way his boyfriend’s smile melts into satisfaction, a glowing sort of bashfulness taking him over when he comes to learn that Jimin finds him attractive.

Which, honestly, is ridiculous. Not a second of any given day goes by without Jimin finding his boyfriend to be any variation of beautiful.

“Thank you, ma’am.” Jimin accepts their tickets and starts heading in towards the theatres, Jeongguk stuck to his side like faithful glue. “I’ll have you know, Jason Momoa may be the only creature on this earth who can give your eyebrows a run for their money.” He says, smirking without turning to look at Jeongguk.

“Yeah, that seems like a perfectly valid reason to go see a movie – to compare some dude’s eyebrows with your boyfriend’s.” Jeongguk deadpans, eyeing the concession stand for just a moment before rubbing a hand over his tummy, as if only now remembering how full he still is from dinner.

Jimin just laughs, the ambiance of the evening leaving him light and carefree. They’ve got the whole weekend ahead of them, barely any schoolwork lugging them down, a hearty meal in their bellies and peace in their hearts. It’s simple, everyday moments like this that never fail to bring Jimin’s mind wandering towards forever, towards a distant future and a world of possibilities.

In every single one of them, he sees his hand clasped tight with Jeongguk’s. Maybe a couple stripes of matching gold around their fingers.


Jeongguk waves a hand in front of his face, snapping him back to the present. “Sorry, sorry. What’s up?”

Equal parts patient and fond, Jeongguk asks for apparently the second time, “You still hungry? Want me to pick up any snacks or drinks?”

The lights in this part of the cinema are colorful and rich, big advertisements and screens decking the halls. They paint Jeongguk in streaks of gold and blue, and Jimin realizes he still isn’t used to this hair color on Jeongguk, still can’t believe how good his darling looks with warm, black hair, so long it’s a bit wavy now as it falls over his ears.

He’s surely zoning out again, something about this quaint little date night getting him all sappy and smitten, waxing poetry in his mind over the damn crimps in Jeongguk’s hair and the way he’s looking at Jimin right now, tender as ever.

“Can we get a box of those chocolate mints?” Jimin asks, if only to see the way Jeongguk’s smile lights up his whole face, the mention of their shared favorite candy enough to ignite a beacon in each of his eyes. “Maybe two?”

Jeongguk chuckles, lacing their fingers and pulling Jimin along to the cashier in unabashed glee.

He’s so full he can’t even fathom eating another bite, eager to go grab a good seat for the opening weekend film, but there’s nothing more rewarding on this earth than the sight of a happy Jeongguk. Jimin watches him place their order with the cashier feeling all the while like the world is moving in cliched slow-motion around him, a perpetual halo shining atop Jeongguk’s head.

When Jeongguk turns over his shoulder to grin at Jimin in what can only be described as childlike triumph, proudly declaring that “They’re buy-one-get-one-free tonight, hyung!”, Jimin lets his mind wander just a little more towards that sweet, sweet realm of forever.



The midnight train is dead as a graveyard tonight, but that only brings comfort to the two lovebirds.

High off the success of a night spent out on the town – an admittedly rare feat for them – Jimin and Jeongguk settle in to the padded bench in the very rear of the car, a broad window showing them the train tracks left in their wake and the moon hung high just behind them. The night sky is littered with dark, wispy clouds and a few smattered clumps of stars, the sight enough to bring yet another smile to Jimin’s face.

His cheeks genuinely ache from how often they’ve been bunched up in delight throughout the evening. If there’s any measure of how successful a date is, this must surely be it.

Jeongguk’s been prattling on about the movie for a solid half hour now, torn between reluctantly praising the film from a technical standpoint and bashing it like the opinionated fanboy he is. Jimin indulges him, playing devil’s advocate here and there just to watch him work himself up into a fury all over again.

It’s adorable. The night is perfect. Jimin is in love.

They’ve got another twenty minutes left on their ride, not a single soul in the car with them. Jeongguk rests his temple down on Jimin’s shoulder, his arm loosely wrapped around Jimin’s hips, their thighs completely flush with how close they’re sitting.

Privacy allows Jimin to speak his mind. “Can’t believe we haven’t had proper sex all week.”

Jeongguk snorts under his breath, not even surprised to hear his hyung randomly bring up their sex life or lack thereof. “Is this our new record?”

Jimin hums. “No, still those two weeks back during the summer, when I had to go visit my uncle.”

“Ah. I remember – I finally got a taste of your ass and then it was ripped away from me.” He says, sounding sleepy and nostalgic. “My first case of blue balls.”

The train jostles them enough that Jeongguk has to lift his head off of Jimin’s shoulder, a grumpy little pinch to his eyebrows. Jimin boops his nose as consolation. “How do you think my balls feel? Got cockblocked by my own stomach, forced to watch my stupidly sexy boyfriend put on his very first strip tease six inches away from my dick.”

Jeongguk has the sense to be embarrassed by Jimin’s shamelessness, even if there’s no one around to hear it but him. “Hyung, sheesh, why are we talking about this right now!”

Jimin pouts, cupping his own crotch for emphasis. “Have some sympathy for your hyung and his balls, Jeongguk-ah!”

Neither of them can hold back their laughter at this, silly little giggles filling up the empty car. “I’m serious though, I know it’s not necessarily sexy to lay it out like this but if we don’t do stuff tonight, certain parts of me might just shrivel up and die.” Jimin manages to get out, a bit breathy in-between laughs.

“Got it, have sex with you or be forced to help amputate your dick.” Head tilted back to stare out the window behind them, Jeongguk replies easily, a gentle smile lingering on his lips. “My path is clear.”

Jimin slaps the back of his hand against Jeongguk’s chest, just hard enough to startle Jeongguk and pull a few more cheeky snickers from him. “That actually reminds me, somehow. There was something I realized we need to talk about.”

Hearing the sudden sobriety in Jimin’s voice, Jeongguk rights his head, sitting up straight. He gives Jimin his complete attention.

“I mean, maybe not necessarily right this second, but sooner rather than later for sure, at the rate we’ve been going.” Jimin rambles a bit, lips puckered out as he thinks. He gets a bit lost looking down at their linked hands, the sight of Jeongguk’s thumb sweeping over the backs of Jimin’s knuckles in broad strokes enough to derail his train of thought.

Fortunately, Jeongguk brings him back on-course. “What is it, hyung? This about the domming stuff?” He tilts his head as he asks, that endearingly familiar curiosity already beginning to twinkle in his eyes.

There must only be ten or fifteen minutes left before they reach their station, and this truly doesn’t need to be a discussion they hash out tonight, but his lips are loose with contentment and this isn’t likely to decrease his chances of getting laid tonight, so why not.

“Yeah, pumpkin.” He shuffles around enough to face Jeongguk better, keeping their hands curled together between them. “Ever heard of something called a safeword?”

“Yes!” Jeongguk responds instantly, almost before Jimin had finished speaking. “Yes, yes, I so totally have.” His voice is positively dripping with smugness, looking back at Jimin so imploringly, like an overgrown puppy waiting to be praised.

Jimin can almost perfectly visualize a big, bushy black tail thumping down on the bench behind Jeongguk. “Wow!” He says, doing his best to pump pride into his tone. “That’s great, Jeonggukie! Tell me what you know about it, then.”

Expression dimming just a bit, Jeongguk wracks his brain. His eyes lose focus somewhere down around Jimin’s lap and as the seconds tick by, Jimin takes pity on him. “Hey, this wasn’t meant to become a pop quiz, Ggukie.” He ducks his own head down enough to meet Jeongguk’s eye, glad to see his boyfriend staring straight back at him again. “I think it’s another one of those weird terms that you somehow come to hear, one way or another, even if the context of it doesn’t quite help define it.”

A bit belatedly, Jeongguk nods in response. He’s clearly relieved to have Jimin reaffirming him and it’s terrible cute.

“I just wanna establish what it is, but it’s not really something I see us needing right away.” Jimin goes on, squeezing Jeongguk’s hand. “Don’t stress, really, this is simple.”

“Kay, hyung.” He replies obediently. The train goes a bit wobbly again for a moment, but Jeongguk’s eyes never leave Jimin’s face.

An overhead announcement dings, signaling a few upcoming stops, and Jimin continues. “So you know that there’s a lot of roleplay that goes on in BDSM, yeah?” He waits for Jeongguk’s dutiful nod before going on. “During roleplay – or scenes or whatever you wanna call it – a safeword is just a way to let your partner know how you’re doing without necessarily shattering the illusion, so to speak, or to flat-out tell them that you need to stop in a way that cannot be misunderstood.”

The streetlights pouring in from the window cast long shadows down Jeongguk’s face in a steady rhythm, on and off again as they pass by, and Jimin is a bit entranced. He powers on, “Like, if we’re acting in a certain way where I might be telling you to stop, there’s a chance I might not really mean for you to stop whatever you’re doing. You know what I’m talking about?”

Jeongguk mulls it over, “Like… like if I’m teasing you or something?”

“Right! That’s a great example, Jeonggukie. Like if you’re teasing me and I’m kind of just naturally complaining and asking you to stop or to do something else. That probably doesn’t mean I want you to literally stop every single thing that you’re doing and get your hands off me, you know?”

A couple quick nods come in response.

“However, if we have an established safeword, I could say that to let you know that I genuinely need everything to stop – that I might be in a bad sort of pain or discomfort, that I might just not be enjoying whatever’s happening, that sorta thing.” Jimin finishes, dragging the pad of his index finger over Jeongguk’s knuckle.

Jeongguk nibbles on his lower lip in thought, eyes darting out the window for just a moment. “That makes sense.” His eyebrows furrow in just a tad. “I think that would really help me relax, actually. Like a safety net that both of us know about or something, so you can let me know if anything’s ever too much.”

Jimin scooches a bit closer, eyes softening. “I know you worry over every little thing, no matter how much I try to reassure you.” He sighs. “But you’re right: this is something infallible, something we establish ahead of time so there’s no room for misunderstanding. Both of us can use it at absolutely any point, and we both know exactly what it means.”

Mirroring him a bit, Jeongguk shuffles close enough for their knees to knock again. He looks like he’s been bathed in relief. “Yes, a hundred times yes. I like the sounds of that a lot, hyung.”

“I’m glad, Jeonggukie.” Jimin smiles. He feels warm all over again at the look in Jeongguk’s eyes. “We can even have a few different ones. A lot of people do that, actually, have a system of growing severity, kind of. Like, one word might mean ‘hey I’m okay but I’m not liking where this is headed’, while another can mean ‘everything has to stop right this very instant’.”

More nods. “Even more yes, I am fully on-board. How many safewords can we have?”

It’s such a Jeongguk thing to ask, so innocent somehow, Jimin can’t help but to laugh into the palm of his free hand. “As many as we want, pumpkin.” He lowers his hand back to his lap, looking down at their interwoven fingers again. “They’re really just for any situation where we might want to preserve a scene, but I feel like we’re pretty good at understanding each other in most cases.” He sandwiches Jeongguk’s hand in-between both of his own, delighted by the way Jeongguk always manages to radiate heat. His very own personal hand-warmer. “But once we’ve got them set up, they’re free game. Like you said – our safety net.”

The train begins skidding to a stop, timing impeccable. Jeongguk helps Jimin stand, making sure they’ve both grabbed their jackets, before responding on their way out of the car, “Let’s set them up right now, then. I legit think I will sleep better at night with these things, knowing that they exist.”

Jimin laughs some more, stepping out onto the sidewalk and heading off down the familiar path homeward bound. “Okay, okay, let’s do it.” He cranes his head back for just a moment to lock eyes with the moon. “A really popular one that couples use is based off of a traffic light.”

Jeongguk hums next to him, listening intently.

“Green means everything is fine and dandy, steady as she goes.” Jeongguk snorts but offers no reply, so Jimin goes on. “Usually one of us would ask the other how they’re doing, and green is the best way to quickly say that you’re okay and nothing needs to be changed. Yellow, on the other hand, typically means that something does need to be changed, but we don’t have to stop absolutely everything.”

They come to a stop at a crosswalk, idling as they wait for the signal to invite them across the street. “How do we know what needs to be changed?” Jeongguk asks.

Humming, Jimin glances around the area, glad to see the streets deserted. “We usually just need to pause the scene at that point, if either of us says we’re yellow. Figure out what the issue is, how we can work past it. To me, yellow means I want to fix the problem but I don’t want to completely ruin the mood or end everything, I guess?”

He doesn’t really mean to pose it as a question, but he’s never given a heaping load of thought to the matter. None of his previous relationships ever dove deep enough to warrant the use of such particular safewords, but he’s more than glad to iron out every little detail with Jeongguk.

Fortunately, Jeongguk doesn’t seem to mind. He nods in understanding, eyes finding Jimin’s under the moonlight just before the crosswalk signal changes to the little walking man. “Yeah, I think that works perfect, Jimin-hyung. It’s not calling it quits, just a pause.”

“Just a pause, exactly.” Jimin parrots, checking for traffic as they saunter across the street. “Obviously, that leaves red. That is our hard stop – do not pass go, do not collect 200, et cetera et cetera.” Jimin finishes with a laugh and a wave of his hand.

Their apartment building comes into view and Jeongguk seems to speed up a bit. “Right, also makes sense. Red means stop everything, no more.”

Jimin leads the way up the stairs, the stairwell too narrow to allow them to walk side-by-side. “I also feel like red is just the most urgent – like if it comes to pain or whatever else, red would be our immediate signal to stop, but also to check for injury.”

He hears Jeongguk’s gulp even over the clatter of their ascending footsteps. “Oh.”

The concept of inflicting such unwelcome pain that Jimin is forced to use their established safeword is… it’s enough to bring that Mongolian dinner right back up to Jeongguk’s esophagus. He vows to never let it reach that point, but forces himself to take comfort in the fact that they’re setting up these safewords for such a worst-case scenario.

“Jeonggukie.” He hears Jimin say from the top of the stairs, looking back at Jeongguk with all the love and patience in the world. “Don’t look so terrified. We’re doing this in the name of safety!” He pumps his fist up in the air.

That brings a tiny little grin back onto Jeongguk’s lips, one that lingers even as he pulls out their house keys from his back pocket. “Safety, yeah. I like safety.”

“Me too.” Jimin sidles up next to him, planting one quick kiss to his cheek as Jeongguk works at the lock on the door. “Safety is sexy.”

Jeongguk twists the door handle and pushes it open, shooting an unimpressed little stare at his boyfriend. “I think stale bread would be sexy to you right now, hyung.”

Jimin bumps the door closed with his hip once they’re both inside, squatting down to untie his shoes. “Mmm, yeast… Looks so hot rising up like that.” He groans out, shit-eating grin on full display. He throws his head back theatrically, “Want that baguette in me so bad!” He’s half-shouting by the end of it and Jeongguk laughs so hard he almost topples over where he’s crouched down unlacing his own boots.

“Why are you the way that you are!” Jeongguk yells in response, plopping down onto his butt once he’s got both his boots off, smile stretched so wide it almost hurts. “Horny little freak!”

Arms coil around his neck from behind, Jimin leaning nearly all of his weight onto Jeongguk’s back. Ever pliant, Jeongguk simply leans forward to allot for the added baggage, glad to have his favorite hyung-backpack on. “That’s me.” Jimin kisses his nape and lower, little butterfly kisses falling on a path towards Jeongguk’s half-exposed shoulder. “So are you going to help take care of your poor, horny hyung, or should I go grab that loaf of rye in the kitchen and excuse myself?”

Romance at its finest. Jeongguk shakes his head fondly a few times before tilting it to make more room for Jimin’s lips. “I’m half tempted to let you go at it. Sounds hot.”

Jimin laughs right up against his jugular, the sound so sweet and pure smothered into Jeongguk’s skin. “Dork.”

Jeongguk tugs on one of Jimin’s wrists where it’s hanging in front of his chest. “Come with me, got an idea.” He says.

Acquiescing immediately, Jimin climbs off of Jeongguk’s back and offers a hand to help his boyfriend up off the floor. “Oh, baby dom’s got an idea. Color me interested.” He smirks, keeping his hand clasped with Jeongguk’s even once they’re both standing.

Finally face-to-face again, Jeongguk can’t help but to lean in for a kiss. It seems to catch Jimin by surprise but he melts into it easily, pushing his chest up against Jeongguk’s on reflex. They pull apart at the same time just a few moments later, but the gentle contact was clearly enough to butter them both up.

“C’mon.” With that, Jeongguk pulls Jimin along towards their closet, of all places. He props open the door but chooses to keep the light off, though the light in their entryway is just bright enough to help them see one another without needing to strain.

Once Jimin’s been tugged entirely inside, Jeongguk turns on him again, smashing their lips together with more urgency. He untangles his fingers from Jimin’s in favor of pulling his boyfriend’s shirt up and out from where it’s tucked into his tight pants.

Jimin follows along without missing a beat, helping Jeongguk untuck and unbutton his dress shirt, shrugging it off his shoulders in a hurry. The last barrier standing in the way is a simply white V-neck that Jeongguk makes quick work of, nearly ripping the thing in his rush to pull it up over Jimin’s head.

He hurries on after that, dropping to his knees so quick that Jimin almost steps back in surprise. Jeongguk’s got that look in his eyes again – like he’s found his next meal, like Jimin’s his fresh little lamb crawling straight into the lion’s jaw.

It’s delicious, addictive. He never knew his boyfriend was capable of looking so dangerous, so hungry.

Jeongguk undoes Jimin’s belt with practiced ease, branding Jimin’s hips with his searing kisses as he undresses him. He bites where he sees fit, nibbling and sucking on whatever patch of skin he fancies, leaving Jimin groaning under his breath.

He has half a mind to ask why it was so imperative that this take place in the closet, why he can’t be leaning back against a wall or lying on their comfy bed, but the stinging pleasure of Jeongguk’s bites is enough to hush his thoughts.

Once Jeongguk’s pulled both slacks and boxer-briefs down and Jimin’s clumsily stepped out of them, he stands back up. Somehow his shoulders seem broader, his stance more confident, like having Jimin here naked in front of him while his own outfit remains fully intact was exactly what he’d been desiring.

Belatedly – probably terribly belatedly – Jimin realizes that this very likely was part of Jeongguk’s idea, and he has a sinking suspicion he knows where this is going.

He also thinks he’s going to fucking love it.

Jeongguk jerks his head to the side once, cracking his neck suddenly. All the while he stares Jimin down, his jaw clenched and looking sharper than any blade. His hyung is gorgeous in the dim lighting, his stance unbothered even though he’s completely bare before his boyfriend.

“Hm.” Jeongguk begins, letting his eyelids droop just a tad, rolling his shoulders once. “Look at that, hyung. You’re already hard.”

He’s right. Jimin’s honestly been half-stiff since he’d draped himself over Jeongguk’s back when they were taking their shoes off, something about the night churning arousal in him for no real reason.

Taking one steady step forward, Jeongguk goes on, “Beautiful. So, so beautiful.” Jeongguk drags the back of his index finger down, down, down, reveling in all the bumps along the way as he travels the planes of Jimin’s torso. He comes to a stop just before the base of Jimin’s cock and pulls away. “Turn around.” His voice leaves absolutely zero room for discussion.

Like he’s suddenly wading through thick jelly, Jimin follows the order, turning a full 180 until he’s facing away from Jeongguk. He gasps sharply when he realizes he’s now facing their floor-length mirror, a meager few inches in front of him.

He genuinely hadn’t noticed, didn’t realize why the setting mattered so much. The pieces are definitely adding up now.

“Oh, Jeonggukie.” Jimin can’t help but whisper, stock-still as he appraises his reflection. The last time he’d been naked and gawking at the mirror like this, it had been with a stinging ass and a post-orgasmic glow.

Swallowing thickly, he feels his cock throb at the memory, fresh as day in his mind.

Two big, hot hands slide around either side of his waist, coming to a stop on each of his hips. Jeongguk fits himself up right behind him, resting his chin down on Jimin’s left shoulder and eyeing their joint reflection. “I don’t think it’s very fair that hyung got a free show this week. Do you?” He cocks one eyebrow, meeting Jimin’s gaze in the mirror.

It’s obvious to them both that Jeongguk actually still feels a tad guilty over what happened last time, over the fact that he left his hyung high and dry, cumming all over him just to add insult to injury. Nonetheless, Jimin shakes his head slowly, leaning back into Jeongguk, desperate to follow this through to the end.

Dissatisfied, Jeongguk squeezes Jimin’s hips, tilting his mouth in closer towards Jimin’s ear. “No, no, tell me, hyung. Do you think that’s fair?”

He sucks in a sharp inhale, trying his darndest to keep it subtle and hidden under his breath, a bit terrified to let Jeongguk know how worked up he already is – as if his heavy, hanging cock wasn’t a big enough indicator. “No, Jeonggukie.” Jimin says, soft enough to be a whisper. “’S not very fair.”

As if in reward, Jeongguk nuzzles his nose into the side of Jimin’s neck, breathing in the scent of him. He litters the skin with a few warm kisses before moving back up towards his ear, fully aware of the way Jimin shivers and squirms when Jeongguk’s breath tickles the shell.

“Well, sounds like I deserve a show too, then.” He begins, pressing a single kiss to Jimin’s temple just beside his ear. “But we’re gonna do it my way.”

Distantly, Jimin is able to appreciate how well his boyfriend is doing, how this demeanor seems to be coming more and more naturally to him as the weeks go by. He feels like he’s becoming an addict of sorts, hooked on the way that Jeongguk’s inner dom is starting to come out to play now that it’s been set free.

One day, he’s going to be too good at this. He’s going to know every trick in the book, even the ones that Jimin’s completely ignorant of, and he’s going to be able to reduce Jimin to incoherency with the flick of a wrist.

The thought combined with Jeongguk’s husky words has him shuddering, putty in his boyfriend’s hands.

Jeongguk lets his right hand slide down to grip Jimin’s cock, fingers tracing up and down as he feels how hot and stiff the flesh has grown.

“So hard, so gorgeous.” Jeongguk murmurs into Jimin’s temple. His grip grows tighter, squeezing the base without dragging out any friction.

He’s sickeningly delighted by the way Jimin squirms, making no move to get away from Jeongguk but wiggling backwards like he’s trying to press himself in closer. Jimin lets his head fall back to rest on Jeongguk’s shoulder, his eyes hazy as they track the barely-there motion of Jeongguk’s hand in the mirror. The feel of Jeongguk’s tented slacks and crisp dress shirt smooshed up against his naked backside has him reeling, heady with the sensation, a sharp reminder of his predicament.

Though his left hand is still anchored down on Jimin’s hip, Jeongguk’s not exactly restraining Jimin. He could shuffle around, walk away, turn to face his boyfriend and demand another kiss.

He does none of those things, however, if only because the darkness in Jeongguk’s eyes has grown severe enough to root Jimin where he stands. He feels shrunken and vulnerable, his fully-clothed boyfriend towering over him from behind while he shakes like a leaf, naked and aching in the face of his own reflection.

He’d styled his hair enough to have it swooping away from his face for their date, but somewhere along the way it’s fallen into disarray again, giving him an even more fucked-out, desperate look despite the fact that they’ve only just begun.

Jimin can’t help but wonder if this is how Jeongguk sees him, how he always looks to Jeongguk when they’re in the heat of the moment. It’s a bit of a dizzying thought.

Jeongguk doesn’t let his mind wander for long, however, sinking his teeth into the crook of Jimin’s neck just as he begins toying with the tip of his cock. The dual stimulation has a shaky moan pouring out of Jimin, loud and honest.

“Don’t look away, hyung. You’ll miss the show.” Sweet, warm lips whisper against his skin, seconds before teeth dig in again.

Maybe Jeongguk’s already too good at this. Maybe there’s no saving Jimin, now.

Chapter Text

The semester goes on.

Finals start poking their head from around the corner and studying starts to usurp leisure once again. Textbooks that have only been used once or twice begin piling up on the kitchen table, extra scantrons and pencils litter the apartment, a hefty supply of caffeine available at all times in the cabinets and fridge.

Nevertheless, Jeongguk and Jimin tackle it all hand-in-hand.

Three weeks ago, Jeongguk had forced Jimin to jerk himself off in front of their mirror and promptly spoiled him with a bubble bath immediately afterwards. Mutual praise flew like arrows between them, little reassurances of “Hyung you looked so good I wanted to die” and “Jeonggukie my perfect baby dom”, until the water went tepid and the clock reminded them that normal people went to sleep before dawn.

The following week, they couldn’t keep their hands to themselves.

Well, more so than normal.

Study dates in the library led to hand holding which led to Jimin miming incredibly inappropriate gestures using their fingers which led to Jeongguk coughing so hard the librarian came to ask them if he was choking to death.

Cramped subway rides led to backhugs which led to wiggling “just to get comfortable” which led to Jeongguk with a hard-on visible from space which led to rushing off the subway at the next available station even if it’s miles from home just to makeout in the bathroom.

Exhaustion from lectures led to sleepy Jimin plopping down on the bed like a log which led to Jeongguk whining about him hogging all the room and blankets which led to Jeongguk tying Jimin’s arms down with their pretty pink cuffs as punishment which led to tear tracks burning down Jimin’s temples from Jeongguk eating him out for twenty minutes straight.

Needless to say, the lovebirds couldn’t get enough of each other.

Obviously, their hyungs took notice.

“Jimin-ah, for fuck’s sake, pick a flavor before Jeongguk orders everything on the menu for you.” Seokjin grumbled, extra cranky from the exam he’d just bombed twenty minutes prior. Spending the rest of his afternoon watching Jimin slosh his way through indecision while Jeongguk latches onto him like a leech was not high on his to-do list.

Fortunately, Jeongguk was also in a bit of a hurry that particular Friday, so he chose to usher Jimin along as well. “Go on, hyung, you picked passionfruit last week, right? You told me never to let you order the same one twice in a row.” He told him, dutiful and darling as ever.

Jimin nodded at this, a little bit of a pout betraying the fact that he was very much still considering ordering passionfruit, even if Jeongguk was 100% correct.

Jeongguk simply laughed at the sight, leaning in to sprinkle a few quick kisses on Jimin’s cheek. “I know that face, you can’t fool me.” Seokjin groaned from somewhere behind them but Jeongguk was too wrapped up in his precious hyung to care. “Go order, before Seokjin-hyung castrates us both.” With that, Jeongguk patted Jimin’s butt a few times, firm enough to almost count as a spank, before pushing him forward on the last slap.

This did not escape Seokjin’s watchful eye, nor did the sudden flush to Jimin’s cheeks, nor the way that Jeongguk “subtly” readjusted his jeans a moment later.

All of this culminated in Seokjin pointblank asking Jeongguk, once they were seated with their smoothies in the corner of the shop, “Are you the top in this marriage?”

Some smoothie may have been inhaled straight into Jeongguk’s lungs, but to his credit, he recovered mighty quick. Jimin was right there to help, scolding Seokjin for “scaring the baby like that” while rubbing Jeongguk’s back until his breathing restablilized.

“I mean, sue me for not giving much thought to your guys’ sex lives, but apparently I’d always assumed that Jimin would be dicking you down.” Seokjin added on, entirely unbothered as he nibbled on his yogurt bowl.

Jeongguk looked to Jimin for full guidance, never having been faced with the prospect of discussing the details of their intimacy so publicly like this. “Ah, Seokjinie-hyung, shameless as ever.” Jimin sighed out, sucking on his straw for just a moment while his hand squeezed comfort into Jeongguk’s thigh. “Is it so hard to believe that my Jeonggukie could fuck someone?”

“No, it’s just hard to believe he could fuck you.” Seokjin deadpanned, pointing his spoon at Jimin. “No offense, Jeongguk-ah, but you’d jump into a volcano if Jimin so much as hinted at wanting that.” Another quick bite of yogurt, humming contemplatively around the mouthful. “Actually, scratch that. You’d jump into a volcano if you so much as thought that it would somehow make Jimin happy. So, yeah, it’s a little hard for me to believe that you’d ever be in charge in any way. Maybe some supreme sub-top dynamic, at best.”

Jimin, devilish as ever, just chuckled under his breath, shaking his head fondly. His grip on Jeongguk’s thigh was quickly turning painful, a wicked smirk lighting him up. “Oh, hyung. Poor, naïve hyung.” His eyes slid over to meet Jeongguk’s, gaze molten, filthy intent obvious. “You shouldn’t judge a book by its cover. Jeongguk is full of surprises.”

Later that evening, with a full day of class behind them a nighttime of opportunity ahead of them, Jeongguk took Jimin apart piece by piece.

Kissing for ten minutes in the entryway led to Jimin begging to be fingered on the bed which led to Jeongguk dragging him over to the couch and bending him over it just to spite him which led to Jimin screaming into their couch cushions ten minutes later.

Jimin remembers falling asleep that night, fucked out in the most beautiful way possible with his angel already snoring beside him, laughing to himself in the dark about how innocent and chaste their friends thought Jeongguk to be.

If only they knew.

The following Monday, Seokjin cornered Jeongguk in the student union to apologize for any possible offense he’d given in questioning Jeongguk’s capability to top. Jeongguk waved him off with a smile, still glowing from the weekend spent in Jimin’s arms. A neat smattering of hickeys told Seokjin all that he needed to know about how his friends had spent their time off, so he simply offered to buy Jeongguk a snack to ease his conscience.

Halfway through their shared plate of dumplings, Seokjin giggled to himself, and – at Jeongguk’s incessant prompting – explained that he was amused by the thought of Jeongguk being a secretly amazing sex god.

“I dunno about any sex god, but I think I’m alright.” Jeongguk muttered, poking at a dumpling that was too hot to eat.

Seokjin laughed bright and loud, “No need to be modest with hyung, Jeongguk-ah. Jimin looked like the cat who got the cream when he said that you’re full of surprises.” He pitched his voice comically at the end, apparently doing his best impersonation of Jimin. “Bet you two get up to all sorts of filthy shit. Calling your hyung a slut and taking him to pound-town, who knew.” Seokjin shook his head before grabbing another bite.

Jeongguk felt the blood rush out of his face and a clammy chill settle over him. “A slut? What? What the heck?” He half-whispered, fear and disgust taking over his features.

“Hm?” Seokjin looked back up at him, the tail of a dumpling sticking out of his lips before he slurped it up. “Not slut? Well, how should I know what freaky nicknames you two use…” He mumbled, popping another potsticker in whole. “Bitch or whore or what the heck ever.”

Nicknames? Does… would Jimin want Jeongguk to call him a slut? A bitch? Is that sexy to people?

The thought of insulting Jimin, even under the guise of sexual roleplay, made Jeongguk’s hands shake. Nothing had ever sounded less appealing in his entire life, if he was being honest.

Most likely noticing the wave of discomfort that Jeongguk had fallen under, Seokjin did his best to soften his tone. “Did hyung make you uncomfortable? You said you didn’t mind talking about this stuff, but I was just joking around, Jeongguk-ah.”

Jeongguk shook his head, cheeks puffed out. “No, no, hyung. ‘S okay. I just, uhm.” He shifted in his chair, staring anywhere but in the direction of Seokjin. “I would never call Jimin-hyung that. Any of that. Not even if he asked me to, I don’t think.”

Seokjin hummed in understanding. “Ah, there’s our soft little boy.” He laughed, reaching across the table to ruffle Jeongguk’s hair like a child. “Don’t wanna call your beloved Jiminie-hyung any mean names, I see how it is. That’s cute.”

Fully aware that he was pouting, Jeongguk shot Seokjin the grumpiest glare he could muster. “Thought I was a sex god.”

“A cute sex god, exactly what Jimin would want.” Seokjin declared, nodding to himself. “So you aren’t into the whole degrading thing, then?”

He remembered reading about that back in some of his initial research – people who preferred roleplay that involved humiliation and degradation on a level so severe it had Jeongguk frantically closing tabs left and right. He’d very briefly addressed it with Jimin, but maybe it wouldn’t hurt to reaffirm the fact that Jeongguk shows zero signs of ever being interested in stuff like that.

“No, don’t think I am.”

A few hours later, Jimin and Jeongguk bumped into one another in-between lectures, meeting in their university’s courtyard area. “Jeonggukie!” Jimin shouted, running up to him with arms open wide. “Hug me right now, give me the strength to go on!”

Who is Jeongguk to say no? He wrapped his hyung up in the world’s tightest bear hug and spun him in circles until they were both good and dizzy. Even after setting Jimin’s feet back down on the grass Jeongguk refused to let go, nuzzling deeper into the burrow of Jimin’s neck.

“My clingy koala… Missed me?” Jimin teased, soft around all the edges.

“Hyung.” Jeongguk murmured right up against Jimin’s skin, too quiet to be properly heard. Just a touch louder, he continued, “You’re perfect and amazing and beautiful and kind and loyal. Best hyung.” He squeezed Jimin’s rib extra tight for emphasis.

Tickled pink at the sudden influx of praise, Jimin giggled right into Jeongguk’s ear. “What did I do? Better yet, what did you do, hm? Did you finish off the protein powder and forget to write it on the list?”

Jeongguk shook his head, nose tickling Jimin with the motion. “I only wanna say nice things to and about you, hyung. Please don’t ever ask me to say mean things to you.”

Jimin couldn’t help but pull back at this, having to pry Jeongguk’s arms from his torso like sticky tentacles. “Woah, woah, what’s all this about, pumpkin?” He grabbed Jeongguk’s cheeks, staring him down. “Why would I ever ask you to say mean things to me?”

“I don’t know!” Jeongguk exclaimed, looking frustrated and sad in a way that had Jimin’s chest aching. “I don’t know why anyone would want that, it’s so freaking unsexy to me, I don’t get why I would need to call you names when I could just compliment you instead.” He finished with a pout.

Floored was a bit of an understatement – Jimin was flabbergasted. “What? What on earth are you talking about, Jeonggukie?”

Another big huff before Jeongguk crossed his arms. “Seokjin-hyung asked if I call you a slut when we have sex and I hate it. I read about that stuff forever ago, about people who like to be called things like that and be insulted and degraded in BDSM. But I don’t… I can’t do that, Jiminie-hyung. Please tell me that’s not something you’re interested in because I hate telling you no, but that…” Genuine anguish overcame him, like it truly pained him to think that he could be letting Jimin down in this way. “That’s always going to be a no for me.” He finished weakly.

“Jeongguk-ah.” Jimin whispered, adoration and fondness and endearment and relief flooding his chest like he’d been injected with a hefty cocktail of all things good. “My Jeongguk-ah, come here.” He pulled Jeongguk into another vacuum-tight hug, rocking the two of them gently under the sunlight.

Jeongguk went along without complaint, curling into Jimin like he wanted to be smaller, like he wanted Jimin to engulf him entirely.

“If something’s a no for you, it’s a no for us, Jeonggukie.” Jimin explained, voice so tender and low, rumbling up against Jeongguk’s chest. “That’s how this works, you know? If you’re interested in something but I’m not, I’ll tell you, too. And I know you’d never force me to try it if I’ve told you no.”

He felt Jeongguk nod into his shoulder. A gentle, loving smile grew on him, something about this little moment filling him with butterflies. “You’re too considerate for your own good, my oversized baby, you know that? But hyung loves you so much, so freaking much. If you just wanna spoil me and sweettalk me for the rest of our lives, I’d be a colossal moron to try and change that.”

And with that, they’d effectively added name-calling and degradation to their list of “hard limits”, as Jimin later described them.

Present day finds Jimin and Jeongguk in the midst of “dead week” – the week before the official start of finals wherein students are free from lecture so they have plenty of time to cram.

Or, you know. To try out more kinky bullshit.

“Calculus, calculus, calculus...” Jeongguk mutters to himself, over and over again like an adorable little broken record.

It’s taken him a bit longer to get “in the dom zone” tonight, as he puts it, and though Jimin has offered again and again for them to spend the evening basking in cuddly, vanilla glory, Jeongguk has been adamant on pulling out the big guns tonight.

As soon as they’d both finished their respective studying for the day, Jeongguk had decided to bring up a recent wet dream he’s been having – the visions have been visiting him almost nonstop, he’d said, over the course of the last few weeks, and it seems like the most surefire way to put an end to it would be to act the fantasy out in real life.

Thus, he’s spent the better part of ten minutes whispering their agreed upon safeword to himself while he goes about tidying their apartment up, letting Jimin finish his shower in peace while he attempts to set a better mood than day-old takeout and Animal Crossing study music.

When Jimin emerges from their steamy bathroom, slicked up head-to-toe with his favorite amber blossom lotion, he lets himself stare at Jeongguk for a good long while.

“What’re you doing, my love?” He asks, voice as soft as his skin.

Jeongguk startles from where he’d been smoothing down the wrinkles of their comforter, looking at Jimin over his shoulder. “Hyung.” He says for no good reason, as if anyone else has set foot in their apartment for the last month besides them. Jeongguk stands up straight and turns to face Jimin, gaze raking over the simple boxers and t-shirt that his boyfriend has chosen for sleepwear.

Half-wet hair, steam-blushed cheeks, baggy black shirt and unshaven calves, Jimin is a work of art.

“I’m just trying to clean a little before bed.” Jeongguk finally answers, forcing himself to look away from Jimin. He wants to at least finish making their bed before losing himself in his hyung’s hypnotic beauty.

Jimin hums deep in his throat, stalking towards their bed. “I see that. Any particular reason you’re chanting our safeword while you’re at it?” He sits on the edge of the mattress, watching Jeongguk arrange their pillows in a neat little row. “This some new sort of pregame I should be aware of? Foreplay you read about?”

Jeongguk huffs out a little giggle, which Jimin is immensely glad to hear. Sometimes, Jeongguk’s a tough boy to read – hard to know if he’s bogged down by some misplaced sort of anxiety that could easily be quelled with the right words, or if he’s just being his usual nervous nelly self.

The latter seems more likely tonight. “We’ve just been using the traffic light color thingies for the last few weeks, so, I dunno.” Jeongguk shrugs, fluffing up Jimin’s pillow just to give his hands something to do. “I want to make sure I’ve got this word at the forefront of my brain. There needs to be zero delay between you saying it and me stopping, you know?” At this, he finally looks over at Jimin.

Endearment floods his system at the sight of Jeongguk’s gorgeous, honest eyes, so full of unnecessary worry. “You planning something that’ll have me likely to safeword, Jeonggukie?” He asks with mirth positively oozing out of his tone.

Even if he hears the tease in Jimin’s voice, Jeongguk still has the decency to pout. “No!” He nearly shouts. “No, hyung, I’m just… I just wanna be safe. Always.” Jeongguk finishes, sliding his hands over nonexistent wrinkles in the blanket.

Jimin softens terribly, crawling over to sit beside his darling and lean his head down on Jeongguk’s shoulder. “Jeongguk-ah, neither of us have ever needed to even yellow out of anything. What’s got you so worried tonight?” He asks much more sincerely, tracing swirls into Jeongguk’s thigh with his thumb.

“’M not really worried.” Jeongguk shrugs, careful not to displace Jimin. “Just think tonight could get more, uhm, intense.”

This piques Jimin’s interest quite deliciously. “Oh yeah?” He asks, leaning back to get a better look at Jeongguk’s face.

Another shrug and Jeongguk does his best to avoid Jimin’s gaze. “Maybe. Dunno.” He scratches at his scalp mindlessly. “Wanna do a lot of stuff, if you’re okay with it.”

Jimin sucks his lower lip in, willing himself to reel in his excitement. It’s no secret at this point that Jeongguk’s got a knack for this whole dom thing. He’s developed quite the penchant for breaking Jimin down in the sweetest way, until all that’s left is raw pleasure and love. Always love.

Just last week, Jeongguk had surprised the holy heck out of Jimin by picking him up and fucking him against their front door. The logistics of it had been a bit messy to work out, especially when both of their muscles started cramping up after the first few minutes, but Jimin had been terribly pleased nonetheless.

The Friday before that, Jimin didn’t even need to properly ask before Jeongguk started spanking his ass where it was up on display, bent over their table. Jimin had been in quite the bratty mood that night and Jeongguk was all too glad to knock him down a few pegs, spank him until he started sniffling before fingering him to oblivion, all while whispering adoration into his sweat-slick spine.

And don’t even get Jimin started on Jeongguk’s rim game. Something about growing more confident in dominating his boyfriend has also drastically increased Jeongguk’s appetite for Jimin’s ass – a fact that both of them are stupidly delighted over.

So, yeah. Jimin is justifiably excited to hear that Jeongguk’s got a full evening in store for them.

“More than okay with it, Jeonggukie.” Jimin whispers. “Almost couldn’t help myself in the shower, knowing you wanted to try out a fantasy of yours with me.”

Jeongguk whips his head over at this, eyes roving Jimin’s face. “Did you?” He asks, the question open-ended but obvious.

Jimin smothers a little laugh into his fist, tickled by how easy it is to work Jeongguk up. “Did I what, Jeonggukie?”

“Did you… Did you touch yourself, hyung?” Jeongguk asks. His expression is deadly serious now, eyes still lit up but his jaw set like he’s preparing himself for bad news.

There’s that same shift in the air, the one that’s becoming so familiar to them. Just a bit of proximity and eye contact is enough to have the both of them beginning to ache, their heartbeats speeding up. “What would you do if I said yes, Jeonggukie?” Jimin’s voice is somewhere between teasingly innocent and genuine. He’s undeniably curious to know what sort of mood Jeongguk is in.

The sudden ice in Jeongguk’s eyes is a pretty good indicator. “Is that a yes, hyung?” In stunning contrast to Jimin, Jeongguk’s voice has gone hush, foreboding in all the best ways.

Both of them refuse to look away, a spell cast over them now that their gazes have locked. Jimin swallows, unsure when his mouth got so full. His blood is starting to rush and he wonders, for the billionth time, how he managed to snag himself the perfect human.

“Maybe.” Jimin whispers. He sounds a bit coy, a bit awestruck, even to his own ears.

Jeongguk’s hand shoots up in a flash, cupping Jimin’s cheek gently enough, though it’s clear he’s holding himself back. “You’re trying to spoil the fun, hyung? Can’t be patient and let me take care of you?” He asks almost mockingly, tilting his head toward Jimin like he’s going in for a kiss.

Jimin bites the lure, craning his head and pushing his lips out just a tad in anticipation. He knows his eyelids have gone all fluttery and he probably already looks so dazed, but he doesn’t care. He wasn’t lying when he said that he couldn’t stop thinking about this all through his shower, and a night like tonight is exactly the reward he deserves for all the hard work he’s been putting into his schoolwork lately.

He hears Jeongguk’s dark chuckle and his eyes snap back open, unsure when they fell entirely closed. Jeongguk’s still holding him tenderly but his expression reeks of amusement. He’d apparently moved his own head back while Jimin had his eyes shut, now just staring down at his hyung with an electrifying smirk on his lips.

“See? So impatient.” Jeongguk says, caressing Jimin’s cheek with his thumb in some sort of loving condescension.

Oh. Jimin really is in for it tonight, isn’t he.

One thing that’s been made abundantly clear to Jeongguk through all of this exploration is that Jimin loves to be teased in very particular ways. Even outside the bedroom he’s always been blatantly endeared by Jeongguk’s sass, but something about having his dongsaeng joke with him in such a way, reminding him of just how starved Jimin is for his touch, really gets to Jimin.

Especially because he knows Jeongguk will always, always satisfy him. He would never let his hyung go hungry.

Leaning away fully again, Jeongguk stares Jimin down with open desire. “Let me see you, Jiminie-hyung.” It’s half a request, half a command, and Jimin is quick to comply. He pulls his shirt up and over his head without missing a beat which has Jeongguk smiling, fond as hell.

It seems both of them love it when Jimin gets eager and needy.

With Jimin’s shirt off, the dam seems to break. The sight of his hyung’s naked torso, freshly tended to with soaps and lotions, has Jeongguk’s mouth watering. They surge together at the same time, like magnets of equal strength, and meet in the middle for a heady kiss.

Jimin starts climbing onto Jeongguk’s lap like a man possessed, tugging fruitlessly at his boyfriend’s shirt in a pitiful attempt to get him naked, too. Jeongguk laughs right up against Jimin’s mouth, murmuring so gently, “Can’t take this off if you won’t let go, hyung.”

Groaning under his breath, Jimin separates their faces just enough to yank Jeongguk’s shirt off him before diving back in for more. The feeling of their warm, bare skin pressed together is intoxicating, having them both wanting to speed up and slow down simultaneously. There’s an inherent desire to savor, to take their time and feel the other in entirety, but there’s a deeper, more insistent urge to claw and to squeeze and to rush, to devour like animals.

They settle for both – sometimes caressing and fondling like fragile glass, other times nipping and sucking with frantic vigor.

When Jeongguk reckons that Jimin is well and truly warmed up, he grabs him by the hips and ushers him back up onto his feet just beside their bed. Jimin’s got that gorgeous glaze to his eyes, looking down at Jeongguk in uncontained wonder.

“Down, hyung.” Jeongguk snaps the waistband of Jimin’s boxers once, wanting to see him undress himself for a change.

Jimin follows the instructions without delay, bending down quite unceremoniously to tug them down his legs and kicking them off his ankles like a madman. It’s almost enough to have Jeongguk laughing again but he holds it in, much more consumed by the sight of Jimin’s heavy cock than anything else.

Unsure if he’s allowed to climb back onto Jeongguk’s lap, Jimin stands there, perfectly familiar with being naked and vulnerable in front of his darling. He’s grown a bit addicted to the way that Jeongguk seems to lose himself in the face of his nudity, equal parts flattered and flustered under such thorough inspection.

Jeongguk is as unabashed as ever in his staring tonight. He soaks in the sight of Jimin like he’s stumbled upon an oasis, scooting to the edge of the bed and letting his legs hang over, spread and lax so that his own tented erection is entirely obvious.

“Jimin-hyung…” Jeongguk trails off, like he’d forgotten all his plans, all his words, when confronted with Jimin’s bare beauty. “God.”

A bubble of want bursts in Jimin’s core and he shuffles closer to the bed, standing in-between Jeongguk’s spread legs. “Yeah, Jeonggukie? What do you want to do to your hyung tonight?” He asks, breathless beyond belief.

The question has Jeongguk refocusing, looking away from Jimin’s throbbing cock in favor of meeting his gaze once more. “So much.” He says. One hand starts to rub over his own clothed erection, the motion instantly drawing Jimin’s eyes downward, moth to a flame. “But first, it sounds like hyung needs to be punished for touching himself.”

Oh, fuck. Jimin knows his dick just twitched and he knows Jeongguk saw it, if the lip bite and the barely-contained smirk are anything to go by.

“Come here, Jimin-hyung.” And with that, Jeongguk pulls him in by the wrist, not towards his own lap but to the center of the bed. Jimin goes along pliantly, kneeling on the mattress and scooting in as far as Jeongguk wants. “Let’s get you comfy.”

Jeongguk pulls three of their freshly fluffed pillows away from the head of the bed and sets them up in the middle, quick and efficient like he’s had this mapped out in his head all day. Belatedly, Jimin realizes that he most likely has – in fact, this must be a detail of his fantasy that he has fully memorized at this point, if he’s really been having those dreams as frequently as he says.

Two pillows stacked on top of each other, the third laying a foot away from the others, Jeongguk gestures towards the set-up. “Lay down.”

Jimin swallows again before moving to follow the order, turning around and beginning to lower himself onto his back nice and slow. Jeongguk stops him before his shoulders hit the mattress, however, pulling Jimin back up to sitting and tutting at him. “No, no, hyung. Ass up, come on.”

Ah, that does make more sense for a punishment, doesn’t it.

There’s little point in blushing, but Jimin still feels a little swirl of bashfulness when he does as Jeongguk commands, laying down so his chest is on the single pillow while his hips rest on the double-stacked ones, ass so high in the air that his back arches naturally to accommodate.

The position and the pillows are ingenious, leaving Jimin perfectly comfortable and exposed, exactly as they both like. He can’t really help the little whine of “Jeonggukie” that escapes him once he’s properly settled, wiggling around on the pillows and inadvertently shaking his ass to and fro, taunting Jeongguk that much more.

Just when he thinks he’s steeled himself for whatever Jeongguk has planned, Jimin feels a quick tug at one of his wrists from where it’s hidden, folded along with Jimin’s other arm under his chin. Jeongguk yanks the arm until it’s extended out straight in front of him then grabs the other and does the same, laying Jimin’s arms out flat and parallel.

The first pink cuff clasps around his wrist and Jimin gasps. It’s not a scared sound, they both know it, so Jeongguk doesn’t even spare him a glance as he fastens the other wrist same as the first.

Within moments, Jeongguk’s tugging on the belts before standing up and moving out of Jimin’s field of vision. His breaths come in quicker and quicker when he feels strong hands gripping his ankle, next, pulling his leg further out diagonally. Almost as soon as the first is secured Jeongguk’s onto the second, spreading Jimin’s legs out to the corners of the bed and leaving him even more exposed than he thought possible.

He steps off the mattress again to appraise his work and Jimin squirms. The slack is almost nonexistent, especially in his legs. He’s laid out like an upside-down uppercase Y, ass propped up indecently with no strain on any of his muscles.

It’s perfect, really. A position that Jimin could comfortably stay in for quite some time, which, he has to assume, is all part of the plan.

The sharp intake of breath from Jeongguk rings loud in the apartment. Jimin realizes that this must truly be a wet dream come to life for him, a fantasy sprung from his mind and laid out tangibly on their bed, all for Jeongguk to ravage.

It’s a dizzying thought, knowing that his own naked, restrained body is apparently Jeongguk’s Achilles heel.

His ultimate desire.

A warm hand splays out on the back of his right thigh, fingers spread and digging into muscle as they drag down towards the back of his knee. Jeongguk must have at least one knee back up on the mattress now – Jimin can almost feel his presence, looming over him like a shadow. He’s too wound up to look over his shoulder and confirm it, afraid of the expression he’ll see on Jeongguk’s face, of how those ink black eyes will suck him in.

“Mine. Jimin-hyung, you’re all mine.” It’s not quite a whisper, more like a groan, low and gravely and carnal. A kiss, contrastingly soft, falls on the skin of his inner thigh. “Beautiful, mine.”

Jimin plunks his forehead down on the mattress. He nods though no one can see it, “Of course, Jeonggukie, always been yours.”

This seems to appease him somewhat, as Jeongguk moves to litter more soft, open-mouthed kisses along the backs of Jimin’s thighs trailing upward, until he’s mouthing at the exposed underside of Jimin’s ass. Little harmless nips come next, just enough to warm the flesh up without any real sting.

They’ve dabbled in this enough now for Jimin to realize what comes next. Sure, it’s been a few weeks since the last time Jeongguk well and truly spanked him, but now that they’ve opened this can of worms it shows no signs of being closed again.

They’re both addicts for it, after all.

One last butterfly kiss at the end of Jimin’s spine and Jeongguk’s moving back again. “Don’t bother counting, hyung. Just stay still.” Jeongguk chuckles under his breath, genuine but dark. It has the hairs on Jimin’s arms standing up stiff with goosebumps. “You’re not going anywhere, anyways.”

Jesus. Jimin never even had to tell Jeongguk what to say, how to say it – he just seems to know all the right words to have his hyung melting into putty in his hands.

Before any anticipated slaps come to his skin, however, Jimin feels Jeongguk leaning over his back until his face is close to Jimin’s own, tilted in to better see him. “Calculus, okay, hyung? And the traffic lights. Both of them work.” His voice has gone all soft and wary with concern again in the blink of an eye, and Jimin is so endeared, even when he’s buck naked and leaking precum on their nice clean pillowcase.

“Okay, Jeonggukie, calculus and the traffic lights.” He parrots back dutifully, if only to ease Jeongguk’s mind.

And with that, Jeongguk’s entirely in his zone. Confirmation of their safewords has become a quick and familiar ritual by now, like the final lock undone, opening the way.

“I just,” Jimin rushes to add when he feels Jeongguk moving back towards his lower half again. All movement stops, silence filling the void that Jimin’s left. “Can you get naked too, Jeongguk-ah?”

He doesn’t feel shy, per se, asking this of Jeongguk, but he really is in some sort of extra needy place tonight and he wants to feel every inch of Jeongguk. Even if his limbs are restrained and movement is nearly impossible for him, it’s comforting enough just to know that Jeongguk is bare and here with him.

Besides, he knows that Jeongguk would never say no to him. Dom or not, Jimin’s got a whip of his own in his hands and they both know it.

“Of course, hyung.” Jeongguk says, quiet and gentle. Surprisingly enough, as soon as he’s rid himself of his own clothes, he walks over to the head of the bed so Jimin can see him once more. The sight is a marvelous one – planes of smooth skin pulled taut over muscles and bone, little clusters of beauty and stretch marks alike, and Jeongguk’s gorgeous cock curved up and flushed in the low light.

Jimin cranes his neck to lock eyes with Jeongguk, feeling a bit winded by the sincerity he finds there. “Anything else? You okay?” Jeongguk asks.

Two simple nods are more than enough, but Jimin makes sure to speak loud and clear. Misunderstandings aren’t sexy. “So much more than okay, baby. Maybe just one more kiss? Before we start?” It’s a little heady, a lot delicious, practically begging his dongsaeng for one chaste little kiss before a nighttime of filth and sin, but that only adds to the stupor that Jimin’s fallen into.

Jeongguk acquiesces easy as ever. He swoops in low, helping to tilt Jimin’s head up by his chin, their lips meeting in something so tender, so pure. For someone who’s never really kissed anyone prior to Jimin, Jeongguk sure knows how to pour his heart and soul into a simple touch of lip on lip.

It’s why Jimin’s always so reluctant to pull away, to come back to the real world, away from Jeongguk and his beautiful lips.

This time, however, when Jeongguk separates from him and the kiss is broken, Jimin knows he’s in for something just as good, if not better.

“I love you.” Jeongguk whispers just before pulling away entirely and standing back up. Jimin hears himself say it back but there’s blood rushing through his ears now and his cock is throbbing where it’s smooshed into the pillow and it’s time to get a move on.

In what could be a second, could be an hour, Jeongguk’s kneeling over Jimin’s ass once more. He can feel the indentations of Jeongguk’s knees in-between his own obscenely spread legs and there’s heat churning inside of him, combatting the chill he feels from being exposed to the open air for so long.

Picking right back up where he left off, Jeongguk spreads his fingers out over one of Jimin’s asscheeks, caressing the skin reverently. The curve of Jimin’s ass is out of this world, heightened by his pseudo bent-over position, and it looks like the perfect target to Jeongguk.

However… it has been a little while since the last time they did this, and Jeongguk is nothing if not nervous and thorough.

Jimin hears the sound but feels no pain, no sting to go alongside the echoing slap that cracks in his ears. For a brief moment, he’s convinced his ass has somehow gone numb, either from anticipation or from blood flow being channeled straight to his dick.

In the next moment, he realizes that he was not the one who was slapped.

He arches his head back as much as he’s able, dumbstruck at the sight of Jeongguk fondling his own ass with one hand, a contemplative, calculating sort of look on his handsome face. He nods to himself once before delivering another quick, stinging slap to himself.

“Uhm.” Jimin offers. “Jeongguk?”

Jeongguk arches one brow at him, like he doesn’t understand Jimin’s confusion whatsoever. “Hm?”

Shifting slightly on the pillows, Jimin squints at his boyfriend. “Don’t look at me like that, pretending like it’s normal that you just spanked yourself.”

“Oh.” Jeongguk responds, rolling his shoulders a few times. “Just need a refresher on where to start, how much is too much and whatnot.” He says like it’s easy, obvious.

Really, at this point, it should be obvious. In fact, Jimin wouldn’t be surprised if this becomes a new sort of norm for him to expect – Jeongguk needing to “practice” on himself to make sure he never hurts Jimin in the wrong way. One of these days he’s gonna demand to take a dildo up his own ass just to ensure he knows how hard to thrust into Jimin.

He’s in love with the world’s most thoughtful weirdo.

Somehow, the mood has barely been jostled and Jeongguk easily leans back over Jimin, both of his hands coming up to squeeze and grope this time. Jimin swears he can feel how Jeongguk’s right hand is slightly warmer now, likely from having slapped his own ass. Interestingly enough, that does nothing but turn him on more.

Jeongguk shuffles over so that he’s kneeling outside of Jimin’s spread legs on his left side, never ceasing the gentle caresses on Jimin’s ass. “Wanna make you cum a lot tonight, Jimin-hyung.”

Jimin squeezes the comforter in both his fists. Though there’s barely any need, he arches his back that much further, straining to angle his ass up towards wherever he thinks Jeongguk is. “Please, Jeonggukie, please.”

The first solid slap lands on Jimin’s ass, just like that. He knows it’s the first of many to come but he still whines deep in his throat, squeezing his eyes shut.

“Don’t have to beg, hyung. Gonna take care of you.” Another three hits in quick succession, alternating cheeks. The sting of the spanks is such a beautiful contrast to the hush of Jeongguk’s voice, to the raw adoration present in it. “This’ll just make you cum harder for me.”

The way his ass is propped up guarantees full vulnerability – he has no way to shy away from the slaps, not even subconsciously, and Jeongguk abuses this in the most delicious way. He keeps his left hand rubbing soothing patterns up and down the expanse of Jimin’s curved back while his right delivers sweet, stinging pain all over his ass.

Jeongguk’s going hard from the get-go and it’s perfect, has Jimin reeling and his cock aching where it’s trapped, far away from all the sensations.

“Jeongguk-ah, ah – ah!” He half-shouts, not even ashamed to hear how much his words sound like moans, like he’s already got a cock or a tongue buried inside him.

“Yes, hyung?” Jeongguk replies, voice carefully subdued, like a dutiful little dongsaeng who’s coming when beckoned.

The world’s already going all fuzzy around the edges as it always does when Jimin gets to experience this, but there’s just enough clarity left within him to speak. “Please, Jeonggukie please please please.” He rambles, train of thought threatening to derail already. So much for clarity.

Patient as ever, Jeongguk eases up on the spanking for just a moment, allowing Jimin time to catch his breath. “What is it, hyung? Tell me, you know I’ll give it to you.” He smooths a hand over the bright red skin of Jimin’s ass, humming in satisfaction. “You want me to stop?”

“No!” Jimin blurts, half out of his mind. “No, no Jeonggukie I just, just… please, I’m so, fuck.” There’s no rhyme or reason left within him anymore but he prays to anyone listening that Jeongguk will hear him, will know what he needs.

“Oh.” Jeongguk says, and Jimin prays harder. Sinfully slow, Jeongguk drags the pads of two of his fingers over to the center of Jimin’s ass, nestling between his cheeks with no rush. “You want to cum.”

Prayers really do get answered. Jimin nearly keens, nodding over and over again, fruitlessly attempting to jerk his hips back to meet Jeongguk’s fingers and force them in.

Jeongguk’s responding giggle is almost too pure, too innocent for the moment, but somehow it only serves to pour more scorching hot want down Jimin’s spine. “Jimin-hyung, I told you, no need to beg.” Those same two fingers tap directly onto Jimin’s hole one, two, three times, a teasing little mockery of the spanking he’d just received. “I’ll make you cum as many times as I want.”

God only knows when he retrieved it, but next thing Jimin knows there’s lube being poured directly over his ass. Half of it trickles down his cheeks, following the curves all the way down to his thighs, but Jeongguk makes good use of it as he crawls back in-between Jimin’s legs and pushes the first finger inside of him.

Truthfully, he hasn’t seen Jimin this worked up, this incoherent in a long time, and the responsibility of the moment is starting to dawn on Jeongguk. He has to take care of Jimin in every way, has to make sure this is good for him but also that he’s safe, that he’s not letting himself be taken advantage of in his lust-swamped stupor.

Jeongguk can do this. He wants to do this.

One finger becomes two in a matter of moments, long twin digits fucking into Jimin with a steady, solid pace. Jimin’s started letting out little “thank you”s that are going straight to Jeongguk’s own neglected cock, but he does his best to focus on stretching out Jimin’s walls just the way he likes.

With the addition of the third finger, Jeongguk picks up the pace, no longer intending to stretch but to please, to get Jimin shaking.

He succeeds in record time, feeling the way that Jimin starts to tremble and squirm as best as he can on his pillow perch. “Jeonggukie, oh my god, oh god don’t stop.” He grunts, proud of himself for getting almost a proper sentence out.

Jeongguk smiles, nearly overcome with the urge to bury his face in-between Jimin’s shoulder blades and smother him with kisses.

Silly hyung. Why would he ever stop when all he wants is to see his beloved boyfriend falling to pieces, exactly like this, all thanks to Jeongguk?

It’s his greatest wet dream, after all. Jimin, tied up and presented, ready to be pleasured into insanity, helpless to the sensations that Jeongguk puts him through, addicted to the pleasure that only Jeongguk can bestow.

Somewhere in the midst of his internal musing, Jimin’s started to cum. His hips shake as best they can, the muscles in his legs twitching against their restraints. Jeongguk can barely make out the hint of his profile, but he knows that Jimin’s got that beautifully anguished expression on right now, the one that could be mistaken for agony if it weren’t for the hefty blush to his cheeks and the buildup of drool in his mouth.

Fuck. He loves seeing Jimin cum, so damn much.

He slows his fingers down without ever fully stopping, switching to two, just enough to prolong the stimulation and ease Jimin down from the heavens. When Jimin’s hips have stopped moving and his moans have tapered off, Jeongguk pulls out, hypnotized by the sight of Jimin’s hole clenching and unclenching like it’s confused by the sudden emptiness.

Jimin’s back muscles are on full display, bulged out as he heaves in breath after shaky breath. There’s no real reason for that particular orgasm to have taken so much out of him, but there’s also no denying that he’s an absolute mess right now and it’s all Jeongguk’s fault.

It’s a very, very satisfying feeling.

“So good, hyung, so good for me. Came so good for me, Jimin-hyung.” Jeongguk mutters, unable to stop himself from leaning down and resting his cheek just above the swell of Jimin’s ass. He scooches higher still, pressing his ear into the middle of Jimin’s back, straining to hear the way Jimin attempts to get a grip on his breathing.

A fucked out Jimin is one of Jeongguk’s favorite Jimins. That’s half the reason he loves making him cum so much – the finished product is always so beautiful, broken and satiated.

Jimin sucks in one last, full breath before attempting to speak. “Oh, Jeonggukie. Holy wow.” He says, voice still a bit breathy and wobbly.

Jeongguk chuckles, burying the sound in Jimin’s shoulder blade. “You’re amazing.”

“Thanks, I really did my best, laying here and whatnot.” Jimin answers, laughing to himself in disbelief. He feels like he got half his brain fucked out yet here Jeongguk is, showering him in praise for literally no reason.

“Hm.” A little bit of shifting and Jeongguk is pressing sugar-sweet kisses down the length of Jimin’s spine once more. “Looked pretty amazing laying there.” He says with finality in his tone. It makes Jimin chuckle.

Jeongguk reaches Jimin’s ass and keeps going, to no one’s surprise. He starts kissing and licking along the swell of each cheek, ridiculously pleased by the way the skin’s gone all hot to the touch, pinkened up and glowing. It makes him bite a little harder, suck a little longer, until there’s a few blotchy love bites added to the fray of damage on Jimin’s ass.

There’d be no point trying to deny how eager he is for more, not when Jeongguk knows him like the back of his hand and can easily feel the way that Jimin’s body is opening up for round two like a flower ready to re-bloom. So Jimin sucks in the last big breath he can, wiggling around just enough to realize that his cock is now trapped in a lukewarm little puddle of his own cum.

It’s a bit filthy, almost in an unsexy way, but Jeongguk is quick to bring his attention back to his ass.

Both of Jeongguk’s hands slap down, one on each cheek, the pain instant and white-hot. “Just because I made you cum doesn’t mean your punishment’s been forgotten, hyung.”

Jimin wants to cry, wants to bare his heart to Jeongguk and let him eat his fill, devour him whole. There’s no one on this earth he’d ever trust so much, ever lean on so much, ever crave so much.

It’s just Jeongguk, only Jeongguk.

“But, you’re lucky I’m so giving.” Jeongguk goes on, both of his big hands rubbing and squeezing as they please, drawing little pained grunts from Jimin with their rough handling of his stinging flesh. “And selfish. All I want is to make you cum, again and again, until you’re drunk from it.” His voice is going all hushed again, like he’s almost speaking to himself, speaking to no one. “Just stuck here, forced to take and take, whatever I want to give you.”

He leans in again, placing one last kiss on the lower curve of Jimin’s ass. “And I want to give you so, so much.”

Jimin flexes his hands into fists, shuddering on his next inhale. It’d be futile trying to respond, trying to stitch together words that amount to anything more than “please” or “more”, so he hums out a nice, throaty groan to express his satisfaction with Jeongguk.

It does the job. Jeongguk bites into the soft underside of his ass, hard enough to get Jimin’s legs jumping, before he’s kneeling up to full height again and leaving Jimin exposed to the cold, open air. “Wanna know something fun, hyung?” He asks, voice deceptively sweet.

Another few droplets of lube land on his ass, and if Jimin had the wherewithal to look back, he’d see that this time it’s coming from the leftovers leaking off of Jeongguk’s cock above him, having been drizzled on haphazardly.

Despite Jimin’s lack of coherency, Jeongguk goes on. “I’ve thought of fucking you like this since the day you showed me these cuffs.” He snaps one bright pink belt by Jimin’s ankle for emphasis. “Thought of rolling you over onto your stomach and tying you up just like that, ready for me.”

A little more lube, this time intentionally squirted down onto his ass. It’s chilled enough to have Jimin shuddering some more, his hole still stretched and desperate. “You used to move around so much when I’d fuck you. Squirm and wiggle and try to find all the best angles yourself.” He’s spanked once more, sudden enough to have him gasping, even if the pain is muted by his own arousal at this point. “Couldn’t just trust me to take care of you, to fuck you exactly how you deserve.” He feels Jeongguk settling right behind his ass now, close and hot and naked, tantalizing. “But like this… like this, I’ve got you. I can take care of you, keep you right where I need you, fuck you how you taught me to.”

There’s molten lava slithering down Jimin’s abdomen now, bringing his cock back to life with an impressive lack of stimulation. He thinks he’s sobbing just a little, no tears coming out but his body positively throbbing for Jeongguk’s touch.

A final, barely-there kiss lands at the nape of his neck and Jimin knows he’s a goner. “So I will.” Jeongguk finishes.

His cockhead pushes in slow, barely any resistance with how desperately Jimin’s sucking him in. The initial push is always so deliciously agonizing for Jimin, somehow more mentally pleasurable than physical, like he’s being so forcefully reminded that he’s getting fucked with a real cock and not just a cheap toy or his own lousy fingers.

It’s made even sweeter by the knowledge that it’s the love of his life pushing into him.

Jeongguk moans loud and sudden above Jimin, too quick to try and hold it in or smother it with a lip-bite. The sound pierces through Jimin like a dagger and he pushes his hips back in response. “Jeonggukie, yes, fuck.”

Always the giver, Jeongguk doesn’t miss a beat, burying himself fully in Jimin and holding still there for just a moment, long enough for them both to regain their bearings before frantic mania overtakes them. Jimin squeezes his muscles all around Jeongguk’s cock – not with any intent to tease, but to let him know as quickly as possible that he’s good, he’s ready, there’s no need to wait for fucks sake.

And Jeongguk hears him, loud and clear. He pulls back and thrusts in again, solid enough to push Jimin’s hips down into the pillow. Some nights he starts gentle and slow, tantalizing them both with the drag, but nights like this there’s no way to stop all the momentum built up inside him. His thrusts are quick and merciless, hard from the get-go, slapping down onto Jimin’s ass and bringing the leftover sting from his spanking back to the forefront of his mind alongside all the pleasure.

It’s that cocktail of sweet and sour that has him crying out again, mindless gibberish pouring from him every time Jeongguk jabs his prostate.

In an attempt to steel himself, realizing that he desperately needs to outlast Jimin to make sure his hyung has one more orgasm milked from him, Jeongguk leans over Jimin’s curved spine and buries his face in the nape of his neck. He moans freely here, the sounds ripped from him on every other thrust, deep and breathy and nearly as desperate as Jimin’s own.

He can’t cum, can’t cum, can’t go soft before Jimin’s cum again. A real dom can always outlast their sub, he scolds himself.

Fortunately, the added pressure from Jeongguk’s naked chest pressing down into his back has Jimin’s body flushing even hotter, yet another vivid reminder of how trapped he is here underneath his dongsaeng, being speared on his cock and spanked for the fun of it, limbs tied and dick coated in his own release.

As with so many things, the mental push serves as a greater stimulant for Jimin than most anything else, and with a handful more thrusts from Jeongguk he’s cumming into the pillow for the second time, completely untouched yet again.

Jeongguk almost shouts when he feels how Jimin’s spasming around his cock, clenching so sinfully tight around him as he rides it out. Even in the throes of absolute pleasure, touch-drunk and reeling from the buildup leading to this, Jeongguk reminds himself that Jimin just showered and hates cleaning cum out of himself – with herculean strength, he pulls out at the last second, spurting hot cum all over Jimin’s red asscheeks and upper thighs as he jerks himself through the tremors of pleasure.

Jimin twitches when he feels the warm splatters along his skin, droplets and ropes raining down on him. His mind is stuck ten feet above the clouds, floaty and thoughtless, but distantly he knows that he’s pleased by the feeling of Jeongguk of cumming all over him, marking him in such a way.

Their labored breaths fill the room, panting and sucking in air like they’d just completed decathlons.

Though he’d love nothing more than to drop on the bed like a sack of bricks and wait for the world to stop spinning so damn fast, Jeongguk forces himself into action. He unclasps the cuffs around Jimin’s ankles, first, rubbing the skin there for just a few beats before crawling up like a slug towards the head of the bed and freeing Jimin’s wrists.

Even as Jeongguk peppers sweet kisses and whispers adoration into the thin skin of each wrist, Jimin doesn’t move. He’s completely boneless, melted into their bed like an absolute puddle, not moving an inch from the position he’s held for the last twenty minutes.

That ever-familiar worry begins creeping into his veins and displacing the afterglow, so Jeongguk crawls up to Jimin’s torso and gently nudges at his shoulder. “Jimin-hyung?” With no response, Jeongguk opts to remove the pillows from under his hips, barely batting an eye at the copious amounts of semen left on them, before carefully sliding the pillow out from under Jimin’s chest, next.

He keeps a solid hold on Jimin’s shoulders, using it to roll him over onto his side as gently as humanly possible.

There’s no apt way to describe the severity of the shock he feels, looking down at his hyung’s peaceful, sleeping face.

He’d really done it. He’d fucked Jimin unconscious.

Those gorgeous rose lips are parted ever so slightly, breaths coming in and out in such a way that the faintest whistle can be heard on each inhale. It’s precious, something Jimin only does when his nose is all plugged up with mucous or when he falls asleep with his face crammed into the pillow so that he’s nearly asphyxiating himself and Jeongguk has to roll him over a bit.

His cheeks are flushed severely, more so than normal, likely thanks to the fact that he kept his face burrowed in deep towards the mattress the entire time. In tandem with that, his freshly-washed hair has gone all sweaty, a fact that Jeongguk can’t help but lament – he knows Jimin’s going to hop right back in the shower as soon as he wakes up, now.

Love surges up in his chest, hot and all-encompassing, like he’s taking his first good breath in hours. Jimin is so beautiful, so trusting and wonderful. He truly gave himself to Jeongguk in every way, trusted this foolish, younger boy to hold the pieces of his heart tight and never let go.

Jeongguk lets himself be proud. He’s good for Jimin. He makes Jimin happy, never betrays his trust, always meets him in the middle as an equal.

Fucking him so good and hard that Jimin blacks out with the force of his orgasm is just one of the many examples of Jeongguk taking good care of Jimin, he thinks. He’s allowed to revel in that, to pat himself on the back for a job well done.

Maybe he is a bit of a sex god. Just a little one.

Besides, he’s going to have the image of Jimin splayed out on their bed like that burned into his brain for a very, very long time to come. This was definitely a win-win situation.

He grabs a soft microfiber towel from the cabinet, feeling like he should be extra gentle and attentive tonight, before running it under perfectly warm water. With hearts in his eyes and satisfaction purring in his gut, Jeongguk starts cleaning the cum off of Jimin’s front and back, paying extra heed to the way his poor, soft cock has been caked in it.

After grabbing an extra blanket from the closet and settling Jimin’s head under a thin pillow, Jeongguk chugs an entire glass of ice-cold water. He feels like he just spent two hours at the gym – his right hand prickling with pain, his thighs throbbing a bit dully, body blanketed in exhaustion.

With all the lights shut off and the front door locked, Jeongguk lets himself unwind. He tucks himself in next to Jimin under the thin-knit blanket, not even bothering to grab pajamas for either of them. It’s not often that they sleep completely naked like this, usually growing too hot and sticky from prolonged cuddling, but Jeongguk will allow it tonight.

They’ve both earned it.

Deep in the bowels of dreamland, Jeongguk relives that very same fantasy that’s been haunting him for weeks – only, this time, it’s like reliving a memory, vivid and tangible, all the little details exactly as they should be.

Chapter Text

Finals always stress Jeongguk out more than Jimin.

Jimin is organized, almost to a fault. He takes incredibly efficient notes, communicates regularly with classmates and hosts group study sessions, and is familiar with each and every one of his professors. He’s what some would call the perfect student, and Jeongguk cannot deny the fact that this aspect of Jimin was ridiculously attractive to him back in high school.

It still is, almost four years later.

Seeing how methodical Jimin is in his approach to studying, how self-motivating he is, how eager he is to learn… Jeongguk can’t help but get just a touch starry-eyed around his hyung.

Unfortunately, all of their years together have not rubbed off hard enough on Jeongguk, and he still struggles quite thoroughly with forming any sort of worthwhile study plan – especially in the face of finals.

He’s got three essays piled up on his to-do list, half a textbook that needs (re)reading, one class that he can’t even remember when the damn final is, and enough caffeine thrumming through his veins to give him a permanent case of the shakes.

So, yeah. Jeongguk is stressed out.

He’s only got one exam today but it’s enough to have warranted two cups of americano and three hours of sleep last night. As it is, he spent the entire morning staring down the study guide like it was written in Latin, his poor, exhausted eyeballs unable to make sense of the words.

The clock hits 1:45 and that means it’s time to leave. Yet another successful morning of “studying” under his belt.

It doesn’t help that Jimin’s been gone since Jeongguk awoke, half the bed cold and an adorably rushed sticky note left by the Keurig. Today is just a study day for Jimin, but he’s spending it cooped up in the library with a couple different groups of peers from multiple classes – Jeongguk doesn’t even know if Jimin will be back by bedtime, or if he’ll stay holed up with his books and his friends until he conks out in one of the library’s giant lounge chairs.

It wouldn’t be the first time. Jeongguk always worries himself sick about Jimin’s neck when he does that, and has actually considered buying him one of those travel neck pillows for that exact reason.

Jeongguk makes it to the lecture hall with plenty of time to spare, finding a secluded seat on the end of an aisle that’ll allow him to duck out with minimal inconvenience to others as soon as he’s done nuking this test.

Papers are passed out, silence falls, and Jeongguk feels like he has a stomach ulcer.

He’s so stressed out about this exam that he thinks he’s reached some sort of anxiety nirvana, like he cannot physically hold any more stress inside of himself. He has peaked, and subsequently flat-lined.

The exam is over in an instant – one and a half hours spent in blank-minded numbness.

On his walk home, he does a little mental math trying to figure out how exactly a ‘zero’ on this final exam will impact his overall grade in the course, and how such a grade will subsequently affect his GPA.

After approximately seven seconds of this, he remembers he also sucks at math, and decides to think about the color of the sidewalk, instead.

Their apartment is quiet for a change, void of body heat and pleasant conversation. He keeps all the curtains drawn shut, doesn’t even bother with the heater. His temperature is mild enough right now to allow him to slip into a coma and that’s all he can ask for, really.

He undresses himself all the way down to his boxers, still mindful enough to chuck his barely-worn clothes into the laundry bin. With no proper appetite and no other bodily functions in need of addressing, Jeongguk collapses onto their bed. He burrows deep, cocooning himself as best he can.

The cocktail of smells from his and Jimin’s natural scents combined with their favorite fabric softener immediately soothes him, licking at his mental wounds and reminding him that he’s safe now, he’s home.

No exams can hurt him here.

His mind lingers for a while, floating in that murky state between sleeping and waking for the rest of the afternoon. Even in the tranquil nothingness, Jeongguk sees snippets and flashes from his exam and his study guide, half-formed sentences drifting by in the breeze, bumping up against him and disappearing back into oblivion.

He must have successfully fallen asleep at some point, because the front door slamming shut nearly gives him a heart attack. Jeongguk sits up straight, eyes bulged and straining to see through the darkness, kickstarting his sleep-addled brain into gear and trying to make a split-second decision on how to fend off a burglar.


Oh. The burglar sounds like Jimin.

“Jeonggukie, baby, were you sleeping?” The entryway light turns on and Jeongguk squints through the pain, making out a head of perfectly tousled black hair and a pair of adorable, chunky glasses.

Oh. The burglar is Jimin.

He decides that it’s safe enough to rub at his eyes, try to scrub some clarity back into them. Footsteps patter closer to him and he distantly thinks that, for once, Jimin broke their rule about taking all shoes off in the entryway. It’s usually Jeongguk who drags mud onto their carpet.

“Pumpkin? Jeongguk?” Jimin asks, soft and wary, approaching a caged animal.

Warm little fingers curl around his fists where they’re still rubbing harder and harder into Jeongguk’s eyes. He doesn’t offer any counter force, just allows Jimin to gently pull his own hands away from his face, lowering them down nice and slow until they’re resting on Jeongguk’s blanket-covered lap. When he’s finally ready to brave the harsh, artificial lighting of their apartment again, he opens his eyes.

Fuzzy speckles of black and color flit around his vision, a galaxy fading away, until Jimin comes into better view. His sweet, cacao brown eyes look even bigger behind those lenses, so gorgeous even when they’re filled to the brim with worry.

Oh. Jimin is worried. Probably about Jeongguk.

“Hey there.” Jimin’s voice is thick, gooey caramel in Jeongguk’s ears. Even if all his senses aren’t fully realigned in the waking world just yet, he’s sapping Jimin up however he can. He smells the outdoors on him, a very specific, wind-swept scent that isn’t enough to mask Jimin’s natural perfume. He takes a moment to appraise Jimin’s effortlessly perfect outfit of the day – an oversized blue button-up tucked in to some skintight black jeans, complemented flawlessly with those damned black glasses – and wants to snort at the contrast between his own appearance and Jimin’s. “Need another minute to wake up, baby?”

Yet another thing to love about Jimin: he never rushes Jeongguk unnecessarily. He is patient, empathetic, and considerate in ways that Jeongguk has never known before. Nothing but soft touches and softer words in the early mornings, ever-patient with Jeongguk and his sluggish routines.

He’s the perfect person to take it slow with, in every sense of the word – slow breakfasts and slow showers and slow wake-ups and slow morning sex.

Jeongguk could literally go for all of the above right about now, even if it’s likely evening time or later. Morning sex is morning sex, no matter the hour, as far as Jeongguk’s concerned.

So he nods twice before tilting his head side-to-side in a stretch, so slow it’s like he’s wading through gelatin. His neck is a bit cramped and he might need to ask Jimin to work some of his massage magic later tonight, but there’s still a couple cogs that aren’t yet spinning in his head and there’s only so much he can communicate right now.

Jimin waits. He adjusts himself just a little to be seated comfortably in front of Jeongguk, shoes and glasses and everything else be damned – he’s just here for him, here for whenever Jeongguk feels ready to face the world again.

God. Jeongguk may very well flunk out this semester, but he’s still the luckiest man alive.

Belatedly, he registers Jimin’s thumb stroking itty bitty little circles on top of his knee, the feeling muted by the heavy blanket still covering him. “How’d study day go?” Jeongguk finally manages, voice extra deep and slurred.

A tender little smile lights up Jimin’s face before he answers, “It went really well, baby, thanks for asking.” His own success and failure aside, Jeongguk is always genuinely delighted to know that Jimin is doing well, that his studies are going well, that he is going to be okay. There’s a lot of consolation to be had in Jimin’s successes, he figures. “Do you wanna talk about your final this afternoon or should I take this Jeongguk-burrito as explanation enough?”

He can’t help but laugh just a little at that, subconsciously burrowing a touch deeper into the blankets around him. “Didn’t go well, hyung.” He admits, easy as pie. Jimin makes a sympathetic little noise deep in his throat. “This burrito is basically the only thing holding me together.” It’s only half a joke but they both know that.

“Then I’d be a murderer if I forced you out of it, huh?” Jimin quips back, finally leaning over the edge of the bed to untie his shoes and chuck them back in the general direction of the entryway. He doesn’t bother with the rest of his attire, just dives right under the comforter and cozies himself up next to Jeongguk’s nearly-naked body, wiggling around a little extra just to be annoying. “I’ll help hold you together, too, Jeonggukie.”

This last bit is said so fondly, so reassuringly. Jeongguk knows he’s being a colossal crybaby but the tears are already pooling and his throat is already clenching. He lets himself be pulled back down to the mattress by Jimin’s strong arms, lets himself be engulfed by his koala boyfriend, lets himself sink into the bed and melt into Jimin’s embrace.

He lets himself cry – just a little.

“Hyung’s here, not going anywhere. You’re okay, Jeonggukie. You’re okay.” Such warm little words whispered right up against his heart, safe and secure under their shield of blankets and love.

Jeongguk will be okay. He’ll always be okay, so long as he’s got Jimin holding him together.

Jimin’s way better than a blanket burrito, anyways.



The weekend comes around and finals are almost through.

Jimin still has three to go but Jeongguk’s down to one, and yet that same gloomy funk is still weighing him down, even on such a peaceful Friday evening.

There are study guides and notebooks scattered across their table but Jimin makes it work, somehow. His methodology may be so hard for Jeongguk to grasp because it comes off as… messily organized. Chaotically systematic.

It’s quintessentially Jimin in every way and it clearly works wonders for him, even if it’s lightyears over Jeongguk’s head.

When the moon is at its highest and Jeongguk has finished off another rousing season of Gintama, Jimin calls it quits. He leaves his colored sticky tabs where they are, puts the lids back on all his highlighters, and abandons his reading glasses on an open textbook as a makeshift bookmark.

“Snuggle?” Jimin asks him, draping himself over the back of the couch and knocking his skull into Jeongguk’s just hard enough to get his attention.

Jeongguk grunts a little, making sure there’s no bonus scene after the credits before he turns his head to meet Jimin in a light kiss. He grins a little when they separate, smacking his own lips to get a better taste of the chapstick Jimin must have only just applied – fruity, a bit creamy, the perfect flavor to lure Jeongguk to bed.

It works, of course, and Jeongguk is turning off the PlayStation and tv in a rush before following Jimin over to their bed, eager to hold him.

They’ve spent at least 70% of their time since that fated final of Jeongguk’s wrapped around each other like octopi, squeezing tight enough to hurt sometimes. It’s exactly the medicine that Jeongguk needed and Jimin has been all too glad to give him the recommended dose and then some.

Jimin collapses on the bed first, beckoning Jeongguk to come join him with precious little grabby hands and an exaggerated pout. Sometimes, studying leaves Jimin in a very accomplished mood, glowing cheeks and chin held high. Most of the time, however, it just turns him into a needy, adorable mess, grumpy and exhausted and touch-starved.

He told Jeongguk once that using his brain for too long left his body all twitchy with pent-up energy. That’s why he’d often stop at the gym on his way home from the library, needing to at least get a quick run in to let the shakes out of his muscles from where they’ve been kept static all day.

This is also why post-study Jimin often appeals for sex, as a substitute for exercise.

“Lay with me, Jeongguk-ah, and take your clothes off.”

Yeah, that would seem to be the case tonight.

Jeongguk acquiesces as he always does, peeling off his shirt but opting to keep his sweats on for now. He’s just as eager for some good old-fashioned cuddling as Jimin, but he’s also… a bit off.

Off might not be the right word. He’s feeling bland, tepid – like there’s nothing really calling out to him, no desire tugging him in any particular direction. He’d be fine just existing for a while, floating around in nothingness while his mind stews.

He’s also not feeling particularly sexy tonight. It’s not exactly insecurity weighing him down, more like a desire to keep the spotlight off him, to let himself fade into the background. He’d be content wallflowering all through the evening and simply watching Jimin exist, go about his life and shine like the supernova he is.

But he doesn’t really know how to communicate that. He does want to be with Jimin, in every sense of the word. He wants to lay with him and talk with him and sleep with him. He wants to touch and be touched.

He’s just… a little off.

“There’s my big boy, come be my personal space heater.” Jimin croons, layering a bit of tease into his voice. It’s all good-natured and familiar so Jeongguk joins him on the bed without delay, snuggling together above the blankets because they’re both way too lazy to untuck them. “Perfect.” Jimin sighs against Jeongguk’s neck.

It really is perfect. They fit together in ways that Jeongguk can’t even bother trying to describe. He could wax poetry on the puzzle pieces of their bodies lining up until the cows come home but it still wouldn’t do justice to the sheer peace he finds in the comfort of Jimin’s arms.

God – he’s still weirdly emotional tonight, like his hormones have spiked up for absolutely no reason. He really doesn’t want to cry again tonight. It’s exhausting.

Hands drag over backs and toes wiggle against calves, skin on skin and heartbeats syncing up. There’s peace in Jeongguk’s heart that wasn’t there five minutes ago.

And then Jimin starts pushing a little closer, kissing a little wetter along Jeongguk’s clavicle, squeezing his shoulders that much tighter.

Jeongguk forces himself to take a breath. He’s not not in the mood – he would be glad to make love to Jimin right here and now. The thought of their bodies pressed even closer, bare and sweaty and raw, is as enticing as ever.

But he’s still… off, somehow. Just a little.

Just enough.

“You know, I had a dream the other night.” Jimin mumbles, barely pulling away from Jeongguk’s skin as he speaks. His lips and his little puffy breaths tickle and it’s a nice sort of grounding. “Dreamt about you blindfolding me, fucking me like that.”

Oh. Jeongguk doesn’t mean to go rigid but his muscles are sort of locking up. He’s not entirely sure why.

“It was kind of out-of-body, so I could still see what you looked like hovering over me, all big and domineering. It was stupidly hot.” Jimin goes on, slowly rolling himself on top of Jeongguk and kissing his way up to the underside of his jaw. “Can’t stop thinking about it, Jeonggukie. Want you to take me like that.”

He sucks in a clipped inhale, his heartrate increasing way too quickly. There’s equal parts excitement and dread churning in his system and he has absolutely no idea why, no clue why he’s feeling so unsteady, so goddamned off tonight. He wants this, he wants Jimin, but he doesn’t want… something.

He doesn’t know what he doesn’t want. That’s great.

So he lets Jimin go on, lets him work himself up on top of Jeongguk. Smooth hips start rolling down against his own, as effortlessly sexy as ever. Kisses turn to nips that turn to suckling, his skin surely blossoming red under Jimin’s mouth. His body is responding on auto-pilot but his heart is still whirring in discomfort, just a bit.

Jimin slides one hand low, dragging his short nails over Jeongguk’s exposed abdomen as he goes. It’s light enough to make him squirm which has Jimin breaking out in a wicked smirk. “What’dya say, Jeongguk-ah? Wanna tie your hyung up again, hm?” The pads of his fingers start swirling around the jut of Jeongguk’s hipbone. “Wanna cover my eyes and fuck me silly? Hold me down and go crazy?” He asks, so sultry and sure.

There’s an undercurrent of panic sloshing around in him now, the tide rising higher and higher, threatening to bubble up out of his throat.

“That’s what hyung wants.” Jimin leans in for the kill, whispering right into Jeongguk’s mouth as his hand moves lower. “Want you to have your way with me. Want you to fucking wreck me.” For emphasis, he grabs at Jeongguk’s crotch, squeezing hard.

It’s in the same beat that Jimin realizes the dick in his hands is almost entirely flaccid that Jeongguk frantically mutters out a rushed little “Yellow”, shooting ice straight into Jimin’s veins.

There’s stillness and silence for a moment, like time freezes just long enough for Jimin to get his bearings. He registers the distant sound of a train bellowing, the lights they left on in the kitchen and living room, the lingering smell of teatree from their humidifier.

And he sees Jeongguk – really sees him.

Sees the way his pupils have dilated, how his lips are parted and his breaths are coming too quick, easily mistaken for arousal when it’s most surely panic overcoming him.

The stillness is over and Jimin is springing to action, clambering off Jeongguk to let him breathe but sitting close enough to cup Jeongguk’s face with both hands. He’s swiping over the apples of his cheeks like he’s afraid tears will already be there even though he can see perfectly well that Jeongguk’s not crying, not likely going to cry anytime soon, either. He just looks a little scared, a little like he can’t believe he safeworded, either.

“Jeonggukie, baby, I’m here. I’m so sorry, are you okay?” He gets out in a rush, eyes darting all over Jeongguk’s torso to check for any possible injury.

Swallowing around a baby lump, Jeongguk nods, lifting a hand up to lay it over one of Jimin’s. “I’m okay, hyung, don’t apologize. I’m okay.” He may not know a lot about what’s going on with himself right now but he knows that he needs to reassure Jimin that he’s done nothing wrong, done nothing but be his perfect, lovable self.

No, the problem lies with Jeongguk, tonight.

“What’s going on? Talk to me, tell me what’s wrong.” Jimin urges him, shoulders sagging just a bit at Jeongguk’s reassurance.

Jeongguk sits up, grabbing both of Jimin’s hands this time and holding them tenderly in-between their legs on the bed. The words don’t make much sense in his head so he’s sure they’ll be as good as gibberish spoken out loud, but he owes it to Jimin to try to communicate, to try to explain.

“I don’t know, hyung. Honestly.” He begins. "I really want to… to have sex, I do. I was in the mood and everything, I promise.”

Jimin chuckles a bit under his breath, tugging on Jeongguk’s fingers to get his attention. “Baby, I’m not mad. I just wanna know what’s going on, if I did anything or said anything that wasn’t good.” He explains, gentle but firm, leaving no room for misinterpretation.

He can’t help the sigh that leaves him, admittedly just a tad worried that Jimin would be upset about their spoiled fun, though it’d barely just begun. “I know, hyung. I just, I really was okay with it, I just want you to know that. I would’ve told you right away if I was just flat-out not up for anything tonight.” Jeongguk tells him.

Another quick squeeze of their hands. “Good, baby. I will always tell you if I’m not in the mood, too, okay?” Jimin offers.

It’s enough to finally bring a tiny little smile back to Jeongguk’s lips. “Okay, good.” He ducks his head, suddenly bashful.

“But, if you were okay with having sex, what weren’t you okay with?” Jimin pushes. Oh, right. He still needs to try to explain the mess of thoughts storming around in his thick head.

“Uhm.” He starts out strong. “I don’t know…” Jimin doesn’t show any signs of exasperation or irritation at this, at Jeongguk’s inability to vocalize what the heck went wrong. He’s as patient as ever, scooching just a hair closer and keeping his expression open and concerned. “I just started feeling icky when you, uh, brought up your dream?” He doesn’t mean to phrase it as a question, but he’s doing his best here and he kind of needs some help coaxing the words out of himself.

Jimin doesn’t miss a beat. “Yeah? Which part of it specifically made you feel that way? The blindfold?”

“No, not that.” Jeongguk shakes his head, twiddling his thumb against Jimin’s.

“Okay. Was it me being tied down? Or just all of it combined, maybe? Too much?”

He shakes his head some more. No, they’ve dabbled in that enough times now that it’s become Jeongguk’s absolute favorite treat, and that’s no secret. But something about tonight, about his mood and his general off-ness… “I don’t – none of that stuff is bad, like, I usually enjoy it all? So, I dunno.” He finishes weakly.

Jimin appraises him for a moment, has that critical look in his eyes. “Did you not want to dom tonight, baby?”

Huh. That’s a thought that hadn’t really stuck out, though it probably should have. It wasn’t any specific thing that sounded unappealing to him, just… just kind of everything, everything and nothing all at once.

“Oh.” He mumbles. The words slosh around in his head a bit, like he’s tasting them, trying to figure out if that’s the right explanation that he couldn’t put his own words to. “Yeah, maybe.” He decides, nodding a couple times for good measure.

Jimin seems relieved, his posture relaxing even more. “My baby, that’s okay. You felt fine when you thought about us having sex but you didn’t like the thought of domming? Of doing a lot of intense stuff, maybe?” He elaborates. His observation is scarily accurate, but it should come as no surprise that Jimin is able to read him like an open book even when Jeongguk feels like he’s speaking in windings and hieroglyphics.

“Yeah, that sounds… that sounds about right.” Jeongguk agrees easily, feeling less shame than he expected. “I think I just sort of wanted to be with you, if that makes sense?” He shrugs. “Not, not really anything else, just be with you, I guess. Don’t think I could’ve really mustered up the strength to be a dom or whatever. I feel… weaker today. And I don’t think I could’ve done any of that stuff.”

It actually feels amazing to say it all out loud, cathartic and relieving in a beautiful way. It’s never been hard to be honest with Jimin. Even when they were gangly preteens, he found an unbridled sense of peace confiding in his hyung, opening up to him about anything and everything just for the sake of it, just because Jimin seemed to care so damn much.

That’s never changed. Jimin is still such a good listener, a good conversation partner. He’s not just easy to talk to – he’s easy to share with, he makes you want to bare your heart, if only because you know he’ll take such good care of it. He’ll hold it like it’s porcelain and cherish it like it’s his own.

So Jeongguk lets his words go, an unstoppable waterfall now. “I really do enjoy everything we’ve been trying this semester, all the things I’ve learned and the stuff we’ve played with and, and just everything. It’s all been good.” He intertwines their fingers properly, his bigger hands nearly engulfing Jimin’s own. “But tonight, I guess I just couldn’t even see myself doing those things. Like, you started going on about that dream and I couldn’t even visualize myself being like that? It was like an error in my brain, there was no way for me to put myself in the role you laid out. I was going to disappoint you one way or another because that just… I’m just not there right now, I guess. Can’t put myself there.”

He finishes with a huff, peeking up at Jimin from under his lashes. Jimin has no business looking as handsome as he does right now, painted in shadows from the lights across the apartment, the blush that had built up in their brief entanglement almost entirely gone.

He’s so handsome, even when he’s chastising Jeongguk for being an idiot.

“Jeongguk, you’re such an idiot.” Jeongguk smiles for no good reason, maybe just because there’s such a fond undertone to Jimin’s voice that reassures him in a weird sort of way. “I am in no way ‘disappointed’ in you,” He adds a thick coating of sarcasm to his words, drawling them out slow like he’s talking to a blockhead. Not entirely untrue. “and I don’t want you to ever think for a single second that us not having kinky sex would be a disappointment to me.”

“But I know that it would, even if only just a little, maybe even subconsciously.” Jeongguk argues, shaking their linked hands around. He powers on before Jimin can interrupt, “And that’s okay! That’s human of you, and I know I’d be a tiny bit disappointed if I really wanted to try something and we couldn’t for whatever reason.”

As always when faced with this situation, Jimin can’t help but grumble a bit, petulant and displeased with the logic that Jeongguk is throwing in his face. “Okay, yes.” He relents. “There’s obviously going to be some microscopic grain of disappointment when we don’t get what we want. However,” Jimin adds, leaning in closer and sticking Jeongguk with his most earnest look. “your comfort, happiness, and safety will always, always trump whatever random sexual desire I have. Understand?”

Jeongguk smiles wider, feeling more put-together than he has all day. “I understand, hyung. That goes for me, too.” His smile drops, shaking his head a few times. “I mean, the same goes for me in terms of putting you above my kinks and stuff.”

“I know, Jeonggukie.” Jimin answers him with a smile of his own, swooping in for a quick kiss. “So if this ever happens again, and you have even just an inkling of a feeling that you may not want to dom, tell me right away, okay? I’m proud of you as it is for safewording so quickly, before we did anything you didn’t want to do. Thank you for being honest with me.”

He can’t help but flush a little, not having expected to be praised for using their safeword. But Jimin’s right – if Jeongguk had ever said or done something that Jimin wasn’t on-board with, he’d want to hear a safeword with zero hesitation.

They have to be honest with each other, always.

“Hyung?” Jeongguk keeps his head bowed a little, putting on his best, most enticing pout – one that he learned from the master, the absolute expert on all things pout. “Can we maybe cuddle? Just for a little?”

Jimin doesn’t waste a second. He’s tackling Jeongguk down to the bed almost before he’d finished speaking, pouncing on him and spreading himself flat over Jeongguk’s chest. “Stop being so dang cute all the dang time, Jeon Jeongguk!” He nearly shouts, pleased by the little “oomf” that Jeongguk lets out when Jimin settles nearly all his weight on top of him.

Pretty little giggles pour out of Jeongguk like a cracked dam, the sound sweeter than honey to Jimin’s ears. “Oh god, I’m gonna die like this – death by cuddles! This is how I go!”

“You’re damn straight! I’m cuddling your adorable ass to an early grave, mister!” Jimin snakes his arms around Jeongguk’s back even if it means getting his hands squished under both their weight, coiling himself around his darling as best he can. “No escaping this spoon.”

With his body shaking from the force of his laughter, Jeongguk wraps his arms around Jimin in return, squashing him down onto his chest. “Does this count as spooning if we’re facing each other?”

Jimin bites the fleshy part of Jeongguk’s pec in retaliation, just hard enough to have him crying out in the middle of a laugh. “If I say it’s spooning, then it’s spooning.”

“I think this is more like two flat knives laying on top of each other.” Jeongguk replies, cheeky as ever, the little shit.

“There’s nothing adorable or romantic about kniving, Jeongguk, that just sounds wrong.”

Jeongguk only laughs harder at this. “Kniving! Yes, can that be our new thing? Oh my god, Yoongi-hyung will die if he hears us using that seriously.”

And just like that, the anxiety of the week has bled almost entirely out of Jeongguk’s system, sucked out like a venom by Jimin’s gracious lips. There’s no lump building up behind his Adam’s apple, no discomfort in his bones, no uncertainty in his heart.

He feels good. He feels safe and warm and loved – he feels so damn loved.

“If you keep being such a little brat I’m not gonna tell you the super embarrassing story I had planned to make you feel better.” Jimin grumbles, nuzzling his nose into Jeongguk’s sternum almost aggressively. It’s like a puppy trying to spook someone off, only it has no idea how to actually be intimidating so it mostly just endears its foe to death.

Seems like Jimin’s style.

“Oh yeah?” Jeongguk bites. “You’re going to willingly embarrass yourself just for me?”

He feels more than sees Jimin’s answering grin, thick lips pressed in so flush to his own chest. “You act like this is a first.”

“I mean, you’re kind of known for being the put-together one in this relationship. Not only do you wear the pants, but your pants are never on fire or on backwards or made out of tears.”

Jimin tilts his head up to fix Jeongguk with an amused cock of his eyebrow. “You worry me sometimes, Jeonggukie.”

Jeongguk shrugs in response, shifting himself around just a little to get comfier on the pillows, taking care to never displace Jimin. “I worry myself every day, hyung. But tell me your story? Pretty please?” He implores, stroking up and down Jimin’s sides, rucking his shirt up enough to reach warm, bare flesh.

It works like a charm. Jimin melts back into him, resting his cheek close to Jeongguk’s tranquil heart. “Fine. But only because I want to validate you and remind you that I’m human, too, and that I don’t expect you to be some perfect sex machine who’s in the mood to act out my wildest fantasies 24/7.”

“That’s my favorite kind of story.” Jeongguk mumbles, letting his eyes drift shut. Jimin nips at his clavicle once more for the comment but it’s worth it.

“Okay, so, once upon a time I was super shy about sex, as you know.” Jimin starts out, burrowing a little deeper into Jeongguk’s solid chest. “The second guy I ever slept with was way less talkative than the first. He was mega macho, obviously trying to compensate for a couple things, possibly repressing daddy issues. I dunno. Either way, he wasn’t big on the whole talking thing. Especially during sex.”

This isn’t even close to the first conversation they’ve had about Jimin’s previous partners and Jeongguk feels proud about the fact that he’s never really had an issue listening to stories like this. He’s comfortable with himself, with Jimin, with the security of their relationship.

There’s no room for retroactive jealousy or pettiness in a love like theirs.

“So the first time we ever did anything it was just a messy exchange of handjobs in his backseat that was kind of anticlimactic.” Jimin goes on. “But at the time, I don’t know, he was pretty handsome and I was excited at the prospect of just being with someone new, seeing how a different person did stuff? So I figured the first time was just a warm-up, it’d definitely go smoother the second time around.” He snorts out an exhale, like he’s judging past-Jimin for his naivety. “Well, the second time was at least in his bedroom, both of his parents out at work or something. It was pretty freaking cliched – a movie playing in the background that both of us ignored, a couple of cheesy lines exchanged about how hot I was and whatnot. And then I realized I had no idea what the heck we were going to do.”

Jeongguk opens his eyes to peer down at Jimin, hopelessly endeared by the sight of his furrowed brows, pink lips puffed out in a little beak, cheeks looking doughy enough to eat.

Unnoticing, Jimin continues. “Like, when I say this guy wasn’t a talker, I mean it. He gave me no indication what he enjoyed, or preferred? So I didn’t really account for the fact that he likely leaned towards topping, which means I definitely had not prepared myself for bottoming, and that was honestly still a huge insecurity for me at the time. It’s not just sunshine and rainbows letting someone get all up in your ass-business like that, you know.” Jeongguk can’t hold in his snort at that. “And I wasn’t about to play right into the stereotype that, just because this dude was on the basketball team and a whopping two inches taller than me, he automatically had to be the top – but apparently I should’ve at least considered it, because the second I started reaching down past his balls he fucking freaks out. Straight up, in his forced-deep voice, he tells me, ‘I’m going to be the one fucking you.’ And I deadass just stared at him.”

There may be no room for jealousy in Jeongguk’s heart but there’s definitely room for rage. He knows that most of Jimin’s exes were decent human beings but everyone has at least one bad egg, and he hates that Jimin’s had to experience anything less than satisfactory.

“But I was like, sixteen!” Jimin whines, shaking his head at his own past antics. “And nervous and shy and I wanted to make a good impression, you know? A stupid crush that I let trample all over me. So, of course, I reasoned with myself that there was nothing wrong with bottoming, that I’d done it before and I could do it again.”

Jeongguk groans a little. “Hyung, no.”

“Yes, yes, I know. Obviously that guy was a tool for just declaring our positions like that, but teenagers are stupid and I was no exception to this rule.” He allows himself a brief moment of comfort, basking in the feel of Jeongguk’s big hands rubbing along each of his vertebra. “I mean, I’m proud of myself for even mustering up the courage to tell him I needed a minute in the bathroom first. He wasn’t a complete dick so he didn’t complain about that, just showed me where it was and left me to it.” Jimin chuckles under his breath. “God, I still remember how shaky my hands were, pumping out some hand lotion that I found and trying to finger myself a little bit, see if I was clean or whatever else I was so worried about.”

Hugging him even tighter to his chest, Jeongguk cranes his neck so he can press one lingering kiss to the crown of Jimin’s head. Jimin smiles at the gesture before going on, “But I was nervous like never before, realizing that I hadn’t shaved very well and the room was really bright and this guy had probably slept with like, eight other dudes. All that typical pre-sex anxiety, I guess.” He sighs. “So, I’m just giving myself a stupid little pep-talk in the mirror, washing my hands and trying to convince myself that everything was good, I was still totally in the mood, it was gonna be a great night. And then he knocks on the door.”

Jeongguk shuts his eyes, already empathizing with poor, past Jimin.

“’Everything alright in there?’ He asked me, and I could hear that he was getting impatient. The audacity I had, making him wait five minutes to get his dick wet.” Jimin says, annoyance caked on thick in his voice. “And then as I’m turning the water off and frantically drying my hands, I tell him I’m fine, I’ll be right out. But of course, as soon as I’m done talking and everything goes totally silent, I let out the world’s loudest, most unmistakable fart.”

“Oh my god.” Jeongguk half-whispers, half-snorts. “No.”

“Yes.” Jimin responds, miserable and resigned. “And I mean, there is no way he didn’t hear it. His neighbors probably heard it in the next house over. No pretending it was literally anything other than what it was, either, very obviously a fart. It was literally right out of a sitcom. My absolute worst nightmare.”

“Hyung…” Jeongguk keeps his tone respectfully balanced between amused and empathetic. 

“So, figuring that my life was already over, I bolted out of his bathroom and didn’t even bother grabbing my shirt from his room. Just booked it right out the front door and never looked back. Thank god I still had my phone in my pocket.” Jimin finishes. He lets out a long exhale when he’s done, satisfied with his story-telling.

“Did you ever see him again?”

“Oh god no.” They both laugh lightly. “Blocked his number like the grown-up I was, vowed to never speak to him again as long as I lived. Color me surprised, but he never even tried to reach out, never stopped me at school or anything. That was that – one fart to end them all.”

Jeongguk laughs so loud that it startles Jimin, the sound bright and crisp. “Wow, wow! I can’t believe you’ve been holding out on me all this time! How could you never share that with me before, hyung?” He shakes Jimin for good measure.

“Yeah, sue me for not being eager to tell you about my embarrassing fart story, Jeongguk-ah!”

“We all have embarrassing fart stories, Jiminie-hyung, get in line!” Cheeky as ever, Jeongguk swoops in to plant another butterfly kiss, this time to Jimin’s forehead. He has to stretch extra far for it but it’s totally worth it. “But thank you for sharing, hyung. I do feel better.”

Jimin plants his hands on either side of Jeongguk’s neck and pushes himself up into a cobra pose above Jeongguk. His eyes are soft, smile never fully fading from his lips. “I’m glad, you dork. Never forget that I’ve had plenty of off-nights, too. That guy was barely a blip on the radar of my life, but I still got so nervous. Sometimes our brains just sort of… overrule everything else. Sometimes anxiety trumps sex.”

He nods, gazing up at Jimin with unconcealed reverence. “Yeah. I get you, hyung.” They stare each other down, losing themselves just a tad as they always seem to do. “Just promise me one thing?”

“Anything.” Jimin replies, zero hesitation. It has Jeongguk smiling wide enough to show off all his teeth.

“Don’t be afraid to fart in front of me.”

Jimin’s eyes crinkle up so tight they’re practically shut, the loveliest laughter raining down onto Jeongguk. “It’s a little late to promise that, Jeonggukie, you’ve already seen me at my lowest.”

Reckoning that he’s held back long enough, Jeongguk lets his self-restraint go, cupping the back of Jimin’s head and pulling him down to meet in a searing kiss. It consumes them both, filling their chests up with hot air and their tummies with butterflies.

Jeongguk only pulls back enough to reply, soft as silk, “And you’re not allowed to leave me, Jimin-hyung. I love you too much to let you.”

Jimin’s voice is even softer somehow, raspy and gentle all at once. “What a coincidence – I love you too much to leave. Even if I fart.”

Chapter Text

Their anniversary is in three weeks but Jimin couldn’t wait, he simply had to plan their mini-vacation early.

And ‘mini-vacation’ in Jimin-language actually translates to an entire weekend at a hotel that is way too expensive, beach-front and decked out with at least thirty chandeliers just in the lobby area alone.

Jeongguk had not been given the memo about just how fancy their “little getaway” weekend would be, and felt like quite the sore thumb walking up to the check-in counter in his faded black joggers and XXXL hoodie. Jimin made sure to make it up to him by surprising him even further with a cozy little romance suite pre-stocked with enough junk food to feed a small platoon.

“Damn, rose petals in the bathtub.” Jeongguk whistles. “I didn’t even manscape this week, hyung, I am definitely not worthy of this level of bougie.”

Jimin laughs openly, walking around the master bathroom and gawking at the luxury alongside Jeongguk. “Our one-year isn’t good enough reason for you to trim the hedges, Jeonggukie? Ouch.” He mimes being pierced through the heart, smiling cheekily.

Jeongguk simply snorts, the sound echoing from where he’s got his head ducked in to inspect the walk-in shower. “Again, silly me for failing to realize that it’s customary to celebrate big anniversaries several weeks in advance.” He grumbles.

The complaint is half-hearted, and Jimin knows it’s largely rooted in the fact that Jeongguk’s gift for Jimin has yet to be delivered. He’d pouted over this for a majority of their bus trip down to the resort, once Jimin had spilled the beans and explained that this getaway was an early anniversary present-slash-celebration for the both of them.

“Come over here and smooch me, you big baby.” Jimin commands him, leaning against the pristine marble counter. Not that he’s not thoroughly enjoying himself, watching Jeongguk gurgle out little noises to test the acoustics in their fancy shower, but the sentimentality of the weekend is catching up to him and he’s feeling incredibly touch-starved. “I think I’ve earned a kiss or two for such an impressive vacation.”

Jeongguk putters over to him without delay, sliding right up into his personal space and coiling his arms around Jimin’s neck. Their heads knock together and Jimin feels the way they both deflate, exhales syncing up.

“No amount of kisses could be enough to thank you for this, hyung.” Jeongguk’s voice is gorgeously earnest, rumbling right next to Jimin’s ear. “You’re the best. The sweetest. Me and my stubble pubes don’t deserve this.”

If Jeongguk wasn’t holding him so tightly Jimin would surely collapse to his knees from the strength of his laughter. “You really know how to shatter a mood, dork.” Even as he says this, Jimin can’t help himself from peppering a million little kisses along Jeongguk’s exposed neck, pecking him in-between giggles and exaggerating the smooch sound on each one.

It’s music to Jeongguk’s ears.

With few precious hours of sunlight left, the couple sets off to enjoy the beach in their front yard. Lathered up with sunscreen and bellies full of melon ice cream, they bask in the romantic glow of the private shore and enjoy their evening.

Jimin wiggles his toes in the sand and spreads his arms out wide, face tipped back to sap up the dying sunlight. It looks like he’s trying to photosynthesize, so Jeongguk tells him as much.

“Leave me alone.” Jimin whacks him on the arm before returning to his pose. “The air is so fresh here and everything is so perfect, I want to capture this moment in my soul.”

And it’s… arguably a silly thing to say and do, but Jeongguk suddenly feels the laughter that had been building up inside him get blown away with the sea breeze. His grin falls and he sees Jimin – really sees him, in this moment.

The golden hour bathes him beautifully, highlighting his face and every minute detail to be found. Jeongguk sees the smear of sunscreen that didn’t get thoroughly rubbed in right next to the bridge of his nose, sees the lone zit on his chin that Jimin’s been cursing all week, sees the cut of his jaw and the slope of his brows accentuated sharper than ever.

He sees little snippets of their lives together in the grains of sand at their feet, sees the love they’ve made throughout the months lingering along Jimin’s exposed skin.

Jeongguk sees his boyfriend, his hyung. He sees Jimin and he feels tears welling up in his eyes, no thanks to the salty winds or the setting sun. It’s love that’s choking him from the inside out, begging him to remember this moment, to cement it so deep in the recesses of his brain that he’ll never have a chance to forget it.

Jimin senses the shift in the air, lets his head fall forward and his eyes lock onto Jeongguk beside him. They stand perpendicular to the sun and the golden rays light up half of their faces.

Neither of them speaks. The waves ebb and flow mere inches from their bare feet. All is right in the world.

When they meet in the middle to kiss it’s as tender and gentle as ever. There’s something beautiful about the silence, an unbreakable peace, and they don’t dare disturb it. With hands interlocked and eyes hooded, they return home, a ten-minute walk back to their honeymoon suite.

Jeongguk shivers, fumbling with the key card, thoroughly distracted by Jimin’s lips kissing burns into the back of his neck. It’s not desperation clawing at their veins but something sweeter, something urging them to lay together and never let go of one another.

“I think I wanna take a hot bath.” Jimin croons right in his ear. The little green light pings and their door swings open, a puff of air-conditioned coolness hitting Jeongguk square in the face. He shuffles in alongside Jimin in a daze, body on autopilot.

The “join me” is unspoken and unnecessary to add, because Jeongguk is nothing if not a slave to Jimin’s every will. He’s already pawing at his belt and jeans before their front door has even eased shut, making his way blindly across the suite after Jimin.

The glittering marble of their bathroom is just as impressive as it was five hours ago upon check-in, but Jeongguk feels his vision tunneling on his gorgeous boyfriend, stripping down far more sensuously than Jeongguk ever could. Even the way he lays his clothes over the counter is elegant, enticing. How could Jeongguk focus on literally anything else when Jimin is standing there, looking like that, baring himself in all his glory with no ounce of hesitation to be found?

He distantly registers the rush of the faucet turning on, more concerned with watching Jimin poke at the water until he’s satisfied with the temperature. There’s a couple of bottles opened and scents mingling, Jimin playing potions master with all the fancy little concoctions he chooses to add to their bathwater, before he finally appears satisfied with his creation.

Seated on the edge of the tub looking like some cliched Greek painting with the steam billowing around him, Jimin beckons Jeongguk to join him.

They tiptoe into the water together, shivering as the heat laps at their calves and shins. Jeongguk wishes he could properly appreciate all the romance and pomp that’s gone into this, wishes he was more aware of the glittering tiles and the lack of weird stains on the ceiling. He wishes he could concentrate on any other singular aspect of this moment besides Jimin, but what’s the point in focusing on anything else when Jimin is and always has been the epicenter of his life? The north star that guides him, the supernova that keeps him warm, the entire galaxy surrounding him?

How can bubble bars and rose petals ever hold a candle to the strength in Jimin’s arms, to the wisdom in his eyes, to the love in each of his touches?

They’ve only just sat down and acclimated to the scalding water but Jeongguk’s kissing Jimin’s skin before he knows it, pecking at his clavicle with all the gentleness he can muster.

Where normally he’d sink lower and lower, trailing licks down Jimin’s firm chest until he reaches paradise, Jeongguk deviates. He lets his lips slide over to the ball of Jimin’s shoulder and beyond, down bicep and elbow and forearm.

Worship. Jeongguk wants to worship. Wants to drop to his knees and pray, pay his respects, vow to never stray. Jimin is as imperfect as any other human but right here, right now, with the beginnings of stubble growing on his chin and sand in his hair and heat-flushed cheeks, he is Jeongguk’s idol.

Meant to be worshipped, from head to toe.

He starts with the fingers. Nips at the tips on Jimin’s left hand, drops butterfly kisses on his knuckles, licks along the palm and holds his wrist tighter when Jimin flinches at the sensation.

He copies and pastes this treatment on the right hand, tasting fragrant bath water and residual sweat. Three years ago he would have squirmed at the thought of tasting someone else so intimately, so viscerally, but three years ago he’d never had a taste of Park Jimin.

Three years ago he wasn’t an addict, wasn’t a worshipper.

He moves on to the chest, an area he’s delightfully acquainted with. Bites at the pectoral muscles with just enough strength to have Jimin exhaling audibly. His lips are tingling with blood but he doesn’t stop, can’t help himself from going on until his whole mouth is numb. He sucks the darkest mark of the night right over Jimin’s heart, going back to grind his teeth into it and suckle again and again until he’s satisfied with the severity of the colors.

Jimin’s entire pelvis is submerged in the milky waters so Jeongguk sets his sights somewhere new.

He helps Jimin sit back fully against the wall of the bath, guiding him to bring both arms up to balance along the rim. Jimin watches him carefully but remains mute, enchanted into silence from the moment Jeongguk started ravishing his body like this.

His breath hitches when Jeongguk lifts his right leg out of the water and cradles it like something sacred. Jeongguk slides one hand down and cups his foot so reverently, nuzzles his cheek into Jimin’s ankle, inhales like a bloodhound that’s finally caught the scent.

Jeongguk’s mouth touches the sole of his foot and Jimin sucks both his lips in to smother the whimper bubbling up from his throat.

This is entirely uncharted territories for the both of them. It feels new and intoxicating and Jimin isn’t sure if he has the strength to look away from the way Jeongguk’s beginning to kiss up and down his foot. He’s so hyper-focused on it that he apparently failed to notice Jeongguk grabbing the bottle of shower gel from the corner, and only when he begins to lather up the soap into a nice froth does Jimin realize.

With one hand still holding Jimin up by the ankle, Jeongguk uses the other to begin kneading the soap into Jimin’s foot. He rubs the bubbles across his skin, grinds his thumb into Jimin’s heel and revels in the groan it pulls from him. The mix of smells in the bathroom is getting almost unbearably heady at this point but it’s nothing more than a passing thought for Jeongguk, muted atmosphere he can’t be bothered to care about.

He cards his fingers through the dips of Jimin’s toes and refuses to miss an inch. His whole foot is pink and warm from soaking in the bath, and Jeongguk does his best to massage the aches and fatigue right out of it for his beloved hyung.

Jimin’s breaths are coming out shaky by now. Jeongguk slowly lowers his foot back into the water and swishes it around to rinse, before bringing it right back up to his lips, like he’s starving for it and can’t wait another minute. His breaths puff out hot against the ticklish skin of Jimin’s sole but he’s a man on a mission now, bound and determined. He peppers kisses up and down and everywhere he can, squeezing Jimin’s ankle in silent warning when he so much as twitches.

His tongue drags right up the center of Jimin’s foot and Jimin’s heart hiccups in his chest.

Distantly – very, very distantly – Jimin is gawking at the whole thing. He’s dumbfounded at how they ended up here with Jeongguk sucking hickeys into the balls of his foot after such a Normal, Wholesome date on the beach, and he’s floored at how undeniably hot he finds this, but the other 99% of Jimin’s brain is terribly occupied by the erotic, ticklish sensations his boyfriend is subjecting him to.

All thoughts come to a screeching halt when Jeongguk sucks his pinky toe right on in past his lips and starts laving his tongue up against it.

Jimin’s brain continues to flatline and he squeezes his eyes shut, finally too overwhelmed and overcome, hyperaware of the heat of Jeongguk’s mouth and the softness of his tongue. Jeongguk spends a deliciously painful amount of time suckling before he moves on to the next toe, paying the same amount of attention to each damn one while Jimin’s sanity slips further and further away from him.

The steam from the tub and the fog of arousal are clouding his head up in equal parts, and with every little suck and slurp and drag from Jeongguk’s filthy mouth, Jimin floats closer and closer to ecstasy. His cock is rock hard and throbbing, the tip peaking out of the water, an embarrassing amount of precum already leaking out of him.

There’s bathwater sloshing over the sides from Jimin’s little shakes, but Jeongguk goes on, flicking the tip of his tongue against Jimin’s big toe with no regard. Long gone is the shy boy of Jimin’s nostalgic childhood – the boy who could barely stand to meet Jimin’s eyes when he tried to pay him any sort of compliment – and from the ashes a monster has been born.

A monster who clearly knows Jimin’s body better than he himself ever has, who knows what he wants and is no longer afraid to ask for it, who is on his knees mouthing at Jimin’s fucking foot like it’s the only sustenance he’ll ever get in this lifetime.

With one teasing nip to the plumpest part of Jimin’s toe, Jeongguk finally meets his gaze. In those twin pools of black Jimin sees no teasing, no smugness – only satisfaction. Raw pleasure, like Jeongguk himself is going to burst any second, like every little lick is felt in his own core, like ravishing Jimin’s body is his greatest achievement.

Maybe it is. Maybe taking Jimin apart and smothering every little piece in love is Jeongguk’s calling. Maybe he was truly born to be with Jimin.

A sinfully gentle kiss lands on the tip of his toe and Jimin shudders. If he’s helped make this monster, he’s damn well going to love him back, forever and always.



“I promise, I didn’t hide anything from you.”

“I won’t be mad! You’re allowed to have kinks and not tell me!”

Jeongguk tilts his head back and chuckles. “Hyung, I don’t have any secret kinks.”

Perched atop a ridiculous amount of pillows that they’d gathered from all the closets in the suite, Jimin levels Jeongguk with an unimpressed stare. “Jeonggukie, baby, there’s no stinking way that you’ve never watched videos with… with that stuff in it before. That was some expert shit right there.”

“Oh yeah?” Jeongguk joins him, flopping down onto the bed gently enough to not displace Jimin’s hand-crafted fort. “Well I’m very glad to know that I managed to do all that stuff good enough, then, despite my 100% genuine lack of knowledge.” He teases, ridiculously pleased with how his ministrations appear to have affected Jimin so deeply.

Jimin rolls around aimlessly a bit, groaning deep in his throat. “Jeongguk-ah, that’s not fair, you’re not allowed to just, know how to do shit like that out of nowhere!” He gripes, coming to a halt and pouting in Jeongguk’s general direction.

Fondness pours out of him like a faucet and he scooches close enough to boop his nose into Jimin’s. “I don’t think it takes a neurosurgeon to kiss someone’s feet, Jiminie.”

“Oh, please.” Jimin huffs, aggressively returning Jeongguk’s eskimo kiss despite his furrowed brows. “You ate my toes out within an inch of their little toe lives. I think if you’d gone on another minute or two my foot would have squirted.”

Jeongguk crashes down on the bed next to him and laughs with his whole being, cackling loud enough to wake the neighbors. “Jiminie-hyung, what is wrong with you!” He’s petering off into precious little giggles now and Jimin loves him so fucking much, it’s stupid. They’re stupid. “If any liquid came out of your foot you’d be an amputee right now, because I do not fuck with demons.”

This whole conversation is stupid and Jimin wants to kiss, so he does. He smashes his lips right up against Jeongguk’s mouth and doesn’t pay any mind to the little baby laughter still spilling out of his boyfriend. He just kisses him over and over again, using the size advantage of his fat lips to muffle Jeongguk thoroughly until he’s finally kissing back, properly this time.

Somehow they always end up here – up far too late, awake while the world rests, only the moon left to bare witness to their lovesick stupidity. Even in a brand-new place they manage to build up familiarity and comfort around them, like their definition of home is fluid enough to bend when they need it.

Like home for them is just… them. The two of them. Giggling into each other’s mouths, post-coital glows and ignored responsibilities.

“Happy early anniversary.” Jeongguk whispers sometime later, when they’ve calmed enough to lay still, tangled up and serene. “I love you so much. More than anything.”

There’s the phantom pressure of tears building up behind his eyes, but Jimin’s got the rest of his life to cry over how much he loves this boy. Tonight, he just wants to worship him back, with words and touch and everything in his power. “I love you, Jeongguk, love you so stinking much. Happy anniversary. Promise we’ll celebrate again when the day comes around.”



Jimin hates taking NyQuil.

It knocks him out in twenty minutes or less and he always wakes up like he’s coming back from the dead. His sleep is almost too deep under the influence of the medicine, in such a way that it’s somehow unsatisfying. He wakes up feeling like he’d been in a coma, but his cold symptoms will still be there to greet him the next morning.

The neon blue-green slime doesn’t even cure him, doesn’t help heal him any quicker. It just ensures, when worst comes to worst, that he can scrape together a couple hours of undisturbed sleep, no matter how plugged up his nose may be.

This will be his third night taking the damned thing before bed and he is not pleased.

“Do you want some water to wash it down, hyung?” Jeongguk offers from the kitchen, ever watchful and considerate.

Jimin just grunts, tossing the shot of medicine back and sighing in displeasure once it’s all safely down his esophagus. “Chuck me that bottle, by the toaster.”

Jeongguk does as he’s told, throwing the half-full bottle to Jimin and watching with eyes the size of saucers as his hyung swishes around some room temperature water in an effort to wash away the god-forsaken taste of NyQuil.

“Thanks, pumpkin.” Jimin says when he’s done. His voice is pitifully slurred thanks to his stuffy nose and scratchy throat, telltale beyond belief that he’s deep in the throes of a terrible cold. It’s as endearing as it is heartbreaking for Jeongguk, who’s been doing all that he can to help his hyung catch up on missed schoolwork throughout the week.

It’s finally the day before their actual anniversary date, and Jimin’s been struck by the plague at the absolute most inconvenient of times. Of course, perfect golden boy Jeon Jeongguk apparently also has perfect golden antibodies and white blood cells, because in all the years they’ve known one another, Jimin has never once seen him fall prey to the common cold.

He’s petulant about it, sure, but he also adores having such a thoughtful little helper around the house when he inevitably falls sick each quarter of the year.

“Hyung, c’mon, the heating blanket’s all ready.” Jeongguk implores him, having already zoomed over to their bed to check on the toasty nest he’s been assembling. A giant downy comforter rests over their newest impulse purchase: an electric heating blanket, big enough to cover the entire mattress.

The whole thing’s topped off with extra pillows and two boxes of tissues on Jimin’s side, the perfect place to die near as he can figure.

“Ugh. Thank you, Jeonggukie. Hyung doesn’t deserve you.” He groans, dragging his double-socked feet over to the bed. His nose is chapped from excessive blowing, his eyes a bit filmy, and his lips swollen from breathing through them all night every night. All in all, he knows he’s not winning any beauty pageants right now, which is why it’s so refreshingly sweet to have Jeongguk fawning over him like Jimin’s still his prince charming.

It’s really stupidly heartwarming, being loved so thoroughly no matter how shitty he feels. Admittedly, he’d hoped to be at least somewhat presentable for their special day, but the doting is sweet and Jeongguk’s presence is always more than enough.

Jeongguk holds the blankets up for him invitingly and Jimin melts a little further. He climbs right on in, curling up in a ball almost on reflex, and Jeongguk sets to work tucking him in snug. “Your fever’s gotta break tonight, your mom said that’s the only surefire way to get you feeling better in time for your test.” Jeongguk dutifully recites the information he’d gathered, doing his darndest to help speed along Jimin’s recovery.

Fonder than possibly ever before, Jimin feels a couple of crocodile tears building up in his eyes for no good reason. “Love you so much, Jeongguk-ah, you take such good care of me. It’s stupid.”

A gentle kiss falls on his forehead, even though Jimin’s hair is day-old greasy and his forehead is clammy. Jeongguk still kisses him, always. “It is stupid. You’re right.” Jeongguk agrees, his voice low like he’s trying not to wake someone. “Now read your fic until you fall asleep, okay? I’ll take care of everything.”

That’s another thing – Jeongguk hadn’t even batted an eye when Jimin admitted that he’d begun reading fanfiction last month.

Anime fanfiction.

He’d asked a couple of questions, mostly regarding the logistics of who writes it and what the purpose is, then nodded his head and asked what Jimin wanted for breakfast.

It was anticlimactic in a relieving sort of way. Jimin had pushed the conversation along some more, explaining how nice it’s been diving into stories wherein his two favorite characters from his current favorite show actually end up together, even though they’re sworn enemies in reality. He rambled on about the surprising talent he’s discovered in anonymous authors on the internet, how underappreciated their craft is, and how unique some of the plots have been well into the afternoon.

Jeongguk, the darling that he is, never once complained. He paid attention to Jimin’s rants even though he’d never even watched that particular anime, and it was extremely gratifying.

That’s why he got treated to the ride of his life a couple hours later, as thanks for being so patient and amazing.

So Jimin feels no shame whipping out his phone and pulling up his most recently bookmarked fic – a delicious slow-burn complete with strangers-to-lovers dynamics and a single parent cliché to boot.

Oh. And it’s ABO, of course.

Yeah, Jimin may have left one teeny, tiny detail out when he explained the basics of his newfound fanfiction obsession to Jeongguk. But, to be fair, explaining the logistics of Alpha-Beta-Omega tropes as they exist inside of fictional stories would probably send Jeongguk into an early grave.

Jimin still remembers how he squirmed when he learned what a damn tentacle kink was, god only knows how the boy would react to learning about… over-glorified anthropomorphic wolf sex.

But Jimin is only a man – a weak, mortal man, succumbing to his vices and his desires as is to be expected. So, it should really come as no surprise that his NyQuil-heightened dreams would start to adopt a pretty familiar setting with a terribly familiar cast…



Jimin’s in a hotel room. A very nice hotel room.

He can’t really explain how he knows that – it’s just dream logic. He was flying above the clouds just a minute ago, now he’s in a hotel room.

And he’s not alone.

There’s someone showering in the ensuite bathroom, and they’ve left the door cracked just enough for Jimin to see steam billowing out.

Satin bathrobes lay draped over the back of a chair and there’s a bottle of Moscato uncorked on the nightstand, two glasses already half-full. Distantly, Jimin appreciates his brain’s capacity for adding in details, wonders if this is some warped version of their honeymoon suite from a few weeks back.

While he’s busy appraising the upholstery, a deep voice calls out to him over the sound of running water, “You’d better not be touching yourself in there, darling.”

Oh, Jeongguk! Of course it would be Jeongguk in the shower. Who else would Jimin be sharing such a luxurious space with? Not to mention the alcohol, the mussed sheets, the discarded robes…

Oh, Jeongguk. He and Jeongguk must have been up to something scrumptious.

He hopes there’s going to be a round two.

The shower turns off and Jimin shifts around on the bed, eager to get an eyeful of a soaking wet Jeongguk.

“You know, if you don’t answer me, it just makes you seem all the more guilty.” Jeongguk teases through the door, but there’s something different in his voice, something deeper and… darker.

And it’s finally catching up with Jimin, what Jeongguk’s said to him. Touching himself? He isn’t allowed to?

There’s some small commotion in the bathroom, like Jeongguk’s rushing to dry himself off. “Darling? Have you already got slick all over the place and you’re too ashamed to tell me?” The door’s pushed the rest of the way open and there he is, in all his glory.

His beloved Jeongguk, bare except for the plush towel wrapped around his hips, a few stray droplets still trickling down his neck from his wet hair.

His wet, peachy pink hair.

Even haphazardly towel-dried, Jimin can tell that the locks are a very soft hue of peach, faded in parts and brighter in others. No black shows through at his roots and Jimin doesn’t even have the wherewithal to wonder if this is Jeongguk’s natural hair color somehow, if that’s a normal color to have in this universe.

Maybe black is abnormal, maybe Jeongguk’s always had pretty peach hair.

“Look at you, didn’t move an inch, did you?” Jeongguk leans his weight against the door frame, crossing his arms and staring Jimin down with uncontained lust. There’s fire in his eyes, not chaotic or disastrous but smoldering, calculated, a danger that’s made itself known and is simply waiting to explode.

Jimin doesn’t answer. He doesn’t know if he’s physically incapable of answering or if he simply has nothing to say, but he doesn’t answer.

Jeongguk seems displeased by this. He takes two loaded steps into the suite. “I haven’t fucked you dumb yet, so why the sudden shyness, hm?”

That’s… Is that something Jeongguk would say? Sure, he’s got that big kissable nose and those unmistakable eyes, but is this really Jeongguk? His Jeongguk?

His continued silence earns him a painfully tight squeeze, one of Jeongguk’s hands flying up to pinch his face in an inescapable hold, thumb and forefinger on either side of his mouth. “If this pretty thing is broken, I can always try to fix it. Pry it open and make sure noise still comes out.” His voice is black velvet, suave and smooth and deadly.

And Jimin swears, now that they’re close enough, that he can smell Jeongguk clear as day, like a very particular scent that’s slapping him upside the head. It’s nothing artificial, no product of soaps or lotions, but something much more raw.

It’s just Jeongguk, somehow, and Jimin knows this. He doesn’t know how he knows this, he just does.

He leans in closer, towering over Jimin entirely, broad in a way that Jimin had yet to notice. “You don’t have to worry, darling, alpha will make you scream.”

Alpha… alpha?

Jeongguk, alpha?

He must have said something out loud, if the deep croon that Jeongguk lets out is any indication. The sound is something he was able to make without opening his mouth, like a hum that came from deep within his chest instead of his throat. “That’s right, darling, alpha’s here. Left you all alone, wet and needy, hm? How cruel.” Jeongguk’s so close now that he’s almost spitting the words in Jimin’s face.

Now that he mentions it, Jimin does register some sort of moisture on him. Not sweat, no, he’s not all that warm, and most of it seems to be concentrated underneath him, pooling out under his ass and thighs where they rest on the bed.

Jeongguk kisses his nose, the act somehow patronizing in its gentleness, before pulling back entirely and standing up straight, his hand finally falling away from Jimin’s face. There’s a faint ache left in his cheeks, a distant throb from Jeongguk’s iron-tight grip, and Jimin has no idea what’s going on.

“If you’re gonna go all mute on me, guess I’ll just have to skip straight to knotting you. That always gets you wailing like the pretty bitch you are.” Jeongguk says this so flippantly, his face betraying no signs of trepidation, like it’s as common as discussing their schoolwork.

Before he has another second to gather his thoughts and figure out what’s going on – why he isn’t panicking, when Jeongguk turned into this pink-haired deviant – he’s being tackled. Pushed down onto the bed and mounted like helpless prey, Jeongguk completely engulfing him.

There’s teeth in his neck and a knee pressing up into his groin, trickles of shower water raining down on him, that same heavenly scent so strong now he’s nearly gagging on it, little undertones of almond and chemicals bleeding into it. Jeongguk’s devouring him, body and spirit, and apparently Jimin fucking loves it.

He really loves it, if the increase in wetness between his legs is anything to go by.

“My sweet bitch, my sweet little omega bitch.” Jeongguk mutters, voice so deep it’s reverberating a bit, right next to Jimin’s ear. “Fucking dripping all over the place, couldn’t even wait five minutes to get stuffed again.”

There’s so much going on, too much for Jimin’s dream-warped senses to even try keeping up with.

Time speeds up and reality blurs a little.

They kiss, there’s bloodshed from bites in the fleshy parts of Jimin’s thighs, a few fingers diving into him. He notices scattered details and fragments – like Jeongguk’s shockingly long nails, the glitter of diamonds dangling from an open jewelry box in the bathroom, a deep ache in his own gut that seems to be calling out, begging for something to fill him up, stuff him full just like Jeongguk promised.

Just like alpha promised.



He wakes up all at once, disoriented but painfully awake in an instant.

Another downside to NyQuil: he wakes up like he’s been drenched in ice water. Never gently or peacefully, always like he’s been jolted out of sleep for no damned reason.

Jeongguk is still asleep. He’s flat on his back, his default sleeping position. His pretty lips are parted just a tad, just enough to let in little whistling inhales.

Jimin can’t stop himself from scooching closer, close enough to share the same pillow and stare unabashedly at his boyfriend’s sleep-lax profile. His dream is still fresh enough that random still-shots and sensations are bouncing around in his head, like fleeting frames of a movie that he can’t see in entirety.

He sees Jeongguk with gorgeous pink hair, standing taller than he ever has before. He sees himself from some third-party perspective, laid out on dark sheets with bruises and teeth-marks branded onto him. He feels alcohol thrumming in his veins and a throbbing need deep inside of him.

He feels the unmistakable phantom drag of a pretty little jewel prodding at his hole, attached to the head of Jeongguk’s dick, and then he feels a hot blush on his face that wasn’t there five seconds ago.

What sort of hallucinogens did Jeongguk spike his NyQuil with to have him dreaming up a world where Jeongguk has a fucking dick piercing? Not to mention the dyed hair, the name-calling, the…

Oh god. The alpha stuff.

Now that he’s gone and had a goddamned wet dream about this ABO bullshit, does that mean he’s morally obligated to tell Jeongguk about it? Especially considering he had the star role? Is this the beginnings of a new fetish that Jimin is going to be unable to ignore?

In the midst of his crisis, Jeongguk stirs. “…’Minie-hyung?” He grumbles, smacking his lips a couple times like he’s reacquainting himself with his own mouth. “’Ut time is it?” Before Jimin can even crane his head to see the clock, Jeongguk’s sitting up. “Oh, your medicine! Gotta get your medicine.”

Jimin manages to hold Jeongguk’s arms down before he’s able to push the blankets off himself, laughing under his breath. “Jeonggukie, easy, down boy. There’s no rush, I feel fine.” He does his best to placate, hopelessly endeared by the sight of a crusty-eyed Jeongguk blinking his way into consciousness, his first coherent thought revolving around Jimin’s well-being. Always such a damn sweetheart.

“Mm, your throat’s okay?” Jeongguk asks, sinking back into the pillow and closing his eyes to savor the morning a little longer.

He knows that, were Jeongguk to open his eyes, he’d see the most lovestruck smile taking over Jimin’s face. “Yeah. Yeah, my throat’s okay, baby. Happy anniversary, by the way.”

At this, Jeongguk groans, apparently in satisfaction. “’m glad, hyung. Happy anniversary.” He half-purrs, and the timbre in his sleepy voice has Jimin’s thoughts ricocheting back to dreamland, to much darker territories.

Soaking wet legs and fine bubbling wine and broad shoulders and Prince Albert piercings.

Jimin shakes his head, burrowing a bit into the pillow to hide the pink in his cheeks. Here his baby is, barely conscious but already so adorable, doting over Jimin like a mother hen, still wearing yesterday’s Dragon Ball t-shirt that he must’ve fallen asleep in. He’s the love of Jimin’s life, no way around it, and as far as Jimin is concerned, Jeongguk is the physical embodiment of everything that’s good in this world – everything sweet and kind and dorky and wonderful.

He would probably need to be held at gunpoint, tears streaming down his face, before he’d ever even consider calling Jimin a bitch, much less a… a sweet little omega bitch.

No, Jimin thinks, there’s no reason to subject his precious baby to any of that. Jeongguk is perfect just the way he is, no knot necessary.

Still, Jimin can’t help but wonder…


Jeongguk hums in response, too busy stretching out his shoulders to properly reply.

“We’ve had this black hair going for a while now. You ever thought about pink?”