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Ego x You

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Well just imagine, you sit in one of those chairs in front of the pole your legs just graze lightly on the scene that Dark is dancing on. He is consumed by the light, but his greyscale aura is hiding all the red colors turning the places into something more intimate.
He is barely standing on the scene still dancing in the air. Holding only onto a pole.

The pole is close to you, you could reach and touch him. But you don't. Waiting for the scene to end.

So you dont realize when one of the pose is mostly done just for you. Still holding the pole Dark is bending. Putting his body into delicious curve. His almost naked frame looking so lickable. Sweat forming on his grey skin. God you want to ouch him. Pose he is doing makes him bend forward. Arms not holding the pole. Only legs are holding him in the air. Hi tries not to touch you but his beard is grazing your ear.

He murmurs softly in your ear, and you are the only one hearing it. the little growl that is hitting your ear. Do you feel the warm spreading in your chest?