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Marvel Kinkvember 2018

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You always knew there was an edge to Steve. From the first time the two of you met, there was this swagger, this power radiating off of him that you could not put your finger on. Steve was and still is, always so sweet with you. Making sure your every need is taken care of, that you feel safe and out of harm’s way whenever New York City is attacked. In bed, he’s always the gentleman, making sure you’re the center of attention and that your pleasure comes first. You love that about Steve but ever since the split of The Avengers, things have changed. Besides the physical changes, Steve is more rugged, angrier than he was before. Not that you blame him. Steve is more forward with want he wants from his team, his view on the world a bit nihilistic but he never puts that on you and you’re grateful. You do your best to keep him happy despite all circumstances.

Steve came back to Wakanda after a particularly shitty mission. He, Sam and Natasha still couldn’t find Vision and Wanda and to top it all off, Sam got injured. Steve came into your shared room in T’challa’s palace in an angry huff.

“Hey babe,” you start off but with one glance at Steve’s demeanor, you knew everything did not go according to plan. “Are you okay? Do you need me to patch you up?” You had gotten over your issue with needles to learn how to stitch Steve’s injuries. It became a sort of bonding experience for the two of you. He shakes his head roughly as he shucks his dark and dirty suit and boots off his body. His hair is damp with sweat and there’s blood and dirt-matted to his skin. Steve sports an impressive cut near his jaw and it makes you cringe.

“‘M just gonna take a shower first. I gotta cool down before I say something I don’t mean,” he mumbles. Steve walks over to you and plants a quick kiss on your head before showering.

When Steve eventually comes out of the shower, you’re sitting at the foot of the bed, waiting patiently. A quick flash of confusion paints his face but is instantly replaced with lust. Steve takes three big steps over to you, his large frame engulfing you.

“Darling,” he starts, his voice cautious about what he is going to say next. “What are you doing?”

“I am presenting myself to you. I think,” you reach for the waistband of his sweats, your nails gently scraping his skin. Steve sucks in a sharp breath, his nose flaring on the exhale.

“ I could help you relieve some stress. I know the mission went to shit today and I’m so sorry about that. But I don’t want you to think about that right now.” You palm him through his sweats, his erection already growing. You look up at him and smile inwardly, you can tell he’s trying so hard not to take control and fuck you into the mattress. There’s this edge in his eyes that scares and excites you. Pulling his sweats and boxers all the way down, his dick springs free and it takes everything in you to not jump on him right there. You push him back a few steps and grab a pillow before putting it on the floor to get on your knees.

“Sit,” you order him and a small clench of his jaw, Steve sits on the bed. You run your hands up and down his thighs, making them tense up in anticipation. You kiss up his thighs and around his length, not once paying attention to his dick.

“Really, babe? If you don’t do something right now . . .”

“You’ll what? Shove your cock down my throat?” Steve grunts at the thought, his dick twitching.

“You know what? That doesn’t sound like a bad idea.” With that, Steve grabs the back of your neck firmly and move your lips to the tip of his dick. “Suck.” You shudder at his command and with a smile, you let a long dribble of spit fall down his length before taking him into your mouth.

“Fuck,” Steve groans as you swirl your tongue around the spongy head, taking your time tasting the precum that leaks out. You hollow your cheeks and take him deeper, the tip tickling the back of your throat. Steve pushes your head down further and you grunt, trying to breathe and not cut this blowjob short by throwing up. He pulls you off him when he realizes you’re struggling.

“You okay, babe?” Your eyes are watering slightly and you’re a bit winded but otherwise okay.

“Yeah, I want this. I want you to feel good, Steve. I can do this.” He leans over to take you in for a sloppy kiss.

“Good girl, now back to work.” There’s that edge. You take him in your mouth again, his hand still guiding your head down as you suck him harder. Steve moans words of encouragement as you blow him; “Such a pretty mouth. You love getting your mouth stuffed with my cock, don’t you? So, fucking pretty like this.”

You massage his balls as you suck and this only spurs Steve on to fully fuck your face. He grips your head in both hands and thrusts into your mouth, your eyes watering as you look up at him. One hand on his leg for balance and the other is playing with your cunt because let’s face it, this is fucking hot.

“Are you touching yourself? Naughty girl. Look at me,” Steve demands and you do, a small tear falling down your face but you couldn't care less. The man of your dreams is finally showing you the side of him you knew was there all along. “Beautiful,” he moans. “I’m gonna come. You want me to come down your throat? I bet you’d like that.” All you can do to respond is moan and suck him harder. Steve holds your head once again, this time his thrusts are more frantic as he pursues his release.

When he comes, it’s with a loud groan, your name falling from his lips like absolute sin. You feel his thick cum slip down your throat, some of it seeping out the corners of your mouth. Steve removes his cock from your mouth, a messy trail of spit and cum follow and fall on your chin. He pushes the remaining cum on your face into your mouth with his thumb and you suck happily.

“Well,” Steve pants. “That was wonderful but I think it’s your turn. I hope you didn’t have anything planned for the next hour.”

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“Brucie!” You call out as you enter Bruce’s lab. He has been in the lab since before you woke up, working on overly complicated research. When you walk toward him, you chuckle to yourself. Bruce is still in his pajamas—a black t-shirt and dark green plaid lounge pants. His hair is longer these days, the ends sticking up almost cartoonishly. When you finally make it to him, you place a gentle hand on his shoulder.

“Bruce. . .” He turns around in his chair with a start.

“O-oh hey! I didn’t know you were up,” he says. Bruce looks adorable like this. Completely pure and full of excitement. “I just had a spark of genius and couldn’t sleep anymore.”

“Has it proven to be a bit successful, babe?” You ask as you take a seat in his lap. You listen intently to Bruce as he explains his recent discovery, making sure to ask questions about it or just to even clarify what he said. You love the man but you do not know astrophysics.

“Eh, the jury is still out. What time is it?”

“Almost noon, I missed you this morning. I had plans,” you pout. Bruce rubs you hip and kisses your shoulder.

“I’m sorry sweetheart, how can I make it up to you?”

“I can think of a few ways. . .”


You marvel at your handy work at Bruce looking literally fucked out. He’s tired to the bed, his hair slick with sweat as he obeys your demands. You run your hand up and down his length, your thumb circling around the spongy flesh of his head.

“You’ve been so good for me, Brucie.” You coo. You have been teasing him for hours; switching from sucking him off to using him to get yourself off. “I bet you’d like to come now.” Bruce lets out a frustrated groan. There’s a slight tint of green in those lustful eyes of his, tears threatening to fall. His lips are swollen from biting them in annoyance.

“Please sweetheart. I want to taste you too, fuck please I want you so badly.” His words make your heart soar and you lean in to kiss those plump lips. The kiss is light but full of passion.

“I don’t know, I think you can wait it out a little bit longer.” Bruce lets out a frustrated moan and he pulls on his restraints. The purple, vibranium infused silk that was used for Bruce when he turns into the Hulk really came in handy and you make a mental note to thank Shuri.

“You’re… evil,” Bruce huffs. You chuckle and place your head between his thighs, nipping and biting at the firm flesh. Bruce shudders and bucks his hips into your face.

“Keep doing that and you won’t get my mouth.” Bruce whines but stills his hips. You wait a bit before licking from his balls to his shaft. The sound he makes is glorious.

“God, that feels so good,” he says through a choked sob. You take him into your mouth, his girth stretching your mouth deliciously. With hollowed cheeks, you suck him hard, a pleasant hum escapes your throat as you taste his precum. Bruce is a mess, his eyes are squeezed shut in pleasure and he does his best not to thrust into your face too hard. You remove him for your mouth with a wet pop, a thick trail of spit following.

“You taste amazing Brucie,” you say and he turns a nice red. “When I put your dick back in my mouth, you can come. How does that sound?”

“Awesome,” he whimpers. You chuckle and take him in your mouth once again. This time you take him further, the head of his dick hitting the back of your throat. You massage his balls as you suck, obscene slurping noises filling the room. You can feel Bruce shaking, his orgasm quickly approaching. You rub his thigh with your left hand, your signal that he can finish when he’s ready. With a few hard sucks and a flick of your tongue, Bruce erupts in your mouth, hot cum spilling down your throat. You let out a happy sigh, your heart swelling with pride at Bruce’s obedience. You let go of him and sit up, taking whatever of his cum that didn’t make it into your mouth on your fingers and putting it in his mouth. Bruce moans at the sight, his restraints the only thing keeping him from devouring you right then and there.

“Okay, okay. How about I untie you and I let you eat my pussy, mhm?” Bruce nods excitedly and lifts his head up to kiss you again. The two of you make out as you work to untie Bruce’s arms from the bed. When he’s finally free, he grabs at you like a starved man. His hands grip and scratch at your body, his lips are all over your neck, chest, and shoulders.
“Brucie,” you sigh. “Slow down, I’m not going anywhere.” He grunts and grabs your ass, motioning you to move up his body. “What do you want? Tell me what you want from me.”

“Your pussy. I want to make you cum, please let me.” You run your hands through his slick, black hair, soothing his desperate shivers.

“Then have at it, babe.” There’s no need to tell him twice because he has your ass in his arms and he swiftly lifts you to his face. You squeal in surprise but quickly regain your composure to adjust your legs on either side of his head. He make quick work to rip your underwear apart and uses his thumb to rub firm circles on your neglected clit. Your body tenses and you look at Bruce, his face ridden with lust. He pulls you down, his mouth almost unbearably hot on your cunt. He licks into you hard and fast, tongue feverish to catch all your slick. Your hands find the headboard, using it to steady yourself while Bruce sucks and flicks at your clit.

“Oh my god, just like that,” you groan. Your hips have taken on a life of their own, rocking steadily on his face. Bruce lays a firm slap on your ass and you gasp. “Very naughty, Bruce.” You can feel him grinning against your pussy. Bruce pulls you closer to his face, fully burying his face in your cunt. He licks and sucks your pussy like a starved man.

“Fuck, I’m gonna come. Don’t stop,” you pant. Bruce doubles down, his tongue swirling around your clit sends you over the edge and you fall fast. Your grip on the headboard is enough to break it. When Bruce is finally satisfied (which feels like hours later), you flop to his side unceremoniously. It takes a few minutes for you to catch your breath as Bruce lays kisses on your neck and chest.

“Was I good?” He asks.

“You were perfect.”

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You’ve been blindfolded and waiting for God knows how long. Bucky is determined to draw this out and you’ll let him. You’ll let him all kinds of depraved things with your body and you’re not even ashamed. This time, it’s knives. You bought a pair of lingerie specific for this occurrence; a pair that you wouldn’t be too sad to see cut up and on your floor in lacy shreds. A warm hand pushes you back on the bed gently, your head hitting the plush pillows. Those same hands, one hot and the other cold, roam up your thighs, your waist and knead your breasts. A soft sigh leaves your lips, body searching for more. Then you hear the click of his switchblade snap open, your heart quickening in anticipation. The cool metal of the blade drags down your inner thigh, drawing an outline around your panty covered sex.

“Bucky,” you whisper. You’re desperate to find where he is, to touch him, to taste him.

“I’m here love. What is it?” His voice is deep in his chest, there’s a roughness to it that sends a shiver down your spine.

“I need you,” you say.

“How?” Bucky drags the knife down your neck, your breath hitches and your body stills so the blade doesn’t accidentally draw blood. Not that you’d complain.

“I need,” you think of all the ways you want him. You want him to taste you, eat you out to you cry. Or use those ridiculously deft fingers of his to massage the deepest part of your cunt. Or have him fuck you into your mattress so you can’t walk straight for a week.

“I need your fingers or your mouth.”

“Where?” Bucky’s voice is teasing—he fucking knows where he just wants you to say it.

“My pussy, of course.” You cringe at the desperation in your voice but not being able to see Bucky and having that knife trail and nip all over your body is unbearable.
There’s a pregnant pause. You don’t hear anything from Bucky and you start to worry. Just as you begin to call for him, there’s pressure on your lace covered clit. It’s not a finger, it’s the heal of the knife. Your body curls in on itself, not fully able to decide if you should give in or recoil from the knife. Steady rotations on your clit bring you to that point where you know if he keeps going, you won’t last long. Your hands dig into the bed, an effort to stay put.

“Bucky,” you whine. “I’m gonna,” Bucky stops abruptly and your world shatters. You can’t see him but you know he’s grinning. He waits until you calm down before repeating his torture—bringing you toward your orgasm but never letting you achieve it. You’ve yet to feel his skin on yours, the knife doing all the work.
Bucky whispers naughty things to you in Russian, occasionally translating the filth.

“Such a good girl for me, aren’t you?”

“ You love when I get you off on my knife, huh? Maybe I should fuck you with it?”

“Can’t wait to bury myself in your beautiful cunt...let everyone hear you scream my name for hours.”

You’re a mess, you feel your arousal seeping out of you, tears soak the silk covering your eyes. He’s been edging you for too long and tour at your breaking point.

“Bucky, please,” you sob. Your voice sounds foreign to you, so whiny, so small. Obviously, you don’t care. You’ve been good—letting Bucky have his wicked way with your body for what may have been hours and not coming whenever you wanted. Now, you want your reward.

“Shh, okay princess,” he coos. “You can come when you're ready. You’ve been so wonderfully sweet tonight.” You breathe a sigh of relief and await his next move. The lace of your lingerie snaps off, a light rip is audible from when the knife cuts off your panties.

“So fucking pretty,” you hear him whisper under his breath. He takes a long lick from your hole to the top of your clit, your body jerking away. Bucky grabs your legs and throws them over his shoulders, his hands locking you in position. His tongue is firm and fast, the flicks of it are incessant. Your fingers tangled in his long locks, maneuvering his movements the best you can.

“Oh fuck, right there...feels so good, your so good.” The tension grows in the pit of your stomach, your body buzzing with sexual tension that’s desperate to escape. Bucky licks, nips and sucks all over your sex and it becomes too much. You succumb to the pleasure, your moans loud and deep from within. His name leaves your mouth like a broken plea but you don’t want him to stop and he doesn’t.

When you finally decide you’re too sensitive for anymore, you tug on his head and he gets the message. Bucky kisses the inside of your thighs, practically purring as he does it. He gets up and kisses you deeply while removing the blindfold from your eyes. The low light in the room is harsh on your eyes but you adjust. Bucky takes you into his arms as he lays on the bed next to you.

“I’ll let you rest for now. Then it’s my turn.”

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You weren't planning on having sex with Thor. Not that you were opposed to the chance to but you came to his room the just ask him to teach you some things about his people’s history. There was a genuine interest there, especially after Asgard was destroyed. But every time you meet him in some corner of the compound, you end up in a compromising position. Like tonight, you’re currently naked, facing toward the large bathroom mirror. Thor has bent you over the sink, your arse sore from the heavy spanks he laid on it. He’s been teasing you, him half-clothed, his sweatpants hanging dangerously low, the only things keeping them up is her pert butt and the impressive erection outlined by the grey cloth. You can feel your arousal dripping down your thigh, your vulva throbbing painfully.

“I myself have never been an ass man,” Thor says. He kneads the tender flesh before spanking both cheeks. “But your ass? It drives me crazy.” Thor’s large hands trail up your sides until they cup your breasts. Your head falls back on his shoulder and he kisses you tenderly, taking his time as if you don’t need to orgasm anytime soon. His right-hand moves to cup your sex and you gasp as he rubs your clit. The pressure is amazing but not enough, making you grind on his hand.

“Mhmm, eager now aren’t we,” Thor teases. You let out a frustrated grunt and kiss him harder, pulling him closer by the back of his head. Thor ruts against your butt, his erection sitting between your cheeks. You swivel your hips against him, eliciting a sharp moan from the god of thunder.

“Aren’t you gonna fuck me,” you question against his lips. Thor chuckles lightly and lays another smack on your butt making you squeal in surprise.

“I was planning on teasing you until you begged me to but now, I’m afraid, I’ve gotten myself all riled up. Plus, I want to make you watch yourself get fucked.” You shudder at his words as he pulls a way to drop his sweats. Every time he presents himself, you wonder how he’s gonna fit and every time, he fits wonderfully.

Thor grips you by your hair, forcing you to look in the mirror. Your lips are plump from all the kissing and your hair is a lost cause. Your eyes are covered in lust, the only thing on your mind is Thor filling you up. He lines the head up with your hole and thrusts in slowly, so slowly that you feel like you’re being cut open. The stretch is delicious as it is painful.

“Fuck,” Thor groans. “You fit like a glove. Fucking perfect.” He starts slowly to allow you to get used to his size. His length massages every spot just right and you give in to the feel. Thor starts to pick up the pace, the sound of skin slapping is loud and it only arouses you further.

“Fuck shit, right there.” Your voice is wanton and thick, the only coherent words you’re able to make are cuss words and his name. Thor sucks at your neck, his hands have a death grip on your hips and you’re sure you’ll have bruises there tomorrow.

“Look at me,” Thor commands and you do because who are you to say no to a god? “No, in the mirror, beautiful.” You shyly turn your head and sigh at the sight—you love the way your bodies connect, the light in the bathroom soft, giving the two of you a soft glow. You swear you can see fog forming on the mirror.

“Look how beautiful you are, love. I should take a picture of you so I can always remember how you look like this. Do you like watching me fuck you? I think you do, you’re so fucking wet.” Without warning, Thor takes your right leg and lifts it to the counter, opening you up to him. “Hands behind your back for me, sweetheart.” You do what he says and he holds your leg up while the other hand holds your wrists together. You’re pinned between the counter and him, unable to push back but that’s oddly okay with you. At this moment, all you want is for Thor to fuck you senseless.

“Thor please,” you plea. Your brain is clouded with lust, you’ve never wanted anything as badly as you want to come for him.

“Shhh, you’ll get your reward. Ready?” You nod furiously and he smiles, planting a kiss on your cheek. “Eyes front.”

The eye contact is almost too much but you keep looking in the mirror anyway. You love the way his face looks—so full of adoration and primal lust for your body. Your mouth is slack, only obscene noises escape it. The pressure continues to build until a rush of pleasure erupts. Your orgasm leaving you breathless but Thor keeps going and you want to give him everything.

“So fucking hot when you come,” he says. “Want you to do it again for me. I wanna fill this pretty, little whole with my cum.”

“Mhmm please yes, I want it.” The words come out rushed and choppy as Thor fucks into at a brutal pace. You see him grin in the mirror.

“You’re close...come with me. Be a good girl and come for me again.” With a few more thrusts and a few good slaps on your bum, the two of you fall apart. Thor finishes with what can only be described as a roar, you feel him twitch inside as you succumb to your second orgasm. He releases your wrists and you reach behind him to pull his face toward yours for a sloppy kiss. You have no idea what this is, but you’re willing to have a few more sessions to figure it out.

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She wanted red rope this time, she loves the way the color contrasts her skin. You weren’t sure when Natasha first asked you about adding bondage to your sex life. You were wary at the whole idea of tying her up, not wanting to inflict harm on her or pushing her to a dark place that could unleash past traumas. The two of you had a lengthy discussion about it; why she wanted to do it and how it would help her.

“I’ll let you sleep on it,” Natasha said that day and she kissed you before getting ready for bed. You spent most of the night looking up the history and watching videos, trying to get a sense of it all. Three days later, you told her it was on the table and that the two of you would take baby steps into the world of BDSM. It started off light, typical dominant/submissive behavior in bed, then it went to the use of sex toys and gadgets like remote control vibrating panties, ball gags and plugs. You secretly practiced your knots with rope. You had to admit, seeing pictures and videos of women tied up so intricately were kind of hot and it got you excited for the next step. That’s how you’ve arrived here, with Nat naked and tied up with her face down in the plush pillows. The air is electric; Natasha moans softly when the rope rubs against her clit as she shifts. You rub her soft cheeks in both hands, marveling at the feel of her supple arse. She glows in the soft candlelight, her hair now dirty blonde and draped around her like a veil.

“You’re so beautiful like this, Natalia. Are you going to be good for me?” Nat sucks in a deep breath before answering.

“Yes, Ma’am. I’ll do anything you say, I’ll be good.” You love this side of Natasha. She’s so pliant and sweet, not that she usually isn’t sweet but there’s always a wall up. A wall that you and many of her closest confidants have tried to break through with no success. You feel honored to see her like this—free of stress, judgment and self-hate.

“Very good. What’s your safe word?” You reach for the body wand that you plugged in earlier and set aside before kneeling at the foot of the bed, your eyes level with her wet cunt. You start to salivate at the sight of it, desperate to get a taste. You know in the end, the reward of eating her out will be better if you wait.

“Slipper,” she says.

“And what will you do if you can’t speak?” You turn on the vibrator, the soft buzzing loud in the quiet room.

“Knock on the headboard five times.” Her voice shakes, she’s antsy and ready for her pleasure but she’s holding back. You smile to yourself and plant a soft kiss behind each thigh.

“Perfect. I’m going to touch you now and make you come from this vibrator.” You drag it up and down between her legs and she jerks forward in surprise. The power on the thing is astonishing. “You can only come from this until I think you’re ready for my mouth. Is that okay with you, angel?” Natasha huffs and stills herself.
“Yes, Ma’am.”

Natasha has already came five times from the vibrator, each one stronger than the last. You’ve listened for her safe word and for her to tap out but she hasn’t so you push on. Now you’ve pulled up a chair and tied the vibrator to her leg so you can sit back and enjoy the view. You told yourself that tonight wasn’t about you, and it still isn’t, but that doesn’t mean you can’t touch yourself. You’ve slipped out of your clothes and into that lingerie you know she loves. Not that you need it for this but it’s a nice touch.

“Oh god,” Natasha groans. Her body shakes as she comes for the sixth time, her cries are loud and desperate and it takes a lot of self-discipline not to orgasm yourself. You let her ride it out, her body still tense as the vibrator continues. A pang of guilt runs through you and, if you’re being honest, pure lust as you watch her succumb to another orgasm. You sit up fast and untie the vibrator. The mushroom shaped head is covered in her slick, even dripping down the neck of it. You put it aside and kiss the back of her thighs, making sure to ignore her swollen cunt.

“Aw, did my baby come too hard?” You coo while staring at her sex. She’s tantalizingly wet and all you want to do is bury your face between legs. You gently slip a finger in her hole, the wetness making it easy to do so. Nat is so wet, she drips in your palm. “I think you’ve had enough but I want to get a little taste. Would you like that?” Nat pushes back against your hand, your finger curling inside her and she moans deeply.

“Fuck yes,” she says. You laugh outwardly and waste no time doing so. It’s like she tastes better every time you go down on her. You lick from her clit up to her hole, her scent and taste overwhelming your senses. Falling into a rhythm of sucking and licking her plump pussy, Natasha comes again. You hold her by her hips as her body shakes, her words incoherent and muffled by the pillows.

Even more than the sex, aftercare has to be your favorite part of the night. After untying her, you kiss the indents of where the ropes were, muttering sweet nothings as you do this. She’s a blissed out mess, her face glowing and pink. Nat makes sure to she loves the lingerie you chose and she wishes that she had enough energy to reciprocate the pleasure.

“It’s okay, tonight was about you.”

You run a bath for the both of you; lavender a favorite scent of hers. When the bath is ready, you go back to the bedroom and lead a very sleepy Natasha to the bath. The two of you stay in there until the water becomes lukewarm. You both dry off and you apply a soothing moisturizer to her skin, much to her appreciation. After putting on pajamas, you cuddle her in bed with some cheesy rom-com on Netflix.

“That,” Nat whisper, “was amazing. Thank you.” You kiss her forehead and pull her closer.

“You’re welcome, babe. You did so well, I’m proud of you.” Nat smiles and nuzzles into your neck.

“Next time, it’s your turn,” she says and you have to laugh.

“Oh no babe, I’d be a terrible submissive.” Natasha shifts to look up at you, her eyes twinkling with mischief.

“We’ll see about that.”

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Who knew that the all seeing god of Asgard was such a freak?

“That’s it,” he sighs, “suck daddy’s cock. You love this don’t you?” And you would never admit it to anyone else but him, but yeah you do. You love taking him deep into your mouth until its hard to breathe. You love the dirty things he says to you when you’re on his knees for him. Fuck, you want to make him feel so fucking good and by the looks and sounds of it, you’ve acomplished that goals.

Heimdall pulls you off his cock by your hair, your hand immediately replacing your mouth. You jerk him off firmly, his hips rocking into your hand as you do so.

“Naughty little thing, you are,” he says before pulling you in for a kiss. It’s so sensual and you can’t understand how a man so filthy with his mouth can be so gentle with it too. He practically takes your breath with him when he pulls back. You move to resume your work but he’s not having it.

“Daddy,” you whine, “Please.”

“I think you’ve had too much fun sucking me off. This isn’t supposed to be fun.”

“But I like sucking you, daddy. It makes me happy, don’t you want me to be happy?” Heimdall’s golden eyes burn brighter than usual, adoration is behind the gaze. He loosens his grip and your mouth is kissing up his thick thighs, nibbling as you make your way up. You love how big he is; his size practically swallows you as you kneel between his legs. It’s even better when he fucks you but this? This is nice too. You test him and bite down firmly, a low grunt escapes his chest. You nuzzle his pelvis, leaving kitten licks on the tip as his cock twitches with excitement.

“Always a tease,” he scolds. You look up at him in admonishment.

“Not teasing, admiring.” Heimdall smiles slowly.

“Then admire me with my cock down your throat.”

Chapter Text

The night started out with an elegant night in. Tony had all your favorite foods prepared for you by a world class chef, meals that you thought you would never have again since your vacation in Europe.

Everything was perfect; the two of you sat close together at the large dining table, the light low and seductive while singers from the great jazz age crooned in the background. He had the table set with your favorite flowers and made sure to have nearly everything you could want ready at the table. There’s even molten chocolate for dipping all kinds of fruit in. There was no particular reason for the ornate ordeal, Tony simply wanted to show his appreciation.

You pluck a plump strawberry from a bowl and took a bite, its sweet juices seeping down your chin. You can feel Tony’s eyes follow the stream and you flush under his intense glare.

“Tony,” you start, your voice inquisitive as it is warning.

“Mhm,” he says as he leans into your space. He nuzzles your jaw, kissing the soft skin there.

“Whatcha doin’ there?” You finish the strawberry and reach for another one. This time you dip the strawberry in chocolate, being careful not to let it drip on Tony as you bring it to your mouth. You moan softly at the richness of the chocolate and the burst of flavor from the strawberry. Tony’s attempt to suck a hickey on your neck isn’t too bad either. Tony moves away from your neck, his brown eyes burning with desire. You lift the strawberry to his lips and he takes a bite, his eyes never leaving your sight.

Tony dips his finger into the chocolate and chuckles when you cringe at his action. He brings the chocolate covered finger to your lips and you gladly take it into your mouth.

“Fuck,” he whispers as your swirl your tongue around the digit. This goes on for awhile; you feed him something and he makes you suck something off his fingers.

Slowly, chocolate and whip cream make their way onto your bodies only to be quickly licked off. Clothes come off next and Tony makes sure to tell J.A.R.V.I.S.
to lock the doors and turn off the security camera to the room. The two of you waste no time getting into position with you straddling his lap, your wet pussy slipping against his thigh. He continues to kiss and lick at your skin, usually the idea of being sticky from food would gross you out but with Tony? Who cares?

He slides in easy, a pleasant intrusion that is sure to end with even more pleasant screams.

“You feel so fucking good, babe.” You whine as you start to move up and down on his cock. Tony lets out a happy sigh and nuzzles his face in your chest, leaving kisses on your breasts.

“I do? Tell me more.” You love when he gets like this, all the arrogance is thrown out and he gives into his most primal needs. He always wants to make you happy, make you proud and you know he loves to hear it when he’s buried inside of you.

“It’s like you’re made for me baby. So perfectly thick and long and fuck,” you stutter when he thrusts upward, the tip hitting your g-spot. “Do that again, Tony. You’re so good to me, please I need it.”

Tony groans and pulls you closer, the stickiness from the chocolate and whip cream melds your bodies together as he fucks into you. You continue to tell him how good he is, how you love the sounds he makes and how of course, how much you love him. Tony pulls you in for a passionate kiss, his tongue sweet from all the fruit you fed him.

“So. Fucking. Good.” Your voice is punctuated every time he brings you down on his cock. Tony holds you tight in one had and plays with your clit in the other. He always gets it right.

“God, Tony I’m gonna come. Ohmygod I’m gonna come, don’t stop.”

“Let go when you’re ready, beautiful,” Tony says.

Suddenly, Tony stands up and carries you, with himself still rooted inside you, around to the opposite end of the table that is clear of food. He lays you down on it and wraps your legs around his waist.

You moan loudly as Tony fucks you harder than he could have in that chair, your toes curling behind your back. You reach for him, desperate to feel all of him as you reach your peak.

He leans over you, his mouth on your neck once again. “I’m gonna,” you whine.

“Do it, come for me babe.” He grunts as his own thrusts get rougher and sloppier, his own orgasm soon approaching. Your orgasms come fast, the two of you clinging onto each other for what feels like dear-life.

“Holy shit,” Tony chuckles when the dust finally settles. You kiss his forehead and run your hands down his back, his scars comforting.

“You can say that again.”

“Holy shit.” You laugh loudly and slap him gently. Your about to suggest to move but J.A.R.V.I.S. beats you to it.

“Sir, sorry to interrupt but you have guests.”

“Shit, who the hell could be here at this hour?” There’s a pause.

“Miss Potts.”

Chapter Text

“How could you!” You yell. He left you for months, letting you think he was fucking dead. You saw that building crumble and you didn’t see him come out. You remember the world going silent, your scream inaudible to your own ears. You, Karen and Foggy stood across the street, behind the police barricade in shock.

The next months drifted on in a haze—everyday without him was unbearable. Karen and Foggy did their best to hold it together for themselves and for you. Just when you started to heal and to move on, he pops back into your life. And it’s not like he’s the same, sweet Matt. He’s cold and angry, so full of bitterness and it honestly frightens you.

Matt was in your apartment, somehow he let himself in while you were at work and to see him there? Well, if you were a gun carrying kind of woman it might not have been a good night for both of you. He’s bloody of course and looks like he hasn’t been eating well, his face paler than usual.

“I had to go underground,” he says gruffly as he slowly removes his blood stained clothes. “Can I use your shower?” You stare at him, stunned. “It’s not my blood, by the way. Actually got out of that fight relatively okay,” Matt says with a dark chuckle.

“Oh thank heavens,” you say with mock relief. “And fuck you, no! Months of thinking you were dead, inconsolable nights of tears and finally getting to a point where I could think of you and not breakdown and you come back with no explanation and you want to ask to use my shower?” You scoff and move around him and head to your small kitchen, looking for a drink. Preferably something strong.

“I couldn’t tell you,” he says. You find some left over tequila and pour yourself a shot, knocking it back quickly and get the next one ready. “I know you’re upset.”

“I’m livid actually, but go on. Give me one of your great, noble speeches about how you just couldn’t tell me anything. How you have to keep in the dark to protect me from monsters. Please, I’m thrilled to hear it.” You turn to look at him and you watch his jaw clench. He takes off his glasses and hat, positioning his body toward you.

“This is why I didn’t want to say anything to you,” Matt starts. He takes slow steps to the kitchen, his movements silent, almost cat-like. That’s probably how he broke into your apartment.

“Oh and why is that?” You spit.

“Because you’re irrational. You just act and say shit on impulse and always find a way to get under my skin. I’m fucking sick of it.” You roll your eyes and laugh bitterly.

“Fuck you, Matt. Grow the actual fuck up Matt. When will you learn that I am on your side? That Karen and Foggy are on your side? We all have our demons, shit that haunts us every fucking day but we know when to lean on one another. You’re not the only one who is fucked up Matthew!” Matt slaps his hands on the counter, the action makes you twitch in fear.

“Why can’t you stop being a bitch and listen to me?” He yells.

“Don’t call me a bitch! Maybe you should stop being a self-righteous prick!”
“I did it to protect all of you!”

“I don’t want your fucking protection, Matthew, I want you!” Your voice is hysteric, tears burn the back of your eyes and the alcohol is making your head hurt.

“I just wanted you and you died,” you say, voice down to a whisper. “I watched you die. W-we had a funeral. I grieved. Now you’re back and demanding shit from me and I just can’t accept that. I won’t.” You know he can’t see you well but you stare into those chocolate eyes anyway, looking for some sympathy. Matt reaches over and cups your face in both hands, pulling you in for a rough kiss. You shove him off roughly, disgust and anger and lust rushing through you as you walk away from the counter and toward your room. You stop halfway before turning around to walk back to Matt. You grab him the collar of his shirt and you give him a passionate kiss of your own. The kiss is all teeth with little finesse to the movements. All you know is that even though you’re mad at him, your relieved he’s alive and in your arms right now.

“Shower. Now.” You demand and he nods sharply before he drags you to the bathroom. Clothes fly off and land all over the room as you kiss and try to make it to the shower. The two of you aren’t even completely undressed when you step in the shower. You turn the water on, the two of you startled by the lukewarm stream of water but you don’t mind.

Matt’s mouth is all over your neck,
sucking and biting into the soft flesh like he’s trying to claim you. Or punish you. You grind shamelessly on his thigh, your underwear denying you the friction you need. Matt notices this and moves to remove them, the soaked cloth falling on the tile with a wet thud. His own boxers come next and the two of you stay like that, rutting against each other in desperation, fighting for control of your emotions and each other’s body.
“I missed you,” the words come out in a pant. Matt groans and begins to rub your clit, your body jolting to life. You feel him smile against your jaw before he kisses you again. His fingers dance around your hole before slipping inside easily. “How could you do that to me?”

“I’m sorry, I really am,” Matt says with a curl of his fingers and you moan. He continues this action that has you hanging onto him for dear life. “I have to keep you safe.”

“Fuck safe,” you retort. “I’m a grown woman. I can handle myself.” Matt chuckles and takes his fingers out of your pussy, only furthering your growing anger. “Fucking asshole, even now you gotta be a fucking dick. I am so tired of this,” your words are cut short because somehow, Matt is entering you. His intrusion stretching you out almost painfully since you haven’t had sex in months. You barely had the energy to masturbate the whole time Matt was “dead.”

“Ohmygod,” you groan, your head rolling back against the tile. Matt wraps your left leg around his waist, pinning you to the wall as he fucks you slowly.

“Still perfect,” he says. You’ve almost forgotten that you’re in the shower when you reach for something to grab on to. The sound of the shower drowns out the moans and the obscene sound of skin on skin. There’s little to be said, the sounds of two angry people hopelessly in love with each other pounding out their frustration. You bite down on his neck and Matt hisses, his hips jerking roughly against your, his pelvis brushing against your clit.

“Fuck, I’m gonna come.” Matt slips out of you and drops your leg and you’re about to give him and ear full until he turns you around so your chest is flush with the wet tile. He takes your hands hand holds them behind your back, the other spreading your legs so he can slip inside again. The angle has you reeling.

“Shut up,” Matt says. “I’m sick of your constant berating and complaining. I love you and I’m here now. I know you can handle yourself but I would never, ever forgive myself if something happened to you. I know I’m shite with emotions and so are you. Now,” he gives you a hard thrust and you yelp. “Will you let me fuck you? I don’t want to talk about anything until I make you come.” You shudder and nod.

“Say it.”

“Fine! I won’t give you shit just, fuck. Just fuck me okay?” Matt grins and kisses between your shoulder blades. The pace is bruising as he fucks you from behind, the angle makes him feel so big and you almost can’t handle it. Matt reaches around and plays with your clit and it’s the key to the combo.

“Oh fuck right there, Matt don’t fucking stop!” Your voice is unrecognizably high as you reach your peak. Matt’s grunts are loud in your ear.

“That’s it,” he says. “Come for me, I want to hear it...feel it.” Your orgasm is almost too much; it runs through your body, months and months of pent up frustration, anger and sadness finally leaving your body. Matt finishes as you do, your body’s moving as one. The shower masks your tears as you come down from the high, your emotions all over the place. Matt slips of you slowly and turns you around for a slow kiss. You can’t help but cry fully this time and he takes you into his arms. He holds you as you cry and you can feel the hitches in his breath too. The two of you aren’t perfect by any means but with time, maybe you will be.

Chapter Text

It has been so long since you and Sam were intimate. Sam has been traveling the world, hiding as a traitor to his country but he’s back, even if for a short time. When he arrived at your door, you were on him instantly. You wereovercome with emotions, it’s been so long.

“Whoa there tiger,” Sam chuckles as you attack him with kisses and claw at his clothes in an effort to get them off.

“I’ve missed you so much, Sam. I’ve been worried sick and now you’re here!” He kisses you tenderly and you melt into him.
“I’m here now, sugar. No need to worry.. .”

You change into lingerie for him, you want him to appreciate your body as he kisses up and down your body, leaving little bite marks along the way. Sam steps back to admire his work a low whistle escapes his lips.

“Can’t believe I have such a beautiful girl like you,” he says. You swoon at his words and pull him to you, kissing him with everything you’ve got. His grip on your body is tight, likes he’s afraid you might disappear at any moment.

“I wanna try something.” You say against his lips. Sam hums, his voice curious. You peel yourself from him and throw a pillow on the floor. You open the side table drawer and pull out a bottle of lube.

Sam’s face lights up at the realization of what you’re doing. Kneeling on it, you remove your bra and open the bottle to drizzle the cool gel on your chest. You stare deep into his eyes as you spread it on your tits, giving them a good squeeze for extra effect.

“Well, you just gonna stand there and stare at me or are you gonna fuck my tits?” Sam sucks in a harsh breath before unbuckling his pants.

“Babygirl,” Sam whispers as you take his cock into your hand, jerking him off slowly. “I don’t deserve you.”

“Don’t ever say that again, Samuel. You deserve everything wonderful. I want you to forget about the world and just focus on me. Just focus on me, making you feel good.” You take his dick between your tits and push them around him. You lift your chest up and down slowly, the hair on his groin tickling your skin.

Sam looks completely at ease, his eyes flutter shut as he fucks up between your tits.

“That’s it baby, use me. Take what you need,” you say. Sam groans and leans over to kiss the top of your head.

“So fuck pretty like this. On your knees for’re perfect.” Sam increases the pace, his orgasm quickly approaching.

“Are you gonna come for me, Sammy? Gonna come all over my tits? Would you like that, to claim me?”

“Fuck, keep talkin like that I will,” Sam moans.

“Good, I want it. Sam, come for me baby.” After a few good thrust, Sam reaches his climax with a loud growl. His warm cum painting your neck and chest. Sam plops down on the bed, his breathin labored but his face is grinning. You take some on your finger and lick it off, moaning obscenely.

“What a pretty necklace and I didn’t even have to buy it,” he teases.

“You should take a picture, it’ll last longer.”

“Maybe I will, makes for good material when I’m away.” You laugh and stand up to grab a rag and wipe his cum off. Sam walks up behind you and wraps his arms around you.

“I love you, you know that right?” You nod and dispose of the dirty rag. Twisting in his arms, you turn to face him.

“I know, I just worry about you. When will this end? I want you home.” You fight back tears and Sam kisses you gently.

“It’s okay, everything is going to be okay. I’m here now, right? Let’s get some sleep then we’ll wake up and I’ll do some nasty shit with your body that you’ll love.” You giggle and kiss him again.

“I’m gonna hold you to that, Wilson.”

“Hey, have I ever let you down?” You shake your head.

“That’s right, now get your cute ass back in bed. I got plans for us.”

Chapter Text

It had been a long day at work—people get on your nerves when they don’t do what they’re supposed to and when the work keeps piling on, you want to
scream. Hope knows how it feels to be the top person that everyone goes to. The person that everyone expects to have all the answers and be the best.

“I think you need a break,” you wife says while massaging your shoulders. You’re currently sitting at your desk, still on the clock. She kisses the space between yours neck and shoulder, your weak spot.

Hope,” you sigh. “I gotta do this.”

“How about you take a break, I have something I want to try with you.” This piques your interest and you close your laptop.


“Ow,” you moan softly as the hot wax drips onto your chest. It hurts at first but it’s quickly gone when the wax dries.

Hope has been wanting to do this to your for forever and you were always hesitant.
“Your doing so well.” Hope pets your head lovingly before letting more wax fall onto your body, this time on your inner thighs.


“Shhh, you’re doing great.” She leans in to kiss your lips and you let out a happy sigh. She tugs on your hair, exposing your neck to her. Hope kisses and bites at the soft flesh, her hands roaming your body. She squeezes your breast and tweaks your nipple.

“Do you want something?” Hope asks.

“Maybe…” Hope laughs and pinches your nipple again making you yelp. Her hands move down your body until they reach your thighs. She rubs them firmly, her fingers dangerously close to your heat.

“Maybe we should take this to the next level?”

Chapter Text

“Now my kitten is dressed appropriately,” Loki says. You can’t believe you let him talk you into this. Kitten was just a nickname but when Halloween came around and you decided to go as a black cat, the night ended with you getting fucked for hours with those damn kitty ears and tail on.

Loki for you a whole ensemble—you had on a black bodysuit that accentuates your breasts perfectly. There’s a hole made just for the butt plug with a fluffy black tail on the end sitting snugly in your arse. A headband with pointed ears and a pink collar with your name on it complete the outfit.

Loki has taken a seat on a large accent chair in your bedroom, looking regal as ever. “Be a good kitten and crawl to your master.” You swallow that bit of shame creeping up and do as he says. The plug shifts inside you and short bursts of pleasure run through you. When you reach him, he grabs you by the chin and you muzzle his hand.

“Such a good kitten. Do you want something?” He asks as you paw at his crotch.

“Yes, may I suck your cock?” Loki smiles and nods. He slowly unbuckles his pants and reaches inside and pulls out his almost fully erect cock.

“Go on.” You lean in and slowly lick him from base to tip, reveling in his quiet gasp. You never actually suck him, just giving him long and short licks along his length.

“Enough,” Loki grunts. He pulls you away by the hair and moves to stand up. He stuffs himself back into his pants and looks down at you. “Bed now. On all fours.” You nod and quickly stand up and move to the bed, assuming the position he wants. Loki gives your arse a good smack, causing you to yelp in surprise.

“Such a tease, my kitten is. I can tease too, ya know.” He tugs on the tail, the heavy plug moving inside and making you moan. “Oh you like that, don’t you?” Loki slowly removes the plug from your arse and rips apart the fabric, fully exposing your cunt and hole. You involuntarily clench at the sudden exposure to the cold air.

“I’m gonna lick this tight, little hole,” Loki says thumbing at the tight ring of muscle. “Gonna lick it until your cunt is dripping onto the bed and you’re begging me to fuck it.” You squeal at his words and he grabs your ass, pulling the cheeks apart to get a good look at you. The first lick is heaven and so is the next one. Loki swirls his tongue around the hole, your conscience tells you that is is wrong, it’s obscene! But fuck, it feels so damned good. You give into the feeling, dropping to your forearms. He covers your hole with his saliva, his tongue dipping in and out.

“Oh yeeesss, fuck. Just like that, Loki.” He moans loudly, his tongue everywhere but not enough.” You reach to touch yourself but Loki slaps your hand away.

“Never said you could touch yourself. Now, I don’t know if you even deserve my tongue.”

“I’ll be good, Sir! I promise, please keep going.” Loki runs his hand down your back.

“Well, since you asked so nicely…”

Chapter Text

Wanda has had you pinned to the bed for so long you’ve forgotten the time.

“So. Good.” Wanda pants as her soaked pussy rubs againsts yours. She has you whimpering and on the edge of yet another orgasm—your fifth of the night. She did say she wanted to make you cum as many times as possible tonight.

“Fuck, just like that baby. Your pussy feels amazing.” Wanda grinds down harder and you moan loudly. She presses her body closer to you, your breasts rubbing against each other as you make out. The kiss is sloppy and heavy. You can feel her arousal dripping down your inner thigh, her desperate moans spur you on. You gather up some strength and flip Wanda over so your on top.

“My turn. I’m gonna make you come so hard you’ll see stars.” The sound she makes has you close to orgasm alone. You attack her mouth, your lips moving feverishly against hers as you grind your pussy on her.

“Fuck, I’m gonna come baby. So good, you feel so good,” she whines. There’s too
many sensations, your body electric and so close to exploding. Wanda’s short nails dig into the flesh of your ass, urging you on. The sounds of wet skin on skin is loud, the sounds of sex filling the room.

You both come with loud shouts, hanging onto each other for dear life. The way her body shudders underneath you, her mound hitting your sore clit just right, makes you come again. Wanda rolls you over and continues to rub her plump sex on your body.

“Yeah baby, use me. So fucking beautiful like this, come for me.” The way Wanda looks at you, her eyes intense and full of desire. Her hair is utterly ruined and there are light purple bruises on her hips forming from where you held her. She comes hard and fast, your name the first thing she screams.

She collapses next to you in a tired heap, breaking into a fit of giggles.

“What?” You ask, rubbing her back gently.

“That was so good, shit. We need to do that more often.” You burst out laughing.

“Lemme get some rest and we can do that again,” you turn over and nibble at the skin near her ear. She melts into you with a kitten like sigh. “And I’ll add some toys into the mix.”

Chapter Text

“You talk too much,” Frank says during one of your tirades about something random.

“Maybe you should gag me,” you joke. Little did you know, Frank already had that in mind.


He’s been railing you from behind for what feels like hours. Frank actually put a gag ball in your mouth, the bastard. And weirdly enough, you don’t have a problem with it.

“Shit your tight,” he grunts. He’s got a tight grip on your hips as he fucks you into the mattress. You wish you could moan loudly for him but alas you can’t.
Frank suddenly pulls you up, your ass sitting firmly in his lap as he fucks you hard.

“I like you like this, quiet and pliable. Such a good girl.” Drool dribbles down your chin and onto your chest. A thin coat of sweat covers your body as Frank drives you toward your peak. Frank finally pulls the gag out of you mouth, a thick trail of saliva follows. He captures you in a sloppy kiss.

“Now I wanna hear you. Wanna hear you come for me. I’m gonna dump my cum deep in you. Would you like that?”

“God fuck yes Frank, please!” His hips piston into you, the tip of his cock hitting your spot just right. “Fuck yes! Frank, I’m coming!” You finish with a loud groan and Frank pushes you back onto the bed, his own thrust sporadic as he closes in on the finish line.

Frank comes with a roar, holding you in place as he finishes inside you. He pulls out quickly to watch his cum seek out of you just to shove his cock back in. You sink deeper into the bed as he fucks you deeper this time. It’s going to be a long night...

Chapter Text

Gamora has a wicked tongue. She’s brought Y/n to orgasm at least three times and she’s working on the fourth one.

The night started out tame, the cute couple went out to eat and saw a film. The whole night had led to the point; Gamora insisted on teasing Y/n at the movies, her fingers a little too high on Y/n’s inner thigh.

When they got home, Gamora had a hand around Y/n’s neck as she pushed her against the wall. They stayed there, passionately making out and rutting against each other.

“Gamora please,” Y/n pleads. Her hands hold Gamora’s head close to her aching cunt. Y/n is unsure if she can actually come again but fuck does she want it badly.

Gamora moans into her pussy, her tongue lapping up her arousal. Her tongue swirls around her clit and Y/n arches off the bed, her body overcome with pleasure. It’s almost too much, Y/n’s eyes prickle with tears and her throat feels raw from screaming.

“Oh god right there, Gamora! Don’t fucking stop, please don’t stop!” Gamora doesn’t plan on stopping anytime soon as she doubles down on her girl’s pussy. One of Gamora’s beautiful green hands snakes up Y/n’s body and wraps around her neck. There’s enough pressure applied to make Y/n a little more breathless than she already was. Gamora looks up at her, drinking in the sheer ecstasy on Y/n’s face. She relishes in the fact that she’s the only one able to bring Y/n to this point, that she trusts Gamora with her body and her soul. In that moment, Gamora realizes that she wants Y/n forever.

Chapter Text

Steve sits in a chair opposite of Y/n, watching her fall apart. She had pushed him to his limit and this was her punishment—to come continuously without him touching her.

Their mission was a success but Y/n was reckless and nearly got herself killed. The trip home wasn’t any better, the two of them bickering like children.

When they got home, Y/n stomped off to the bedroom for a shower, Steve hot on her heels. When she finished in the shower, she saw a stoic Steve sitting on the chair, still in uniform. Y/n did her best to stay angry at him but lust inevitably took over.

“On the bed. Now,” Steve ordered. She walked over the the bed slowly, her naked body still covered with her towel, water dripping from her hair and down her chest. Y/n sat down and slowly pushed the towel, revealing her naked form.

“You’ve been very bad today, sweetheart. Disobedience, recklessness, and disrespecting me in front of the team. I’m disappointed in you.” Steve reached into a box Y/n didn’t even notice was next to him and pulled out restraints and her body wand vibrator. Her heart quickens as she realizes what her punishment is.

“You know I have to punish you, right?” His voice is soft; his punishments never have any malice to them but they are intense. “You’re gonna come from this alone and I’m not going to help until I think you’re done coming. Is that fair enough?” Y/n nodded and got into position, her body buzzing with excitement and some dread.


Y/n is spread out on the bed, her body covered in sweat and her cunt is soaked from all the orgasms. Steve has placed the vibrator right on her clit, the setting so high that she hasn’t stopped coming since he turned it on. She tries to speak but every sound comes out as a moan or a cry. Y/n struggles with the cuffs around her wrists and ankles but finds on relief. Her next orgasm takes her by surprise and when she’s done, her muscles feel like jello.

“I think you’ve had enough,” Steve says gruffly. He gets up and turns off the body wand and replaces it with his hand.

“Steve,” Y/n sighs. Her body is conflicted about what it wants. She wants him to touch her but she also wants a break. Steve shushes her as he rubs at her sore clit slowly before inserting two fingers in her dripping hole. He nearly comes at the feel of her wet hole taking his fingers so easily.

“Do you want me to fuck you? Shove my hard cock in your cunt and make you come over and over again?” She whines and pulls at the restraints.

“Yes please, Steve fuck I’ll be so good. I promise please just fuck me.” Steve’s heart swells at her words and he removes his fingers and puts them in his mouth.

“Fuck, you taste good too. Let’s get you untied.”


Steve drives into Y/n’s wet heat, her butt bounces with every thrust. He’s kept his suit on, he knows how much it turns her on.

“This is,” Steve says through his teeth. He’s doing his best to keep his orgasm at bay but the way her pussy clenches around him makes him want to bust.

“This is what disobedient, naughty girls get. They get fuck like the dirty, naughty slut they are.”

“Steve, I-I’m sorry! I’ll be good, I’ll be good!” Steve reaches around to rub her clit, the other pushing her body into the mattress.

“I know you’ll be good. You’ve been such a good girl for me, taking my cock so we’ll. I want you to come for me, baby.” Y/n comes loudly, her body tense. Steve fucks her through it until he comes, his voice is deep in his chest.


The two lay in each other’s arms, Steve whispering words of praise to Y/n.

“Are you alright?”

“Yeah, I’m just tired.” Steve smiles.

“Good...I’m sorry about my behavior today. I’ve lost so much and the idea of losing you…” Steve chokes up as he speaks. Y/n grabs his face, stroking his beard softly. She pushes away a tear with her thumb.

“I understand darling. I shouldn’t have been so rash and angry today. We need to do better.” Steve leans in and kisses her softly. The two kiss, their lips conveying everything they mean to each other.

Chapter Text

“You have the most beautiful tits,” Val says when she finally comes up for air. Y/n reminds herself to wear revealing shirts more often if this is the kind of treatment she’s going to receive.They’ve been like this for a minute now; naked and worshiping each other’s bodies. Now, it was Valkyrie’s turn.

Val’s hands are soft as she kneads the supple flesh, her tongue flicking over Y/n’s sensitive nipple. Her tongue licks between Y/n’s tits then down her to her stomach where she sucks and bites at the skin.

“Such soft skin,” Valkyrie mumbles. Her mouth moves lower, hovering over Y/n’s sex but not paying it any attention. She’ll get to it later. Y/n’s thighs are her next mission and between them she lays down wet kisses, making Y/n giggle.

“Get up here,” Y/n sighs and Valkyrie sits up, a knowing smile plastered on her face. She gets up and turns her body so her pert butt is facing her girlfriend. Val carefully backs up so her sex is in Y/n’s face. Y/n gives Valkyrie’s ass a solid smack, making the soft flesh jiggle.

The first lick sends Valkyrie soaring; Y/n’s talented tongue dips between her wet folds, leaving Val speechless. She’s so enraptured with her girlfriend’s mouth on her that she forgets she’s supposed to be reciprocating. Val spreads Y/n’s legs wide and digs in, her mouth much more aggressive than that of Y/n’s. She moans and sucks at Y/n’s cunt obscenely, not one fuck given as she does so.

“Just like that!” Y/n whines from afar, her legs already twitching in anticipation of a release. Val flicks her tongue around the sensitive bundle of nerves and that sends Y/n over the edge. Her moans are muffled as she tries to keep eating Val out. It’s a competition now, Val trying to get Y/n to come again and Y/n trying to get Val to come as well. Y/n succeeds first, Valkyrie orgasming so hard it nearly knocks the wind out of her. She dismounts Y/n’s face, her thighs pleasantly sore.

“Your mouth...absolute sin.” Valkyrie says in-between breaths. Y/n laughs and gently smacks her thigh, her fingers trailing up between her legs.
“Wait to see how my fingers work.”

Chapter Text

“Since you want to be naughty,” Bucky said gruffly as he ties Y/n’s hands behind the back of her chair. “You’re not permitted to touch me.” He stands in front of her and unbuckles his pants, the clinking of the metal makes Y/n clench. She shifts anxiously in her seat in hopes of finding some relief from her arousal.

“I told you not to touch yourself while I was away.” Bucky moves behind her and reveals a black leather collar with a loop for a leash. Her breath hitches, mind buzzing at what he could be cooking up. Bucky wraps it around her delicate neck, the texture of the collar nipping at her skin. Y/n is positive it will leave a mark. “Beautiful,” he says as he steps back to admire her.

Y/n whines and looks at his stiff cock that has now been released from the confines of his boxer briefs. Bucky reaches for the lube on the side table nearby and opens it. The loud snap of the bottle draws Y/n in as she watches Bucky squeeze the clear jelly into his palm. She can’t help but watch helplessly as he slowly pumps his shaft in his hand.
“Please,” Y/n gasps. She can feel the wetness pooling between her legs making it almost unbearable to sit still. “Lemme suck you, I’ll be good.” Bucky lets out a short laugh that soon is replaced with a deep moan. She watches him run his thumb around the thick head, precum causing it to glisten.

“Should’ve been a good girl the first time. Should’ve kept those greedy hands away from your cunt. Now, you get to watch me masturbate since I didn’t get to watch you.” Y/n almost sobs. She’s so desperate to touch him, to bring herself to orgasm and Bucky knows this. He can see it in her eyes as they widen in desperation, her lower lip a prisoner between her teeth in hopes of keeping her cool.

Bucky hooks his metal finger in the loop of her collar, pulling her level with his cock. She all but salivates at it. Y/n makes a move to lick but Bucky’s quicker, moving away just in time.

“Are you gonna be good?” She looks up at him with those big, doting eyes of hers.

“The best.” He smiles and pulls her to his cock, reveling in the feel of her wet, hot mouth.

Chapter Text

“Hey there,” Y/n says as she entered she and her husband’s bathroom. The luxurious room is far from cozy with its marble tiles and gold fixtures but with him, it was home. T’challa was home after getting involved with the Avengers’ fight. He had gone there to avenge his father’s death but got caught up in a larger conspiracy. Since then, he had been withdrawn and clearly still grieving the loss of his beloved father.

Y/n did the best she could—she was a shoulder to cry on, someone to vent to and most importantly, his lover. He made sure to let her know that he appreciated her and everything she does for him. That she was the best thing that has happened to him in a long time and that she soon will become his queen. Y/n would simply kiss his scruffy cheek and say, “I know. It doesn’t get any better than me.” That always makes him laugh.

“My love,” T’Challa says from the tub. It’s large, big enough for three people and it sits in the middle of the room. He looks relaxed, a slow gap-toothed grin creeps up and she swoons. “What brings you here?” Y/n crosses the room, slowly removing her clothes. T’Challa sits up in the tub, his eyes on her like she’s his prey.

“You.” When she reaches the tub, she’s fully naked. She steps into the tub, the water is hotter than usual for him and she wonders if he knew she’d come to him.

“Me? What could you possibly want with me?” There’s that grin again. Y/n settles in the tub, letting the hot water hug her before moving to sit in T’Challa’s lap. His hands massage her thighs and he grabs her butt, putting her directly on his growing erection.

“I have a few ideas...Mind if I show you?” Y/n leans over and begins kissing his neck, her hips gyrating slowly in his lap.

“By all means, my love.” T’Challa holds onto her tightly as she wiggles her hips, his cock fully erect now and dying to get inside her. Y/n grabs his face and kisses him with all the passion she can muster. T’Challa reaches into the water and grabs his cock and drags it against her cunt. She moans into his mouth, hips taking on a life of their own as they search for him. He slowly enters her and she pulls away, her head falling back at the pleasant stretch. They work as a team, T’Challa steadying Y/n while she rides him for all he’s worth. He wants to take it slow but she feels like heaven and looks even better. He takes her hands and wraps them around his neck and holds her close as he fucks her hard.

“Holy shit!” Y/n gasps when she feels the tip of his cock hit her g-spot. He grins and continues to fuck her like this until she’s begging for her release.

“T’Challa, baby I’m gonna come. I’m so close, please make me come.” Her voice is so high and needy and who is he to deny her pleasure?

“Good, come for me. I want to feel you squeeze that pretty pussy around me. Come for me.” And she does, her orgasm washes over her and leaves her breathless and shuddering in his arms. Y/n smothers him in kisses as she comes down.

“You didn’t come. . .” T’Challa grabs onto her and stands up and she lets out a yelp.

“I’m not finished with you yet.”

Chapter Text

You were supposed to be watching for Fisk but it’s hard to stay focused when your partner looks so good.

“You clean up nice, Murdock.” You brush up against him at the bar and he flashes you a grin.

“I would say the same for you but you always look amazing.” Tonight, you chose a studded black dress with a slit up the left leg. It hung beautifully off your body despite the thin straps and it definitely got you some looks from the men in the room.

“Oh Matt, you flatter me!” You order a glass of white wine and sip it slowly as you gaze over the rim to scan the room. “Fisk still hasn’t shown up,” you state and you feel Matt slump.

“I overheard someone say he got tied up in something so he won’t be coming.”

“Oh boo. I was looking forward to causing some trouble,” you say. Matt runs his hand down your exposed back.

“Who said we can’t get into some trouble?”
The two of you walk around the back hallways of the gallery, you pretending to lead Matt even though you know he doesn’t need the help. The two of you get weird looks but everyone is too lit to even care. You stumble across an empty room that looks like it’s for holding meetings.

“I think this will do,” you say. Matt pushes you inside and closes the door, his hands and lips on you in an instant. Your hands hold his face, controlling the kiss. Matt reaches to grab your ass, giving it a healthy squeeze. Your hands busy themselves with trying to get his jacket off but you quickly let go of that idea to get your hands on him growing erection. Matt moans your name against your lips as you continue to rub him through his pants.

“Keep doing that and this will end sooner than we’d like it to,” Matt says. You walk the two of you to the enormous table, the back of your thighs bumping the edge. Matt sits you on the desk and shoves your dress up so he can stand between your thighs. You remove his glasses to get better access to his face as the two of you make out. You busy yourself with the task of getting Matt’s dick out of his pants while Matt pushes aside your panties, his deft fingers make a mess of your pussy.

“So wet,” Matt mumbles. “Can’t wait to bury myself inside you. Have you coming hard on my cock.” You squirm from his words and the way his fingers stroke the inside of your cunt has you spinning.

“Just fuck me already,” you moan. Matt from against your lips and replaces your hand on his cock with his, rubbing his hard length against your slick folds. When he enters you, it’s like a hot knife cutting butter. Matt holds you close as he fucks into you.

“Right the baby,” you sigh. Matt kisses you hard, muttering against your lips.

“Shh, you gotta be quiet. Don’t wanna get caught. But I’m gonna fuck you raw.” You whimper at his words and Matt starts to drill into you. Biting down on his shoulder does little to muffle your cries of pleasure. “Tell me how good it feels, my cock in your cunt.”

“So fucking good Matt.” You slur. “Love the way you stretch me. Fuck, Matt please make me come.” Matt pushes you to your back, the desk cold on your skin compared to the heat between your thighs. He wraps your legs around his waist, holding you there as he fucks You hard.

“Yes! It feels so good.”

“Yeah? Come for me baby,” Matt grits through his teeth. You marvel at the way he looks—his lips bright red and plump, his hair in disarray from your fingers. He can tell you’re staring at him and he smiles, his pace somehow even more punishing than before.

“Matt!” You call out his name as you reach your climax, your body lifting off the table as you drown in ecstasy. Matt comes quickly after you, his cum paints your pussy and bringing you to another small orgasm. He dips down to kiss you, it’s sloppy and you love it.

“That was...exciting.” You say between breaths. Matt is too busy kissing your neck to say anything right away. He rocks slowly inside you, the squelch of cum loud in the quiet room. “Matt…” you warn.

“I guess we should go huh?” He says with a light laugh.

“Do you hear anything?” Matt stills and focuses for a second.

“Shit, there’s someone coming. We need to go. Now.” The two of you dress in a hurry and make it out in time. The impromptu romp wasn’t the excitement you were looking to get into but you weren’t going to complain.