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Crashing Fates

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I can’t keep this up! I need to land!


There! That planet!

I steady my crashing ship as best as I can as I enter the atmosphere of this uncharted planet. There’s no telling what it will have in regards to its inhabitants, but hopefully they will either be incompetent beasts, or non hostile intelligent life. My ship finds its way to the ground with alarming speed and I brace for impact as it makes contact. I’m nearly thrown completely out of it before it comes to a skidding halt. I take a moment to recollect myself and steady my breathing, thank the ancients no one else was here to see this.

The alarms that my ship had been blaring at me before have finally calmed down, though the reason they were screaming is something I need to fix before I can leave. Looking over the damage reports makes my stomach sink, something did quite the number on my ship. Depending on the resources found on this planet, it could take months before I can even attempt to return to empty void of space.

Perhaps it won’t be so bad, this planet is off the Galra radars and out of their territory, I could be safe here. At least for a while. I should scan the planet before leaving the safety of the ship.

Without hesitation, I press a few buttons and pull up the scanner. The range is enough to scan about a third of the planet, maybe slightly less, and the life here is thriving. However, in my immediate area, there doesn’t seem to be much around. From what I can see outside, it looks barren, almost as if it were a waste land. If it weren’t for my scanner showing there was life beyond this, I would have thought it to be a dead planet. Thankfully, the air is breathable, so I cautiously exit into the wreckage of my ship.

It’s a lot darker than I expected, and it takes a moment for my eyes to adjust, but eventually I can see clearly. I move to inspect the damages for myself, looking over every inch of what I can see from the ground. It is just as I suspected, something had gotten into the left jet and tore some wires to make it completely lose power. Then there was a minor explosion that occurred just before I found the planet. Whatever caused the problem appears to be gone, but the damages are still there, and I’m still stranded on an unknown planet. “This was to be indestructible, I guess I found your weakness and my mistake.”

Taking a deep breath and settling my emotions, I return to the cockpit and sit down. The weight of my lack of sleep is starting to take hold, and the next thing I know I’m waking up to a voice. I can’t make out what it was saying, but after I realize that it was indeed a voice, I jolt awake and look at my radar.

There is a life form circling my ship, and there is no way to tell if it has hostile intentions. It is near the back currently, this is my chance to ambush instead of getting ambushed myself. I grab my sword and jump out of the cockpit, startling the creature as it falls over on it’s behind with a shriek.

It looks like a (s/c) version of me, however there are many differences. It’s hair is a (h/c) and it’s ears are rounded. It’s eyes are also a (e/c) instead of yellow. It looks feminine, but there is no guarantee with an alien species.

I point my sword towards it, still not trusting that it isn’t dangerous, no matter how frightened it looks. It isn’t until it speaks that I start to relax slightly. “P-please! I mean you no harm!”

The scared statement feels sincere, thank the ancients I can understand, so I straighten my battle stance, however I do not lower my sword. “Who are you? What planet is this?”

“Uh..I-I’m (Y/n). And this is Earth.” The creature says, not daring to stand from its current position on the floor. A smart move.

I look over this creature carefully. There’s nothing threatening on it in the slightest. No claws or weapons; it’s teeth are even dull. It doesn’t seem to have something to ward off predators either, at least that I can see. “What are you?”

“I’m a human. Or I guess you could also say earthling...but then every creature here would be an earthling.”

“What is your business with me?”

“I could ask you the same thing.” The human seems to relax some and sit up with its legs crossed. “I’m curious, I’ve never seen an alien before.”

No wonder this planet is unheard of, no one has been here. “Have you really never met someone from another planet before? Or gone to other planets to see the life there?”

“There’s more out there?!” (Y/n)’s voice becomes much higher pitched and it shoots to its feet in excitement, like it’s been waiting it’s whole life to hear that. Startled, I point my sword back at the human. It takes the hint with a timid step back.

“Of course there is. There’s thousands of races out there on thousands of planets. How have none found you?”

“Well they have before I’m sure! There’s lots of evidence that people have found, but everyone wrote it off as fiction and hoax! I knew there was life out there!” It starts dancing around in a triumphant circle before it snaps its attention back to me, making me raise my sword again. I hadn’t realized I’d lowered it in that short time. “What brings you to earth?! Did your ship crash? It looks like it did.”

The sudden excitement and questions throw me a little off guard, but I keep composure. “Yes. Something caused one of my engines to explode, and I have yet to figure out how to fix it.”

“Woah..” the human gets closer to my ship, having wide and curious eyes, it reaches out before stopping itself. “Can I touch it?”

“So long as you don’t damage it anymore.” I decide for now that this human is of no threat to me and I put my sword away.

With a slightly trembling hand, it reaches out again and touches the outer shell of my ship. It visibly shivers and feels over the surface before pulling its hand back. “ what are you? What’s your name, and where did you come from?”

It’s fascination is quite amusing, I’ve never had a creature be so curious of me before. “That’s a bit..complicated. I’m Prince Lotor of the galra empire, though I’m only half galra. Both of my race’s home planets were destroyed ten thousand years ago.”

The human has wide eyes as it listens, unable to keep a smile off its face. However it’s expression falls when the destruction of the planets is mentioned. “ don’t have a home?”

“Not necessarily. The galra live on ships or on planets we have conquered.”

“What about the other half of you?” It tilts its head with this question in a way that’s almost cute.

“They were wiped out with the destruction of their planet. Only a few remain.”

“Oh..I’m sorry.” That’s strange, what are they apologizing for? Is it sympathy?

“There’s no need for apologies, it has no affect on me. What about you? What is a human?”

“Oh, we’re pretty boring. Most of us just sit on technology all day...myself included. But I have a farm I take care of. Nowhere near as cool as being a prince! How come you’re out here all alone?”

I don’t feel comfortable with this question, the pain of the past however long spent in the emptiness of space running from my own father is not something I wish to discuss with a stranger. “I’m not going to answer that. Tell me, what resources can I find on this planet?”

The human is caught off guard by my turn around of questions, but it starts to think and rubs its chin with its hand. “Well there’s all kinds of metal and rock and dirt, coal and oil..I’m not sure what you need for your ship though.”

“The metal could work. Where can I get some?” I don’t want to waste anymore time with this human. While our conversation is pleasant, being that they aren’t scared or trying to kill me like most others would if they saw a galra, I have a goal. To get off this planet as soon as possible.

“Well there are some junkyards for scrap metal from broken ships, or you could just mine it yourself. Hell if I know where to do that though.” (Y/n) shrugs as it speaks, looking to me with expectant eyes for an answer.

“I’m assuming it’s night currently, so when the sun rises I’d like to go to one of the junkyards.” I don’t know if this creature will be willing to help me, but from how it’s been acting I have a shot.

“Okay! I can take you in my truck! That way if we find something you like we can take it back with us!” It’s response, regardless of my previous thoughts, surprises me.

“Why is it that you’re so willing and..excited to help me?”

“Oh...well you’re the first alien I’ve ever met. I’ve been waiting my whole life to see one, and you’re stranded in an unknown place. I’d want help too if I was in your position.”

I nod after a moment, it’s putting itself into my shoes. Good to know that humans were empathetic enough to assist those in need. “Well, I do appreciate the help. If you’ll excuse me, I’m going to rest up for tomorrow.”

“Wait! Do you..well I don’t know what you sleep on..but do you want to stay in my guest room? It might be more comfy than...whatever is in there, then again I don’t know what you have in there..for all I know it could be some kind of five star hotel or something...”

The offer is surprising to say the least, and the human’s ranting is rather amusing. Anywhere sounds better than the pilot’s chair right now, but do I trust it enough..? I contemplate the idea for a moment, (Y/n) looking up at me with big and eager (e/c) eyes as it’s rant ends. I suppose I should start showing trust if this human is going to be assisting me, how else will it trust me? “Alright. If my ship will be safe here, then I will follow you.”

The human practically does a backflip in its excitement, it’s like I told it I was giving it enough currency to live a work free life. “Awesome! Come on, follow me! I’ll take you to my home.” It starts to run, but then skids to a halt as it probably realizes it should be calming down. “Sorry..”

“No worries.” I say, following after it easily with my longer legs. The human is much shorter than myself, so I can very easily catch up to it. “I can tell that you’re quite excited.”

“Yeah..I’m sorry it’s embarrassing sometimes..I have a bit of ADHD..” (Y/n) pokes its fingers together as it walks, as if this were something terrible for humans to have. Perhaps it is.

“What is that?”

“Oh! Uh..sorry, ADHD stands for Attention-Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder. It's a mental disorder that basically means that without medication I can’t focus too well on one thing for a long period of time and get overly hyper. And my meds are wearing off a bit because I forgot to take them..”

A bit? If this is it being slightly off its medication, I’m not sure I want to see it without it at all. “Perhaps you should take it when we get to your home?”

“That might be a good idea..” the human then drops the subject as it falls silent, making a slightly awkward air around us. Thankfully, I begin to notice what could pass as shelter, multiple structures poking out of the horizon.

“Is that your home there?” I ask, pointing to the distant shapes.

“Yup! Home sweet home~ I can’t wait to introduce you to Oakley and Tyler and Brutus and- Uh..sorry. You’ll meet them all soon.”

“Are they other humans that live with you?” The names are weird to me, but they are aliens.

“Oh no no no, I live alone. They’re my pets!”

“I see.” I say with a single nod. So they have tamed animals, wonder what they’re like. Guess I’m about to find out.

We come up to the front door and (Y/n) opens it with the single turn of a handle. Their technology must not be advanced enough for automatic doors. (Y/n) gestures for me to step inside before it and I nod in a quick thank you before walking past it. I’m startled by a large black furry animal making a loud and repeating boom noise. It isn’t quite a boom, though, as it has a growl to it.

“Brutus! Stop!” (Y/n) runs over faster than light and holds the angry animal’s cheeks to silence it. The animal looks between the human and I before growling again. “Brutus, enough. This is Lotor, he’s a friend.” (Y/n) then turns to me with an apologetic look. “Sorry, he’s super protective. Doesn’t like strangers. This is Brutus! He’s my dog.”

I let out a breath I didn’t realize I was holding and relax my stiffened posture. A friend huh? “Pleasure to meet you.”

(Y/n) giggles at my greeting, sounding like gentle wind chimes. Odd. “He doesn’t speak English. Can’t really understand it either, animals aren’t smart enough for that.” It ruffles Brutus’ head while he keeps his eyes locked on me in an intense and untrusting stare.

This is going to be a long night.

(Y/n) carefully lets the dog go and he does nothing but stand by its side and continue to glare at me. At least it isn’t attacking, that’s one less worry for now. “Follow me, I’ll show you around. We’re in the living room right now..” (Y/n) continues her- I’ve settled on female for now since genders are confirmed a thing on his planet- tour of her home, pointing out a kitchen and bathroom on the first floor. She leads me up to the second floor and points out her bedroom and another room that she calls her “man cave.” I finally take the time to question her out loud about her gender and she confirms it to be female. Guess I was correct in the gender I assumed, though I’m still left to wonder why she called that room a man cave. “And this room right here is yours! It’s right across from mine, so if you ever need anything just knock or holler.”

“Thank you for the tour.” I say and bow to her, causing her to visibly tense up with embarrassment.

“O-oh it was nothing Uh..b-but I’m not done yet! There’s still one more thing I gotta show you.” (Y/n) walks to the end of the hall and opens a door that I hadn’t noticed earlier. It leads to a balcony that overlooks the whole wasteland. “This is my favorite place to be at night. Best view of the stars right in my own home.”

The stars are indeed beautiful from this point, I could get used to this if worse came to worst. I shouldn’t been thinking of that now, though, I have to remain at least slightly positive. “Thank you again for showing me around. I’m going to retire. I shall see you in the morning.”

(Y/n) nods and smiles at me. “You’re welcome! I’ll see you in the mornin.”

I return to my new room and take this chance to look around. The room is rather small compared to what I’m used to, but that was to be expected since she is not of royalty. The bed is what (Y/n) described as a queen sized bed, though looks more suitable for my younger self. I take my armor off for the first time in quite a while, sighing at the freedom. With one last look around, I climb into the bed and pull the covers over myself.

I fit surprisingly well, and the sheets are soft with a pleasant, flowery smell. There was, however, the hint of a old musky odor, as if it hasn’t been used in years, which is probably the case. The bed itself feels like it’s conforming to my body in a very comforting and relaxing way, and all my exhaustion finally takes over as I fall into a much needed deep sleep.