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Karasuno's Big Gay Adventure

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Daichi started -> Group chat: Volleyball Club   (6:30pm)

Daichi : I've added you all so everyone say hello so you can join the chat. This is for Volleyball

Suga : Hiii

Tanaka : First!!

Tanaka : damn 2nd

Tanaka : mom can have first :)

-> Tanaka changed Suga's name to: #1 Mom

-> Tanaka changed their name to: #1 Spiker

#1 Mom: Thanks Tanaka.

#1 Spiker: :)

Nishinoya: whats up fuckers

Daichi: Noya, language

Nishinoya: Oop

-> Nishinoya changed Daichi's name to: Dad

Dad: -_-

Narita: hey

Kinoshita: *waves*

Ennoshita: if anyone changes my name on here, I will kill you, especially you Tanaka & Noya

-> Ennoshita left the chat.

Nishinoya: O^O

#1 Spiker: death before dishonor!!

Kinoshita: oof

->Kinoshita changed their name to Keep your shirts on

#1 Spiker: feeling personally attacked rn

Keep your shirts on: *shrug*

Narita: rt to keep tanakas shirt ON

Tsukishima: rt

->Tsukushima left the chat.

Yamaguchi: rt

#1 Mom: rt

Dad: retweet

#1 Spiker: attacked by my own family, devastating!!! At least Noya's got me. Back me up Noya!!

Nishinoya: Let this boy LIVE  ^^^

Nishinoya: shirts are for PUSSIES

-> Dad has removed Nishinoya from the chat.

Keep your shirts on: Instant power move

#1 Spiker: NOOOoooooo

#1 Mom: Daichi, don't be mean.


-> Dad added Nishinoya to the chat.

Nishinoya: Mom to the rescue!! :) thanks mom!!!!

Narita: I thought this was for vb stuff??

Keep your shirts on: shhh this is the most drama Ive seen for a while let me relish in it

Narita: fair enough

Dad: Idk why I even try

Asahi: hey

Nishinoya: ASAHIII!!!


-> Asahi left the chat.

#1 Spiker: Betrayed

#1 Spiker: by jesus christ himself no less

-> #1 Spiker changed Asahi's name to: jesus christ superstar

Nishinoya: welp time to go beat my bf

-> Nishanoya left the chat.

#1 Spiker: :o

#1 Spiker: RIP Asahi I guess

keep your shirts on: R.I.P

Yamaguchi: rip

#1 Mom: Should we…?

Dad: Yes I suppose we should

-> #1 Mom left the chat.

-> Dad left the chat.


#1 Spiker:!!!!!!!

->#1 Spiker changed their name to: Kiyokos #1 fan

-> Kiyoko left the chat.

Kiyokos #1 fan: :(

Yachi: hey everyone!

Kiyokos #1 fan: :D Yachi! Whats up

Kiyokos #1 fan: Asahi  might die today

Yachi: OhNO whyY??!

Kiyokos #1 fan: read up ^^^

Yachi: oh!!! well hopefully Noya was joking? Good luck Asahi♡

Narita: pure

-> Narita changed Yachi's name to: Best girl

Best girl: ☆♡☆ awww thnx Narita!!

-> Dad joined the chat.

-> #1 mom joined the chat .

#1 mom : Crisis averted!

Dad : not really a crisis. We just found them making out.

Kiyokos #1 fan : scandal

-> Nishinoya joined the chat.

Nishinoya :

->Nishinoya changed their name to: Kiyokos REAL #1 fan

-> Nishinoya changed Kiyokos #1 fan's name to: kiyokos #2 fan

Kiyokos #2 fan:

-> Kiyokos #2 fan changed their name to: Kiyokos #1 fan

-> Kiyokos #1 fan changed kiyokos REAL #1 fan's name to: BITCH

Kiyokos #1 fan: Noya turn on ur location i just want to talk


-> BITCH left the chat.

-> kiyokos #1 fan left the chat.

Dad: can i have peace for ONE minute

Dad: ONE

-> Dad left the chat.

Best girl: well that happened

Best girl: i should probs warn Kiyoko!!

-> Best girl left the chat.

Narita: blessed by (1) girl

Keep your shirts on: rt

Yamaguchi: rt

#1 Mom: rt

Keep your shirts on: do you just get on here to rt @Yamaguchi

Yamaguchi: yes?

-> Yamaguchi left the chat

Narita: good job Kinoshita you scared him off

Keep your shirt on: *shrug*

Kageyama: what time is practice tmrw

Hinata: 8 duh bakayama!

Kageyama: shut up dumbass

Kageyama: what time @#1 Mom

#1 Mom: Hinata is right, its at 8


Kageyama: ok

->Kageyama left the chat.

Hinata: gAH  

-> Hinata left the chat.

Keep your shirts on: what strange creatures they are

#1 Mom: honestly

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Group chat: Volleyball club (2:00pm)

Dad: anyone seen Yamaguchi?

Kiyoko: no

Best girl: no, why?

Dad: he said he might go with us to get meat buns after practice but i haven't seen him since

Kiyokos #1 fan: oh no where is the freckle child???

Kiyokos #1 fan: WHERE IS HE @Tsukishima @jesus christ superstar @BITCH @Kageyama @Hinata @#1 Mom @Narita @keep your shirts on @ennoshita

#1 Mom: I'm w/  Daichi Narita and Kinoshita rn so idk. Sorry

Ennoshita: im literally sitting right next to you Tanaka

jesus christ superstar: he's not with us

jesus christ superstar: wait why is this my name

jesus christ superstar: tanaka why

Kiyokos #1 fan: bc you look like jesus, next

-> BITCH changed their name to: Rolling Thunder!!!

Rolling Thunder!!!: ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Kageyama: idk

Hinata: i think hes w @Tsukishima ???

Kiyokos #1 fan: ANSWER FOR YOUR CRIMES @Tsukishima

Tsukishima: fuck off

Tsukishima: Yama went to practice serves with that one guy. Sheesh, don't have a breakdown Tanaka.

Kiyokos #1 fan:

-> Kiyokos #1 fan changed Tsukishima's name to: Saltyshima

Dad: thanks for letting us know Tsukishima

Saltyshima: uh huh


-> Saltyshima left the chat

Hinata: why is Tsukishima salty?? Doeshe tatse like salt

-> Saltyshima joined the chat

Kageyama: no dumbass

Saltyshima: Hate to agree with milkboy, but uh… no dumbass


->Narita changed Kageyama's name to: Milkboy

Keep your shirts on: lol @Narita

Hinata: whatsit mean thn


-> Milkboy left the chat


#1 Mom: when someones salty it means that they're mean

Yamaguchi: Tsukki isn't mean!!!

Kiyokos #1 fan: oop he has returned

Yamaguchi: >-<

Best girl: oh no! Suga didn't mean it like that Yama! Did you Suga?

#1 Mom: No of course not! I was explaining in simple terms what it means to Hinata, but that doesn't mean I agree!


Yamaguchi: okay good ('o')

Best girl: oh Yama did you still wanna go shopping w/ me and Kiyoko?

Best girl: ur still coming right @Kiyoko ☆♡☆☆♡?

Kiyoko: yes of course.


Kiyokos #1 fan: i hear Kiyoko and i STAN

Kiyokos #1 fan: can I join?

Rolling Thunder!!!: me too OUO

Best girl: Sorry guys, this is a girls trip!!!!

Kiyokos #1 fan: :(((( awww ruDe

Rolling Thunder!!!: awww Please Yachi??? I wanna go on a trip!!!

Ennoshita: can I come?

Ennoshita: oh nvm I just saw your message Yachi

-> private chat between Best girl and Ennoshita started (4:24pm)
Best girl: you can come if you want Ennoshita (☆♡☆)  you won't cause trouble
Ennoshita: lol okay

Group Chat: Volleyball Club (4:26pm)

Ennoshita: also Tanaka,

Kiyokos #1 fan: yes OwO ?

Ennoshita: put that away

Kiyoko #1 fan: yes?

Ennoshita: ty. Stop it, Yachi said its a girls night so its a girls night

Ennoshita: and Noya, get Asahi to take you out

Hinata: wait if its a girls trip thenwhyy doess Yamaguchi gwt to go???

Dad: that is a good point…

#1 Mom: Yama's an exception the rule bc Yama isn't a problem child

-> private chat between  Best girl, Saltyshima. Kiyoko and Yamaguchi started (4:40pm)

Yamaguchi: Should I tell them?

Saltyshima: only if you want to. Its none of their business but ydy

Kiyoko: its ultimately your decision, but I don't believe any of them will have a problem Yamaguchi. The team values you very much, myself included.

Best girl: if you're comfortable with it, yes! I'm sure they'll be very accepting! We all love you Yama *^♡^* especially me

Yamaguchi: >u< thanks Tsukki!! Love you too Yachi, and Kiyoko!

Group chat: Volleyball club (4:51pm)

Yamaguchi: um actually…

Best girl: Dad add Kageyama back to the chat, this is important!

-> Dad added Milkboy to the chat

Milkboy: whay

Best girl: evwrybody pay attention to Yamaguchi V.V

Yamaguchi: um

Yamaguchi: well I'm genderfluid

Yamaguchi: which means I can be a boy, or a girl, or neither, and it fluctuates daily.

Yamaguchi: and today I happen to be a girl so

Best girl: girls night \(☆◇☆)/

Yamaguchi: exactly

Yamaguchi: so uh yea

Milkboy: nice

Narita: i'm pretty far removed from that kinda stuff being a cis straight guy, so I'm sorry if I ever misgender you! ill try my best. Ur very valid & I support you

Keep your shirts on: a valid beautiful girl right here guys

->Keep your shirts on changed Narita's name to: Resident str8

Kiyokos #1 fan: ah I didn't even know that was a thing, but it does sound like you! Me and @Rolling Thunder!!! will fight anyone for you, you funky little genderfluid

Rolling Thunder!!!: ANYONE say the name and i'll wreck them

Yamaguchi: omg Tanaka ur such a meme

Yamaguchi: but thanks

Hinata: oh

Hinata: thats supercool!!!

Hinata: ur like

Hinata: a shapeshiftr or somyhing! Something cool likethat

Yamaguchi: thanks Hinata

Dad: Do you prefer certain pronouns then?

Yamaguchi: yeah. I Prefer she/her when I'm a girl, he/him when I'm a guy, and they/them any other time

Yamaguchi: uh I'll like tell you all what I am.each day

Saltyshima: tsk they should be able to tell just by seeing you

Yamaguchi: Tsukki stahp

Dad: okay. I'm sorry for all the times I've misgendered you up until now Yamaguchi. If you ever need to talk I'm here for you

Yamaguchi: ah! Its fine Daichi, you didnt know

#1 Mom: it means a lot to every one I'm sure that you trusted us all enough to come out! We will always support you Yamaguchi ♡

jesus christ superstar: jesus approved

Rolling Thunder!!!: OMG ASAHI


-> Yamaguchi left the chat.

Saltyshima: good job, you guys broke my gf

-> Saltyshima left the chat.

Best girl: aaaWww Yama is crying!!! But thhey're happy tears so no worries

Best girl: Thanks you guys for being so nice!! Shes such a happy girl rn (◇♡◇)

Best girl: [1 image attachment]

#1 Mom: AW

#1 Mom: Tell Yamaguchi I love her!!!

Best girl: i will, bye!!

#1 Mom: You girls have fun shopping, be safe

-> Best girl left the chat.

Ennoshita: are we all just sleeping on the facts

Ennoshita: tsukishima FINALLY admitted that they're dating

Ennoshita: like holy fuck

Ennoshita: its revolutionary

Kiyokos #1 fan: shit you right

Chapter Text




Group chat: Volleyball Club (6:35am)


Hinata: sendHelP

Dad: it is  t o o ea rly for whatever this is about Hinata

Hinata: bakayama won'tcome practice w me
;( and he keeps tellinh me ro gtfa or he'll killme even tho this is MY HOUSe

Dad: why

Hinata: bc hess sick

Dad: thats not good

Dad: Wait why is he with you

Hinata: he cameover laat nighy to watch movies and he stayed the niyht

Hinata: now hes sick orwhatever


Dad: well if hes sick he can't play volleyball w/ u Hinata. Also todays ur day off so you shouldnt be playing anyway. rest is important too

Dad: just let him sleep

Dad: let ME sleep

Dad: maybe he'll feel better later

Hinata: hnm okayy seems faur I guess

Group chat: Volleyball Club (7:15am)

-> Hinata changed their name to: I can Jump

Group chat: Volleyball Club (9:20am)

Saltyshima: well ignoring whatever that is ^^^
Um I'd like to say that Yama looks amazing in designer

Yamaguchi: Tsukki stahhhp

-> Saltyshima changed Yamaguchi's name to: Gucci™

Kioyokos #1 fan: i wake up to some fresh gay content

Kiyokos #1 fan: wait did you guys actually buy gucci when you went shopping the other day

Gucci™- a lil

Kiyokos #1 fan: nice!!! Show me and @Rolling Thunder!!! And @jesus christ superstar l8r today

Kiyokos #1 fan: also is Kageyama dead or ^^^

Saltyshima: *shrug* idk and idc

Milkboy: not dead

Milkboy: sick

Milkboy: hinata is being stupdi

Milkboy: stupid

-> Milkboy has left the chat.

Saltyshima: hmmm no surprise there.

Gucci™: um @Hinata u know if you let Kageyama stay w u ull get sick too right

I can Jump: nah

Gucci™: but


Saltyshima: u can't rationalize with him Yama, it would hurt his head to think that much

I can Jump: exactlly


Saltyshima: i

Saltyshima: wow okay you weren't supposed to agree but like

Saltyshima: point proven

Kiyokos #1 fan: *gasp* attacking our ray of sunshine like that!? Not in my house!!

Kiyokos #1 fan: @#1 Mom @Dad

#1 Mom: what is it Tanaka

#1 Mom: Daichi is still asleep

Kiyokos #1 fan: ok ignoring that gay shit for the moment, read up ^^^

#1 Mom: Tsukki don't be so rude to Hinata. He's just taking care of Kageyama like a good friend


Saltyshima: called out by my mother no less

Saltyshima: lol 'friend'

#1 Mom: stop

Saltyshima: ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

-> Saltyshima left the chat.

#1 Mom: -_-

-> #1 Mom left the chat.

I can Jump: wait whydid Tsukishims put friennd likethat

Kiyokos #1 fan: uh

Kiyokos #1 fan: oof look at the time

-> Kiyokos #1 fan left the chat.

I can Jump: what

-> I can Jump left the chat.

Group chat: Volleyball Cub (12:13pm)

-> Kiyokos #1 fan added Saeko to the chat.

Kiyokos #1 fan: @Dad I added my sis bc we're making plans and shes driving

Dad: Thats fine

Saeko: hey daichi!

Dad: hey Saeko.

Saeko: whats up volley nerds

Rolling Thunder!!!: BIG SIS SAEKO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

jesus christ superstar: a bf call out post- Noya is literally vibrating in his seat next to me

#1 Mom: lol

Dad: not surprised tbh. Idk how you put up with this @Saeko

Saeko: ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

-> Rolling Thunder!!!  Changed Saeko's name to: BIG SIS

BIG SIS: thnx Noya ♡ my lil bro

Rolling Thunder!!!:

Rolling Thunder!!!: Absolutely
By the BEST big sis

Ennoshita: ok Noya's meltdown aside, what plans

Kiyokos #1 fan: the Plan™

Ennoshita: ah.

Milkboy: whatever it is uninvite me

#1 Mom: are you still sick?

Milkboy: no. Im fine now

#1 Mom: thats good, I'm glad you're better!

I can Jump: whatre we doinh

I can Jump: ?

Kiyokos #1 fan: oop

-> Kiyokos #1 fan removed I can Jump from the chat.

Best girl: O.O

Saltyshima: seems a little harsh even for me, Tanaka

Dad: is there a reason you removed Hinata

Kiyokos #1 fan: it was necessary!! I would never be mean to our resident ray of sunshine!!

Kiyokos #1 fan: this is about said sunshines bday!!

Dad: Ah! Okay thats right. We talked about this yesterday.

jesus christ superstar: SOMEONE didn't tell me about it until this morning so I panicked a little and bought him a volleyball?

Rolling Thunder!!!: ;(

Milkboy: dammit thats what I got him

Keep your shirts on: i think thats what everyone got him tbh

Keep your shirts on: rt if you got Hinata a volleyball 4 his birthday

Gucci™: rt

Best girl: rt /(o□o)\

Kiyokos #1 fan: rt

Kiyokos #1 fan: but anyway, we're taking him out

BIG SIS: :p I hope you guys don't get car sick

Kiyokos #1 fan: and @milkboy ur not uninvited you have to come. He likes you best VuV  also you better not be letting him read over your shoulder

Saltyshima: god knows why anyone likes you

Milkboy: I will cut you

Gucci™: >-<

Saltyshima: *shrugs*

-> Saltyshima changed Milkboy's name to: a KNIFE.

a KNIFE: whatever. I got dumbass a cake btw.

#1 Mom: welp he's getting two cakes

Kiyoko: me and @resident str8 got the balloons Tanaka, where are we meeting?

Kiyokos #1 fan: ♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡


Kiyokos #1 fan: *ahem* Saeko and I will be there to get you in a few

resident str8: lol she turned her phone off.
I'll tell her what you said

Saltyshima: nice kill!


Gucci™: lol

Kiyokos #1 fan: ;( stfu

Rolling Thunder!!!: top ten anime betrayals

-> Private chat between a KNIFE and I can Jump was started (1:27pm)

I can Jump: u guys better not be talkong about me ;(((

a KNIFE: we are

I can Jump: Kageyamaaaaaa

I can Jump: what are you guys talking abt

I can Jump: is it bad

I can Jump: what did i do :(((

a KNIFE: you didn't do anything bad

I can Jump: mmm ok if you say so

I can Jump: Baka

a KNIFE: (1) stop breathing down my neck ew. Im not lettintg you read the chat

a KNIFE: (2) whyy r we texting ur sitting right next to me

I can Jump: oof

->  I can Jump left the chat.

a KNIFE: baka

-> a KNIFE left the chat.

Group chat : Volleyball Club (1:35pm)

a KNIFE: @Dad we should add hinata bavk before he strangles me

Rolling Thunder!!!: kinky

jesus christ superstar: noya why are you like this

Rolling Thunder!!!: bc of you♡

BIG SIS: called out

jesus christ superstar:

-> jesus christ superstar left the chat.

Dad: speak now or forever hold your peace, i'm adding Hinata back

Best girl: you guys!! We gotta delete the evidence!!!

Kiyokos #1 fan: you right

-> Kiyokos #1 fan deleted 40 messages from the chat.

-> Dad added I can Jump to the chat.

I can Jump: (つ﹏<。)

Best girl: !!!! No don't cry Hinata!!!

I can Jump: but but YACHIiI

I can Jump: ive been left out ;((

a KNIFE: stop whining Hinata

a KNIFE: also get off me

#1 Mom: we'll make it up to you Hinata!! We aren't trying to be mean. Wanna come w/ me and Daichi to get some lunch?

I can Jump: :D of course mom!!! Best mom!!! Best dad!!!

-> private chat started between Kiyokos #1 fan, BIG SIS, and #1 Mom started (1:50pm)

Kiyokos #1 fan: (VuV)b

#1 Mom: :)

Dad: @BIG SIS we'll meet you at Kageyama's house

BIG SIS: drive safe!

Group chat: Volleyball Club (2:30pm)

I can Jump:♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡

♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡ (☆♡☆)

I can Jump : I LOVE YOU GUYS SO MYCH!!!!!!

I can Jump : ^◇^

Rolling Thunder!!!: #blessed

Best girl : Best Boy!!! love you too Hinata!♡

Kiyoko : <3 Happy birthday Hinata. Sorry I couldn't come, something came up

I can Jump :  its finethnx for the balloons Kiyoko !!

Kiyokos #1 fan : what a precious child he is, he was jumping around the whole time

a KNIFE : xo Hinata

#1 Mom : ♡ you're my favorite Hinata!!

I can Jump : AHHHH MOM ♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡

Keep your shirts on : im

Keep your shirts on: are we just gonna breeze by that "xo hinata"

resident str8 : yep

Ennoshita : I still can't believe… Hinata got on the table. .  I thought Kageyamas mom was gonna kill him.


Rolling Thunder!!!: I thought it was rad

Ennoshita: you did this @kiyokos #1 fan

Kiyokos #1 fan: *clutches chest* so proud

Kiyokos #1 fan: we going to Hinatas for presents?

I can Jump: PRESENST????!

Rolling Thunder!!!: precious

Group chat: Volleyball Club (4:36pm)

a KNIFE: he won't stop screaming

a KNIFE: what have we done

a KNIFE: @I can Jump Stop

I can Jump:djishwuwgwhwh




#1 Mom : i'm witnessing this with my own two eyes

Dad : its beautiful isn't it

Ennoshita : should we stop him maybe

Best girl : no

Best girl :  i love seeing the boys hug it out!!! ♡♡♡

Ennoshita : shameless yaoi lovers over here

Keep your shirts on: i relate @Best girl @jesus christ superstar

jesus christ superstar : idk why I was tagged but uhh. Same @Best girl

Best girl : ღゝ◡╹)ノ♡

Saltyshima : he better not touch me

I can Jump : OWO heyyyyy Tsukkiiishimaaa

Kiyokos #1 fan: oop you summoned him

Saltyshima : no


Gucci™: OUO




Gucci™ : *^O^*

Saltyshima : NO GET OFFME


a KNIFE : it don't bite


#1 Mom : i love our kids

Dad : me too



Chapter Text


Group chat: Volleyball Club (1:12pm)

Rolling Thunder!!!: alright

Rolling Thunder!!!: im saying it

Rolling Thunder!!!: WHAT THe FUCK

a KNIFE: mmm same question?

jesus christ superstar: ???

Rolling Thunder!!!: please tell me you all are seeing what Im seeing

Saltyshima: if you mean what Yachi and Yamaguchi are up to rn

Saltyshima: then yes

Ennoshita: Suga looks so good

Ennoshita: wow

Kiyokos #1 fan: @Best girl @Gucci™  give Ennoshita a make over!!!

Ennoshita: um no

-> Ennoshita left the chat.

Kiyokos #1 fan: :(

I can Jump: !!! @Best girl Can I join??? I want a amke over too!!

Best girl: of course!!!

a KNIFE: dumbass.

Best girl: don't worry Kageyama, I'll give him back looking better than ever :)


-> a KNIFE left the chat.

Saltyshima: lol you scared him off Yachi. He's afraid of the homos

Best girl: he'll be back ;)

Saltyshima: oh I'm sure of it.

-> Ennoshita joined the chat.

resident str8: so are we done practicing for today or…?

jesus christ superstar: yep. Coach is giving us the rest of the day off since he left

resident str8: oh thank god. I thought he was gonna kill us this morning w/ all the laps we ran

Keep your shirts on: same

Keep your shirts on: im surprised Hinata is done tbh. i guess he is sufficiently distracted now. Kageyama looks a little pissed tho lol

resident str8: doesn't he always look like that tho

Kiyokos #1 fan: shots fired

Keep your shirts on: but is he wrong?

Kiyokos #1 fan: mm fair enough, have a nice day.

Keep your shirts on: welp me and @resident str8 are gonna go to my place and play some wii so

-> Keep your shirts on left the chat.

-> resident str8 left the chat.

Ennoshita: i'm going w/ them

-> Ennoshita left the chat.

Kiyokos #1 fan: ooF abandoned

Dad: whats going on?

Rolling Thunder!!!: @Dad !!!! Explain yourself!!! Where are you?  You of all people should be seeing this!!!

Dad: my grandparents came from out of town so i had to stay home. I told you this already. What is it that I'm missing?

Rolling Thunder!!!: Suga looking like an absolute snAck

#1 Mom: Noya stahp you're embarrassing!

Gucci™: ^v^

Gucci™: [1 image attachment)

Best girl: we did Suga's makeup!!! We're doing Hinatas next ☆◇☆

I can Jump: ♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡


Rolling Thunder!!!: oop we broke Daichi

Gucci™: ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Dad: you look very pretty Suga

#1 Mom: thank you Daichi ♡

-> private chat between Dad and #1 Mom started (1:37pm)

Dad: you don't know how happy I am that I can say "thats my boyfriend" ♡♡♡


#1 Mom: <3 my bf is the best <3

Dad: and also by very pretty, I mean gorgeous.

#1 Mom: Daichiiiii

Dad: Ravishing. Beautiful. Stunning. Huggable. Kissable.

#1 Mom: Daichiiiiii you're making me blush!!! Yachi thinks i'm overheating now (ಥ﹏ಥ)

Dad: fuckable ;)

#1 Mom:

#1 Mom: you better be coming over tonight

-> #1 Mom left the chat.

Dad: r.i.p me I guess.

Group chat: Volleyball club (1:43pm)

Best girl: awwwww Suga is blushing!!! What a CUTE PATOOT

I can Jump: best mom hands down

Saltyshima: @I can Jump stop squirming around before my bf kills you. Eyeliner is a delicate business

I can Jump: :((


Kiyokos #1 fan:  ok thats it i’m calling him out




jesus christ superstar: what


Kiyokos #1 fan: suga is absolutely slaying the selfie game rn


#1 Mom: STOP IT


Best girl: you guys are making him flustered!!! \(▪○▪\)




Kiyokos #1 fan: what? whats that say??


#1 Mom: THATS IT


Kiyokos #1 fan: whatup my names jared i’m 19 and i never fucking learned how to read


Kiyokos #1 fan: oh no hes coming over here


Kiyokos #1 fan: HELP ME NOYA


Kiyokos #1 fan: fukc Daichi call your man offfddsssa lwjwk ddj


Dad: no one can help you now Tanaka


Saltyshima: rip Tanaka


jesus christ superstar: rip...


Rolling Thunder!!!: R.i.p


Rolling Thunder!!!: we lost a wonderful man... a valiant soldier, in the great volleyball war...


Kiyokos #1 fan: i lived!!! Barely


Rolling Thunder!!!: sometimes i can still hear his voice… :,(


Saltyshima: good riddance


I can Jump: O○O


Kiyokos #1 fan: :((( he deleted the pics off my phone


#1 Mom: test me one more time Tanaka and see what happens


Kiyokos #1 fan:  \(^□^°\) *nervous sweating* love you mom


->Kiyokos #1 fan changed the name of the chat to: Suga appreciation club (2:21pm)


-> private chat between Dad and #1 Mom (2:23pm)


Dad:  you’ll send me the selfies you took right :)?


#1 Mom: of course VuV


#1 Mom:  [5 image attachments]


Dad: my handsome bf!!!


Dad: The first one is my new lock screen now btw.


#1 Mom:  (/U 3 U)/~~♡


Dad: hey you wanna see a movie w/ me tonight?


#1 Mom: omg is that even a question?


#1 Mom: what time


Dad: around 6


Dad: I’ll pick you up


Dad: we can go out to dinner somewhere too if you want


#1 Mom: yay!! I’m excited *^^*


Dad: how did practice go today w/ out me?


#1 Mom: it was fine. Hinata and Kageyama fought as usual. Tanaka almost face planted the ground when Kiyoko ignored him


#1 Mom:  I missed you though


Dad:  sounds about the usual, lol


Dad: it was only a day Suga


#1 Mom: I know but ur what holds the team together. Its just not the same w/out you here


#1 Mom: also you keep me sane :)


Dad: I think you’re just as important to the team Suga, probably even more important than me!


Dad: but I missed seeing you too.


#1 Mom:


Dad:  gtg, I’ll call you later


#1 Mom: okay! I love you <3<3<3


Dad: love you too Koushi


-> Dad left the chat.


Group chat: Suga appreciation club (2:25pm)


I can Jump:  suga looks really happy allof a sudden


I can Jump: better watch outTanka


Kiyokos #1 fan: nah i’m safe, hes just being gay


I can Jump:  ah


Best girl: Suga being absolutely adorable aside, look at Hinata!!!!!

Hes soooo cute!!!!!!☆☆☆♡♡☆♡☆


Kiyoko:  cute




Gucci™: some of my best work if I do say so myself Vuv


Rolling Thunder!!!: !!!!!! A natIonAl treasuRe


Kiyokos #1 fan: whered Kageyama go? He needs to see this


-> I can Jump added a KNIFE to the chat.




a KNIFE: waht


I can Jump: whered u gi




a KNIFE:  milk


Saltyshima: wow that's so descriptive and helpful


a KNIFE: ( ︶︿︶)_╭∩╮



a KNIFE: vending machine


I can Jump: (☆◇☆) im gonna come show umy makeuo bakayama


I can Jump: ☆☆☆☆☆☆♡♡♡




a KNIFE: ok


-> private chat between a KNIFE, Gucci™, and Best girl started (2:33pm)


Gucci™: whats this OwO?


a KNIFE:  thnx


Best girl: anytime!!


-> a KNIFE left the chat.


Gucci™:  I


Gucci™:  Hes so gay


Best girl:  mm hm you can say that again


Group chat: Suga appreciation club (2:37pm)


Kiyokos #1 fan: did I just hear Hinata scream “GWAHHH KAGEYAMA” and then kageyama say “sh-sh-shut up idiot!! Dumbass idiot Hinata!!!” down the hall… what does it mean


Kiyokos #1 fan: does anyone here speak their language??


Saltyshima: yes tragically our ears were subjected to that.


Saltyshima: i think it roughly translates to ‘gay’


Kiyokos #1 fan:  seems valid


Gucci™: *sigh* they’re hopeless V.V


Group chat: Suga appreciation club (9:34pm)


#1 Mom:  Daichi bought me a bouquet of roses!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I’m so in love!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Dad: ^^



Chapter Text


-> private chat between Best girl, Gucci™, #1 Mom, jesus christ superstar, I can Jump, and Dad started (3:17pm)

Best girl: guys i'm having a crisis

#1 Mom: whats wrong Yachi?

Best girl: nothing serious i'm just feeling stressed about something and I wanted you guys opinions

I can Jump: DO i neeD to fighy someone???!!

Best girl: no Hinata not that kind of crisis, a GAY crisis

jesus christ superstar: i mean me too Yachi

Dad: ok but could you be a little more specific?

Best girl: well.… I'm gay

I can Jump: ○o○

Gucci™: this might cause discourse but uhhh

Gucci™: we all already knew that Yachi

Best girl: I'm gay for Kiyoko ***(>-<)***

Dad: oh

Dad: I see

#1 Mom: why is it a crisis Yachi? Thats wonderful!

Best girl: no its not!!! Theres no way I can tell her

I can Jump: but ur cute, shescute, its perfect
(ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧ ✧゚・: *ヽ(◕ヮ◕ヽ)

Best girl: awww you really think so Hinata??

I can Jump: yes!!! I would never lie to you Yachi! You're like my best friend OUO

Dad: Yachi would you like one of us to talk to Kiyoko for you?

#1 Mom: We don't have to tell her that you like her! We could just find out if shes available…

Best girl: that would be great you guys (๑>ᴗ<๑) be careful though I really don"t want her to know abt my crush, unless shes single and ready to mingle

Gucci™: operation 'Get Yachi the girl she derserves' is a go

Best girl:  ღゝ◡╹)ノ♡

jesus christ superstar: um Yachi we might have a problem

Best girl: O.O

jesus christ superstar: Noya was reading over my shoulder and i didn't know (°○_○ )
He just screamed and ran out of the room

Best girl: oh NO


jesus christ superstar: (°○-○) uhhh

Best girl: ASAHI

jesus christ superstar: he gone

-> jesus christ superstar

-> Best girl left the chat.

Gucci™: R.i.p Noya, Asahi, and most importantly Yachi

I can Jump: rip :(

Dad: r.i.p

#1 Mom: ¯\_(○▪○)_/¯ rip

Group chat: Suga appreciation club (7:34pm)

Best girl: attention everyone!!!

resident str8: ?

Keep your shirts on: what is it

Best girl: i now have the best girlfriend ever!! ♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡


Rolling Thunder!!!: Thanks to me!!!

Best girl: (ಥ﹏ಥ)☞ @Rolling Thunder!!! Ur still not off the hook, mister!!! I almost had a heart attack bc of you!!

jesus christ superstar: i tried to stop him :( But i guess its good i didn't, right?

Rolling Thunder!!!: my bf will protect me from you Yachi!!!

jesus christ superstar: nah


Saltyshima: tragic.

Rolling Thunder!!!: fuck off Tsukishima :(

Saltyshima: hmmm, rot.

Saltyshima: also, @Dad Nishinoya is using bad words again

Dad: Noya really

Rolling Thunder!!!: FUCK YOU GUYS

-> Dad removed Rolling Thunder!!! from the chat.

Gucci™: lol savage

Dad: it was the only way

Saltyshima: also, its about time Yachi

Best girl: I know I know VoV

Ennoshita: Congrats Yachi! Do you mind telling us who?

Keep your shirts on: yeah, congrats dude!

Best girl: thx!!! Its Kiyoko the prettiest most wonderful beautiful girl!!

Best girl: @Kiyoko ♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡☆☆☆☆☆♡☆♡☆♡☆♡☆♡☆♡☆♡♡☆☆♡♡☆♡☆♡☆ \(☆♡☆)/

Kiyoko: Yachi…

Best girl: *^^* yes beautiful?


-> Kiyoko left the chat.

Best girl: its ok! I know she likes me ^v^

resident str8: living up to her name… BEST girl

#1 Mom: mood

Kiyokos #1 fan: ? Whats going on

#1 Mom: read up

Kiyokos #1 fan: !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

-> Kiyokos #1 fan changed their name to Kiyokos #2 fan.

Best girl: sorry Tanaka, but um… Looks like Kiyoko's a lesbian… So ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Best girl: i hope ur not mad O.O

Kiyokos #2 fan: nah, i'm glad you got together!! Honestly otp

Kiyokos #2 fan: since this is confession time, i'm actually bi… You all knew that tho

Kiyokos #2 fan: but currently im checking out MEN.. well one man in particular  

 (ʃƪ ˘ ³˘)

Best girl: (☆♡☆) OH???

Keep your shirts on: i smell DRAMA

Keep your shirts on: spill it Tanaka, who do you have a crush on?!

Kiyokos #2 fan: its a secret (0u<)*

Keep your shirts on: :( rude

resident str8: aw, cmon man, don't leave us hanging

Ennoshita: we're waiting for the tea, Tanaka

Kiyokos #2 fan: my lips are sealed

(ʃƪ ˘ ³˘)

Ennoshita: -_- tease.

a KNIFE: srry for late response,but uh happy for you Yachi

Best girl: ♡♡♡

I can Jump: Baka where are you

a KNIFE: with @Saltyshima and @Gucci™

I can Jump: WIYHOUT ME???

Gucci™: don't worry Hinata, we'll bring you back some meat buns!!

I can Jump: ☆◇☆ YAS MEATBUNS

Group chat: Suga appreciation club (8:52pm)

Saltyshima: heres a pic of the new lovebirds [1 image attatchment]


Kiyokos #2 fan: AWWWWW THEY’RE SO CUTE




Kiyokos #2 fan: otp otp otp otP oTP OTP O T P


Saltyshima: and also heres another picture


a KNIFE: Tsukishima no




Saltyshima: also, heres a quality image of Kageyama busting his ass, trying to beat Hinata to his own front door [1 image attachment]

#1 Mom: omg

Ennoshita: oh my god, somebody get him some milk… He needs some milk

Rolling Thunder!!!: He needs some milk!!

Kiyokos #2 Fan: Get him some milk

I can Jump: does Kageyama need ssome
MILK  (*◇*) ??

Saltyshima: he needs some milk

Gucci™: (/^v^\)


a KNIFE: i hate all of u.

I can Jump: (つ﹏<。)

a KNIFE: … I guess ur ok Hinata.

I can Jump: oh, whatd this ? OwO

-> a KNIFE left the chat.

I can Jump: oof

-> I can Jump left the chat.

Rolling Thunder!!!: fuckin gay people, am i right?

Gucci™: lol u right

#1 Mom: you do realize that like pretty much everyone here is gay except Narita

Rolling Thunder!!!: ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

-> I can Jump joined the chat.


-> I can Jump left the chat.

Rolling Thunder!!!: I…

Rolling Thunder!!!:  i rest my case




Chapter Text




Group chat: Suga appreciation club (2:27pm)

I can Jump: why was Dadchi being a meanie todau ? @#1 Mom

#1 Mom: what do you mean?

I can Jump: i texyed him and he was being a big ol grump

#1 Mom: hmmm idk maybe bc I'm in Tokyo rn with my family and he didn't get to see me

I can Jump: Can i go to tokyo mom???! I wanna see you and also Kenma ☆○☆

#1 Mom: Hinata I'm not your actual mom I can't tell you the answer to that

I can Jump: :(

#1 Mom: but anyway,

#1 Mom: @Dad Whats wrong Daichi?

#1 Mom: @Dad do you want to talk about your feelings?

Dad: not really… :/

#1 Mom: oh.. ok

Jesus Christ Superstar: i do

#1 Mom: I know, Asahi

Jesus Christ Superstar: i'm sad.

#1 Mom: I know, Asahi

Rolling Thunder!!!: !!!!???!??!?

Dad: oof

#1 Mom: oh no look what you did Asahi

#1 Mom: hes triggered now

Jesus Christ Superstar: oop

Jesus Christ Superstar: would you look at the time

Rolling Thunder!!!: YOU CAN'T RUN FROM ME ASAHI


Rolling Thunder!!!: ARE YOU HOME RN I'LL COME OVER

Rolling Thunder!!!: I LOVE YOU BITCH


Jesus Christ Superstar:

Jesus Christ Superstar: I… I love you too???

Jesus Christ Superstar: im scared

Dad: Noya, if you keep yelling at him over text hes gonna cry

Jesus Christ Superstar: :(

Dad: am I wrong?

Jesus Christ Superstar: …. no

Rolling Thunder!!!: no crying allowed!

Jesus Christ Superstar: :((

#1 Mom: lol

Kiyokos #2 fan: wild

Kiyokos #2 fan: but uh guys, listen okay so my mind was blown

Ennoshita: ?

Kiyokos #2 fan: okay so Sometimes brb means be right back right? But consider it means 'be ready bitch', so like… We have to be alert at all times

Ennoshita: you're dumb Tanaka

Rolling Thunder!!!: ah i see. Ok

Rolling Thunder!!!: brb.

Kiyokos #2 fan: wait

Rolling Thunder!!!: :)

Kiyokos #2 fan: (O-O') lets be reasonable here Noya

->> Kiyokos #2 fan left the chat.

Best Girl: :o

Ennoshita: ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ well guess Tanaka's gonna die

Best girl: rip

#1 Mom: press f to pay respects

Dad: f

resident str8: f.

Keep your shirts on: f

I can Jump: F

->> Kiyokos #2 fan joined the chat

Kiyokos #2 fan: all noya did was add me to a chta and sent me a pic of thomas the train with grotesque legs thats saying "i said no bad words" and then deleted the chat… and i'm honestly terrified

Kiyokos #2 fan: like what does it mean??? Is it a threat? WHAT DOES IT MEAN NOYA

Rolling Thunder!!!: :)))

#1 Mom: Absolutely bamboozled


Group chat: Suga appreciation club (4:38pm)

Best Girl: bout to spill some tea

Ennoshita: spill it

Keep your shirts on: did you figure out who Tanaka's secret crush is???!

Best Girl: no I haven't :( i'm trying my best but I have no clue

Ennoshita: depressing

Keep your shirts on: oof

Best Girl: this is about Ukai-san and Takeda- sensei (♡◇♡)

I can Jump: I was there too!!!!! I sawit i saw them and

I can Jump: let me tell u… ♡♡♡☆♡☆♡☆♡☆♡☆☆♡☆♡♡☆☆☆♡♡

#1 Mom: oh??

Dad: ?

Rolling Thunder!!!: ah hell yeah ☆o☆

Jesus Christ Superstar: um what does that mean Hinata

Kiyokos #2 fan: did they finally do the fucky fuck sucky suck

Dad: okay first of all thats very immature Tanaka

Dad: second of all, never say that again

Kiyokos #2 fan: ouch, attacked by my own dad

#1 Mom: to be fair Daichi, I think we've all been wondering about the answer to that

Jesus Christ Superstar: yeah we kind of have

Dad: mmmmm fair enough

Best Girl: uh I mean idk if they did… Any of that (○u○°)

Best Girl: but me and hinata walked by the store and they were all in each others personal space & they were openly flirting!!!

Best Girl: Like sensei had his hand on Ukai-san's knee and they were leaning close to each other

Best Girl: it was so cute ♡♡♡♡

Gucci™: oh, worm?

a KNIFE: what

Gucci™: what

Best Girl: yes worm!!!! They're definitely gay for each other

I can Jump: i can confirm


a KNIFE: ok but what does tea or worms have to do with it???

Saltyshima: omfg

Saltyshima: are you serious rn @a KNIFE

a KNIFE: yes???

Gucci™: educate your man @I can Jump

I can Jump: :/  ?? how the fuck ami supposed todo that? Hes dumb


Saltyshima: I

Saltyshima: ok

->> Private chat between Rolling Thunder!!! and Jesus Christ Superstar started (6:27pm )

Rolling Thunder!!!: i swear if those 2 gay losers dont get together already i'll impale myself

Jesus Christ Superstar: please don't

Jesus Christ Superstar: but yeah they obviously like each other.

Jesus Christ Superstar: You should do something about them  :) i know you have a few elaborate plans set up in that crazy head of yours

Rolling Thunder!!!: aw babe, u know me so well ^^

Rolling Thunder!!!: and yes of course i do have some ideas :)))

Jesus Christ Superstar: um should I be scared?

Rolling Thunder!!!: Very


Group chat: Suga appreciation club (6:32pm)

Kiyokos #2 fan: D: *gasp*

Kiyokos #2 fan: Hinata just CUSSED

Kiyokos #2 fan: i'm calling the FUCKING COPS

Rolling Thunder!!!: HOLY SHIT WHAT THE FUCK


Rolling Thunder!!!: *police sirens in the background*

#1 Mom: mmmm i'm guessing it was you two @Kiyokos #2 fan @Rolling Thunder!!!

#1 Mom: just a guess though.

Rolling Thunder!!!: bitCh

Dad: better watch it Noya

Rolling Thunder!!!: i mean uhhhh… MoM

Rolling Thunder!!!:  how DaRe  u accuse me of something like that??

Rolling Thunder!!!:   @Jesus Christ Superstar Tell Suga that i would never !

Kiyokos #2 fan: yeah! Me neither, Asahi!!!

Jesus Christ Superstar: :/ hmmmmmmm

Rolling Thunder!!!: D: AsAhI

Kiyokos #2 fan: DD:

Jesus Christ Superstar: mmmmmm

Jesus Christ Superstar: i plead the 5th

#1 Mom: lol thats what I thought

Rolling Thunder!!!: :(((((( betrAyeD

Ennoshita: yikes

Ennoshita: good luck getting out of this one Asahi

I can Jump: poor Asahi

I can Jump: but if it helps @Kiyokos #2 fan @Rolling Thunder!!! i blame Kags bc he cusses allthe tike

I can Jump: time

a KNIFE: whatever.

a KNIFE: i'm still confused but idc anymore so uhhh

->> a KNIFE left the chat.

Saltyshima: lol

Saltyshima: pussy

Dad: OK THEN, i'm settimg some ground rules

Dad: cussing is banned from this chat for the time being and I'll remove anyone that does

Kiyokos #2 fan: thats no fun dad :( don't be a stick in the mud

->> Dad removed Kiyokos #2 fan from the chat.

Keep your shirts on: :O

Keep your shirts on: Daichi is an absolute mad man  

Ennoshita: he wields too much power

Dad: :)

Dad: tread carefully Ennoshita

Ennoshita: ('ovo) hehe you're doing great Dad

Dad: thats what I thought you said :)

I can Jump: OoO Dad is doinh mea spook @#1 Mom

#1 Mom: mm he tries his best ^^ I think its cute

Dad: SUGA don't call me cute i'm trying to be a good scary mentor

#1 Mom: ღゝ◡╹)ノ♡


->> Private chat between Rolling Thunder!!! And Jesus Christ Superstar (8:19pm)


Jesus Christ Superstar: Suga and Daichi are Otp

Rolling Thunder!!!: Thats true

Rolling Thunder!!!: but I’m not talking to you V.V

Jesus Christ Superstar: BabE

Jesus Christ Superstar: don't be sad :(

Rolling Thunder!!!: mmmm new number, who this??

Jesus Christ Superstar: babe...

Rolling Thunder!!!: blocked

Jesus Christ Superstar: i wasn't gonna lie to Suga! He would know (ಥ﹏ಥ) and Suga is scary

Rolling Thunder!!!: reported

Rolling Thunder!!!: deleted

Jesus Christ Superstar: how can I make it up to you???

Rolling Thunder!!!: mm

Rolling Thunder!!!: some cuddles

Rolling Thunder!!!: and food

Rolling Thunder!!!: and let me braid your hair!

Jesus Christ Superstar: i can do that

Jesus Christ Superstar: anything for you

Rolling Thunder!!!: pfffttt suck up

Jesus Christ Superstar: you know it

Rollinng Thunder!!!: dork

Rolling Thunder!!!;  I ♡ you

Jesus Christ Superstar: i love you too Noya

Jesus Christ Superstar: so you want me to come over tonight?

Jesus Christ Superstar : i'll bring movies and some take out

Rolling Thunder!!!: yes please!!

Rolling Thunder!!!: Yay (☆◇☆)

Jesus Christ Superstar : ok, see you in a bit!

->> Jesus Christ Superstar left the chat




Chapter Text


Group chat Suga appreciation club (2:23pm)

Best Girl: aHhhhHhhhHhhHH ♡♡♡♡♡!!!

Best Girl: guys guys guys

Keep your shirts on: ? What

Best Girl: Firstly, Kiyoko sent me the cutest pic of her with her cat and my skin was cleared, my crops watered, my bank account filled
And secondly, Yama is looking cute af. Shes serving Looks™ today

Saltyshima: um I'd like to make a correction

Saltyshima: Yama is serving looks EVERY day.

Gucci: >u< Tsukkiiii

Saltyshima: ♡

Best Girl: ahH

Kiyokos #2 fan: wild

Ennoshita: yall hella gay

Keep your shirts on: true that

Keep your shirts on: to be fair you are too bro


Ennoshita: welp you got me there

Kiyokos #2 fan: whoa whoa whoa wait

Kiyokos #2 fan: ur gay?

Ennoshita: well yeah

Saltyshima: that was pretty obvious

Saltyshima: thought we established that literally everyone who plays volleyball is gay except Narita

resident str8: way to call me out

Saltyshima: but uhhhh thats none of my fucking business

Kiyokos #2 fan: fuck man ok i get it

Kiyokos #2 fan: bitch

Gucci™: (ಥ﹏ಥ) i will fight u Tanaka

Kiyokos #2 fan: oop

Saltyshima: lol

Saltyshima: bitch

Kiyokos #2 fan: :(((

Dad: jesus christ

Jesus christ superstar: you called

#1 Mom: lol

Dad: not you Asahi -_-

Dad: i come back to the chat and this is what I get

Dad: I Swear to god if you all don't stop cussing at each other every ten seconds you're all grounded

Rolling Thunder!!!: .o.

Kiyokos #2 fan: Tsukishima started it! Hes being an asshole


--> Dad removed Kiyokos #2 fan from the chat.

Rolling Thunder!!!: .O.

Dad: anyone else have something to say?

#1 Mom: um yes I do

Dad: what

#1 Mom: calm the fuck down

Ennoshita: oooh

Ennoshita: #roasted


Jesus christ superstar: OvO'
oh no are mom and dad gonna fight

Dad: mmmm.

Dad: fine whatever.

Dad: idk why I try anymore

#1 Mom: thank you dear

--> #1 Mom added Kiyokos #2 fan to the chat.

Kiyokos #2 fan: :D

Rolling Thunder!!!: Bro!!!!

Kiyokos #2 fan: BRO!!!!!!!!!!

Dad: -_-

Dad: i'm going to have grey hair by the time i'm 20 bc of you idiots

Ennoshita: uh are we just gonna ignore the fact that Suga just absolutely wrecked you Daichi

Saltyshima: lol nope

Gucci™:  #whipped


#1 Mom: um, excuse me, no cussing Daichi

Dad: fml

--> Dad left the chat.

Best Girl: oOo

Best Girl: well uh anyways, has anyone seen Hinata today

Best Girl: or Kageyama for that matter?

Saltyshima: i thought he was with you and Yama

Best Girl: he was supposed to go with us to get coffee later but he hasn't answered his phone

Gucci™: i wouldn't be surprised if they were still at the gym

Best Girl: ugh you right

Best Girl: @ I can Jump hey

Gucci™: @I can Jump HeY

Best Girl: @I can Jump HINAtA

Best Girl: …

Best Girl: welp guess we gotta wait

resident str8: i'm going by in like ten minutes with Kinoshita, we can remind him for you

Best Girl: yes pls (☆♡☆)

resident str8: sure thing my dude.


Group chat Suga appreciation club (4:42pm)

Kiyoko: um

Kiyoko: Sorry in advance...

--> Kiyoko left the chat.

Kiyokos #2 fan: ???

Rolling Thunder!!!: what happened

Best girl: Kiyoko may or may not have unleashed a terror upon us

Best girl: prepare yourselves

Jesus christ superstar: ok wait what


Jesus christ superstar: ok wait ok WHAT

Jesus christ superstar: should we be scared

a KNIFE: what


Best girl: Hes herE

a KNIFE: uhh I went to Aoba Johsai... i told you about this yesterday…


Saltyshima: lol you mean Oikawa

a KNIFE: yeah

a KNIFE: Hes so fucking extra it physically pains me

a KNIFE: his bfs ok though

I can Jump: WHOS HISBF???? .

a KNIFE: Iwaizumi

a KNIFE: he was wearing that dumbass "team tobio" shirt w/ my face on it


Saltyshima: i need to know where he got that shirt, I want one

a KNIFE: is there any reason you're screaming everything rn dumbass

a KNIFE: also why would you want that Tsukishima

Saltyshima: bc it pisses you off lol

Gucci™: I can verify that Hinata drank like three shots of espresso with his coffee so

Best girl: its Kiyokos fault too

Best girl: *clutches ♡* betrayed by my own wife

Best girl: she did this to us

Gucci™: i can verify

Rolling Thunder!!!: what did Kiyoko do?

Best girl: she bought Hinata his drink and she got expresso for herself but the barista misheard her and put the expresso in the coffee

Best girl: and Kiyoko, bless her, tried to correct it but she spoke so softly all the barista heard was "um another expresso" so Hinata's drink got even more caffeine in it

Gucci™: long story short, Kiyoko is shy, and Hinata is a demon when caffeinated

I can Jump: :((((( ruDE

Gucci™: hes been vibrating at an uncontrollable frequency for the last hour

Gucci™: come get your man @ a KNIFE before I strangle him

a KNIFE: mmm nah

a KNIFE: hes your problem now

I can Jump: BUT KAGS

I can Jump: don't u wanna hanh out withme??

I can Jump: DONT U LIKE ME

Saltyshima: good luck getting out of this one  @ a KNIFE

a KNIFE: stfu

a KNIFE: i like u dumbass. Stop whining

I can Jump: :D

I can Jump: ur gonna come over and play video games wiyh me, Yama, and Tsukki tonighy right????

I can Jump: plsssss

a KNIFE: yeah.

I can Jump: YAYYYY♡♡♡

Best girl: all that aside, how was Oikawa?

a KNIFE : he was fine

Best girl : is his knee better?

a KNIFE : yeah, hes been going to PT and he said its been popping out of place less

Best girl : thats great! I'm happy for him

Gucci™ : um I think what Yachi really wants to know is, is he still gorgeous??

a KNIFE : uh

a KNIFE : i mean i guess yeah he looks the same as always?

Saltyshima : so gorgeous?

Gucci™ : glad we can agree ^^^

Saltyshima : of course babe. I mean obviously you're the most beautiful, but i can appreciate Oikawa's looks just the same

Gucci™ :  you flatter me good sir

I can Jump : OoO was he wearing his glassess??

a KNIFE : yeah

I can Jump : *clutches chest* NICE

a KNIFE : ok does literally everyone here have a boner for him

Saltyshima : um duh who wouldn't

Keep your shirts on: mmm rt Tsukishima

#1 Mom : RT ♡

Dad : :( babe

# 1 Mom : don't worry Daichi, I'd choose you over him anyday

Dad : awww

#1 Mom : he is hot tho

Jesus christ superstar : lol

I can Jump : tbh the grand king scares me but uhhh i'd tap that

#1 Mom : omfg

#1 Mom : lmao

a KNIFE : alrighty then i think thats my cue to leave

I can Jump : aww don't be a grump Baka

a KNIFE : don’t tell me what to do

I can Jump: i think ur prettier than Oikawa anyway


--> a KNIFE left the chat .

I can Jump : :'(

#1 Mom : don't worry Hinata he'll come around

Kiyokos #2 fan : whoa i come back and i've been missing out on this???

Kiyokos #2 fan : dude yeah I agree with you all

Kiyokos #2 fan: Oikawa is basically a god.

Kiyokos #2 fan : He's not really my type though

#1 Mom: what is your type then Tanaka???

Ennoshita: ??

Jesus christ superstar: yeah

Rolling Thunder!!!: yeah bro tell us


Gucci™: she is ^^^
She started chanting "omg omg omg i need to know" and almost busted her ass

Saltyshima: yikes

Gucci™: she nearly broke my arm grabbing it so hard like jesus christ shes stronger than she looks

Kiyokos #2 fan: alright jeez i'll tell you guys

Kiyokos #2 fan: i like uhhhh

Kiyokos #2 fan: men

Kiyokos #2 fan: and

Best girl: Yes????

Kiyokos #2 fan: women

--> Kiyokos #2 fan left the chat.

Best girl:  (ಥ﹏ಥ)

Best girl:  YOU COWARD @Kiyokos #2 fan 

#1 Mom: aw :(

Jesus christ superstar: honestly mood

Rolling Thunder!!!: don't worry Yachi! I'll get answers

Best girl: how

Rolling Thunder!!!: um you know

Rolling Thunder!!!: gentle persuasion :)

--> Rolling Thunder!!! Left the chat.

Jesus christ superstar: tbh,terrified


Group chat Suga appreciation club (11:47pm)

I can Jump : ok but wtf is yhe grand king if not a man or a woman

Gucci™ : an alien, duh

I can Jump: oh

I can Jump: seems legit. Have a nice day