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Eraserhead's life

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News spreading about Todoroki Shouto's disappearance had spread quickly. Worse yet it got worse after the direct attack on the family's home but what had surprised the always tired looking teacher the most was when Bakugou had brought the dual quirk male back. Aizawa's initial response had to push for Todoroki to get checked over. Having rushed both students to Recovery Girl with Hizashi in tow had gone well enough, though he didn't like the distant and heart broken look Todoroki was showing, and as soon as they got him looked over he was laid down to rest, Hizashi stayed behind with Todoroki for the time being while Bakugou and Recovery Girl had motioned for Aizawa to walk outside the room so they could talk.

"What is this about?" His words hung in the air for a moment before the blond spoke up. "Room him with me until he's better." What surprised Aizawa the most was the calm tone of voice he used, but getting rid of his initial shock he looked at Bakugou and simply nodded his head, motioning for Recovery Girl to give her input on Todoroki's physical and mental health. “What does it look like for him?” he asked and put his hands in his pockets. A frown settled on his face as he listened closely to what was being said. “It looks to me like most of it is mental. Yes the boy has been sexually active and there ARE traces of old scarring internally as well. But overall nothing besides bruises here and there on his body, I have to say he might be a bit thinner than normal too.”


Aizawa and Bakugou were listening closely before the Teacher sighed and looked at the blond. “Stay out here i'll get him.” when the student obeyed he turned to walk into the room with Recovery Girl in tow. Looking at Hizashi and the dual haired male as it seemed they both just barely settled into silence. “Zashi, let's get going. Bakugou and Todoroki will be sharing a dorm for the time being.” he muttered and tilted his head towards the door. To which Todoroki looked at in surprise before going back to his normal mostly emotionless look and settled to get on his feet and walk past the teachers.


Aizawa settled into step behind him and followed the two students out of the nurses office and to the dorm rooms. Knowing full well Hizashi followed in next to him. Though he glanced over at the blonde when he actually whispered to him. “Oi, should we go try to find evidence on him or-” he trailed off when Aizawa nodded his head with a scowl on his face. “We can discuss this later Hizashi.” He said simply as he moved off to make sure the two students got back to the dorms safely and without issues. Though the two were a bit stiff as this situation was different then normal for them both as Todoroki was going to be rooming with Bakugou until further notice.


Once the students were at the dorms the two teachers waited a moment before turning to walk back to Aizawa’s apartment. Hizashi had waited a moment before he spoke up with a frown, “Shouta, how are we going to go about looking on his person to find anymore evidence? Do we just confiscate his uniform? We have enough from Recovery Girl to help with trial but not WHO did it to him right now after all.” Aizawa took the bit of information in right then and sighed heavily as he rubbed at the back of his neck. “We need to go in the morning to confiscate the uniform before we can let it go through a wash. I was hoping we could go to his place but that isn’t going to happen. Though with how it was attacked, I have a hunch on who it might have been.” He mused and glanced at the other with a frown. “Endeavor’s home was burned to the ground, the only villain who has a quirk like that is Dabi, we just need to make sure we have it right.”


By the time their conversation was finished with they were at Aizawa’s apartment and they were both ready to get inside, though for two reasons. Aizawa had made a beeline for the bedroom to plug his phone in and pulled his capture weapon off as well as getting into simple sweats and t-shirt for the night while Hizashi stayed in the living room to take his directional speakers off his neck. Aizawa made his way to the kitchen for something to eat by that point and Hizashi made his way to follow.


Yamada had walked up behind Shouta wrapping his arms around his middle just as the black haired male had gotten into the kitchen. A grunt left his lips as he looked back at the blond and furrowed his brow. “Not tonight.” he huffed and pulled from his grip, unknowingly keeping his back to the rather infuriated look that crossed Hizashi's face. “Why not?” his voice was calm despite the look a moment ago. “It can help you ignore the growing problems that are going on after all. C'mon kitten you know it’s a better idea than just trying to go to sleep normally.” He ended up cooing in the slightly shorter male's ear while wrapping his arms back around his waist. The blond didn’t miss the slight shudder that ran down Aizawa's back in the slightest and the grin that spread across his lips was downright devious.


It didn’t go in Hizashi’s favor as the darker haired male shrugged him off and a small smile pulled at his lips. “I said not tonight Hizashi, we have too much to do tomorrow and I want to make sure we are both fully ready for it. I know nothing will happen for simply looking over his clothing but you can’t be too careful.” He said as he glanced back at the blonde, what he didn’t see what the irritated look that was seen on the other male’s face before Hizashi shrugged and grinned at the other. “Fine, fine. Let’s get to bed soon. I’m going to get into my PJ’s.” He laughed and walked off leaving Aizawa alone to cook for the evening.


It took about thirty minutes before Aizawa walked out of the kitchen with two plates in hand. He ended up rolling his eyes when he saw Hizashi dressed for the night and curled up on the couch with the TV on and he was intently watching the news. A slight scowl pulled at his face when something on Todoroki’s house popped up and he simply walked over to hand a plate of food to the blonde, sitting down himself, while he ate off his own plate without to much of a care though he did listen quietly to the news as they went over potential interests to the public like normal before long while nothing but useless information was being said he ended up finishing the meal and turned the tv off with a grunt. “I’m done looking at something that hasn’t given us anything to go off of other than public interest. Go to bed i’ll finish cleaning up.” He said while grabbing the two finished plates and walked back to the kitchen to clean up.


Hizashi had frowned and got up to his feet, he wasn’t happy with how dismissal Aizawa had gotten with him in such a short amount of time that something had shown up with one of his students, Hizashi had known Aizawa would do just about anything for his class but to him this seemed like a bit too much of a hassle but he won’t dare say anything of the like to Aizawa or anyone else for that matter. Moving to the bedroom he laid down and Aizawa followed right after, the dark haired male frowned as he rubbed at the back of his neck before stretching out and moving to the other side of the bed to lay down with his back to Hizashi. Though when he laid down he was pulled onto his back by the blond and the other male was quickly hovering over him with a grin.


Aizawa just stared blankly up at the other as he grunted and narrowed his eyes a bit when he was pulled onto his back as he huffed, turning his head to the side to try and ignore the other, that only ended up with Hizashi attacking his neck, biting and sucking along the length of his neck, a huff pulling from him as he shoved at Hizashi’s shoulders. “I told you not tonight Hizashi.” He grunted and glared at the other from the corner of his eyes which did nothing to stop the blond’s attack on his neck. When Hizashi went to leave a mark on his neck that made Aizawa to work harder to kick the blonde off of him.


The switch in position was quick, the kick of his legs and push had Hizashi on his back as he glared down at the other. “I told you not tonight, and not to leave any marks that could interfere with my work. We both teach 'Zashi.” He grunted, his body being shoved to the side and Hizashi sitting up as he chuckled, pinning Aizawa down as he smiled brightly and nipped at Aizawa’s ear. “Fine, no marks. But I want something tonight kitten, you know it would help get your mind off of things.” He chuckled while his hands ran up Aizawa’s sides.


Aizawa was expecting things to turn as he wasn’t fully trying to keep the other off of him, though knowing that Hizashi would change his mind to marking him like always he settled down and raised a brow at the other as he scoffed and laid his head down with his eyes trained on the other’s. “Hizashi, just give up on this I had said no.” He huffed as he glared a little bit at him though settled down as he started mouthing at his shoulder and a chuckle left the taller male. “You’ll let me though Kitten.” He cooed as he nipped his neck and moved to roll his hips against Aizawa’s ass with a small grin. “Shouta you know you’ll let me loosen up.” A heavy sigh left the darker male and his walls crumbled the more the teasing went on and Aizawa’s muttered ‘fine’ had Hizashi grinning from ear to ear.

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For the blonde to leave Aizawa there had surprised him. Hizashi would have normally jumped on it, as quickly as Aizawa would say yes, so for him to leave the bed entirely was something that caught Aizawa's attention. Sitting up to look at him rummage around under the bed to pull a box out, a box that hadn't been there when he first invited himself to move in, and started to undress himself with a large grin and green eyes staring Aizawa down with a unknown glint flashing in his emerald orbs.


He had his attention and he shifted up to his hands and knees to look at the box a little closer. It wasn't to big but it was big enough to barely fit under his bed, which happened to be about a foot off the ground to begin with, a frown pulled at Aizawa's face and he looked at the now topless Hizashi and shook his head. “whatever you are planning we aren't doing anything to..... extra.” Hizashi pulled the box to the bed without to much thought and snorted, face going emotionless. “What you don't trust me?”


The statement had Aizawa reeling back. “That's not it and you know it. I trust you Hizashi.” Hizashi smiled and turned to pull the lid off to get some new things out for them to try. They were new as they all were still in the packaging, besides a pair of handcuffs to which Hizashi decided to pull out. Other than that he put the box down and crawled up towards Aizawa again and moved forward enough that the black haired male had to fall onto his back.


Sighing he eyed the other from his spot under the blond. “Hey, Kitten. We're gonna start small and simple this time and work our way up? What do you think my favorite listener?” he mused and moved his head down to nuzzle between Aizawa’s neck and shoulder. Which had a quick response, Aizawa had started to mellow down and relax quickly under his touch and a simple hum of agreement left him. Hizashi licked at what skin he could get to before moving to pull Aizawa up enough to start undressing him.


Aizawa moved along with what he wanted, moving to help slip his shirt off above his head and on his back again to lift his hips to remove his pants and boxers with Hizashi's help. It was on the faster side as Hizashi seemed to be impatient, he moved his hands to Aizawa's waist to pull him close so his lazy rocking would rile him up again. “Baby, back or stomach tonight?” Hizashi asked while moving to lick, and bite along Aizawa's shoulders. Aizawa in turn would keep his head to the side and offer more of his neck to the other before answering him. “Stomach.” A lazy breath left him and soon he was being urged to flip over by Hizashi's hands.


Once settled on his stomach and his hips were raised enough for Hizashi's liking he heard the mettle of the handcuffs rattle. “Shouta arms behind your back babe.” Doing as told even with the slight furrow of his brows he glanced over his shoulder to see Hizashi locking the cuffs around his wrists a smile pulling on his lips. Aizawa felt the weight of the other shift and warmth cover his back as he kissed his cheek and trailed down his back with nips and kisses. He stopped at some point near his hips and soon after he felt teeth dig in harshly into his skin. A hiss pushed through his teeth as he jerked his body away only to be held in place by Hizashi, the blond started to suck on the flesh between his teeth.


Only releasing him after a minute with a pop and continued to trail down, one hand moving between Aizawa's legs to lazily stroke the other with one hand as his mouth came around to his ass. Aizawa by this point was a bit shifty, his body swaying back and forth a bit only when he felt a hand on his hip did he lean into it. He shuddered when he felt Hizashi's breath ghost over his skin and a grunt quickly leaving him when he felt his tongue run over his hole once, slowly and teasingly. He was in control especially with Aizawa like this, Hizashi seemed to get into it fairly quickly as his tongue ran over Aizawa's ass a few more times before he went to push into him.


Aizawa let out a low groan to the flicking of Hizashi's tongue and his breath only hitching when he felt the wet muscle enter him. He was fidgeting and pushing back into Hizashi's mouth, though keeping quiet with his face buried into the bed under him. It was just like this for a few minutes, soft muffled moans leaving Aizawa while Hizashi tongue fucked him lazily. It seemed like Hizashi either grew a bit bored, or he was content with how hard Aizawa became as he had pulled away which in turn had Aizawa grunt at the loss but otherwise the only reaction he got was his head turning and a pink tint to Aizawa's cheeks were present while watching Mic now shuffle around and get off the bed.


Aizawa narrowed his eyes slightly and fell to the side to look at Hizashi better than where he was face first into the bed. The look he gave Hizashi must have screamed impatience as he responded to him instead of just doing what he was going to do. “Give me a second Kitten.” Was his only response while moving through the drawer to get a bottle of lube out to toss on the bed before working his pants off quickly and got back on the bed. Aizawa was then pulled back to his knees, face back into the bedding and a grunt left him and a soft chuckle was heard from Hizashi.


“What changed tonight you're more needy than normal.” The teasing tone from the blonde has Aizawa push their hips together impatiently, Hizashi grinned and pushed him back into place. “I'm not hurting you for your impatience. Just a minute and i'll make you feel good again.” he kissed his back before grabbing the lube and opening the bottle to pour some on his fingers. He ran the slicked digits against his entrance before anything. Other than the teasing prods to his hole, Aizawa pushed back a bit to try and get them in, Hizashi was making sure his entrance was slicked before pushing his finger in. Aizawa grunted and tensed around the finger as Hizashi chuckled. “You know the drill, relax.” A hand was then placed on the small of his back and circles were rubbed there to get Aizawa to do as he said.


Aizawa had quickly relaxed thanks to that and Hizashi started to wiggle and pump his finger into him, watching and listening to his reactions as well as keeping an eye on his wrists so he wouldn't cause to much damage to himself. Aizawa had tugged a bit on the cuffs every great now and again though his main focus was to roll his hips back into the finger once he hit his prostate, even the slightest touch had Aizawa squirming, and eventually a second finger was added in. Stretching him open slowly while continuing to pump his fingers into the dark haired male. The burn from the stretch added to the prodding on his prostate had Aizawa letting out loud moans into the bedding, biting and trying to muffle himself didn’t work as well as he wanted so his head was turned to the side and his hips rocked back into the fingers that were stretching him.


The tight warm feeling in his lower stomach had him aching and his hips moving a bit faster, he was denied his release when Hizashi pulled his fingers out with a chuckle. He didn't speak, instead he opened up the lube again and covering himself he moved to move into place before pushing in. It was shallow and the burn was back, Hizashi didn't push in far and instead settled there when he tensed up and a hiss of discomfort was heard. The rubbing on his back started up again to ease the pain, which it did soon enough and the rubbing stopped after a moment before Hizashi started to slightly thrust himself in and pull back out, working himself inside his lover until he was to the hilt of his length.


A soft breathy groan left Aizawa once the other was fully seated in him, his body aching and his interrupted release making him all the more sensitive to Hizashi's touch. Waiting for the blonde to move felt like eternity, his wrists were bruising up from the tugging and twisting he was doing to do his best to keep settled in place to bear with the stillness for the time. Though it was worth the wait when Hizashi started to move again after he was sure Aizawa was comfortable enough.


The first full push into the dark haired male had Aizawa letting out a low moan and a breath of air leaving him. A small grunt leaving the male behind him as he slowly worked up a quick rhythm, Hizashi had put his hands on Aizawa's waist to help with pulling the male back into each thrust. The noise of skin meeting skin was heard with the heavy breathing from Hizashi and the loud moans and gasps from Aizawa. He pulled at the cuffs again as he squirmed to buck back into the thrusts and small cries soon left him once Hizashi shifted the both of them into a better position.


Hizashi had shifted Aizawa's hips down a bit more while pulling the male up to thrust up into him while he had bit down into his shoulder despite the irritation the male will feel the next morning. The new position had Aizawa squirming and arching his back, the position had Hizashi thrusting into his prostate and his groans turned into sharp cries with each thrust in. Hizashi began to litter him in marks to the best of his ability, the most noticeable ones would be on Aizawa's hips where he was gripping the other male. Aizawa hadn't been paying too much attention to much besides trying to free his hands and bucking into the thrusts as he cried out again after a few more thrusts as he came.


Tightening up around Hizashi had the blonde stuttering in his movements and a low groan left him as he thrust into him fully as he released. Keeping Aizawa close as he bit through skin on the other's shoulder as he lowered them both to the bed with a grunt. Heavy breaths leaving them both as Hizashi slowly pulled away from the bite and slowly pulled himself out of the now half asleep and worn out Aizawa. A chuckle left the blond as he reached for the key to unlock the cuffs, tossing them to the side he pulled the top blanket off the bed and pulled them both under the covers as he curled around him. “Sweet dreams Kitten.” was the last thing that Aizawa heard as he drifted off to sleep in the other's hold.

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The following morning was a slow one, Aizawa groggy and barely awake as he started to get ready for the day. He had no idea how Yamada was so alert and ready for the day so quickly as Aizawa was barely eating when it hit Eight. Though he couldn't complain as the blonde was waiting for him to finish getting ready but with the urging that Hizashi was doing did speed up the process a little bit. It was the weekend and Aizawa was normally still asleep by this time as he didn't need to teach and his hero job did require him to be fully awake and functioning at night.

By Ten they were both out the door, headed directly towards the Todoroki's residence, that was of course after dropping in to speak to Bakugou and Todoroki to make sure the two didn't cause any trouble. Aizawa had gotten confirmation by Endeavour, and the police to search the ruble for clues, it was short lived as they didn't turn up anything. It was getting frustrating for the dark haired male as they turned back to Aizawa's apartment. His gaze stayed ahead, a frown creasing his brows as he thought over a few things. “ ... awa.” Shaking his head when he heard his name he stopped and turned to face the blonde who had a look of concern on his face. “What?” was his simple reply as he stared at his lover.

A sigh left the blonde as he walked up to Aizawa. “I said, let's go question Todoroki. We need to, its our only option now.” was his repeated statement. But Aizawa had to agree even if it was fairly soon after his return. They didn't have time to waste, nodding he turned back and stepped into place next to Hizashi as they altered there route to head to the school and the dorms. “The chances of it being Dabi are high Shouta. We just need to start taking precautions and getting the evidence we need.” Hizashi spoke up again and looked at Aizawa. “It would make sense it's become something that requires our immediate attention.” He said with a heavy sigh, Thirty minutes passed in silence and they soon walked through the gate and made there way to the dorms.

Aizawa moved through the hallways quickly, up to Bakugou's dorm room and knocked on the door. He heard the tv inside pause and a curse as the door opened to an angry blonde and a emotionless and curled up Todoroki on the couch. Aizawa's attention moved to Bakugou as he frowned. “we need to talk to Todoroki.” The blonde scoffed and opened the door to go back to doing what he was doing. A comment left him as he sat down after a minute against the coffee table. “I've been trying to talk to this idiot but he won't say anything!” The yell had the dual haired male cast a glance in his direction to hide his flinch as he huffed and looked down to the ground.

Aizawa walked in and moved to stand in front of them both as he folded his arms and leaned against the wall. “Todoroki. Will you answer our questions? We all need to hear the answers.” His question was replied to, after a few minutes and a grumble from Bakugou, with a small glance before Todoroki uncurled from his spot and nodded his head. “I'd like to ask first. Where were you?” The first question had Todoroki fidgety fairly quickly but he relented under the three sets of eyes. “At first my home. Then moved to an old abandoned apartment complex.” He looked at all three of them and blinked when he heard Bakugou ask next. “With who?” The ground out question was quietly answered. “Dabi.”

The explosive teen grit his teeth and cast a glare over to Aizawa, not for him but from the new knowledge he got. Hizashi then spoke up from the doorway. “What happened between you two?” He was calm, green eyes almost cold as he regarded the teen they were questioning. Todoroki frowned and spoke up again. “When I was home, I guess I just let him stay. It turned bad the first night..... he raped me I guess.” A scoff was heard from Bakugou but he continued. “After that he took me from my home. It was rocky but I grew to like him, he wasn't hurting me.”

The last statement was.... hopeful, it hurt and the red eyes from the blonde teen seemed heartbroken. Aizawa spoke up soon after a moment. “Regardless of how you feel, It was rape. It began and ended as such Todoroki. He hurt you and he continued to hurt you, He used you.” He muttered with a scowl, Todorki had stopped looking at them by that point and stared at the ground. Aizawa sighed and moved to push himself up to his feet and frowned. “Bakugou will continue to be your roommate. There isn't anything else that can be done. We just need to make sure you're okay.” He looked over at the distant Bakugou who nodded his head in agreement and then at Todoroki who did the same.

Aizawa had left the dorm room only to hear Bakugou curse as soon as the door was closed behind the two teachers and the pair walked down the hallway to leave the dorms. Hizashi was eerily quiet now as he seemed to think things over and once the elevator opened he moved to walk ahead of Aizawa. The black haired male moved after him and scowled before grabbing the other’s shoulder and pulled him to stop. “Hizashi, what's going on?” The blonde glanced back at him and grinned. “Just thinking things over.” He mused and moved to kiss Aizawa's cheek, he turned on his heel and walked forward again to their shared apartment. All they could do was sit and wait, one thing they did know and fully believed though. They needed to find Dabi.


About a week later, all the while keeping an eye on his class as well, he got a text from Todoroki. It was something Nezu had suggested and he did get a new phone for his class specifically and gave the number to his students and their parents. Moving to open the text he blinked in surprise, Todoroki wanted to set Dabi up, a ambush from the Pro Hero's at the school. “Shouta, what's going on?” He sent a agreeing text back and moved to stand up to get his boots on, of course while this was happening Hizashi questioned him. The blonde finally got his reply. “We're getting Dabi tonight. Get anyone to come to the entrance of the school.” The nod from Hizashi had him bolt out the door without another word.

It didn’t take long at all for the Pro’s to get there, set up and ready for an ambush. Midnight, Cementoss, Snipe, Vlad, No. 13, Ectoplasm, Mic, and Himself were set up and ready for the ambush. They were discussing plans and barely agreed to a plan before they heard walking. They settled down, following Aizawa’s lead since he was the one who was leading this ambush. Watching quietly he stared down at the.... Three? Three villains. That wasn’t right. Todoroki had told them just Dabi should be there so why was Tomura and Toga there too? Was Dabi onto them? He glanced around and the other’s nodded their heads in agreement. They knew to be extra careful this time. Hearing Dabi again he looked down as Todoroki was being lead to the warp gate.

He motioned for them all to go and Cementoss quickly put up a barrier to block them from the gate. Midnight quickly coming down to knock out Toga. That was one villain down, Aizawa jumped down and quickly swung a kick at Dabi who blocked just in time and didn’t even bother using his quirk just then. He was putting up a bit of a fight. Snipe was there to make sure it stayed where they needed it to be and Ectoplasm put up a circle of his clones to keep the situation contained. Vlad and Mic were fighting Tomura and once he was knocked out they went about containing him. Aizawa kept his own quirk up as much as possible while fighting Dabi but the villain knew easily to get past that.

Once Dabi was able to use his quirk he swung his fire out at the black haired male. Aizawa braced himself only to be shoved to the side and a scream was heard before he activated his quirk again and stopped the fire from hurting Mic anymore and the blonde took in a breath and let out his yell towards the burnt villain. Dabi ended up covering his ears and groaning as he went to send out another blast of fire only to be stopped and a swift kick against the villain's head had Dabi disoriented and falling to the ground. Thankfully Todoroki had stayed back and mostly out of the way as per orders from Ectoplasm, though once police arrived to take the villains into custody Dabi had one last thing to say.

“We'll get out. Don't you worry Eraserhead. We will be out again!” He screamed, causing Todoroki to wince and Aizawa to turn on his heel and the rest of the pro's to go to him. “That's it for the night. Thank you.” He said and nodded to everyone and looked at Todoroki and Hizashi. “I'll take Hizashi to Recovery Girl, and Todoroki back to his dorm with Bakugou.” he moved to help Hizashi along while Todoroki followed. The rest of the teachers muttering there agreements and dispersing out to give reports to Nezu.

Once to Recovery Girl, Hizashi protested it being just a small burn. Aizawa didn't think that was the truth and Recovery Girl agreed with him upon her exam. Though, with her Quirk he was pretty much good as new, not fully healed just yet but enough that it wasn't causing him horrible pain. Aizawa made his way out of the office and gave his thanks as they left. “Everything should be fine from here on out.” He mused and glanced at Todoroki with a raised brow. Hizashi tiredly hanging off of his shoulder while Aizawa helped him walk. “Do you want to go to your dorm again?” Todoroki shook his head and glanced at Aizawa. “If Bakugou will keep me I will be happy to stay with him.....”

The teen went silent for a moment before speaking again. “I feel guilty. But I don't at the same time.” Aizawa frowned slightly before nodding. “It would be the same for nearly everyone. You decided in the end what was the best for you, and everyone here is happy with what you did.” They stopped in front of the dorms a short time after the silence fell on them. “Good night Todoroki.” The dual haired male waved and walked into the building quietly and snuck back to the dorm he was sharing. Aizawa shifted his hold on Hizashi who grunted and glanced up at him. “Can't walk yet?” He asked, he didn’t think Recovery Girl's quirk had hit him this bad.... and he was right with the smug grind that was on the blondes face he dropped him only to be clung to and a whine left the green eyed male. “But kitten! I thought you loved me! Trying to drop me like that isn't showing it!”

He huffed and shrugged him off as he walked ahead and to only be joined by Hizashi a moment later. “I do, but taking advantage of my kindness like that isn’t showing it either.” He replied with a raised brow and a slight smile pulling at his lips. He grew silent as they walked home, Hizashi pulling him close and kissing his head, neck, or lips whenever he could before pulling away and followed Aizawa into the apartment. Once inside Aizawa discarded his capture weapon and stopped to look at Hizashi with a frown. “I'm going to the prison tomorrow.”

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The next morning was eventful, the talk with Hizashi and himself last night when he stated he was going to the prison was something close to a yelling match. Hizashi wasn’t taking it well but relented when Aizawa had told him it was specifically to talk to Dabi. Having been ready to go again early today as he did the previous morning he needed to be out and about. It was something else to try and get Hizashi to actually move this time around, which was a little bit amusing since the blonde was much more active then he was to begin with, it just shown how much Hizashi was against the entire idea of Aizawa going to the prison.

“Hizashi we talked about this.” He sighed heavily as he folded his arms over his chest as he narrowed his eyes at the other. It was ridiculous with how his lover is acting, Hizashi Yamada moping around, dressed yes, ready to go? Absolutely not. Aizawa rolled his eyes and stared at him with his narrowed before he finally snapped when Hizashi didn’t move. “I’ll leave with or without you.” Aizawa threatened and moved to open the door and moved to walk out rather quickly, Hizashi actually shot up to his feet and moved after him with a scowl on his face. “Fine.”

The walk to the prison was long and in heavy silence, it wasn’t good in anyway. He felt how irritated Hizashi was but made no comment on it, seeing it as Hizashi being overprotective and just plain silly. Aizawa kept his pace and Hizashi kept up with him though the fact that he stayed behind him just urged Aizawa to quicken his pace just a little bit. The silence was driving him mad though soon enough, they finally made it to the prison. Moving into the building he made his way over to the desk. “I need to speak with the new inmate, Dabi.” He said quickly, the officer looked up at him and nodded his head, standing up for a moment. “I’ll take you to his cell.”

He glanced back at Hizashi who, unlike him, stayed silent and just followed after him. He walked down the hall until the cell’s came into view. What surprised him was the fact that Dabi’s cell seemed to be lit up, a bright white light being seen and once Aizawa had moved over to the cell he had to lower his eyes down. He couldn’t see him, Dabi’s fire was much to bright for him to look at and the villain kept his fire blazing from the looks of it, his fire once blue now blazed white. He couldn’t look back at Hizashi, not wanting to turn away from Dabi though unable to look at him with his hand up to cover his eyes from the light. He probably could have done it if his eye wasn’t injured from before.

“I have a few questions for you, I need you to answer all of them.” Speaking up for Dabi to be able to hear him completely, he listened when he answered the hero. “I was wondering why you were here. Shouta Aizawa.... Depends on what you want to ask me.” He mused, a small grin pulling at his staples while he stared at the hero. Aizawa scowled and huffed out his first question. “What kind of grudge are you holding right now?” His grin only widened when he heard the question. “Imagine. Imagine if I killed your entire class! What do you think Eraserhead!?” He trailed off into a small chuckle, chuckle into angry laughter and soon that died out.

Aizawa frowned a little bit as he sighed heavily before he asked his next question. “You seemed very attached to him. As is the other way around. When did it turn from rape to an actual relationship?” He heard the clinging of chains as Dabi moved to stand on his feet and jerked closer to the bars. “I did it just to do it at first. Do you even know how long I was with him? Things like time can change feelings. The longer I was around him the more it had changed in the end, I wasn’t keeping him hostage anymore. He left as he wanted and he always came back.” He settled slightly and his gaze stayed on the hero in front of him. “I even regretted the first time, and he was a big reason why I kept off any attacks on his classmates, on any student or teacher involved with U.A. But now. I’ll kill anyone that gets involved in OUR business!”

He heard chains rattling further down the hallway, from another cell. That caught his attention and his quick side glance down to where the sound came from was enough indication before Aizawa made one final comment to the male in front of him, the male that was now almost melting the bars to his cell. “I won’t let you hurt anyone again, not if I can help it.” He snapped and turned on his heel to walk down the few cells to get to the one that all the noise was coming from. There he was though, the hero killer himself.

Stain turned his head up slightly to look at the other with half lidded eyes and his body slouched and heavily chained in his cell, the chains connected the male to the walls, chair, handcuffed and even muzzled to keep the male from using his quirk. Lifting his head fully when he saw the hero he muffled out one question to the dark haired male. “Can I get these off?” Aizawa was surprised with the question, the other should know the answer that would be given to him, though something about this situation had Aizawa thinking outside the box. He needed answers and Dabi’s hot headed temper and the villain was unlikely to answer anything, he might as well seek his answers from the hero killer himself. “Only if you answer my questions.”

Stain stared at the other male in silence for a time, it almost seemed like he wouldn’t agree until he saw the nod of agreement be seen on him. He sighed softly and Aizawa turned to Hizashi who had a hard look on his face. “I’ll get the keys, give me a minute.” He spoke to both of them as he quickly turned on his heel and walked past the seething Dabi to collect the keys to Stain’s cell and chains. Once he had them and he returned to the male’s cell he saw Hizashi make a motion to grab and stop him but otherwise stopped himself from following through. Aizawa moved himself into the cell with the Hero Killer and moved to cautiously remove the muzzle and a few of the chains off of the male all together.

It was a surprise, Stain had his opportunity to get free with Aizawa held captive but didn’t move a muscle until Aizawa was out of the cell and the cell door was locked once again. Stain moved to his feet and moved over to the cell’s bars and stared at the night hero. “I’ll have to put them back on before I leave, this isn’t forever.” He said with a raised brow, staring at the taller male as he let his tongue hang out slightly before he spoke up. “You’re going to want to watch your feet Eraserhead.”

He didn’t even ask a question yet and that is what was worrisome. Frowning he stared ahead at him before he sighed. “Meaning?” He had lifted his head up and stared Stain in the eyes he wasn’t having this game. He was getting irritated and he needed answers not to ask questions. Though when Stain spoke up again he took note of everything. “Don’t want you to lose your ankles. You need to be careful of the ceiling and walls.” He mused and looked around to make a point. “What’s going to happen with the ceiling and walls?” The hero was losing his patients but the next thing that was said made most of what he was told click into place.

“Eraser, There is a low chance you can breath gas.” He turned his gaze back to Hizashi and narrowed his eyes. “Make sure you get extra security on any villains with gas quirks.” Turning back to Stain he sighed. “I’ll be right back, enjoy the freedom you have for the time being.” He turned on his heel and moved back down to Dabi, maybe the villain would expose something after he heard Stain say what he did. “You said you would kill anyone involved. Involved with what?” Dabi hissed in irritation it seemed and he barked out a laugh. “Involved with Todoroki.” It was a simple answer but when he continued it saved Aizawa the trouble of asking another question, it seemed he was hot headed enough to not think about keeping his plans to himself.

“Involved with keeping him away from me. I’ll have him, converted or everyone dead.” Dabi was making perfect since now, a bit obsessed with Todoroki as his gaze stared Aizawa down. The dark haired male couldn’t look up, not with the blazing white flames still going. “I will do what I can to make sure you can’t get what you want from my student.” He said with a slight tilt of his lips as he turned back to Stain’s cell and looked up at him. “I have a favor to ask, Hero Killer.” He asked and folded his arms over his chest. “What is the favor, Eraser.” The reply was quick and it was almost welcome but the furrowed brow was saying something else. He was curious.

“I need you to keep listening in on your neighbors.” He said simply, it wasn’t a rough request but he did need to compensate for what he would get. “In turn when I come to collect the information I will supervise you out of your chains for a hour. I want you to collect the information on their plans and whatever they may say about my students. One in particular would be Todoroki Shouto. I know you’re unlikely to help unless you see the hero is worthy of being a hero correct?” He asked and frowned at the other as he stared at him. “What will it be?” Stain stayed silent for a moment before he sighed through his nose. “I want to meet him first, You did your homework on me, let me meet him to see if he’s worth my time. If he’s anything like his father, nothing will be done on my part.”

Aizawa nodded his head before he stepped forward. “Return to where you were. I’ll put the chains back on.” He mused, staring at him as he did as ordered, moving back to the seat he was given and leaned his head forward. When Aizawa moved into the cell and started to chain him back up he whispered to the hero. “Eraser, the thin male. Tomura, he has a hand placed on the shelf. Possibly more, it might not benefit you to take whatever the hand has. They were saying something along the lines of they already know about this place.” He looked up at him and allowed the muzzle to be placed back onto him. Aizawa was listening, he looked up at the shelf and nodded towards it. Hizashi, the ever silent and seething blonde turned to look at it.

He shuffled through the shelf and took one of Tomura’s hands and a cellphone, scowling he looked at the two in the cell. Aizawa nodded and moved to leave the cell, turning and locking the door again behind him. “Thank you Stain. I’ll return soon enough. Your information is confirmed, it’s welcomed too.” He heard Tomura muttering and scratching in the cell on the other side of Stain. He turned and walked out, ignoring the raging Dabi as he passed and moved outside the cell area to talk to the warden and the guards there, telling them about the escape plans of the other villains and even turned to Hizashi who had a list of the villains with Gas quirks. “The biggest threat here is Mustard. You should know him Shouta, he was there during your training camp.” Aizawa nodded his head and sighed heavily.

Aizawa and Hizashi left after figuring out the new security for the villains. He looked back at Hizashi when he trailed behind him, he slowed down after a moment and raised a brow at him. “Hizashi what’s going on with you, you seem very distracted and distant.” Hizashi lowered his gaze and huffed out a bitter laugh. “Did you really need to get into the cell with him? He could have lashed out at you, you could have easily been hurt.” He said and narrowed his eyes at the other as he stared at Aizawa who continued to head back to the school, he was going to bring Todoroki to Stain as quickly as possible so the deal can keep going. Though Aizawa turned his head back to him and frowned. “I need to build trust with him don’t I? To get the information, we need his trust.” He spoke up and Hizashi’s face darkened though he quickened his pace to match Aizawa’s. “Building trust with a villain. I guess it’s a truce for now.” He spat out before shaking his head. “To keep Dabi from acting out, I suggest leading Stain to another room for questioning. Me, you, Jeanist, and Nezu should be okay enough to lead him there.” Aizawa had stopped where he was and looked at Hizashi for a moment before nodding his head. “I have to agree with you, it would be the smartest way to go about it.”