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Eraserhead's life

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News spreading about Todoroki Shouto's disappearance had spread quickly. Worse yet it got worse after the direct attack on the family's home but what had surprised the always tired looking teacher the most was when Bakugou had brought the dual quirk male back. Aizawa's initial response had to push for Todoroki to get checked over. Having rushed both students to Recovery Girl with Hizashi in tow had gone well enough, though he didn't like the distant and heart broken look Todoroki was showing, and as soon as they got him looked over he was laid down to rest, Hizashi stayed behind with Todoroki for the time being while Bakugou and Recovery Girl had motioned for Aizawa to walk outside the room so they could talk.

"What is this about?" His words hung in the air for a moment before the blond spoke up. "Room him with me until he's better." What surprised Aizawa the most was the calm tone of voice he used, but getting rid of his initial shock he looked at Bakugou and simply nodded his head, motioning for Recovery Girl to give her input on Todoroki's physical and mental health. “What does it look like for him?” he asked and put his hands in his pockets. A frown settled on his face as he listened closely to what was being said. “It looks to me like most of it is mental. Yes the boy has been sexually active and there ARE traces of old scarring internally as well. But overall nothing besides bruises here and there on his body, I have to say he might be a bit thinner than normal too.”


Aizawa and Bakugou were listening closely before the Teacher sighed and looked at the blond. “Stay out here i'll get him.” when the student obeyed he turned to walk into the room with Recovery Girl in tow. Looking at Hizashi and the dual haired male as it seemed they both just barely settled into silence. “Zashi, let's get going. Bakugou and Todoroki will be sharing a dorm for the time being.” he muttered and tilted his head towards the door. To which Todoroki looked at in surprise before going back to his normal mostly emotionless look and settled to get on his feet and walk past the teachers.


Aizawa settled into step behind him and followed the two students out of the nurses office and to the dorm rooms. Knowing full well Hizashi followed in next to him. Though he glanced over at the blonde when he actually whispered to him. “Oi, should we go try to find evidence on him or-” he trailed off when Aizawa nodded his head with a scowl on his face. “We can discuss this later Hizashi.” He said simply as he moved off to make sure the two students got back to the dorms safely and without issues. Though the two were a bit stiff as this situation was different then normal for them both as Todoroki was going to be rooming with Bakugou until further notice.


Once the students were at the dorms the two teachers waited a moment before turning to walk back to Aizawa’s apartment. Hizashi had waited a moment before he spoke up with a frown, “Shouta, how are we going to go about looking on his person to find anymore evidence? Do we just confiscate his uniform? We have enough from Recovery Girl to help with trial but not WHO did it to him right now after all.” Aizawa took the bit of information in right then and sighed heavily as he rubbed at the back of his neck. “We need to go in the morning to confiscate the uniform before we can let it go through a wash. I was hoping we could go to his place but that isn’t going to happen. Though with how it was attacked, I have a hunch on who it might have been.” He mused and glanced at the other with a frown. “Endeavor’s home was burned to the ground, the only villain who has a quirk like that is Dabi, we just need to make sure we have it right.”


By the time their conversation was finished with they were at Aizawa’s apartment and they were both ready to get inside, though for two reasons. Aizawa had made a beeline for the bedroom to plug his phone in and pulled his capture weapon off as well as getting into simple sweats and t-shirt for the night while Hizashi stayed in the living room to take his directional speakers off his neck. Aizawa made his way to the kitchen for something to eat by that point and Hizashi made his way to follow.


Yamada had walked up behind Shouta wrapping his arms around his middle just as the black haired male had gotten into the kitchen. A grunt left his lips as he looked back at the blond and furrowed his brow. “Not tonight.” he huffed and pulled from his grip, unknowingly keeping his back to the rather infuriated look that crossed Hizashi's face. “Why not?” his voice was calm despite the look a moment ago. “It can help you ignore the growing problems that are going on after all. C'mon kitten you know it’s a better idea than just trying to go to sleep normally.” He ended up cooing in the slightly shorter male's ear while wrapping his arms back around his waist. The blond didn’t miss the slight shudder that ran down Aizawa's back in the slightest and the grin that spread across his lips was downright devious.


It didn’t go in Hizashi’s favor as the darker haired male shrugged him off and a small smile pulled at his lips. “I said not tonight Hizashi, we have too much to do tomorrow and I want to make sure we are both fully ready for it. I know nothing will happen for simply looking over his clothing but you can’t be too careful.” He said as he glanced back at the blonde, what he didn’t see what the irritated look that was seen on the other male’s face before Hizashi shrugged and grinned at the other. “Fine, fine. Let’s get to bed soon. I’m going to get into my PJ’s.” He laughed and walked off leaving Aizawa alone to cook for the evening.


It took about thirty minutes before Aizawa walked out of the kitchen with two plates in hand. He ended up rolling his eyes when he saw Hizashi dressed for the night and curled up on the couch with the TV on and he was intently watching the news. A slight scowl pulled at his face when something on Todoroki’s house popped up and he simply walked over to hand a plate of food to the blonde, sitting down himself, while he ate off his own plate without to much of a care though he did listen quietly to the news as they went over potential interests to the public like normal before long while nothing but useless information was being said he ended up finishing the meal and turned the tv off with a grunt. “I’m done looking at something that hasn’t given us anything to go off of other than public interest. Go to bed i’ll finish cleaning up.” He said while grabbing the two finished plates and walked back to the kitchen to clean up.


Hizashi had frowned and got up to his feet, he wasn’t happy with how dismissal Aizawa had gotten with him in such a short amount of time that something had shown up with one of his students, Hizashi had known Aizawa would do just about anything for his class but to him this seemed like a bit too much of a hassle but he won’t dare say anything of the like to Aizawa or anyone else for that matter. Moving to the bedroom he laid down and Aizawa followed right after, the dark haired male frowned as he rubbed at the back of his neck before stretching out and moving to the other side of the bed to lay down with his back to Hizashi. Though when he laid down he was pulled onto his back by the blond and the other male was quickly hovering over him with a grin.


Aizawa just stared blankly up at the other as he grunted and narrowed his eyes a bit when he was pulled onto his back as he huffed, turning his head to the side to try and ignore the other, that only ended up with Hizashi attacking his neck, biting and sucking along the length of his neck, a huff pulling from him as he shoved at Hizashi’s shoulders. “I told you not tonight Hizashi.” He grunted and glared at the other from the corner of his eyes which did nothing to stop the blond’s attack on his neck. When Hizashi went to leave a mark on his neck that made Aizawa to work harder to kick the blonde off of him.


The switch in position was quick, the kick of his legs and push had Hizashi on his back as he glared down at the other. “I told you not tonight, and not to leave any marks that could interfere with my work. We both teach 'Zashi.” He grunted, his body being shoved to the side and Hizashi sitting up as he chuckled, pinning Aizawa down as he smiled brightly and nipped at Aizawa’s ear. “Fine, no marks. But I want something tonight kitten, you know it would help get your mind off of things.” He chuckled while his hands ran up Aizawa’s sides.


Aizawa was expecting things to turn as he wasn’t fully trying to keep the other off of him, though knowing that Hizashi would change his mind to marking him like always he settled down and raised a brow at the other as he scoffed and laid his head down with his eyes trained on the other’s. “Hizashi, just give up on this I had said no.” He huffed as he glared a little bit at him though settled down as he started mouthing at his shoulder and a chuckle left the taller male. “You’ll let me though Kitten.” He cooed as he nipped his neck and moved to roll his hips against Aizawa’s ass with a small grin. “Shouta you know you’ll let me loosen up.” A heavy sigh left the darker male and his walls crumbled the more the teasing went on and Aizawa’s muttered ‘fine’ had Hizashi grinning from ear to ear.