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Shadows Of The Past

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Okay so I do not own Grace and Frankie and never will but here is my version of "My" story it may not even coincide so much but I will try. The only character i own is Violet and whomever I may or may not come up with.


Violets pov: I was standing across the street staring at the house in front of me this was one of two addresses I was given from the caseworker I had back in New York. Maybe this is a mistake I lived this long without knowing I could go on without knowing. I started towards the house it was one of the most beautiful places from the outside with its rustic look and pristine white trim. I came through the gate and knocked on the door at the same time I wanted to get this done and over with but I also wanted to save this moment.

I wait for a bit before seeing someone acknowledge my presence at the door. This woman has reminded me of something I have seen in movies with the way she dressed she smelled of incense and weed. I could tell she seemed to have a free spirit and then I realized that this probably isn't my mother. " Hi, may I help you? She was playing some bohemian music and holding a joint. I reached out to shake her hand " You wouldn't happen to be Grace Hanson, would you? She shook her head at me "No I am Frankie her roommate; Grace won't be back until later she is having lunch with her daughters. Would you like for me to tell her you stopped by?

I was taken aback by the answer I never thought that I would have to come back. " Sure just tell her that a Violet Grace stopped by and that if she would like to contact me this is my number." I took a pen and grabbed Frankie's arm " I realize how weird I just made this conversation but I had no paper on me and I wasn't planning on doing this twice." Frankie didn't seem to mind and also gave me a muffin on the way out all the while reassuring me that she would tell her.

I hope she likes me...


Later on that same day

Grace pov

Lunch with Brianna and Mallory is always an interesting occasion we began with talking about Vybrant and how we couldn't get our $75,000 dollar loan because that damn business person Derrick thinks were too old. It wasn't a good day and it isn't even over yet Frankie has her art show tonight and I am hoping it all goes well.

"Frankie what are you doing baking; you have paintings to finish we have to leave in a few hours." She is so scatterbrained sometimes " And what are in these Muffins, Frankie ?" I sat down at the kitchen island after taking a bite of one of these muffins before immediately spitting it out onto a napkin. Frankie takes the muffin away and starts throwing the batch into the garbage disposal... "They were supposed to be banana nut but I think I might've put to much weed in them." Sometimes I wonder how she hasn't burned down our house and then again sometimes I do think she should. I start heading upstairs to get ready "It is okay Grace I only gave one away to the girl who came by today."

I stare at her in horror... "Frankie, you can't just give that away to people; who was this person anyway?" Frankie just stares off and says " I'm not sure however there was something about her that reminded me of you." laughing I walked to the fridge and started grabbing the vodka and olives "Why was she straight up a total bitch like I am most of the time?" Frankie didn't respond but instead took my Vodka martini away and poured it down the drain. "You can have one once we get there Grace but not before then."