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Saturday Morning

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Shouta woke to the feeling of lips kissing along the back of his neck, warm breath brushing over his skin as hands smoothed his hair away from covering anymore skin. The corner of his mouth tugs up into a smile when Hizashi’s hands slid down his bare side, still hidden in the toasty warm cocoon of blankets.

They don’t usually have time for this, just lazing around in bed, but on this particular weekend they decided to clear their schedules of work and assignments. This weekend it’s just the two of them, the bed, the sofa, takeout dinners, and binging on Netflix that Hizashi vowed to introduce Shouta to the beauty of the TV shows that the other pro hero missed during his busy days.

For now, though, it’s Saturday morning, the sun is already up but neither of them wants to move. Shouta sighs as his husband’s lips attach to his neck, sucking lightly against his pulse point. His limbs feel heavy with sleep, still, and he’s unwilling to do anything but just lay there and let Hizashi shower him with affection.

The voice hero is flush against him, his chest against Shouta’s back, and when he moves Shouta can feel the brush of Hizashi’s cock against his thigh, already hard. He shivers and lets out a tiny, pleased sound that Hizashi seems to pick up on. One of Hizashi’s arms is trapped under Shouta’s head, but his other hand is free and it wanders down from his waist to his ass, tickling against the delicate skin where his cheek meets the top of his thigh.

Shouta sighs again, his hips shifting slightly so that his leg bends up a little, giving Hizashi easier access. The older man takes it for an invitation, slender fingers brushing against his entrance.

He’s still stretched and slick from the sex they had the night before. Shouta inhales sharply as his husband’s lips kiss his shoulder, his moustache tickling the pale skin while his fingers dip inside of him, making sure that he’s ready.

Slowly, Hizashi pushes in, the glide in smooth and wet and amazing. Shouta twists his head to the side, tilting his lips towards Hizashi’s and his husband doesn’t deny him. The kiss is unhurried and sweet, Shouta sucking on Hizashi’s tongue, Hizashi nipping at Shouta’s bottom lip.

They stayed like this for a long while, the traded kisses and Hizashi’s hips undulating behind him, the pace so slow there’s hardly any movement. Shouta feels content, stretched by Hizashi’s cock, feels full and warm and loved. Hizashi’s free hand roams over his body, petting over his ribs, spreading over his stomach to feel the shift of the muscles under the skin or just holding onto him like Shouta is his lifeline.

The thrusts slowly pick up the pace with time. Shouta’s breathing picks up as Hizashi grinds into him, deep and slow, all the way in until his hips press firmly against Shouta’s ass. With their current angle the thick length inside of him drags over his prostate on every other push, making him shiver with pleasure.

Hizashi runs his hands over Shouta’s bent leg, gripping underneath his knee and shifting it a little higher, improving the angle even further. Hizashi reaches for him, their fingers laced together as he fucks him, slowly, lovingly, pressing him into the touch-warm sheets and pillows with every move. Shouta is content with just laying still, passive and lazy, letting Hizashi take care of him, take care of them both. There are still remains of sleep clinging to his eyelashes and he feels heavy and dazed, pleasure filling his body in waves, just as Hizashi is filling him with his cock.

Shouta whimpers when Hizashi reaches between his thighs to wrap their joined hands around his erection, red and painfully hard. It doesn’t take much before he’s spilling over their fingers. His orgasm almost takes him by surprise - it’s not a sudden explosion but more of a surge of bone-deep satisfaction, a crescendo of bliss that was growing inside of him for a while, enveloping him like a warm blanket.

He’s aware that he’s making the most embarrassing sounds as he cums, moans and mewls that he has no control over, but Hizashi seems to love them anyways. He keeps up the steady thrusts and Shouta is growing sensitive but doesn’t tell him to pull out. He wants Hizashi to cum, wants to feel him cum.

His wish is granted just a minute or two later when Hizashi groans like a dying man, his teeth clamping gently against that spot where Shouta’s shoulder and neck meet and he slips over the edge. Shouta can feel his cock twitching, painting his insides with cum. He can’t feel the wetness, unfortunately, at least not yet, not until Hizashi pulls out - only then he will be able to feel it drip out of him, a filthy and utterly delicious sensation.

They stay joined for a moment longer and Shouta finds it strangely comforting, to be just laying still and quiet, Hizashi’s’ shaky breath ghosting over the patch of skin underneath the hinge of his jaw, Hizashi’s body filling his. He reaches back with his arm, wrapping it around the voice hero’s waist as much as he can with their current position, as if he wants to pull him in even closer, press every inch of their bodies together.

“Good morning to you too,” Shouta whispers and those are the first words said since they woke up. His face is half-hidden in the pillow, almost ready to fall back to sleep.

Hizashi only laughs, nuzzling between Shouta’s shoulder blades and then places a kiss on the back of his neck.