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For Only One Night

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Tess shivered violently and rubbed her hands up and down the length of her arms roughly, trying desperately to gain any sort of friction. The job was supposed to be a simple drop and dash, deliver the goods, get the creds, then hightail it off this ice ball before noon. Well, noon had come and gone well over several hours ago and Tess was stuck freezing her shebs off while she trekked over barren wilderness to the nearest outpost. Her drop off had gone smoothly, but supposedly her client was in hot water with the some of the local gangs, which made any interaction she had with him seem like she was in cahoots with the guilty party. The gang had promptly chased her out of town and forced her to crash her speeder down an icy ravine. She had jumped clear of the wreckage and had gotten away with only minor cuts and bruises, but now she was stuck tracing the roads back to one of the outposts that littered the empty forests just so she could catch a ride back to the city and blast jets off this world.

However, the night was falling fast, and Tess was losing feeling in her extremities as the temperature dropped quickly. Damn it she refused to become a popsicle! She tried to jog ahead a few feet to jumpstart her body and warm herself up, but it only tired her out more. She had been hiking over the unforgiving terrain for hours and exhaustion was beginning to set in. A howl echoed off to her left and Tess whipped around. Mygeeto was known to have a repertoire of deadly predators. Ones that Tess did not want to meet. She picked up her pace. The howl sounded again, closer this time and several others echoed in reply. They seemed to be coming from all around her and Tess cursed and scrambled up a scraggly outcropping of rocks. She drew her blaster and looked down the sights. Slinking out of the darkening woods came long sinewy creatures that walked on four legs. Their fur was dark and mottled allowing them to blend in with their surroundings, two rows of jagged teeth sitting under a pair of black beady eyes, a barbed tail whipping back and forth. There were five of them coming from all sides.

Tess fired off a warning shot, hitting the snow in front of the closest creature. It hissed and leaped back, and the others paced around her perch warily. She had to make every shot count. Her powerpack was nearly empty and she didn’t have any spares. The creatures trailed forward and again Tess peppered the ground pushing them back. Then the one at her rear leaped forward finding purchase on the rocks she was perched upon, kicking its powerful hind legs to propel itself up the outcropping. Tess fired two shots into its head and it fell back tongue lolling from its mouth. The other predators howled and sprang forward. Tess fired off a salvo of shots taking down two more before her blaster clicked. Empty. The two remaining beasts were on her now. Tess threw herself from the rocks and tumbled into a heap in the snow below. She looked up into the slavering jaws of the two creatures above preparing to pounce. This was it. She tried to crawl back but kept slipping on the snow and ice.

A sharp screech echoed from one the creatures and it toppled off the rocks, an arrow lodged in between its ribs. The second creature paid no heed to its fallen comrade and instead launched itself down the rock at Tess. Her scream caught in her throat, no sound escaping, she couldn’t move. A large mass slammed into the creature, pushing it back. They both landed in a heap beside her and Tess rolled away. She could barely make out the figure of a man grappling with the creature, trying to avoid the beast’s sharp claws as he wrapped his arms around the creature’s neck and plunged a large knife into its jugular. It gurgled and kicked weakly before slumping to the ground unmoving. Tess didn’t move. She wasn’t sure what had just happened. The man, her rescuer rose from the carcass and pushed it aside. He was tall, standing well over six feet with broad shoulders and a barrel chest. His arms and legs were thickly muscled, large hands wiping the knife he used to kill the creature at his feet with a strip of cloth. He sheathed his blade and turned walking to where she still lay frozen in the snow. He squatted down in front of her and Tess rose warily to her knees, still not trusting the odd man in grey and brown leathers and clothes.

“Are you alright?” His voice was deep, with a rough rasp that made Tess shiver involuntarily. Damn it pull yourself together!

She nodded slowly. “Yeah, I think. Thanks.”

The stranger shrugged and stood offering his hand to help her up. She took it and he easily pulled her to her feet, Tess feeling his muscles roll. “What are doing so far out in wild country?”

“Had an unfortunate run-in with some nasty individuals back in Farthing Outpost. Crashed my speeder so I’ve been hiking to the nearest town to catch a ride back to the city,” Tess explained trying to catch a glimpse of her rescuers face. His head was cover by a gray hood, mouth covered with a black mask, and eyes shielded with snow goggles.

“Your five clicks west from the nearest outpost and heading deeper into the wilds,” the man revealed. He had turned his back on Tess and was now inspecting the carcasses of the dead beasts.

“Yeah well, I’m not exactly a wilderness expert. I prefer to spend my time on my ship, rather than galivanting around in the woods,” Tess shot back. This is why she didn’t go hiking or spend an absorbent amount of time in the outdoors. It always tended to end badly.

“Be dark soon. I have a place not too far from here. You can spend the night and I’ll give you a ride in the morning,” the hunter offered.

Tess narrowed her eyes at the man. She hadn’t survived this long in the smuggling business by just believing everyone had a heart of gold or trusting complete strangers. “I don’t even know you. You don’t even know me. I could be bad news.”

The mystery man shook his head. “Nothing I can’t handle. Won’t force you to come back, you can keep hiking, but you’ll never reach the nearest town before nightfall and once night comes, you’ll freeze. Or become dinner.”

Tess glanced over at the dead creatures that lay at their feet. She couldn’t afford to run into any more of those things. She had no ammo, no means to protect herself, or directional support. Sure, she wasn’t entirely comfortable with the idea of following a strange mountain man back to his lair, but her odds of surviving a night out in Mygeeto’s frozen tundra alone were bleak. She sighed heavily. She was going against every survival instinct she had. “How far away is your place?”

“Half a click,” the hunter replied slinging his bow over his shoulder. He rolled one of the creatures over and slung it across powerful shoulders, barely noticing the extra weight and set a quick pace across the woods. Tess scrambled to keep up. By the time they reached his hideaway, which was a small ferrocrete and wood cabin tucked away in the woods, Tess was exhausted. Her clothes were soaked with snow and ice, freezing her to the core and her teeth chattered loudly. The hunter strung the corpse of the creature up and pushed open the door to his dwelling, ushering her in before closing the door.

The inside of the cabin was warm. Lights illuminated the small space that had a small kitchen sequestered off to one side and a tiny room leading off the back. The main space was dedicated to a wooden table where tools and various weapons sat out. A fire burned low in the fireplace with several blankets and a cot laying haphazardly in front of it. Tess turned to her rescuer and paused. He had removed his hood, coat, and thick gloves revealing deep blue skin, red eyes that lacked any pupil, and black hair pushed back across the top of his head. A Chiss, a species Tess didn’t really run into all that often. He turned to look at her. The left side of his face was puckered and ridged from deep burns years old. The blue skin was taut and the pitted mottling extended from the entire left side of his head down across his cheek and nose, marring his lips and ending where his shoulders and neck met.

He cocked his head to the side at her stare and pulled his shirt off and tossed it aside before kicking off his boots. Tess tore her eyes away, but not before glancing over the hunter’s strong chest, and chiseled muscular stomach, his torso also covered in burns and angry scars. He was roughly hewn, rugged strength and sinew all culminating together so cohesively Tess felt her mouth run dry and heat rush throughout her body that wasn’t all entirely from the fire. “You’ll want to get out of those wet clothes or you’ll freeze solid.”

At the sound of the man’s voice, it jolted Tess from her inopportune thoughts and she shrugged out of her drenched jacket. “Don’t even know your name and I’m getting undressed for you. That’s a first.”

“Kaul Wardin,” the hunter grunted kneeling in front of the fire and throwing another log on. “You?”

“Tess Hawke. Nice place you got here.”

Kaul shrugged. “Built it awhile back to get away. Spend time away from my job to hunt.”

“What is it you do?” Tess asked curious about his history. Might as well get to know her mystery man seeing as she would be spending the night with him.

“Different jobs. Nothing concrete,” he replied vaguely, and Tess didn’t press him, sensing he wasn’t going to give her any more information. She kicked off her boots but hesitated to remove anything else. Her pants and shirt were wet and could use to dry out, but she had no other clothes to change into, and there was no way she was about to go parading around in front of her host half naked. No matter how broodingly good looking he was. He must have sensed her dilemma because he rose up from his spot in front of the fire and disappeared into the back room before returning with a pair of pants and a shirt and handed them to her wordlessly.

“Thanks,” Tess murmured, but he said nothing. Instead, he turned and retreated into the kitchen. Tess quickly pulled her cold clothes off and slipped into his shirt and pants, both several sizes too big for her, the pants falling off her slim hips with the shirt slid down over her small shoulders. She tried to pull them as tight as she could around her body before joining her host in the kitchen where he was quickly reheating two bowls of food. He set the food at the table and Tess took a seat across from him. She hesitated before taking a bite briefly wondering if it could be drugged but pushed the thought from her head. If the strange man truly meant her harm, he certainly could do it anytime he wanted. He was much stronger than she and could take advantage of that fact whenever he wanted. She spooned some of the stew into her mouth and nearly groaned aloud at the delicious smoky flavor of the spicy meat and cooked vegetables swirling around her palette. It was phenomenal and after spending the day hiking without any rest or food Tess swore she never tasted anything better in her short life.

Kaul watched her carefully from across the table. “Is it too spicy? I tend to prepare food that way.”

Tess shook head. “It’s perfect.”

They finished their meal trading a few quiet words and friendly questions. Kaul was a mystery. The man was clearly more than he let on, but he talked in a guarded way, never lying, but also never revealing much. He spoke of hunts and unknown brothers all the while listening intently to everything she said appearing genuinely interested in her stories. It was strangely flattering to be so well attended to by a man she hardly knew. A man who not only rescued her from a grisly death at the claws of wild beasts but welcomed her into his home, clothed and fed her. For all his rough mannerisms and growled answers, he was oddly enough a gentleman also.

After dinner they both settled down on the cot in front of the fire, watching the flames dance and shadows arch over the walls. Kaul sat hunched forward resting his arms on his knees, biceps straining, thick sinew running the length of his arms. Tess bit her lip and looked away. The heat from earlier had returned and was now settling low in her stomach. She shouldn’t be having these thoughts. The man was a stranger. A ruggedly handsome stranger that Tess was more and more wanting to pull close to her. She glanced back at the Chiss and noticed him staring. She traced his stare to her bare shoulder and the barest hint of cleavage exposed from his oversized shirt. He caught her eyes and looked away abruptly.

“Sorry,” he grunted lowly. His voice had taken on a husky edge, a deeper drawl that made Tess shiver.

She shrugged. “No harm no foul. Though I’m sure your missus wouldn’t appreciate it.”

Kaul let out a deep chuckle and Tess smiled at it. “I don’t have someone like that around. Move around too much, not stable enough.”

“Hmmm, I can appreciate that. I often find myself in the same situation,” Tess agreed sparing the man a coy look. He coughed and rubbed the back of his neck. There was something festering between them, a spark slowly igniting into something more, the heat burning through their bodies. Tess slid closer to the man pressing her side against his. She heard his sharp intake of breath.

“Tess.” The way her name rolled off his tongue, the rough edges warning her that she was pushing a boundary, one she wanted to dive headlong past if it meant he would say her name again.

“Kaul,” she whispered meeting his crimson gaze, her tongue flitted out to wet her lips teasingly and Kaul growled surging forward, hungrily claiming her lips with his calloused ones. Tess moaned opening her mouth, tongue meeting his in a hot dance as she wrapped her arms around his neck and straddled his waist. His large hands found her bare hips, his pants riding low as she wantonly ground against his muscled stomach. She was practically dripping. Their lips parted for air and Tess pressed a flurry of kisses across Kaul’s strong jaw, a deep rumble building low in his chest.

He pulled back slightly and Tess practically pouted. Was he having second thoughts? “Are you sure you want this?”

His question caught her by surprise. More often than not she experienced people who took what they wanted from her without asking. To have this rugged, coarse hunter take the time to see if she was alright with what was happening warmed her heart. “I've never wanted anything more.”

With that Kaul pressed his lips harshly against hers, tilting her back and laying her gently down on the cot, pulling her pants free and sliding his tough hands over her thighs and up her hips under her shirt. He trailed his mouth over her neck, stopping to nip at the junction of her shoulder causing her to cry out and squirm desperately beneath him. He slid his shirt over her head blinking in surprise at the lack of her bra which she had discarded with the rest of her wet clothes. Her chest heaved, breasts painfully stiff peaks. She grabbed his hands and slid them over her chest. He tweaked her sensitive peaks and Tess moaned, canting her hips upwards. He teased her lightly before dipping his head down, mouth taking one of her sensitive nipples into his hot mouth, suckling eagerly. Tess gasped and writhed beneath him as he alternated pleasuring both breasts with his mouth and fingers. Her core clenched and Tess struggled to breathe.

“Kaul,” she practically whimpered. “Please…” Her breathy request pulled the Chiss away from his attention on her chest and he gave her a crooked smile before pressing hot kisses down her stomach to her panties. He paused before slipping the garment off, glancing up at her. She gave him a quick nod and he all but tore them off, leaving her bare before him. She shivered, feeling the heat of his gaze as his eyes ran appreciatively over the length of her body.

“You’re so damn beautiful,” He groaned, and Tess blushed at his words but also felt her body warm under his gentle gaze. He settled between her legs, wrapping his massive arms around her thighs, forcing them apart as he lowered his mouth to her core. His tongue laved over her dripping pussy, dipping inside to run the length of her walls before circling her clit. He repeated the agonizing pattern, again and again, Tess trying to arch her hips and grind against his face, but found herself held fast and forced to endure the excruciating pleasure.

“Kaul,” Tess cried as he wrapped his lips around her clit and swirled his tongue about her sensitive nub. She was going to break if he kept this up. She reached down and grasped his black hair in her hands, holding his head in place as the pleasure continued to build, the pressure winding tighter and tighter. He thrust his tongue deep within her core and Tess broke. She came hard, the pressure snapping like a taut band, searing pleasure ripping through her body, muscles spasming uncontrollably. Kaul laved his tongue over her clit in slow strokes, bringing her down gently from her powerful orgasm before leaning back on his elbows as she caught her breath.

“Amazing,” she whispered rolling up and straddling his waist to press a kiss to his marred lips. He shrugged, Tess marveling at his muscles rolling beneath her hands. She slid a little low and brushed against his large hard bulge. Kaul let a breath escape through his nose and Tess smirked, letting her hands drift over his chest and abs down to his pants. She tugged on the hem, Kaul taking the hint and pushing them off along with his briefs before settling back on his arms as Tess wrapped a hand around his large erect member, squeezing his thick base before running her hand up his impressive length to his swollen head. He groaned and thrust into her hand as she pumped him slowly, enjoying the moans she was coaxing from him. She slipped down and ran her tongue over his cock teasingly. He groaned deeply, and Tess continued squeezing his manhood as she wrapped her lips around his thick head and dipped her head trying to take more of him into her mouth but finding it difficult given his girth. She swirled her tongue around his slit and he muttered words in a language she didn’t recognize.

“Tess…” he warned pulling her away from his swollen member and rolled them over, so he hovered above her.

“Can’t handle it?” Tess teased playfully sneaking a hand down to his cock and stroking him lightly.

He shook his head. “I want to lose myself in you cyar’ika.”

Tess felt warm at his words and wrapped her arms around his strong neck. “What are you waiting for then?”
He gave her a wolfish grin and thrust inside, his broad head stretching her almost painfully. She whimpered as he pushed more of his thick cock inside of her, inch after inch pressing deep inside of her core. Force he was going to split in her half!

“Kaul,” she gasped holding onto his broad shoulders desperately. He must have heard the strain in her voice for he slowed and eased the last few inches in, giving her a few moments to adjust to his large size.

He kissed her neck and jaw murmuring soft platitudes as he shallowly thrust inside of her. The pain was ebbing away, replaced by ecstasy. As if sensing her growing euphoria Kaul pulled his cock back, leaving only his head within her, before sharply canting his hips forward and sheathing his member back within her. Tess cried out as Kaul continued the relentless pace, pounding her mercilessly.

“Kaul, I-I.” Tess couldn’t even finish her sentence before she was cumming hard, her pussy spasming around his thick shaft as he relentlessly hammered into her, not even slowing, giving Tess no time to recover from her powerful orgasm before Kaul began building her up for another. The man was an animal and Tess loved every second of it. He ran a hand through her red hair pressing her lips against his in a deep kiss.

“Your mine,” he all but snarled ferally, his thrusts were becoming wild, his cock swelling up within her. He gripped her hips and Tess wrapped her legs around his waist, his thrusts slipping deeper with her, the large head of his cock slamming into her most sensitive spots. She cried out, cumming for the third time, her pussy clenching around Kaul’s cock tightly forcing the hunter to fall with her, a deep growl tearing from his chest as she gushed around him. He slowed his thrusts momentarily, catching his breath before resuming his grueling pace, cock still hard within her. Tess moaned. He had amazing stamina she gave him that.

“Not tired yet,” she gasped out, barely able to get the words free as her head swam with pleasure. She wasn’t going to be walking right tomorrow.

“I’m just getting started,” Kaul rasped out, slapping her ass roughly and Tess moaned arching her back. Force everything about him just set her body ablaze. He shifted positions, throwing her legs over his wide shoulders, angling his thrusts deeper still and Tess writhed beneath him. They were both building to another orgasm, lips pressed wantonly against each other’s, bodies shuddering as they both climaxed together, before falling into a heap on the cot. Kaul rolled them over, pulling Tess across his brawny chest, covering them both with a blanket. Tess propped her head up with one of her hands, smiling softly down at the hunter beneath her as he ran a hand through her fiery red hair gently.

“Never thought I’d find something like you out in these mountains,” Kaul murmured lowly.

“Life’s full of surprises,” Tess whispered back, sealing her words with a smoldering kiss.