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Explosive Touch [Bakugo Katsuki x OC] – Book 2

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“Easy for you to say. You believe you’re strong enough to win. But I and many others trained really hard these past few weeks, hoping to defeat those like you.” Atsuhi responded and started fanning her hands in front of her face to reduce the heat building up in it. Man, who knew stress caused you to overheat like that.


The pros were watching. Atsuhi couldn’t allow herself to fall behind any further. Not wasting any more time, she mindlessly rushed ahead, a not-quite-fully-thought-out-yet plan on mind, only crossing her fingers in hopes it would succeed. What was that rushed plan, you may ask? Oh, well, you know, just climbing big frozen robots. That surely wouldn’t be dangerous, right? Well, Atsuhi hoped so.


“How I melted the ice…? Oh, right!” Atsuhi was still looking at him bewildered, but was slowly starting to grasp what Bakugo meant. Plus, with his hand not resting on her shoulder anymore, there was one less thought frantically running through her head.

“You’re so stupid… Anyway, can you do it again? And quick?”


Peeking around the dark corner, where she and Bakugo were standing, just about to begin their own conversation, the female was surprised to spot Midoriya and Todoroki facing each other in the shady hallway. Before turning around to tell the boy they probably shouldn’t intrude on their personal matters, Atsuhi felt a hand covering her mouth and pulling her back, denying her the ability to move away from her current position.


Atsuhi’s voice suddenly became even more quiet than before, barely above a whisper. She felt the sobs coming at the back of her throat and choking her words. But she didn’t stop.

“A scream. It echoed around the street. It kept echoing, again and again. It was immediately followed by a loud splash. I… I was too scared to turn around but… my body – it moved on its own and before I knew it I-I…

I was staring at her. She was lying in a pool of blood. I wanted to look away but I just couldn’t. And suddenly, he appeared right in front of me, in the blink of an eye. I was left trembling and staring wide-eyed at him while his horrifying and disgusting face was the only thing in my sight.”