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In The Moment Of Life And Death
Simon Tam/Kaylee Frye

It was the instant that he got thrown to the ground that any negative thoughts she'd had towards him vanished. He hadn't signed up for this, for any of this. He was trying to save his sister and joining Serenity had been the only way he could think of.

"Honey," she said softly. He looked awful, brusied and bloody and in pain.

"Kaylee?" he replied, and with that she knew. No matter what direction whatever it was that may or may not be happening with them went, she wasn't going to let him end up like this again. She may not get anything for it other than a broken heart, but she wasn't going to lose him, either.

Conflicting Feelings
Don Flack/Lindsay Monroe

She should have known he was going to hurt her. Maybe he hadn't intended on it, but he had. And maybe the hurt hadn't been deep, but it was still hurt. Thoughts crossed her mind about hurting him back, but there wouldn't be any use. It was over and done and he was in a lot of pain already. All adding anything to it was going to do was make it even harder to work with him. Unfortunately, her lips were already against Flack's by the time that thought registered, and she was enjoying the kiss more than she should, and she knew she should stop but she couldn't. And then it was over and she looked at him and started to wonder if maybe trying it again later, when things cooled down, might not be such a bad idea.

Back To Feeling Safe
Wesley Wyndham-Pryce/Winifred Burkle
Angel: the Series

She wanted to shut her eyes, to really remove herself from the scene before her and feel safe again, just like she had... Long before she'd met Angel and Gunn and Wesley and Cordelia. Safe like she'd felt before going to Pylea. Safe like she'd felt at home with her parents. Safe like she'd felt when she was a little girl...

She felt Wesley come up to her and her head went to his shoulder. There was no thought there, she just acted. It was natural, and as she felt his arm wrap around her shoulders she shut her eyes and relaxed. Wesley would protect her. He would keep her safe. With him around there was no need to worry because she would be safe and he would do everything he could to guarantee that.

And with that thought firmly planted in her mind, she finally relaxed.

Zeroing In
Sirius Black/Remus Lupin
Harry Potter

Sirius Black had always understood he was different. Not just because he was a wizard. No, there was more to it than that. He was attracted to women, but he was mostly attracted to other men. And even as a teenager he knew if he said or did anything about it...

Still, that didn't stop him from zeroing in on the one he fancied most. And, to even his surprise, it wasn't James Potter. No, Potter was a golden boy and for some reason that failed to appeal to him. Instead, he was drawn to Remus Lupin, who was on the opposite side of he and James: a little shy and withdrawn, a little prone to awkwardness...not sauve and sophisticated but not dumb and bumbling, either.

No, something about Remus fascinated Sirius and he couldn't put his finger on why. So until he could, he would simply stay close to the young man and...wait.

The right time would come one of these days, and Sirius had an inordinate amount of patience for these types of things.

Stopping The Cravings
Sebastian Moran/Molly Hooper

“I hate not being able to smoke,” Seb grumbled, stalking to the refrigerator to get something to chew on. Anything would suffice, as the urge to have something to suck on or chew was driving him batty. “Sherlock’s brand of nicotine patches are shite.”

“Check your coat pocket,” Molly said from where she was chopping up veg on the island. “I thought it might get to this point.”

He slowly shut the door to the refrigerator and gave her a curious look, getting a cheeky grin in return, before he left the kitchen and went out to her foyer and over to the coat rack. He could see that the coat pockets were bulging now, and they were filled with packets of bubble gum. Many different flavors, many different brands, but packet after packet of gum were stuffed in his pocket and he relaxed, a soft smile settling on his face. She did love him. If there hadn’t been a clear sign before, this was it.

He plucked out a pack of cherry flavoured bubble gum, opened it up and took a piece out, unwrapping it and popping it in his mouth in one swift motion. He went back into the kitchen and for the first time since he was a young lad, blew a bubble out of his gum in his mouth in front of Molly. She giggled and he grinned. Maybe this idea would work out to conquer the cravings after all...