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Demi Human

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Jeongguk hated school. Loved it, but hated it. Yeah, Yugyeom said that 'didn't make much sense' too. Right now, he kind of hated it. His professor was droning on about some weird myth, he wasn't sure either. He looks across the room, to his friend. Of course. The idiot's asleep. He waits it out, clicking his pen. It's hsi birthday, he shouldnt be in school. That's lame.

Alright, now he sounds like a ten year old. The teacher speaks in his monotone voice some more, when the bell rings. Most of the students wait for the professor to dismiss them, but some pack up. The professor dismisses them, handing out a sheet, and they all rush out. Yugyeom catches up to him, stopping him.

"Hey, Jennie's got a party planned. She's inviting us and the rest of the girls. You going?" He asks, bowing quickly to a female classmate passing by.

"I don't think so? I mean, i got stuff to do," Jeongguk explains, nodding his head at his friend Maha who's passing the lockers with her friends. She nods back, her hijab falling across her eyes. Her friends laugh at her, Jeongguk included, and she shakes her head, pulling her scarf back and tugging her mask higher. She tops by Jeongguk and Yugyeom.

"Guk-ah!" She says cheerily. 

"Yeah?" Jeongguk replies.

"Heard Jennie's holding a party. 'M not going. You?" She asks, hitching her backpack up. Her hoodies and multiple sweaters make her look buff, and Jeongguk smiles. The girl's from Pakistan, and Jeongguk and her have a respectable relationship. They've been mistaken as siblings more times than one, which makes all their friends crack up. 

"Eh, not in the mood. I have stuff to do, but Mr. Get-A-Girl wants me to go," he says, nudging Yugyeom. His friend rubs the back of his head sheepishly. Maha tugs her mask down, amd smiles.

"I thought you wanted to go out with Kunpimook?" She says, snorting when Yugyeom turns bright red and begans sputtering.

"No! No! He- he and i- we-" he stutturs, and Jeongguk smiles.

"It's chill, Yugs. We'll help you if you want." He winks, Maha snickering.

Yugyeom blushes, Maha nodding.

"Well, i gotta go. I'll see you?" She says, Jeongguk shrugging. She leaves, one of her friends clinging to her back. 

"She's cute." Yugyeom says.

"Dude, no. She's cute, yes, but as a friend. She's not the dating or one time type. She's like- single forever type."

"How'd you know?" He asks, skeptic.

"Some dude asked her our in front of me, and she just shook her head and went, 'I'd rather take a trip to sleepville,' in a deadpan, and i laughed so loud and the guy scurried away. I asked her, and she told me she 'dont do nunna that,'" he recalls. "And anyways, she's like my sister." He shrugs. Yugyeom cackles.

"You tell me though- BamBam?" And then Yugyeom's not laughing anymore.

"I- i guess. He's cute? I didn't think- i'd be into guys? But i am? Whatever," he shrugs, and the both of them head out of the school, thanking the lords the day is over and he can go sleep. 

"It' cool. I'd support you, you know that." Yugyeom mutters a 'thanks, man' and then pauses.

"I actually told her to tell you. Was too afraid to do it myself. Dont think she outed me without consent, she's not-"

"-Like that, yeah I know. Didn't think she was, I've known her for a couple years now," he says. 

They're at the parking now, and he stops in front of his matte black BMW X6, getting in. Yugyeom gets in on the passenger side.

"It's unfair how you're nice, smart, hot and rich. That's unfair," he mutters, leaning back. "You could have at least been an asshole, so I coulda cursed at you. Try being considerate?" he says, Jeongguk laughing as he pulls out of the curb onto the road.

"Oh please, I'm hardly that nice, or hot," Jeongguk snorts.

"Yeah right. I swear, if my heart wasn't set on Bam, i would've married you," he says, playing the radio. IU blasts, and he sings along.

Jeongguk laughs loud and full, stopping at a light.

"What if I didn't wanna marry you?"

"You'd have to deal with it, babe," Yugyeom laughs, and Jeongguk shakes his head.

"Strap me to you, daddy," Jeongguk says, and Yugyeom pauses, before he turns into a bunch of giggles.

"Damn, if I knew you'd be this funny after I came out, I woulda done that ages ago," he says between wheezes, and Jeongguk smirks.

"Didn't know if you were homophobic, so I avoided them. Was sure curious though," he admits, taking a left turn, onto Yugyeom's street. 

"Please, I'm homo-something-else," he says, Jeongguk stopping at his house. Yugyeom smiles, hopping off.

"Thanks, angel. See you when I do," and then he's gone, Jeongguk leaving to get home himself.




Jeongguk's mum isn't home by the time he gets there. He enters the house, toeing his shoes off. It's getting cold in California, the chill nipping at his feet. He himself lives in Holly Wood, but his school's not there. Sure, he has to go a bit far to school, and sometimes he's exhausted, but it's better than going to a school full of snobs. 

He enters the living room, switching the lights on. Turns the fireplace on, settles down on the floor. He falls asleep there, doesn't notice his mum come in and smile at him. She wakes him up gently.

"Guk-ah," she says, shaking him awake. "Get up, i brought a cupcake for you," she smiles, Jeongguk shaking his sleep off. She hands him the cupcake, her hair tucked into a bun. She was a designer for Gucci, and was always at her prime. Her pay was crazy, and her styles were the most popular. There was high praise of her work, but she rarely showed her face on camera, if ever.

He starts on the cupcake, his mum going to change. She comes out in more comfortable clothes, something she wears often.

"Honey, after this, we're going somewhere. You okay with that?"

"Yeah, sure. Where to?" He asks, curious. He bites his red velvet cupcake again.

"It's a camp. You're off school, yeah?"

Jeongguk nods. "Yeah. Before we go, i gotta meet Yugs though," he says, finishing his cupcake.

"Oh. Yugyeom's going with us?" She states it like a question, and Jeongguk's kind of confused. "...okay. anyone else?" He asks.

His mother nods. "Do you know Kunpimook?" She asks, and Jeongguk nods. Ohoho, Yugyeom and BamBam together in one place? Sign him the hell up.

"Him. They're coming over in a while, so. Pack up? Lots of stuff, okay?" She says, getting up. He nods again, and she smiles at him.

"Happy 18th birthday, baby,"

"Thanks, Eomma." 




Turns out, BamBam and Yugyeom already knew about going. They show up at his house, bowing at his mother politely, before coming into Jeongguk's room. They look at the mess on his bed, and Yugyeom starts laughing. He flops on Jeongguk's bed, and BamBam's eyes widen when he looks at Yugyeom.

"Dude, I'm already having a hard time, here!"

"Why? It's not hard! Pack a couple of clothes, and you're set. You look hot in anything anyways, why does it matter?"

BamBam turns red at this, coughing. 

"It matters! What if i find someone i wanna take out on a date?" He insists, and Yugyeom just laughs.

"Very few people there will wanna date you, Guk. Just hurry!"

"Okay fine, but fancy or no?" 

Yugyeom hits him.




After they've packed, they head to his mother's car. She drives a porche, a Macan AWD in Matte Navy, and she huddles them all into the car. Jeongguk gets into the back, Yugyeom up front. BamBam takes a seat next to Jeongguk, and relaxes intot he seats.

The drive is long, but pretty uneventful. Jeongguk plays some music, his mother and Yugyeom talking animatedly, BamBam asleep. Jeongguk ends up getting curious about where they're headed halfway, and asks.

"Ma, where are we going?" 

His mother looks at him through the rear view mirror.

"I told you, it's a camp,"

"Yeah, but you've never wanted me to go to a camp before? Let alone with that hooligan and Bams," he says, resring his head on the window.

"Excuse you, this 'hooligan' happens to be your best friend," Yugyeom huffs, arolling his eyes.

"Boys, calm down." His mother licks her lips. "You'll like it Gukkie. I'm not really allowed to go in, but Kunpimook and Yugyeom can help you out. They've been before," she speaks, smiling at Jeongguk. 

He hopes it's a good place, otherwise he's running back.




They get there sometime around dawn. His mother must be exhausted, driving for around 13 hours. Jeongguk gets off the car, running a had through his hair. He grabs his backpack, licks his lips, and waits for the boot to open so he can drag his luggage out. The place seems empty, to say the least. He can see a sign post in the distance, and he's assuming that's where he's headed. Yugyeom hops off too, wrapping around Jeongguk, who groans.

"Seriously, dude? Wrap around Bams!" He cries, annoyed. Yugyeom just laughs, but Jeongguk knows he's blushing. BamBam comes up too, tugging at Yugyeom's sleeve. He looks back, BamBam whispering something in his ear, making him turn red.

He then leaves, going to talk with Jeongguk's mother. 

"What was that about?"

"Absolutely! Nothing! Dont worry about it!" Yugyeom panics, and Jeongguk laughs.

"Mum, why the wait?" He calls out, and his mother comes to open the back.

"Nothing, kiddos. So, you all take your luggage, and head to that sign post, there. Yugyeom and Kunpimook'll take you. They've been here before," she says, and then she turn to Jeongguk. "Baby, no matter what happens in there, know it's not a lie. Okay? It's- hard to explain-" she makes a vague hand gesture, "-but you'll get it. You're smart." She kisses his forehead, dragging their luggage out. She hands them their suitcases, and then pushes them to the sign.

"Bye, kiddos. Take care. And Jeongguk. Say hi to Min Yoongi from me. Tell him i expect him to visit, and that he should take care," she says, before getting into her car. She waits until they're out of sight, before sighing. All she hopes is that her boys get along well. Jeongguk doesn't even know Yoongi, let alone know they're brothers. This- she could onky pray her ex-husband had something in plan, otherwise this- this was going to be a shitshow.




"Alright, what the hell was that, and who the hell is Min Yoongi?" Jeongguk blurts, as they're making their way to the post.

"Um- you'll understand?" Yugyeom says, confused on how to approach the topic. 

"The hell's that supposed to mean?"

"Well- i, um. You'll meet him, in there, then you'll be like 'oh! Damn, yeah! I get it!', so. Yeah," Yugyeom shrugs, imitating Jeongguk.

"Okay, one, i do not talk like that, and two, she made it sound like she knows him, and has known him for ages. Is he my dad?" Jeongguk mutters, and almost falls on his ass when BamBam and Yugyeom start cackling.

"D-dad?! Dude, never let him hear that. He'll skin you!" Yugyeom laughs, and manages between breaths.

BamBam nods, smiling wide, "he will, too. He's, what? Four years older than you. Ew, nasty."

"Wha- how was i supposed to know?" Jeongguk grunts, sighing. "Guess i'll have to pray to the one and only Lord that he isn't scary,"

"Yeah- no. Not 'one and only', jan," BamBam mumbles, Yugyeom nodding.

"What do you mean? I'm legit Christian, how?" Jeongguk sighs, shaking his head. "Aren't the Hindus and Greeks the only ones who believe in that?"

"Hmm, yeah. Actually, quick religious studies lesson: for hindus, they follow the trinity god thing too, Brahma, Vishnu and Shiv. But Hindus do have different Gods for the different roles. Indra as Lightning god and King of Sky, Varuna as God of Sea. Surya as Sun God while his sons are the god of healing and stuff, and they are all brothers as well, born to the same mother," BamBam says, skipping a bit as he follows the path.

Yugyeom nods, "yeah, the Greeks and Hindus. But we're talking Zeus."

"So y'all are Greek now?" Jeongguk snorts, humming Way Up as he goes. 

"When you put it that way," Yugyeom licks his lips, "it sounds weird. But, uh. Basically?"

"So, you believe in Zues, and Posideon, and um, Percy? His child. I dunno, im not really into alla that," Jeongguk admits.

"Percy was Posideon's child, and Zues and Posideon were brothers. Hades was their brother, but got banished, and ended up in the underworld,"

"Well that's just plain rude, no? It seems pointless to lock your brother up. Plain shitty move there."

"Well, Hades also kidnapped Persephone, so," Yugyeom says, as they approach the gate.

"Well. I can bet they're unhappy with each other, and Hades keeps sneaking out to get laid every other night, and that Persephone goes, 'get back here you useless thumb, you aren't getting laid just like that, you locked me down here, you suffer too,' or something. Then he goes, 'dangnabbit woman if i knew i wouldn't have kidnapped you,' and she huffs and says, 'damn right you wouldn't have,' or something. So they make it work. Hence the reason Hades doesn't have weird demigod children running around." Jeongguk says, shrugging. 

BamBam and Yugyeom stare at him, wide-eyed. "Yeah, 'something like that'," Yugyeom says, huffing. "He got it down to the last detail," he whispers to BamBam who grimaces.

"I feel bad for whoever has to tell him, 'yeah, babe, that's exactly how it goes," BamBam sighs, stopping at the gate. 

This was going to be a journey.