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i found a hero in you

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Midoriya Izumi particularly favored the cold weather. There was just an indescribable feeling during the late fall and all of winter especially that really made Izumi feel like she was at her peak. She adored the feeling of the frost against her face and the wind, too. She loved the way the cold seeped through her clothes no matter how many layers she piled on. It almost seemed like a game of sorts - between her and the frigidity of winter. It made her feel most coy when she would pretend to try to escape the cold and pretend to be disheartened when she could not. Not only was it exhilarating, but it was a strange sort of comfort she couldn’t find anywhere else.

Not that she was being offered comfort by anyone, mind, aside from the few half-hearted “good days” she received from passerby in an attempt to appear a decent person. She knew better; really, she did. She wasn’t fooled by any fake smiles sent her way or any empty wishes regarding her wellbeing. But it would just be impolite to not accept them, and if Izumi was anything, it was polite. Perhaps a little useless or freakish or even villainous if you were to consider the opinions of those who were there when her quirk presented. But she was polite. And so, with a forced smile she had perfected to look natural as the earth she prances on, she thanked them.

Regardless, Izumi’s love for the cold weather was strong and consistent and only slightly beaten down when she didn’t have a home for the night. Now, her love for the rain and snow and wind and freezing temperatures of winter were truly quite genuine, but even she could admit she would rather not be sleeping on the just barely dry-ish sidewalk underneath a ratty old awning in front of a convenience store on the bad side of town. In the rain, no less! Izumi thought to herself. But still, she could admire the natural beauty that came even in the filthy urbanness of the city. She was mesmerized by the sound of rain pattering on the awning, by the cute little plops! it made as the smaller droplets hit the ground, by the way the water dripped off the tree leaves like a mid-morning dew. It really was great.

But as she was listening to the nice little pitters and patters of the rainfall, another sound caught her ear. It was much less comforting than the rain, she acknowledged. It sounded almost like… a person. But who would be in the worst side of town in the freezing cold heavy rain at…  3:30 AM? She heard the sound again, and it had gotten closer. Again, and closer. And although Izumi had never been one to be frightened by such things, a shiver still ran down her spine at the thought of unneeded violence interrupting the beauty of the rainfall. She sighed and could hear a startlingly close panting from the mystery person.

The sound was more unsettling than the sound of Kacchan’s explosive fits of cursing. This mystery person, they seemed to be in… pain. Izumu cursed her social awkwardness. Of course , she of all people would be confronted with what could possibly be a victim of a crime or attack or abuse, goodness forbid it. Her hands felt damp for reasons other than the rain and her thoughts are running a mile a minute. What should I do? Oh my goodness, what do I do. I don’t know what to do. What if they need help? I should help them! But what if they don’t want help? I should…  I should still help them, right? But what if it’s all a ploy! What if it’s a trick to get me to come over there with such good intentions just to be attacked myself! Oh, but even so, even if it may be a villain most dangerous to the world, it still may be an innocent person in need of help! Oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, I need to help them! I need to help them, right, uh, I, uh, what do I do.

“You know, I think you may have a muttering problem.”

The sudden voice surprised a screech out of Izumi as she was roughly thrown from her thoughts. The voice, although deeper than hers by much and raspier, too, sounded distinctly feminine, and Izumi almost let herself be sucked into another almost panic attack. But her will was stronger than that. It needed to be, with Kaachan’s consistent (and, admittedly, unfortunate) presence in her everyday life. So, she turned her whole body the slightest to the left, looked up from where she was sitting on the cold floor, and started to make an attempt at a greeting to the mysterious person before - ah.

Well, shoot. She’s hot.

Everything about her physical appearance seemed to contradict another piece. Her expression was that of distance that almost seemed to compete with the frigidity of the weather. But the look in her eyes was definitely too warm to be aimed at a complete stranger. And they were mismatched, too, which was so cool and Izumi was really, really screwed. Her skin, too, was paler than Izumi’s own - but that may just be because Izumi’s cheeks are in a constant state of blush - save for a large scar that encased her left eye. It looked like it hurt, and Izumi felt a stab of empathy for the girl, but she was simultaneously mesmerized by the way the beautiful blue of her eye and the soft red of her scar; it only added to her charm.  And her hair was split straight down the middle -- snow white and fire red. It looked soft to the touch and reminded Izumi of when her and her mom would sit by the fire while it snowed outside and watch All Might videos together in the comfort of their home (Izumu was always just as captivated by the fire as she was by the snow and remembered quite a few times she would reach out to try and touch the flames). Ah, mom…

“Excuse me? Are you, uh, are you alright?”

Izumi jumped but luckily didn’t screech this time. Ah, she must be so annoyed…

“Y-Yes! I’m alright! I’m so sorry for spacing out, r-really, I am! I didn’t mean to offend you or disrespect you; it’s just, I was really taken aback by how p-pretty you are, haha, I mean! Oh, uh, I shouldn’t have said that; why did I say that?” She paused her unfortunate ramblings and took a deep breath as she bent to touch her forehead to the cold cement. “P-please forgive me. Or end me. Anything.”

She heard a chuckle from the pretty girl. Hhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh, Izumi managed to think, this world is cruel and unfair, and I demand a refund.

“Oh? A refund? But then you wouldn’t be able to see such a… what was it? Gorgeous and stunning girl, like me, right?”

Izumi was so embarrassed. She slowly lifted her head from the ground and was pleased to find she only had a minor headache from the cold. “I didn’t say that,” she mumbled and maybe she pouted, but that was unimportant.

“Oh, yes, forgive me. Would you like me to restate what you actually said, then? Hm?” The girl was smirking just slightly down at her and her eyes were full of mischief. Some stray strands of hair found their way plastered to her cheek and Izumi wanted so badly to tuck them behind her ear. Her wispy bangs somehow were unaffected by the wind, however, and for how thick and glossy and perfectly straight her hair seemed, it also added to her vibe of effortless beauty. And was that an undercut? It really was unfair. How could a girl be this enchanting?

“Effortless beauty? You know, if you keep mumbling like this, I’m just going to have more ammunition,” she drawled in a way that didn’t even sound condescending. Goodness, was she an angel? Izumi could practically see a halo above her head and feathery white wings from behind her.

“U-uh-uh, I mean, uh, what?” Evidently, Izumi’s brain had turned to mush for the time being. She shook her head quickly. Get it together! “That is, I, uh, mean to say… A-Are you alright? I-I heard you panting earlier and you seemed hurt. Do you need to go to the hospital? What hurts? You weren’t attacked, were you?” Izumi was nearly screeching now, but she couldn’t contain her concern for the hot-and-cold angel before her.

“W-what? I’m-I’m fine. Don’t worry about it. What are you doing out here so late, anyway?”

“P-please don’t change topics! You really seemed like you were hurt. And I really want to help if I can, so please just… tell me?” She looked the girl in the eye and was embarrassed to feel tears coming on. But Izumi could see her resolve crumbling.

“Fine. But please, don’t look at me like that,” she muttered as gracefully as someone can mutter, and averted her eyes from Izumi, who blinked away the tears and hastily stood up upon her agreement. It was this action that showed both girls how much taller the newcomer was than little Izumi. Izumi felt her jaw drop just the slightest bit. Her angel was so tall! She had to be at least ten centimeters taller than Izumi.

“Oh. Just how tall are you?” It would almost be intimidating if she didn’t seem to warm-hearted.

“Ah… I’m one seventy-six centimeters. Y-You?” Oh, now you’ve done it, useless Izumi. You’ve made her feel awkward! What if she’s self-conscious about her height?

“Wow! You’re super tall! I’m only one fifty-two, but! That added height is totally super charming! I’m always teased by Kaachan because I’m a shorty; I imagine it would be super cool to be tall! A-Anyway, we’ve gotten off topic. Please, are you okay?”

“Ah, I mean, yeah, I’m alright. It’s just that I was jogging because I couldn’t sleep when the rain started and it aggravated some recent injuries. I promise I’m alright, though. You don’t need to worry.” The girl smiled at her just barely and it was overwhelmingly pretty. “How are you, though? You didn’t seem to be going anywhere when I came by. Could it be that you’re lost?”

“You know what? Y-Yeah, I think I am.”