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Bering & Wells – Fright Night 2 AU

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She didn't look left or right when she hurried over the street, heading to the train station.
It was dark already, and she knew very well that she wasn't in the best place for a young woman to be now, at night, unarmed, …

When she started going to this kind of place, she was suicidal and nearly h o p e d that someone would come after her, rob and kill her.
But now it seemed like she found a reason to live again, and if only to look for Sams' murderer.

She nearly reached the other side of the road when she felt a hand on her shoulder holding her back.
She froze.
All these days - when she'd wished that someone would solve all her problems by just taking her silly little life - noting had happened. And now...

She tried to shake loose, to run away, but the rip on her shoulder only intensified.
When she tried to punch her attackers face, a hand grabbed her own and she could catch a glimpse of that hand: a womans hand.