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“Ae, not here…” Pete panted as Ae’s fingers found their way underneath his shirt. It was difficult to focus on anything else but the feel of Ae’s touches and the smell of grass sticking to his skin, but Pete still managed to see a couple stumbling their way into the secluded spot he and Ae were in. “Ai Tin,” he gasped.

Ae pulled away, looking slightly hurt. “What? What did I say about mentioning other guys’ names—“ Pete cut him off by turning Ae’s body to the direction where Tin and Can were standing.

Pete hoped that a hole would open up on the ground and just swallow him whole. He tried to hide behind Ae, his boyfriend already straightening his posture in a chivalrous attempt to cover Pete’s body from prying eyes. Not that there was anything to look at, Pete literally only had one button undone and his tie was very much intact, unlike his dignity. Nevertheless, there was a warm feeling in his stomach at Ae’s display of possessiveness that he welcomed with open arms.

“Hello.” Tin smiled sweetly at the two of them, his eyes fixated mainly at Ae.

A blush crept its way up from Ae’s neck to his cheeks. Pete could see that his ears were starting to turn red, too. He was two seconds away from yelling his head off at Tin. They were friends now, yes, friends, and not merely acquaintances or even people who tolerate each other’s presence for the sake of their respective boyfriends. A week into his relationship with Can, Tin had apologised to Ae for all that he’s done and explained that he was merely protective over Pete like a big brother, though it didn’t justify his actions. Ae being Ae, told him he’d get over it and offered to buy Tin his lunch.

The silence that happened between Ae’s offer and Tin’s acceptance was the most intense three seconds of Pete’s life. He had thought that Tin would get offended and they would have to start all over again, but that never happened. Tin simply told Ae he’d allow it if Ae would let him buy the next meal.

This, however, might crumble their entire progress if Tin didn’t go away soon.

Can pushed his boyfriend by the shoulders before Ae could speak. “Sorry, Ai Ae, Ai Pete. We’re going.”

“The show was just starting!” Tin protested loudly even as he let Can drag him away.


Pete never thought Tin would ever bring the matter up, seeing how uncomfortable it was for him to have his childhood friend walked in on him making out with his boyfriend, but clearly Tin had different ideas. There they were, having celebratory dinner with the seniors because Ae and Can’s team had won the game by a two-goals margin when Tin decided to disrupt Pete’s strive for inner peace.

“Is it just me or instead of getting tired, they seem to have more stamina after a match?”

Pete’s spoon slipped from his hand and clattered on his plate noisily. “I refuse to engage in this conversation with you.”

Tin chuckled.

“Come on, I didn’t know it was your go-to place for post-game sex.” He shrugged lightly. “It’s not my fault that great minds think alike.”

Pete liked that he referred to Ae as his equal and even complimented him in his own unique way, but it remained the fact that Tin was having a field day with this unfortunate coincidence. Pete regretted all the times he had teased Tin mercilessly about Can as it seemed to fuel Tin’s revenge.

“I hate you,” Pete deadpanned.

Tin gave him a crooked smile before lifting his index finger to point at him. “The hickey on your collar is showing.”

Ai Tin!