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It wasn’t Pete’s fault, this time. No, really, he didn’t come looking for this. He just went to find Tin in the library to ask him about their group presentation and just happened to stumble upon Can invading Tin’s personal space without a care in the world that they were in public.

Tin never let anyone sit on the same table as him whenever he’s studying and no one wanted to, either, because Tin was the type of person who shushed people for breathing too loud. To his defence, he was probably one of the most effective people Pete has ever known when he put his mind to it, so to each their own, Pete guessed.

This time, however, Can took the seat to his left. From what Pete gathered, he was trying to get Tin to agree to something, though he wasn’t quite sure what.

“Please, for me?” Can pled.

Tin shook his head. “Don’t do that.”


Tin shrugged off Can’s grip on his arm, though he did it slowly; nothing in his movement was harsh. “You say, ‘please, for me’ and think that I’ll do whatever it is you want,” Tin hissed lowly, “no way.”

He went back to writing things down on his notebook, ignoring Can who was pouting next to him. Can rearranged his seating position so that his body is facing Tin before he leaned in, resting his chin on Tin’s shoulder.

“Please, Ai Tin. For me?”

Tin craned his neck to look at Can’s puppy eyes before finally relenting, “Fine.”

Can jumped up from his seat in response, the legs of his chair screeching against the floor and creating a discordant sound loud enough to make heads turn in their direction. No one said anything, though, because Tin was glowering at people with his signature death glare.

“Thank you, thank you, thank you!” Can exclaimed as he peppered Tin’s face with kisses, albeit his volume is much more contained than his excitement. “I love you,” he told Tin with an open and sincere expression on his face.

Now, Tin’s reply was much more quiet than Can’s proclamation, but Pete could swear he heard Tin reciprocate Can’s feelings with just as much intensity.

Can left him soon after with a wide smile on his face, but not before dropping a soft kiss to the top of Tin’s head as a goodbye. Pete stepped out from the shelf he was hiding behind for the past few minutes and dropped his books next to Tin, taking Can’s now empty seat.

“You look positively soft,” Pete commented, earning an eye-roll from Tin in return. “What was he asking for?”

“He wants to watch a horror movie.”

“That doesn’t seem like an unreasonable request to me. Don’t be too harsh on him.”

“Last time we watched one, I was the little spoon for a whole week,” Tin blurted out before he could stop himself.

Pete stared at him blankly. He thought he must have misheard, because no way Tin had volunteered that piece of information to him on a silver platter without Pete having to coax it out of him.

Tin stared at him right back, a hand slapped across his mouth. He looked visibly shaken that he had let his guard down and his vulnerabilities slip.

“So, the project,” Pete interjected, afraid that Tin would start hyperventilating.