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A Frenzy

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Niklaus was her son; she would always love him. A mother's love is eternal, that doesn't mean that she didn't question his judgment. When she met the blonde that Nik was in love with she was suspicious immediately. She was human, she once had a child, and she was attached to Nik like no other. Was she using him to become a vampire? Esther was unsure of whether she could trust Quinn Fabray with her son's heart or not.

She had let Rebekah have her way and cut her hair short and take her shopping. She smoothed the white jacket down softly as she walked up the front lawn of a large white house. Maybe speaking with her mother would help her understand the girl. Lifting a hand to knock on the door she smiled when a pretty blonde woman answered it.

"You must be Mrs. Mikaelson, my daughter told me about your husband's passing, how sad that is for you. At least he wasn't a cheater like my ex."

Yes, this was Judy Fabray alright. "Please, call me Esther." She said brushing her blonde locks back with a smile. "I've come to talk to you about our children, my Niklaus, and your darling Quinn, they seem close don't they?"

Judy's eyebrows rose slightly, just like her daughters would. Their facial features were annoyingly similar. "Yes, I've noticed, but Quinn cares about him a lot. I think they matter a lot to one another." Esther frowned slightly and sighed,; she didn't want another feud between her sons. It was obvious that Quinn had chosen Klaus, but Kol seemed taken with her as well, it was her kindness, her heart.  Her youngest son wanted the human girl too and if she had to kill Quinn, she would.

She had done it once before, hadn't she?

Esther nodded not feeling reassured of Quinn's character at all, "So she's a good girl though? She won't hurt Nik?" Judy smiled, "No. He's all she talks about when she calls me. I think she might be in love with him."


That was a very human emotion. The girl was a human after all. Esther listened to Judy go on about her daughter for a little bit longer before she had heard enough. She had made her decision.

Quinn Fabray was too good for her son.

Might as well keep them apart.

She knew that wouldn't happen though even if she was the Original Witch, she couldn't stop love. So she could allow Niklaus to be happy with the girl for now.

Maybe she could keep him sane.

Meanwhile, Esther was going to try to distract Kol with someone else.

Maybe Elena… or Caroline…