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MD: The Wolf and The Dragon

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In America, there is a small village called Vermont, to outsiders the village looks normal and unimportant, however, the ones who know its secrets know better. This is because within the large mountains of Vermont there is a school hidden there. However, the school is not any other normal school. Oh no, it is a magical school! A school that teaches magical children of any species how to control and use their magic, but most importantly the school teaches how to survive in the hidden magical world. The school has been hidden in the mountains of Vermont since the dark ages when magical folk were burnt and killed due to fear. The mountains are an excellent place to hide a magical school due to the deep forest surrounding it.

Anyways, I haven’t introduced myself! My name is Lewis David Manchester but I prefer people to call me Luke. I found out that I liked that name better when I was eight. I’m one of the many students that go to Iris Academy. I’m what they call a Wildseed, born with magic even though my parents aren’t magical. I’ve always dreamt and wished to learn magic, to be a part of that world, to explore it!
I’m in one of the “halls” called Wolf Hall! There are six in total, for girls, there are the Butterflies for the girly/pretty girls and graceful girls. Horse Hall the adventurous and brave girls. Snake Hall for the, err unique and mysterious girls. For boys, Flacon Hall is for the smart and pretty boys. Toad Hall for mysterious and ambitious boys and finally there is my hall Wolf Hall! The hall for brave and loyal boys! I soon learnt though that I couldn’t tell my family anything about going to a magical school or even talk about magic. Not even to my younger sisters Emily and Kara who will be joining me to Iris this year. Instead, I am forced to lie to their faces about some random boarding school I made on the spot. I mean, how does “Saint Jonathans” sound like a freaking boarding school?! But, that wasn’t the important lesson I learned. I learned that not everything is how it looks and to stop and think before I act. I also learned how hard it is to keep a secret from my family. More so to my mum, we usually tell each other everything, definitely since our cruel past. But...How can I even start to explain that I am married to a teacher by accident and that I was in love with the said teacher?

Oh, yeah...At the age of sixteen I married a male Professor, his name is Hieronymous Grabiner. He is sarcastic, quick-tempered and very, very antisocial. I’m still can’t believe this is a thing is. This is due because one day, on the 25th of January to be exact, Hieronymous Grabiner thought it would be a brilliant idea to experiment with a spell in the mail room. Of course, I knew nothing about this so when I found him lying on the floor with a Manus on top of him, I followed my instincts and tried to save him. I was a hard working student, studying as much as I could and never missing a class. But, everything just went worse from there. Before, I knew it the headmistress-Petunia Potsdam-forced Grabiner into marrying me to save my soul. The wedding itself was a disaster! My so-called groom didn't even look at me! But when he did, he looked at me like if I was something disgusting on his shoe. And if looks could kill...Well, the daggers he set my way would have no doubt killed me. I tried to be all smiles pretending that this wasn't basically a shotgun wedding just without the gun or a life and death situation. That this day wasn’t the second to worst I’ve ever had.

I didn't understand anything...Well, okay, I understood that this wedding was to save my life but that didn't mean it wasn't confusing! Why marriage?! Why couldn't Professor Grabiner just adopt me for a year or he could have been my tutor for a year! You know, give me extra work, help me with my magic and studies. But no! Professor Potsdam thought it would be better for a sixteen-year-old boy to marry a thirty odd grown man! The fact that I was in love with my unwilling groom didn't even matter! I fell as soon as I met him. Yes, I know, that sounds so ironic but Professor H Grabiner happens to have beautiful eyes with a lovely rich British accent. But it didn't matter that I was trying to get friendly with him by making stupid small talk with him on some odd Saturday's. Odd Saturday's because I was the Freshmen treasurer and sometimes he was in the mail room and I ended up talking with him...Well, I was talking to him! Sometimes I shut myself up after no response. But then sometimes he shocked me by asking me to continue talking or asking me questions! Like if I wasn't even annoying him!

Then even before I became the class Treasure, I impressed him. True, Professor Grabiner didn't say that but if his words of “You showed skills that I didn't expect you to have” was anything to go by, then I'd say he was impressed! The only thing I did was teleport out of a dungeon that was used for my first exam. True, I teleported into a tree and fell out of it in front of Professor Grabiner but that didn’t count! Then finally to seal the deal of me loving him, professor Grabiner actually showed me that he cared enough to worry about me. It was when I was running the candle booth for a school fundraiser. I had to do a double shift to cover for Minnie Cochran- Who at the time was a friend but more on that later- and I ended up working till I almost collapsed head first into the table half full of candles. Professor Grabiner saved me from that fate as he caught me with his strong arms. He then took me to a place called The Glen. The Glen turned out to be a posh restaurant that was full of magic! I spent around ten good minutes looking around amazed, I've never seen magic outside of class before and seeing it then was amazing! After the ten minutes of being amazed, I remembered that had company and of course it was Professor Grabiner.

Not knowing what to do I asked the first question that came into my head and that was “what books do you read?”. To my shock professor, Grabiner actually answered my question and we ended up talking about books for a good two hours. To me, it felt like we were bonding and becoming friends. However, any hope of being friends with Professor Grabiner was completely destroyed when I crossed his protection wards which were drawn with white charcoal. To make things ten times worse Potsdam knew about my feelings! I only asked her if she ever got married-she has, a whole seven times-and were all her marriages due to love. She froze all her movements and stared at me for twenty seconds before she squealed “you’re already in love with him!”. Before, I could even deny her statement my face betrayed me by blushing like crazy. It made her go into a talking fit, how I and Hieronymous would make the perfect couple. How I would be so perfect for him, how I would make him so happy and how wonderful Hieronymous may be as a lover. Where I could find him if he goes off to sulk. How I shouldn’t walk on eggshells with him or let him dominate me. A bit of his past that I didn’t want to know. How my kindness and loyalty would help him to fall in love with me. I honestly didn’t want to think about all those things. Even if I wanted to I couldn’t.

The only thing I could think about while I stood barefooted on the cold tiled floor dressed in a white wizard groom robes with blue trims. Stood in a dark, damp and overly gloomy dudgeon after my unwilling groom abandoned me like a bad owner of a dog would, was how my efforts to befriend the man was now all destroyed. And it only took me one freaking day! To make things worse, when I placed the traditional wedding baskets down on the floor because I didn’t want to look like a clueless idiot and keep carrying them for no reason. Professor Potsdam thought it was a brilliant idea to pronounce “you may kiss the groom!”. Both Hieronymous and I stared at her angrily. I might not be a girl but I still have dreams of how my first kiss was going to go down and kissing to seal an unwanted marriage was not one of those ideas! After the said wedding was over and done with, I wasn’t shocked that Hieronymous avoided me like if I was a contagious disease.

Well, that was until the Friday after our wedding when he decided to pick on me in class. Yes in freaking class! He made nasty little comments and asked me questions that I didn’t know the question to and he shouted at anyone who tried to help me. Including the star pupil, Ellen Middleton in Horse Hall. He even gave me demerits! Oh, demerits are like a point system, being in the negative means that you’re in a lot of trouble. So of course, with my demerits being in the positives twenty was a huge blow. I only sighed at one of his remarks! The Saturday after that wonderful day I gathered all my courage and asked him to explain the rules of our marriage. He wasn’t happy about being reminded about our ties but with the sentence of “Well, if you don’t tell me the rules how can you even have a right to expect me to follow them?” did he explain the basics. I knew by his eyes there was a lot that he wasn’t telling me but I was just happy he was allowing me to know some things!

After that, every Saturday I did my treasure duties and left Hieronymous a pot of tea as I knew that he does detection there. After a while, I was brave enough to speak to him again, it took me months of patience and the mail room slamming in my face to get Hieronymous to actually speak to me back.
Just when I thought we were making amends, a girl called Minnie Cochran-I told you we get back to her-from Butterfly Hall had to spill the secret of our marriage. You see, Minnie was a witness of our wedding, she heard our promises, which were to be loyal and stay married for a year and a day. She was also there for the after the meal, I was forced to be a part of. Anyways, Hieronymous was so pissed that the secret got out and he blamed me. I tried to tell him that it wasn’t me but he didn’t listen! Instead, he pinned me to a wall with his magic and threatened me, saying if I pushed him again or if I dishonored his family name again, he would lock me up in the school's dungeons for the rest of our marriage! Understandably, I was terrified of him after that. It was two days after he threatened me did Hieronymous return to me to apologize. He learned that it was Minnie who leaked our secret and not me. I, of course, lost it, I shouted at him. I told him that he should have listened to me and let me explain! That it wasn’t a shock that Minnie let the secret slip as I did warn him about that! But no! He didn’t listen to me! With my shouting over I slammed my dorm room door in his face. It was my turn to avoid him, I didn’t go to any of his lessons and I went to deliver the mail way earlier than I should have. I was an angry mess, I even snapped at my roommate Charlie Hambly who knew all about my marriage. When I needed someone to talk to about the mess I was in, Charlie was there. He kept my secret and comforted me, supported me and was there when I just needed a good friend.

On the third week of successful Hieronymous avoiding, he shocked me when he was in the mail room at half six in the morning. I glared at him and turned to leave but his sentence of “don’t you dare! This childish avoiding ends now! Sit down! We are going to have this discussion whether or not you like it!” stopped me. Knowing that there was no way I could get out of his orders without pissing him off, I followed his command and sat down. I didn’t look at him as he apologized to me instead I focused on the wooden floor-it was a nice floor, to be honest. However, I ended up looking up at him when he finished and when I realized his apology came from his heart. I smiled at him knowing I was blushing but if Hieronymous noticed he didn’t say anything. Remembering that Hieronymous Grabiner has a sense of humor when you get on his good side, it was easy for me to forgive him.

I of course never told him my feelings for him, I mean...How could you explain to someone that you had a crush on them just to hate them then fall in love with them again? It doesn’t make any damn sense! I was so in love with him I spent May Day with him. At Irish Academy that is a day where a dance is held for lovers to go to. We just talked and it was freaking wonderful. He told me everything he knew about music and told me about the books he read, the places he’s been to and all sorts. I told him about my family and that I will be joined by Kara and Emily next year, the books I’ve read and we both discussed our hobbies. I really enjoyed that day, just me and him. Saying that though, I was ready to go home and return to my big family. I haven’t been away from them that long before but Hieronymous did say I could write to him if I wanted to. He gave me this special pen that if I wrote him a letter it would magically appear where he was so he would be able to read it.

I haven’t written him any letters yet, it’s only been two weeks but I’m not saying anything happened within those two weeks. Oh no, the opposite. I changed my part time job as a makeup artist in the strip club my mum used to work in for a waiter job in my step-fathers Eric’s café. Oh sure I wasn’t earning half as much as I used to, not even close but I wanted a change. My old job had too many memories. I only got that job to help mum out with money after…Well, after my birth father got sent to a mental hospital leaving us in poverty for two years. It wasn’t dads fault he got Alzheimer disease really young, so young it isn’t in any medical records. He would forget things, little things at first everyday things but then he started to forget about his own family. Mum used to know the signs when he forgot us so she used to distract me and my three sisters. Until, one horrible day where there was no signs and dad snapped. For the first time within the two years of the disease he forgot who my mum was. He thought she was someone who wanted him dead so he attacked her. I was ten at the time but I heard them shouting and fighting so after making sure that all my sisters where safely together I ran down stairs. What I saw still turns my stomach to cold stone. Dad had mums arms in a strong grip shaking her like a ragdoll. She was crying, begging and terrified. It made me angry to see dad hurt mum like this, I couldn’t go back upstairs like mum begged me to do. It was when dad hit her that I ran to him and pushed him away from mum. It was then that dad moved with the speed of light, he grabbed my shirt pulled me to him and then out of thin air he got a meat knife and slashed my right eye with it. The doctors who healed me called it a blessing that the attack didn’t take my eye out. After the attack dad was sent away for life, we could never see him again. After that, all five of us-me, mum, Kara, Emily and Rebecca-moved into a two bed roomed flat with low money. After awhile that money slowly ran out and the child services came alone and told mum she had to get a good job within two weeks or my sisters and I would be taken from her and into foster care for “our safety”. Not wanting that and with no other choice mum got a job at a strip club which paid stupidly good money. Well, the good money only came when mum got more popular with the customers. That is when I got my job, to help out until mum earned enough money herself. She of course said no, that I had to focus on school. However, I was more stubborn than her and got the job. I never missed the important lessons at school. Just gym, music, drama and history.

Today is totally different though! Mum met Eric when I was eleven and they got together when I was twelve. It met so much to me when Eric asked me if it was okay if he could marry mum. I didn’t know why it met so much but it did. After dad was gone I felt like…I don’t know like I had to look after the small family so when Eric married mum I felt like I could step back and actually not worry about anything anymore. Eric is a wonderful, wonderful man, he treats mum like a queen and put me and my sisters under his wing and treats us like his own children. He’s so wonderful that my sisters call him dad but I…I just can’t. In my mind I only have one dad and that is my birth father, my best friend. I was really close to dad before his disease…
Today I was watching Eric closely as he made the family meal for tonight with leftovers from service. He always does this and ever since I showed an interest in cooking he has been teaching me how to cook like him. I feel kinda honoured to be tort by him, Eric is highly skilled, won awards and has a successful café which earns thousands a year.
“And there we go!” he smiled finishing the last plate with a brilliant smile his green eyes gleaming as he pulled off a netted hat off his copper hair “nine fantastic meals!”
“*Toot* *Toot” I teased pretending to play a horn
“Hey, at least I can reach all the ingredients” he teased back and in reaction I slammed my left hand over my heart with a fake hurtful gasp but honestly it was so good to be able to have playful moments like this with him.
“Come on then, let’s take these up…If you think you can reach the trays” that earned him a true glare as I’m only four foot and everyone is like either a foot or two taller than me.

Laughing a six foot Eric easily reached for the service trays and placed five plates on one making it two trays to carry up to the large flat upstairs. Eric café is one the ground floor of an old Victorian house that had four floors. The three other floors was our home. Together, Eric and I carried the trays up to the flat and into the large dining room which was once a kitchen but because of the café downstairs we didn’t really need a kitchen anymore. Sat waiting patiently at the large table was my mum and my six sisters. Kara(Sixteen) and her twin Emily and Rebecca(thirteen) my full sisters as they have the same father as me. Violet(fourteen) and Katie(thirteen) are Eric’s children from his previous marriage. And then there was little five-year old Rosie the first child of Eric and mum. I say first because I know there have been talks about maybe having a last child. I only know because I’m the oldest and understand the word “might”. But mum says she is too old to have another child being thirty three but she would love to try for another boy. I’m at least happy about that as I would love a brother, having six sisters is a bit much. I’m outnumbered!

After Eric and I set down the meals everyone started to eat, well, I say everyone but I soon realized that both Emily and mum were looking at me. And when they both look at me, it only means that they are curious about something and will work together to get answers. It’s kinda scary how Emily is so much like mum.
“So” Mum smiled placing her head in her hands leaning on the table on her elbows her bright jewel blue eyes twinkling brightly. Her long, light lime green hair in perfect curls behind her back “is there any boys you like?”
That made me blush, out of everything she could ask me that is the first thing she asks?! WHY?! It didn’t help it got the attention of everyone but Kara and Rosy.
“Look how he’s blushing, there’s totally a boy” Emily said with a playful smirk her own copper eyes gleaming brightly, her hair was shoulder length and was a darker shade than mums.
“You gotta tell us about him” Violet chipped in brushing a strand of her long copper hair over her shoulder her green eyes focus on her plate. I looked around the table to see four of my sisters and mum looking at me expectedly. This is what I meant when I said I was out numbered! I looked over to Eric with pleading eyes but he knew better than to change the subject when five out of the seven females were interested in something.

“We’re just friends…or at least we are” I said as I honestly don’t know what the hell I am to Hieronymous, well apart from being a annoyance in his life.
“Oh hush!” Mum said flapping her right hand once “smile that amazing smile of yours and show your brilliant personality and any man would want you”
I had to roll my eyes at her before I filled my mouth with food, she didn’t know Hieronymous Grabiner.
“If he isn’t interested I’m sure there is a long line of boys interested in you”
“Ugh, mum!” Kara finally groaned placing down her cutlery, unlike mum and my other sisters she wasn’t interested in anything that included any love life. Which I’m thankful for! However:
“What does this boy look like?” Katie asked who sat next to Eric, her dad. She was a copy of her mother Charlotte who will be joining us a week from now as she’s always away working. She had bright ginger hair, perfect skin and the brightest purple eyes.
“Normal hair colour like brown or unusual like blue?” Rebecca asked. As my third full sister Rebecca had mums bright lime green hair but she had dad’s bright golden eyes. Sadly unlike Kara and Emily she didn’t get the choice as she wasn’t born with magic.

With a sigh I gave up:
“He has black hair and brown eyes, stupidly tall and stupidly smart and antisocial”
“Older or younger?” Emily asked making mum raise her head a little but I just focus on my food
“How much older, twin?” mum asked using my nickname of twin. Unlike anyone else I’m an exact copy of her. If I was a girl I would actually look like her twin. I had her bright lime green hair and her jewel blue eyes. A rare and highly desired look. However, I didn’t answer her and just kept eating however, I should have known that was the worst thing to do. As that only lead mum and my four interested sisters to talk amongst themselves until someone came up with something.
“Wait” Emily suddenly said quieting everyone “wasn’t there a professor Luke always talked about in his letter?”
“Oh yeah! What was his name, again?” Katie asked
“Gardener, right?” Rebecca replied
“No” Mum said certainly in her voice
“Grabiner” Violet suddenly said making me kick her under the table as she was sat in front of me, thankfully she didn’t react but she did say: “I remember Luke saying something about his nickname being Grabby and I thought it was hilarious”

At that moment five pair of eyes was looking at me making me wish that the ground would hurry up and sallow me up.
“I will take that as a yes...Luke my dear, I have always said to you and to your sisters to follow your heart. And if this professor Grabiner as stole it, see where this path will lead. Love is love, no age, sex or religion can change that”
“Thanks, mum” I smiled but then I noticed her serious expression
“Just one thing” she said seriously lifting her left eyebrow at me “make sure you wear protection”
“MUM!” I squealed in embarrassment “we haven’t even kissed or anything, in fact, Hieronymous doesn’t even know about my feelings!”
“Ugh, only you could have a crush on a professor” Kara said with a click of her tongue “is there no hot boys at this school or what?”
“Yeah, there is”
“So why don’t you like them?”
“Kara!” Mum snapped “what have I told you? Don’t question any love, the heart knows what it wants. Leave him be now, all of you” and with that the talk turned to the normal tea time talk.

Once the meal was over I went to my room and after a year of having Charlie as a roommate it’s strange to walk into an empty room. However I sat down at my desk, got a lined piece of paper, a pan and sat there tapping said pen. What to write to Hieronymous? What the fuck can I say?! I looked down to the piece of paper that only had “Dear Hieronymous” written on it. With a sigh, I started to write more and in the end, my letter looked like this:
“Dear Hieronymous,
I’m sorry I haven’t written to you sooner but I had no idea what to write. Though, to be honest, I still don’t. Anyways, life here is as normal as ever, never a dull moment. I honestly think I can’t get bored with six sisters! Talking about sisters Rosie who is six decided to wreck my room. Apparently, she wanted one of my teddies (Which I wouldn’t have minded if she asked me!)Anyways, luckily I keep everything magical hidden away so yeah...Work is keeping me busy too, anyways, I’m babbling, how are you? I hope you're having f-oh, sorry, not fun but doing something relaxing. Maybe reading at a beach somewhere?
Hope to hear from you soon!

I placed the pen Hieronymous gave me on my desk, carefully placed my letter inside an envelope and sealed it. When I placed the envelope on my desk it disappeared with a satisfying puff. For two minutes I started at the place the envelope was totally blown away that, that actually happened. Sure, I have been learning magic all last year but it still amazes me when I see it!
“Luke!” Kara's voice shouted and with that, she came into my room with a bang.
“What have I told you about stealing my tops?” she huffed putting her hands on her hips with a large dramatic huff. The only response I had was to look down to the top I was wearing. It was a sleeveless top which funny enough was to my waist, Kara uses it as a dress because she is so small like me.
“I have no idea what you’re talking about” I said putting the magical pen Hieronymous gave me in the top drawer of my desk.

“Lewis David Manchester! You better not steal my clothes at this mysterious boarding school because I am not hunting you down! How big is this school anyway?” Kara asked but I couldn’t help but shudder at the name “Lewis” I swear she calls me that on purpose.
“Six floors, two of which are in the dungeons and yes, the exams are held in the dungeons they are physically based” I explained with a smile.
“So you get trapped in a dungeon until we find out way out? Do we…You we use magic?” she said the last bit in a whisper and I nodded.
“Can you show me a quick spell or something?” she asked in a whisper
I firmly shook my head

Two weeks later, I was in Emily’s and Kara’s room rooting in Emily’s everyday clothes cupboard. This wasn’t the first or last time I’ve rooted in my sister’s clothes for something to wear. I usually “steal” Emily’s clothes more due to the fact they fit me perfectly. Emily is flat-chested so her clothes don’t hang on me awkwardly like my other sisters clothes do. Once I found the top I was looking for (which was a nice purple sleeved feminine flowing jumper) I turned to go out of the room. However, her desk court my eye and before I knew it I was looking at her makeup wondering what I would look like if I had it on. Once that thought left my mind my eyes widened and I almost ran out of the room not believing what I just thought! I ran straight to my room so I could freak out in privet. Surly it isn’t normal for a boy to think about makeup like that! Right?!
“Luke!~” Mum voice rang out so I quickly jumped on my bed and opened a random book so it would look like I was reading.

Soon, mum walked in before I heard her sigh gently. It was when I felt her gentle fingers take the book off me that I realized that the damn thing was upside down. Mum set the book on my side table next to my bed before looking at me. She’s so beautiful, perfect skin, freckles under her eyes and all over her cheeks, full lips and gleaming eyes.
“You can talk to me” she gently said no doubt noticing my troubled expression but I just looked away not knowing what to say. “Is it about the clothes you wear?”
“I…I don’t know!” I said placing my head in my hands in frustration but mum gently pulled my hands away
“Don’t get upset, my love…Whatever it is we’ll figure it out together, okay? Tell me what happened”
“I was getting this top out of Emily’s cupboard, right. But when I turned her makeup court my eye and I…I wondered what it would look like on me” I explained which made mum blink
“Why has this upset you, so?”
“Because it’s not normal!”
“Normal? What is normal? Normal isn’t a word, twin” Mum smiled but I frowned at her in confusion
“Why aren’t you freaking out about this?”

“Because being curious is a part of growing up and so is discovering who you are”
“But…Boys don’t wear makeup”
“Who told you this?”
“No one…but I’ve never seen it” I said with a shrug
“Wait here” mum said before hurrying out of the room before returning with a tablet in her hand. “I want to show you something” she said while working the tablet “and I want you to tell me honestly what you think, okay?”
With that mum turned the tablet around. On it was a Tumblr blog but not any Tumblr blog. No, this had the title of “hello, stranger~” and the description of “Hello and welcome to my blog! I’m a gay, nineteen feminine male. I post pics of myself, clothing and makeup tutorials so please enjoy my blog!~”. At that moment I strolled down just to see the most beautiful boy I’ve ever seen. He had dark brown hair with stunning sky blue eyes, he had light brown skin and a slim figure. There was picture after picture of him with makeup on wearing girl clothing. There were even makeup videos, him pulling faces or openly flirting with the camera.
“There’s more” mum said and after that she showed me five more blogs just like that one. With confident and stunning feminine boys.
“Their all stunning” I whispered and before I knew it I was in mums arms
“You see? You’re not alone nor are you a freak for wanting to try makeup. You might be like those boys but you might not. You don’t know until you try…So why don’t we have a shopping trip together? Just me and you. We can finally get you your own feminine clothing and when we get home I can put some makeup on you to see if you like it or not”
“I…I w-would like that” I whispered returning mums hug now full force “thanks mum”
“Anything for my boy” she said lovingly before planting a gentle kiss on the top of my hair “now come, tea’s ready”

It was only when I returned to my room that I noticed that there was a letter on my desk from Hieronymous. I sat at my desk and opened it:
“Dear Luke,
To say I’m shocked to hear from you would be an understatement, I never believed you would take my offer seriously, but yet again I have misjudged you.
Anyways, I was aware you had sisters but I wasn’t fully aware of the number. I myself haven’t got any siblings so I wouldn’t know about the annoyance they bring. But I am glad that they are entertaining you. I was also not aware you had a job, what do you do? As for me, I have escaped the school to visit the city of Rome. Petunia will of course, be looking for flying pigs while I will be gone.
It was good to hear from you, feel free to write me again.

I couldn’t help but to slightly smile at his letter, he was still sarcastic but he was much, much friendlier than normal. Perhaps that May Day dance talk has softened him up a bit? But still, he has finally gone on a holiday?! Never mind Potsdam looking for flying pigs I think I will do the same.
I want to reply to him! But what to say? Maybe I should start the letter and finish it when I have more to say? Yeah, yeah! That’s a good idea!
“Dear Hieronymous,
You’re in Rome?! I’m jealous! It looks absolutely stunning! Have you been to any famous libraries yet? I’ve heard that there’s quite a few.
As for my job, I’m working in Eric’s cafe(Eric is my stepfather by the way)”

Okay, that is my letter so far, I just need something interesting to happen. However, first I was going to spend the day with mum! Which I did! It was so awesome shopping with her, she has like the best fashion sense ever! All the clothes she picked out for me fitted me perfectly, I never knew I could look so good in girl clothes! When we got back home we went straight into her and Eric’s room. She told me to keep my eyes closed, to trust her and do everything she said. I was okay with that until she got to styling my hair. That is because I’ve always have my fringe covering my right eye covering the scar dad left me with. However, she pulled it away from my eye, so my hair was just covering the top bit. Then I felt her put eye liner on me, then a bit of blusher and finally some lipstick. Her dressing me was a little embarrassing, I mean, I’m almost seventeen now. Thankfully though, she dressed me quickly. When I heard her step back I heard her gasp.
“Oh Luke...Open your eyes, see if you like this”

Mum chuckled when I didn’t make a move to open my eyes
“I’m n-nervous” I stuttered fidgeting in place “what if I like what I see?” at that moment I felt mum hold my hands and gently rub her thumbs across the back of my palms
“Then you have discovered something new about yourself, my darling” mum said gently so I nodded making her stand beside me again. Swallowing my nerves I slowly opened my eyes and what I saw took me what seemed like forever to realize the boy I was seeing was me. The way mum did my makeup brought out my eyes more and my lips looked shiny, glossily and I dare say kissable. My hair was neater than it has ever been. All in all I looked like a stunning young man, I was unrecognized able.
“Wow” I breathed still not believing what I saw was me so to proof to myself it was me I pulled a silly face. The reflection copied me. Okay, it was me. I then took in the clothes I was wearing. A feminine dark red shirt with a nice pair of form fitted jeans. I turned my body around to realize that yes, the jeans were indeed form fitted as they hugged my arse.

“I like the clothes but…I’m not too sure about the makeup”
“Too much?” Mum asked gently
“No…It’s natural and I like it but I’m not too sure if it shouts “it’s me”, you know? But erm…Could you show me how you did it? Just in case I change my mind”
“Of course” Mum smiled which she did.

Two weeks later, A dino day was held in the village I live in so of course my family went. There were people dressed as dinosaurs, the costumes were actually realistic which of course scared poor Rosie. Me, Kara and Emily, however, loved it. We made sure to take as many pictures as possible. We took pictures of each other us being “eaten” by the dinosaurs, stroking the dinosaurs and in our cool looking dinosaur’s hats. I took a selfie with mum with ice creams in our hands. We also took an amazing family picture of all of us, even Charlotte (the mother of Katie and Violet) wasn’t missing as she was visiting for a month. Charlotte is away a lot on business, she’s more of a workaholic than a mother really. That’s not saying is isn’t a great mother because she is, she just doesn’t have that “mother instinct” as mum explains it.

When I got home I sat at my desk and finished my letter to Hieronymous.
“I’m having to fun too! Just today our village had a dinosaur day and it was awesome! I will be sending you some pictures so look out for those!
With that I slipped the letter into the envelope with three pictures, me with my head in a T-Rex’s mouth laughing, me and Kara making funny faces with our Dinosaur hats on and one of me eating an ice-cream looking out to the lake with my cool hat on.

I sealed the letter and watched it disappear with it usual satisfying “puff”. To my shock, the next letter from Hieronymous arrived a week later.
“Dear Luke,
Have you truly not been to Rome? It is actually what you say, it is stunning and I am finding myself enjoying my time here. And yes, there are famous libraries in Rome. I actually visited one today, I wanted to read every single book that it held. All that knowledge in one room. I might actually visit it again tomorrow.
May I ask who the girl was in one of the pictures? The girl with the brown eyes?
Anyways, I’m glad you’re having “fun” on your holiday...However, if anything strange or worrying happens please tell me. It is my responsibility to keep you safe.
I’m looking forward to your next letter

I sighed loudly when I finished Hieronymous’s letter, the beginning was wonderful to read but the end...He wants me to tell him if anything strange is happening? Why? What does it mean? Nothing is different about my family and I don’t ever want it to be! My family is my life! I quickly wrote a reply to him to keep my mind off it.

“Dear Hieronymous,
I have not been lucky enough to go to Rome, though I’m glad you’re enjoying yourself and why shouldn’t you? You work so hard at school...Anyway, you can’t tell me that you’re seriously thinking about spending the rest of your holiday in a library but knowing you, you will. But make sure to enjoy some sun but be careful not to get burnt!
By the way, nothing strange or worrying has happened, I don’t fully know what you mean by that but I will keep my eyes open. And that girl in the picture was my sister Kara, she is one of the twins who will be joining me this year.

Is it me or are me and Hieronymous actually getting along? It still shocks me how well we talk to each other now. Huh, I almost feel like I should thank Minnie for spilling the secret. But, no, I will never do that! Yet again, I watched the letter magically disappear again. I thought about Kara and Emily and how I loved talking to them about magic, its less stress and it aids my quilt about lying to mum.
But of course, I can’t tell Kara and Emily everything not just yet. I can’t tell them that I am married to Professor Grabiner who they know I like. I know for sure when I tell them, Kara is going to freak out. So, I’m gonna wait until we're outside the school and away from mum to tell them...