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Superbat- Cousin Eddition

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For the second time that night they had someone threaten them with a gun. Kara was getting tired of Gotham and she had been here less than a day.

They had arrived at the old Wayne Enterprises building. It reminded Kara of the rest of the city, run down, dirty, and abandoned. She had been to Gotham on her Earth a few times and had seen the same tower but seeing it like this changed the meaning of it. In her Earth it stood for the change in the city, one of the few major businesses that was invested in helping the city, but this was a fallen monument. There was graffiti, rubble, and trash surrounding the once proud building.

“Bruce Wayne got us out of jail? That doesn’t sound like him.”

“No, it wasn’t. Wayne left Gotham three years ago.” Oliver said looking up at the building. He was reminded of what could have happened to his family’s company if he hadn’t returned when he did.

“Why? To go where?” The Bruce Kara knew would never leave Gotham for that long without a very good reason.

“No one knows.” Oliver said shrugging.

“So, who’s manning the shop now?” Barry wondered.

Oliver motioned towards the door in a ‘Let’s find out’ fashion. They entered though two sets of revolving doors to see a lobby littered with trash and the walls covered with even more graffiti than the outside.

“Apparently after he left most of his board of directors when to town with a bunch of aggressive get rich quick deals.” Oliver said looking around the lobby as he spoke, envisioning his families building looking like this.

“Yeah, but an abandoned building didn’t bail us out. Right?” Barry said as Oliver motioned for him to look up.

“Wow, that is definitely not Bruce Wayne.” Kara said spying the female figure leaning on the guard rail that over looks the lobby from above. She could see the heavily tattooed arms and short hair cut on the well toned figure from where she was standing without using her powers.

“Oliver Queen,” The woman said looking down at Barry.

Barry looked at Oliver expecting him to respond, when Oliver pointedly coughed, reminding Barry of who he was supposed to be.

“Yeah, yeah, I’m Oliver Queen, yeah. And you are?” Barry said quickly.

“The rain on your parade. If your visiting Gotham to compare grappling hooks with Batman your out of luck. No one’s seen him in years.” She said trying to sound casual, but Kara picked up a hint of bitterness in her voice. She moved away from the railing and started to make her way down the stairs.

“Told ya.” Barry said bragging to Oliver.

“Myth.” Oliver said with much venom in his voice.
“I would never compare myself to a total badass like Batman” Barry said earning a death glare from Oliver.

“What I think, Oliver, is trying to say is, thank you for getting us out of jail.” Kara almost slipped up on ‘Barry’s’ name.

“What Oliver is actually trying to say is, who are you and why are you helping us?” The real Oliver asked.

“Gotham has enough problems without a guy in green leather showing off his arrows to everyone.” Barry smirked at Oliver as he turned away from him. “So, the faster you find what your looking for the faster you can get the hell out of my city.” She said slightly cocky as she looked at Barry.

“So, what should we call you, Rain, Ms. Parade?” Kara really wanted to put a name to the striking face before her.

“Kane, Kate Kane.” She said before turning and leading them towards the elevators.

“She’s cool.” Kara whispered to Barry, hopefully out of earshot of Kate.


Kara left Barry and Oliver to try and find a good place to change into her super suit, to try and fly over Gotham to try and find where Deegan was hiding out at. She had been in Wayne Tower before, but it seems the layout changed slightly between dimensions, so she was slightly lost.

“You lost?” She hears Kate call out to her as she passed Bruce’s old office.

“No, no, just needed to clear my head for a sec.” Kate slightly raised an eyebrow at the lie but didn’t mention it. Kara was about to continue she search but decided against it.

“Actually, you know what, I’m sorry about the third degree earlier, I guess the name Bruce Wayne carries a certain notoriety.”

“Oh, I know Bruce Wayne’s my cousin.”

“Your cousin! That actually makes a lot of sense.” Kara could see the resemblance between the two, and apparently, attractive genes run in the family. It also explained how Kate was the owner of the building and had enough money and connections to get them out of jail.

“Actually, I’m in the process of turning this building into a real estate development firm.” Kate said as she rounded the large desk, trailing her hand across the desk as she did. Kara tracked the movement, and Kate smirked at the sight. “So, this is me hijacking his office.”

Kara slightly embarrassed at being caught quickly said “My cousin’s friends with Bruce, well frenemies.”

Kate looked slightly surprised at the statement. Kara huffed a laugh to hide the fact that she possibly just gave her information about her earth. She decided to changes the topic so Kate wouldn’t ask too many question about it.

“Do you ever wonder if trying to keep his private life from the public eye just got to be too much for him, and he broke.” Kara asked wondering if the same thing might happen to her Earth’s Bruce.

Kate’s demeanor shifted slightly, more towards the stoic Bat she knew. “Sitting at that desk, staring out that window. Watching the city that we grew up in rot at its core.” Kate paused slightly looking at Kara before saying roughly “You find a way to not break.” Her voice softened as she continued “Bruce didn’t leave Gotham without a fight.”

Kara could see the Bat in her start to emerge. The cold, dark, and calculating, Bat that was a stark difference between the woman that she met earlier.
Trying to change the subject and lighten the mood before Kate got overtaken by the Bat.

“You know I got to say all the corporate billionaires I know ware Versace and have five hundred fewer tattoos.”

It had the desired effect on Kate as she smiled at Kara and slowly got closer and said, “And those are only the ones that you can see.”

Kara thoroughly flustered stuttered trying not to use her X-ray vision to see all the hidden tattoos.

“It’s a mystery! Is this the old bard himself?” she said trying to distract herself with the closest thing being a bust of Shakespeare, as Kate moved to sit at her desk once again.

Kara starting to suspect that Kate might have more in common with her cousin that good looks decides to ask, “You wouldn’t happen to know a John Deegan, would you?”

“I would actually. He’s a doctor at Arkham Asylum.”

Kara was shocked by the answer, but it made sense, of course the crazy doctor would work at Arkham.

“I have to go tell the boys.” Kara said as she started to walk out.

“Hey thanks for the help and for the chat.” She called over she shoulder. She could see in Kate’s face that her response had raised multiple red flags and figured she would be finding out if she was right about Kate sharing more in common with her cousin.


Kara informed Barry and Oliver of the information about Deegan. They were starting to suit up when Kara heard the elevator continue past the ground floor like she thought it would. Kara smirked at the sound and told the boys to meet her there.

Kara made her way to the elevator shaft that she had heard Kate use and opened the elevator doors with ease. Slightly bending the metal in the shape of hand prints.

She could hear the air moving deep within the elevator shaft. She could smell the dampness of a cave as she jumped down the shaft, only starting to fly to stop her self from smashing the elevator carriage. She landed on the top of the elevator and opened the emergency hatch and dropped into the cabin.

Kara was glad she had super speed when she did because there was a batarang headed straight for her. She caught it with ease.

“I knew it!” Kara exclaimed. “You do have more in common with Bruce than just his good looks!” Kara slightly blushed when she realized what she had just said.

“And I figured you had to have some powers if your hanging out with the Green Arrow and the Flash, but how did you know Bruce was Batman.” Kate said roughly, as she slowly approached the elevator.

“Ah, well, I know Bruce but not this Bruce. I’m from another Earth. I know that sounds strange and crazy but its true. Rao, how did Barry explain it?”

“I know the theory of parallel Earths, but what I don’t understand is why you are here.”

“As in like here in Gotham or here in your bat cave?”


“Well were in Gotham to find John Deegan to figure out what he did to make Barry and Oliver switch lives. We think he is using some weird magic book to change reality, and they needed my help because I am a powerful alien from another earth. And I’m here in your bat cave because of curiosity.”

“A magic book caused the Flash and Green Arrow to changes lives and you’re an Alien from another Earth. Man, scarecrow must have cooked up some weird shit.”

“You’re not hallucinating. Here I can prove it.”

Kara flew up and drew her family crest on the wall of the bat cave with her heat vision. Kate just stared at Kara with the signature emotionless bat stare. Kara turned her head as she slightly blushed under Kate’s gaze.

“Okay, I’m convinced. Not on the magic book though, but I haven’t heard of any Meta-Humans with your abilities. So, other Earth alien sounds plausible when you consider the Flash’s speed. That level of kinetic energy could cause a breach between dimensions.”

It was Kara’s turn to stare. “Yep, your definitely related to Bruce.”

That got a small smile out of Kate, before the mask of the bat returned.

“Let’s go catch up with your friends before they have all the fun. Since you can fly, I’ll meet you there. I figure you can find your own way out.” Kate said as she headed towards a different section of the cave.

After taking down Deegan, taking down the Arkham inmates, and getting the book with the strange power to reshape reality, Kara realized that she was going to miss Kate. After her break up with Lena, losing the woman she loves and her best friend at the same time, made her realize how much she missed not keeping secrets from someone. She had her sister but there were somethings that Alex was never going to understand. The feeling of watching your loved ones die in front of you and hiding who you are to protect the ones you love. Kate understood that.

Kara stayed back after the rest of the team left to head back to Star City.

“I don’t do tearful goodbyes.” Kate said, with a slightly gruff voice from her outfit.

“No, no, I just wanted to wish you luck. Where ever your cousin is, I’m sure he’s really proud of you.” Kara said looking up and down the masked woman’s body.

“You really do have a lot of tattoos.” Kara could see everyone of them, from the Green Beret tattoo on her upper right arm, to the Nautical Star on her upper back.

Kate just stared at her with an incredulous look.

“X-Ray vision.” Kara explained, and Kate nodded her head like it wasn’t the craziest thing she had seen or heard today.

“And somehow I feel that Kara Danvers doesn’t have a single one.” Kate said returning the once over.

Kara turned her head to try and hide her blush before saying “You know its such a shame I have to go I feel like we could do really great things together.” She took a half step towards her.

“Worlds finest.” Kate responded without breaking eye contact, also slightly stepping forward.

Much to her own surprise she held out her hand to the Super. Kara shook her hand with a slight chuckle, slipping something hard and metallic into Kate’s hand.
“For if you ever need me.” Kara said with a wink as she turned to rejoin her friends.

Kate looked at the strange metal disk in her hand. She watched the blond woman walk back towards her friends.